; Williamson Flash Souvenir Corkscrews
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Williamson Flash Souvenir Corkscrews


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									  Williamson "Flash" Souvenir Corkscrews

A catalog from the readers of The Weekly Screw

                Updated July 11, 2006

   Don Bull, Editor, corkscrew@bullworks.net

          This project began on May 23, 2006 with an
         announcement published in The Weekly Screw.

   This is the "Flash list". For the "Picture Catalog", please see
In a 1929 catalog the C.T. Williamson Manufacturing Company, Newark, New Jersey,
offered the "Flash" Corkscrew and Bottle Opener. This style corkscrew / opener can be
found with many different paper souvenir labels from locations across North America.
From the number reported so far, it seems the Williamson Company had a darn good
representative selling the product.

The "Flash" corkscrews are found with metal caps on the bottom and without the cap. It
is possible that those with caps are pre WWII and those without are after WWII.

                       The "Flash" corkscrews can be found with
                       site related specific scenes (e.g. Empire
                       State Building) and with generic scenes
                       with place name overprint (Indian, Deer in
                       Water, Sailboat, Beach Scene, etc.).

                       Although we have not yet found any
                       advertising brochures offering the "Flash"
                       for sale for dating purposes, we do know
                       that one depicts the "Chicago's New Zoo
                       at Brookfield, Ill." which opened in
                       1934. Another is from Santa's Work
                       Shop North Pole, Whiteface Mountain,
                       New York which opened in 1949.

Photos can be found on the Internet at http://www.bullworks.net/daily/flashpix.pdf,

Readers are encouraged to submit additions, photos and literature, advertisements,
brochures to:

Don Bull, Editor / email corkscrew@bullworks.net
                 Williamson "Flash" Corkscrews
Description                                                        Owner   Photo?
Aberdeen, South Dakota                                             RM      Y
Adirondack Mts. (Deer)                                             FK      Y
Adirondack Mts. (Fish)                                             FK      Y
Aerial Chairlift, Duluth, Minn.                                    RM      Y
Aerial Chairlift, Mt. Sunapee State Park, New Hampshire            RM      Y
Aerial Tramway, Franconia Notch, New Hampshire                     BG      *
Alamo, San Antonio, Texas                                          HT      Y
Alamosa. Colorado (Deer in Water)                                  FM      Y
Alhambra, California (Lake)                                        RM      Y
Angola, IN. (Sail Boat)                                            DB1     Y
Arlington Hotel and Bath House Row, Hot Springs Nat’l Park, Ark.   JB2     Y
Ashland, Kentucky ((Log Cabin)                                     DB1     Y
Ashtabula, Ohio (Ship)                                             FM      Y
Athol, Massachusetts                                               FK      Y
Atlantic City, N.J.–Convention Hall                                JB2     Y
Atlantic City, New Jersey (Boardwalk)                              BG      *
Auditorium and Convention Hall, Atlantic City                      WM      Y
Augusta, Maine (Indian in Full Head Dress)                         BG      *
Ausable Chasm, New York                                            JG      Y
Ausable Chasm, New York, The                                       DB1     Y
Badlands, South Dakota                                             DC      Y
Baldwin, Michigan (Deer Standing In Woodland Lake)                 BG      *
Balitmore, Maryland - Pimlico Racetrack                            FM      Y
Barbara Fritchie's Home, Frederick, Maryland                       FM      Y
Barksdale Field, Shreveport, Louisiana, World’s Largest Airport    JB2     Y
Bay Shore Long Island, New York (Sailboat On Sound)                BG      *
Beaverton, MI. (Deer)                                              DB1     Y
Benson Wild Animal Farm, Hudson, New Hampshire                     BG      *
Big Bear Lake, Calif. (Deer in Water)                              JB2     Y
Big Thompson Canyon, Estes Park, Colorado                          DC      Y
Biloxi, Mississippi                                                DB      Y
Binghamton, New York                                               BB      Y
Blackwater Falls State Park, Blackwater Falls, West Virginia       BG      *
Blowing Rock, North Carolina                                       FK      Y
Blue Hole, Castilia, Ohio                                          BB      Y
Boise, Idaho (Cowboy on Horse)                                     FM      Y
Bonneville Dam, Oregon                                             JG      Y
Boys Town, Nebraska                                                       DC    Y
Brattleboro, Vermont (Mountain Lake Scene)                                JB2   Y
Bridal Cave, Camden, MO                                                   FM    Y
Bridgeport, Connecticut (Indian in Full Head Dress)                       JG    Y
Brulatour Coutyard, New Orleans, LA                                       FM    Y
Brunswick, Maine (Indian)                                                 BB    Y
Buck Lake Ranch, Angola, Indiana                                          JB    **
Buckhorn Saloon, San Antonio, Texas                                       BG    *
Buckhorn, San Antonio, Texas, The                                         BB    Y
Buffalo Bill's Home Town, North Platte, Nebraska                          BG    *
Buffalo, N.Y. (Bison)                                                     DB1   Y
Buffalo, N.Y. (Sail Boat)                                                 DB1   Y
Bull Shoals Dam, Bull Shoals, Arkansas                                    BG    *
Burlington, Vermont (Mountain Lake)                                       BG    *
Bushkill Falls Niagara of Pennsylvania, Bushkill, Pennsylvania            BG    *
California (Covered Wagon)                                                HW    *
Canyon Mt. Aerial Tramway, Franconia Notch, White Mts, N.H.               JB2   Y
Catskill Game Farm-Deer Standing In Woodland Lake, Catskill, New York     BG    *
Cave of the Mounds, Wisconsin                                             DB    Y
Charles City, Iowa                                                        WM    Y
Cherokee Indian Reservation, North Carolina (Indian in Full Head Dress)   JB2   Y
Chicago's New Zoo at Brookfield, Ill.                                     DB    Y
Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky                                     BG    *
Claremore, Okla., Home of Will Rogers                                     JB2   Y
Cleveland, Ohio, Union Terminal Tower                                     JB2   Y
Cliff House at Seal Rocks, San Francisco                                  DB    Y
Clinton, Kentucky (Woodland Road leading to Mountains)                    BG    *
COG Railway, Mt. Washington, NH                                           WM    Y
Coldwater, MI. (Sailboat)                                                 DB1   Y
Coldwater, Michigan (Sailboat On Lake)                                    BG    *
Colorado Springs Colo. (Man on Bucking Bronco)                            DB1   Y
Concord, New Hampshire (Mountain Lake)                                    BG    *
Corn Palace, Mitchell, S. D.                                              RM    Y
Corpus Christi Texas (Fish)                                               JK    Y
Crescent Beach, S.C.                                                      FK    Y
Cumberland, Maryland (Woodland Scene)                                     BG    *
Cypress Gardens, Winter Haven, Florida                                    FM    Y
Dallas, Texas                                                             DC    Y
Dalton Gang Hideout, Meade, Kansas                                        BB    Y
Daytona Beach, Florida                                                    JL    Y
Dearborn, Michigan (Indian in Full Head Dress)                            DB    Y
Denver, Colorado (Mountain Lake)                            FM    Y
Denver, Colorado State Capitol                              DC    Y
Depoe Bay, Ore.                                             WM    Y
Des Moines, Iowa                                            FK    Y
Detroit Zoological Park                                     HD    Y
Devil's Lake State Park, Baraboo, Wisconsin                 DB    Y
Dog Patch                                                   DB1   Y
Duluth Minnesota (Sail Boat)                                DB1   Y
Durango, Colorado                                           WM    Y
Edaville Railroad, South Carver, Massachusetts              BG    *
El Paso, Texas (Cowboy On Bucking Bronco)                   BG    *
Elmira, New York (Mountain And Woodland Scene)              BG    *
Empire State Building New York, World's Tallest             MW2   Y
Empire State Building World's Tallest Height 1,472 Feet     DB    Y
Entrance Lodge Niagara Cave, Harmony, Minnesota             BG    *
Eugene, Oregon                                              DB    Y
Evansville Woodland Scene, Evansville, Indiana              BG    *
Evansville, Indiana (Indian)                                JB2   Y
Excelsior Springs, Missouri (Indian in Full Head Dress)     BG    *
Fair Haven, Vermont (Deer in Water)                         JB2   Y
Fairmont, W. Virginia (Waterfall)                           JB2   Y
Famous Hairpin Turn, The, Mohawk Trail, Mass                FM    Y
Farmers Market, Hollywood, California                       JB2   Y
Farmers Museum, Cooperstown, New York                       BG    *
Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, California                BG    *
Florida (Beach)                                             BG    *
Fort Randall Dam Pickstown So Dak (Picture of Dam)          FM    Y
Fort Ticonderoga, New York                                  FM    Y
Fountain and Carew Tower, Cincinnati, Ohio                  RM    Y
Fountain of Youth, St. Augustine, Fla.                      BR    Y
Frontier Town, N. Y.                                        JG    Y
Ft. Dodge, Iowa                                             DC    Y
Ft. Randall Dam, South Dakota (Indian in Full Head Dress)   BG    *
Geneva On The Lake, Ohio                                    BG    *
Georgia                                                     DC    Y
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania - Eternal Light Peace Momument     FK    Y
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania - Gettysburg National Museum       FK    Y
Gingerbread Castle, Hamburg, New Jersey                     RM2   Y
Glacier National Park, Montana                              BG    *
Glacier Park                                                WM    Y
Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco                            JK    Y
Gouveneur, New York                                                  DB    Y
Grand Canyon National Park                                           BB    Y
Grand Canyon National Park, North Rim (on an Artist Brush)           BB    Y
Grand Coulee Dam, Washington                                         FM    Y
Grand Forks, North Dakota (Indian with bow)                          MW2   Y
Grand Marais, MI. (Deer in Water)                                    DB1   Y
Grandfather Mountain Elevantion 5,964 Feet, Linville, N. Dakota      RM    Y
Grants Pass, Ore - Cavemen on Guard at Oregon Caves                  FM    Y
Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, California                     BG    *
Great Smoky Mts. - The Loop                                          FK    Y
