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 To the first edition of the Microbiology
 Product Guide. The Microbiology Guide is
 one in a series of product guides designed
 to keep you up-to-date with the ever
 expanding range of products available
 from Lomb Scientific.

 This guide is intended to act as a resource
 to assist microbiologists in sourcing           Product
                                                 Autoclave, Autoclave Deodorant & Indicator
 microbiological consumables and                 Bags Assorted                                                    3, 4
                                                                                                                  4, 5
 instrumentation. While it contains all the
                                                 Balances, Baths-Water & Bench Protector
                                                 Blenders & Accessories                                             6
 standard consumables and                        Bottles, Laboratory, McCartney, Wash
                                                 Buffer Solutions, Burettes & Burners
 instrumentation you would expect to find        Cabinets - Biological Safety, Laminar AirFlow & Safety           8, 9
 in a microbiology laboratory, it also           Canisters, Pipette, Clips & Caps, Test Tube & Erlenmeyer
                                                 Centrifuges, Colony Counters
                                                                                                                 9, 10
                                                                                                              10, 11, 12
 contains information on a host of novel         Container, Safety Shipper, Specimen & Sharps                      12
 items designed to make your work as a
                                                 Cryobxes and Cryovials
                                                 Culture Media                                                     13
 microbiologist a little easier and              Detergents
                                                 Dispensers & Dilutors
                                                                                                                13, 14
 rewarding.                                      Eye Wash Station                                                  14
                                                 Filter Paper & Flasks Volumetric                                  15
                                                 Freezers & Freezer Gloves                                         15
 The product listing while comprehensive is      Gloves - Latex, Nitrile & Surgical                                16
 not necessarily reflective of the total range
                                                 Heaters - Dry Block, Homogenisers & Hotplate/Stirrers
                                                 Incubators - Gravity, Convection & CO2                            17
 of products offered for applications in         Indicator Tape & Label Tapes
                                                 Lamps - Maggy, Light Box, Loop Holders & Loops
                                                                                                                18, 19
 Microbiology, so if an item you require is      Magnifier & Microscope                                            19
 not listed, do not hesitate to contact your     Petri dish - Turntables
                                                 pH Meters, Pipetting Aid, Pipettes, Transfer & Serological
 local Account Executive or Customer             Pipettors - Single, Multi & Electronic                            21
 Service Representative and they will be
                                                 Pipette Tips, Washer, Pipette Aid & Pump
                                                 Plates - Contact, Microtitre & Spreader                           22
 pleased to assist further with your enquiry.    Petri dishes & Plating Grid
                                                 Racks - Various
                                                                                                              23, 24, 25
                                                 Sealing Film, Shaker/Mixer                                        25
 New products are continually added to our       Slides - German & Chinese
                                                 Solvents, Spill Kits - Biohazard
 range so to keep up-to-date with                Stains                                                            27
 developments by visiting the Lomb website
                                                 Stirring Bars, Retrievers & Stoppers - Push In
                                                 Swabs, Syringes & Syringe Filters                                 28
 www.lomb.com.au You can access up-to-           Temperature/Humidity Recorder, Thermometers & Timers
                                                 Tubes, Micro Centifuge, Culture & Haemotocrit
 the-minute pricing and check current            Vials - Scintillation, Wipes                                      30
 inventory levels and to really simplify your
 ordering of microbiological consumables
 why not try the electronic ordering facility    Lomb Scientific (Aust) Pty Ltd ABN 65 002 691 287
 available on line. It’s convenient and easy     Sydney Head Office
 to use.
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Autoclave Sabac                     [STERILISERS]

The T62 autoclave from Sabac is packed full of standard features and offers a host of
additional options.
Standard Features
· Colour touch screen, enhanced text printouts and digital display of temperature and
· Programmable - Provides you with ultimate control when to start or end the sterilisation cycle
· Reservoir Purge - Pre-programmed hot water purging of the reservoir inhibits unwanted
· Critical Data Backup - Processing data from the last 19 cycles is constantly backed up
  and readily accessible
· Electronic Memo Pad to record relevant data and to enter reminder notes for specific
  times and dates
Optional Extras
· Printer - Records start time, date, cycle number, cycle type, and temperature settings
· Gantry Loader - Permits the user to raise any load to an optimum working height in
  seconds. The unique gantry design facilitates easy access to any items at the rear of the
  loading rack.
· Auto Drain option allows you to select a cycle interval and time of day when the
  autoclave will drain its soiled water supply.
· Programmable auto-fill which will automatically change the water when you desire.
· Bio hazard rack to hold standard size bio hazard bags
· Chamber and pressure vessels are designed and manufactured in accordance with
  Australian Standards AS1210-1997 Pressure Vessels.
· Temperature range 40-134°C. Time range 4-240 minutes
· Dimensions Overall: 610x870mm (wxd) Internal: 440x220x500mm (wxdxh)

Autoclave Siltex                     [STERILISERS]

All autoclaves in the Siltex series incorporates two preset temperatures 134°C/121°C.
The user can choose the length of cycle for either sterilisation or drying. Each steriliser
can be fitted with a performance recorder and optional printer to record cycle no., date,
time, temperature, pressure and duration of sterilisation and dry cycles. Other features
include PID level controller for sterilising and drying, auto fill and pre-set cycles. The
vacuum pump is an optional extra, offering a faster cycle. The Siltex E range is a basic
low cost autoclavable with an automatic 121° or 134° sterilising/drying cycle.
Code               Capacity          Chamber Diameter                Overall Dimensions
175D                  9ltr               175mm                   500 x 310 x 416mm (wxdxh)
250D                 22ltr               250mm                   625 x 385 x 505mm (wxdxh)
ACDD                  9ltr               175mm                   658 x 310 x 416mm (wxdxh)
HC2D                 23ltr               250mm                   720 x 385 x 500mm (wxdxh)
Siltex E              22ltr                 250mm                625 x 385 x 505mm (wxdxh)
Siltex Mini E          9ltr                 175mm                500 x 310 x 416mm (wxdxh)

Autoclave, Deodorant Anabac                                 [EASY TO USE]

Anabac autoclave perfumes are easy to use. Simply place a capsule, preferably in a
beaker of water, in the bottom of the autoclave before switching on. The capsule melts
completely, leaving no residue and with no effect on the contents of the autoclave.
Anabac is available in three fragrances, Classic, Poma and Citrus. Classic is based on
extracts of mint and eucalyptus, Poma on apple extract and Citrus on extracts of lemon.

Autoclave, Indicators 3M                            [THERMOLOG]

Thermolog chemical steam sterilisation indicators, supplied in packets of 250 strips.

Code                    Description                        Unit
Thermos           Thermolog Indicator Strips              Pk/250

Bags Assorted                  [AUTOCLAVE, SPECIMEN, BLENDER & SAMPLE]

Autoclave Bags                                                                                     [05]
Code                      Description                    Unit
AWB2760                  30.5 x 60.5cm                  Pk/200
AWB5570                    55 x72cm                     Pk/200
AWB7291                    72 x 90cm                    Pk/100
Specimen Bags                                                                                      [06]
L99                   Specimen carrier bag             Pk/2000
                        with deep pocket
Blender Bags                                                                                       [07]
LPI173538              110 x 155mm                     Ctn/3000
LPI174538              180 x 310mm                     Ctn/1000
LPI175538              380 x 580mm                     Ctn/200
Twirl’em Bags Sterile Sample Bags                                                                  [08]
BPR-3050-LP            76 x 127mm - 60ml                Pk/500
BPR-3070-LP           76 x 178mm - 180ml                Pk/500

BPR-4590-LP          114 x 229mm - 540ml                Pk/500
BPR-5590-LP          140 x 229mm - 720ml                Pk/500
     Bags, Biohazard IDC [CLINICAL & CYTOTOXIC WASTE]                                              [09]

     The IDC range of biohazard clinical and cytotoxic waste bags meet and exceed
     Australian Standards. Manufactured from polyethylene, the bags are made using
     innovative linear low density resin to produce an extra tough bag. Further the bags are
     environmentally friendly. All colouring is organic which results in a “creamy” yellow
     colour. Conventional bright yellow coloured bags use metal compound additives such as
     lead oxide. When burnt these bags release harmful emissions into the environment.

     Biohazard Clinical Waste Bags
     Code                Dimensions (wxh)             Capacity             Unit
     SU27LB                 500 x 600mm                 27ltr             Ctn/250
     SU34B                270/260 x 740mm               34ltr             Ctn/250
     S50B                   630 x 800mm                 50ltr             Ctn/200
     S120B               590/400 x 1200mm              120ltr             Ctn/100
     S240B               590/590 x 1500mm              240ltr             Ctn/25
     Cytotoxic Waste Bags
     PU27LB               500 x 600mm                    27ltr             Ctn/50
     PU50LB               630 x 800mm                    50ltr             Ctn/50
     PU72LB               710 x 900mm                    72ltr             Ctn/50

     Bags, Blender InterScience                          [BAG FILTER®]

     Sterile bags with side filter
     BagFilter®, made from a robust, food-compatible, multilayer film, is fitted with a
     non-woven side filter. During blending, the flora extracted from the sample passes
     through the filter and, consequently, the sample taken from behind the filter is entirely
     free of residual particles. BagFilter® is available in two models: “P” for pipeting and “S”
     for pouring, as an extra retaining weld holds back the particles.
     Two sizes – 400ml and 3500ml of BagFilter “P” and one size 400ml of BagFilter “S”
     are available.

     Bags, Blender InterScience                          [BAG PAGE®]

     Sterile bags with full-surface filter
     BagPage® is made from the same robust multilayer film and is fitted with a full-width
     filter. The large filtering surface of its calibrated membrane filter enables BagPage® to
     provide excellent results even with sticky products such as cheese, chocolate, flour,
     pastries… BagPage®+ has two compartments separated by a filter : one side is marked to
     identify the sample compartment, the other is pinched by an extra weld for error-free
     pipeting. BagPage® and BagPage®+ is available in 4 sizes 80, 100, 400 and 3500ml.

     Bags, Paper Sterilope                      [STEAM STERILISATION]

     Supplied in a wide range of sizes, each bag contains a Steam Indicator that changes from
     pink to brown during sterilisation. All bags are 57g paper except satchel No. 22 which is
     manufactured from 67g paper. Bags are also available in a 47g paper.

     Code                        Description                          Unit
     501001             No. 1 Satchel 195x128x50mm                    Box/2000
     500025             No. 2 Satchel 340x202x35mm                    Box/500
     500301             No. 3 Satchel 260x272x40mm                    Box/500
     500064             No. 4 Satchel 340x250x60mm                    Box/500
     500065             No. 5 Satchel 250x165x70mm                    Box/500
     500067              No. 7 Satchel 270x70x35mm                    Box/2000
     500114              No. 8 Satchel 195x70x35mm                    Box/2000
     500069              No. 9 Satchel 500x70x35mm                    Box/1000
     500110             No. 10 Satchel 155x90x50mm                    Box/2000
     500135            No. 13 Satchel 340x165x70mm                    Box/1000
     500137            No. 16 Satchel 440x165x70mm                    Box/500
     500140          No. 17 Satchel 1 Ply 525x310x85mm                Box/500
     500017          No. 17 Satchel 2 Ply 525x310x85mm                Box/250
     500078             No. 18 Satchel 145x70x35mm                    Box/1000
     500180             No. 21 Satchel 127x67x40mm                    Box/2000
     500022            No. 22 Satchel 340x300x65mm                    Box/500
     500254           No. 30 Satchel 440x202x100mm                    Box/500

     Balances, GR-Series A&D                         [ANALYTICAL BALANCES]

     · Door Control Lever - Facilitates opening and closing of door via front control lever
     · Data Memory Function - Stores up to 200 sets of weighing data
     · Auto Adjustable Environment Setting - Adapts to the most suitable environment
       response settings
     · Automatic Self Calibration - Calibrates itself when sensing a change of ambient temp.
     · Large Wide Angle LCD Display - Easy to read from either side or from the top
     · GLP Compliance - Outputs ID, serial number and calibration weight
     · Full Digital Calibration - Fast and accurate calibration via internal calibration weight
     · Standard Bi-Directional RS-232C - Interfaces to printers and computers

     Code              Capacity              Resolution               Pan Size
     GR-202            210g/42g            0.1mg/0.01mg               Ø 85mm
     GR-200              210g                  0.1mg                  Ø 85mm

     GR-300              310g                  0.1mg                  Ø 85mm
Balances, GX-Series A&D                             [TOP-PAN BALANCES]

· One Touch Internal Calibration - A simple push of the CAL key calibrates the balance
· Automatic Self Calibration - The GX self-calibrates automatically when the balance
  detects ambient temperature changes
· Automatic Adjustable Environment Setting - The most suitable environment response
  setting can be automatically selected with one touch key operation (Fast, Mid, Slow)
· Ultra Fast Measurement Speed using Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS) - Ultra fast 1
  second response time on fast setting. No wasting time waiting for display to settle
· Standard RS-232C Interface & Windows® Communication Tools (WinCT)
· Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Compliant
Code            Capacity           Resolution               Pan Size
GX-200            210g              0.001g             128mm x 128mm (wxd)
GX-400            410g              0.001g             128mm x 128mm (wxd)
GX-600            610g              0.001g             128mm x 128mm (wxd)
GX-2000          2100g               0.01g             165mm x 165mm (wxd)
GX-4000          4100g               0.01g             165mm x 165mm (wxd)
GX-6100          6100g               0.01g             165mm x 165mm (wxd)
GX-6000          6100g                0.1g             165mm x 165mm (wxd)
GX-8000          8100g                0.1g             165mm x 165mm (wxd)

Baths, Water Clifton                        [CIRCULATED NE4 SERIES]

· Sensitivity ± 0.1°C - Uniformity ± 0.01°C - Display resolution 0.1°C
· The NE4-D/CT series is supplied with a sturdy clear acrylic tank to facilitate
  observation of samples and is supplied with a stainless steel shelf
· 3 year warranty
· Gabled and hinged lids
· Various stainless steel test tube racks

Code       Capacity              Internal Dimensions             External Dimensions
NE4-8D        8ltr             129x332x150mm (wxdxh)           271x332x170mm (wxdxh)
NE4-14D      14ltr              19x298x150mm (wxdxh)           361x332x170mm (wxdxh)
NE4-22D      22ltr             395x298x150mm (wxdxh)           537x332x170mm (wxdxh)
NE4-28D      28ltr             395x298x200mm (wxdxh)           537x332x240mm (wxdxh)
NE4-8D/CT     8ltr             109x303x150mm (wxdxh)           268x320x165mm (wxdxh)
NE4-14D/CT   14ltr             200x303x150mm (wxdxh)           360x320x165mm (wxdxh)
NE4-22D/CT   22ltr             373x303x150mm (wxdxh)           530x320x165mm (wxdxh)

Baths, Water GFL                   [SHAKING 1083, 1086 & 1092]

Features common to all units:
· Microprocessor controlled temperature regulation and digital display
· Temperature range approx. 5°C above ambient to 80°C
· Even temperature distribution within the bath
· Electronic and mechanical over temperature protection
· Electronic shaking frequency control and LED display
· Stainless steel tray
· Flask clamps to accommodate flask from 25ml to 500ml
· Stainless steel test tube racks to hold 12mm, 16/17mm and 31mm diameter tubes
Code             Control          Internal Dimensions            External Dimensions
GFL-1083         Analogue       450x300x210mm (wxdxh)          712x500x330mm (wxdxh)
GFL-1086          Digital       450x300x210mm (wxdxh)          712x500x330mm (wxdxh)
Code            Control         Internal Dimensions               External Dimensions
GFL-1092        Digital       450x300x210mm (wxdxh)             632x490x400mm (wxdxh)

Baths, Water GFL [UNCIRCULATED]                                                          [17]

· Digital temperature setting and display in steps of 0.1°C
· Two over-temperature protection devices
· Temperature range from approx. 5°C above ambient to 99.9°C,
  after installation of an adjustable water level regulator
· A wide variety and sizes of stainless steel test tube racks

Code           Capacity          Internal Dimensions              External Dimensions
GFL-1002          7ltr         245x200x145mm (wxdxh)            325x395x255mm (wxdxh)
GFL-1003         14ltr         400x245x145mm (wxdxh)            485x440x255mm (wxdxh)
GFL-1004         21ltr         600x245x145mm (wxdxh)            685x440x255mm (wxdxh)
GFL-1005         40ltr         410x296x325mm (wxdxh)            495x490x455mm (wxdxh)
GFL-1008         20ltr         400x245x205mm (wxdxh)            485x440x315mm (wxdxh)

Bench Protector Kimberly Clark                               [BENCH ROLL]

· Waterproof absorbent surface protector.

