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									NAVREF Membership Roster as of 10/25/07

Alabama      Birmingham    Mr. James Palmer,                 VISTAR, Inc.                        Tel: 205/933-8101, ext. 6725
                           Executive Director                700 South 19th Street               Fax: 205/558-7061
                                                             Birmingham, AL 35233                Email: james.palmer@va.gov

Alabama      Montgomery    Eugene Goldman, M.D.,             Veterans Education and Research     Tel: 334/799-6709
                           Board Member                      Institute of Central Alabama        Fax: 334/260-4195
                                                             Central Alabama Veterans Health     Email: eugene.goldman@va.gov
                                                             Care System
                                                             215 Perry Hill Road (11E)
                                                             Montgomery, AL 36109
Alabama      Tuscaloosa    Ms. Beatrix Haustein,             Tuscaloosa Research & Education     Tel: 205/554-200, ext. 2840
                           Executive Director                Advancement Corporation             Fax: 205/554-2877
                                                             VA Medical Center                   Email: beatrix.haustein@va.gov
                                                             3701 Loop Road East (MS 151C)
                                                             Tuscaloosa, AL 35404
Arizona      Phoenix       Charles Hollingsworth, Dr.P.H.,   Carl T. Hayden Medical Research     Tel: 602/222-2768
                           Executive Director                Foundation                          Fax: 602/222-2751
                                                             VA Medical Center                   Email: charles.hollingsworth@va.gov
                                                             650 E. Indian School Road RS/151B
                                                             Phoenix, AZ 85012
Arizona      Tucson        Mr. Jedd Nelson,                  Biomedical Research and Education   Tel: 520/629-1824
                           Executive Director                Foundation of Southern Arizona      Fax: 520/629-1801
                                                             3601 S. Sixth Avenue                Email: jedd.nelson@va.gov
                                                             Tucson, AZ 85723
Arkansas     Little Rock   Ms. Loretta Phillips,             Biomedical Research Foundation      Tel: 501/257-4517; 501/395-6288
                           Executive Director                4300 West 7th Street (151)          pager
                                                             Room 7E 114                         Fax: 501/257-4623
                                                             Little Rock, AR 72205               Email: lphillips@uams.edu

California   Long Beach    Ms. S. Lea Lowe,                  Southern California Institute for   Tel: 562/826-5747
                           Executive Director                Research & Education                Fax: 562/826-8138
                                                             5901 East 7th Street (151)          Email: lea.lowe@va.gov
                                                             Long Beach, CA 90822
California   Los Angeles   Kenneth G. Hickman, Ph.D.,        Brentwood Biomedical Research       Tel: 310/312-1554, ext. 218
                           Executive Director                Institute (BBRI)                    Fax: 310/478-4538
                                                             P.O. Box 25027                      Email:
                                                             Los Angeles, CA 90025-0027          Hickman@brentwoodResearch.org

NAVREF Membership Roster as of 10/25/07

California    Martinez        Ms. Deborah Palmer,        East Bay Institute for Research and    Tel: 925/372-2363
                              Executive Director         Education, Inc.                        Fax: 925/372-2561
                                                         P.O. Box 2339                          Email: dpalmer@ebire.org
                                                         Martinez, CA 94553
California    Palo Alto       Ms. Donna Lee McCartney,   Palo Alto Institute for Research and   Tel: 650/849-0578
                              Executive Director         Education, Inc.                        Fax: 650/858-3907
                                                         P. O. Box V-38                         Email: donna@paire.org;
                                                         Palo Alto, CA 94304-0038               donna.mccartney@va.gov

