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Where:                American Veterinary Medical Association – Governmental
                      Relations Division Building [AVMA – GRD]
                      1910 Sunderland Drive, NW; Washington, DC

When:                 January 18, 2007
                      Executive Board and Business Meeting 7:00 – 9:15 PM

Executive Board and Business Meeting:
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by new incoming President Sebastian Heath.
The three main objectives of the first meeting of 2007 were shared with the group:
    elect DCVMA Officers;
    determine the dates of the remaining meetings in 2007; and
    provide an update on the strategic plan initiated by the previous President, Bonnie

Election of Officers:
All 15 participants attendees provided introductions for the benefit of the new members
in attendance. The vacant Officer positions were described and a request for nominations
was opened for President-elect [to assume the Presidency in January 2008]; Vice
President; and Secretary-Treasurer. Tracy DuVernoy was nominated by Katherine
Feldman to continue as Secretary-Treasurer; Sebastian Heath was nominated by Andy
MacCabe to continue as President for 2008; and Patty Bennett was nominated by
Sebastian Heath to fill the role of Vice President. All nominations were seconded and no
additional nominees were provided therefore, a movement was called to accept the slate
of nominees. All nominees were unanimously voted into Office for 2007.

The position of Executive Director [ED] is also available since Wendy Shelton
reluctantly stepped down; this individual does not have to be a veterinarian so it may be
ideal for an Auxiliary member. The ED responds to various emails regarding the
DCVMA and attends generally 2 AVMA-associated meetings – the leadership one in
January and the annual convention. There frequently is a fall meeting that the ED attends
as well. Unfortunately the AVMA does not provide funding for the ED to attend all of
these important networking events which has been an issue [along with the time
commitment] for the previous ED. Shearon Smith, a new member, offered to be the
DCVMA Executive Director and was unanimously accepted. Luckily, the annual
AVMA conference is in DC in 2007 so minimal travel funds will be required to send
Shearon to this event. Thanks Shearon!

Secretary-Treasurer‟s Reports:
Following the election of DCVMA Officers, the Secretary-Treasurer shared the Financial
Report with the members. As of December 31, 2006, the total DCVMA assets equaled
$11, 214.99, of which $5,645.33 is in a separate certificate of deposit. The report was
accepted by the group.

The Sec-Treasurer also provided a brief update regarding the DCVMA membership.
Following two official requests [per the By-Laws] to 18 members for delinquent dues
payments in 2006, 8 individuals paid, 1 individual requested removal from the
organization, and 9 individuals were subsequently removed from the membership roster
for their failure to pay dues for 2006. Currently, the DCVMA has 97 active members; 10
fewer than this time last year. Of the 97 current members, 8 receive complimentary
membership; 28 are life members; and 61 are dues paying.

The Sec-Treasurer provided information on 2 upcoming meetings of potential interest to
the members in attendance. The first meeting is a symposium on veterinary public health
that is jointly organized by the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges
[AAVMC] and the Association of Schools of Public Health [ASPH] to be held in Atlanta,
Georgia on April 22 – 24, 2007. The conference is also co-sponsored by USDA and
FSIS. See the following website for additional information: Registration is $250.00.

The second meeting of potential interest is the series of presentations by VMRCVM
Dean Gerhardt Shurig to discuss the „cultivation of partnerships‟ between the College and
other institutions and organizations such as Wake Forest University College of Medicine
and Banfield. The purpose of these 5 informational sessions, to be held in various
locations in Virginia and Maryland until February 1, is to share the details of this
proposed collaboration and encourage discussion. DCVMA members with an interest in
this collaboration were encouraged to attend one of these meetings.

Dates of DCVMA Meetings for 2007:
Determining the dates of the remaining 2007 DCVMA meetings was next on the agenda
and prompted much discussion. Per the By-Laws, 4 regular meetings are held on the
second Tuesday of January, March, June, and October however, DCVMA previously
deviated from that schedule. It was decided that DCVMA will adhere to the By-Laws for
2007 therefore, the dates for the remaining meetings are: March 13, June 12, and
October 9. Mark your calendars!

Much discussion ensued when some members suggested adding a DCVMA business
meeting on to the agenda before the monthly Yacht Club Socials that are organized by
Tom McGinn [DHS], Sarah Babcock [DHS], and Bethany O‟Brien [USDA]. The Yacht
Club meetings have been held monthly since around October 2006 and are a social forum
primarily for federal veterinary professionals. Since so many veterinarians attend the
Yacht Club socials [and some are also DCVMA members], the DCVMA thought we
could strengthen our membership by joining forces with the social group. Sebastian
Heath was going to follow up with Tom McGinn about how the 2 groups could
potentially collaborate / coordinate the two meetings for the benefit of both. More on this
topic at the next meeting.