Code              Description                   Unit

2911          91 metre Bench Roll               Each
     Blenders InterScience [BAGMIXER                             ®
     BagMixer is the reference in lab sample blenders. BagMixer® gently isolates all

     microbial flora contained in and on the surface of a solid sample. The homogenous blend
     in the sterile bag is representative of the overall sample contamination.
     BagMixer® considerably reduces preparation time: 30 to 60 seconds are generally
     sufficient. BagMixer® offers a variety of standard models covering a wide range of
     applications in all fields of analysis and research.

     Blenders InterScience [400P, 400W, 400VW, 100W, 3500W & P]                                          [19]

     [BAGMIXER® 400]
     The world’s best lab blender line, ensures quick and sterile blending of all samples.
     The sample in the BagFilter® filter bag is automatically and safely filtered. To improve
     the blender’s performance and reduce preparation time, it is fitted with an adjustable
     paddle system: simply adjust the gap between paddles and door to adapt the blender to
     your sample. After homogenization, the filtered liquid is ready for analysis. The cell
     recovery rate is excellent. The blending chamber remains clean.
     Three models are available in the 400 series.
     [BAGMIXER® 400P]                                    [BAGMIXER® 400W]
     · Plain door, fixed speed: 8 strokes/sec.           · Window door, fixed speed: 8 strokes/sec.
     · Adjustable timer: 30 to 210 secs. or              · Adjustable timer: 30 to 210 secs. or
       continuous running                                  continuous running
     · Drip tray on option                               · Drip tray
     · Adjustable paddles                                · Adjustable paddles

     [BAGMIXER® 400VW]                                   Specifications for all models:
     · Window door                                       Useful capacity: 50 – 300 ml
     · Variable speed: 6 to 9 strokes/sec.               Size (LxWxH): 40 x 22 x 24 cm – 17 kg
     · Adjustable timer: 10 to 360 secs. Or open         3 year warranty with validation card
     · Automatic adjustable paddle system
     · Drip tray

     The BagMixer® series also includes:
     [BAGMIXER® 100W]                                    [BAGMIXER® 3500W]
     The MiniMix is suitable for use with                “JumboMix®” is designed for use with
     volumes ranging in capacity from                    large samples. The “JumboMix” is
     5-100ml and is supplied with an                     suitable for use with volumes ranging in
     adjustable timer.                                   capacity from 400-3500ml and is
                                                         supplied with an adjustable timer.
     [BAGMIXER® P] (plain door)
     Blender for use with 100, 400 or 3500 MP blender bags.

     Blenders, Accessories InterScience [BAGSYSTEM                                    ®
     [BAG OPENER & BAG HOLDER]                                                                           [20]
     Bag opener: opens bags automatically without contact with the sample. The bag is
     pinched and held open by adhesive gums (8 supplied).

     Bag holder: holds packs of 25 bags ready for use. Stable on the bench-top or on the scale.
     3 models available for use with 100, 400 and 3500ml blender bags.
     [BAGRACK® & BAGCLIP®]                                                                               [21]
     BagRack® allows clean and methodical storage of 12 bags closed with BagClip®.
     BagRack® is manufactured from stainless steel. Racks are stackable and autoclavable.
     BagClip® closes, by pinching, all types of bag. Quick closing, water-and air-tight.
     Supplied in boxes of 50 clips. 3 models available for use with 100, 400 and 3500 ml
     blender bags
     [BAGPIPET® & BAGTIPS®]                                                                              [22]
     The fully autoclavable BagPipet®, with a single-use sterile BagTips® straw, pipettes
     accurate, preset volumes of 0.1, 0.9 and 1 ml.
     BagTips® are sterilised and highly rigid. Ideal for all liquid and viscous samples: milk,
     cream, dairy products, yoghurt, cosmetics and creams.
     BagTips® are supplied sterile and are ideal for use with all liquids and mixes of varying
     viscosity. Two sizes are available: a regular 19cm and jumbo 24cm tip.
     Supplied in cartons containing 40 packets of 25 tips.
     [BAGFILTER® & BAGPAGE® ]                                                                            [23]
     Sterile bags with side filter - BagFilter®, made from a robust, food-compatible, multilayer
     film, is fitted with a non-woven side filter. During blending, the flora extracted from the
     sample passes through the filter and, consequently, the sample taken from behind the filter is
     entirely free of residual particles. BagFilter® is available in two models: “P” for pipeting and
     “S” for pouring, as an extra retaining weld holds back the particles.
     Two sizes – 400ml and 3500ml of BagFilter “P” and one size 400ml of BagFilter “S”.

     Sterile bags with full-surface filter
     BagPage® is made from the same robust multilayer film and is fitted with a full-width
     filter. The large filtering surface of its calibrated membrane filter enables BagPage® to provide
     excellent results even with sticky products such as cheese, chocolate, flour, pastries…
     BagPage®+ has two compartments separated by a filter : one side is marked to identify the
     sample compartment, the other is pinched by an extra weld for error-free pipeting.

     BagPage® and BagPage®+ are available in 4 sizes 80, 100, 400 and 3500ml.
Bottles, Laboratory Boeco                         [BOROSILICATE GLASS]

Supplied with PP cap and pouring ring.

Code                       Size              Unit             Unit/Ctn
BOE5080175                 50ml              Each               10
BOE5080245                100ml              Each               10
BOE5080365                250ml              Each               10
BOE5080445                500ml              Each               10
BOE5080545                  1ltr             Each               10
BOE5080635                  2ltr             Each               10
BOE5080735                  5ltr             Each                6
BOE5080865                 10ltr             Each                1
BOE5081915                 20ltr             Each                1

Bottles, McCartney Lomb [WIDE & NARROW NECK]                                                   [25]

Autoclavable rubber lined and aluminium screw caps

Code                  Volume           Neck Type                Unit
752/03                 28ml              Wide                  Pk/144
752/03N                28ml             Narrow                 Pk/144

Bottles, Wash Assorted                           [LABELLED & COLOUR CODED]

Code                       Description               Volume          Colour         Unit
1633                          Integral                250ml          Natural        Each
1634                          Integral                500ml          Natural        Each
LVL1332-81             Distilled water label          500ml          Natural        Each
LVL1332-82                Acetone label               500ml          Natural        Each
LVL1332-83                Methanol label              500ml          Natural        Each
LVL1332-84              Isopropanol label             500ml          Natural        Each
LVL1332-86                Ethanol label               500ml          Natural        Each
KJSE250                Narrow Neck LDPE               250ml          Natural        Each
KJSE500                Narrow Neck LDPE               500ml          Natural        Each
KJSE1000               Narrow Neck LDPE              1000ml          Natural        Each
1637-00              Wide Mouth Colour coded          250ml          Natural        Each
1637-06              Wide Mouth Colour coded          250ml          Yellow         Each
1637-10              Wide Mouth Colour coded          250ml           Red           Each
1638-00              Wide Mouth Colour coded          500ml          Natural        Each
1638-04              Wide Mouth Colour coded          500ml           Blue          Each
1638-06              Wide Mouth Colour coded          500ml          Yellow         Each
1638-10              Wide Mouth Colour coded          500ml           Red           Each

Buffer Solutions Reagecon, Ajax & RDH                                      [COLOURED]

Code             Description         Colour             Unit                   Unit/Ctn
10405C              pH 4              Red              500ml                      6
10705C              pH 7             Yellow            500ml                      6
33667-500ml         pH 9              Blue             500ml                      6
2492-500ml         pH 9.2           Torquoise          500ml                      6
11005C             pH 10              Blue             500ml                      6

Burettes, Schellbach Cowie                          [CLASS AS]

· Blue graduations                        · PTFE stopcock and key.
Code                          Size                  Unit
016.9610G                 10ml x 0.02ml             Each
016.9625G                 25ml x 0.05ml             Each
016.9650G                  50ml x 0.1ml             Each

Burners, Gas Safety Schutt
                                            ..                                                 [29]
The Schütt flammy was specially developed for use in biological safety cabinets for
flame sterilisation of various instruments and vessels. The flammy is designed for use
with a range of different power and gas supplies. Reliability and ease of use make the
flammy an ideal aid for all laboratory work.
Schütt flammy S with foot switch operation:
Both hands are free to perform laboratory work. Gas feed and electronic ignition occur
automatically. The flame only burns for as long as the foot switch is depressed and is thus
continuously under control.
Schütt flammy L with sensor operation:
A movement of the hand in the vicinity of the IR-sensor suffices to activate the burner.
Gas feed and electronic ignition are then automatically initiated. The operating interval of
the flame can be adjusted between 3 and 20 seconds. The flammy L is also designed for
operation with a foot system.
Additional Features:
· Extremely stable flame with automatic re-ignition.
· Drain for protection against liquid spillages.
· A support rod located underneath the base of the flammy allows the unit to be tilted in
  four different directions.
Code                        Description                         Unit

3.351 102         Schutt Flammy S with foot switch              Each
3.352 102           Schutt Flammy L with sensor                 Each
     Cabinet, Biological Safety NuAire                                      [LABGARDTM 437]

     The LabGard™ 437 is a Class II Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinet which can either be
     exhausted back into the room or exhausted with the aid of a house exhaust system to
     some other location.

     The gastight 30% exhaust / 70% recirculated air cabinet minimises cross contamination
     of biologicals of low to moderate risk assessment in the absence of volatile toxic
     chemicals and protects the laboratory professional and environment from exposure to
     biologicals and/or chemical agents within the work zone.

     The 16 gauge pressure tight, all welded, 100% stainless steel LabGard™ shell is
     structurally reinforced to minimise vibration, noise levels and maintain a flat
     surface structure. The stainless steel is easily cleaned with all ducts, plenums, and
     penetrations for utilities sealed to prevent the escape of contaminates into the laboratory.

     Standard Features and Benefits

     The LabGard™ features the unique HEPEX™ Zero Leak Airflow System. This NuAire
     exclusive design results in a quiet, uniform down flow velocity over the sterile work
     zone. The HEPEX™ zero leak airflow system prevents uneven particulate loading by
     eliminating direct blower blast to the HEPA filter, spreading high static pressure over
     100% of the filter surface.

     The Electronic Control System on the LabGuard™ is a microprocessor module designed to
     improve the cabinet’s system performance. The main control module includes the on/off
     functions of the motor/blower, fluorescent and ultraviolet lights and outlets. All controls
     are mounted in an integrated control module at eye level.

     The FlowGard alarm system monitors and displays airflow system performance via the
     front panel’s LED display. The FlowGard monitor uses a digital pressure transducer to
     monitor the positive pressure plenum within the cabinet. The FlowGard will continuously
     monitor normal operation, as well as alert the laboratory technicians to high alarm status
     for such events as HEPA filter loading and/or low alarm conditions such as electrical
     blackouts or power failure.

     The LabGard™ 437 is easy to maintain. The heavy gauge stainless steel work tray, all
     perforated grills, and the protective HEPA filter metal diffuser are all removable for easy
     cleaning and sterilisation. A stainless steel wire mesh acts as a paper catch to stop any
     cleaning materials from being drawn up into the motor/blower assembly.
     All maintenance including calibration and certification is performed from the front of the
     cabinet, HEPA filter replacement can be completed without removal of the front view
     screen or disconnecting exhaust or plumbing connections. Two fluorescent cool white
     lamps, placed external to the cabinet's interior aid maintenance, provide excellent interior
     lighting and minimise heat build-up within the cabinet.
     Additional Standard Features include:
     · Sliding Tempered Glass View Window
     · 100 LFPM Air Barrier
     · Armrest
     · Large Work Area
     · Ergonomic Design

     Optional Features and Accessories:
     · Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamp
     · Base Support Stand
     · Base Storage Cabinet
     · Footrest
     · Hinged Viewing Window
     · Microscope Viewing Window
     · Additional Service Valves for Gas, Air or Vacuum
     · Exhaust Transitions – Thimble to Gastight
     · Manual lift system to lower and raise the cabinets work surface to the desired working
     The LabGard® 437 complies with Australian Standards AS2252.2-2004

     Overall Dimensions (mm)               NU-437-300E        NU-437-400E        NU-437-600E
     Width                                     1057                1362               1972
     Depth (Incl.Control Centre)                835                 835                835
     Height Incl.Exhaust Grill                 1600                1600               1600
     Basestand, 30” W.S.                       2273                2273               2273
     Basestand, 36” W.S.                       2426                2426               2426

     Interior Dimensions (mm)
     Width                                      873                1178               1788
     Depth                                      597                597                 597

     Height                                     724                724                 724
Cabinet, Laminar Airflow NuAire                                  [AIREGARD]

The NuAire AireGard series Laminar Airflow Workstations are specially designed to
provide the ideal particle-free, and bacteria-free, clean air environment for the laboratory.
NuAire Laminar Airflow Workstations incorporate 99.99% HEPA filters and are available
with an option of either vertical or horizontal airflow.
NuAire Laminar Airflow Equipment is easy to clean, quiet, and low maintenance.

Cabinet, Vertical Airflow NuAire                                 [AIREGARD 126]

· Vertical flow clean air                                       · 8” access opening
· Clear acrylic side panels for high visibility                 · FormicaTM work surface
· Prefilters incoming air                                       · Portable
· Mini-helic pressure gauge indicates filter load
Overall Dimensions (NU-126-300):                        Overall Dimensions (NU-126-400):
808 x 559 x 1118mm (wxdxh)                              1143 x 559 x 1118mm (wxdxh)
Work Area Dimensions (NU-126-300):                      Work Area Dimensions (NU-126-400):
737 x 552 x 607mm (wxdxh)                               1041 x 552 x 607mm (wxdxh)

Cabinet, Horizontal Airflow NuAire [AIREGARD]                                                   [33]

The NU-201 and NU-301 create true laminar airflow and uniform horizontal velocities
throughout the entire work zone.
Standard Sizes:

NU-301                                             NU-201
                   Cabinet         Filter                             Cabinet        Filter
                  Width, mm     Height, mm                           Width, mm    Height, mm
NU-301-324           915            610            NU-201-224           610             610
NU-301-330           915            762            NU-201-230           610             762
NU-301-336           915            915            NU-201-324           915             610
NU-301-424          1219            610            NU-201-330           915             762
NU-301-430          1219            762            NU-201-336           915             915
NU-301-436          1219            915            NU-201-424          1219             610
NU-301-524          1524            610            NU-201-430          1219             762
NU-301-530          1524            762            NU-201-436          1219             915
NU-301-536          1524            915            NU-201-524          1524             610
NU-301-624          1829            610            NU-201-530          1524             762
NU-301-630          1829            762            NU-201-536          1524             915
NU-301-636          1829            915            NU-201-624          1829             610
                                                   NU-201-630          1829             762

Zero Leak Airflow - NuAire's HEPEXTM Zero Leak Airflow System provides quiet,
uniform velocities through the entire sterile work zone.
· The highly reliable vibration control system provides extraordinary attenuation of sound
  and vibration.
· Clear polycarbonate top and side panels surround the work area to prevent a "trapped"
  feeling and allow viewing of the workstation by other personnel.
· Controls, adjustments, prefilters and HEPA filters are conveniently accessible from the
  front of the unit.