California    Redlands        Ms. Gayle Lee,             Loma Linda Veterans Association for    Tel: 909/583-6250
                              Executive Director         Research (LLVARE)                      Fax: 909/801-5190
                                                         720 Brookside Avenue, Suite 104        Email: gayle.lee@va.gov
                                                         P.O. Box 1280
                                                         Redlands, CA 92373
California    San Diego       Ms. Kerstin Lynam,         Veterans Medical Research              Tel: 858/552-8585, ext. 4-3070
                              Chief Executive Officer    Foundation of San Diego                Fax: 858/642-3081
                                                         3350 La Jolla Village Drive (V151A)    Email: klynam@vmrf.org
                                                         San Diego, CA 92161
California    San Francisco   Mr. Robert Obana,          Northern California Institute for      Tel: 415/750-6954
                              Executive Director         Research and Education, Inc.           Fax: 415/750-9358
                                                         NCIRE (151NC)                          Email: robert.obana@ncire.org
                                                         4150 Clement Street
                                                         San Francisco, CA 94121
California    Sepulveda       Ms. Bonita L. Krall,       Sepulveda Research Corporation         Tel: 818/895-5881
                              Executive Director         16111 Plummer Street                   Fax: 818/895-9383
                                                         Sepulveda, CA 91343                    Email: Bonita.krall@va.gov

Colorado      Denver          Mr. Paul Saenger,          Denver Research Institute              Tel: 303/393-2892, ext. 5412
                              Executive Director         VA Medical Center                      Fax: 303/377-5686
                                                         1055 Clermont Street                   Email: Paul.Saenger@va.gov
                                                         Denver, CO 80220
Connecticut   West Haven      Fred S. Wright, M.D.,      VA Connecticut Research and            Tel: 203/937-3830
                              President                  Education Foundation (VACREF)          Fax: 203/937-3829
                                                         VA Connecticut Healthcare System,      Email: fred.wright@va.gov
                                                         950 Campbell Avenue
                                                         West Haven, CT 06516

NAVREF Membership Roster as of 10/25/07

District of   Washington    Patrick Joyce, M.D., J.D., M.P.H.,   Institute for Clinical Research, Inc.   Tel: 202/462-0881; 202/745-8254
Columbia                    Executive Director                   P.O. Box 29545                          Fax: 202/462-2006
                                                                 Washington, DC 20017                    Email: patrick.joyce@va.gov

District of   Washington    Mr. Thomas Stripling,                Paralyzed Veterans of America           Tel: 202/416-7698
Columbia                    Director of Research, Education &    801 18th Street, NW                     Fax: 202/416-7641
                            Practice Guidelines                  Washington, DC 20006                    Email: TomS@pva.org

Florida       Bay Pines     Ms. Christa A. Madison,              Bay Pines Foundation, Inc.              Tel: 727/398-6661, ext. 4385
                            Executive Director                   P.O. Box 4125                           Fax: 727/398-9467
                                                                 10,000 Bay Pines Blvd.                  Email: christa.madison@va.gov
                                                                 Bay Pines, FL 33744
Florida       Gainesville   Ms. Joy Mitchell,                    North Florida Foundation for Research   Tel: 352/376-1611, ext. 5832
                            Executive Director                   & Education                             Fax: 352/379-4102
                                                                 NFFRE (151)                             Email: joy.mitchell@va.gov
                                                                 1601 SW Archer Road
                                                                 Gainesville, FL 32608-1197
Florida       Miami         Mr. Luis Gonzalez,                   South Florida Veterans Affairs          Tel: 305/575-3179
                            Acting Executive Director            Foundation for Research and             Fax: 305/324-3126
                                                                 Education, Inc.                         Email: luis.gonzalez2@med.va.gov
                                                                 Miami VA Healthcare System (151)
                                                                 1201 N. W. 16th Street, Room #2A103
                                                                 Miami, FL 33125
Florida       Tampa         Mr. John F. Hern, Jr.,               James A. Haley Veterans Research        Tel: 813/780-2623
                            Executive Director                   and Education Foundation, Inc.          Fax: 813/779-8652
                                                                 James A. Haley Veterans Hospital,       Email: JAHVREF@aol.com
                                                                 Research Service (151)
                                                                 13000 Bruce B. Downs Blvd.
                                                                 Tampa, FL 33612
Georgia       Augusta       Ms. Dolores H. Vasquez,              Augusta Biomedical Research             Tel: 706/823-2238; 706-733-0188,
                            Executive Director                   Corporation                             ext. 3517 direct
                                                                 P.O. Box 3134                           Fax: 706/823-3949
                                                                 Augusta, GA 30914                       Email: dolores.vasquez@va.gov

Georgia       Decatur       Mr. Antonio Laracuente,              Atlanta Research and Education          Tel: 404/728-7643
                            Executive Director                   Foundation, Inc.                        Fax: 404/728-4847
                                                                 1670 Clairmont Road (151F)              Email: tony@atlaref.org;
                                                                 Decatur, GA 30033                       antonio.laracuente@va.gov

NAVREF Membership Roster as of 10/25/07

Hawaii      Honolulu           Ms. Myra Look,             VA Research and Education                 Tel: 808/433-0125
                               Executive Director         Corporation of the Pacific                Fax: 808/433-0379
                                                          Department of Veterans Affairs (151)      Email: myra.look2@va.gov
                                                          E-Wing, TAMC, 459 Patterson Road,
                                                          4th Floor
                                                          Honolulu, HI 96819
Illinois    Chicago/Westside   Mr. David J. Semlow,       Westside Institute for Science and        Tel: 708/485-3378
                               Executive Director         Education                                 Fax: 312/569-8114
                                                          VA Chicago HCS (151)                      Email: d.semlow@comcast.net
                                                          820 S. Damen Avenue
                                                          Chicago/Westside, IL 60612
Illinois    Hines              Mr. Ron Flink,             Chicago Association for Research and      Tel: 708/202-2111
                               Executive Director         Education in Science                      Fax: 708/343-9676
                                                          P.O. Box 250                              Email: ron.flink@va.gov
                                                          Hines, IL 60141
Indiana     Indianapolis       Ms. Margaret Hannon,       Indiana Institute for Medical Research,   Tel: 317/988-3032
                               Executive Director         Inc.                                      Fax: 317/988-3180
                                                          1481 W. 10th Street (151)                 Email: margaret.hannon@va.gov
                                                          Indianapolis, IN 46202
Iowa        Iowa City/Solon    Mr. Steven R. Breese,      Iowa City VA Research Foundation          Tel: 319/688-3542
                               Executive Director         VA Medical Center (151)                   Fax: 319/339-7162
                                                          601 Hwy 6 West                            Email: Steve-breese@icva.gov
                                                          Iowa City/Solon, IA 52246
Kentucky    Louisville         Ms. Kathrine Fox,          Clinical Research Foundation, Inc.        Tel: 502/287-6260; 502/339-9310
                               Executive Director         800 Zorn Avenue                           Fax: 502/289-6191
                                                          (151-K. Fox)                              Email: kathrine.fox@insightbb.com
                                                          Louisville, KY 40206
Louisiana   New Orleans        Timothy G. Hammond, MD,    Louisiana Veterans Research               Tel: 504/589-5279
                               Organizing Committee       Foundation                                Fax: 504/619-4046
                                                          VA Medical Center (COSF/629)              Email: timothy.hammond@va.gov
                                                          1601 Perdidio Street
                                                          New Orleans, LA 70146
Louisiana   Shreveport         Ms. Marjorie McCullough,   Overton Brooks Research Corporation       Tel: 318/424-6076; 318/221-8411,
                               Accounts Coordinator       510 E. Stoner Avenue, (111G)              ext. 6587
                                                          Shreveport, LA 71101-4295                 Fax: 318/424-6179
                                                                                                    Email: marjorie.mccullough@va.gov

