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					                                                                                                                                                   TEED UP
                                                                  The Ann Arbor Jaycees
                                                            General Membership Meeting Agenda
                                                                     October 2nd, 2008
                                                                                                                                                       for Success

Call to Order – Scott Chisholm, President 7:30pm                                         rake in the awards! Cost is $65 for a weekend of FUN FUN FUN.
Pledge of Allegiance                                                                     Tami points out pictures in the back room.
Thought for the Day: - “Words are, of course, the most powerful drug                 3. Texas Hold'Em Fundraiser: Dates TBD but throughout November.
used by mankind.” – Rudyard Kipling.                                                     Location: LIVE@ PJ’s 102 S 1st St, Ann Arbor. Time: 5pm-2am.
                                                                                         Contact: Scott Zechiel (734) 718-9153. Let's shuffle up and deal!
Additions and Corrections to the Agenda – Scott Chisholm                                 Tony Hoover says we can do up to 16 nights during the month of
                                                                                         Nov. Tony doesn’t know much about poker, so went on Wikipedia to
                                                                                         find out more. Keyword: Royal Flush! There will be some food/drink
 Member to Member Messages – Jackie Kimmel Will be collected at break
    as Jackie is leaving early, or you can email her.
                                                                                         discounts at the location. Huge staffing event needs your help.
 People’s Choice Award – Scott Chisholm
                                                                                     Business Opportunities
                                                                                     1. Business Tour:Urquhart's Tree Farm Contact: Tom McAllister, 734-
Special Foundation Presentation: Neutral Zone Christine Wagner, Grants                   945-3924 or Date: Saturday, Nov 22, 2008
Administrator. Laurie from NZ accepts the grant on behalf of her organization:           Time: 10am - 12pm Location: Urquhart's Tree Farm, 10000
A teen center on Washington and 5th in Ann Arbor for HS aged kids to hang                Jerusalem Rd, Chelsea, MI 48118. Get a "behind-the-scenes" look
out after school. Goal is to connect with HS aged youth with the community               at how a real Christmas tree farm operates. Take a tour of the farm,
since A2/Ypsi is a very college-oriented area. Very excited to hit 10 yrs as a           a wagon ride through the trees, and stop at the gift shop on the way
grassroots organization. Started as a place for kids to perform for one another.         out. This will be an invaluable learning experience before our own
456 registered kids every week, last year 14,000 kids came through the door.             Christmas Tree Sales! Afterwards, join us at Scott Chisholm's house
Tutoring, snacks, pool, community dinners, concerts, open mike, recording                to watch the Michigan - Ohio State game! More details to follow.
studio w/dj classes, record label and visual arts (especially digital media arts).       Contact should be Dan Saims. s
“Building Bridges” is a new program that will be supported by the Ann Arbor
                                                                                     2. Morning Edition. Contact: Tami Bishop,
Jaycees. It will be a 7wk intensive curriculum culminating in a Detroit Summer
project connecting community organizers there with our kids here. They will     A dynamic morning program designed
create a presentation to educate their peers and the community about their               by the Ann Arbor Area Chamber of Commerce to keep members up-
experience. A2JCs are invited to view that presentation!                                 to-date on community issues. Attendees enjoy a buffet breakfast
                                                                                         while they network with other attendees and listen to speakers.
Introductions: What is your favorite Halloween costume? Giant JC sign-in                 Wednesday, Oct 15th, 7:00am - 08:45am, Weber's Inn, 3050
sheet, Stormtrooper, Betsy Ross, Scary Clown, Willy Wonka and an                         Jackson Ave, Ann Arbor. Cost: $25.