Green Mts, Vt.                                                       FK    Y
Grotto of the Redemption, West Bend, Iowa                            BG    *
Grotto, Dickeyville, Wisconsin                                       BG    *
Hannibal, Mo., Tom – Huck                                            BB    Y
Harold's Club, Reno                                                  WM    Y
Hayward, Wis.                                                        BB    Y
Hellgate Trading Post, Missoula, Montana                             FM    Y
Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, Calif.                                    JB2   Y
Hollywood, California                                                JB2   Y
Honolulu, Hawaii                                                     MS    Y
Honolulu, Hawaii (Beach)                                             BG    *
Hot Springs, South Dakota                                            FK    Y
Hotel Riviera, Las Vegas, Nevada (Wood)                              BR    Y
Houghton Lake, Michigan (Doe With Fawn Drinking in Stream)           BG    *
Howe Caverns Underground Boat Ride (New York)                        HW    *
Hyde Park, N. Y. – Home of Franklin Delano Roosevelt                 FK    Y
Incline Railway Lookout Mt., Chattanooga, Tennessee                  BG    *
Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania                        BG    *
Indiana (Indian in Full Head Dress)                                  DB1   Y
Indiana Beach-People Swimming at Lake Resort, Shafer Lake, Indiana   BG    *
International Bridge, 1000 Islands, New York                         DB    Y
Iron Mountain, Michigan (Mountain Lake Scene)                        DB    Y
Iron Mt., Michigan (Indian in Full Head Dress)                       DB1   Y
Jackson Monument, New Orleans                                        WM    Y
Jackson, Michigan                                                    JL    Y
Jackson, Tenn., Home of Casey Jones                                  DB    Y
Kaibas National Forrest, Jacob Lake, Arizona                         BG    *
Kansas City, Kansas (Cowboy On Bucking Bronco)                       BG    *
Kansas City, Missouri (Indian in Full Head Dress)                    BG    *
Kent, Ohio (Trees and River)                                         DB1   Y
Kentucky Lake, Kentucky                                              BG    *
Key West, FL. (Flamingos)                                         DB1   Y
Knoebels Groves, Elysburg, Pennsylvania                           BG    *
Knott's Berry Farm & Ghost Town, Buena Park, California           BG    *
Knotts Berry Farm, Ghost Town and Calico RR, California           DC    Y
Lake Champlain - Streamline Ferries                               FK    Y
Lake Champlain Ferry Crossing, Beautiful                          JB2   Y
Lake Champlain Streamline Ferry, M. V. Valcour                    RM    Y
Lake Champlain, Beautiful, Ferry Crossings                        FM    Y
Lake Geneva, Wis.                                                 DB    Y
Lake of the Ozarks, Bagnell Dam, Missouri                         BB    Y
Lake of the Ozarks, Bagnell Dam, Missouri                         MS    Y
Lake of the Ozarks, Bagnell Dam, Missouri                         WM    Y
Lake Placid, New York (Deer Standing In Woodland Lake)            BG    *
Lake Tahoe, Emerald Bay                                           BB    Y
Lake Wallenpaupack (Sailboat - Pennsylvania)                      RM2   Y
Land of Scenic Splendor, New Hampshire                            WM    Y
Las Vegas, Nevada (Cowboy Riding a Horse                          BG    *
Las Vegas, Nevada (Golden Nugget)                                 DB1   Y
Lassen Volcanic Nat’l Park                                        BB    Y
Lebanon, N. H. (Indian)                                           RM    Y
Letchworth State Park - Castile N.Y. (Waterfall)                  DB1   Y
Lewisburg, Pennsylvania                                           FM    Y
Lexington, MI. (Indian Chief in Full Head Dress)                  DB1   Y
Lincoln's Boyhood Home, Knob Creek, KY                            JL    Y
Little Brown Church in the Vale, Nashua, Iowa                     DB    Y
Little Falls, Minnesota (Indian in Full Head Dress)               BG    *
Locks, Soo, Michigan                                              RM    Y
Long Beach Is., N. J. (Sailboat)                                  DB    Y
Long Beach, California (Beach Scene)                              FM    Y
Lookout Mountain Lovers Leap, Rock City, Georgia                  BG    *
Los Angeles California - City Hall                                DB1   Y
Los Angeles, California - City Hall                               FK    Y
Los Angeles, California City Hall                                 BG    *
Machinaw City Mich (Sailboat)                                     DB1   Y
Mackinac Bridge - Cheyboygan (yellowish) (Bridge)                 DB1   Y
