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Newsletter - Vol2_ No10 pub


									  October 2008-Volume 2, No. 10

    Events Mark Fire Prevention Week, Honor Fallen Firefighters
    Firefighters from across the United         A formal memorial service caps the         lose our bravest and brightest and can instead
States gathered at the National Fire-       event to honor the fallen. This year’s         say proudly: ‘Everyone Goes Home.’"
fighters Memorial in Emmitsburg,            service featured remarks by FEMA                   The memorial weekend marked the start
Maryland earlier this month to              Administrator and former Miami-Dade            of Fire Prevention Week, which ran from
remember and honor their colleagues         Fire Chief David Paulison and USFA             October 5-11. This year’s theme was
killed in the line of duty. The             Administrator Greg Cade.                       "Prevent Home Fires." The FEMA
memorial weekend is sponsored                    The names of those honored this year      Occupational Safety, Health & Environment
annually by FEMA’s U.S. Fire                were also added to the National Fallen         Division hosted a special event at Headquar-
Administration and the National             Firefighters Memorial on the National          ters on October 7. The event was open to
Fallen Firefighters Foundation.             Fire Academy campus in Emmitsburg.             employees as well as the general public.
    Those honored for this 27th annual          "There was a time in our history               Mount Weather fire station staff displayed
memorial included 97 men and four           when firefighter deaths were considered        antique firefighting equipment and hazardous
women killed during 2007, as well as        inevitable, a part of the job," Paulison       material safety apparatus. Numerous vendors
nine firefighters from previous years.      said at the service. "Thankfully, today        were onsite to provide information on fire
    The memorial weekend includes           these tragedies are fewer, but the pain is     prevention supplies. Smoke detectors were
events to support the family members        no less deep. Today we know that               on offer as door prizes, and a drawing was
of those honored, such as support           training and equipment, when matched           held for other fire safety awareness
groups, a motorcycle parade, wreath-        with the courage of individuals, can           materials.
laying ceremony, chapel vigil with          reduce risks and bring more of our men             Administrator Paulison visited the event
honor guard, and the “sea of blue”          and women home each night. I look              to draw attention to the good work of FEMA
entrance for the families.                  forward to the day when we cease to            employees in helping prevent and fight fires.

Above: Administrator Paulison participates in the National Fallen Firefighters
Memorial Service. NFFF/Bill Green. Right: Calvin Gurley, FEMA/OCFO, learns
how to correctly extinguish a fire at OSHE event. FEMA/Bill Koplitz

       "FEMA coordinates the federal government's role in preparing for, preventing, mitigating the effects of, responding to,
                  and recovering from all domestic disasters, whether natural or man-made, including acts of terror."
    FEMA, Apache Tribe Form New
      Partnership in New Mexico
    Something rare has happened in the mountains of New
Mexico: a FEMA Joint Field Office can now be found on Native
American tribal land. The JFO and the disaster response from the
summer floods near Ruidoso, New Mexico are a testament to the
growing partnership between FEMA and tribal governments.
And it happened all by chance.
   When the FEMA Logistics team and General Services
Administration staff searched for adequate office space within
and nearby the flood-affected areas, they were unable to locate a
suitable facility. They checked all available local rental resources,
but still could not find a space that met all the necessary
    “We looked at 22 different sites in the area, where it usually
takes looking at three or four sites before we establish a
location,” said the FEMA Logistics Section Chief.
    Finally, a tribal member working on the response suggested an
                                                                        Mescalero Apache Tribal Facility/FEMA JFO in Ruidoso,
old building on the Mescalero Apache tribal reservation used
                                                                        New Mexico
only as a storage facility for records and supplies. After the site
approval, FEMA and tribal staff worked for three days to clean          Tribal Liaison Jane McLeroy. The briefing focused on the history
and prepare the building for the 50 JFO staff members.                  of the federal government’s relationship with tribal governments, as
    Before moving into the new facility, FEMA and New Mexico            well as current tribal protocol and specific information on the
state employees attended a briefing by FEMA Region VI                   culture and history of the Mescalero Apache Tribe.

