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									       PGCMA Highlights
                             MAY 2008
       hts           A Publication for the Prince George’s County Municipal Association

                                                    From the President, PGCMA
                                                    Malinda Miles, Mayor, Mount Rainier

                                                    On the PGCMA May Agenda:

                                                    1.   Presentation by Glen Ivey on
                                                         Municipal Infractions
                                                    2.   Presentation of awards by MML
                                                    3.   Presentation of awards by PGCMA
                                                    4.   Recognition of PGCMA Scholarship
                                                    5.   Recognition of Winners of the "If I
                                                         Were Mayor Contest" (if any)
                                                    6.   Recognition of our Partners
                                                    7.   PGCMA Election of Officers

                                                    PGCMA Special Guest Speaker:

                                                    Glenn Ivey Office
Sadara Barrow, Council Member Town of Colmar        State’s Attorney for Prince George’s
Manor and Port Towns CDC Executive Director being   County
sworn in for the Critical Area Commission for the
                                                    Municipal Infractions
Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays by Governor
Martin O’Malley. Also present are Lt. Governor      May 15th Board 5:30pm
Anthony G. Brown and Delilah Barrow, daughter of    General Meeting 7:00pm
Council Member Barrow.
                                                    Mayor Gardiner Hosting
                                                    Hyattsville City Hall
                                                    5301 Gallatin Street
                                                    Hyattsville, Maryland
MALINDA MILES SAYS GOODBYE                      legislative agenda. Several municipalities
PGCMA’S PRESIDENT FINAL REPORT                  received telephone calls, and visits by Board
                                                members to show support of municipal
It has been a good year, and I am pleased to    events and council meetings. The result of
have served as president of the Prince          these efforts was better participation by
George’s County Municipal Association           PGCMA’s members. Representatives from
(PGCMA). It seems like only yesterday that      every municipality attended at least one
I was elected to this awesome position, but     PGCMA meeting during the year. It also
it has been one full year of activities and     resulted in the Association receiving dues
change. The following is a brief recap of       from all of the municipalities with the
what “we” accomplished.                         exception of one.

We kicked off the year with a very success      The Board hired a new Legislative Liaison,
scholarship breakfast in Ocean City with        Ms. Johnine Clark, who worked diligently and
more than 125 guests in attendance. After a     consistently throughout the year on PGCMA’s
short break during the month of July, the       legislative agenda. Although we were not
Board held its annual retreat at the            successful with our speed camera legislation
Courtyard New Carrollton by Marriott, 8330      we were able to get the panhandling
Corporate Drive Landover, Maryland August       legislation through the legislative assembly.
2007. It was one of the most productive         We also worked closely with MML and had
meetings of the year and set the tone for the   numerous successes for municipalities
actions that followed. All Board members        throughout the State.
were given a notebook with PGCMA
Constitution and Bylaws along with other        The Board researched, reviewed and
materials to help them be successful in their   submitted for approval the revised PGCMA
roles.                                          Constitution and Bylaws that were approved
                                                by the membership and the Maryland
A schedule, of meetings, was set with           Municipal League (MML) as required.
locations, topics and potential speakers with
Board members taking responsibility for         PGCMA also hosted an extremely well
planning at least one of the meetings. In       attended Legislative Dinner with capacity
addition, Board members selected at least       only attendance. The dinner and all of its
two municipalities each to serve as primary     trimmings were handled by Vice President,
liaison and contact. Although this did not      Micah Watson. The dinner was held at a new
work out as well as we all had hoped, it set    location “The Four Points Sheraton” newly
the stage for including all municipalities in   renovated and operating in Cheverly
the decisions and operation of PGCMA.           Maryland. This experience resulted in
                                                PGCMA getting a $2,000 credit toward this
Concerted effort was made throughout the        year’s legislative dinner.
year to ensure each municipality’s receipt of
information about PGCMA and its activities.     Under the direction of Board member Phyllis
A full schedule of all meetings and locations   Robinson the PGCMA’s newsletter was issued
were sent at the beginning of the year to       monthly and covered or featured different
each municipality. Other letters and emails     municipalities and issues. The PGCMA
were sent from the president and secretary      website was rebuilt and maintained by Board
throughout the year. The agenda/meeting         member and Treasurer, Fred Smalls.
topic was routinely sent prior to each
meeting.                                        Michael Leszcz continues to make education
                                                a priority for students of all ages in Prince
In addition a survey was sent to each           George’s County by soliciting funds for our
municipality to provide input on the            scholarship program. With the full support

of the Board and membership, PGCMA made         and concerns faced by municipalities. Many
a $2,000 contribution to the scholarship fund   of them expressed appreciation for being
for 2008 scholarships.                          given more than a brief moment at the end
                                                of each meeting to say hello or provide a
Several long standing issues/chores were        brief announcement. It is hoped that this
also accomplished:                              trend will continue and grow with the
                                                proposed ongoing municipal workshops.
        Established a temporary home for
         PGCMA --- Laurel Town Hall             As PGCMA president, I served as vice
        Completed the PGCMA Member             president for District 9. In this capacity, I
         Directory                              visited several municipal events throughout
        Increased PGCMA’s partners             the County including Capitol Heights’ Day; a
        Re-established ongoing workshops       program for seniors sponsored by District
         with DER and MNCPPC                    Heights; Hyattsville Day and at least one
        Participated in Prince George’s        Council meeting; participated in a newly
         County Rent Control Study              elected leadership training in Fairmount
        PGCMA actively participated            Heights; participated in Cheverly Day;
         County’s negotiation with Verizon      attended the first Artfest in Riverdale Park;
        Set up banking procedures that         and Marched for the Cure in Annapolis. I
         require two signatures on all          also attended chapter meetings/dinners in
         financial matters                      Southern and Washington County Chapters
        Got PGCMA books reviewed and           of MML.
         bookkeeping done (audit is in
         progress)                              I also attended MML board meetings and at
        Continued to be actively involved      least one Communications’ Committee
         in I-NET                               meeting at MML headquarters. These
        Opened a P. O. Box for PGCMA to        meetings resulted in PGCMA helping to set
         centralize its operations              MML’s legislative agenda, and increased
        Developed a position description       awareness of the needs of municipalities in
         for a part-time executive director     Prince George’s County.
         that will also serve as the
         legislative liaison, but more          And, unless I am remiss, I must
         importantly will provide continuity    acknowledge MML’s President Stuart Cumbo
         to PGCMA                               and Executive Director Scott Hancock
                                                attendance on numerous occasions at
The Board spent numerous hours                  PGCMA functions including participation at
researching and discussing the current dues     National Night Out (NNO), PGCMA’s
structure that has remained the same for        Legislative Dinner, Scholarship Breakfast,
many years and thought to be unfair by          award ceremonies and newly elected leaders
many. At the end of the day, the Board was      trainings. This was in addition to having
unable to come up with a permanent              Candace Donohoe and/or Linda Burrell
solution to this problem and recommended a      attend every PGCMA meeting!
ten percent increase to the membership.
The increase was unanimously approved,          Finally, kudos to Margaret Terry, PGCMA
and will be effective next year (2009), and     Secretary who did not miss a single meeting,
notices were sent to each municipality in       and provided the support needed during
April so that the increase could be budgeted    meetings to keep me on track!
during this budgeting cycle.
                                                It has been an awesome year, and I am
PGCMA’s partners were allowed to provide        proud to have served as the leader of this
full presentations and to address questions     great organization. As I take my bow, and

get out of the way of the new PGCMA            301-699-1378 (Home)
President and Board of Directors, I wish to
thank all of those who served on the Board,
but also those who just took time to say        Mount Rainier: A City on the Move!"
thanks for the email, telephone call, or
hosted a meeting. You made this year           One Municipal Place
possible, and our accomplishments resulted     Mount Rainier, Maryland 20712
in a stronger Association ready and            301-985-6585 (Office)
positioned to continue pressing forward on     301-985-6595 (Fax)
municipal issues that affect all of us.

Just in case you have NOT made a PGCMA         Micah Watson
meeting, you are invited and encouraged to     Town of Cheverly
attend the May 15, 2008 meeting at
7:00pm, Hyattsville City Hall, 5310            Landover Hills Outlawing of Roadside Signs
Gallatin Street, Hyattsville, MD (240-375-     At May PGCMA Board Meeting
8836, Mayor Gardiner; or 301-985-5000,
City Hall). There will be recognitions by      Mayor Lee Walker called his PGCMA Board
MML, PGCMA, and an amazing presentation        Liaison (me!) and asked if he could be on the
by our own State’s Attorney, Glenn Ivey. In    agenda on May 15th. He wants to discuss a
addition, PGCMA will host its elections for    PGCMA effort to outlaw roadside signs in the
2008/2009. I am sure you will not want to      County, specifically those stupid "Homes Bought in
miss this last meeting of the year! So mark    24 Hours" or "Lawn Care Service" or "Cars Towed
your calendars, Mayor Bill Gardiner promised   for Free" signs that are of the same construction as
to have lots of good food and beverages.       political campaign yard signs.
Again thank you for the opportunity to serve
you during the past twelve months!             Announcements:

Malinda Miles                                  May 17th - Mount Rainier Day
PGCMA President                                3409 Rhode Island Ave., Mount Rainier, MD 20712,
Mayor, Mount Rainier Maryland
 “A City on the Move!”
                                               Cottage City Day
First Vice President, Maryland Mayors          August 23rd
                                               SUMMER CAMP REGISTRATION
PARTICIPATE IN THE MOUNT RAINIER               M-NCPPC opens Summer Day Camp registration for
DAY FESTIVAL PARADE, May 17, 2008.             Prince George's County kids from ages 3 1/2 - 17.
Line up for the parade is 10:30am at the       SMARTlink        system    register    on    line at
Bunker Hill Fire Station, 3716 Rhode  or call the automated phone line
Island Avenue, Mount Rainier, MD               at 301-583-BOOK (2665). You also may register in
20712-0264. The Parade will start at           person at any staffed M-NCPPC recreation facility in
11:00am and end at 12:00 noon.                 the county, or send your registration by mail.

Malinda Miles                                  Port Towns Day September 20th
Mayor                                          CDC building Planning Meeting
Home:                                          Wednesday, May 21 st 6:00 p.m.
4517 30th Street
Mount Rainier, MD 20712-1611

                                 Prince     George’s      County’s BRAC   PLAN:
MML Convention                   /
June 22-25, 2008,
Ocean City Convention Center     Prince George’s Elected Municipal Women
                                 Scholarship Deadline May 28 th
June 25, 2008, Wednesday         Leta Mach <>
PGCMA Ocean City Breakfast
Keynote Speaker:
Jack Johnson, County Executive   PGCMA Reminder:
                                 All Municipalities are encouraged to take an active
                                 part in the association by attending meetings.

                                 PGCMA Board Membership Contact List:

                                        Malinda Miles         Micah Watson
                                        Mount Rainier         Cheverly
                                        Upper Marlboro        Landover Hills
                                        Eagle Harbor          Fairmount Heights

                                        Fred Smalls           Margaret Terry
                                        Laurel                Glenarden
                                        Morningside           Hyattsville

                                        Jan Robison           Elenora Simms
                                        Bowie                 Seat Pleasant
                                        Riverdale Park        Berwyn Heights
                                                              District Heights

                                        Darrell Miller        Phyllis Robinson
                                        Capitol Heights       Cottage City
                                        Forest Heights        Colmar Manor

                                        Roger Rudder          Michael Leszcz
                                        Brentwood             College Park
                                        North Brentwood       University Park

                                        Johnie Higgs
                                        New Carrollton

Municipal Leaders on Center Stage to Receive       District Heights
Recognition from MML in Hyattsville                Jack C. Sims, Commissioner

The Maryland Municipal League will recognize the   Mount Rainier
following persons during PGMA's May meeting in     Malinda Miles, Mayor
Hyattsville:                                       Luther Smith, Public Works Director

Hyattsville                                        Brentwood
Krista Atteberry, Council President                Margaret G. Terry, Councilmember
Jerome W. Hampton, Director, Office of Code
Enforcement                                        Bladensburg
Lee Henry. Director, Office of Code Enforcement    Charlina Watson, Councilmember
Douglas K. Holland, Chief of Police
Mark Matulef. Councilmember                        PGCMA Calendar Event Submissions
Elaine Murphy. City Administrator
                                                   Please send all calendar event information for
                                                   inclusion in the newsletter.
Greenbelt                                          Terry, Margaret - OASAM
Judith F. Davis, Mayor
Leta M. Mach, Councilmember                        PGCMA Newsletter:
Joe McNeal, Assistant Director, Recreation         Editor:              Phyllis W. Robinson
Edward V. J. Putens, Councilman                    Contributors:        Malinda Miles, President
                                                   Micah Watson         Roger Rudder
                                                   Michael Leszcz       Margaret Terry
Laurel                                             Fred Smalls          Elenora Simms
Craig A. Moe, Mayor                                Sadara Barrow
Lou Ann Crook, Executive Assistant to the Mayor
Michael Leszcz, Councilmember
Kimberly A. Rau, Clerk
Gayle Snyder, Councilmember

Seat Pleasant
Kelly Porter, Councilmember
Johnie L. Higgs, Sr., Councilmember
Elenora Simms, Council President

Cottage City
Aileen D. McChesney, Chair

Tracy Farrish, Councilwoman

College Park
Suellen M. Ferguson, Attorney

Sally Hein, Assistant Director
                                                   Visit the PGCMA web site for comprehensive
Capitol Heights
Darrell A. Miller, Mayor


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