Mackinac Bridge - St. Ignace MI. (blueish) (Bridge)               DB1   Y
Mackinac Bridge St. Ignace, Michigan, St.Ignace, Michigan         BG    *
Mackinac Island, Mich.                                            DB    Y
Mackinac Island, Michigan (Two Brown Horses Pulling a Carriage)   BG    *
Mackinac Island, Michigan (Two White Horses Pulling a Carriage)   BG    *
Mackinac Straits Bridge                                           DB    Y
Manchester, New Hampshire (Deer by water)                        JG    Y
Manitowish Waters                                                MS    Y
Mankato, Minnesota (Indian in Full Head Dress)                   BG    *
Mark Twain's Home, Hannibal, Missouri                            BG    *
McCook, Nebraska (Woodland Scene)                                BG    *
Metropolitan Beach (Couple on Beach)                             DB1   Y
Miami Beach, Florida                                             DB    Y
Miami Beach, Florida (Flamingo)                                  JG    Y
Miami, Florida (Flamingos)                                       JG    Y
Michigan Central Depot, Detroit, Michigan                        BG    *
Milledgiville, Georgia. (Grove of Trees)                         DB1   Y
Minneapolis Minnesota - Minnehaha Falls (Waterfall)              DB1   Y
Minneapolis, Minnesota                                           JG    Y
Minocqua, Wisconsin                                              DB    Y
Minocqua, Wisconsin (Deer Standing In Woods)                     BG    *
Missouri The Show Me State                                       RM    Y
Mohawk Trail, Massachusetts (Deer Standing In Woodland Lake)     BG    *
Mohawk Trail, Souvenir of (Indian in Full Head Dress)            BR    Y
Molly Pitcher Monument - Carlisle, P.A.                          FK    Y
Monkey Jungle, Goulds, Florida                                   BG    *
Monument Salt Lake City, Uath                                    FM    Y
Morman Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah                              DB    Y
Mount Greylock, Mass. - War Memorial Beacon                      FK    Y
Mount Hood,Portland Oregon                                       WM    Y
Mount Rushmore, Black Hills, South Dakota                        DC    Y
Mount Rushmore, S. D., The Shrine of Democracy                   MW2   Y
Mt. Evans, Colo Alt. 14,260 Ft., Mt. Evans, Colorado (City of)   BG    *
Mt. Rushmore National Memorial, Black Hills S.D.                 WM    Y
Mt. Rushmore National Memorial, Black Hills, South Dakota        BG    *
Museum Audubon State Park, Henderson, Kentucky                   BG    *
Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, Illinois                FM    Y
Muskellunge, Minocqua, Wis. (Fish)                               BB    Y
Natural Bridge, Virginia                                         BG    *
Natural Chimney Mt. Solon Virginia, Virginia                     BG    *
NBC Radio City, New York City, New York                          BG    *
New Hampshire                                                    RM    Y
New Hampshire - Land of scenic splendor (Map)                    DB1   Y
New Mexico (Indian in Full Head Dress)                           BG    *
New Mexico, Land of Enchantment (Indian on Horse)                JB2   Y
New Orleans, Louisiana, Jackson Square                           WM    Y
Niagara Cave Harmony Minn., Harmony, Minnesota                   BG    *
Niagara Falls                                                     SR    Y
Niagara Falls - United States - Canada                            DB1   Y
Niagara Falls United States - Canada                              RM    Y
Niagara Falls United States And Canada, Niagara Falls, New York   BG    *
Niagara Falls                                                     DB1   Y
Niagara Falls, Niagara Falls, New York                            BG    *
North Syracuse, New York                                          FK    Y
Norton, Virginia (Deer Standing In Woodland Lake)                 BG    *
Oakland, California (Landscape)                                   FM    Y
Ocean City, Maryland (Beach - couple laying)                      DB    Y
Ocean City, Maryland (Beach - couple running)                     BG    *
Ohio Turnpike, Ohio                                               BG    *
Old Faithful - Yellowstone National Park                          DB    Y
Old Fort Niagara - New York 1725-1727                             DB    Y
Old Fort Niagara, Youngstown, New York                            BG    *
Old Orchard Beach, Maine                                          FK    Y
Old Orchard Beach, Maine                                          JG    Y
Omaha, Nebraska (Wagon Train)                                     BB    Y
Ozarks                                                            DB    Y
Panama City, Florida (Beach Scene)                                FM    Y
Paul Bunyan And His Blue Ox, Babe, Bemidji, Minnesota             BG    *