       Nancy Ward to Serve as Transition Senior Official
      Administrator Paulison has named           serve as a senior advisor to newly
  Nancy Ward, Region IX Administrator,           appointed senior officials in the next
  as FEMA’s Career Transition Senior             administration.
  Official (CTSO).                                   She will be supported by the
      In this role, Ward will serve as the       Transformation Management Division
  leader of FEMA’s presidential                  (TMD) of the Office of Policy and
  administration transition efforts.             Program Analysis (OPPA).
     She brings over 20 years of                     FEMA’s priorities during the
  experience in emergency management             administration transition are to ensure that
  and is well-versed in both regional and        it remains prepared to execute its mission,
  headquarters issues.                           as well as to continue the many initiatives
      Ward worked two details at FEMA            underway to build the New FEMA. Ward
  headquarters as the Deputy Director of         will be responsible for ensuring the
  the Recovery Directorate during                agency meets these priorities.
  FEMA's response and recovery opera-                “I am confident that with Nancy’s help
  tions for the 2004 and 2005 hurricane          and leadership, we will be able to meet           Nancy Ward, FEMA’s Career Transition
  seasons. She also has served in various        these priorities,” Paulison said in               Senior Official
  senior management positions in more            announcing the appointment. “We are
  than 20 disasters, most recently during        fortunate to have her on our team full
  the March and April 2006 severe                time.”                                            Regional Administrator for Region IX
  storms, flooding, landslides and mud-              While Ward is on detail at                    and has been with FEMA since 1995,
  slides in California, and the earthquake       Headquarters filling the important role of        following 12 years in the civilian sector
  in Hawaii.                                     FEMA’s Career Senior Transition                   of the U.S. Department of the Navy in
      Should there be an absence of senior       Official, Karen E. Armes will serve as            the greater San Francisco Bay Area.
  leadership during the presidential             Acting Regional Administrator for FEMA
  transition, Ward will lead FEMA and            Region IX . Ames is currently the Deputy
  Indiana Community Brings End to an Era with FEMA and CSEPP
   From 1961 through 1968, the U.S.      emergency planning, annual exercises,         peers in meeting this new requirement.
Army’s Newport , Indiana Chemical        public education and emergency public         CSEPP funding helped purchase public
Depot manufactured all VX chemical       information.                                  safety equipment to warn residents of a
agent for the U.S. defense stockpile.       In addition, Indiana recently passed a     chemical incident. Those tone alert
Since 2005, the community has            law requiring each county to develop a        radios and 44 community sirens will
worked with a unique federal             warning systems plan by 2010, and the         now be utilized to alert residents of
program to safely destroy the            CSEPP counties are well ahead of their        severe weather.
chemical agent while protecting
nearby residents.
   The Chemical Stockpile
Emergency Preparedness Program
(CSEPP) was created by Congress in
1989 to assist communities near U.S.
Army chemical stockpile
installations develop emergency
plans for protecting residents and
responding in the unlikely event of a
chemical stockpile accident.
   The program is managed through
a partnership among FEMA’s
National Preparedness Directorate,
the U.S. Army, and state and county
emergency preparedness personnel.
   On August 8, 2008, the last of the
Newport stockpile was destroyed.
But a robust emergency preparedness
capability continues thanks to the
planning and preparedness conducted
through CSEPP. The region is              First responders participate in annual exercises to test their chemical
                                          decontamination procedures under CSEPP.
experienced in coordinated