Cabinets, Safety Pratt                     [FLAMMABLE]

All cabinets meet or exceed relevant Australian standards.
· Five point shelf support for extra strength
· Perforated shelves to facilitate free movement of air
· Shelf brackets located at 40mm increments permits the end user to
  configure the shelves to suit individual requirements
· Three point latching facility for additional safety and security
· Lockable to prevent access by unauthorised personnel
· Solvent or acid resistant enamel finish            · Self-closing doors
· Double walled reinforced construction for strength and performance
Models are available for: Flammable liquids, Oxidising agents, Organic peroxides,
Toxic substances and Corrosive substances
Code               Substances             Capacity            Unit
5516AS             Flammable                30ltr             Each
5517AS             Flammable                60ltr             Each
5535AS             Flammable               100ltr             Each
5530AS             Flammable               160ltr             Each
5555S              Flammable               205ltr             Each
5555VS             Flammable               205ltr             Each
5545AS             Flammable               250ltr             Each
5560AS             Flammable               250ltr             Each

Canisters, Pipette Schutt
                                          ..                                                    [35]
Available in four length sizes, 400mm (403), 450mm (453), 500mm (503) and 600mm (603)

Code                Description                Length          Diameter          Unit

3.522 403          SPECICON 1                  400mm            60mm             Each
      Canisters, Pipette-Variable Schutt
                                                               ..                                     [36]
      Two overlapping aluminium cans, only one size required for all standard pipettes and one
      other size for short or pasteur pipettes. Economically priced container for sterilisation and
      storage of pipettes.

      Code               Description                   Height                   Diameter
      3.521 233         VARICON RK              145-235mm (adjustable)           60mm
      3.521 423         VARICON RS              280-420mm (adjustable)           60mm

      Caps, Erlenmeyer Flask Schutt
                                                          ..                                          [37]
      Aluminium closures similar to the test tube caps but designed specifically for use with
      Erlenmeyer flasks. The caps are available in a choice of five colours Silver (03), Blue
      (04), Yellow (06), Red (10) and Green (12). Please specify colour suffix when ordering.

      Code                          Description                          Unit
      LU08202              To suit flasks OD. 21/30mm                   Box/100
      LU08203              To suit flasks OD. 32/45mm                   Box/100
      LU08204              To suit flasks OD. 42/53mm                   Box/100
      LU08205              To suit flasks OD. 50/62mm                   Box/100

      Caps, Test Tube Schutt

      LAB-O-CAP® closures are manufactured from anodised aluminium. They fit snugly on
      the outside wall of tubes and flasks with a neck diameter between 9 - 30mm. Available in
      a choice of eight colours and in either a standard plain top or in a unique grip top
      version. Please specify colour required when ordering by indicating the correct suffix:
      Silver (-03), Blue (-04), Yellow (-06), Brown (-08), Black (-09), Red (-10), Green (-12)
      and Violet (-14).
      Black, Brown and Violet coloured plain caps and all grip top caps are only available as
      a special order, Minimum purchase quantities applies.

      Code                         Description                            Unit
      LU08410              To suit neck diam. 9-10mm                     Box/100
      LU08413             To suit neck diam. 12-13mm                     Box/100
      LU08415             To suit neck diam. 14-15mm                     Box/100
      LU08416             To suit neck diam. 15-16mm                     Box/100
      LU08418             To suit neck diam. 17-18mm                     Box/100
      LU08420             To suit neck diam. 19-20mm                     Box/100
      LU08423             To suit neck diam. 21-23mm                     Box/100
      LU08426             To suit neck diam. 24-26mm                     Box/100
      LU08430             To suit neck diam. 28-30mm                     Box/100

      Centrifuges, Bench-Top Boeco                             [U-320 / 320R SERIES]

      The U-320/320R are smooth and quiet running centrifuges offering a versatile range of
      interchangeable accessories. The microprocessor controlled centrifuges feature a
      brushless frequency drive and a special locking device, which allows effortless opening
      and closing of the lid with just one hand.
      Speed display in RPM or RCF:             Time:
      · Adjustable in increments of 10 rpm     · Time preselection in steps of minutes and
      · Max. speed 18,000 rpm / rcf 21,832       seconds or continuous operation
      Temperature T/°C:
      · Adjustable in increments of 1°C within a range of -20°C to + 40°C with models U-320R
      · 10 programmes can be stored and recalled with their programme number. They remain
        in the memory even after the centrifuge has been switched off

      Code                Model         Description                   Dimensions
      BOE01401-13         U-320        Non-refrigerated         346x395x520mm (hxwxd)
      BOE01406-13         U-320R        Refrigerated            346x401x695mm (hxwxd)

      BOE01494           4 place 90° angle swing out rotor
      BOE01420                24 place 45° angle rotor

      Centrifuge Boeco                 [S-8 SERIES]

      The practical and handy microprocessor controlled Boeco S-8 is the ideal centrifuge for
      small sample volumes. The unit is supplied with an 8-place angle steel rotor, which
      accommodates various tube systems including 15ml glass tubes without adapters.

      · Lid locking and holding device                   · Emergency lid lock release
      · Motor overheating protection                     · Imbalance switch-off
      · Entry of the running parameters via foil keypad
      · Impulse key: For short centrifugation operations
      · During centrifugation the actual values of the parameters are indicated
      · Speed display in RPM x 100: Min. speed 500 rpm, Max. speed 6000 rpm

      Code               Model           Description                       Dimensions
      BOE02002-13         S-8        Max . Speed: 6000rpm            216x231x292mm (wxdxh)

                                     Max Force: 3.421 RCF
Centrifuge Boeco                   [H-24 SERIES]

The Boeco H-24 is a high-speed bench-top centrifuge for microhaematocrit
determinations. The centrifuge body is manufactured from scratch and impact resistant
plastic and the lid is polycarbonate. The lid of the rotor serves as an evaluation disc and
cover. The haematocrit value can be read off the lid/evaluation disc immediately after
centrifugation. Each capillary tube is housed in an individual chamber. In the event of a
capillary tube breaking, the fragments remain in the chamber and the other capillary
tubes are not affected.
The H-24 centrifuge includes a segmented haematocrit rotor to hold 24 capillary tubes.

Code                Model           Description                    Dimensions
BOE 02075-13        H-24       Max. Speed 12.800rpm              180x245x280mm
                               Max. Force: 15.570 RCF

Centrifuges, Bench-Top Boeco                                 [M-240/M-240R SERIES]

The M-240 and M-240R rank among the fastest centrifuges in their class with a
maximum speed of 14,000rpm and an RCF of 18,626. Not only are they fast, the M-240R
also refrigerates quickly: to +4°C with the Fast Cool function in 10 to 15 minutes. Even
thermosensitive samples can be gently centrifuged thanks to highly reliable refrigeration.
Optimum separation results are guaranteed with the smooth running, high performance
motor featuring a maintenance-free frequency drive.

Features/Benefits                        Refrigeration (M-240R)
· Quick entry foil keypad                · Infinitely variable setting from -10°C to +40°C
· Easy to read, digital display          · Fast cool function in 10 - 15min to +4°C
· Display of current parameter values · Standby mode maintains the set temperature
· Impulse key for short centrifuging     · Automatic refrigeration switch-off when the
· Lid release key                          lid is opened
· RCF Key
· Temperature adjustable in increments of 1°C (M-240R)
· Maximum running time 99 minutes
· End of centrifugation run is indicated when the LED in the open key lights up
  (M-240R) and the lid opens automatically after the rotor has come to a stop in the
  M-240 model.
Safety Features
· Lid locking and holding
· Emergency lid lock release
· Motor overheating protection
· Imbalance switch-off
                        Angle Rotor,             Angle Rotor,        Angle Rotor, for
                          24 place                30 place             PCR strips

Code                         02424                  02430                  02418
Max. RCF                    18,626                  17,749                 12,490
Tubes per rotor                24                     30                     32
Capacity           0.2, 0.4, 0.5, 1.5, 2.0ml        0.5ml                  0.2ml

Code                     Description                       Dimensions
BOE02400-13          M-240, without rotor          347 x 275 x 260mm (hxwxd)
BOE02405-13          M-240R, without rotor         547x 281 x 260mm (hxwxd)

Clips Bel-Art               [CLAVIES®]

This simple clip is used to securely close the gathered top of an autoclave bag. The clip
is easily closed and opened with one hand. After autoclaving, the clip is left on the bag
for final disposal. Clavies® Clips are suitable for use with small to medium size autoclave
bags but are not recommended for large bag.

Code                  Dimensions                Unit             Carton
F13190-0100          Clavies® Clips            Bag/100           10 Bags

Colony Counter Schutt
                                       ..                                                      [44]
Designed for reliable and efficient counting of bacterial colonies growing on nutrient agar
in petri dishes with a diameter of 60mm or 90mm.
Dimmable Illumination
Circular illuminations from the side resulting in glare free light without blinding or stray
light. No eyestrain. Contrast plate supplied with a light and dark side for use with dark or
clear agar. Adjustable pressure sensitivity for counting.
Results are shown on a 3-digit LED display. The Schütt Countplus features an adjustable
acoustic counting signal and is supplied with a disk for the segmentation of petri dishes.
Accessories (optional)
Magnifying glass:             Three fold magnification, including support rod
Top light lamp:               A universally adjustable support for optimal
                              illumination of cultures
Adapter ring:                 Central positioning of 60mm petri dishes
Stereo-zoom-microscope:       Magnification from 8 to 32 fold, including support stand

Code                         Description                           Unit

3.081 002          Schütt CountPlus Colony counter                 Each
      Colony Counter, Hand Held Bel-Art [ELECTRONIC]                                                [37]

      In a single motion this colony counter marks, counts and confirms with a beep. The
      lightweight pen-style colony counter features a four-digit LED display which shows
      cumulative count. A selector switch allows for counting up or down to correct errors, or
      to check the count by counting backwards. The long life felt-tip marker works on plastic
      or glass and is oil and water resistant. Ink is removable with ethyl alcohol. Supplied with
      red and black markers.

      Code                  Description            Dimensions (hxwxd)             Unit
      F37862-0000          Colony Counter          152.4 x 19 x 19mm              Each

      Container, Safety Shipper Labserv [LEAK PROOF]                                                [38]

      · Designed for the safe transportation of diagnostic specimens and / or infectious
      · The LABPAK-1 features a white lid and a base for easy identification of fluid within
        the container.
      · Supplied in a robust corrugated carton with absorbent material and protective bubble
      · Complies with IATA packing instruction 602 and 650.
      · The LABPAK-1 is manufactured from extra tough plastic rendering it virtually
      · Supplied individually or in case lots of twelve units.

      Code               Inside Diam.         Outside Diam.            Height            Unit
      LBSLABPAK1            80mm                 87mm                  175mm             Each

      Containers IDC                [MEDICAL SHARPS BINS & CYTOTOXIC WASTE]

      The IDC range of medical and cytotoxic waste containers are:
      · Strong & safe – twice the wall thickness of Australian Standards requirement.
      · Resistance to penetration 35n (AS 4031 requires 12.5n).
      · Stackable to save valuable laboratory space.
      · Manufactured using safe, wax-based, natural colours only.
      · Environmentally safe polypropylene container burns like paper, transposes to CO2
        and water during incineration which assists in burning waste contents cleanly.
      · Yellow containers are designed for collection of unwanted clinical waste.
      · Purple containers are designed for the collection of cytotoxic waste.
      The containers are avilable with a:
      · Solid footprint – square bottom edged for secure positioning.
      · Positive non slip grip handle with lift capacity in excess of 70 kilograms per handle.
      · Choice of fingerguards – either large 125mm or 90mm version with an integrated
        needle. Suit all types of disposable needles.
      · Click & seal rapid, secure ‘Final Closure’ system.
      · Brackets for wall or trolley use.

      Medical Waste & Sharp Bins
      Code           Description\Dimensions             Capacity        Shape         Unit/Ctn
      RETY           Tiny - 115 x 69mm (hxw)             200ml          Round          Pk/60
      RE2LS         Cont. - 190 x 125mm (hxw)              2ltr         Square         Pk/48
      RE4LS         Cont. - 210 x 175mm (hxw)             4.5ltr        Square         Pk/36
      RE4LR         Cont. - 1200 x 210mm (hxw)            4.5ltr        Round          Pk/36
      RE10LS        Cont. - 235 x 245mm (hxw)            12.5ltr        Square         Pk/10
      RE15LS        Cont. - 335 x 245mm (hxw)            17.5ltr        Square         Pk/10
      RE20LR        Cont. - 375 x 325mm (hxw)             23ltr         Round          Pk/10
      Cytotoxic Waste Bins
      IDC Cytotoxic waste bins incorporate all the features of the medical waste and sharps
      bins but are designed specially for the collection of items used in cytotoxology and
      cytotoxic waste in general. The bright purple colour ensures the container is instantly
      recognisable as a cytotoxic waste bin.
      Code               Description\Dimensions               Shape       Unit/Ctn
      RE4LCT            Cont. - 210 x 175mm (hxw)             Square        Pk/36
      RE4LCTR           Cont. - 200 x 210mm (hxw)             Round         Pk/36
      RE10LCT           Cont. - 235 x 245mm (hxw)             Square        Pk/10
      RE20LCT           Cont. - 375 x 325mm (hxw)             Round         Pk/10

      Containers, Specimen Labserv                           [STERILE]

      · 70ml PP and 120ml PS containers with leak proof caps.
      · Also available in 400ml and 500ml capacities.
      · Customised labels are available, however minimum quantities apply.
      Code                               Description               Cap Colour           Unit
      LBS30002Y                    70ml unlabelled uv sterile        Yellow            Pk/500
      LBS31002Y                 70ml unlabelled gamma sterile        Yellow            Pk/500
      LBS30005YL                  70ml labelled gamma sterile        Yellow            Pk/500
      LBS30121                    120ml unlabelled uv sterile        Yellow            Pk/300
      LBS30123                      120ml labelled uv sterile        Yellow            Pk/300
      LBS30124                   120ml labelled gamma sterile        Yellow            Pk/300
      LBS32020                    200ml unlabelled uv sterile        Natural           Pk/160
      LBS32026                   200ml labelled gamma sterile        Natural           Pk/160
      LBS32250                    250ml unlabelled uv sterile        Natural           Pk/140

      LBS32256                   250ml labelled gamma sterile        Natural           Pk/140
 Cryoboxes Simport                    [281 SERIES]

