Short-term Loan Application by bgh20549


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Short-term Loan Application
    Customer information

                                  name, surname – for individuals/ company name – for corporate entities

Account No.

    Application details
I hereby apply for
a short-term loan                        secured by incoming payment                                        for discounting of LC

Loan amount and
                                  loan amount (in figures and words)                                                                                         currency code

Repayment date
                                  day            month           year

Interest rate1

Purpose                                  for current assets

    I hereby commit to repay the loan principal and interest for using the loan before the end date specified herein.
    For delaying a payment under the loan granted pursuant to this application the customer shall pay a penalty of 0.5% per
    day of the loan amount due for each day of delay.
    I am informed of the bank obligation to provide information to the Bank of Latvia and right to receive information from the
    Credit Register of the Bank of Latvia on instances stipulated by the Regulation for the Credit Register of the Bank of Latvia. I
    am informed that individuals and corporate entities have right to receive information regarding themselves that is included
    in the Credit Register of the Bank of Latvia. The Bank of Latvia “Regulation for the Credit Register” can be found at the Bank
    of Latvia Internet homepage:
    I have read JSC “Aizkraukles banka” General Business Terms and Conditions,
    consent thereto, and agree to be bound thereby.
                                                                                                                  customer’s signature, seal

                                  day             month          year                                             test-key

    Place of filling out
                                  city and/or country

     Interest for using short-term loan shall be accrued based on the whole amount granted and the actual period of the use of funds, assuming that a year is comprised of
    360 days, and a month of 30 days. The interest shall be accrued starting from the day of disbursing the loan and until the day of repayment, considering the days of the
    loan disbursement and repayment to be a single day.

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