H1883 - Sunpro GBS Owner's Manual - Version 1883C by iad13337


									     Owner’s Manual

(Gas Post-Boost) Solar Water Heater
Models:          D2FN26, D2FL26,
                 D3FN26, D3FL26,
                 D4FN26, D4FL26

Installation Details
Commissioning Checklist
Owner’s Information (warranty)

For advice, repairs and service, call:
1300 365 115 (Australia)
0800 729 389 (New Zealand)

Specifications and materials may change without notice
Effective for sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar Water Heaters manufactured and sold after 1st Sept 2006.

Part No: H1883
Version: 1883C
                   Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar


Welcome To Dux Hot Water         1    Gas Connections                    18

Installation Details – Tank      2    Electrical Connections             19

Installation Details             3    Pump Information                   20

Plumbing Connections – Tank      4    Owner’s Information                21

Plumbing Connections             5    System Maintenance                 26

Specifications                   7    Troubleshooting                    27

Installation Details – Panels    9    Warranty                           29

Plumbing Connections – Collector      Warranty Card                      33
Panel                            14

Plumbing Connections – Tank To
Collectors                       16

                                                               Part No: H1883
                                                               Version: 1883C
                     Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar

                     Welcome To Dux Hot Water

Your decision to purchase a Dux Hot            Go with Dux and you’ll have a
Water system will reward you for many          dependable, economical, efficient hot
years to come.                                 water system designed to perform well,
                                               year after year. And that’s a promise.
Since 1915, the Dux range has seen
continuous research and development,
resulting in many breakthroughs in the
efficiency, reliability and longevity of hot
water systems.
Dux water heaters are manufactured
in Australia in a state-of-the-art facility,
using a Quality Endorsed Company
production system.
This is your assurance that you have
purchased the highest quality water
heater available, one that will provide
continuous hot water for all your needs
– safely, economically, and for many
years to come.
To be upfront about it, we want Dux to
be your brand of choice. So you can
depend on us to provide more than just
a hot water system.
You can rely on Dux products and
choose them with confidence. We’ll
make sure you have the information, the
quality and the innovation you’re looking
for, including the latest energy-saving
alternatives. If you should ever have a
problem – and we’ll bet you won’t –
you’ll find that we’re easy to get hold of,
friendly to talk to and quick to act. Our
service is all about providing anything
you need as soon as you need it.

Part No: H1883                                                                          1
Version: 1883C
                   Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar

                   Installation Details – Tank

Outdoor Installation (Tank)                 The water heater has a plastic base
The water heater should be installed        which is resistant to water damage but
outdoors only with the minimum              it is recommended that a concrete plinth
clearances as shown in the figure below.    be installed under the water heater
The water heater should be installed        to protect the heater when subjected
on a level, fireproof plinth at least       to wet conditions. A properly drained
50mm above the surrounding ground           overflow tray must be used where
level. Position the two wall brackets       property damage could occur from
100 mm below the top of the unit and        water spillage. (See AS/NZS3500.4.2 for
secure them so that they are protruding     further details.)
approximately 10mm beyond the back
                                            Note: Warranty does not cover
of the heater. Position the unit in place
                                            consequential damage due to heater
and secure the brackets to the wall (as
per diagram below). Minimum clearance
around the windows and doors must be

The water heater should be located as
close as possible to the most frequently
used hot water outlet. Ensure that the
data plate is clearly visible and provide
adequate access for service to the
thermostat, relief valve and anode.
Note: All models are equipped with a
sacrificial anode, accessible through the
top cover. Allow 50% of the height of
the water heater for clearance above to
replace the anode.
This water heater must be installed
on a fire-proof base.

                                                A = 500mm B=300mm min
                                                 For further details, refer to
                                               AG 601 – Gas Installation Code

2                                                                      Part No: H1883
                                                                       Version: 1883C
                    Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar

                    Installation Details

Frost Protection Installation Map

        All locations highlighted in gray require an approved antifrost protection device to
     maximise system performance. Call Dux Hot Water 1300 365 115 for further information.

Part No: H1883                                                                                 3
Version: 1883C
                  Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar

                  Plumbing Connections – Tank

This water heater must be installed       This water heater is designed for direct
by a licensed tradesperson, and in        connection to water supply pressures of
accordance with:                          no greater than:
•   AS/NZS3500.4 “National Plumbing          250 – 400 Litre Models – 800kPa
    and Drainage Code Hot Water
                                          Where the mains pressure can exceed
    Supply Systems – Acceptable
                                          or fluctuate beyond the pressure
                                          shown above a pressure limiting device
•   AS5601/AG601 “Gas Installations”      (complying with AS1357) must be
                                          fitted in the cold water inlet supply.
•   Local authority regulations.
                                          This device must be installed after
•   Outside Australia and New Zealand,    the isolating valve and set below the
    please refer to local plumbing and    pressure shown above. Note during
    building codes and regulations.       periods of lower demand water pressure
                                          may increase.
•   Notice to Victorian customers
    from the Victorian Plumbing           Caution: This water heater delivers
    Industry Commission – this water      hot water at temperatures exceeding
    heater must be installed by a         50°C. Refer to AS/NZS3500 and local
    licensed person as required by the    regulations regarding the need for
    Victorian Building Act (1993). Only   additional temperature control of hot
    a licensed person will give you a     water delivery.
    compliance certificate, showing                Isolating Valve
    that the work complies with all                (Spindle Vertical)

    the relevant Standards and only a                                        Drain
    licensed person will have insurance    Cold Water
    protecting their workmanship for 6     Inlet

    years.                                                    Line
                                                              Strainer   Non-return    Union
                                                                         Valve         Connection
Note: This water heater is not suitable
for pool heating.                          Note: a combined isolating valve/non-
                                           return valve/line strainer may be used.
                                           Expansion valve only required where local
                                           regulations demand.

