2nd Nine Weeks Project Activities by gabyion


									2nd Nine Weeks Project Activities               Name___________________________________________ Class____________________________

Directions: Students are to choose one activity per week. Due Dates: Week #1_______ Week #2______ Week #3_______ Week #4_______
All activities must be printed in blue or black ink or typed.
Resources used outside the textbook must be cited.
Each activity is worth a possible 25 pts (4 activities = 100 project points)
The student must do a different type of activity each week. Only one activity can be chosen from each column during the 4 weeks.
Each activity is due on Friday of that week. Five points will be deducted from each activity for each day it’s turned in late.

Students will draw a pedigree using a     Create an Acrostic Poem using the term    Research the Human Genome Project.        Make a dictionary of key terms from
trait from a single gene. Traits can      “Cloning”                                 Write a paragraph explaining what it is   chapter #4. Choose any 10 key terms
include hitchhikers thumb, attached                                                 and how it can be used to help mankind.   to include in your dictionary.
earlobes, curly hair, or cleft in chin.                                             Record the resources you used.
Students will include brothers &
sisters, parents, and grandparents. A
key must be included.
Research Charles Darwin. Complete a       Create a crossword puzzle with at least   Create a timeline on the computer using   Complete an “Important Thing” about
person’s map. Record the resources you    15 words related to chapter #5.           your 5 life events and 5 world events.    the Galapagos Islands. Research 8
used.                                     Include a key with the correct answers.   Cut and paste 3 pictures for your life    facts as to why the Galapagos Islands
                                                                                    events and world events.                  were so important to Darwin’s Theory
                                                                                                                              of Natural Selection.

Complete the Explore Learning Gizmo on    Research a disease that is caused by      Test your observational skills. Make a    Collect 2 sealed plastic bags. Place a
“How Are Diseases Spread”. Be sure to     bacteria. Choose from pneumonia,          concept map using figure #4 on page       piece of bread in one and a piece of
complete the online assessment. This      cholera, or tuberculosis. Research        187. Look carefully at the organisms      potato in the other. Place a second
will be your grade for this assignment.   symptoms, how its spread, treatment,      pictured together. Make a list of         piece of bread on a paper plate and a
                                          and prevention. Use the chart on page     characteristics that the organisms        piece of potato on a paper plate in a
                                          201 as an example.                        share at each level.                      dark room. Keep a journal for a week.
                                                                                                                              Write down your observations for each
                                                                                                                              specimen. Include illustrations.
Complete a Fact Puzzle using the term   Grow a terrarium in a 2-liter bottle.       Create a collage with at least 20         Research products that can be made
“The Plant Kingdom”. Include a key with Keep a log of the amount of light,          pictures of plant products used by        from corn. Write a paragraph about 3
the correct answers.                    water, and other conditions you provide     people.                                   products that come from corn. Discuss
                                        for it for a week.                                                                    the process used to make the products.

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