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									                     Volume 20, Issue 3
                                              President’s Focus
                       January 2005
                                             By Dale Anesi                      This month, we are            New Online Course!
                                                                                having our seminar
                                             Have you made any                  on the Public Re-             If you or someone
                                             resolutions      this              cords Act. This is a          on your staff is new
                                             year? How about for                FREE seminar. So              to the profession, or
                                             your career? Many                  many of our mem-              you simply want to
                                             experts say that be-               bers have asked us            update your skills in
                                             longing to an organi-              for one that we ar-           Records and Infor-
                                             zation is one of the               ranged it. Recent             mation     Manage-
                                             best ways to en-                   stories in the news-          ment (RIM), check
                                             hance your career.                 paper highlight local         out ARMA’s new
                                             You already belong                 agencies poor per-            online course, RIM
                                             to one the best or-                formance, so this             101: Fundamentals
                                             ganizations around                 topic    is   timely.         of    Professional
                                             so why not take ad-                Watch for the meet-           Practice.
                                             vantage of it this                 ing notice coming
                                             year!                              soon!                         Continued on page 2

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                           For The Record

                                             Yes, the Presidency of the United States has       Candidates for ARMA office cannot cam-
                                             been decided, but the election of ARMA Inter-      paign, but their biographies and position
                                             national’s president-elect and three associa-      statements are available online at:
                                             tion directors does started January 6, 2005.
                                             The chosen candidates will take office July 1,     boardcandidates.cfm
                                                                                                A transcript of the Candidate Forum held
                                              Vote electronically! You should have received     at conference is at:
                                             an e-ballot via e-mail on January 6, unless you    governance/ 1004CandidateForum.pdf
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                                            Inside this issue:
                                            Stop Press: Dale Anesi Resigns                                                              2
                                            Filing Cost Comparison Chart                                                                4
                                            January Named Get Organized Month                                                           5
                                            Records Managers Wanted for Archivists Fellowship                                           5
                                            Crossword Solution CRM Parts 2 and 3                                                        6
                                            CRM Crossword Parts 4 and 5                                                                 8
                                            What Is an FAI?                                                                          10
                                            Inside Story                                                                             11
                                            Board of Directors                                                                       12
 President’s Focus, cont’d
 This course, complete with                                               other, RIM Shots is open to
 textbook, provides a thorough                                            everyone interested in records
 introduction to records and in-                                          management issues.
 formation management.
                                                                          Spread the Wealth
 Readings, in-depth examples,
 activities, and exercises are                                            You are interested in RIM or
 used to promote your under-                                              you wouldn’t be a part of
 standing of the leading issues                                           ARMA. But wouldn’t it be nice
 and guiding principles sur-          CRM Crossword Puzzles - Do          share some of your knowl-
 rounding RIM.                        you think you have what it          edge/enthusiasm with some-
                                      takes to be a CRM? Test your        one else?
 Divided into 11 lessons focus-       mettle with our fun and chal-
 ing on various aspects of RIM,       lenging, interactive, online        Here’s an idea. Mentor some-
 the course concludes with a          crossword puzzles. If find your-    one. Find somebody in your
 final exam that earns a certifi-     self clicking that "Solve" but-     company to take to our meet-
 cate of completion with a            ton more often than not, sign       ings and share with them what
 score of at least 70 percent.        up for OCARMA's 3rd Annual          you have learned so far. We
                                      CRM Seminar to learn what           sometimes have to promote
 OCARMA Website Highlights            you need to know!                   ourselves. The more people
                                                                          know about our profession, the
 Items of interest from our           OCARMA's RIM Shots! - While         better.
 award winning website.               intended for OCARMA Mem-
                                      bers to connect with each           Look forward to seeing you at
                                                                          our seminar this month.

 Dale Anesi Resigns
I’m sorry not to tell you in                                             Juanita Skillman, CRM, FAI re-
person, but I have to resign        “It has been a wonderful pleasure    sponds:
from my position as Chapter             working with all of you.”
President. I am moving to                                                Dale, you have been a wonder-
Nashville, TN to work for a                                              ful President, and we will miss
commercial records center,          It has been a wonderful pleas-       you, but you have to do what
Richards & Richards.                ure working with all of you.         you have to do. Steve Rich-
                                    Orange County ARMA is a              ards is a great guy and a
I will be at the meeting on         great chapter with a great           strong ARMA supporter—I’m
January 27.                         board. I have learned much           sure you will be an asset to his
                                    from everyone.                       company.