AVMA Convention Planning:
Individuals that wish to be moderators may still fill out the AVMA 2007 Convention
Moderator form and fax it back to Pat Kmak [see attachment]; applications are still being
accepted. Remember, moderators also receive registration reimbursement - a savings of

The Welcome Booth/Center is sponsored by Novartis and DCVMA will begin to recruit
volunteers for this effort soon. Individuals that volunteer for 10 hours [in any increment]
will also receive complimentary conference registration. Look for additional information
soon! The AVMA is in discussions with the sponsor to provide T-shirts for all volunteers
to wear during their rotations. If the sponsor agrees, the shirt will likely include the
DCVMA logo.

The proceeds from the 5K run will be divided among 3 local animal-oriented charities:
the Washington Humane Society, Pets DC, and the Washington Animal Rescue League.
Patty Bennett will follow up with the race organizers to see if she can get an idea of how
much money, based on revenue generated at previous races during the annual convention,
may actually be available for these charities.

Planning and associated activities for the golf and sporting clays events are pretty much
finalized, per Dale Boyle.

Al Montgomery and Shearon Smith agreed to follow up with Tuskegee University and
then the AVMA regarding the possible addition of a day tour to the extracurricular
convention agenda. The local day trip would showcase the contributions and roles of
African Americans to the history of DC and its communities.

AVMA Delegate Report:
Sal provided his report via Sebastian. Sal attended the District II meeting that was part of
the AVMA Leadership meeting in Chicago in January. Specific meeting updates include:
        The VMRCVM will host the next District II meeting on May 6, 2007; and
        MVMA will have its annual meeting in Ocean City, June 24 to 26. The
           District II meeting will occur on June 24, 2007. See
  for more information.

Issue from DCVMA member:
Gary Vroegindewey mentioned that various courses and training programs that the
military offers to the Veterinary Corps are not able to offer any continuing education
[CE] credits to the attendees because the military conference / meeting organizers lack
sponsorship from a State Veterinary Medical Association or some other recognized
educational entity. In addition, many military courses are not traditionally recognized
courses such as small animal / large animal medicine and surgery. Gary was wondering
if the DCVMA would be willing to sponsor these courses to allow participants to obtain
CE. Katherine Feldman indicated that the VMRCVM provides this service to many
different educational courses for veterinarians and she will look into this on behalf of
Gary. DCVMA will defer to Katherine for subsequent follow up with Gary.

Strategic Planning update:
To follow up the initial meetings held in June and October 2006 regarding the strategic
plan for DCVMA, President Sebastian Heath initially read the mission statement that was
drafted at the October meeting:

“The DCVMA provides leadership as the conduit of information and opportunities in
public practice for the global veterinary community in a collegial environment. Our goal
is to increase the public practice community through partnering, and social and
professional networking and mentorship.
       Priority activities to meet the mission and goals are:
               o Be the public practice conduit
               o Foster social networking and self development of the members
               o Partner with other allied organizations to assist veterinary students and
                   veterinarians that are interested in public practice
               o Establish an electronic bulletin board of opportunities and veterinary
               o Provide services to underserved DC communities”

Much discussion followed the mission statement to include revising it since it did not
include all of the veterinary community represented by DCVMA; defining „public
practice‟ and whether there is consensus within our membership as to what it entails; and
further discussion on what the goal / purpose is of the strategic planning effort. Since it
did not appear that the members in attendance were able to progress on the strategic plan
and due to the lateness of the evening, additional discussion was shelved. Further
discussions about the direction, purpose, vision, and associated activities of the strategic
plan will be addressed at subsequent DCVMA meetings in 2007.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM.

The next DCVMA meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 13, 2007 beginning at
6:30 PM at the AVMA – GRD building near the DuPont Metro station. As always,
            food will be provided. The speaker is ‘to be determined.’

Welcome to the following new members:
Shearon Smith, MD                                            Curt Mann, DC
Susan Harper, WV                                             Jacqueline Shulman, DC

                     Please pay your dues for 2007!! Thank you!!

                  Here is a list of your DCVMA Officers for 2007:

President:                        Sebastian Heath []
Immediate Past President:         Bonnie Buntain []
President-elect [2008]:           Sebastian Heath []
Vice President:                   Patty Bennett []
Secretary / Treasurer:            Tracy DuVernoy []
AVMA Delegate:                    Sal Cirone []
AVMA Alternate Delegate:          Earl Strimple []
Newsletter Editor:                Katherine Feldman []
Executive Director:               Shearon Smith []

Bonnie‟s new contact information:
Dr. Bonnie Buntain [Immediate Past President, DCVMA]
Assistant Dean, Government and International Relations
Professor, Public Health
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
University of Calgary
G380, 3330 Hospital Drive, NW
Calgary, AB, Canada T2N 4N1
Main Office Phone: 403-220-3961
Email address: