Maryland State Council by gabyion


									                              Maryland State Council
                                  April 24, 2008
                        Clarion Hotel Ocean City, Maryland

  LEADER: Mary Alice Vanhoy, Md. State President
  PARTICIPANTS: Helen Bradley; Anne May; Lawrence “Jeff” Jeffries; Diane
Liebeskind; Gail Schoolden; Sandra Lucci; Sandy Waak, State Treasurer; Pam Fox;
Linda Arapian, President-Elect; Sharon Wise; Susan Holiian; Christine Deckard; Melody
Boarman; Barbara Hartman; Lucy McDonald; Sue Kay Ulrich; Bonnie Skinner; Josefina
Jarina; William Swain
  NOTE TAKER: Caroline Doyle, State Secretary
  GUEST: Anne Manton

  Meeting called to order at 1727 by Mary Alice Vanhoy.

Introductions: Introductions of members and guests present. During her
introduction, Bonnie Skinner discussed her tech program @ St. Mary’s Hospital,
the only hospital in St. Mary’s County. This program reaches out to High School
Junior and Senior students. It is still developing but has been successful thus far
in introducing this group into the Field of Nursing.

ENAF Scholarship: Explanation of this scholarship was given by Mary Alice
Vanhoy. The award is $2,000-$5,000. One is awarded to a RN CEN pursuing
BSN Degree. The other award is for EMS member pursuing an RN Degree. Last
year, Maryland had 2 recipients. Mary Alice encouraged the members to apply.
“Crabby Pig” was introduced to the members and guests and was circulated for
collections as part of the States’ Challenge to collect money for Maryland’s
donation to the ENAF. Goal is $1/member and Maryland has over 800 ENA

State Liaisons: Maryland ENA is looking for a member(s) from each hospital to
serve as liaison/point person to the State ENA. Maryland ENA received a free
Scientific Assembly Registration as part of the State Achievement Award from
National ENA. This scholarship will be given to a person picked from a drawing of
the 48 hospital liaisons.

National ENA: The General Assembly and Scientific Assembly will be held in
Minneapolis, Minnesota in September 2008. Next year, it will be held in
Baltimore, Maryland in October 2009. This is a great networking opportunity
with your colleagues around the country. Discussion re: General Assembly
Procedure and what it is about occurred. Delegate Selection and the Points
System were also discussed.
Leadership will he held in Reno, Nevada next year.
Cindy Wright-Johnson has been accepted for Injury Prevention Coalition


Metro-Baltimore Chapter: Bull & Oyster Roast being planned for the fall 2008.
They are looking for members to become involved.

Eastern Shore Chapter: Small chapter with a large geographical area. Email
interaction; rotating meeting locations. PRMC is working on recruiting efforts and
bringing a testing site to Salisbury.

Mid-Maryland: Barbara Proctor Conference will be on October 31, 2008.This
educational conference originated as a chapter meeting about 20 years ago. It is
held in honor of Barbara Proctor and her contributions. She was active in EMS
and Emergency Nursing prior to her death as a result of MVC. Over 80 people
attended last year. It will be held at Holy Cross Hospital this year.

Silent Auction Winners: Winners of the silent auction were announced. Auction
items included gift baskets, White House ornaments, and jewelry.

TNCC: 6th edition classes begin 5/1/2008. The course includes a lot of new
information. There is a new book with more content and more epidemiology.
There is only 1 testing station. Members were referred to the MDENA website for
instructor courses. E-mail your information to Sandy Waak to be placed on
waiting list for instructor courses. The Provider class in April was cancelled
secondary to no available instructors. Registration for the class was full.

ENPC: Instructor class cancelled secondary to only having 2 applicants. There is
a 1-day renewal class for those instructors currently on 3rd edition to learn 4th
edition information.
Pediatric Certification Exam item writing seminar was held in Florida in January.
It was attended by Mary Ellen Wilson, Mary Alice Vanhoy, and Linda Arapian (on
Review Committee). The beta exam is planned for later this year. More
information is to follow.

Governmental Affairs:
Booster Seat Bill passed.
“Alcopops”- Tamra White, a MADD representative, and another representative
met with the Governor today. Appears the Governor is on the fence regarding
this issue.
Mary Alice Vanhoy asked about a lobbyist. Maryland ENA doesn’t have one. She
suggested that we join with ACEP or MNA (MDENA are affiliate members of the
MNA). Bonnie Skinner stated that Mary Jagim from North Dakota has been a
tremendous help with the 411 on the National level.
Ways and Means: Mary Ellen Wilson is working on merchandise and is still
looking for a design logo. Suggestions???

Membership: Mary Ellen Wilson will be e-mailing surveys.

Student Nurses: Student nurses belonging to the Student Nurses Association
can get a discounted ENA membership rate.

Election Committee: There is discussion about moving up the election date.
Linda Arapian is the Committee Chairperson.

Website: Website info passed out. You can e-mail information to Pam Fox or
Sandy Waak for inclusion onto website. It was suggested for members to quick
link or bookmark the ENA & MDENA sites.
Pam mentioned an e-mail /newsletter presented by Susan Leys, a Life Coach.
She works with ED Nurses and helps RNs in crisis. She has a free newsletter.
Would pay to post an employment opportunity. Bonnie Skinner will investigate
whether we can use the info and get paid.

SBIRT: Anne May is looking for/recruiting SBIRT champions from Maryland

Meeting adjourned at 6:43 pm. Next State meeting will be on June 12, 2008

Respectfully Submitted,

Caroline L. Doyle, RN CEN
Maryland State Secretary

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