4                                                                                    Part No: H1883
                                                                                     Version: 1883C
                    Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar

                    Plumbing Connections

Pressure & Temperature Relief                  Important: The Pressure & Temperature
Valve                                          Relief Valve and the drain outlet pipe
The Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve        must not be sealed or blocked. It is
is supplied loose with the water heater.       normal for the valve to overflow during
The valve rating is:                           heating cycles.
         All Models – 1000kPa
                                               Cold Water Connection
The relief valve must be installed directly    An approved isolating valve, approved
into the top socket marked “RELIEF             non return valve, line strainer (optional
VALVE”. The drain line from this valve         but recommended), and union must
must run in a continuously downward            be fitted between the supply main and
direction in a frost -free ambient position    the RP¾/20 socket in the water heater.
with the discharge end left open to            All fittings must be approved by the
atmosphere permanently. The Pressure           relevant Authority.
& Temperature Relief Valve supplied
                                               Note for S.A. and W.A.: It is a state
with the water heater is not intended to
                                               requirement that a pressure relief valve
enable connection of the water heater to
                                               be fitted on the cold water supply line
supplementary energy sources such as
                                               between the non return valve and the
solar panels or slow combustion stoves
                                               water heater.
(refer AS/NZS 3500.4 for guidance on
these types of installations)
                                               Hot Water Connection
Warning: Operation of the relief valve         The hot water line should be connected
easing gear at least once every six (6)        to the continuous flow hot water outlet.
months is recommended.
                                               For the most economical operation of
Danger: Failure to operate the relief          the water heater, it is recommended
valve easing gear at least once every six      that all hot water lines are insulated with
(6) months may result in problems with         high temperature, UV resistant 13mm
the water heater                               closed cell insulation. Please check local
                                               regulations regarding the use of hot
Note: Plugs are supplied with the water
                                               water supply pipework other than pipes
heater to plug off the fittings that are not
                                               made of copper.
required. Ensure that a sealing material
is applied to the plugs to prevent

Part No: H1883                                                                             5
Version: 1883C
                  Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar

                  Plumbing Connections

Safety Information                         Temperature Protection
For safe performance this water heater     All solar water heaters have the ability
is fitted with a combination Pressure &    to produce hot water very quickly.
Temperature Relief Valve.                  To reduce the risk of scald injury, it is
                                           mandatory under the requirements of
This device must not be tampered with
                                           australian standard AS/NZS3500.4.2
or removed. The water heater must
                                           that a suitably approved temperature
not be operated unless both of these
                                           control device be fitted to the hot water
devices are fitted and in working order.
                                           supply to outlets used primarily for
The Pressure & Temperature Relief          personal hygiene. This valve should be
Valve should be checked for adequate       checked at regular intervals to ensure its
performance or replaced at intervals       operation and settings remain correct.
not exceeding 5 years, or less in areas
                                           Note: All Dux solar water heaters are
where local regulations apply. The lever
                                           supplied with tempering valves. Any
on the relief valve should be pulled to
                                           adjustment to the valve should be
operate the valve at least once every 6
                                           made according to the manufacturer’s

6                                                                       Part No: H1883
                                                                        Version: 1883C
                           Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar


                                                                                        System Components
                                                                                1    PTR Valve
                                                                                2    Hot Water Outlet To House
                                                                                3    Cold Water Inlet
                                                                                4    Solar Collector Return

                                                                      4         5    Gas Inlet

                                                                                6    Cold Water Outlet to Solar Collector
                                                                      6         7    Sensor Cable
                                                                                8    Power Supply Cord
      2                                                               5
                                                                                9    Heat Trap (300mm recommended)
                                                                                     Hotlogic Frost Protection Valve
                                                                      8         10
                                                                                11   Air Bleed Valve

                                            Installation Dimension Table
                                                                    250L (mm)            315L (mm)            400L (mm)

 Tank Height                                                              1444              1754                1703
 Tank Diameter                                                            617                617                705
 Hot Water Outlet                            – From Base              765 LHS             1075 LHS            1025 LHS
                                             – From Wall †              737                 737                 825
 Cold Water Outlet                           – From Base              215 LHS             215 LHS              240 LHS
                                             – From Wall †              308                 308                  352
 Gas Entry                                   – From Base              765 LHS             1075 RHS            1025 RHS
                                             – From Wall †              717                 805                 805
 Hot Return Lines from Collectors            – From Base             1231 RHS             1541 RHS            1466 RHS
                                             – From Wall †             308                  308                 352
 Cold Outler to Collectors                   – From Base              460 LHS             760 LHS              710 LHS
                                             – From Wall †              672                 672                  760
† Measurements from wall – minimum distance of unit from structure still applies as per plumbing codes. All measurements
approximate only. Specification and material may change without notice.

Part No: H1883                                                                                                             7
Version: 1883C
                         Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar



                                                              Hot                                            inlet

               A                                                                       C

Cold inlet

         Model          Mass                              Dimensions                                Nominal
                        (kg)                                 (mm)                                 Capacity ( L)
                                             A                  B                 C
             250L        118               1444               617                877                   250
             315L        133               1754               617                877                   315
             400L        144               1703               705                965                   400
Note: Minor changes to specifications and materials may occur without notice. Whilst these will not affect the
safety, reliability or performance of your Dux unit they could impact on the installation procedures explained in this
manual – check with Dux on 1300 365 115 if you are uncertain about any aspect of installing this product.