 Page 2                                                                                    FOR THE RECORD
VOLUME 20, ISSUE 3   Page 3
 Active Filing Cost Comparison Chart
By Bill Roach, CRM
(Bill Roach, CRM is Enterprise EDMS Coordinator for the State of North Dakota in their ITD/Records Management De-
partment. He started his Records Management career in document creation. He operated the heavy mechanized log-
ging equipment for an operation that provided pulp to one of the largest paper mills in the country. Since then, he’s
been a Records Manager in the Construction, Defense, Petrochemical, Mining and Utility industries, setting up records
programs, EDMS technologies and litigation support.)

Not only are open shelf systems cheaper per linear filing inch to purchase initially, and cheaper to house an-
nually, but using color-coded, end-tab folders typically increase in filing efficiency 30% to 50%. Open shelf
systems can reduce filing supply costs by 50% - 70% over hanging-file-based drawer filing systems.

You can update the table by using the current purchase price of each type of cabinet and the cost per square
foot of space in your building.

                                           Purchase   Capacity in Floor Space Purchase          Annual
                        Unit                Price 1      LFI 2     Required 3 Cost/LFI         Cost/LFI 4
          Traditional, 4-drawer letter
          file cabinet, 18" W x 26" D        $163        100          5.4 sq ft      $1.63        $0.68
          Traditional, 4-drawer legal
          file cabinet, 18" W x 26" D        $193        100          6.5 sq ft      $1.93        $0.81
          Traditional, 5-drawer letter
          file cabinet, 15" W x 26" D        $245        125          5.4 sq ft      $1.96        $0.54
          Traditional, 5-drawer legal
          file cabinet, 18" W x 26" D        $279        125          6.5 sq ft      $2.23        $0.65
          Lateral file, 4-drawer legal,
          42" W x 18" D                      $640        156         10.5 sq ft      $4.10        $0.84
          Lateral file, 5-drawer legal,
          42" W x 18" D                      $768        195         10.5 sq ft      $3.94        $0.67
          Open shelf unit, 7-shelf
          letter starter unit, 76 1/2 H
          x 48" W x 12" D                    $295        329           4 sq ft       $0.90        $0.15
          Open shelf unit, 7-shelf
          letter add-on unit, 76 1/2" H
          x 48" W x 12" D                    $265        329           4 sq ft       $0.81        $0.15
          Open shelf unit, 8-shelf
          letter starter unit, 88 1/4" H
          x 48" W x 12" D                    $363        376           4 sq ft       $0.97        $0.13
          Open shelf unit, 8-shelf
          letter add-on unit, 48" W x
          12" D                              $330        376           4 sq ft       $0.88        $0.13

         1.) Unit cost is based on 1998 street price.
         2.) Linear Filing Inch
         3.) Floor space determined by total space used by the unit with drawers extended, access space is n
                 not included.
         4.) Total LFI divided by space required. Annual cost/LFI based on office space cost of $12.50
                 per square foot.

Page 4              FOR THE RECORD
January named Get Organized Month
By Lorinda Kasten-Lowerre                  ten make getting organized                 with attention-deficit-disorder
from NAPO Press Release,                   one of their New Year’s resolu-            and chronically disorganized
July, 2004                                 tions. Now there is help.                  clients. These clients experi-
                                                                                      ence increased productivity,
The National Association of                NAPO Professional Organizers               improved quality of life, re-
Professional Organizers                    are available during Get Organ-            duced stress, streamlined
(NAPO) announces that it will              ized Month and year-round                  processes, and time savings.
sponsor the first Get Organ-               to help people reach their or-
ized Month in January 2005.                ganizing goals.”                           Visit and click
Get Organized Month will be                                                           on “Find an Organizer” if you
held in conjunction with                   Professional organizers serve              need professional help. NAPO
NAPO’s 20th anniversary                    both residential and commer-               has a chapter in Los Angeles
celebration.                               cial clients offering services             which meets monthly.
                                           ranging from home and busi-
NAPO President Barry Izsak                 ness organizing to information             Also check their website to
comments, “January is the                  and time management to                     learn how you can become cer-
perfect month to launch Get                coaching and training. Some                tified to help others get organ-
Organized Month. People of-                organizers specialize in work              ized.

