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					                                        t JCCC
                                 DLCC a                                                        Volume 3,Issue 1

                                                                                                October 2004

DL Delivery
                                                                                          Inside this issue:

                                                                                          Meet the New        1-2
--all the news that online profs can take in print form                                   DL Mentor

                                                                                          WebCeTera           2
Meet the New Distance Learning Mentor:
Michael Robertson                                                                         147 Practical       2
Greetings DL faculty,                        experience with you to help you stream-      Tips
                                             line WebCT functions.
                            My name is                                                    Web Resources       3
                            Michael          I’m looking forward to learning from you
                            Robertson        as well. Since teaching is an idiosyn-
                            and I’m the      cratic enterprise, and often discipline
                            new Distance
                                             specific, my knowledge of distance
                                             learning is limited to the liberal arts. I
                            Mentor at        would love to learn how my colleagues            Dates
                            JCCC. I’d        in other disciplines have utilized WebCT
                                                                                          • October 1—Spring
                            like to take     in new and exciting ways that might
                            this opportu-    help me solve problems or improve              05 WebCT course
                            nity to intro-   pedagogy.                                      shells created. Be
                            duce myself                                                     sure to update (or
                            to those of      To facilitate this, I have created a Dis-      create) your course
                            you who may      tance Learning Listserve for those fac-        Welcome Page. Con-
                            not know me      ulty who teach online classes. The pur-        tact the DL Mentor
at all—or not very well.                     pose of the list is to help online faculty     for help in creating a
                                             improve pedagogy, course organization          Welcome page and/
I’m a professor of Humanities and teach      and structure, student/professor com-          or rolling over course
both online and WebCT assisted ‘brick-       munication, creative uses of WebCT             content.
and-click’ classes. Currently I teach In-    tools, etc. by sharing our expertise. I’d    • October 15—
troduction to Humanities and Classical       also like to encourage peer feedback           Sabbatical proposal
Mythology online, and Classical Mythol-      among DL faculty by giving TA access           deadline. Contact the
ogy and World Religions in a mediated        to a colleague to review your course           DL Mentor if you
classroom. I will be adding World Relig-     materials. This is not unlike what we do       plan to incorporate
ions to my online offerings in the spring.   in Peer Review, where panel members
                                                                                            online technology
I’ve been here at JCCC since fall 1992.      visit the classrooms of new faculty, and
                                                                                            into your proposal.
                                             new faculty visit the classrooms of sen-
                                                                                            He’s there to help!
I’ve been interested in, and using, tech-    ior faculty so that we can learn from
nology in the classroom for several          each other how to be better teachers—        • October 17—
years now—well before the implementa-        whether in a face-to-face class or             WebCeTera ZETC
tion of WebCT. For several years before      online.                                        150-03 begins. For
that I recreated the wheel more times                                                       course information
than I can count, building my own web        Distance Learning ≠ Online                     to the ETC Home
pages and links for students to access       Courses                                        Page.
online. Although I may have wasted a
lot of precious time, it has helped me       Another goal as DL Mentor is to help
refine the organization of my online con-    faculty digitize their course materials
tent. Hopefully, I can share some of my      and make them available to students
    Meet the New DL Mentor