Paul Bunyan Lookout, Spruce, Michigan                             BG    *
Paul Bunyan, Brainerd, Minn.                                      JB2   Y
Paul Revere House Boston, Mass                                    MW    Y
Pendleton, Oregon (Cowboy On Bucking Bronco)                      BG    *
Pennsylvania Dutch Couple in Period Dress, Pennsylvania           BG    *
Petoskey, MI. (Indian Chief in Full Head Dress)                   DB1   Y
Phoenix, Arizona (State Capitol)                                  BG    *
Phoenix, Arizona                                                  DC    Y
Pikes Peak Co. 14,110 ft Streamline Cog                           DB1   Y
Pikes Peak, Colorado                                              FM    Y
Pipestone, Minnesota (Indian in Full Head Dress)                  BG    *
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Indian)                                 FM    Y
Plymouth Rock, Plymouth, Mass.                                    RM    Y
Point Lookout Catskill MTS. New York, East Windham, New York      BG    *
Pontiac, MI. (Indian Chief in Full Head Dress)                    DB1   Y
Poplar Bluff, Missouri (Fish on Lure)                             BG    *
Port Authority Bus Terminal, New York City, New York              BG    *
Portland, Me. (Lighthouse)                                        DB1   Y
Portland, Oregon (Ferry Boat)                                     WM    Y
Portland, Oregon (Fish on Lure)                                   BG    *
Portland, Oregon (Mountain And Woodland Scene)                             BG    *
Rail City Sandy Pond N.Y.                                                  DB1   Y
Rainbow Falls, Ausable Chasm, New York                                     BG    *
Rainbow Falls, Watkins Glen, N. Y.                                         RM    Y
Rainbow Falls, Watkins Glen, N.Y.                                          DB1   Y
Rapid River, MI. (Fish)                                                    DB1   Y
Redwood Highway California, Worlds Famous Tree House, believe it or not    NL    Y
Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee                                                   RM    Y
Reno—Best Little City In The World                                         JB2   Y
Richmond, Virginia (Indian in Full Head Dress)                             BG    *
Roadside America The World's Greatest Indoor Village, Hamburg,
Pennsylvania                                                               BG    *
Roanoke, Virginia (Indian)                                                 JB2   Y
Rochester, N.Y. (Sailboat)                                                 DB1   Y
Rochester, N.Y. (Indian in Full Head Dress)                                MW2   Y
Rock City Gardens, Lookout MT., Lover's Leap, Georgia                      BG    *
Rock City Lookout Mt.                                                      DB    Y
Rock City Lover Leap Lookout Moutain                                       DB    Y
Rockaway Beach, Missouri (Fish on Lure)                                    BG    *
Rockefeller Center, New York                                               RM    Y
Rocky Mountain National Park, Longs Peak, Colorado                         BG    *
Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Moncton New Brunswick                      FK    Y
Royal Gorge, Colo., World's Highest Bridge                                 DB    Y
Sad Eye Joe Knotts Berry Farm Buena Park, Caif., Buena Park, California    BG    *
Sad Eye Joe, Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park Calif.                         WM    Y
Saint Louis Cathedral, Jackson Statue, New Orleans, La.                    BB    Y
Saint Louis Zoo, Missouri, See me at                                       DB    Y
San Angelo, Texas                                                          DC    Y
San Diego, California                                                      FK    Y
San Juan Caristrano. Calif. - Mission Swallows                             FK    Y
Santa Catalina Island, California                                          JB2   Y
Santa Claus, California, Santa Claus Welcomes you to                       RM    Y
Santa's Work Shop North Pole, Whiteface Mountain, New York                 BG    *
Saranac Lake, N.Y. (Indian in full Head dress)                             JB2   Y
Saratoga Springs, New York (Two Racing Horses)                             BG    *
Seneca Caverns, West Virginia                                              BG    *
Sequoia National Park, California—“General Sherman” world’s largest tree   JB2   Y
Seven Falls, Colorado Springs, Colorado                                    RM    Y
Shenandoah National Park VA. The Tunnel Skyline Dr, Virginia               BG    *
Ship On Waterway, Gary, Indiana                                            BG    *
Ship Traveling In Locks-The Locks, Soo, Michigan, Soo, Michigan            BG    *
Singing Tower, Lake Wales, Florida                                 BG    *