8                                                                                                   Part No: H1883
                                                                                                    Version: 1883C
                    Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar

                    Installation Details – Panels

Please ensure that sufficient roof space       Solar Collector Location Selection
is available to install the solar collectors   There are five major factors to consider in
in the desired location.                       selecting the solar collector location site.
Please allow the following roof space for
                                               1. For optimum performance, the solar
collector installation
                                                  collectors need to face the equator
•   2 collector panels – 3 meters wide x          (in Australia this is north). Due to the
    3 meters high.                                high solar energy levels experienced
                                                  in Australia, installations on angles
•   3 collector panels – 4.5 meters wide
                                                  of up to 45° away from north will
    x 3 meters high
                                                  not have a major effect on the
It is not advisable to install collectors         annual solar output. Consequently
on roof spaces that are smaller than              installations up to 45° away
described.                                        from north are acceptable. If the
                                                  collectors are installed with an east
Solar Collector Installation                      facing bias, the best solar input is
Note: Do not commence an installation             achieved in the morning and if there
until you have satisfied yourself that all        is a west facing bias, the best solar
Safety issues associated with working             input is in the afternoon.
on and lifting components onto a roof
                                               2. Careful site inspection is required to
have been addressed.
                                                  ensure the selected location is not
Important: All work associated with               subjected to shading from adjacent
the installation must comply with local           trees or buildings at any time of the
authority regulations including AS/               day, but particularly between 9am
NZS 3500.4.2. Where these installation            and 3pm, the highest solar input
instructions and local regulations are in         times. You must remember that
conflict, local regulations must prevail.         shadows are longer in winter than
                                                  in summer, so a site that is free of
                                                  shadows from adjacent objects in
                                                  summer may have some shadows
                                                  in winter.

Part No: H1883                                                                           9
Version: 1883C
                   Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar

                   Installation Details – Panels

3. For optimum performance, the             4. Ensure that the roof structure is
   collectors should be located no             suitable to support the weight of
   more than 20m from the storage              the collectors. The Dux SUNPRO
   tank. To optimise efficiency, the           collectors weigh approximately 40
   collectors should be as close               kg each when filled with water or
   as possible to the storage tank.            heat exchange fluid.
   Irrespective of the pipe length, it is
                                            5. The collectors should be installed
   important that both the solar flow
                                               with a minimum inclination of
   and return lines are insulated with
                                               10 degrees and a maximum
   high temperature, UV stabilized
                                               inclination of 45 degrees.
   13mm closed cell insulation to
   minimise heat loss.

10                                                                     Part No: H1883
                                                                       Version: 1883C
                         Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar

                         Installation Details – Panels

Collector Orientation Compass
                                                     True North

                                           it   i o n a l Co l l e c t o r R a n g
                                       Add                                           e



                                                        Ac c e p t e d R a n
                                              u str y




                                                         ferred Ran
                                                x Pre                     ge
                                        45°                                  45°

     West                                          Surface Plate                                          East

             Note: When establishing the correct Collector Orientation, please account
             for the Magnetic Declination of your geographic location

Collector Inclination Guide

                                                      Min 10°

                                        A = 500mm, or greater if roof allows

Part No: H1883                                                                                              11
Version: 1883C
                  Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar

                  Installation Details – Panels

Collector Mounting Kits                    Collector Installation
The Collector Mounting Kits are            After selecting the solar collector
designed for mounting the solar            location, the final check before
collectors to most common Australian       installation is that the available roof
roofing types. The kit consists of         space is sufficient for the solar collectors
specially designed rails that are bolted   being installed. For a two solar collector
to the collector then fixed to the roof    installation the available roof space must
structure using standard roofing screws    be at least 3 metres wide and for a three
or bolts.                                  solar collector installation the available
                                           roof space must be at least 4 metres
Please refer to the collector
mounting kit instructions located in
the mounting kit box. The mounting         Roof areas smaller than these minimum
kit instructions can also be obtained      measurements will make installation,
from Dux Service 1300 365 115.             and later service work, difficult.
For installations requiring three
collectors, an additional Collector
Mounting Kit is required as an extension
to increase the mounting capacity from
two to three collectors.

                   Collector mounting rails

12                                                                       Part No: H1883
                                                                         Version: 1883C
                 Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar

                 Installation Details – Panels

Collector Connection And Mount-        All kits consist of specially designed
ing Kits                               rails, clamps and bolts etc that are use
There are a number of Collector        to fix to the roof structure. With the
Connection and Mounting Kits for       exception of the copper tube theses kits
mounting and connection of the solar   contain all of the plumbing components
collectors to most common roofing      required to connect the solar collectors
types.                                 to the ground mounted water heater.

Part No: H1883                                                              13
Version: 1883C
                  Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar

                  Plumbing Connections –
                  Collector Panel
Connections To The Collectors               3. Fit the sealing washer and union
(Open Circuit Systems Only)                    base fitting to the top right hand
Connect the sealing fittings to the four       socket of the collector array.
outer connections on the collector array:
                                            4. Locate the Hot Connection Union
                                               assembly onto the union base them
1. Fit a sealing washer and plug
                                               tighten with the air bleed valve
   assembly to the top left and bottom
                                               vertical. (NB: The air bleed valve
   right corners of the array.
                                               should be at the highest position on
   a. Tighten the assembly taking
                                               the collectors).
        care not to twist the copper
        tubes of the collector.             5. Finally insert a washer and ¾ to
   b. Ensure you use correctly sized           ½ conetite union to the lower left
        spanners.                              collector socket.
2. Screw fit the Air Bleed Valve into
   the top 3⁄8" BSP socket and hand         The collector array is now completed
   tighten until the nylon ring seals       and ready for connection to the water
   against the socket face.                 heater system.
Important: Please open the silver           Warning: Copper and brass fittings
knob on top of the valve two turns          must be use in all parts of this
anti clockwise.                             connection. Plastic fittings and PVC
                                            pipes are NOT able to withstand the
                                            high temperatures >200ºC that the
                                            system can create.
                                            Failure to use fittings with a high
                                            temperature rating WILL void the

14                                                                       Part No: H1883
                                                                         Version: 1883C
                      Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar

                      Plumbing Connections –
                      Collector Panel

              System Components
  Component                   Description
       1         Air bleed valve
       2         Bush
       3         15mm Female Tee
       4         Union 15mm M × 15mm C
       5         Sensor Dry Well
       6         Hex nipple
       7         Union 1" C × 1/2" M



                        6                                      3




Part No: H1883                                                             15
Version: 1883C
                  Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar

                  Plumbing Connections –
                  Tank To Collectors
To make the connection between the        To complete this connection:
solar collector array and the storage
                                          1. Connect one ½" insulated copper
tank, the following is required.
                                             tube to the ½" BSP Compression
                                             Union Assembly at the bottom
1. 2 × ½" (15 mm) copper tubes fully
                                             left hand corner of the array and
   insulated with closed cell polymer
                                             run down to the ground mounted
   insulation (min 13mm UV resistant),
                                             storage tank location. This tube
   run from the collector array down to
                                             is known as the Collector Cold
   storage tank.
2. 1 × 2 core cable (supplied in kit)
                                          2. Connect the second ½" insulated
   run from the collector array to the
                                             copper tube to the Hot Connection
   storage tank.
                                             assembly at the top right hand
                                             corner connection of the array and
                                             run down to the ground mounted
                                             storage tank location. This tube
                                             is known as the Collector Hot

16                                                                   Part No: H1883
                                                                     Version: 1883C
                   Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar

                   Plumbing Connections –
                   Tank To Collectors
3. Connect the 2 core cable (20              Connections At The Ground
   metres – supplied) to the two wires       Mounted Storage Tank
   of the BLACK insulated temperature        Note: The tank has been pre configured
   sensor (RED ring around the wire          for the hot collector return to be
   to indicate for hot water). Ensure        connected to the top socket on the right
   that the connection is secure and         hand side of the tank (as marked).
   safe. Use a connector block. Insert
                                             Finally, take the collector sensor cable
   the temperature sensor into the
                                             and pass it through the bottom cover
   temperature sensor well of the
                                             to the Resol controller. Connect it to
   hot connection union assembly.
                                             S1 and secure it with a cable clamp.
   Fix in place using cable bracket
                                             Replace cover of the Resol controller.
   connected to hot connection fitting
   and seal using a small amount of          The polarity of the connections is not
   silicon adhesive/sealant. Run the         important.
   cable down to the ground mounted                                                                                                         Delta
   storage tank location. (It is important
   that the sensor cable DOES NOT
   contact the hot collector return
                                                                                                   DeltaSol® BS

   pipe) This sensor is known as the
   Collector Temperature Sensor.                                 DeltaSol BS/3

                                                                       S1        S2     S3    S4             N R2 N R1 N L
                                                                   1     2   3     4   5 6   7 8    12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20


Note: Care must be taken to ensure
                                                       S1 & S2

that all roof penetrations are sealed to
                                                                    DeltaSol BS/3
prevent water ingress and to comply
with all local regulations.

                                                                                       S1              S2                S3       S4
                                                                                  1      2         3     4              5 6      7 8         12 13

                                             S1 & S2

Part No: H1883                                                                                                                         17
Version: 1883C
                  Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar

                  Gas Connections

Gas piping (refer to Data Plate for
correct gas type) should be connected
through the side of the case (see figure
below). The plastic grommet must be
installed around the pipe and clipped
into the case. The gas control is
fitted with a RC½/15 socket. A union
connection should be used. Pipe sizes
should be in accordance with AS5601/

                                            Hot          inlet


18                                                      Part No: H1883
                                                        Version: 1883C
                   Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar

                   Electrical Connections

Electrical connection                        Note
Covers providing access to live electrical
                                             1. All electrical work must comply with
parts should be removed only by an
                                                local regulations & be conducted by
                                                a licensed electrician.
The electrical power supply switch must
                                             2. The electrical supply to the pump
be turned off and the fuse removed at
                                                module must be continuously
the main electrical supply switchboard
                                                available. Off Peak power must not
before any electrical cover is removed.
                                                be used.
This water heater is designed for
                                             3. Connections are made at terminal
                                                block inside the water heater. Entry
for the Solar Pump Module.
                                                to connection area is through the
The electrical connection must comply           hole beneath the element cover,
with Local Supply Authority Regulations         designed to accept a 20mm
and AS3000.                                     conduit.
If the power supply lead is damaged, it
should be replaced by a lead assembly
available only from Dux Manufacturing
service agents.

