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									Furlough Administration

    School of Medicine

     September 11, 2009
Furlough Savings Program
    Why
    When
    What
    Who
    How
Furlough Savings Program - Why
  UC faces an unprecedented $813 million deficit in state
  The furlough plan is part of a systemwide strategy to
   address the shortfall
  Savings from the furlough plan will cover about one-
   quarter of UC’s budget gap
  Student fee increases will close another quarter of the
  Debt restructuring, and cuts in spending on campuses
   and within the Office of the President will make up the
  This approach of shared sacrifice means that every
   member of the University takes part in solving UC’s
   budget problem.
Furlough Savings Program – When
  Monthly Employees
  9/1/09 Effective Date & 10/1/09 Pay Date

  Biweekly Employees
  9/6/09 Effective Date & 9/30/09 Pay Date

  The program is scheduled to end 8/31/10 for
   Monthly Employees & 9/4/10 for Biweekly
Furlough Savings Program - What
  The plan is based on a sliding scale. Those who
   earn more have a larger number of furlough days
   and a correspondingly higher salary reduction
  Salary reductions range from 4 -10 percent
  Furlough days range from 11 – 24 days for full
   time employees
  Furlough days will be scheduled through a
   combination of unit closures and floating days
Furlough Savings Program - What
  Three distinct tables for 1) Staff, 2) Academic Year
   Faculty, 3) Fiscal year faculty

Furlough Savings Program - What
 •    11 closure days announced for Davis Campus
     •   Dec 18, 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, & 30 (Seven days)
     •   March 24 – 25 (Two days)
     •   June 14-15 (Two days)
 •    Sacramento Campus will delegate authority to
      depts & units, require approval from Labor
      Relations and Dean’s Office for office closures
 •    SOM Davis employees will follow closure days to
      the extent possible
Furlough Savings Program - What
 •    Salary Reduction
     •    Two new DOS codes
         •   Salary Reduction Base – SRB
         •   Salary Reduction Stipend – SRS
 •    Furlough Day Recording
     •    New Kronos code for furlough leave taken
Furlough Savings Program – Who
Are Affected
     Faculty – Academic Senate and Non-Senate
     Non-Senate Academics
     Health Science Compensation Plan Faculty
     Non-represented staff
        Career, limited, floater, per diem, and
         partial year career appointments
        Regular status and probationary
        Full-time and part-time
Furlough Savings Program – Who
Not Affected
   Students, residents, clinical fellows, post-
   Contract employees
   H-type visa holders
   Medical center employees – MC Alternate
   SOM employees approved in the MC Alt Plan
   Research funded employees by % of exempt
Furlough Savings Program – Who
  UCDMC                      SOM / SON
(Exempt – MC
Alternate Plan)

                  Clinical                      Research / Education
        (Exempt by Title Code /
           Position Review)

                                  Represented                           Unrepresented

                                                     Grant Funded                  Non-Grant Funded
                                                     (% Grant Funding
Grant Funding Exemption
 1. Fund Eligibility
    •  Sub Fund Group Type –
      •   C, F, J, L, N, P, S, V, W, X, H*
      •   H if OP fund is in the following ranges:
          18010- 18013, 18076-18079, 18109-
          18111, 18070-18072, 18089-18090,
          18101-18103, 18104-18108
 2. Pending (included as of now)
    •  BYR & BY1-9 for NIH Cap
    Furlough Savings Program – Who

                                         Unfunded        Gift / Endowed     Teaching /
  Clinical       Funded Research         Research       Funded Activities    Academic
(Furloughed)     (Exempt by % Funding)   (Furloughed)      (Furloughed)     (Furloughed)

 Eligible for          NIH and K                            Eligible for
callback via Z        award salary                         callback via Z
  payment             cap pending                            payment
Furlough Savings Program - Who
 Decision Tree
    1. Furlough Y/N
    2. Eligible salary on Jan 1 to determine tier
    3. # Days / % reduction
    4. Grant funding Y/N
    5. Proportionate decrease in furlough days and
        salary reduction by % exempt funding
    6. Scheduling and approval of days
       •   Faculty – mission based approach to day
    7. Management of callback program for faculty
Furlough Savings Program – How
• Two Phases
   • Launch
      • Initial population of SRB & SRS
   • Maintenance
      • Updating SRB & SRS distributions with
        changes in funding
Furlough Savings Program – How
• PPS, PeopleSoft, & the Interface related to SRB
  & SRS distribution
   • The systems curveball
   • Our response
Furlough Savings Program – How
• Using excel faculty calculator to calculate SRB /
  SRS lines manually
Faculty Callback
 •   Request form for callback plan distributed
 •   Send form to
 •   Provides preapproval for plan – not
     authorization for payment of Zs
 •   After completion of furlough days and callback,
     send confirmation of dates with copy of approval
     to same email box requesting approval to pay Zs
 •   May be done at any frequency as dates are taken

 •   Pending decisions on eligibility of medical center
     agreements to Departments by Tuesday Sept
 1. Z payments to approvals – normal process to

 2. Cost transfers off furlough exempt funds

 3. SRB lines to underlying DOS lines

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