          BEST Program Reaches Out to FEMA Managers

          The new Building Engagement, Strengths and                  Program participants will gain insights for personal
      Talent (BEST) initiative is a five-year                     and professional development and acquire strategies
      workforce development effort that is part of the            to increase their workgroup’s performance.
      new vision for FEMA.                                            Managers will maximize the momentum and
          The BEST program is based on more than 25               energy generated during the course by consulting with
      years of research by Gallup (the firm known for             the course leadership again within six months
      opinion polling) to identify what makes a strong,           following the program.
      vibrant workplace.                                             Next month, all FEMA employees will be asked to
          One of the first steps of the BEST Workforce            take the BEST survey that will gauge their opinions
      Initiative involves sending supervisors and                 on supervisors, the workplace and their personal job
      managers to the Gallup Great Manager Program                satisfaction. Check your e-mail for an upcoming
      (GMP). All FEMA managers and supervisors will               announcement.
      participate in this training over the course of the             FEMA’s Human Capital Division also has created
      FEMA BEST initiative.                                       a Web site with more and updated information about
          The first sessions will be held in November             BEST. Go to:
      and December at the Gallup World Headquarters               best_workforce.shtm.
      in Washington, DC, and will continue through
      2009, as needed.
          Fire Prevention Reminders from USFA
       Each year National Fire Prevention          annually by a qualified
   Week is commemorated around the                 professional.
   anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire
   of 1871 and fell this year during the      •    Remember, space heaters need
   week of October 5-11. This year’s               space. Leave at least three feet
   theme for National Fire Prevention              between space heaters and things
   Week was “Prevent Home Fires.”                  that might burn.
       Some general tips are listed below,
   but for more information on each           •    Use the recommended fuel. Look
   category, see the USFA Web site at              for space heaters that will turn                               off automatically if tipped over.
       A few minutes spent reviewing
   some easy ways to make our homes           •    Keep things that will burn away
   fire safe may help prevent a home fire:         from light bulbs, light fixtures
       • Stay in the kitchen when you              and lamps. For any suspected
            are cooking. Many cooking              electrical problems, call a
            fires start from “unattended”          qualified electrician.
                                              •    Use flashlights during              In 2007, U.S. fire departments responded to
      •    Maintain heating equipment              emergencies, not candles.           399,000 home fires, according to the National
                                                   Blow out candles when               Fire Prevention Association. These fires
           and chimneys by having them
                                                   leaving the room.                   resulted in 2,865 civilian deaths.
           inspected and cleaned

National Cyber Security Awareness                                           3) Protect your children: Children face unique risks on the
                                                                        Internet, and require unique rules and safeguards. Monitor your
Month - Tips to Stay Safe Online                                        kids' online activities closely. There are many tools available to
                                                                        help you protect them from online threats.
   October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and it's a
good time to take a hard look at how our online behavior may be             4) E-mail safely. E-mail is a favorite tool of online crooks.
putting us in harm's way. By following a few common-sense tips,         Even legitimate-looking messages can be scams. Learn how to
you can make the most out of your Internet experience, while            filter for "spam" and spot the signs of scam e-mails.
protecting you and your family from online threats.
                                                                           5) Protect your accounts. Choosing hard-to-guess passwords
   1) Protect your computer: The best thing you can do is use three     and changing them regularly can help prevent criminals from
inexpensive technologies: anti-virus software, anti-spyware soft-       getting at your money or personal information.
ware and a firewall. Some security companies provide all three in
one easy-to-use package.                                                   6) Make copies. Regularly backing up your files can save you if
                                                                        your computer crashes or is stolen.
   2) Protect your identity: On the Internet, your personal data
(Social Security number, birth date, etc.) is extremely valuable and       7) Stay up-to-date. Set your security tools so that they update
can be used against you. Keep it protected.                             automatically. Your computer also can be set to automatically
                                                                        install security updates.

                                                                             8) Keep          8) Keep informed. For more information on
                                                                                           these tips, including detailed guidance on how to
                                                                                           protect your computer, your kids and your identity,
                                                                                           visit the National Cyber Security Alliance at
                                                                                  or get more information at