Part No: H1883                                                                    19
Version: 1883C
                   Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar

                   Pump Information

Pump Module Electrical                    Connections
Connection (All Models)
                                          Solar Pump and Controller Module
1. All electrical work must comply with   The controller box draws a maximum of
   local regulations and be conducted     28 watts at full load. The box should be
   by a licensed electrician.             plugged in to a weatherproof approved
                                          power outlet for 10amps, 230 to 250
2. The electrical supply to
                                          volt, 50Hz supply.
   the pump module must be
   continuously available. Off Peak       The controller must be wired according
   power must not be used.                to the diagram below.
3. Connections are made at the
                                          Controller Status Lights
   terminal block inside the water
   heater. Entry to the connection area      Status Light                                 Condition
   is through the hole beneath the        DeltaSol® BS
   element cover, designed to accept a     Green LED                             Pump operating
   20mm conduit.
                                           Red LED                               Check sensor connections

              DeltaSol BS/3

                                                                                       DeltaSol® BS

                 S1     S2     S3    S4             N R2 N R1 N L
                1 2    3 4    5 6   7 8    12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

 Panel                                               DeltaSol BS/3

 Wires                                                 1
                                                             2   3
                                                                           5 6
                                                                                 7 8
                                                                                                 N R2 N R1 N L
                                                                                        12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

 S1 & S2
                                           S1 & S2

20                                                                                                 Part No: H1883
                                                                                                   Version: 1883C
                   Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar

                   Owner’s Information

Operating Instructions                       Caution: If the water heater is left in
The appliance is not intended for            an operating condition and unused
use by young children or infirm              for two weeks or more, a quantity of
persons without supervision. Young           hydrogen (which is highly flammable)
children should be supervised to             may accumulate in the top of the water
ensure that they do not play with            cylinder. To dissipate this gas safely it is
the appliance.                               recommended that a hot tap be turned
                                             on for several minutes at a sink, basin
Warning: it is essential for the safe
                                             or bath, but not a dishwasher, clothes
operation of this gas heater that clothing
                                             washer or other appliance. During this
or any other flammable material should
                                             procedure there must be no smoking,
not be placed against or on top of the
                                             open flame or any other electrical
water heater. In addition, do not store
                                             appliance operating nearby. If hydrogen
flammable or corrosive materials, such
                                             is discharged through the tap it will
as dry cleaning fluids, pool chemicals,
                                             probably make an unusual sound as
etc., in close proximity to the heater.
                                             with air escaping.
The use of aerosol sprays in the vicinity
of the heater should be avoided. The
propellant gases used in these devices,
e.g. fly-spray, hair-spray and laundry
aids, can break down in the flames of the
burner and produce corrosive agents.

Part No: H1883                                                                         21
Version: 1883C
                  Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar

                  Owner’s Information

Water Quality                               How Long Will The Heater Run
Your Dux water heater has been              Each Day?
manufactured to suit water conditions of    The length of time that the solar heater
most Australian metropolitan supplies.      will run each day will vary dependent
Please note that harsh water supplies       upon the amount of hot water being used
can have a detrimental effect on the        by the household and the availability of
water heater and its life expectancy. If    sunlight to heat the solar collectors.
you are unsure about your water quality
                                            Caution: All water heaters have
you can obtain information from your
                                            the ability to produce hot water in a
local water supply authority.
                                            surprisingly short time. To reduce the
The water heater is designed for use in     risk of scald injury, it is mandatory
areas where the Total Dissolved Solids      under the requirements of Australian
(TDS) content of the water supply is less   Standards AS3500 that an Australian
than 2500 mg/L. In areas where the          Standards approved temperature
TDS exceeds 600mg/L the magnesium           control valve be fitted to the hot water
alloy anode (supplied in the heater) may    supply pipe work. This valve should be
become over reactive. To alleviate this,    checked at regular intervals to ensure its
the anode should be replaced with an        operation and settings remain correct.
aluminium alloy anode, available from
your local Dux supplier.
Water can also be very corrosive,
measured by the saturation index. If the
water saturation index is greater than
0.40 an expansion control valve should
be fitted and where the index is greater
than 0.80 the water heater installed
should be a Hard Water Model. Please
consult our Service Department for
advice if required.

22                                                                       Part No: H1883
                                                                         Version: 1883C
                   Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar

                   Owner’s Information

What Should I Do During Holidays?             Solar Collector Shading
The system can monitor and control            Trees or buildings can shade the solar
the solar collector temperature while         collectors, similalrly dirt can build up
you are away. Whilst the system is safe       on the glass cover. If this occurs,
with the power turned OFF, the collector      trees should be trimmed back or the
temperatures can reach very high              system relocated. If the glass is dirty,
temperatures, causing high stress to          it should be cleaned with a domestic
their internal components.                    glass cleaner – by an authorised
Note: The power supply to the solar
controller Hotlogic pump module must          Hot water used in showers, washing
be left ON.                                   machines and dishwashers can be
                                              underestimated. Review appliances to
Warning: If the hot water system is
                                              determine your daily usage is greater
not used, for two weeks or more, a
                                              than the storage volume of your water
quantity of hydrogen gas, which is highly
flammable, may accumulate in the water
heater. To dissipate this gas safely, it is   It is also advisable to inspect tap
recommended that a hot tap be turned          washers etc. for leakage and replace if
on for several minutes at a sink, basin       necessary.
or bath but not a dishwasher, clothes
washer, or other appliance. During this
procedure there must be no smoking,
open flame or any other electrical
appliance operating nearby. If hydrogen
is discharged through the tap, it will
probably make an unusual noise similar
to air escaping.
Note: Important there are no user
serviceable components in the
system. Only an authorised service
representative is permitted to remove
any covers or make setting adjustments.
Do not open or adjust any electrical
covers or devices yourself.

