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					                                         Your Neme
                            13 Paddock Drive • Ernest, LA 33323
                (806) 555-3547 • Cell: (806) 555-1466 •

Rochelle Food Products
1973 - 2001
General Manager, Specialty Products Division

Overall P&L responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the specialty products division. This
included direction of the operations, manufacturing, and distribution departments, which
produce a variety of derivatives used by food and beverage manufacturers. Inherited a large
commodity business where the ability to control costs was crucial for survival.

Increased production to lower unit costs thus enabling the division to take advantage of growth
in the market, increase market share, and substitute for higher cost production in US.

Successfully addressed a wide range of internal problems including labor relations, high
employee absenteeism, restrictive labor practices, and safety issues. Introduced the largest
industrial product treatment plant for processing waste products.

Succeeded in increasing plant output by 46% and reducing product cost 23%.

Earlier Positions Included
Director of Production
Director of Engineering
Process and Project Engineering Manager
Process Engineering Manager Process Engineer

TRG-Imperial Products Division
1969 - 1973
Section Leader

Provided technical support to manufacturing operations. Created mathematical models,
performed statistical analyses, built pilot plant to enhance product quality, and developed
sophisticated controls and systems to reduce operation risk.

M.B.A., Lockmount University
B.E. (Chemistry), Fairfield University
B.A. (History), Fairfield University

References available upon request.

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