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     A lot of savings can be made from incorporation tax. There is great value of a corporation, and the specific tax
      advantages (in dollars) of forming one. For people operating as a sole-proprietor, several thousand dollars a
                                                   year can be saved.
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                                      Is Incorporating the Best Choice For Your Business?
                                                      By Melissa Gordon

   With so many choices for establishing a legal entity for your business, it can be a tough decision to
make. Every business is different and requires a different approach. But unless you’re an attorney or
other legal professional, the investigation process can be lengthy and confusing.

 Corporations are a popular choice when it comes to forming legal entities. There are lots of pros and
cons to the corporation, all of which should be considered before moving forward with the filing

 The perks of incorporating your business are plentiful. Incorporating your business is a great way to
avoid ‘double taxation’, in which you must pay Self Employment tax as well as Federal rate tax. An
incorporated business comes with considerable tax advantages and write-offs.

 Corporations also protect the business owner through Limited Liability. In a sole proprietorship, the
owner’s assets can be seized if the business is seized. However, this is not the case with a
corporation. If someone decides to sue your corporation, your personal assets and finances are safe
from seizure.

 Incorporation also establishes your business as a serious organization. Clients, as well as other
professionals, will take your business seriously as a corporation. Your business will also have more
credibility with banks and lenders as a corporation. You also have the ability name shareholders and
officers within your corporation.

 But with the fun of a having a ‘board of directors’ comes a few hoops every corporation owner must
jump through on a fairly regular basis. Corporations are required to hold regular meetings with officers
and record minutes for those meetings. Many corporation owners view this requirement as an
inconvenience and, at times, an expense.

 Another thing for business owners to consider is the varying state laws regarding corporations. The
annual expense of maintaining a corporation can vary widely depending on your state’s laws. It’s
important to take these fees and taxes into account when deciding whether a corporation is the best
thing for you.

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 Corporations also require significant documentation, paperwork, and filing especially when it comes to
tax season. Unless you’re an accountant, filing an annual tax return for a corporation can be
challenging and may require the help of a professional. You may want to budget in the additional cost
of hiring an accountant to file your annual tax return.

 For years, many business owners have shied away from corporations because of the expensive
incorporation fees. This is certainly something to consider when making the decision to incorporate
your business. But with the development of online incorporation services, business owners now have
the option to incorporate online for a much more manageable investment. Incorporation fees used to
cost thousands of dollars. Now, it only costs a few hundred dollars to incorporate online.

 If a corporation is the right thing for you, you can incorporate your business without breaking the bank.
Just be sure to do your research and thoroughly investigate your options to determine the best entity
for you and your business.

 Disclaimer: This article is for informational and entertainment purposes only, and should not be
construed as legal advice on any subject matter.

Melissa Gordon is the publisher of, a complete online resource that compares
the legal services offered by various online companies. Find the best company for your business
incorporation needs at

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          Incorporation Services Help Business Owners Get Serious in a Serious Economy
                                                      By Melissa Gordon

If you’re a business owner with a sole proprietorship, you might be wondering whether it’s time to
incorporate your business. Lots of sole proprietors crave adding the coveted title of ‘corporation’ to
their business, but few understand the advantages and protection they can enjoy from incorporating
their business.

 When you form a legal entity for your business, sometimes in the form of a corporation, you’re taking
your business to the next level. Not only are you showing the world that you’re a serious business
person, you’re showing them that you are here to stay. And stability in a challenging economy is just
what everyone is looking for.

 There are several different legal entity options and it’s a good idea to do some research, or even
consult a professional, to determine which one is right for your business. In the case of a corporation,
your business becomes a federally recognized corporation firm. You can have shareholders and for
many business owners, this means big time business.

 For many business owners, the tax benefits associated with incorporating your business are the
biggest attraction. When you remain a sole proprietor, you’re subject to what’s referred to as ‘double
taxation.’ Most people aren’t too jazzed about being taxed once, much less twice. There’s actually a
special tax just for business owners called Self Employment tax and sole proprietors are required to
pay Federal tax rate as well as the Self Employment tax. An incorporated business is eligible for
certain tax breaks and advantages that are enough to make any business owner want to get up and

 Limited liability is another great advantage to incorporating your business. Sole proprietors run the risk
of losing everything should someone decide to sue their business. Sole proprietors’ personal assets
are fair game in a legal battle regarding their business, and such an incident could leave the business
owner with nothing. Corporations arm business owners with limited liability and they are only at risk to
lose the amount of equity they invested in the corporation. In the event of a legal battle, the business
owner’s personal assets are off limits as the corporation acts as a stand-alone entity.

 An incorporated business also gives you more credibility among clients, peers, and lenders. Banks
and organizations are much more likely to back you in terms of funding or loans if you’re incorporated.
And with banks tightening their belts, business owners need all the help they can get when it comes to
capital, financing, and lending. Incorporating your business can give you that extra boost you’re looking

 So just how do you get your hands on all of these great advantages of a corporation? Incorporating
your business is easier than you would think. Incorporating used to take months, even years. Now, with
the help of incorporation services, your business can become a corporation faster and easier than
ever. You can be on your way to running a serious corporation in this seriously tough economy before
you know it.

 Disclaimer: This article is for informational and entertainment purposes only, and should not be
construed as legal advice on any subject matter.

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Melissa Gordon is the publisher of, a complete online resource that
compares the legal services offered by various online companies. Find the best company for your
incorporation needs at

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