Part No: H1883                                                                       23
Version: 1883C
                    Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar

                    Owner’s Information

How Does My System Work?                        The Ancillary Energy Support System
The main components of your solar               (Gas boosting – connected to
water heater are the water storage              continuous gas supply) is used to
tank, the solar collector(s), the patented      heat part of the stored water on those
Hotlogic controller and the Ancillary gas       occasions when there is reduced solar
booster. The Dux water storage tank is          energy available. e.g. cloudy days.
used to store the heated water ready for        The AES System is thermostatically
household use. It is a specific Solar Dux       controlled so it only delivers the energy
electric storage tank, incorporating a          required then automatically turns off.
high temperature vitreous enamel lining         Never turn the gas supply off during
to provide long life, and a high density        normal use.
polyurethane insulation to ensure
                                                Under normal operating conditions the
minimal heat loss.
                                                water within the storage tank is heated
The solar collectors contain a multi tube       by the solar collectors.
copper water way system bonded to a
                                                In an Open Circuit system, the water is
solar absorber plate, the combination of
                                                in the collector circuit and the circulating
which collects solar energy and transfers
                                                pump draws cold water from the bottom
it to the fluid within the collector circuit.
                                                of the tank and pushes it up into the
The absorber plate system is enclosed
                                                solar collectors. The water is heated in
in an insulated casing covered with a
                                                the collector by absorbing heat from
high strength, low iron glass sheet that
                                                the sun and continues on its pumped
protects the absorber system from
                                                circulation path back to the top (hot
physical damage.
                                                section) of the Dux storage tank, ready
                                                for use.

24                                                                            Part No: H1883
                                                                              Version: 1883C
                   Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar

                   Owner’s Information

What Does The Circulation Pump Do            3. Frost Protection. When the
In The System?                                  temperature of ambient conditions
The Circulation Pump is a simple                adjacent to the collector sensor
device used to circulate the water in the       drops to 5°C the circulation pump
collector circuit. This, in turn, enables       will start and run for a minimum of
solar energy from the collectors to be          5 minutes to prevent the collector
transferred to the storage tank location.       from freezing. The pump circulates
The pump consumes only a very small             hot water from the storage tank
amount of electrical energy (less than          through the collectors until the
28 watts) to perform this task. The             collector sensor registers that the
circulation pump has an integral ‘non-          collector temperature has been
return valve’ to prevent solar energy           raised to 9°C, at which point the
from reverse cycling back through the           pump is shut down.
storage tank to the collectors at night.
                                             4. Anti Frost Valve. A secondary
The electronic control device used              level of protection has also been
to control the circulation pump has a           provided through the use of an
complex set of activities. It is the brain      Anti Frost Valve. This valve opens
of the system and ensures optimum               and releases water from collectors
system efficiency and safety. The basic         when ambient air temperatures are
functions are:                                  between below 3°C and 4°C. The
                                                valve also isolates the collector and
1. Detecting availability of useful solar       connecting pipework from the tank
   energy in the solar collectors.              to prevent the loss of heated water
   When the temperature of the solar            from the tank.
   collector is 10°C higher than the
   storage tank temperature, the
   circulation pump is initiated. If the
   difference in temperature falls to
   less than 2°C the circulation pump
   is stopped.
2. Controlling maximum storage tank
   temperature. If the storage tank
   temperature reaches 85°C, the
   circulation pump is stopped to
   prevent excessive temperatures in
   the storage tank.

Part No: H1883                                                                     25
Version: 1883C
                   Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar

                   System Maintenance

The Dux solar water heater is designed       •   Replace the Pressure &
such that there is little to do regarding        Temperature Relief Valve.
system maintenance other than that
                                             •   Replace the anodes (in areas of
detailed in this Owners Manual. The
                                                 harsh or adverse water conditions, a
components in the solar side of the
                                                 more frequent check of the anodes
system do not require maintenance.
                                                 is recommended).
Personally inspecting or servicing any
                                             •   Cleaning of collector panels to
part of the system is not recommended.
                                                 improve solar collection.
Should you decide to personally inspect
                                             •   Flush the water heater by doing the
the roof mounted system components,
it is essential that you use all safety
devices required to ensure your safety.              i. Turn off the power.
                                                     ii. Turn off the cold water
After each 5 years of operation you
                                                          supply to the water heater at
should contact the local service agent
                                                          the isolating valve.
to replace all safety valves and anodes
                                                     iii. Gently operate the easing
to ensure continued system life and
                                                          lever on the Pressure &
operational safety. In locations where
                                                          Temperature Relief Valve to
the water has a TDS greater than 600
                                                          release the pressure in the
ppm, this service is recommended each
                                                          water heater.
3 years.
                                                     iv. Disconnect the cold water
                                                          inlet union to the heater and
Six Monthly Service – By Owner
                                                          attach a drain hose.
Operate the Pressure & Temperature
                                                     v. Gently operate the Pressure
Relief Valve for approximately 10 seconds
                                                          & Temperature Relief Valve
by operating the easing lever on the
                                                          to let air into the heater
valve to ensure water is relieved to waste
                                                          and allow water to escape
through the relief drain pipe. Check to
                                                          through the hose.
ensure the valve closes correctly.
                                                     vi. Flush the heaters until
Five Year Service – By Authorised                         clear water appears then
Personnel Only                                            reconnect all fittings, fill
The five year service must be carried                     the heater and restore the
out by a licensed tradesperson. It is                     electricity supply.
recommended that this service be
carried out by your local Dux agent.
The service should include the following:

26                                                                       Part No: H1883
                                                                         Version: 1883C
                    Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar


What Should I Check Before                     •   Consider that often the hot water
Making A Service Call?                             usage of showers, washing
If there is not enough hot water, it is            machines and dishwashers can
recommended that the following points              be under estimated. Review these
be considered before making a service              appliances to determine if your daily
call. If after checking the following points       usage is greater than the storage
the problem has not been identified,               volume of your water heater. For
please contact Dux on 1300 365 115.                example, if you have a 315 litre
                                                   storage tank and you are using
No Hot Water                                       450 litres of water it is possible that
• Is the Pressure & Temperature Relief             there will be certain times of the
   Valve discharging too much water?               day where there is insufficient hot
                                                   water. It is also advisable to inspect
•   Do you have the correct size water
                                                   tap washers etc. for leakage and
    heater for your requirements? Sizing
                                                   replace if necessary.
    details are available from your Dux
    supplier.                                  •   Is there a leaking hot water pipe or
                                                   dripping hot water tap? A small leak
•   Is one outlet (such as the shower)
                                                   can waste a large quantity of hot
    using more hot water than you
                                               •   Replace faulty tap washers and
•   Carefully review the family's hot
                                                   have your plumber rectify any
    water usage and if necessary
                                                   leaking pipe work.
    check the shower flow rates with a
    bucket, measuring the amount of
    water used over that period of time.
    If it is not possible to adjust water
    usage patterns, an inexpensive flow
    control valve can easily be fitted to
    the shower outlet.
•   Consider that during night time
    heating, the time taken to heat the
    tank can take longer (less energy
    in the air) so you may find that the
    tank has not fully recovered from a
    period of heavy usage the previous

Part No: H1883                                                                         27
Version: 1883C
                   Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar


Water Discharge from the PTR
Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve
It is normal for the PTR to allow a small
quantity of water to escape during the
heating cycle. The amount of discharge
will depend on hot water usage.

Continuous trickle (PTR)
This is most likely due to a build up of
foreign matter. In this case try gently
raising the easing lever on the Pressure
& Temperature Relief Valve for a few
seconds then release gently. This may
dislodge a small particle of foreign
matter and rectify the fault.

Steady flow (PTR) – more than 20L
per day
This may be caused by excessive water
supply pressure, a faulty Pressure &
Temperature Relief Valve or a faulty
thermostat. Turn off the electricity supply
and contact your Dux Hot Water.

28                                                       Part No: H1883
                                                         Version: 1883C
                  Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar


Dux Hot Water Unit                          2. This warranty is for normal use
                                               of the solar hot water system
Manufactured by Dux Manufacturing
                                               and covers the repair and/
Limited (“Dux”)
                                               or replacement of any failed
Terms of Warranty and Replacement              component in the hot water unit
Guarantee                                      and solar collector or where
Effective for all Solar Storage Water          necessary, the hot water unit and
Heaters manufactured and sold after 1          solar collector itself. Under this
Sept 2008. Backed by 1 year full parts         warranty Dux will repair or replace
and labor warranty. (Conditions apply).        the component or hot water unit or
                                               solar collector free of charge (except
SUNPRO™ tank, 2CB, 2AP collectors –            for certain transport or travelling
5 year warranty.                               time costs which may be payable
THE SOLAR HOT WATER SYSTEM                     by the owner under clause 9 below).
COMES WITH A COMPREHENSIVE                     The decision to repair or replace
1 YEAR PARTS AND LABOUR                        the component or hot water unit or
WARRANTY AND A GUARANTEE TO                    solar collector will be entirely at the
REPLACE YOUR HOT WATER UNIT                    discretion of Dux.
IF THE INNER CYLINDER FAILS AND             3. The warranty only applies to
YOUR SOLAR COLLECTOR IF IT FAILS               defects in the hot water unit and
WITHIN 5 YEARS.                                solar collector which have arisen
The terms of the Warranty and                  solely due to faulty materials or
replacement guarantee are set out below.       workmanship, including correct
                                               installation / system selection.
Warranty                                    5 Year Replacement Guarantee.
1. Your solar hot water system and          4. If an inner cylinder or solar collector
   its components are covered by a             fails on a Dux hot water unit, within
   1 year warranty against defective           a further 4 years after the end of
   factory parts or workmanship from           the 1 year warranty period, Dux
   the date your hot water unit or solar       will provide a free replacement hot
   collector is installed. If the date of      water unit and/or solar collector at
   installation is unknown, the warranty       the nearest approved Dux agent
   commences 1 month after the date            or Dux office to the owners home.
   of manufacture (which can be found          Under this replacement guarantee,
   on the serial plate on the hot water        the transport, installation and labour
   unit and solar collector).                  costs of delivering the replacement

Part No: H1883                                                                     29
Version: 1883C
                    Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar


     hot water unit or solar collector and              collector, including installation
     removing and replacing the existing                otherwise than in accordance
     hot water unit or solar collector                  with the instructions contained
     with the replacement hot water                     in the owner’s manual supplied
     or solar collector unit will be the                by Dux.
     responsibility of the owner of the            e.   Collector glass is not covered
     existing hot water unit.                           by this warranty.
                                                   f.   Where cold water temperature
Scope of Warranty and Guarantee
                                                        and pressure relief valve,
5. The warranty and replacement                         expansion valve, check valve
   guarantee do not apply to any                        and strainer is not fitted in areas
   defects or damage not due to faulty                  where mains pressure is likely
   factory parts or workmanship,                        to exceed 1200 kPa.
   installation / system selection,                g.   Where a closed circuit is
   including but not limited to defects or              not filled with the correct
   damage caused by or resulting from:                  concentration of ST-5 heat
   a. Accidental damage, abuse,                         transfer fluid in accordance with
        misuse, maltreatment,                           instructions.
        abnormal stress or strain, harsh           h.   In case of overpressure of
        or adverse water conditions,                    closed circuit system beyond
        contamination or corrosion from                 the 300kPa maximum working
        particles in the water supply,                  pressure.
        excessive water pressure,                  i.   Where closed circuit has
        over temperature or neglect                     had water addition not in
        of any kind to the hot water                    accordance with water quality
        unit and solar collector or their               specifications; and
        components.                                j.   Freeze damage to open circuit
   b. Alteration or repair of the hot                   systems when installed in
        water unit or solar collector                   freeze prone areas.
        other than by an approved Dux
                                               6. The warranty only applies to the
        agent or a Technician of a gas or
                                                  hot water unit and solar collector or
        electricity utility approved by Dux.
                                                  components in the hot water unit
   c. Attachment of any parts or
                                                  and solar collector and does not
        accessories other than those
                                                  cover any plumbing or associated
        manufactured or approved by
                                                  parts, including but not limited
                                                  to, pressure limiting valves, stop
   d. Faulty or improper installation
                                                  cocks, non return valves, electrical
        of the hot water unit or solar