NAVREF Membership Roster as of 10/25/07

Maryland        Baltimore     David E. Johnson, Ph.D.,      Baltimore Research and Education      Tel: 410/605-7130; 1-800-593-8384
                              Executive Director            Foundation, Inc.                      Fax: 410/605-7906
                                                            10 North Greene Street (151)          Email: dejohnso@umaryland.edu;
                                                            Baltimore, MD 21201                   david.johnson4@va.gov

Massachusetts   Bedford       Mr. Reginald Griffin,         Bedford VA Research Corporation,      Tel: 781/687-3677
                              Executive Director            Inc.                                  Fax: 781/687-2782
                                                            BRCI/ Dept of VA/Edith Nourse         Email: reginald.griffin@va.gov
                                                            Rogers Memorial Vets Hospital
                                                            200 Springs Road (152)
                                                            Bedford, MA 01730
Massachusetts   Boston        Ms. Nancy Watterson-Diorio,   Boston VA Research Institute, Inc.    Tel: 617/738-1313, ext. 113
                              Chief Executive Officer       VA Boston Healthcare System (151 B)   Fax: 617/738-8480
                                                            150 South Huntington Avenue           Email: nwd@bvari.org
                                                            Boston, MA 02130
Michigan        Ann Arbor     Ms. Susan A. Zuk,             Veterans Education and Research       Tel: 734/845-3967
                              Executive Director            Association of Michigan               Fax: 734/845-3241
                                                            VA Medical Center, Research Service   Email: susan.zuk@va.gov
                                                            2215 Fuller Road
                                                            Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Michigan        Detroit       Ms. Mary Jo Brady,            Metropolitan Detroit Research and     Tel: 313/576-1000, ext. 63106
                              Executive Director            Education Foundation                  Fax: 313/576-1112
                                                            4646 John R Street (11R)              Email: maryjo.brady@va.gov
                                                            Detroit, MI 48201
Minnesota       Minneapolis   Mary C. Gannon, Ph.D.,        Minnesota Veterans Research           Tel: 612/467-2895
                              Executive Director            Institute                             Fax: 612/725-2273
                                                            VA Medical Center (111 G)             Email: Ganno004@umn.edu
                                                            1 Veterans Drive
                                                            Minneapolis, MN 55417
Mississippi     Jackson       Ms. Wanda Hayes,              Research! Mississippi, Inc.           Tel: 601/364-1315 Res office
                              Executive Director            VA Medical Center (151)               Fax: 601/364-1390
                                                            1500 E. Woodrow Wilson Boulevard      Email: wanda.hayes1@va.gov;
                                                            Jackson, MS 39216                     wanda.hayes@med.va.gov

Missouri        Columbia      Mr. Larry Propp,              Missouri Foundation for Medical       Tel: 573/814-6553
                              Executive Director            Research                              Fax: 573/814-6551
                                                            P.O. Box 605                          Email: lawrence.propp@va.gov
                                                            Columbia, MO 65205