  · Drain holes under base
  · Two sizes available to accommodate 81or 100 vials.
  · Three different boxes to accommodate 1, 2 and 5ml vials
  · Manufactured from extra strong polycarbonate designed to withstand temperatures from
  -190ºC to + 121ºC

 Code                   Description             Places          Colour           Unit
 T314-281B           Suits 1 to 2ml vials         81             Blue            Pk/4
 T314-281G           Suits 1 to 2ml vials         81            Green            Pk/4
 T314-281R           Suits 1 to 2ml vials         81             Red             Pk/4
 T314-281Y           Suits 1 to 2ml vials         81            Yellow           Pk/4

 Cryovials Simport                   [T SERIES]

  · Polypropylene cap and lid
  · White marking area for sample identification
  · Tubes can be coloured by using a coloured cap insert
  · Gamma sterile packed in tamperproof resealable bags of 100
  · Unique cap design facilitates easy opening or closing with a 1-1/4 turn
  · T309 series vials features a lip seal design with external thread
  · T310 series vials feature a silicon washer seal with external thread
  · T311 series vials are supplied with a silicon washer and feature an internal thread

 Code              Desciption               Volume           Size mm            Unit
 T309-2           Round bottom                2ml            12.5 x 48         Pk/1000
 T310-2           Round bottom                2ml            12.5 x 48         Pk/1000
 T310-1A          Self Standing              1.2ml           12.5 x 43         Pk/1000
 T310-2A          Self Standing               2ml            12.5 x 49         Pk/1000
 T310-3A          Self Standing               5ml            12.5 x 72         Pk/1000
 T310-5A          Self Standing              1.2ml           12.5 x 92         Pk/1000
 T311-1           Self Standing               3ml            12.5 x 43         Pk/1000
 T311-3           Round bottom                2ml            12.5 x 48         Pk/1000

 Culture Media Fort Richard [READY TO USE]                                                    [43]

 Fort Richard Laboratories have been manufacturing ready to use culture media since
 1974. In addition to the standard range of media supplied in plates or tubes, Fort Richard
 also offers Control Cultures, Sterilisation controls, and a range of Hygiene check slides.
 The Fort Richard range includes in excess of 380 product lines designed to meet the
 varying needs of industry and medical science.
 All products are manufactured in accreditated manufacturing environment and the
 stringent quality control measures in place in addition to years of experience ensures
 batch to batch consistency is maintained.
 Fort Richard products are available exclusively in Australia from Lomb Scientific.
 A comprehensive catalogue detailing the extensive Fort Richard product range is
 available upon request from your local Lomb Customer Service Representative or
 Account Executive.

 Detergents RBS                 [CONCENTRATED CLEANING AGENTS]

 RBS cleaning agents and decontamination agents are renowned worldwide. The Scientific
 community in Australia have used and trusted RBS products for many years.
 The RBS range includes:
 RBS pF is a non foaming phosphate free cleaning agent.
 RBS Solid A430 is a non foaming concentrated washing agent with a disinfectant action
 developed for cleaning and decontaminating glassware, surgical instruments and
 laboratory instrumentation.
 RBS 25 & RBS 35 are alkaline based concentrated, odourless and foaming cleaning
 agents. Composed of anionic and non ionic surfactant agents, phosphates and
 polyphosphates, hydrates and chlorinated agents. They are general purpose degreasing
 cleaning agents with bacterial action for use on all kinds of surfaces including glassware
 and laboratory bench tops. RBS 35 is especially effective as a soaking liquid providing
 complete radioactive decontamination of surfaces, equipment and
 protective clothing. RBS 25 and 35 are not recommended for use with automatic washing

  Code                    Description                 Unit
* A430-5KG              RBS Solid A430                5kg
  RBS25             RBS 25 Cleaning Agent             5ltr
  RBS35             RBS 35 Cleaning Agent             5ltr
* RBSPF-5L      Phosphate Free Cleaning Agent         5ltr
  [*] Recommended for use in automatic washing machines.

  Detergents, Water Bath Applichem                                  [DISINFECTANT]

 · Disinfectant solution designed to prevent         · 500X concentrated solution (2ml/1ltr)
   microbial growth in water baths                   · Non irritating to skin and biodegradable

  Code                    Description                 Unit

  A5225,0050             Aquabator Clean              50ml
      Detergents, Incubator Applichem                                [DISINFECTANT]

      · Disinfectant solution for incubators and sterile benches   · Non toxic and biodegradable
      · Mercury formaldehyde phenol and alcohol free
      Code                      Description               Unit
      A5230,1000              Incubator Clean             1ltr

      Dilutor InterScience [GRAVIMAT ]                      ®                                       [47]

      The Gravimat® Gravimetric dilutor is easy-to-use, fast and accurate. Gravimat®
      automatically dilutes a solid sample with the appropriate mass of solvent. Simply choose
      the diluting or dispensing method you require from the list of options on the easy to read
      screen display. A customised dilution factor is saved automatically to be applied to the
      following dilution. The Gravimat® is available with a range of optional accessories
      including a Barcode reader, printer and booster kit.
      Technical specifications
      · Dilution times:
      < 20 secs. for 250ml
      < 10 secs. for 250ml with Booster kit.
      · Dilution factor 1/2 to 1/999
      · Accuracy:
      < 0.05 g for sample weighing
      > 99% for mass of liquid dispensing (for a sample weight > 1 g)
      Weighing and dispensing functions in one unit.
      Weighing platform: accuracy 0.05 g
      Dispensing of liquid: accuracy 0.1 g
      · RS 232 output for printer or LIMS>
      · Stainless steel – easy to clean.
      · Dim: 25 x 42 x 30 cm – Weight: 10 kg
      Gravimat® is delivered with: BagOpen®, 5 litre autoclavable bottle (1 per pump) and
      autoclavable dispensing assemblies (2 per pump).

      Dispenser, Bottle Top Boeco                           [PTFE]

      · Exact reproducibility of results is achieved via a rapid and precise volume adjustment
        and setting mechanism. Autoclavable, easy to calibrate and clean.
      · Supplied complete with three adapters and a PTFE discharge and aspiration tube.
      · Manufactured from versatile and durable materials:
      - Piston is PTFE - TPX coated glass cylinder - Dispensing valve is ETFE
      Code                Volume range            Thread Size         Increments
      BOE9700525            0.1 - 2.5ml               32                0.05ml
      BOE9701050            1.0 - 5.0ml               32                0.10ml
      BOE9702100           2.0 - 10.0ml               32                0.20ml
      BOE9705250           5.0 - 25.0ml               45                0.50ml
      BOE9710500          10.0 - 50.0ml               45                1.00ml
      BOE9725100          20.0 -100.0ml               45                2.00ml

      Dispenser, Burettes Boeco                       [DIGITAL]

      · The new digital Boeco continuous bottle top burette makes manual titration safer, easier
        and provides more reliable results.
      · Continuous pulse-free operation for faster titrations up to 5ml per second. No need to
        stop to refill the burette cylinder with reagent.
      · A safety recirculating valve eliminates reagent waste during priming of the burette
        before use and it can be closed to prevent accidental dispensing.
      · Angled digital display for easier reading from different heights by different users.
      · The length of the filling tube can be adjusted to suit different bottle sizes without the
        need to cut the tubing.
      · Dosing range from 10ul to 999.99ml.
      · Powered by rechargeable battery or standard alkaline cells for portability. One charge
        lasts a minimum of 500 hours (dispensing 4500ltrs reagent).
      · Fully autoclavable when electronic components are removed.
      · Adapters are available to fit most bottle neck sizes :-
      Complete with 3 adapters 45/38, 38/32, 40/45 (45 thread at the burette), telescopic
      aspiration tube (PTFE), dosing tip, rotatable discharge tube, supplied without reservoir
      Code                     Model                         Inaccuracy          Imprecision
      BOE9882500        DCB 2500 (2.500 ul/turn)         +/- 0.2% +/- 50ul          0.1%
      BOE9885000        DCB 5000 (5.000 ul/turn)         +/- 0.2% +/- 100ul         0.1%

      Eye Wash Station Kartell [EMERGENCY]                                                          [50]

      Moulded from high impact polystyrene. Supplied without eye wash bottle.

      Code                 Description                     Unit
      2386           Emergency eye wash station            Each

      Eye Wash Bottle Kartell [EMERGENCY]                                                           [51]

      Eye wash bottle for use with eye was station.

      Code               Description               Capacity           Unit
      383          Integral eye wash bottle         500ml             Each
Filter Papers Filtech                      [QUANTITATIVE & QUALITATIVE]

The Filtech range of high quality analytical filter papers includes:
· Qualitative Paper - available in slow, medium, fast and very fast.
· Qualitative wet, strength and hardened papers - available in slow, medium, fast, very fast.
· Quantitative Ashless Paper - available in slow, medium and fast.
· Quantitative Hardened Ashless - available in slow, medium and fast.
· Glass Micro Fibre Paper.

All papers are available in a range of standard sizes and custom sizes, quantities and
shapes are available on request. Filtech also offer a range of pleated (folded) grades of
filter paper. Pleating increases the effective surface area by increasing the flow rate and
loading capacity resulting in a decreased filtration time. Pleated circles are available from
125mm to 320mm in diameter.
Full details of the Filtech laboratory filter paper range are contained in the product
information brochure available on request.

Flasks, Volumetric LMS                            [CLASS A WITH PLASTIC STOPPER]

Code                         Size                 Unit             Unit/Pk
LMS61319620                   5ml                 Each               10
LMS61319621                  10ml                 Each               10
LMS61319622                  25ml                 Each               10
LMS61319623                  50ml                 Each               10
LMS61319624                 100ml                 Each               10
LMS61319625                 200ml                 Each               10
LMS61319626                 250ml                 Each               10
LMS61319627                 500ml                 Each               10
LMS61319628                   1ltr                Each                5
LMS61319629                   2ltr                Each                1

Freezers UltraLow NuAire                              [LOW TEMPERATURE]
NuAire UltraLow environmentally friendly freezers have been designed and constructed
for professionals whose work requires:
· Accurate and sensitive temperature control
· The precision of microprocessor or electronic solid state controls
· The long-term reliability and protection of automated back-up systems
· Quiet, troublefree operation using a compressor designed exclusively for NuAire
· An environmentally friendly freezer - CFC-free and HFC-free refrigerants and CFC-free
  polyurethane insulation
· Solid construction - using heavy gauge cold-rolled steel
· Dependability - provided by the use of audible and visual alarms which will trigger
  when the temperature deviates 10°C from set point or in the event of power failure
  interruption or irregular fluctuation of temperature

Standard Features:
· Multi-point gasket seals                            · Four year compressor warranty
· Set point security system                           · Digital temperature display
· Heavy-duty swivel casters                           · Battery back-up alarm system
· [2] 1 hp Copland air-colled compressors             · Audible overtemperature alarm
· CFC free 5” foam insulation                         · Remote alarm contacts

Optional Features:                                    Specifications:
· Cobex® temperature recorder                         · Air-cooled cascade refrigeration system
· LN2 back-up system                                  · 100% HFC CFC-free refrigerants
· CO2 back-up system
-86°C Glacier Blue Series Upright UltraLow Freezers                                               [54]
Specific Features:
· Eye level controls                · Microprocessor controlled temperature
· Two air insulated inner doors       controls and alarms
· Four shelves - three adjustable   · Temperature range -20°C to -86°C

Code            Capacity            Dim Ext                        Inventory Systems
NU-6382E         382ltr           87x78x188cm                16 racks-240, 2" or 144,3" boxes
NU-6518E         518ltr           90x90x201cm                16 racks-320, 2" or 256,3" boxes
NU-6580E         580ltr         99x87.5x201.5cm              20 racks-400, 2" or 320,3" boxes

Gloves, Freezer Scilabub                           [FROSTERS]

Scilabub’s Frosters gloves have been specifically developed for the handling of very cold
objects. Typically they are used for handling objects stored in the vapour phase of liquid
nitrogen (ranging from -20ºC to -190ºC). They are also ideal for use in freezers, cold
rooms, in handling dry ice and when working with microtomes. Frosters are long gloves
which extend well over the wrist and are cut so that the fingers and thumbs retain a high
degree of movement. The outer layer, of royal blue woven polyamide has a waterproof
coating to resist condensed water on cold surfaces.
Available in a choice of four sizes: small (7 fi to 8), medium (8 fi to 9), large (9 fi to 10)
and extra large (10 fi to 11).
Code                      Description                Unit
32GLO/CMS                   Small                    Pair
32GLO/CMM                  Medium                    Pair
                            Large                    Pair

32GLO/CMXL                 X-Large                   Pair
      Gloves, Latex Protos                      [LIGHTLY POWDERED & POWDER FREE]

      TGA Approved
      Lightly Powdered            Powder Free            Size                Unit     Unit/Ctn
      MCGUL100XS                  MCGLPF100XS         Extra Small           Pk/100     10 Pks
      MCGUL100S                   MCGLPF100S            Small               Pk/100     10 Pks
      MCGUL100M                   MCGLPF100M           Medium               Pk/100     10 Pks
      MCGUL100L                   MCGLPF100L            Large               Pk/100     10 Pks

      Gloves, Latex-Surgical Protos                           [LIGHTLY POWDERED]
      Code                 Size            Unit            Unit/Ctn
      MCGSS6.0             6.0             Pk/50            10 Pks
      MCGSS6.5             6.5             Pk/50            10 Pks
      MCGSS7.0             7.0             Pk/50            10 Pks
      MCGSS7.5             7.5             Pk/50            10 Pks
      MCGSS8.0             8.0             Pk/50            10 Pks

      Gloves, Nitrile Protos                     [LIGHTLY POWDERED & POWDER FREE]
      Featuring a textured finger tip, eliminating the problem of slippage associated with
      standard nitrile gloves. TGA Approved

      Lightly Powdered      Powder Free            Size             Unit        Unit/Ctn
      01 221                02 221                Small            Pk/100        10 Pks
      01 222                02 222               Medium            Pk/100        10 Pks
      01 223                02 223                Large            Pk/100        10 Pks
      01 224                02 224               X-Large           Pk/100        10 Pks            [59]

      Heaters, Dry Block Thermoline
      The Thermoline Dry Block Heater is designed to provide uniform dry heating of tubes of
      various shapes and sizes. The aluminium exterior case has a durable powder coated
      finish and is fully insulated. The digital microprocessor controller incorporates a rapid
      response sensor. A comprehensive range of dry blocks to suit a wide variety of
      applications is available.

