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					                   Hagerstown Area Intergroup Newsletter
August 2006                                                                

                                                                                Step 8
       INFORMATION                                      “Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.”

                                                                             Tradition 8
5:00 PM                                 “Alcoholics Anonymous should remain forever non-professional, but our service
34 EAST W ASHINGTON STREET                                 centers may employ special workers.”
                                                                             Concept 8
 MAILING ADDRESS FOR 7 STEP             “The trustees are the principal planners and administrators of overall policy and
 P.O. BOX 1153                             finance. They have custodial oversight of the separately incorporated and
 HAGERSTOWN, MD. 21741                    constantly active services, exercising this through their ability to elect all the
                                                                   directors of these entities.”
 Chairperson:           John B.         7/28    Kerri R.          10 yrs.    Fellowship      6:00pm
                                        7/28    Paula B.            9 yrs.   Fellowship      6:00pm
 Co-Chairperson:        Royal J.        7/28    Rob L.              9 yrs.   Fellowship      8:30pm
                                        7/28    Craig S.          21 yrs.    Serenity        8:00pm
 Treasurer:             Barry M.        7/31    Liz M.              2 yrs.   Summit Ave.     8:00pm
                                        8/2     Julie L.            9 yrs.   Maple Ave.      8:00pm
 Secretary:              Julie L.       8/4     Beverly M.          1 yr.    Fellowship      6:00pm
                                        8/4     Jeff W.             3 yrs.   Serenity        8:00pm
                                        8/6     Nelson D.          20 yrs.   Leitersburg     7:00pm
 Activities:             Mike S.
                                        8/11    Bob G.              1 yr.    Serenity        8:00pm
                                        8/15    John H.            19 yrs.   Mountain Grp.   7:00pm
 Answering Service: Skeeter H.
                                        8/20    Mary B.             8 yrs.   Leitersburg     7:00pm
 District 20:                Leif E.    8/27    Larry C.            7 yrs.   Fellowship      9:30am
                                        8/28    Alan G.             1 yr.    Summit Ave.     8:00pm
 Grapevine:              Dara P.

 Corrections:                           Congratulations to all celebrants. If we missed your anniversary, we apologize. Please
 Men:                  Charlie B.       make sure anniversary celebration dates are given to your Intergroup Rep before the 4th
 Women:                Carole H.        Sunday of the month. Or, see Jen G. our new newsletter rep.

 Newsletter:                  Jen G.

 Public Information:         Holly S.             MEETINGS & EVENts
 Website:               Wayne G.        Aug 12 – Area 29 Assembly – In District 11, Northeast MD

 Where & When:     Nelson D.            Aug 20 – District 20 meeting – 4:30pm at Serenity
                                        Aug 27 – Hagerstown Area Intergroup Meeting – Serenity at 5pm
Newsletter – If your group has not
received newsletters, please come       Sept 5-10 – 49th Annual Sessions by the Sea – Ocean City, MD
to Maple Ave. the Wednesday after
the Intergroup meeting.                 Sept 16 – Hagerstown Group 60th Anniversary – St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, 5pm –
                                                  9pm. (tickets are being sold for $20.00 per person)
                                        Sept 17 – Serenity Picnic – Hager Park, 11am – dusk. (please bring a covered dish to
  A “DESIGN FOR LIVING”                          share, hamburgers and hot dogs provided.)
We in our turn, sought the
same escape with all the
desperation of drowning                                  Gratitude Breakfast:
men. What seemed at first a             The Gratitude Breakfast has been tentatively
flimsy reed, has proved to be            set for November the 4th! More info to come.
the loving and powerful
hand of God. A new life has
been given us or, if you                                                     Notice:
prefer, “a design for living”            The Blue Ridge Summit Breakfast meeting has
that really works.                         been cancelled until further notice. A
  Alcoholics Anonymous, p.28                    church is still being located.