NAVREF Membership Roster as of 10/25/07

Missouri     Kansas City   Ms. Kimberly J. Collins,   Midwest Biomedical Research            Tel: 816/921-8311
                           Executive Director         Foundation                             Fax: 816/861-1110; 816/922-4712
                                                      P.O. Box 300662                        Email: kimberly.collins@va.gov
                                                      Kansas City, MO 64130
Missouri     St. Louis     Mr. John Bley,             Vandeventer Place Research             Tel: 314/302-3627
                           Executive Director         Foundation                             Fax: 314/289-7074; 314-963-0355
                                                      VA Medical Center, Research Service    Email: bleyjohn@aol.com
                                                      915 North Grand Blvd. (151/JC)
                                                      St. Louis, MO 63106
Nebraska     Omaha         Mr. Stephan D. Nowling,    Nebraska Educational Biomedical        Tel: 402/346-8800, ext. 3922
                           Secretary/Treasurer        Research Association (NEBRA)           Fax: 402/977-5633
                                                      Research Service (151)                 Email: stephan.nowling@va.gov
                                                      4101 Woolworth Avenue
                                                      Omaha, NE 68105-1873
Nevada       Reno          Joseph Cardillo, Ph.D.,    Sierra Biomedical Research             Tel: 775/328-1487
                           Executive Director         Corporation                            Fax: 775/328-1816
                                                      VA Medical Center                      Email: joseph.cardillo@va.gov
                                                      1000 Locust Street (151)
                                                      Reno, NV 89502-2597
New Jersey   East Orange   Ms. Kristen Bourgerie,     Veterans Biomedical Research           Tel: 973/676-1000, ext. 1-3875;
                           Executive Director         Institute, Inc.                        917/612-9722
                                                      VA NJHCS (151)                         Fax: 973/677-7683
                                                      385 Tremont Avenue, Building 5,        Email: kristenbourgerie@gmail.com
                                                      Room 101A
                                                      East Orange, NJ 07018-1095
New Mexico   Albuquerque   Ms. Donna Wilt,            Biomedical Research Institute of New   Tel: 505/260-1033
                           Executive Director         Mexico                                 Fax: 505/256-5467
                                                      1501 San Pedro, SE, Bldg. 14 (151)     Email: brinmdw@flash.net
                                                      Albuquerque, NM 87108
New York     Albany        Ms. Jaye Kremer,           Albany Research Institute, Inc.        Tel: 518/626-5618
                           Executive Director         VA Healthcare Network Upstate New      Fax: 518/626-5628
                                                      York                                   Email: jaye.kremer@va.gov
                                                      113 Holland Avenue
                                                      Albany, NY 12208
New York     Bronx         Mr. Anthony Rotolo,        Bronx Veterans' Medical Research       Tel: 718/741-4228
                           Executive Director         Foundation, Inc.                       Fax: 718/562-9120
                                                      VA Medical Center (151)                Email: anthony.rotolo@va.gov
                                                      130 West Kingsbridge Road
                                                      Bronx, NY 10468

NAVREF Membership Roster as of 10/25/07

New York         Brooklyn     Ms. Sharon Perez,        Narrows Institute for Biomedical          Tel: 718/630-3645
                              Executive Director       Research, Inc.                            Fax: 718/630-3796
                                                       c/o NYHHS (Brooklyn Campus)               Email: sperez3779@aol.com or
                                                       800 Poly Place                            sharon.perez@va.gov
                                                       Brooklyn, NY 11209
New York         Buffalo      Ms. Nancy Evans,         Buffalo Institute for Medical Research,   Tel: 716/862-6528
                              Executive Director       Inc.                                      Fax: 716/862-6526
                                                       VA Medical Center (151)                   Email: nancy.evans@va.gov
                                                       3495 Bailey Avenue
                                                       Buffalo, NY 14215
New York         Kings Park   Ms. Erica Brown,         The Research Corporation of Long          Tel: 631/261-4400, ext. 2841
                              Executive Director       Island, Inc.                              Fax: 631/544-5317
                                                       P.O. Box 350                              Email: rcli@rcn.com
                                                       Kings Park, NY 11754
New York         Montrose     Cecile Sison, Ph.D.,     Montrose Research Corporation             Tel: 914/737-4400, ext. 2335
                              Executive Coordinator    c/o VA Hudson Valley Health Care          Fax: 914/788-4379
                                                       System (151)                              Email: Cecile.sison@va.gov;
                                                       200 Albany Road, Bldg 14, M8, PO          edward.allan@va.gov
                                                       Box 100
                                                       Montrose, NY 10548
New York         Syracuse     Ms. Stephanie Zumbuhl,   Central New York Research                 Tel: 315/425-4400, ext. 53577
                              Executive Director       Corporation                               Fax: 315/425-4871
                                                       800 Irving Avenue                         Email: Stephaniea.Zumbuhl@va.gov
                                                       Syracuse, NY 13210
North Carolina   Asheville    Ms. Margaret Garrison,   Asheville Medical Research &              Tel: 828/299-5909
                              Executive Director       Education Corporation                     Fax: 828/299-2507
                                                       VAMC Research Service (151)               Email: Margaret.Garrison@va.gov
                                                       1100 Tunnel Road (112)
                                                       Asheville, NC 28805
North Carolina   Durham       Ms. Lorie Moll,          Institute for Medical Research, Inc.      Tel: 919/286-0411, ext. 5180
                              Executive Director       508 Fulton Street (151)                   Fax: 919/286-6824
                                                       Room A2005                                Email: lorie.moll@va.gov
                                                       Durham, NC 27705
North Carolina   Salisbury    Ms. Katherine Veal,      Salisbury Foundation for Research         Tel: 704/638-9000, ext. 4392
                              Executive Director       and Education, Inc.                       Fax: 704/638-3499
                                                       1601 Brenner Avenue                       Email: katy.veal@va.gov
                                                       Salisbury, NC 28144