Singing Tower, The, Lake Wales, Florida                            JB    **
Sioux Falls, South Dakota (Indian Head)                            FM    Y
Skyline Drive Shenandoah National Park (Tunnel)                    DB1   Y
Soldiers & Sailors Monument, Indianapolis, Indiana                 JB    **
South Dakota - Hunter's Paradise                                   DC    Y
Springfield, Missouri                                              DB    Y
St. Augustine World's Largest Alligator Farm, Route A1A, Florida   MW2   Y
St. Louis Cathedral Jackson Statue, New Orleans, Louisiana         BG    *
St. Paul, Minnesota                                                WM    Y
St.Louis Missouri (Riverboat)                                      FM    Y
Stand Rock, Wisconsin Dells, Wis.                                  DB    Y
State Park Kentucky, Cumberland Falls, Kentucky                    BG    *
Statue of Liberty - New York City (blueish pic)                    DB1   Y
Statue of Liberty - New York City (yellowish pic)                  DB1   Y
Statue of Liberty, New York City                                   DC    Y
Steam Power River Boat, Memphis, Tennessee                         BG    *
Stone Harbor. New Jersey. USA (Sailboat)                           JK    Y
Sunbury, Pennsylvania (Woodland Road leading to Mountains)         BG    *
Swope Park, Kansas City, Mo.                                       JG    Y
Tacoma, Washington (Sailboat)                                      FM    Y
Tahquamenon Falls Newberry Michigan                                DB    Y
Texas (Cowboy On Bucking Bronco)                                   BG    *
Ticonderoga, N.Y. - Fort Ticonderoga - North                       FK    Y
Ticonderoga, N.Y. - Fort Ticonderoga - South                       FK    Y
Timberline Lodge, Timberline, Oregon                               WM    Y
Toledo OH. (Indian Chief in Full Head Dress)                       DB1   Y
Toledo, Ohio (Indian in Full Head Dress)                           BG    *
Tomahawk, Wisconsin (Indian in Full Head Dress)                    BG    *
Trees Of Mystery Redwood Highway California                        JB2   Y
Trees of Mystery, Redwood Highway, California                      BB    Y
U.S. Capitol, Washington, Washington D. C.                         BG    *
Union Station, Los Angeles, California                             FM    Y
Uniontown, Pennsylvania                                            WM    Y
Vampire Peak, Badlands, South Dakota                               BG    *
Vermont (Sunset over Lake and Mountains)                           DB1   Y
Vinita, Oklahoma (Cowboy On Bucking Bronco)                        BG    *
Virginia Beach, Va.                                                DB    Y
Virginia Beach, Virginia (Beach)                                   BG    *
Virginia City, Nevada                                              JB2   Y
Wakefield, Rhode Island                                            FK    Y
Washington Monument, Washington, Washington D. C.                        BG    *
Washington Park Zoo, Milwaukee, Wis.                                     DB    Y
Washington, D. C., U. S. Capitol                                         DB    Y
Washington's Headquarters Valley Forge,PA., Valley Forge, Pennsylvania   BG    *
Watch Hill, Rhode Island (Sailboat)                                      BB    Y
Wellsboro, PA. Pennsylvania's Grand Canyon (Valley Scene)                DB1   Y
West Point, N.Y. (Cadets with Flag)                                      DB1   Y
Wheeling, West Virginia (Woodland Scene)                                 BG    *
White Mts. N.H. - Old Man of the Mts. - The Weirs                        FK    Y
Whiteface Mountain The Summit, Memorial Highway, New York                BG    *
Will Rogers Memorial, Claremore, Oklahoma                                JK    Y
Williamsburg, Virginia (Colonial Scene With Horse Drawn Carriage)        BG    *
Wind Cave Nat'l Park Depicts Bison On Prairie, Wind Cave, South Dakota   BG    *
Winona, Minnesota (Indian)                                               BB    Y
Winston Salem, North Carolina (Woodland Scene)                           BG    *
Wintergarden, Florida. (Flamingos)                                       DB1   Y
World's Highest Bridge Royal Gorge, Colo, Royal Gorge, Colorado          BG    *
World's Only Corn Palace, Mitchell, South Dakota                         BG    *
Wrigley Building, Chicago, Illinois                                      WM    Y

*Need Photo
**B&W Photocopies - need replacement
Y= Have Photo


BB= Bob Bortfeld
BG= Bob Gilbride
BR= Bob Roger
DB= Don Bull
DB1= Dick Britton
DC= Dick Clark
FK= Fred Kincaid
FM= Frank Marshall
HD= Herb Danziger
HT= Hans Turler
HW= Howard Wolfinger
JB= Joe Balaban
JB2= Jack Bandy
JG=Jean Grignon
JK= Justine Kanodia
JL= Josef L'Africain
MS= Mike Sharp
MW2= Michael Williams
MW= Mark Woodard
NL= Norman Linn
RM= Ron MacLean
RM2= Ray Moran
SR= Steve Rasch
WM= Wayne Meadows

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