                                                                                              You can also subscribe to the National Cyber
                                                                                           Alert System to receive regular computer security
                                                                                           updates from the U.S. Computer Readiness Team at
Clean-up, Recovery Efforts Continue Along Gulf Coast
    As clean-up and recovery efforts in areas devastated by
Hurricane Ike continued along the Gulf Coast, FEMA
announced that by mid-October, five weeks after Ike made
landfall, state and federal financial assistance to help
homeowners, renters and businesses recover from uninsured
and underinsured losses exceeds $316 million.
    The grants for individuals in 34 Texas counties and low-
interest disaster loans for individuals and businesses of all
sizes are authorized under President Bush's Sept. 13 disaster
    FEMA and the Texas Governor's Division of Emergency
Management (GDEM) have been working together since
the first emergency declaration for Hurricane Ike on
September 7.
    An additional $15 million has been obligated under
FEMA's Public Assistance Program, which can reimburse
state agencies and local governments and certain nonprofit
organizations in 35 Texas counties for eligible disaster-
related debris removal and emergency protective measures.
Twenty-four of those counties are also designated for
permanent repairs and replacement of disaster-damaged
    "We report assistance in dollars, but we measure the          FEMA Community Relations Specialist Florence Ward (left) goes
success of disaster recovery when people begin to resume          over some applicant information with Disaster Recovery Center
everyday activities in their communities," Federal                Manager Betty Jo Nichols at the Galveston city hall DRC. FEMA /
Coordinating Officer Sandy Coachman said. "Positive               Greg Henshall
changes are taking place every day, but there is still a lot to
do and we will be here in partnership with the state for as
long as it takes."                                                FEMA uses as mobile registration intake centers. Other sites used
    State and federal disaster staff have been reaching out in    for Disaster Recovery Centers have included
many ways. In the first month, Disaster Recovery Center           municipal office buildings, space in shopping centers and
staff went out to 62 communities. The first "centers," set up     churches.
in commercial parking lots three days after Ike made land-           “We've seen 66,000 people come in for face-to-face help at
fall, were operated from converted recreational vehicles that     these locations," State Coordinating Officer Joan Haun said. "We
                                                                  will continue to keep them open where they're needed."
                                                                      Former Presidents Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush visited
                                                                  the Gulf Coast in mid-October to draw attention to the need for
                                                                  private donations to assist in recovery and to announce the
                                                                  creation of the Bush-Clinton Coastal Recovery Fund. The fund
                                                                  was developed to solicit donations for use in restoration efforts
                                                                  along the Gulf Coast in response to Hurricanes Gustav and Ike.
                                                                  The previous Gulf Coast fundraising effort by the former
                                                                  presidents, called the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund, earned over
                                                                  $135 million.
                                                                      On October 14 the former presidents, along with former
                                                                  Secretary of State James Baker, chairman of the fund, toured
                                                                  Galveston Island and the Bolivar Peninsula by helicopter to see the
                                                                  devastation first-hand.
                                                                      The trio also met with staff at FEMA’s Galveston Area Field
                                                                  Office, where they were briefed by FEMA Branch Director Gerry
                                                                  Stolar on the status of recovery efforts.
                                                                      "What we have seen is abject devastation," former President
FEMA Branch Director Gerry Stolar addresses former                Bush said after the helicopter tour. "We've also seen the
presidents Clinton and Bush, along with former Secretary of       determination to come back."
State Baker, at the Area Field Office in Galveston. FEMA/
                                                                      Donations are being accepted through
Samir Valeja
                    FEMA HQ News You Can Use
2008 Combined Federal
Campaign Kicks Off
   The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is the annual
fundraising drive conducted by federal employees in their
workplace each fall. Last year, federal employees and
military personnel contributed more than $273 million
through the CFC to benefit thousands of not-for-profit
   Federal workers have participated in a national workplace
giving effort for over 50 years. President Kennedy initiated
a formal national giving program for federal workers in
1961. Since then, the CFC has evolved into the nation’s
leading workplace giving program, with no other annual
employee-giving program raising as much money for charity.
   This year’s campaign theme is “Be a Star in Someone’s
Life! Support CFC.” CFC provides a unique opportunity for
FEMA employees to contribute to charities that help those in
need, whether they are struggling with homelessness, hunger,
disease or natural disasters.
   Administrator Paulison has named Dennis Schrader,
Deputy Administrator for National Preparedness, as FEMA’s         500 C Street building courtyard. Regions and other facilities
2008 CFC chairman. Headquarters is planning a kickoff             outside HQ will hold similar events. Watch your e-mail for
celebration on November 5, from 2-3:00 p.m. in the                more information, or ask your office CFC representative.

       Know Your No-No’s: Hatch Act Reminders for Federal Employees
         The Hatch Act is a federal law that regulates the         •   Don’t touch the money. Do not solicit, accept or
     partisan political activity of federal employees and those        collect campaign funds.
     state and local government employees who are paid in
     part or wholly with federal funds.                            •   No sending partisan campaign e-mails on duty—
         During the current political campaigns, FEMA                  ever. Do not send campaign e-mails to co-workers
     employees should remember that there are several                  using your government e-mail address or while on
     general restrictions that apply to all federal employees.         duty in a government facility, or while using your
                                                                       government computer.

                                                                   •   You cannot wear your FEMA- issued jacket or hat
                                                                       to a partisan campaign rally.

