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               Go here to learn where the smallest bones in your body are.
               _______________ What do bones do? ___________

             Beginning here search the pages to find out more about your bones!
Your bones are made of the same materials as your friends’. What are three of these

Your _____________ act like a cage of bones around your chest. The first seven pairs of
ribs attach in the front to the ___________. The very last two sets of ribs are called

The bone that protects the most important part of all, the brain is the

Each arm is attached to a shoulder blade or __________________. Your arm is made up
of three bones: _________________, which is above your elbow, and the __________
and ___________________, which are below the elbow.

The bone that goes from your pelvis to your knee is called ________________________,
and it's the longest bone in your body. Below the knee are two other leg bones: the
_________________ and the ________________________. Just like the three bones in
the arm, the three bones in the leg are wider at the ends than in the middle in order to
provide strength.

The place where two bones meet is called a __________________.

Bones are a big deal: they give our bodies shape and structure, they protect our insides
and more! Taking care of your bones isn't hard to do. List two tips to take care of them:

Now go to a new site to find out how many bones an adult has. An adult has -
_____________ bones!

Play this game to match scientific names with common names for human bones.

What is bad for your bones? Why? Look here.

Who has the highest bone density?
Black men? Black women?                White men?     Or White women?
What color is bone that has just been taken from a biopsy?

Compare the bones of a human, chimpanzee, and baboon and gather information about them
The eSkeletons Project

Play BoneYahtzee

Print this page and complete the skeleton. Test tomorrow!

Just for fun, more about the human body……

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