OompaLoompa, Slutty Cop, Man in an Outhouse, Minute Man, Teenage                     3. Networks! Contact: Tami Bishop,
Mutant Ninja Turtle.                                                                     Create new business relationships through the “Power Mingle” along
                                                                                         with opportunities to learn from key business leaders. October 8th,
Awards – Scott Chisholm                                                                  Time: 11:30-1:00pm. Four Points by Sheraton Ann Arbor, 3200
Jaycee of the Month (September) Jamie Coker and Laurie Beake for Health &
                                                                                         Boardwalk $25
Fitness Fair.
Newcomer of the Month (September)
                                                                                     COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT VICE PRESIDENT – Jessica Pelleran,
Jaycee of the Quarter (3rd Quarter)
                                                                           , 810-444-0546
GMM Project Promotion Winners (September)
                                                                                     Community Service Commission (Green sign-up sheets):
                                                                                     1.    Motor Meals. Contact: Dan Saims 248-752-0569 or
Ann Arbor Jaycees Foundation Report – John Grycza John points out
                                                                                  Date: Saturday, October 11th at 9:30am. Location: as a way to raise money for the Foundation, as well as the Kroger
                                                                                           Motor Meals of Ann Arbor, 2025 Traverwood Drive Suite F. Please
                                                                                           volunteer two hours of your time to deliver meals to local seniors. A
                                                                                           large car or SUV needed each date (enough trunk room to transport a
                                                                                           couple of coolers). Future date: Nov 8th. Two little old ladies get some 734-272-7489
                                                                                           help from Dan Saims on their crossword puzzle. They are very excited
Financial Management
                                                                                           about playing Twister on Game Day with Dan!
1. Christmas Tree Sales Committee Meeting
                                                                                     2.    Cell Phones for Safe House. Contact: John Blossey 989-493-2256 or
     Date:Mon, October 6th, 2008 Time: 7pm Location: 3150 Boardwalk               Please bring used cell phones to the GMM or
     St, Ann Arbor. Contact: John Blossey, 989-493-2256,                                   we can arrange for pick up or provide prepaid shipping envelopes. We have some really cool ideas for this                          Phones are used to help victims of domestic abuse.
     year. Come be part of the fun! Project dates: November 30 -                     3.    Pop Tabs for Ronald McDonald House. Contact: Laura Saims 248-756-
     December 20. Santa Claus, instead of John Blossey, tells us about                     0690 or Please bring pop tabs to the GMM.
     Trees. Committee meeting is at Damon’s on Monday. Be there if you                     Proceeds from recycling the tabs are used to support 4 local Ronald
     want to stay on Santa’s good list!                                                    McDonald Houses, which house families of seriously ill children during
2.   Fall Convention. Contact: Tami Bishop, 734-272-7489. Project date:                    times of need.
     November 7-9, 2008. Location: Midland MI. Meet Jaycees from                     4.    Senior Citizen Game Day. Contact Darci Watson 517-605-6400 or
     around the state, get great training and cheer the chapter on as we          Date: 12/08/08 - We will be going to a senior
                                                                                                                                             TEED UP
                                                               The Ann Arbor Jaycees
                                                         General Membership Meeting Agenda
                                                                  October 2nd, 2008
                                                                                                                                                 for Success

