WA1359 Lab Setup Guide Checklist

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					                      WA1359 Lab Setup Guide Checklist

 Machines must meet the minimum hardware requirements stated in the WA1359 Lab
  Setup Guide, most notably:
       Minimum of 1 GB of RAM
       Network connectivity
       Each machine in the LAN should have a unique host name.
       Each machine must have a static host name (and preferably a static IP address).
 Reformatted hard drive and freshly installed minimum base software:
       Windows 2000 SP4 or Windows XP SP2
       WinZip 8.0 (or higher)
       Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 (or higher)
       Netscape 7 (or higher) OR Internet Explorer 6.0 (or higher)
 Clicked the link IBM DB2 V8.2 Express Edition to download the DB2 setup instructions.
 Installed DB2 v8.2 Express Edition per the DB2 setup instructions.
       Make sure it was not ghosted.
 Confirmed a wasadmin user was created as a result of installing DB2 and that the
  wasadmin user has local admin rights to the machine. wasadmin should also have the
  following local security policies in place:
       Act as part of the operating system
       Log on as a service
 Logged off and back on as wasadmin, since this is the account the users will be using in
 Clicked the link IBM WebSphere Application Server V6.0 to download the WAS6 setup
 Installed WebSphere Application Server v6, IBM HTTP Server v6, and the WebSphere
  Web Server Plugin per the WAS 6 setup instructions.
       Make sure it was not ghosted.
 Clicked the link Rational Application Developer 6 to download the RAD6 setup
 Installed Rational Application Developer 6 per the RAD6 setup instructions.
       Make sure it was not ghosted.
 Clicked the link http://www.webagesolutions.com/download/MSWebStressTool.exe,
  entered access2 for both the username and the password, and downloaded the Microsoft
  Web Application Stress Tool.
 Installed the Microsoft Web Application Stress Tool using the default options.
 Clicked the link http://www.webagesolutions.com/publicdownload/heapdiff.
  Downloaded HeapDiff (i.e., HeapDiff.exe) to the C drive.
 Verified that there are no security profiles in place that will cause the wasadmin user to
  lose admin rights.
 Copied WA1359-REL_x_y-Supporting.zip to C drive and unzipped file to root
  of C drive, where x_y represents the version number (e.g., WA1327-REL_4_0-
  Supporting.zip). Will cause a directory called C:\LabFiles to be created.
       Opened C:\LabFiles \create-business-database.db2.cmd file
          with Notepad to make sure it hasn’t been corrupted by a virus scan.

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