      Code                   Description                    Unit
      TDBH-2           2 Place Dry Block Heater             Each

      Homogenisers Omni                    [HAND HELD]
      MICRO                                                                                        [60]
      · Processes samples from 0.03ml to 100ml.
      · Uses nine different generator probes.
      · Operation via rechargeable batteries.
      · Variable speed control from 5000 to 30,000 rpm.
      TISSUE                                                                                       [61]
      · Processes samples from 0.03ml to 1800ml.
      · Uses eleven different generator probes.
      · Variable speed control from 5000 to 30,000 rpm.
      HAND HELD                                                                                    [62]
      · Processes samples from 0.03ml to 10 litres.
      · Uses eleven different generator probes.
      · Variable speed control from 10,000 to 30,000 rpm.
      · Powerful 700 watt motor.
      Features common to all units:
      · Lightweight, ergonomic design
      · Optional stand available, for post mounted operation
      · Suitable for use with unique Omni disposable generator probes.
      Code                   Description                   Process Capacity
      H-220               Micro Homogeniser                 0.03ml - 100ml
      TH-220             Tissue Homogeniser                 0.03ml - 1.8ltr
      GLH-220           Hand Held Homogeniser                0.03ml - 10ltr
      Hotplate/Stirrer Clifton                       [CERASTIR SERIES]
      Using a ceramic glass heating surface resistant to most chemicals, the plate can be
      precisely controlled using an energy regulator. The low profile case is designed to ensure
      that any slippage will not affect the operation of the unit. The casing is produced from a
      casting ensuring a long and robust life.
      Features and Benefits
      · An easy clean ceramic top
      · Uniform hotplate temperature
      · Low profile ergonomic design
      · Openings to accommodate two retort rods
      · Temperature range to 450°C
      · Speed range 0-2000 rpm
      · Powerful stirring action
      · Two year warranty

      Code               Description                Ceramic Plate             Temp control

      CH-1E         Cerastir Hotplate/Stirrer       210 x 210mm                  + 5°C
Incubators NuAire                      [DH AUTOFLOW - DIRECT HEAT]
The NuAire DH AutoFlow Direct Heat CO2 Automatic Air-Jacketed Incubator provides a
reliable, accurately controlled in vitro environment for optimal tissue cell culture growth.
The DH AutoFlow series offers:
Accurate Infrared CO2 Control System
The NuAire DH AutoFlow incubator uses a microprocessor-based, non-dispersive
infrared CO2 sensor providing a very stable drift-free output requiring less frequent
Class 100 Airflow within the Chamber
A HEPA filter surrounds the blower on the positive pressure side and continuously cleans
the circulated chamber air within the incubator. The HEPA filter uniformly distributes and
cleans the air within the chamber at a rate of one complete change per minute.
Fast Recovery Time
Temperature recovery within the chamber is very quick. Following frequent opening and
closing of the door, the temperature recovers at a rate 0.3°C per minute.
Continuous Humidity Supply System
A relative humidity level of 95% is achieved in the incubator by use of the large stainless
steel pan filled with distilled water, placed on the bottom of the chamber.
Standard Features of the NU-5500E DH Auto Flow Incubator:
· Digital Infrared CO2 gas sensor                             · Remote alarm contacts
· Supplied with four polished stainless steel shelves

Specifications                                      Internal Dimensions:
Temperature Range:                                  64.77 x 54.61 x 67.31cm (hxwxd)
+18°C to +55°C                                      External Dimensions:
(within an ambient of +5°C to 30°C)                 100.3 x 64.77 x 67.31cm (hxwxd)
Temperature Uniformity:                             CO2 Accuracy:
± 0.3°C at 37°C                                     ± 0.1%
Temperature Accuracy:                               CO2 Recovery:
± 0.1°C                                             Up to 5% ± 0.2% in 3 mins
CO2 Range:
0 to 20%
Code              Description          Temperature Control          Capacity
NU-5500E         DH Auto Flow              Direct Heat               188ltr

Incubators MMM                         [GRAVITY, CONVECTION, COOLED, CO2]
Standard Blue Line                            Options
· 3 programs                                  · Door window and interior lighting
· RS232 - interface for printer or PC         · Access ports ø 25, 50, 100mm
· Delayed heating start and stop function     · Separate PT 100 - sensor and display
· Acoustic alarm                              · Communication software for PC (Windows)
· Time range 99 hours 59 minutes              · HEPA - Filter for installation in an air inlet
· Mechanical safety thermostat class 3
Comfort Blue Line                           Options
· 6 programs                                · Door window and interior lighting
· RS232 - interface for printer or PC       · Access ports ø 25, 50, 100mm
· Delayed heating start and stop function   · Communication software for PC (Windows)
· Acoustic alarm                            · HEPA - Filter for installation in an air inlet
· Digital safety thermostat class 3         · RS 485 - interface for PC - Communication
· Programmable temperature ramps and        · Separate PT 100 - sensor and display
  heating sequences                         · Independent temperature measuring through
· Adjustable ventilation rate 10 - 100%       PT 100 sensor
· Time range 0-16 years with 1 minute intervals
· Chip card system for individual programme storage
Incubator Type            Description                    Temperature Range
Incucell                  Gravity Incubator              Ambient +5°C to 70°C/99.9
IncucellV                 Convection Incubator           Ambient +10°C to 70°C/99.9
Friocell                  Cooled Incubator               Ambient +0°C to 99.9°C
CO2CELL                   CO2 Incubator                  Ambient +1°C to 50°C
Model(s)                  Capacity          Internal Dimensions      External Dimensions
Incucell & Incucell V 55    55ltr             400x390x350mm            620x590x680mm
Incucell & Incucell V 111  111ltr             540x390x530mm            760x590x860mm
Incucell & Incucell V 222 222ltr              540x540x760mm            760x740x1100mm
Incucell & Incucell V 404  404ltr            540x540x1410mm           760x740x1910mm
Incucell & Incucell V 707  707ltr            940x540x1410mm           1160x740x1910mm
Code               Model        Capacity Internal Dimensions         External Dimensions
MC000921         Friocell 55       55ltr     400x370x350mm              620x640x880mm
MC000923        Friocell 111      111ltr     540x370x530mm             760x640x1060mm
MC000925        Friocell 222      222ltr     540x520x760mm             760x790x1300mm
MC000928        Friocell 404      404ltr    540x520x1410mm            1010x790x1910mm
MC000927        Friocell 707      707ltr    940x520x1410mm            1410x790x1910mm
Friocell is only available in the Comfort Blue Line version.
Code            Model         Capacity      Internal Dimensions      External Dimensions
MC001416       CO2CELL         150ltr         485x500x625mm            575x630x760mm
MC001425       CO2CELL          48ltr         401x308x401mm            635x595x790mm
MC001414       CO2CELL         170ltr         525x570x570mm            600x650x745mm

MC001420       CO2CELL          48ltr         401x308x401mm            635x595x790mm
      Indicator Tape, Autoclave                                                                     [68]

      Code                  Description                  Unit
      MCAIT00              12mm x 50mtr                  Each
      MCAIT01              19mm x 50mtr                  Each
      MCAIT02              25mm x 50mtr                  Each

      Label Tapes Bel-Art                       [WRITE-ONTM]
      Write-On Label Tape adheres to any clean surface, including Teflon® fluoropolymer
      resin coated materials and peels off without leaving a sticky residue. Pencil, ball-point
      pen or solvent ink marker remains legible under the most demanding laboratory
      conditions. The tape will withstand a maximum temperature of 257ºC for 30 minutes or
      80 ºC for 24 hours and can be used down to -73 ºC. Designed for use with Scienceware®
      Write-OnTM Label Tape Dispensers.

      Code                 Width           Length        Colour           Unit
      F13463-0005         12.7mm           12.5m         White            Each
      F13463-0075         19.0mm           12.5m         White            Each
      F13463-0010         25.4mm           12.5m         White            Each
      F13463-1075         19.0mm           12.5m          Red             Each
      F13463-2005         12.7mm           12.5m         Yellow           Each
      F13463-2075         19.0mm           12.5m         Yellow           Each
      F13463-2010         25.4mm           12.5m         Yellow           Each
      F13463-3005         12.7mm           12.5m         Green            Each
      F13463-3075         19.0mm           12.5m         Green            Each
      F13463-3010         25.4mm           12.5m         Green            Each
      F13463-4005         12.7mm           12.5m          Blue            Each
      F13463-4075         19.0mm           12.5m          Blue            Each
      F13463-4010         25.4mm           12.5m          Blue            Each
      F13463-5005         12.7mm           12.5m         Orange           Each
      F13463-5075         19.0mm           12.5m         Orange           Each

      Lamps Redbank                  [MAGGYLAMP – ML & FML SERIES]

      Maggylamp model ML 201
      The Standard Maggylamp, model ML 201, is the most popular model in the Maggylamp
      range. The powdercoated cast metal base provides the necessary counter-balance to keep
      the lamp on the bench when the flexible chrome arms are being adjusted. The
      flexible gooseneck arms provide easy positioning of the magnifying head. The ML201 is
      supplied complete with fluorescent tube and 1.8 metre lead.
      Maggylamp model ML 204
      The Twin-Tube Maggylamp, model ML 204, was designed to give magnification above a
      white light box. This unit is essentially a simple microscope with individually switched
      lighting. Focal length is adjustable by the user, with the optimum focal length being
      250mm. The ML204 is supplied complete with light box base, magnifying head, support
      pole and 1.8 metre lead. The ML 204 is ideal for classifying/viewing blood cultures.
      Maggylamp model ML 206/A
      The Floating Maggylamp model FML, utilises the Maggylamp lens assembly mounted to
      a heavy duty equipoise (balanced) arm assembly. The chromed arm assembly is
      constructed from heavy wall metal tubing and is the strongest equipoise lamp on the
      market. The magnifier head swivels 45º left/right and 180º up/down. The arm assembly
      can rotate 360º in a G-clamp fitting or the two-way bracket, and extend up to 900mm
      over the working area.
      The FML lamp is supplied with G-clamp or two way bracket which is mounted to the
      ballast box. Both units are supplied complete with lamp, ballast box and 2.5 metre lead.

      Code                 Description              Magnification       Arm Length
      ML 201           Standard Maggylamp               3x                380mm
      ML 204          Twin-Tube Maggylamp               3x              Up to 350mm
      ML 206/A         Floating Maggylamp               3x                 900mm

      Light Box-Mini Bel-Art [COMPACT LIGHTWEIGHT SYSTEM]                                           [71]

      The mini light box offers a colour corrected fluorescent viewing surface that is ideal for
      checking slides, plates, mini-gels or petri dishes. Operates with 4 AA batteries or with an
      adapter suitable for 240V AC. A removable counting grid is included.

      Code                  Description              Dimensions (hxwxd)            Unit
      F37864-2000         Mini Light Box II         44.5 x 158.8 x 136.5mm         Each

      Loop Holder, Inoculating Schutt
                                                                ..                                  [72]

      Code                       Description                         Lenght           Unit
      3686-362         Loop holders for Inoculating loops            160mm            Each
      3686-442         Loop holders for Inoculating loops            240mm            Each

      Loops, Inoculating Labserv                         [DISPOSABLE]

      Supplied Gamma Sterile in sealed packs of 20 loops
      Code                       Size                   Unit

      LBSLP7201           1ul plastic sterile          Pk/1000
      LBSLP7202          10ul plastic sterile          Pk/1000
Loops, Inoculating Schutt
                                               ..                                             [74]
                                                        [FLAME STERILISABLE]
Inoculating loops made of special stainless steel wire or Platin-Iridium, flame
sterilisable, 60mm long and 0.5mm in diameter.

Code                   Description                   Loop Diam.             Unit
3686-112           Special Stainless Steel              1mm                 Pk/10
3686-122           Special Stainless Steel              2mm                 Pk/10
3686-132           Special Stainless Steel              3mm                 Pk/10
3686-152           Special Stainless Steel              5mm                 Pk/10

3686-212               Platin-Iridium                    1mm                Each
3686-222               Platin-Iridium                    2mm                Each
3686-232               Platin-Iridium                    3mm                Each
3686-252               Platin-Iridium                    5mm                Each

Magnifier-Mini Bel-Art                                                                        [75]

Hands Free Viewing of Hard to See Items
This free-standing magnifier allows enhanced viewing of petri dishes and multi-well
plates. The precision moulded lens offers 1.75 magnification. The unique stand allows the
magnifier to be placed over a variety of objects. The magnifier stand is 171.8mm high.

Code                   Description                   Dimensions (wxd)           Unit
F37865-0000           Mini Magnifier                 104.8 x 142.9mm            Each

Microscope, Binocular Boeco                                    [BM-180/SP]


Magnification:      · 40x - 1600x
Optical Head:       · Sliding Binocular Head, 45° inclined, 360° rotatable Interpupillary
                      distance 55 - 75mm
Nosepiece:          · Quadruple revolving nosepiece
Eyepiece:           · Pair Eyepiece WF 10X/18mm Widefield
                    · Pair Eyepiece P 16X
Objectives:         · Boeco Semi-plan Achromatic DIN Objective 4x/0.10
                    · Boeco Semi-plan Achromatic DIN Objective 10x/0.25
                    · Boeco Semi-plan Achromatic DIN Objective 40x/0.65 spring loaded
                    · Boeco Semi-plan Achromatic DIN Objective 100x/1.25, Oil,
                      spring loaded
Stage:              · Double layer mechanical specimen stage
                    · 140 x 140mm tracking area 75 x 50mm, right hand stage handle
Focusing:           · Low position, coaxial coarse and calibrated fine focus control, with
                      graduation reading 2 microns per division. Total focusing range
                      20mm, safety autofocus stop function
Condenser:          · Abbè Brightfield condenser, N.A. 1,25 with Iris diaphragm and filter
                      tray, with rack & pinion height adjustment.
Illumination:       · 6V 20W Halogen light with variable intensity of brightness
Body/Power:         · Sturdy body with supportive rubber and inbuilt power supply
Supplied with:      · Dust cover, blue + green filter, immersion oil, 1 spare halogen bulb
                      and instruction manual

Additional Features:
· Easy to replace halogen lamp                    · Quadruple revolving nosepiece
· Coaxial coarse and calibrated fine tuning focus

Optional accessories:
· Dark field condenser                                · Photo attachments
· Koher illumination                                  · Trinocular Head
· Phase contrast equipment
· Epi-fluorescent attachment
· Video attachments
Code                         Description                               Dimensions
1800.200           Binocular Microscope BM 180/SP              170 x 250 x 375mm (wxdxh)

Petri Dish Turntables Schutt
                                                ..                                            [77]
Manual operation, powerful and long running due to high mass of turntable. Useable on
both sides. Designed for use with petri dishes up to 150mm in diameter.

Electronically driven, continuous operation or intermittent by means of a foot switch.
Designed for use with petri dishes up to 100mm in diameter. Other diameters are
available on request. Speed range 10-80 RPM

Code                        Description                        Dimensions              Unit
3361-102         Petriturn-Mplus Petri Dish turntable        150x45mm (dxh)            Each
3361-202         Petriturn-Eplus Petri Dish turntable     150x55x220mm (wxhxd)         Each
3361-302           Foot switch for Petriturn-Eplus                                     Each

3362-152      Inoculating hook made of stainless steel                                 Each

3362-162          Inoculating hook made of glass                                       Each
      pH Meter, Precision Hanna                              [PH 211]

      The pH 211 bench top pH meter from Hanna measures pH from 0 to 14 and temperature
      from 0 to 100°C with 0.01 pH and 0.5°C accuracy. The pH 211 can also measure mV in
      two ranges of ± 399.9 and ± 1999 mV in conjunction with ISE and ORP electrodes. The
      large horizontal display shows both pH (or mV) and temperature at the same time.
      Calibration has been reduced to a few simple steps, all guided by the meter's
      sophisticated custom microprocessor. The user can calibrate the meter at one or two
      points aided by automatic buffer recognition at pH 4.0, 6.86, 7.01, 9.18 and 10.01. All
      pH measurements are automatically compensated for the temperature variance with the
      probe attached. Supplied complete and ready-to-use with a glass pH electrode and
      stainless steel temperature probe.
      · Hanna Exclusive Custom Microprocessor - Provides automatic calibration at 5 buffers, guided
        operation and stability indication. Ergonomic design with dual display of temperature and pH.
      · Reliable, Quick and Accurate - With all the accessories included in the package.
                            Range                                Resolution                Accuracy
      pH                0.00 to 14.00                                0.01                   ± 0.01
      mV     ± 399.9 mV (ISE): ± 1999 mV (ORP)             0.1mV (ISE): 1 mV (ORP)
      °C                 0.0 to 100.0                                 0.1

      Pipetting Aid, Macro Boeco                             [ELECTRONIC]

      The Boeco Electronic Macro Pipetting Aid is a cordless rechargeable pipetting aid.
      The unit is designed for use with plastic or glass pipettes between 1-100ml, pasteur
      pipettes and also with 5ml and 10ml pipettor tips. The linear speed control allows the
      aspiration and dispensing speed to be adjusted easily and precisely to suit either large or
      small volume pipettes. The speed can also be fine-tuned by applying varying finger
      pressure to the control buttons. A low battery indicator prompts the user when the unit
      requires recharging. Supplied with AC adapter and 0.45um hydrophobic filters.