NAVREF Membership Roster as of 10/25/07

Ohio           Cincinnati      Ms. Ellen Graf,             Cincinnati Foundation for Biomedical   Tel: 513/475-6414
                               Acting Executive Director   Research and Education                 Fax: 513/475-6415
                                                           3200 Vine Street                       Email: ellen.graf-jansen@va.gov
                                                           Mail Location (151)
                                                           Cincinnati, OH 45220
Ohio           Cleveland       Ms. Gail Burns,             Cleveland VA Medical Research and      Tel: 440/526-3030, ext. 6723
                               Executive Director          Education                              Fax: 440/838-6017
                                                           VA Medical Center 151(W)               Email: gail.burns@va.gov
                                                           10701 East Blvd.
                                                           Cleveland, OH 44106
Ohio           Dayton          Mr. Rick Swinford,          Dayton Veterans Affairs Research and   Tel: 937/262-2194; 937/268-6511,
                               Acting Executive Director   Education Foundation                   ext. 2194
                                                           Medical Education and Research         Fax: 937/267-3949
                                                           (142)                                  Email: rick.swinford@va.gov
                                                           4100 West Third Street
                                                           Dayton, OH 45428
Oklahoma       Oklahoma City   Ms. Debbie Simmons,         Veteran's Research and Education       Tel: 405/270-5170
                               Executive Director          Foundation                             Fax: 405/297-5911
                                                           VREF 151                               Email: Debbie-Simmons@ouhsc.edu
                                                           921 NE 13th St.
                                                           Oklahoma City, OK 73104
Oregon         Portland        Ms. Shelley Cobb,           Portland VA Research Foundation,       Tel: 503/273-5228; 503/220-8262,
                               Executive Director          Inc.                                   ext. 54659
                                                           P.O. Box 69539                         Fax: 503/402-2866
                                                           Portland, OR 97239                     Email: shelley.cobb@va.gov

Pennsylvania   Philadelphia    Ms. Patricia Wallace,       Philadelphia Research and Education    Tel: 215/823-4578
                               Executive Director          Foundation                             Fax: 215/823-5171
                                                           PVAMC-Medical Research Services        Email: patricia.wallace@va.gov
                                                           3900 Woodland Avenue
                                                           Philadelphia, PA 19104
Pennsylvania   Pittsburgh      Mr. Nicholas L. Squeglia,   Veterans Research Foundation of        Tel: 412/365-4273
                               Executive Director          Pittsburgh                             Fax: 412/365-5291
                                                           7180 Highland Drive (151U-H)           Email: nicholas.squeglia@va.gov
                                                           Building 2, Room 2045W
                                                           Pittsburgh, PA 15206