Records Managers Wanted for Archivist Fellowship
Archivists & Records Managers!                funding 4 -$15,000 fellowships this          tioned above, archivists and aca-
The National Historical Publications          year. Please visit our website at            demics can team up on a pro-
and Records Commission (NHPRC)                ject. We can "match-up" anyone
Electronic Records Fellows program,           for more information                         who would like to work with
a collaborative of the School of Infor-       We will be posting this year's applica-      someone with similar interests.
mation and Library Science at the             tion forms shortly but I wanted to get
University of North Carolina at               this information out for anyone with    Please contact Helen Tibbo at
Chapel Hill and Duke and UNC Uni-             research ideas as the year begins. or Paul Conway at
versity Libraries, is looking for its         This year's submission date is June if you wish
second class of Fellows! The 2004-            15, 2005.                               to discuss a possible project.
2005 Fellows, Nancy
Kunde, Helen Samuels,
Rebecca Schulte, and Drus-                  This program is based on one in Massachusetts;
cilla Simpson are well un-                        you can see the work of their fellows at
derway with their projects
and will present results at
SAA 2005.

Again this year we are seek-
ing archivists and records managers -      •   You need not have fully-formed         Dr. Helen R. Tibbo, Professor
or teams of archivists, records pro-           project at this time; we can help      School of Information and Library
fessionals, and academics-with an              you turn your idea into a pro-         Science
interest in studying some aspect of            posal.                                 201 Manning Hall
electronic records to apply for these                                                 University of North Carolina at
non-residential Electronic Records         •   This fellowship is primarily for       Chapel Hill
Research Fellowships. We will be               working archivists, but as men-        Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3360

V O L U ME 20 , I S S U E 3                                                                                           Page 5
Key to the Crossword Puzzle—CRM Exam Part 2-3

                                    1            2                               3                                       4
                                        A            F                               C                                       P R O C E S S                   I   N G
                                        L            I                               A                                       L
                                                 5                                            6                 7
                                        P            F O L D E R                                  S                 F E A S           I   B    I   L    I    T Y
                                        H            T                                            O                          Y
                8                                                        9                                               10                                 11
                    L O C A T E                                              S O U R C E                                     S C O P E                       S
                                        B            E                                            T                          C                               U
          12                                                                     13
           G U           I     D E                   N                               S            E                          R                               B
                                        T                                    H       I    E R A R C H                        I    C A L                      J
                                        I                                            D                                       P                               E
                       15                                                16
                        A C C E P T A N C E                                                                                  T                               C
                                                                                                      17        18                            19
                                        A                                    E                         B            P                          C O S T           S
                                        L                      F U N C T                          I    O N A L                                 H
                                                                             T                         X            P                          R
                                                 21                                                             22
                                                     N U M E R                       I    C                         E M A         I   L        O
                                                                             A                    U S E R                                      N
                                                                             L                                                                 O
                       24           25                              26
                        B               B                            S       I       M I          L A R                                        L
                         L              A                                    Z                                                                 O
                27                                       28                                                                                            29
                    M I        C R O F                    I    C H E                                                                           G        L
                                                                         30                                                      31
                        P               C                 N                  D       I    R E C T                   I   V E S                  I        A
                        P               O                 V                                                                       O            C        T
                                                                    32                   33                     34       35
                         I              D                 E          R                    S                         P        S U R N A M E
                        N               E                 N          I       N D E X                                E             N            L        R
            F O G                       S                 T          G                    C                         R             D                     A
                                                          O          H               S U P E R S E D E D                                                L
                         I     N T E G R                       I     T Y                  R                         O             X
                                                          Y                               I                         N
                                                                                          T                         N
                                            40                                                             41
                                             A C C U R A C Y                                                D E C E N T R A L                           I    Z E D
         Created with EclipseCrossword —

Page 6                                                                                                                                                                 FOR THE RECORD
The Crossword Puzzle—CRM Exam Part 4-5
By Nolene Sherman

   Part 4 covers Records Appraisal, Retention, Protection and Disposition and Part 5 cov-
   ers Facilities, Supplies and Technology.