      citizen’s center and spend a couple of hours entertaining the folks.      1.   Competitions at 3rd Quarter MIJC Convention. Contact: Jeff
      We will play cards, board games, or just chat. We may even have a              Poissant, (313) 587-5619 or Friday night
      knitting contest! Come out and have fun!                                       at convention, November 7. Need to brush up on your speaking,
Government and Civic Involvement (Green Sign-up Sheets):                             writing, debating, interviewing, and/or Jeopardy skills? Competing in
4.    Digital TV Transaction. Contact: Darci Watson 517-605-6400 or                  competitions is a great way to hone these skills to help you at home, Date: TBD - The Michigan Jaycees / Ann                     work, or wherever. Come out and support our chapter! You could
      Arbor Jaycees have partnered with Michigan Broadcasters of                     also be a judge as well.
      America to help with the Digital TV Transaction. This change will
      take place by February 09 and A2 JC’s will make sure Ann Arbor            MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT VICE PRESIDENT – Jennifer Stalmack
      citizens can obtain the required coupons to get free and reduced
      price boxes.                                                              Membership Retention, Growth and New Chapters
Children and Youth (Green Sign-up Sheets):                                      1. Ethnic Food Dinner Club Contact: Jennifer Paul,
5.    Warm the Children. Contact: Laura Saims 248-756-0690 or                or (517) 206-0449. Tuesday, October 7, Date: November 10, 2008. This project                    7pm. Location: Mediterrano, 2900 S State St, Ann Arbor
      provides warm winter outerwear clothing for underprivileged children in         (Mediterranean Food) Jamie Palmby draws a name from those who
      the community – we help families shop for clothing with funds donated.          attended 2/3 meals. Winner: Michelle McAllister.
                                                                                2. Junior Jaycee Jamboree Contact: Sara Maddock,
BREAK 8:28 - 8:30
                                                                             or (734) 649-1180. Thursday, October
 Guests - If you are interested in joining, please fill out an information           16th, 6pm (note date change). Location: Intersection of Dexter-Ann
   sheet and see Jennifer Stalmack or anyone on the Membership Team.
                                                                                      Arbor and Zeeb Rd, Ann Arbor. Bring your little Jaycees for a visit to
 All - Please submit your People's Choice award ballots and sign-up for              the Pumpkin Patch. Hayrides, animals, and – of course – pumpkins!
                                                                                      Bring the kids in costumes and get your cameras ready! Afterwards
                                                                                      we will be hosted at Karen Haberland’s house for cider and more fun.
                                                                                      Contact Karen at 734-665-7203 for directions.
313-587-5619, Melissa Knitter 734-709-7867,
                                                                                3. Meet the Jaycees Contact: Jaime Palmby,
and Molly Warns 734-730-2691
                                                                             or (734) 417-3267. Thursday, October
Personal Development (Purple Sign-up Sheets):
                                                                                      30, 7:30pm. Location: Wiard’s Apple Orchard, 5565 Merritt Rd,
1. Book Club: Contact: Deena Frye, 734-332-1829
                                                                                      Ypsilanti. Guests & current members are invited to join us for fun
    or Gretchen Dieterle, 734-223-4500. Wednesday, September 24,
                                                                                      visiting the orchard for hayrides, bonfires, cinnamon donuts & cider,
    Should be Mon, Oct 27th. 7:00pm. Location: the new Borders, 3140
                                                                                      or scary haunted houses! We’ll head out afterward for drinks!
    Lohr Rd. Ann Arbor. This months book is Incredibly Close by
                                                                                4. Springboard and Degrees Contact Info: Jen Riggs at
    Jonathon Safran Foer. Come out to Borders for good conversation
                                                                             or 734-660-4208 Show off all of your Jaycee
    and good coffee. If you want to read ahead, November: Songs
                                                                                      accomplishments! See Jen!
    Without Words by Ann Packer. Free drinks if you come to Book club
                                                                                5. Membership Orientation Dinner Contact information: Jennifer
    thanks to Tom McAllister. Not everyone reads the book, so don’t be
                                                                                      Stalmack, Tuesday, October 14, 2008, 6:30
                                                                                      pm. Location: Cubs AC, 1950 Industrial Hwy, Ann Arbor, MI 48104.
2. DIA Trip: Contact: Melissa Knitter, 734-
                                                                                      Come and learn the history of the Jaycees. Enjoy a night out with
    709-7867. Sunday, October 26. Location: Detroit Institute of Arts
                                                                                      new members like you. Let Jennifer know if you are looking to
    5200 Woodward Avenue Detroit, Michigan 48202. The DIA is
                                                                                      advance in your Springboard and Degrees as this is a good place to
    something to be proud of; founded in 1885. The new renovation
                                                                                      fulfill your requirements.
    makes it over 6,000 sq ft with 8 galleries. It was the first public
    museum to have a Van Gogh (Self-portrait).
                                                                                Chapter Activities Commission
3. Bartending: Contact: Janelle Baranowski or
                                                                                6. Chicago Weekend Trip Contact: Deena Frye (
    734-262-1433. Date: Wednesday, Oct 22. Further details TBD.
                                                                                    or Margaret VanAlstine ( Fri, Nov 14 – Sun,
4. Thanksgiving Dinner: Contact: Mike Cha, 734-
                                                                                    Nov 16. Sign up to attend this weekend trip and take advantage of
    709-6080. Sunday, November 23. Location: Weatherstone
                                                                                    the group rate for the hotel! Options available for travel and there will
    Clubhouse, 1660 Weatherstone Dr, Ann Arbor, MI 48108. Time is
                                                                                    be fun group or individual activities planned! Pick up your info packet
    from 4-8pm. If you signed up, please write in what dish you plan to
                                                                                    tonight! Winners of the Chicago Trip Quiz receive . . . . info flyers
    bring. There will be an online sign-up as well.
                                                                                    about the project!
5. Laser Tag: Contact: Melissa Knitter, 734-
                                                                                7. ChocolateFest Thursday, October 23rd at 7 p.m. Contact Info: Leah
    709-7867. Wednesday, December 3, 6:30pm. Location: Zap Zone,
                                                                                    Followell at Location: 100 S. Davenport,
    2809 Boardwalk, Ann Arbor. A chair opportunity is still available!
                                                                                    Saline Bring your favorite chocolate dish and share with your fellow
Professional Development (Purple sign-up sheets)
                                                                                    chocolate lovers. Prizes will be awarded to various contest winners.
                                                                                    7-9 pm. Leah will bring plates, napkins etc. Chocolate trivia quiz
                                                                                                                                                    TEED UP
                                                                  The Ann Arbor Jaycees
                                                            General Membership Meeting Agenda
                                                                     October 2nd, 2008
                                                                                                                                                        for Success