                                                                   •   DAEs may run for partisan office, but only when
                                                                       they are not on federal FEMA duty status.
                                                                       However, this does not apply to CORE or other
                                                                       FEMA employees. You are prohibited from
                                                                       running for a partisan office as long as you are a
                                                                       federal employee.

                                                                      For Hatch Act questions, call FEMA Ethics Attorney
                                                                   Paul Conrad at 202- 646-4025 or send an e-mail to

    CROSSWORD                                                     2                                                                                          3

                                                                                           4                             5               6

      By Joshua and Jennie Raab Barnes
                                                                       7                                  8                        9


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                                                                                                                    32                   33

                                                             34                            35

                                                                                                                         36        37    38             39        40

                                                      41                         42





 2 you need this for remote computer login                 43 person in a jfo most likely to be seen in a                     23 the machine that prints the maps
 6 this puzzle is brought to you by the office                suit                                                            24 lead actor in a 2005 johnny cash movie
   of public --                                            44 the deployment channel                                             and a 2009 hurricane name
 7 office in the jfo to talk to if you can't find a        45 Marriott level you want                                         27 most common type of disaster
   hotel room                                                                                                                 29 number of regions with exactly six states
10 the power behind the pay period                         DOWN                                                               33 the act that gives us the job and the
11 those affected can usually find mres and                                                                                      authority
   water here                                               1 a home emergency device                                         35 after the disaster they take the first look
13 the brand of computer you are probably                   3 if you will be there for a while you want this                  36 1-800-621-XXXX
   using                                                      in your room                                                    37 topmost floor of 500 C Street
14 the other group in Emmitsburg                            4 first comes response then there is                              39 one of the agencies who give the mold
15 person to see if you trip over a cord in the             5 2005 cat 5 along with katrina, rita and                            advice
   jfo                                                        wilma                                                           40 they offer loans to individuals
16 animal found on the seal                                 8 they give flu shots                                             41 after a declaration every county is eligible
17 first thing you need to show when you walk               9 town in TX where you will find the R6                              for this grant
   in the door                                                                                                                43 grant program under IA
18 en espanol                                    11 There are 4 of these in the emergency
20 first stop before you can get an IT person                 management cycle.
25 town in WA where you find the R10 office                12 nfip website
26 he put out the fires in Miami then at FEMA              13 greatest number of agency employees
28 best place to be during a tornado                       14 blue roof guys
30 2004 before charlie, frances, ivan and                  18 group of local non-profits working together
   jeanne                                                  19 mobile operations emergency vehicle that
31 usar team esf                                              is not really red
32 this required annual course tells you which             21 Hilton level you want
   gifts you can keep
34 category C will get these repaired
                                                           22 they are not a standard item for
                                                              reimbursement yet people ask for them
38 C R teams put these everywhere                             after every disaster
42 after action get together
                                                              New Superintendent
                                                              Takes Helm at CDP
                                                               On August 13,
                                                            Dr. Christopher
                                                            Todd Jones became
                                                            the new Superinten-
                                                            dent for FEMA’s
                                                            Center for Domestic
                                                            Preparedness. CDP
                                                            conducts live
                                                            chemical agent
                                                            training for state
                                                            and local emergency
                                                            responders in the
                                                            management and
                                                            remediation of
                                                            WMD incidents.
                                                                Dr. Jones is
                                                            eager to make the
                                                            CDP training center
                                                                                           Dr. Christopher Todd Jones
                                                            the best in the nation
                                                            for managing toxic agents. “People’s lives depend on what we
                                                            do,” he said. “It’s that simple.”
                                                                After completing his service as an officer with the
                                                            Department of the Army Medical Command and the U.S.
                                                            Naval Medical Service Corps, Dr. Jones served as the Chief
                                                            Learning Officer for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s
    Employees outside the Washington,                       National Conservation Training Center and as Deputy Regional
    DC, metropolitan area, will be able to                  Director for the Southwest Region.
    listen to the Awards Ceremony by                            Cortez Lawrence, who had been serving as Acting CDP
    calling 1-800-320-4330, pin 674509.                     Superintendent, returned to FEMA’s other major training and
                                                            education facility, the Emergency Management Institute, as

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