NAVREF Membership Roster as of 10/25/07

Puerto Rico      San Juan       Ms. Blanca Lebron,             Sociedad de Investigacion Cientifica,   Tel: 787/641-2905
                                Executive Director             Inc.                                    Fax: 787/641-8359
                                                               VA Carribbean Healthcare System         Email: blanca.lebron@med.va.gov
                                                               10 Casia Street, Office A-8
                                                               San Juan, PR 00968
Rhode Island     Providence     Ms. Regina Correa-Murphy,      Ocean State Research Institute          Tel: 401/457-3066
                                Executive Director             VA Medical Center                       Fax: 401/457-3305
                                                               830 Chalkstone Avenue                   Email: regina.correa-murphy@va.gov
                                                               Providence, RI 02908
South Carolina   Charleston     Ms. Kelsie Cochran,            Charleston Research Institute           Tel: 843/789-6702
                                Executive Director             VA Medical Center (151)                 Fax: 843/876-5384
                                                               109 Bee Street                          Email: Kelsie.cochran@va.gov
                                                               Charleston, SC 29401-5799
South Carolina   Columbia       Mr. Larry Peck,                Dorn Research Institute                 Tel: 803/776-4000, ext. 6632
                                Executive Director             WJB Dorn VA Hospital                    Fax: 803/695-6829
                                                               6439 Garners Ferry Road, Bldg. 6,       Email: lawrence.peck@va.gov
                                                               Room 116
                                                               Columbia, SC 29209-1639
South Dakota     Fort Meade     Michael Fellner, Ph.D.,        VA Black Hills Research and             Tel: 605/720-7180
                                Executive Director/President   Education Foundation                    Fax: 605/720-7204
                                                               VA Black Hills Health Care System       Email: michael.fellner@va.gov
                                                               (MHBS 5)
                                                               113 Comanche Road, Bldg. 53
                                                               Fort Meade, SD 57741
South Dakota     Sioux Falls    Dave Maddox, Ph.D.,            Great Plains Medical Research           Tel: 605/336-3230, ext. 6506
                                Secretary/Treasurer            Foundation                              Fax: 605/333-6898
                                                               VAMC Research (151)                     Email: david.maddox@mckennan.org
                                                               2501 W. 22nd Street
                                                               Sioux Falls, SD 57105
Tennessee        Johnson City   Ms. Dorothy A. Fish,           J. H. Quillen VA Medical Center         Tel: 423/926-1171, ext. 2662
                                Executive Director             Biomedical Research Corporation         Fax: 423/439-6050
                                                               P.O. Box 4000                           Email: dorothy.fish@va.gov
                                                               Johnson City, TN 37684
Tennessee        Memphis        Mr. Kerry Palmertree,          Research, Incorporated                  Tel: 901/577-7275
                                Executive Director             1030 Jefferson Avenue (151)             Fax: 901/577-7539
                                                               Memphis, TN 38104                       Email: kpalmert@utmem.edu