     winners receive chocolate for their knowledge.                                     Please give me the yellow copy of your sign in sheets immediately after
                                                                                         your projects run.
People’s Choice Award Winner – Scott Chisholm Jamie Coker and Laurie
Beake for Health & Fitness Fair.                                                    Newsletter Editor’s Report – Contact: Jackie Kimmel,
Presidential Pins – Scott Chisholm Awarded to Jamie Coker, Laurie Beake,             All submissions for the May Crier, including Member to Member
Karen Haberland, Sara Stabenow, Nicole Blossey, and Karen Haberlands for                  Messages, are due on Friday, October 3rd, at midnight.
Health & Fitness Fair.                                                               Member to member messages can be filled out tonight or via the internet
Presidential Address –Scott Chisholm Elections are next month, and an                     Don't forget to send pictures to the Crier Editor from this past month's
election Crier is coming out this month. If you would like to run for a spot,             projects! Please submit to
especially Director for which there are 15 open spots. There are also many
appointed positions such as Treasurer, Crier Editor etc. Serving on the Board       Treasurer's Report – Russ Trapp,
has been some of the best times of Scott’s life. There’s no better way to take       If you need reimbursed for a chapter project, see me at the beginning of
in everything that the Jaycees has to offer than by serving on the Board. You           the meeting or ASAP.
will have the most fun and make lifelong friends. Fay Poissant is running for
                                                                                     Don’t forget that you can renew your membership online with PayPal!
President of the MI Jaycees, and she could use our support, although Scott
                                                                                        New members… you can join as well.
cannot make it this time. There are different seminars to participate in, as well
as a lot of fun.                                                                     Account Balances as of Thursday, October 2nd, 2008:
                                                                                                  o Checking: $4,173.32
New Member Installation - Any guests who would like to join the Ann Arbor                         o Savings: $16,244.88
Jaycees are invited to do so at this time. 2 new members recite the oath:
Leah Followell and _______ .                                                        CIO Report – Ed Borden,
                                                                                    You can always check out the chapter calendar online at
                                                                                    Our great website has photos of recent events, documents for project
Adjourn with the Jaycee Creed: Led by Sara Maddock.                                 implementation, and so much more! Check it out!
That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life;
That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations;
That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise;
That government should be of laws rather than of men;
That earth's great treasure lies in human personality;
And that service to humanity IS THE BEST WORK OF LIFE!

POST MEETING AFTERGLOW - We call it the meeting after the meeting, but
with friends, food and drinks! Join us at Cub’s AC on S. Industrial right after
the meeting. We look forward to seeing you! It’s a Jaycee tradition!

SIGN UP SHEETS - If you saw something or read about something you’d like
to get involved with or even just get more information on, please sign up on
the sheets in the back of the room. Someone from that committee will contact

ARBOR JAYCEES? Chapter growth means bringing the benefits of
membership to everyone! Please see Jennifer Stalmack or anyone on the
Board of Directors to refer a new member. You can also e-mail us at

NETWORKING - Each month you can swap business cards and network with
other Jaycees between 7:00pm and 7:30pm, just before the GMM. It’s the
meeting before the meeting.

Secretary’s Report – Sara C. Maddock,, (734)
 E-mail your roster updates to

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