      Code                           Description                          Unit
      BOE9500000          Electronic Macro Pipette Controller             Each

      Pipettes, Transfer Samco                        [STERILE & NON-STERILE ]

      · Guaranteed consistent quality
      · Choice of several sizes, lengths and tip designs
      Code             Type                    Description                        Unit      Pk/Ctn
      222-1S           Sterile          1ml (Individually wrapped)               Pk/500       8
      222-20S          Sterile               1ml (Packs of 20)                   Pk/500       8
      212-1S           Sterile        1ml (Small Bulb) (Ind.wrapped)             Pk/500       8
      225-1S           Sterile         3ml Graduated (Ind.wrapped)               Pk/500       8
      225-20S          Sterile         3ml Graduated (Packs of 20)               Pk/500       8
      232-20S          Sterile               5ml (Packs of 20)                   Pk/500       8
      234-20S          Sterile               8ml (Packs of 20)                   Pk/400       8
      282-20S          Sterile              1.5ml (Packs of 20)                  Pk/500       8

      222           Non-Sterile         1ml (Graduated Large Bulb)               Pk/500        10
      225           Non-Sterile         3ml (Graduated Large Bulb)               Pk/500        10
      212           Non-Sterile         1ml (Graduated Small Bulb)               Pk/500        10
      231           Non-Sterile          1ml (Extended Fine Tip)                 Pk/400        8
      232           Non-Sterile                5ml (Fine Tip)                    Pk/500        10
      234           Non-Sterile                8ml (Fine Tip)                    Pk/400        10
      262           Non-Sterile              6ml (Extra Long)                    Pk/400        10
      274           Non-Sterile              2ml (Blood Bank)                    Pk/500        10
      282           Non-Sterile              1.5ml (Paediatric)                  Pk/500        8

      Pipettes, Serological Orange Scientific                                      [STERILE]

      Orange Scientific serological pipettes are manufactured from high grade polystyrene
      and are:
      · Certified gamma sterile, certified non-pyrogenic, certified non-cytotoxic, certified
        non-hemolytic, negative graduations, colour coded cotton plug.
      Safe and Easy Peel Packaging
      · The easy to peel off packaging includes the lot number and expiry date.
      Special Cotton Colour Coding System
      · Enables an easy, clear and rapid identification of the pipette volume in use.
      Individually Wrapped
      Code         Volume           Colour Code            Graduation             Unit
      PN1E1          1ml              Yellow                1/100ml              Pk/500
      PN2E1          2ml               Green                 1/50ml              Pk/500
      PN5E1          5ml                Blue                 1/10ml              Pk/250
      PN10E1        10ml              Orange                 1/10ml              Pk/200
      PN25E1        25ml                Red                   1/5ml              Pk/100
      Bulk Packs
      Code         Volume          Colour Code             Graduation             Unit
      PN1E25         1ml             Yellow                 1/100ml              Pk/1000
      PN2E25         2ml              Green                  1/50ml              Pk/1000
      PN5E25         5ml               Blue                  1/10ml              Pk/375
      PN10E25       10ml             Orange                  1/10ml              Pk/250

      PN25E10       25ml               Red                    1/5ml              Pk/100
Pipettes, Pasteur Chase                     [SODA GLASS]

Code                    Size                   Unit
J5000            5 3/4” unplugged             Pk/1000
J9000              9” unplugged               Pk/1000
J5000P            5 3/4” Plugged              Pk/1000
J9000P              9” Plugged                Pk/1000

Pipettes, Single Capp                   [UNIVERSAL & SHORT]

Colourline Code         Softline Code         Volume               Type        Colour
CL02-1BZTT              SL02-1BZ               0.2-2ul            Universal    Violet
CL10-1BZTT              SL10-1BZ              0.5-10ul            Universal   White/Alu
CL50-1BZTT              SL50-1BZ               5-50ul             Universal     Red
CL100-1BZTT             SL100-1BZ             10-100ul            Universal    Orange
CL200-1BZTT             SL200-1BZ             25-200ul            Universal    Yellow
CL1000-1BCZTT           SL1000-1BCZ          100-1000ul           Universal     Blue

CL10-1CZTT              SL10-1CZ              0.5-10ul             Short      White/Alu
CL50-1CZTT              CL50-1CZ               5-50ul              Short        Red
CL100-1CZTT             SL100-1CZ             10-100ul             Short       Orange
CL200-1CZTT             SL200-1CZ             25-200ul             Short       Yellow
CL1000-1CZTT            SL1000-1CZ           100-1000ul            Short        Blue

CL5000-1ZTT             SL5000-1Z                1-5ml        Microbiology       Green

Pipettes, Multi-Channel Capp                               [8, 12 & 16 CHANNEL]

Capp has quickly developed a reputation as a market leader in the design and
manufacture of multi-channel pipettes.
Made for your hand - The soft flexible handle will perfectly fit your hand and tip
ejection is a breeze.
Made to last - Anodised aluminium, high-grade stainless steel and durable plastics
combine to make Capp the most robust multi-channel pipette range available. The metal
tip bases are interchangeable so in the unlikely event you break a tip base you can replace
it individually.

Code                       Description                   Colour
SL10-8AZ           8 Channel Pipette 0.5-10ul            White
SL50-8AZ           8 Channel Pipette 5-50ul               Red
SL200-8AZ          8 Channel Pipette 25-200ul            Yellow
SL300-8AZ          8 Channel Pipette 50-300ul            Black
SL10-12AZ          12 Channel Pipette 0.5-10ul           White
SL50-12AZ          12 Channel Pipette 5-50ul              Red
SL200-12AZ         12 Channel Pipette 25-200ul           Yellow
SL300-12AZ         12 Channel Pipette 50-300ul           Black
SL02-16AZ          16 Channel Pipette 0.2-2ul            Violet
SL10-16AZ          16 Channel Pipette 0.5-10ul           White
SL50-16AZ          16 Channel Pipette 5-50ul              Red

Pipettes, Electronic Capp                      [CAPPTRONIC - SINGLE & 8 CHAN-

The CappTronicTM offers a choice of operating modes, including forward and reverse
pipetting, multiple dispensing, mixing and sequential dispensing. Extensive memory
capacity allows you to store as many as 9 different individual protocols. Each unit is
supplied with two long-life batteries and a portable battery charger.
Code               Description          Colour           Volume range
E20-1BA             1 channel            Red                2 - 20ul
E200-1BA            1 channel           Yellow             10 - 200ul
E1000-1BA           1 channel            Blue             100 - 1000ul
E20-8BA             8 channel            Red               2 - 20ul
E200-8BA            8 channel           Yellow            10 - 200ul

Pipettors Boeco                  [ELECTRONIC]

Boeco electronic pipettors offer a choice of operating modes:- pipetting, multiple
dispensing, sequential dispensing, dilution, mixing, reverse pipetting
· Ergonomic design - Reduces thumb and wrist fatigue
· Adjustable speed control- 5 programmable pipetting speeds to suit substances of
  varying viscosities
· Choice of single or four place charging carousel.

Code                     Description              Volume range         Increments
BOE920100         1 Channel                           5 - 100ul            1ul
BOE920500         1 Channel                          10 - 500ul            5ul
BOE925000         1 Channel                        100 - 5000ul           50ul
BOE928100         8 Channel                           5 - 100ul            1ul
BOE928120         8 Channel                         50 - 1200ul           10ul
BOE922100         12 Channel                          5 - 100ul            1ul
BOE922250         12 Channel                         25 - 250ul            5ul

BOE920000         Single place recharging stand

BOE920042         Four place recharging stand
      Pipette Tips Oxford, Kartell, & Boeco                                                       [87]

      Code                  Description             Volume            Colour          Unit
      LO081508              Oxford Tip                5-10ul           Blue          Pk/250
      958                   Gilson Type              2-200ul          Yellow         Pk/1000
      960-06               Universal Type            2-200ul          Yellow         Pk/1000
      961-04               Universal Type          100-1000ul          Blue          Pk/1000
      118920               Universal Type          101-1000ul         Natural        Pk/1000
      LO091143              Oxford Tip             250-1000ul          Blue          Pk/1000
      964                  Universal Type         1000-5000ul         White          Pk/100
      BOE980300            Universal Type             300 ul          Natural        Pk/1000
      BOE980301            Universal Type            5000 ul          Natural        Pk/1000
      BOE985000            Universal Type            5000 ul          Natural        Pk/250

      Pipette, Filter Tips Orange Scientific                                 [STERILE, PE]

      · All tips are certified DNase RNase free and are non pyrogenic.
      · The bevelled tip design results in consistent dispensing of accurate volumes
      · The PCR* Filter tips (0.1-10ul) are specially engineered for PCR* multiplication
        techniques.          * PCR is a trademark of Hoffman-La Roche, Inc.

      Code               Description                           Unit
      2502000            Filter Tip 0.1-10ul              10 x 96 tip rack
      2502005            Filter Tip 0.5-10ul              10 x 96 tip rack
      2502010            Filter Tip 1-20ul                10 x 96 tip rack
      2502020            Filter Tip 1-50ul                10 x 96 tip rack
      2502025            Filter Tip 1-100ul               10 x 96 tip rack
      2502030            Filter Tip 1-200ul               10 x 96 tip rack
      2502040            Filter Tip 100-1000ul            10 x 96 tip rack

      Pipette Washer Set Kartell                           [AUTOMATIC]

      Code            Description                    Ømm           Height          Unit
      217        Automatic pipette washer           170mm          990mm           Each
      218              Pipette jar                  162mm          650mm           Each
      219            Pipette basket                 145mm          648mm           Each

      Pipette Aid Bel-Art                   [VIKEM® VINYL]

      The pipette aid is used by squeezing, then releasing, the bulb to draw the fluid into the
      pipette. The bulb is Vikem® Vinyl with a tapered polyethylene chuck for quick removal
      when the pipette is filled.

      Code                Description             Unit
      F37886-0000         Pipette Aid             Each

      Pipette Pump Boeco                    [COLOUR CODED]

      Code                    Size               Colour             Unit
      BOE120                   2ml                Blue              Each
      BOE121                  10ml               Green              Each
      BOE122                  25ml                Red               Each

      Plates, Contact Simport                       [STERILE]

      · Grid is 10mm x 10mm with numbered and lettered squares to facilitate counting and
        location of colonies
      · Supplied in sterile sleeves of twenty.

      Code                     Description                     Dimensions           Unit
      D210-17        PP, free from optical distortion          65 x 15mm           Pk/500

      Plates, Microtitre LP Italiana                                                              [93]

      Code                                Dimensions                                  Unit/Ctn
      120030        Polystyrene, “U” bottom Bottom 96 well plates 86x128mm              168

      Plate Reader Bel-Art [PP, ACRYLIC DECK]                                                     [94]

      View the bottom of Microtiter Plates and Petri Dishes clearly and safely without
      overhead lifting.
      Mirror magnification is 3X actual plate size. Made of polypropylene with an acrylic deck.

      Code                     Description                 Unit
      F18979-0006          Petri dish Mini Rack            Each

      Plate Spreaders Labserv                       [DISPOSABLE]

      Supplied Gamma Sterile

      Code                           Description                          Unit

      LBSSPR001          Spreader Blue Sterile (40 bags of 25)          Ctn/1000
Plates, Petri Labserv [POLYSTYRENE]                                                           [96]

Code                    Description               Dimensions           Unit
LBS60060           Petri dishes, manual           60 x 15mm           Pk/1000
LBS60001           Petri dishes, manual           90 x 15mm           Pk/500
LBS61001        Petri dishes, gamma sterile       90 x 15mm           Pk/500
LBS60003           Petri dishes, divided          90 x 15mm           Pk/500
LBS60020            Petri dishes, square         100 x 100mm          Pk/224
LBS61014           Tissue culture dishes          90 x 25mm           Pk/300

Plating Grid, Replica Bel-Art                                                                 [97]

Transfer Bacterial Colonies in Identifiable Patterns
The Replica-plating Grid is ideal for the screening and identification of overcrowded
bacterial cell colonies on a Petri dish.

The grid is a flat, white polystyrene plate 34.2 x 38cm with 5 wells to hold plastic petri
dishes. Two wells are printed with a 24-square numbered grid and two are printed with a
50-square numbered grid. The grid patterns aid in precise location. The master petri dish
containing the crowded colonies is placed into the centre well of the Replica-Plating tray.
Two sterile dishes containing agar are placed into two identical wells with marked grids,
depending on the number of colonies that are to be examined, 24 or 50.
A sterile pick is used to remove bacterial cells from the centre of a colony present in the
master plate. This pick is then used to inoculate the bacterial cells onto the two sterile
dishes in identical positions, thus obtaining two replicas of the same colony. A new
sterile pick is used for each isolated colony from the master dish. After incubation,
bacterial colonies in one replica dish can be analysed while the other replica serves as a
backup of fresh colonies which may be of interest for further growth and study.

Code                     Description                 Unit
F37849-0000           Replica plating Grid           Each

Rack, Centrifuge Tube Orange Scientific                                       [STERILE]

Orange Scientific racks are designed to hold both the 15ml and 50ml centrifuge tubes.
The polypropylene rack features a clear alphanumerical marking system to facilitate easy
identification of each tube. Each rack can hold either 20x50ml or 30x15ml tubes or a mix
of both sizes. The racks are supplied sterile and are autoclavable.

Code              Description             Dimensions            Unit
2040610        Centrifuge tube rack       90 x 200mm           Ctn/30

Rack, Loop Holder-Inoculating Schutt
                                                                     ..                       [99]
Solid PVC construction, suitable for 6 inoculating loop holders

Code                Description                        Size                       Unit
3687-182         Rack L (rectangular)          180x50x50mm (wxhxd)                Each
3687-082           Rack R (round)                 100x50mm (dxh)                  Each

Rack, Pipette-Rotary Vitlab [POLYPROPYLENE]                                                   [100]

Rotary rack with base plate and upper end plate with 94 openings of various diameters

Code                 Capacity                Diameter               Unit
LVL791-94           94 openings         230 x 470mm (wxd)           Each

Racks, Centrifuge Tube Bel-Art [POXYGRID ]                                ®

50ml Multiple Tube Holders
Made of steam autoclavable, epoxy-coated steel wire, these racks hold 50ml plastic
centrifuge tubes in holes 30mm square.

