How to Claim for Injury at Work

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					                      How to Claim for Injury at Work
We work each day in order to earn money. But sometimes bad luck strikes us and we
suffer injuries due to work related accidents. When we end up in this situation, we are
not only suffering from the physical and mental pain but we also have to put up with
financial problems because we are incapable of working to earn a living.

The worst that could happen after an accident would be suffering from a permanent
disability or death. As victims of these accidents, you have the right to make a claim
against your employer or any other liable individual or entity. The following is some
advice that serves as a guide on how to claim for injury at work.

   1. Evidence of the accident is important for your case.

       When you are preparing to file a claim for injury at work, you need to gather
       evidence that the incident was not your fault. You also need to collect evidence
       that will establish the fault of the liable party (your employer, co-worker, or
       other separate entity).

       It will be really helpful if you reported the incident to the appropriate
       authorities. Recording the accident in the company’s accident book would be
       helpful evidence. This book records the time, place and cause of the accident for
       the company’s record. You can request a copy of your incident report and supply
               it as proof for your case.

   2. Employ a competent personal injury claims solicitor

       To claim for injury at work, you need to employ a reliable and reputable personal
       injury claims solicitor. A specialist in work related accidents is generally
       preferable because they have the necessary experience to ensure a guaranteed
       success of your claim.

       Once you hire a solicitor, tell them the facts about the accident and give them all
       the evidence you have gathered pertaining to the accident. It is also your job to
       trust the judgement of your solicitor implicitly because they know what they’re
       doing and can honestly say to you what would be the likely outcome of your

       Some personal injury solicitors offer a no win no fee policy for their services.
       These solicitors charge nothing for their services whether you win or lose the
       case. So it is advisable to look for someone who’s providing this kind of deal for
       your own benefit.
3. Filing a claim for injury at work in the UK has a time limit.

   Unless you’re a minor, you need to file a claim within 3 years after the accident
   date. Minors involved in an accident can file after they have turned 18.

   Making a claim after three years will make your case useless. UK courts do not
   entertain claims that lapse from the 3 year expiration period.

4. Know your rights as an employee.

   As an employee, you have the right to make a claim when you are injured in the
   workplace especially if the incident happened with no fault of your own. Don’t
   be afraid to speak up against your employer. You are not working against them
   but you’re only practicing your rights as their employee.

Description: Suffering injury at work is an unfortunate thing for almost all people. An injury only means that you cannot work and earn money. Additionally, you also suffer from the financial burden caused by the incident. In this case, the ideal thing that you should do is to file a claim against the responsible party (your employer) and employ a competent and reliable personal injury claims solicitor.