                                                                   a _____ power supply for a computer system.
Across                                                             58. In earthquake prone areas, records centers should be
1.    A ___________ storage management strategy migrates           constructed of reinforced _______.
active and inactive computer data between primary and sec-         59. For storage of paper records, this should optimally be
ondary storage data.                                               between 40-50%.
4.    The inventory form should require info on the type of        61. Computer output microfilm
media of each record series because certain media require          62. The method by which electronic communications sys-
specific types of ______ equipment.                                tems "talk to each other" is defined in a set of standards
6.    A distributed-logic system would contain "_______" ter-      called ______.
minals.                                                            63. In evaluating a local area network (LAN), once should
11. One consideration in developing a records retention            consider the ______ time.
schedule is the degree of _____ activity for the records series.   64. The value that means the record documents the function
13. Software that prepares data for writing to CD-ROM is           and activities of an organization.
called ______ software.
16. The most automated method of indexing microfilm is
_____ control indexing.                                            Down
17. Because of environmental concerns, _______ is seldom           2.    One of the development principles of a records retention
used as a method of records destruction.                           program is to __________ the establishment of the program
20. A disaster recovery plan should include ____ plans of          with other aspects of RIM.
company records centers.                                           3.    A disaster recovery plan should include a list of compa-
22. The measure of the sharpness of lines of the image.            nies that rent _____ space.
29. The process of determining the value and disposition of        5.    aka record copy
records based upon their current administrative, legal, and        7.    Magnetic tape storage provides ________ access.
fiscal use.                                                        8.    A fax machine requires a(n) ________ telephone line.
30. The first thing to consider when selecting new _____           9.    One frame of 35mm microfilm is usually mounted in
equipment is the kinds of records to be filed.                     a(n) ______ card.
31. The primary purpose of a _________ records program is          10. Tangential values of business papers.
to enable the organization to continue business in the event of    12. Estimating disaster potential and the consequences of
a disaster.                                                        informational loss in a vital records program is called _____
36. The Boolean operators "and," "or," and "not" are used in       analysis.
searches to control the ____ of the search pattern.                14. The most common size of microfilm jacket is four by
38. A vital records program should provide for protection          ____ inches.
against ______.                                                    15. The purpose for which records are created are their
40. A government agency's ruling or opinion that establishes       _____ value.
the agency's position on a matter is known as ________.            17. Records which, while not irreplaceable, could be repro-
42. Fiber optics are glass-like thin tubes that send _____         duced only at considerable expense, time and labor.
from one location to another.                                      18. The perpetual method of transferring records to inactive
43. A keyboard, a tape reader, and a scanner are examples          storage is most effective with _____ files.
of _____ devices.                                                  19. Type of microform normally suggested for high volume
44. Uses or values of business records apart from the pur-         infrequently referred to records.
pose for which they were created.                                  21. The process of "__________ dispersal" is part of a vital
47. One of the development principles in a records retention       records program.
program is to gather information from the _____ that uses or       23. Vital records are those that are needed to protect the
has knowledge of the record.                                       ____ and interests of the organization.
49. Several hundred subscribers buying into a service bu-          24. This is a method of reinforcing fragile paper documents.
reau is an example of a ____-shared system.                        25. The most common film _____ used today in microfilm-
51. A class ____ disaster is defined as being the most se-         ing are 16mm, 35mm and 105mm.
vere conceivable.                                                  26. A first-aid measure for salvaging water-soaked film is
52. A ________ carrier is best for carrying information at         immersion in cool, clear _________ .
higher speeds with fewest transmission errors.                     27. An archive is devoted primarily to housing ______ re-
55. A major purpose of a records retention and disposal            cords.
schedule is to _____ records that have served their useful-        28. A method of destruction.
ness.                                                              32. Screens which contain operating procedures that can be
57. A backup power supply from a battery is an example of          accessed on-line while using a software application.
Page 8                                                                                                        FOR THE RECORD
                        1                                                2                                  3         4         5

                                                                                             6                                                            7

                  8            9           10                                                                         11

     12                        13                              14                                 15



                                                        18          19


           21                              22

                                                                                                                                    23              24

                        25                        26                                                                       27

                                     28           29                                                        30

           31                                                       32                       33        34        35                           36          37

                                     38                                       39

                                                                    40                                                                        41

                               42                                                                                                        43



                  46           47                 48                     49             50                                               51

