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					                                 International Journal of
                               Adaptive Control and Signal

                                  SPECIAL ISSUE
  Air Traffic Management: Challenges and
     opportunities for advanced Control
                Call for Papers
Air Traffic Management (ATM) offers unique challenges and opportunities for the development of
innovative control and signal processing methods. Increasing levels of traffic are pushing the current ATM
systems towards their limits, so that there is a strong need for more sophisticated tools for ATM
applications, which can sustain the safety performance of ATM and accommodate the steady growth of air
traffic worldwide.

The need for technological improvement in current ATM systems has stimulated high quality research with
application to ATM. The operation of ATM is characterized by a hierarchy of tasks which are exceptional
benchmarks for any method which aims at tackling complexity. Ongoing research with application to ATM
includes: large scale and distributed optimization for the management of traffic flows; innovative estimation,
prediction and control methods to perform conflict detection and resolution and to improve situation
awareness; the use of optimal control for the design of safe coordination manoeuvres. In addition, models
and simulation tools covering all levels of ATM are being developed, both to test and validate novel
methods and to perform risk assessment for existing operations.

Papers are invited on various topics of control and signal processing applications in ATM:

- Novel or refined algorithms with the potential to address practical problems in ATM
- Modelling studies and novel simulation tools
- Novel ATM concepts and application case studies.

                                        Submission Details
Prospective authors are kindly requested to submit their manuscripts online, no later than 27/02/2009 at the
following address:
When submitting your article to this Special Issue, make sure you have selected the correct Article Type in
the online submission system: “Special Issue Article”.

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