Code                Places                Dimensions                        Unit
F18794-0000            8           149 x 81 x 92mm (wxdxh)                Case of 12
F18794-0001           16          158 x 150 x 92mm (wxdxh)                Case of 12
F18794-0002           36          229 x 229 x 89mm (wxdxh)                Case of 12

Racks, Biohazard Bags Bel-Art [CLAVIES ]                              ®

Keep Biohazard Disposal Bags Open and Ready to Use with These Economical Bag
The autoclave bag is securely supported on a stainless steel wire frame and
polypropylene bottom, which also serves as a containment tray in the event of bag
leakage. The tray is orange in colour and is easily identifiable as a biohazard
containment system. The bag holder is autoclavable at 121°C (250°F) to maintain
sterility. The small bag holder is ideal for benchtop use. Assembly takes only minutes and
is permanent. The units are supplied unassembled.

Code                         Tray Dimensions          Height               Fits Bag
F13192-0001 small             18.5 x 35.6cm            47cm               30 x 61cm
F13192-0002 medium            35.6 x 35.6cm           54.6cm              61 x 76cm

F13192-0003 large             35.6 x 35.6cm           69.6cm              61 x 91cm
      Racks, Contact Plates Bel-Art                                                                  [103]

      Organise and Safely Hold Samples
      Welded steel wire rack holds 30 contact plates with lids (RODAC®, Becton Dickinson)
      configured in three stacks of ten plates. The rack is very useful for transport and
      incubation of contact plates and convenient for organising the benchtop. Durable blue
      epoxy coated racks are steam autoclavable at 121°C.

      Code                  Dimensions (lxwxh)           Rack Type          Unit
      F18979-0002           24.6 x 8.18 x 14cm             Triple           Each

      Racks, Petri Dish Bel-Art [EASYPLATE™]                                                         [104]

      Perfect for Use in an Incubator
      Increase workspace and efficiently transport large quantities of petri dishes with the
      Easyplate™ Petri Dish Rack. Silicone holding strips on the rack’s four columns grip each
      petri dish and lid to enable the user to easily insert and remove groups of dishes without
      disturbing upper or lower dishes. Labels are provided on the sides of the rack for critical
      sample identification. Available in 4 colours and two sizes: the 9” size holds forty-eight
      100mm petri dishes and the 14” size holds eighty-four 100mm petri Dishes. The
      Easyplate™ rack is manufactured from lightweight, chemically resistant
      polycarbonate and is autoclavable at 121°C.

      Code                    Colour              Size Height            Unit
      F18982-0014             Natural               369mm                Each
      F18982-0314               Blue                369mm                Each
      F18982-0009             Natural               240mm                Each
      F18982-0109               Red                 240mm                Each
      F18982-0209              Yellow               240mm                Each
      F18982-0309               Blue                240mm                Each
      F18982-0409          Natural, Red,            240mm               Set of 4
                          Yellow and Blue

      Racks, Petri Dish Bel-Art [TRANSPORT]                                                          [105]

      Safely Transports Forty-Two Dishes
      This rack is useful for safe transport and incubation of 100mm Petri dishes. Each rack
      holds up to forty-two Petri dishes with lids, configured in six columns of seven plates.
      A large centre divider provides space for labelling and incorporates a handle that does not
      interfere with the samples.

      Code                     Description                Unit
      F18991-0000             Petri dish Rack             Each

      Racks, Petri Dish Carrying Bel-Art [POXYGRID ]                                 ®

      These epoxy coated steel wire racks holds up to 100mm x 20mm (nominal size) plastic
      petri dishes and are easily loaded and emptied from the top. The wide front openings
      permit easy access but prevent dishes from sliding out. Not suitable for glass petri dishes.

      Code               Dimensions (lxwxh)         Holds        Rack Type          Unit
      H18978-0000        108 x 108 x 356mm           20            Single           Each
      H18979-0000        343 x 105 x 305mm           42            Triple           Each

      Racks, Petri Dish Dispensing Bel-Art [POXYGRID ]                                     ®

      Petri dishes are easily dispensed one at a time from the bottom of the stack with these
      epoxy coated steel wire racks. Each holds twenty 100mm x 20mm (nominal size) plastic
      petri dishes per stack, which are loaded at the top and dispensed at the bottom. The rack
      tilts toward the rear for convenient presentation of dishes. Not suitable for glass petri
      Code               Dimensions (lxwxh)         Holds        Rack Type          Unit
      H18978-0001        145 x 110 x 280mm           14            Single           Each
      H18979-0001        145 x 320 x 280mm           60            Triple           Each

      Racks, Petri Dish Dispensing Bel-Art [MOULDED]                                                 [108]

      Adjusts to hold a variety of dish sizes.
      This adjustable dispenser neatly and safely holds 15 petri dishes up to 102mm diameter.
      Made of rugged ABS plastic, it slides apart at the base for easy refilling.
      The rack is 89mm wide, extends from 127mm to 210mm long and is 210mm high.

      Code                     Description                Unit
      F18982-0002             Dispenser Rack              Each

      Racks, Petri Dish Incubation Bel-Art [PP]                                                      [109]

      Increase overall capacity of your incubator with Stackable Petri Dish Incubation trays.
      Designed to hold five 100mm diameter or fifteen 60mm diameter Petri dishes, each
      polypropylene tray is provided with two large label areas for critical sample
      identification by marker or label.

      Code                  Dimensions (lxwxh)              Unit           Carton

      F18983-1000         250.83 x 236.54 x 35cm           Bag of 3        4 Bags
Racks, Test Tube Kartell                      [UNIVERSAL]

· Autoclavable at 121°C for 20 minutes
· Alphanumeric reference for ease of sample identification
· Stackable when empty
· Racks are available in fives sizes and four colours. Please specify the colour required
  when ordering. (03) White, (04) Blue, (06) Yellow and (10) Red.

Code            No. of holes            Colour               Unit
564-03          90 x13Ømm               White                Each
566-03          40 x20Ømm               White                Each
565-03          60 x16Ømm               White                Each
567-03          40 x25Ømm               White                Each
568-03          24 x30Ømm               White                Each

Racks, Test Tube-Micro Kartell                            [HOLDS 20 ]

Code              Description                      Unit
296           Micro Test Tube Rack                 Each

Racks-Mini, Petri Dish Bel-Art [POXYGRID ]                             ®

Organise and safely hold six dishes.
Poxygrid® Petri Dish Mini Rack helps keep benchtops neat and organised. Each welded
steel wire rack conveniently holds six petri dishes up to 100mm diameter with lids.
Durable blue epoxy coated racks are steam autoclavable at 121°C (250°F).

Code                      Description              Unit
F18979-0006          Petri Dish Mini Rack          Each

Sealing Film Parafilm                       [WATERPROOF]

Code                Description                   Size                 Unit
PM992           Parafilm sealing film          5cm x 76mtr             Each
PM996           Parafilm sealing film         10cm x 38mtr             Each
PM998           Parafilm sealing film         50cm x 15mtr             Each

Shaker/Mixer Vortex                      [GENIE II]

The Vortex Genie II with variable speed control provides a range of shaking/mixing
options from slow speed shaking to high speed vortexing. The versatility of the Genie II
is greatly enhanced through the availability of a broad range of attachments of various
shapes, sizes and materials.

· Variable speed control.                       · Wide choice of mixing heads.
· Continuous or touch action operation.         · Two year warranty.
· Heavy cast iron case - prevents creeping.
· Supplied with standard 3”inch mixing platform and single cup head.

Code                             Description
504-0236-03              Vortex Genie II Shaker/Mixer

Slides, Chinese Sail Brand                         [GROUND EDGE]

· Economically priced, supplied with or without interleaves.
· Supplied in packs of 50, and 50 packs per carton.
· All slides are 1 to 1.2mm thick unless specified.

Code                              Description                          Unit       Unit Ctn
JIA7105GRN        Ground edge single frost slide with interleave       Pk/50       50 Pk
JIA7105WT        Ground edge single frost slide without interleave     Pk/50       50 Pk
JIA7107GRN         Ground edge twin frost slide with interleave        Pk/50       50 Pk

Slides, Plain Menzel                     [GROUND EDGE]

For routine microscopy applications, Menzel microscope slides have a clean, smooth
surface-optimum qualities that guarantee easy wetting and application of specimens and
smears. Menzel ground edge slides reduces the danger of cuts and infections to
laboratory personnel.
Code                   Description                 Unit Pk            Unit Ctn
S31013A           Ground Edge, 1mm 90°              Pk/50              40 Pks
S31103A           Ground Edge, 1mm 45°              Pk/50              40 Pks
S31103B          Ground Edge, 1.2mm 45°             Pk/50              72 Pks

Slides, SuperFrost Menzel                         [GROUND & CUT EDGE]

SuperFrost microslides come with a light opaque coating in seven standard colours:
White, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, Orange and Purple. Resistant to commonly used
laboratory solvents, SuperFrost slides are also resistant to scratching or sticking when
stacked together.
SuperFrost slides are available with a ground edge 45° or 90° and a cut edge version is

also available.
       Slides, SuperFrost Menzel Cont.                                       [GROUND & CUT EDGE]

       Code                         Description                          Unit            Unit Ctn
       SF41206/40NC            Ground Edge, White 45°                    Pk/50            40 Pks
       SF41207/40NC             Ground Edge, Blue 45°                    Pk/50            40 Pks
       SF41208/100NC            Ground Edge, Pink 45°                    Pk/50           100 Pks
       SF41209/100NC           Ground Edge, Yellow 45°                   Pk/50           100 Pks
       SF41210/40NC            Ground Edge, Green 45°                    Pk/50            40 Pks
       SF41211/40NC            Ground Edge, Orange 45°                   Pk/50            40 Pks

       SF41290/40NC            Ground Edge, Green 90°                    Pk/50            40 Pks
       SF41291/40NC            Ground Edge, Orange 90°                   Pk/50            40 Pks
       SF41296/40NC            Ground Edge, White 90°                    Pk/50            40 Pks
       SF41297/40NC             Ground Edge, Blue 90°                    Pk/50            40 Pks
       SF41298/40NC             Ground Edge, Pink 90°                    Pk/50            40 Pks
       SF41299/40NC            Ground Edge, Yellow 90°                   Pk/50            40 Pks

       SF21201/40NC                 Cut Edge, White                      Pk/50            40 Pks
       SF21202/40NC                  Cut Edge, Blue                      Pk/50            40 Pks
       SF21203/100NC                 Cut Edge, Pink                      Pk/50           100 Pks
       SF21204/100NC                Cut Edge, Yellow                     Pk/50           100 Pks
       SF21205/100NC                Cut Edge, Green                      Pk/50           100 Pks
       SF21206/100NC                Cut Edge, Orange                     Pk/50           100 Pks

       Slides, Twin Frosted Menzel                                [GROUND & CUT EDGE]

       Menzel’s twin frosted slides have a consistent and porous surface making labelling
       effortless. The standard slide in this product line has a frosted area approximately 20mm long.
       Code                                      Description                 Unit Pk        Unit Ctn
       S21102A/40NC                             Cut Edge, 1mm                 Pk/50         40Pk/Ctn
       S21102A/100NC                            Cut Edge, 1mm                 Pk/50        100Pk/Ctn
       S21102B                                 Cut Edge, 1.2mm                Pk/50        100Pk/Ctn

       S41104A/100NC                       Ground Edge, 1mm 45°                  Pk/50     100Pk/Ctn
       S41104B                          Ground Edge, 1.12-1.3mm 45°              Pk/50      72Pk/Ctn
       S41104C                            Ground Edge, 1.4mm 45°                 Pk/50      72Pk/Ctn

       S41014A/40NC                         Ground Edge, 1mm 90°                 Pk/50     40Pk/Ctn

       Solvents Labscan & Ajax                               [AR GRADE]
       Solvents are also available in 20 litre drums. *Permit required
        Code                       Description                      Unit
        A3501-2.5L                   Acetone                        2.5ltr
        A3508L-2.5L             Dichloromethane                     2.5ltr
        A3541-2.5L            Petroleum Ether 40/60                 2.5ltr
        A3543-2.5L                 Propan-1-ol                      2.5ltr
        A3515-2.5L                 Propan-2-ol                      2.5ltr
      * 1046-2.5LGL                Ethanol 95%                      2.5ltr
      * 214-2.5LPL              Ethanol Absolute                    2.5ltr

       Spill Kits, Bio-Hazard IDC                               [RED-Z, GREEN-Z]

       Red-Z and Green-Z are designed to make liquids generated in the healthcare
       environment easier to handle by preventing the aerosolisation of potentially infectious
       body fluids during clean-up, transportation and disposal.
       The Z line of fluid solidifiers is the easiest, most cost-effective method for fluid control,
       reducing the ever present risk of exposure. Red-Z has a distinctive smell while Green-Z
       is odourless, providing a choice to the end user.                                              [122]
       Red-Z and Green-Z:
       · Gel, solidify and encapsulate the contents of a collection container and/or spill.
       · Contain and prevent the aerosolisation of biohazardous fluids.
       · Treat blood or other potentially infectious fluids by altering their state (e.g. liquid to a
         semi-solid state).
       · Are non-biodegradable.
       Three standard kits are available containing different quantities of Red-Z powder. The
       basic components of each kit are:
       · The Rapid Response Kit contains 28g of Red-Z which is sufficient to encapsulate up to
         1.5 litres of liquid.
       · The Emergency Response Kit contains 57g of Red-Z which is sufficient to encapsulate
         up to 4.5 litres of liquid.
       · The Quantum Response Kit contains 142g of Red-Z powder which is sufficient to
         encapsulate up to 11 litres of liquid. This kit also contains two each of the basic items
         outlined in addition to an apron.
       Red-Z and Green-Z are also available individually in a wide range of pack sizes. Please
       enquire for full details.
       Each kit contains:
       · 2 gloves, 1 plastic shovel, 1 scraper, 1 chloride towelette, 1 absorbent towel, 1 plastic
         bag with bio-hazard warnings and 1 antiseptic hand wipe.

       Code                   Description                         Unit
       PR1131              Rapid Response Kit                     Each
       PR2036            Emergency Response Kit                   Each

       PR2037             Quantum Response Kit                    Each
Stains Amber              [READY TO USE]

Amber Scientific has established an enviable reputation as a manufacturer of high quality
ready-to-use pathology stains and reagents. The products listed below are a representative
sample of the extensive range of ready to use Microbiology stains available. Please
enquire if a stain you require is not listed. Should you have a particular requirement or
recipe for a stain please contact your local Lomb Account Representative or Customer
Service Representative and Amber will endeavour to make the stain on your behalf.