30                                                                           Part No: H1883
                                                                             Version: 1883C
                  Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar


    switches, pumps or fuses, supplied      9. Where the warranty applies but the
    by any person installing the hot           hot water unit and solar collector
    water unit or solar collector.             is installed or located in a position
                                               that does not comply with the
7. Where a hot water unit and solar
                                               Dux installation instructions or any
   collector or a component in a
                                               relevant statutory requirements, the
   hot water unit or solar collector is
                                               owner of the solar hot water system
   replaced by Dux, the balance of any
                                               will be responsible for the costs of:
   original warranty or replacement
                                               a. the dismantling or removal of
   guarantee period will remain
                                                     cupboards, doors, walls of
   effective. The replacement part or
                                                     special equipment and
   hot water unit or solar collector
                                               b. any labour required.
   does not carry any additional
   warranty or replacement guarantee.           To gain access to and to bring
                                                the system / unit to a position
8. Where the solar hot water system
                                                that complies with the installation
   is located outside the metropolitan
                                                instructions or relevant statutory
   area of a capital city and is:-
   a. more than 25 kilometres from a
        Dux office; or                      10. Dux’s obligations under this
   b. more than 25 kilometres from a            warranty and replacement
        Dux agent                               guarantee are limited to repairing
                                                or replacing the hot water unit and
    The owner will be responsible under
                                                solar collector or components.
    the warranty, for paying the costs
                                                To the extent permitted by law,
    of transporting the hot water unit or
                                                Dux will not be liable for any loss
    solar collector or any component in
                                                or damage to furniture, carpets,
    the hot water unit or solar collector
                                                walls, foundations or any other
    to and from an approved Dux agent
                                                consequential loss of any kind
    or to a Dux office (including the
                                                caused by a defect in the hot water
    costs of any insurance associated
                                                unit and solar collector or any
    with that transport) or paying the
    travelling time of an approved Dux
    agent to and from the owner’s
    house premises.

Part No: H1883                                                                        31
Version: 1883C
                   Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar


11. Any claim under the warranty              13. In the case of a solar hot water
    or replacement guarantee must                 system acquired for other than
    include full details of the defect and/       personal domestic or household
    or damage to the hot water unit and           use, Dux’s liability for a breach of
    solar collector or components in the          a condition or warranty implied
    hot water unit and solar collector.           by Division 2 of Part V (other than
    All claims must be made within                Section 69) of the Trade Practices
    one month of the detection of the             Act (1974) and any equivalent State
    defect.                                       or Territory legislation is expressly
                                                  limited to any one or more of the
12. In addition to this warranty and
                                                  following, as determined by Dux:
    replacement guarantee, certain
                                                  a. the replacement of the hot
    legislation (including the Trade
                                                       water unit and solar collector;
    Practices Act (1974) and consumer
                                                  b. the repair of the hot water unit
    protection legislation of the States
                                                       and solar collector;
    and Territories) gives the owner
                                                  c. the payment of the cost of
    certain rights, which cannot be
                                                       replacing the hot water unit and
    excluded, restricted or modified.
                                                       solar collector or of acquiring
    Nothing in this warranty and
                                                       an equivalent hot water unit and
    replacement guarantee has the
                                                       solar collector;
    effect of excluding, restricting or
                                                  d. payment of the cost of having
    modifying those rights.
                                                       the hot water unit and solar
                                                       collector repaired.
                                              14. Effective 1/1/09, Victorian customers
                                                  should refer to Warranty Addendum
                                                  U090101, for further clarification on
                                                  terms and conditions of warranty
                                                  coverage and conditions.

32                                                                        Part No: H1883
                                                                          Version: 1883C
                            Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar

                            Warranty Card

Enclosed you will find a warranty card – please fill in the details and return immediately. This
will ensure prompt service under warranty, if required.
Product Warranty only applicable in Australia and New Zealand.
See pages 30–33 for terms of warranty.
Privacy Act Amendment (2000): If and whenever warranty service is required, your personal
details will only be given to an Authorised Dux Service Agent for the express purpose
of carrying out the arranged warranty service work agreed by you the client and Dux
Manufacturing Limited.

Appliance Details
For future convenience, would you kindly fill in the following details and retain with your
original invoice for your own records.

Owner’s Details:
Surname:......................................Given Name(s):...................................................
State/Territory:............................. Postcode:....................
Date of Purchase:.......................... Purchased From:............................................
Model:.................................. Serial Number:..........................................................
Date of Manufacture:..............................................................................................
                                       (Details on Data Plate on water heater)

Installer’s Details:
Date of Installation:......................... Installer’s Name:.............................................
Installer’s Signature:...................................................................................

Service Details:
Date of Service:......................... Serviced By:..........................................................
Work Carried Out:......................................................................................................
Signature of Service Agent:........................................................................

Part No: H1883                                                                                                                33
Version: 1883C
                  Owner’s Manual – Sunpro Gas Post-Boosted Solar

Sunpro Gas – Post Boosted

For advice, repairs and service, call:
1300 365 115 (Australia)
0800 729 389 (New Zealand)

                                                        Part No: H1883
                                                        Version: 1883C

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