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					                                  Obituary Policy

Free Obituaries
A free obituary will publish one time in The St. Augustine Record and is limited to 5
lines in length. Additional information may be included at a charge. Please see Paid
Obituaries section below. The free obituary includes the name in larger text at no
additional charge. The free obituary is limited to the following information: Name, age,
city, date of death, service information, funeral home in charge of arrangements, and
surviving blood relatives including spouse, parent, children, siblings, number of
grandchildren and great grandchildren. Obituaries that exceed five lines will become a
paid obituary. Veterans will also be noted with a flag graphic at no charge. All obituaries
are published online at and for one year with a

Paid Obituaries
These obituaries can include expanded biographical information, including: employment,
club memberships, civic involvement, professional accomplishments, pallbearers’ names,
in-laws, grandchildren’s names. All paid obituaries will include an online guestbook for
family, friends and loved ones to express condolences. The online guestbook service is
provided through and stays online for one year. A flat $10 charge will be
applied to all paid obituaries plus lineage and optional photo charge. Paid obituaries run
in The St. Augustine Record for one day unless otherwise stated by a representative of
the submitting funeral home or crematorium. Prepayment is required unless a pre-
existing account is on file with the accounting department of The Record. The first 5
lines are free of charge in any paid obituary and charged at $4 per line beyond that.

Photographs & Veteran Flag Art
Photographs may be added to any obituary. There is a flat $20 charge for a standard 1
column photo (10.5 picas x 11 picas). Any obituary that contains a photo is considered a
paid obituary and will include charges for the online guestbook. All veterans will receive
a flag at no charge however, it must be requested on the submitting form. Photographs
may be submitted in either black and white or color to they will
be sized correctly and converted to black and white for print.

Deadlines & Proofs
The daily deadline is 2pm for publication in the next day’s paper. Obituaries received
will publish the next day unless a specific day is noted. Proofs will be provided only
upon request and require approval from the submitting party before publication.
Customer Service
It is the goal of The St. Augustine Record to provide timely and accurate obituary
information for readers, as well as the families of the deceased. We can receive
obituaries in the following manner in the order they are preferred:
Fax: 904-819-3558
Hand Delivered M-F only 8am-5pm: One News Place, Corner of SR312 & SR 207, St.
Augustine, FL 32086
Phone: Weekdays: Shenna Stafford 904-819-3512
            Weekends: Copy Desk 904-819-3504 or
            Saturdays: 904-819-3496
            Sundays: 904-819-3507
We will not accept any information for publication in the obituaries by phone; however a
representative is available for questions or concerns. Obituaries are only accepted from
funeral homes, crematoriums, or memorial societies. Private parties will be subject to
verification before publication.

Prepayment is required if a pre existing account is not on file with the credit department
of the St. Augustine Record.

Summary of Paid Obituary Charges
$10 flat plus $4 per line beyond the first 5 lines
$20         1 column photograph
Free        American Flag graphic for all Veterans

Payment Methods
Credit Card: V, MC, AMEX, DISC
Check by Phone
Cash- in person M-F 8am-5pm One News Place, St. Augustine, FL 32086

Rev. 9/09