Code               Description                                                   Unit
ACET-1L            Acid Alcohol, 0.5% acid in 70% alcohol                         1ltr
ALCB-20            Alcian Blue, Acetate buffered                                 20ml
AURA-500           Auramine, Aqueous 0.3% stain in 3% phenol                    500ml
AURA-1L            Auramine, Aqueous 0.3% stain in 3% phenol                      1ltr
AURA-50C           Auramine Concentrate 1/20 dilution (makes 1 litre)            50ml
AURA-10C           Auramine Concentrate 1/20 dilution                            10ml
CFD-500            Carbol Fuchsin Dilute                                        500ml
CFD-1L             Carbol Fuchsin Dilute                                          1ltr
CF-500             Carbol Fuchsin Concentrate (Ziehl Neelson) stain             500ml
CF-1L              Carbol Fuchsin Concentrate (Ziehl Neelson) stain               1ltr
CV.5-500           Crystal Violet, 0.5% aqueous stain                           500ml
CV.5-1L            Crystal Violet, 0.5% aqueous stain                             1ltr
CV.5-5L            Crystal Violet, 0.5% aqueous stain                             5ltr
ERLC-20            Ehrlichs Reagent                                             200ml
ERLC-100           Ehrlichs Reagent                                             100ml
GSK-100            Gram Stain Kit, Crystal violet, safranin, gram's iodine    4 x 100ml
GI-500             Gram's Iodine Solution                                       500ml
GI-1L              Gram's Iodine Solution                                         1ltr
GI-5L              Gram's Iodine Solution                                         5ltr
KOVC-20            Kovac's Reagent                                               20ml
KOVC-100           Kovac's Reagent                                              100ml
LI-1L              Lugol's Iodine, 1% Iodine 2% KI Solution                       1ltr
LI5-5L             Lugol's Iodine, Strong 5% Iodine 10% KI Solution               5ltr
LI10-1LC           Lugol's Iodine Concentrate, 10% Iodine 6% KI Solution          1ltr
                   alcohol based concentrate
MLGN-500           Malachite Green, 0.5% Aqueous solution                       500ml
MLGN-1L            Malachite Green, 0.5% Aqueous solution                         1ltr
MLGR-500           Malachite Green, 1.0% Aqueous solution                       500ml
MLGR-1L            Malachite Green, 1.0% Aqueous solution                         1ltr
MB1A-500           Methylene Blue, 1% Aqueous solution                          500ml
MB1A-1L            Methylene Blue, 1% Aqueous solution                            1ltr
MBL2-500           Methylene Blue, 2% Loeffler solution                         500ml
MBL2-1L            Methylene Blue, 2% Loeffler solution                           1ltr
MBA0.3-500         Methylene Blue, 0.3% Aqueous solution                        500ml
MBA0.3-1L          Methylene Blue, 0.3% Aqueous solution                          1ltr
NTRE-500           Neutral Red, 0.5% aqueous stain                              500ml
NTRE-1L            Neutral Red, 0.5% aqueous stain                                1ltr
NTRD-500           Neutral Red, 1% aqueous stain                                500ml
NTRD-1L            Neutral Red, 1% aqueous stain                                  1ltr
PBS-1L             Phospate Buffered Saline, pH 7.4                               1ltr
PBS-5L             Phospate Buffered Saline, pH 7.4                               5ltr
PBS-1LC            Phospate Buffered Saline, Concentrate                          1ltr
PBS-5LC            Phospate Buffered Saline, Concentrate                          5ltr
PBS-500S           Phospate Buffered Saline, Sterile                            500ml
KMNO-100           Potassium Permanganate, 0.1% aqueous solution                100ml
KMNO-500           Potassium Permanganate, 0.1% aqueous solution                500ml
RYU-500            RYU'S Flagella stain                                         500ml
SF.2-1L            Safranin 0.2% Aqueous                                          1ltr
SF.5-1L            Safranin 0.5% Aqueous                                          1ltr
SF1-500            Safranin 1% Aqueous                                          500ml
SF1-1L             Safranin 1% Aqueous                                            1ltr
SDBK-100           Sudan Black 0.3% Stain                                       100ml
SDBK-500           Sudan Black 0.3% Stain                                       500ml
TRTZ-500           Tartrazine Solution                                          500ml
VP-20              VP                                                            20ml
VP1-100            BP1                                                          100ml
VP1-100            VP2                                                          100ml

Stains Amber              [POWDER]                                                           [124]

Code                                     Description                               Unit
AURA-25G           Auramine O C.I. 41000                                            25g
AURA-100G          Auramine O C.I. 41000                                           100g
BF-25G             Basic Fuchsin C.I. 42510                                         25g
BF-100G            Basic Fuchsin C.I. 42510                                        100g
CV-25G             Crystal Violet C.I. 42555                                        25g
CV-100G            Crystal Violet C.I. 42555                                       100g
MLGN-25G           Malachite Green C.I. 42000 oxalate                               25g
MLGN-100G          Malachite Green C.I. 42000 oxalate                              100g
MB-25G             Methylene Blue C.I. 52015                                        25g
MB-100G            Methylene Blue C.I. 52015                                       100g
NR-25G             Neutral Red C.I. 50040                                           25g
SF-25G             Safranin O C.I. 50240                                            25g

SF-100G            Safranin O C.I. 50240                                           100g
      Stirring Bars, Magnetic Cowie                                [PTFE COATED]
      Teflon coated stirring bars are available to fit virtually any size and type of vessel.
      Cylindrical                                                                                     [125]
      Code                 Diam.          Length                   Unit
      001.106               3mm            6mm                     Each
      001.108               3mm            8mm                     Each
      001.110.6             6mm           10mm                     Each
      001.115.6             6mm           15mm                     Each
      001.120               6mm           20mm                     Each
      001.125.5             5mm           25mm                     Each
      001.130               6mm           30mm                     Each
      001.130.8             8mm           30mm                     Each
      001.135               6mm           35mm                     Each
      001.140               8mm           40mm                     Each
      001.150               8mm           50mm                     Each
      001.170              10mm           70mm                     Each
      001.180              10mm           80mm                     Each
      with pivot ring                                                                                 [126]
      Code                 Diam.          Length                   Unit
      001.313.8             8mm           13mm                     Each
      001.315              4.5mm          15mm                     Each
      001.315.8             8mm           15mm                     Each
      001.320               6mm           20mm                     Each
      001.325               6mm           25mm                     Each
      001.330               6mm           30mm                     Each
      001.340               8mm           40mm                     Each
      001.350               8mm           50mm                     Each
      001.370              10mm           70mm                     Each

      Stirring Bar, Retriever Cowie [PP, MAGNETIC]                                                    [127]
      With permanent magnet on one end and hang-up ring.

      Code                      Lenght               Unit
      004.1300                300 x 10mm             Each

      Stoppers, Test Tubes Push In Boeco                                                              [128]
      Caps are available in a wide range of colours to suit all common test tube sizes.

      Code               Description          Colour               Unit         Unit/Ctn
      5011              12mm Push in          Natural             Pk/1000        20 Pks
      5015              12mm Push in           Red                Pk/1000        20 Pks
      5016              12mm Push in           Blue               Pk/1000        20 Pks
      5031              16mm Push in          Natural             Pk/1000        20 Pks

      Swabs LP Italiana                        [STERILE & NON-STERILE]                                [129]
      LP Italiana offer a complete range of swabs ranging from plain sterile and non sterile to
      swabs with or without transport medium supplied individually sterile or in bulk packs.
      Swabs are available with either a wooden or plastic shaft. Sterile swabs are available in a
      peel pouch or in a polystyrene tube.

      Code              Description                                        Length          Unit/Ctn
      118298            Sterile swabs with Amies transport                16x150mm           200
                        medium in PS tube
      118398            Sterile swab with charcoal transport              16x150mm              200
                        medium in PS tube
      118698            Sterile swabs with Stuart transport               16x150mm              200
                        medium in PS tube
      118798            Sterile swab with charcoal transport              16x150mm              200
                        medium in PS tube
      118498            Sterile swabs with Amies transport                12x150mm              200
                        medium in PP tube
      118598            Sterile swab with charcoal transport              12x150mm              200
                        medium in PP tube
      118898            Sterile swabs with Stuart transport               12x150mm              200
                        medium in PP tube
      118998            Sterile swab with charcoal transport              12x150mm              200
                        medium in PP tube
      111198            Sterile swabs in PS tubes without                 16x150mm              300
                        transport medium
      111298            Swabs, individually wrapped in                    16x150mm              200
                        easy-peel pack
      111598            Sterile swabs in PS tubes without                 12x150mm              500
                        transport medium
      111698            Swabs, individually wrapped in                    12x150mm              500
                        easy-peel pack
      112191            Cotton swab with wooden stick                                       3000
      112298            Cotton swab with wooden stick                                        500
      112491            Cotton swab with plastic stick                                      3000
      112498            Sterile cotton swabs with plastic stick                              500

                        individually wrapped
Syringe Filters Titan                [DISSOLUTION & HPLC]                                   [130]
  Designed for results, engineered for performance.
· Colour coded for pore size and membrane type to facilitate easy identification.
· Large membrane surface area ensures greater sample throughput per filter.
· Glass reinforced sealing ring reduces the likelihood of the device breaking at
  high-pressure rates.
· "Absolute Rated" pore size membranes ensure absolute exclusion of larger particles
  than the rated pore size of the membranes.
· A glance at the colour coded transparent containers indicates when you are running
  low on filters.

Code                    Mem Type                 Diam.         Pore Size        Unit
MSF44525-NN               Nylon                  25mm           0.45um         Pk/100
MSF44525-NP                PTFE                  30mm           0.45um         Pk/100
MSF54525-RC         Regenerated cellulose        25mm           0.45um         Pk/100

Syringes Terumo                [LUER SLIP & LOCK]                                           [131]
Code                Size               Type               Unit          Unit/Ctn
SS+01T               1ml             Luer Slip           Pk/100           18
SS+03L               3ml             Luer Lock           Pk/100           18
SS+05L               5ml             LuerLock            Pk/100           12
SS+10L              10ml             Luer Lock           Pk/100           12
SS+20ES             20ml             Luer Slip           Pk/50            12
SS*30LA             30ml             Luer Lock           Pk/25             8
SS*60LA             60ml             Luer Lock           Pk/25             4

Temperature/Humidity MicroLog [DATA LOGGER]                                                 [132]
The MicroLog is a feature packed temperature and humidity data logger designed to
manage you data in the most efficient and convenient manner. MicroLog software is
designed to set up the MicroLog itself and/or just download the data collected and stored
in the data logger. Data collected can be further analysed and presented in a graphic or
tabular form.
Features and Benefits
· Large digital display for convenient viewing
· External sensors enable additional data collection
· View up to 30 days min/max history on small keypad
· Water and dust proof (IP65)
· Built in quality sensors for temperature and humidity
· Infrared communication to a portable printer
· Recording sample rate selected by user
· Records months of data – up to 16,000 samples
[MICROLOGPLUS - WIRELESS SOLUTION]                                                          [133]
The MicroLogPLUS is a unique system based on the MicroLog, a mini temperature and
humidity data logger. The MicroLogPLUS knows your environment, controlling your
data and saving your money. MicroLogPLUS allows users to communicate with up to
200 MicroLogs and receive all real time measurements on one computer. The
MicroLogPLUS incorporates wireless communication between the logger and the PC.
The MicroLogPLUS is available with two different types of cradles. The alarm cradle
accommodates an additional external sensor and a hardware alarm to operate sound
and/or lights alarm. A wireless cradle with alarm is also available.
Features and Benefits
· Licence free wireless communication
· Handles data from up to 200 MicroLogs at up to 300m
· Small whip antennae for indoor applications
· Programmable audio and visual alarms for when thresholds are crossed
· USB and serial communication ports for the PC, used for one time cradle set-up
· High gain external antennae for mobile applications

Various versions of the MicroLog are available with internal sensors to record
combinations of temperature humidity and relative humidity. The MicroLog also features
one external sensor which can also be used for temperature and humidity or any one of
nine other sensors available to record parameters including pH and conductivity.

Thermometers Brannan                        [ASSORTED]                                      [134]
Mercury filled, white back stirring 305mm length - 76mm Immersion
Code                   Description               Unit
40/401/0             -10 + 50 x 0.5°C           Each
40/403/0             -10 + 110 x 1°C            Each
Red spirit, white back stirring 305mm length - 76mm Immersion
Code                   Description               Unit
44/401/0            -10 + 50 x 0.5°C            Each
44/403/0             -10 + 110 x 1°C            Each
Green Spirit Thermometer, white back stirring 305mm length - 76mm Immersion
Code                   Description              Unit
44/403/5             -10 + 110 x 1°C            Each
Push Button Max/Min Thermometer
Code                   Description               Unit

12/642/2                -30 + 50°C               Each
      Thermo-/Hygrometer Boeco                           [DIGITAL]                                 [135]
      Dual LCD display of indoor temp. and relative indoor humidity
      Measuring range: Indoor temp. 0ºC to +50ºC/1 º     Rel. humidity indoor 25% to 95/1%

      Code                    Description                      Unit
      BOE330          Digital Thermo/Hygrometer                Each

      Timer Jumbo             [4 CHANNEL, LCD DISPLAY]                                             [136]

      · Count down 99min, 59 secs, alarms when reaches zero
      · 4 independent channels, clip for hanging/standing and magnet
      Code                        Description                           Unit
      PTR388          Count - down/count-up timer with clock            Each

      Timer Boeco            [SINGLE CHANNEL, LCD DISPLAY]                                         [137]
      · Count down 99min, 59 secs, alarms when reaches zero
      Code                   Description                       Unit
      BOE200        Counts down to 99 mins 59 secs             Each

      Tubes, Micro Kartell                      [EPPENDORF® TYPE]                                  [138]
      · Suitable for centrifugation up to 14,000rpm

      Code       Capacity                Type                       Unit
      1298        0.5ml               Eppendorf ®                  Pk/1000
      279         1.5ml           Graduated Eppendorf              Pk/1000

      298         1.5ml               Eppendorf ®

      Tubes, Centrifuge Orange Scientific                                [GRADUATED]               [139]
      Orange Scientific centrifuge tubes were designed with the safety and comfort of the user
      in mind. The screw closure was specially designed to prevent overturning and to prevent
      any accidental loosening of the closure particularly during transportation. Clear white
      graduation marking on all tubes and the excellent transparency characteristics of the
      plasticware used in their manufacture combine to facilitate easy sample identification and
      reading of tube volume. The tubes also feature a frosted marking area to further aid
      sample identification.

      Code          Dimensions         Volume          Shape          Material       Unit
      2141100      Ø30 x 116mm          50ml          With Skirt        PP          Ctn/440
      2141300      Ø17 x 120mm          15ml           Conical          PP          Ctn/560
      2040400      Ø17 x 120mm          14ml           Round            PP          Ctn/800
      2040500      Ø17 x 120mm          15ml           Conical          PS          Ctn/800

      Tubes, Culture Chase                   [BOROSILICATE GLASS]                                  [140]

      Code            Description                Type                  Unit
      J1075            10 x 75mm              Borosilicate            Pk/1000
      J1275            12 x 75mm              Borosilicate            Pk/1000
      J13100          13 x 100mm              Borosilicate            Pk/1000
      J16100          16 x 100mm              Borosilicate            Pk/1000
      J16150          16 x 150mm              Borosilicate            Pk/1000
      J18150          18 x 150mm              Borosilicate            Pk/500
      J25150          25 x 150mm              Borosilicate            Pk/312

      Tubes, Haematocrit [PLAIN & HEPARINISED]                                                     [141]
      A high quality product, complying with international standards. The tubes are fire
      polished at the colour-coded end.

      Code                 Description                 Unit            Unit/Ctn
      JC1575P              75mm Plain                 Pk/100            10 Pks
      JC1575H            75mm Heparinised             Pk/100            10 Pks

      Vials, Scintillation Chase                       [BOROSILICATE GLASS]                        [142]
      · Type I Borosilicate Clear with PP Foiled lined cap
      Code            Dimensions          Volume           Unit
      331758S1        17 x 58 mm            7ml           Pk/200
      332757S1        27 x 57 mm           20ml           Pk/100

      Wipes, Bacterial Disinfectant KC                             [ISOWIPES]                      [143]
      Isowipe Bacterial Hospital Grade Disinfectant wipes are ideal for use in Microbiology
      Laboratories for disinfecting surfaces and all items of laboratory instrumentation.
      Isowipes are supplied in a convenient dispenser with 75 wipes.

      Code              Dimensions                  Unit

      6835          Isowipes 42 x 4.3cm            Pack/75
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