                                                                                                  52                  53

                                           54                       55                                 56        57


                                                                                                                      59                            60

                                     61                             62



    Created with EclipseCrossword —

33. The primary objective in planning for records security is                            48. Mailing costs can be reduced by implementing ____
to control ______ to proprietary or confidential information.                            broadcasting.
34. Safes are used in preference to record vaults where the                              50. Roll film is the most _______ and most frequently used
____ of vault construction would be prohibitive.                                         microform.
35. Records preserved in groups that correspond to their                                 53. An interactive system is the opposite of a(n) ______ sys-
sources of creation.                                                                     tem.
37. Data is stored in the computer in the form of ________                               54. One of the ways vital records are protected is by the use
impulses.                                                                                of _____ location storage sites.
39. Storage space requirements can be reduced 98 percent                                 56. A records retention and disposition schedule should help
by use of _________.                                                                     stabilize growth of records by providing destruction of records
41. The function of the records _______ is to gather descrip-                            to ____ growth of new records.
tive data representing the total information resources of an                             60. A box of records can normally be stored in a records
organization                                                                             center for ___ years before storage costs would exceed micro-
45. "Three of nine" or "Code 39"                                                         film costs.
46. A coded entry used for gaining access to a computer

Page 9                                                                                                                                             FOR THE RECORD
What is an FAI?
By Lorinda Kasten-Lowerre
                                          national and have made out-
Juanita Skillman, a long-time member      standing contributions to the pro-
of the Orange County chapter is not       fession. It also honors those who
only a CRM (Certified Records Manager)    are recognized for noteworthy ac-
but is a FAI (Fellow of ARMA Interna-     complishments in the Association
tional.) It took some digging on the      at all three levels, local chapter, website in the Administrative    region and association.
Letters section 700 (for Members’ Only)
but here’s the word:                      Enrollment is limited to a maxi-
                                          mum of .5% of the total current
The Company of Fellows represents         ARMA International membership.
ARMA International’s most distin-
guished lifetime or career achievement.   Members of the Company of Fel-
This award honors records and informa-    lows are authorized and encour-
tion management professionals who         aged to use the designation “FAI.”
are members of ARMA Inter-                (Fellow of ARMA International)
                                          following their name.

Page 10                                                       FOR THE RECORD
          Orange County ARMA                                          
            Chapter Presents

            Certified Records Manager (CRM) Seminar
                  Friday, March 11, 2005 (half day) and Saturday, March 12, 2005 (full day)
                  Orange County Sanitation District, 10844 Ellis, Fountain Valley, CA 92708
                                            Investment: $150.00

  Are you interested in furthering your career through certification in the Records
  and Information Management Profession? The Orange County Chapter of
  ARMA International is pleased to present a seminar to help you work toward
  certification as a CRM – Certified Records Manager – presented by a stellar cast
  of speakers, all CRMs.

  Workshop Schedule
  Track One – Basic (Parts I-V)                           Track Two – Advanced (Part VI)
  Friday, March 11                                        Friday, March 11

  12:00-1:00 pm        Registration                       12:00-1:00 pm        Registration
  1:00-1:15 pm         Keynote                            1:00-1:15 pm         Keynote
  1:15-2:45 pm         Part I                             1:15-2:45 pm         Test Taking Strategies
  2:45-3:00 pm         BREAK                              2:45-3:00 pm         BREAK
  3:00-4:30 pm         Part II                            3:00-5:00 pm         Case Study Sample Test (60 pt.)
  4:30-5:00 pm         Study Group Discussion

  Saturday, March 12                                      Saturday, March 12

  8:00-8:15 am         Continental Breakfast              8:00-8:15 am         Continental Breakfast
  8:15-9:45 am         Part III                           8:15-9:45 am         Individual Results and Test Review
  9:45-10:00 am        BREAK                              9:45-10:00 am        BREAK
  10:00-11:30 am       Part IV                            10:00-11:30 am       Case Study Sample Test (40 pt.)
  11:30-12:30 pm       LUNCH                              11:30-12:30 Pm       LUNCH
  12:30-2:00 pm        Part V                             12:30-2:00 pm        Individual Results and Test Review
  2:00-2:15 pm         BREAK                              2:00-2:15 pm         BREAK
  2:15-3:00 pm         Test Taking Strategies             2:15-3:15 pm         Maintenance Credits –
  3:00-3:45 pm         Study Resources                                         How to Get What You Deserve
  3:45-4:30 pm         De-mystifying the Application      3:15-4:30 pm         Giving Back – Opportunities
                       Process                                                 for CRMs
  4:30-4:45 pm         Questions, Closing, Certificates   4:30-4:45 pm         Questions, Closing, Certificates
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Reproduction of this publication in
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