NAVREF Membership Roster as of 10/25/07

Tennessee   Nashville        George Stricklin, M.D.,               Middle Tennessee Research Institute     Tel: 615/327-0938
                             President                             Alvin C. York VA Medical Center (14A)   Fax: 615/329-1520
                                                                   1310 24th Avenue S., Room F-201         Email: George.Stricklin@va.gov
                                                                   Nashville, TN 37212
Texas       Amarillo         Mr. Bryan Bayley,                     Amarillo Research Foundation            Tel: 806/355-9703, ext. 7010
                             Executive Director                    VA Medical Center (04)                  Fax: 806/354-7860
                                                                   6010 Amarillo Blvd. West                Email: Bryan.Bayley@va.gov
                                                                   Amarillo, TX 79106
Texas       Dallas           Ms. Meshonda D. Womble,               Dallas VA Research Corporation          Tel: 214/857-0963
                             Executive Director                    4500 S. Lancaster Road (151)            Fax: 214/857-4957
                                                                   PO Box 516, Suite 124                   Email: meshondaD.Womble@va.gov
                                                                   Dallas, TX 75216
Texas       Houston          Mrs. Joyce A. McDaniel,               Houston VA Research and Education       Tel: 713/794-7564
                             Director of Operations for Research   Foundation, Inc.                        Fax: 713/794-7938
                             Service Line                          Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical           Email: mcdaniel@bcm.tmc.edu
                                                                   Center (151)
                                                                   2002 Holcombe Blvd., Bldg. 110
                                                                   Houston, TX 77030
Texas       San Antonio      Ms. Darlene Davis,                    Biomedical Research Foundation of       Tel: 210/617-5123
                             Executive Director                    South Texas, Inc.                       Fax: 210/567-6550
                                                                   P.O. Box 40512                          Email: Darlene.Davis3@va.gov
                                                                   San Antonio, TX 78229
Texas       Temple           Keith A. Young, Ph.D.,                TEMPVA Research Group, Inc.             Tel: 254/743-2295
                             Executive Director                    CTVHCS, Research Office (151)           Fax: 254/743-0162
                                                                   1901 South First Street                 Email: tempvanpc@yahoo.com
                                                                   Temple, TX 76504
Utah        Salt Lake City   Mr. Marc A. Sanders, M.B.A,           Western Institute for Biomedical        Tel: 801/584-5665
                             Executive Director                    Research                                Fax: 801/583-9624
                                                                   P.O. Box 58719                          Email: msanders@utah-inter.net
                                                                   Salt Lake City, UT 84158
Vermont     White River      Ms. Laura Miraldi,                    Collaborative Medical Research          Tel: 802/296-6339
            Junction         Executive Director                    Corporation                             Fax: 802/296-6308
                                                                   PO Box 4655                             Email: laura.f.miraldi@dartmouth.edu
                                                                   White River Junction, VT 05001
Virginia    Richmond         Mr. Robert Dresch,                    McGuire Research Institute              Tel: 804/675-5151
                             Executive Director                    1201 Broad Rock Road                    Fax: 804/675-5139
                                                                   Richmond, VA 23249                      Email: Robert.dresch@va.gov

NAVREF Membership Roster as of 10/25/07

Virginia        Salem        Ms. Lynne Moffitt,        Salem Research Institute, Inc.          Tel: 540/982-2463, ext. 1-1207
                             Executive Director        P.O. Box 1360                           Fax: 540/224-1907
                                                       Salem, VA 24153-1360                    Email: lynne.moffitt@va.gov

Washington      Seattle      Eileen Lennon, Ph.D.,     Seattle Institute for Biomedical and    Tel: 206/764-2710
                             Executive Director        Clinical Research                       Fax: 206/764-2742
                                                       1660 S. Columbian Way (151F)            Email: eileen@sibcr.org
                                                       Seattle, WA 98108
West Virginia   Clarksburg   Mr. William E. Cox,       Mountaineer Education & Research        Tel: 304/623-7602
                             Medical Center Director   Corporation                             Fax: 304/626-7048
                                                       Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center      Email: william.cox7@va.gov
                                                       One Medical Center Drive
                                                       Clarksburg, WV 26301
West Virginia   Huntington   Ms. Jill Stevenson,       Huntington Institute for Research and   Tel: 304/429-6755 ext 3435
                             Executive Director        Education                               Fax: 304/429-0278
                                                       VA Medical Center                       Email: jill.stevenson@va.gov
                                                       1540 Spring Valley Drive
                                                       Huntington, WV 25704
Wisconsin       Madison      Mr. Marvin G. Rupp,       Madison Veterans' Research and          Tel: 608/256-1901, ext. 17801
                             Executive Director        Education Foundation                    Fax: 608/280-7244
                                                       VA Medical Center                       Email: marvin.rupp@va.gov
                                                       2500 Overlook Terrace
                                                       Madison, WI 53705
Wisconsin       Milwaukee    Mr. Phillip L. Cook,      Wisconsin Corporation for Biomedical    Tel: 414/384-2000, ext. 41430
                             Executive Director        Research                                Fax: 414/382-5374
                                                       5000 West National Avenue               Email: philcook@mcw.edu
                                                       Research 151
                                                       Milwaukee, WI 53295


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