    (Continued from page 1)                   more tools to your WebCT shell,          147 Practical Tips
    using WebCT. We all have a course         and test them out and fine-tune          for Teaching Online
    syllabus that we give out to students     them in your face-to-face classes, it
    at the beginning of the semester. If      is a relatively easy step to going       Groups: Essentials of
    you teach in a face-to-face environ-      online.                                  Web-Based Education
    ment, why not make this available to
    students in WebCT? There is al-           If you are interested in Distance        This handy little book by Hanna,
    ready a course shell created. You         Learning and would like help chart-      Glowacki-Dudka, and and Con-
    already have the Syllabus in Word         ing a course toward online teaching,     ceição-Runlee can be yours by reg-
    or WordPerfect. Why not just click        please contact me at ext. 4191, or       istering for WebCeTera. In the
    “File” “Save As” and save it as an I look forward to     meantime I’ll divulge some of its
    HTML file and upload it into              hearing from you.                        wisdom here each issue.
    WebCT? Make your WebCT shell
    the default page in Pipeline under                                                 Tip 35: Expect learners to review
    the My Courses tab, and you’re on         WebCeTera                                readings and materials thought-
    your way to making materials avail-                                                fully and reflectively
    able 24/7 to your students. If a stu-     WebCeTera (rhymes with
    dent looses their syllabus and            “etcetera”) is a new course offered      In an online class, instructors can
    needs a copy, they can view it            through the Educational Technology       create class materials in a number
    online and print out a copy.              Center that prepares faculty to teach    of forms: web-based texts, tutorials,
                                              online classes. WebCeTera is not a       file attachments, simulations, or
    Are you concerned whether your            self-paced course but rather a five-     other resources. Instructors can
    students are actually reading the         week interactive class that gives        post material on the web via e-mail
    text? Or are you interested in them       faculty a chance to experience be-       attachments, discussions, content
    exploring more deeply ideas in the        ing an online student--as they learn     pages, etc. Whatever the case, be
    text that you don’t have time to ad-      WebCT.                                   sure to stress to your students that
    dress in class? Create a discussion                                                they must review all the material
    topic for students to engage in out-      Participants will receive the textbook   thoughtfully and reflectively. With
    side of class time. You’ll be pleas-      (a volume of practical tips for online   the right direction, you’ll be sur-
    antly surprised at the quality of their   groups--a fast read) and upon suc-       prised at the quality and depth of
    responses.                                cessful completion, a WebCeTera t-       student responses to your questions
                                              shirt.                                   and each other’s responses.
    The syllabus and discussion tools
    are two ways to engage students           WebCeTera is offered twice a se-         Tip 49: Myth—Technology will
    online without much time or training,     mester. The next course begins Oc-       always work
    especially if you’ve not taken a          tober 17th and ends November
    WebCT class. Over time, and with          23rd. To register login to Pipeline/     Keep in mind the following sugges-
    some training from the Educational        EASI and click “Add Classes.” Enter      tions:
    Technology Center, you can gradu-         the CRN 30221 to display the
    ally automate much of what you do         course number ZETC 150-03. For           •   Plan your use of technology
    in class, from making your overhead       more information surf over to the            carefully
    lecture outlines available to students    Educational Technology Center’s          •   Provide students detailed in-
    to help them study and prepare for        Home Page at            structions on what they should
    quizzes and/or exams, to online           edtech/.                                     do when the technology doesn’t
    testing itself. Teaching “brick-and-                                                   work
    click” classes (face-to-face supple-                                               •   Develop a backup emergency
    mented with digitized materials) also                                                  plan when all else fails
    is Distance Learning.

    The “brick-and-click” model is a
    good stepping-stone to Online
    teaching. As you gradually add

Page 2
                                                                                                                 DL Delivery
                                      Mission of the Distance Learning Coordinating Council:
Bill Lamb, DLCC Chair            We will explore barriers and opportunities related to education and services outside
                                      the face-to-face classroom model. We will develop goals and implement action plans to
                                      coordinate Distance Learning initiatives across campus.
Jonathan Bacon
Janet Brandeau                        Charge:
Donnie Byers
Cody Copeland
                                      * To identify barriers to the development of distance education courses and to elimi-
Clarissa Craig
Shirly Kleiner                        nate them.
Del Lovitt
Ed Lovitt                             * To develop processes that encourage and enhance the delivery of distance education
Marilyn Rhinehart                     courses.
Michael Robertson
Ann Schwartz
Denise Scofield
MargE Shelley
Alan Swarts
Judi Vaughn                                  Johnson County
Randy Winchester
                                            Community College

Web Resources for the Online Instructor
                                         Survey Results, and the WebCT                the puzzle generator the first time,
                                         Student Manual.                              you'll have an option of going
                                                                                      through the tutorial (really just in-
                                         Each year the WebCT Exemplary                structions to read). The application
                                         Course Project recognizes online             is very easy to use. Just have your
                                         courses that meet high standards             list of words (terms) and defini-
                                         in the following areas: Course De-           tions ready. The next page of this
                                         sign, Interaction and Collabora-             module has a crossword puzzle
                                         tion, Use of Technology, Assess-             created using EclipseCrossword.
                                         ment, and Learner Support. You

T    his issue's web links focus on
sites that will give you some spe-
                                         can view the winning courses from
                                         the last few years here: http://
                                                                                      Game Show developed by
                                                                             You can go to
cific resources for making your                                                       scroll to the bottom of the page
online classes even better than          Interactive online games are an              and find the link that goes to one
they already are.                        effective tool for helping students          of two free educational interactive
The Distance Learning Coordi-            learn course material. Eclipse-              games offered for educational use.
nating Council site (http://             Crossword, which creates cross-              Read the instructions, complete has         word puzzles from the words and              the online form, and you can gen-
recently been redesigned and up-         definitions you provide. You can             erate a Game Show automatically
dated with much more material for        read about EclipseCrossword at               that uses the questions you enter
JCCC online instructors. The site        http://                                      online.
now contains an extensive docu-
ment collection: Expectations for        eclipsecrossword/ and download               DL Delivery, a newsletter for online
Distance Learning Faculty, Best          the free crossword puzzle genera-            instructors at JCCC, will be published
Practices for Distance Learning,         tor from the same page. Eclipse-             on a semi-regular basis during the
Online Faculty Checklist for In-         Crossword runs only on Windows               academic year.
structors New to WebCT, Online           systems.                                     Send all questions, comments, praise,
Faculty Semester-by-Semester             After downloading and installing             insults, flames, and spam to Michael
WebCT Checklist, Online Student          EclipseCrossword, when you run               Robertson, editor, at

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