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                        Burlington-Monmouth-Ocean Counties                                                  or

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Rotary International                                                                                     April/May 2003

Governor’s Message
            The District Conference – The Highlight of the Year
                Dear Fellow Rotarians,     better as the conference went on.          which he balanced humor with
                     The Ninth Annual      The opening session was well               inspirational messages about Rotary
                District 7500 Con-         attended which is unusual given the        and life.
                ference, held in           early time on Friday. As we started            Perhaps the greatest highlight of
                Ocean City, Maryland       the sessions in which presentations        all was the Interfaith Service on
                on May 2, 3, 4, 2003,      of this year’s activities were made,       Sunday morning. Again, the
                turned out to be an        we noticed a larger than usual             attendance of well over 100 was
                emotional escalator        attendance at the sessions. As the         amazing. Pastor Carl Joecks, District
for your District Governor. At the start   Conference went on, more and more          Chaplain, created a moving
of the Conference I was prepared to        people began attending the plenary         ceremony in which he chose
step up the podium, ring the bell and      sessions in order to find out about        readings that were in concert with the
begin the business of the                  the Gift of Life , the Rotary              ideals and themes of Rotary
Conference. However, as I was              Foundation, The Mobile Surgical Eye        International and District 7500. He
approaching the meeting room,              Hospital, our youth programs -             even wrote, for the service, a song
members of the Conference                  Interact, Earlyact, Youth Exchange         that described the regions and clubs
Committee, made up of Maple                and RYLA, and our International and        in our district. Twenty-seven names
Shade members, began to shout              Community Service programs.                of members who passed away in
encouragement, pat me on the back,         People stayed after lunch to hear an       2002-2003 were read in a touching
hug, and even kiss me. This was an         excellent Group Study Exchange             portion of the service. One of the
unexpected, spontaneous outburst           program headed by team leaders,            names was William Friis, Governor
that came from the heart after three       Franz Mueller and Fred Gibbs. On           of the host district in Maryland. A
years of preparation and a week of         Friday night we were treated to an         rose, as a memorial token, was
intensive work to plan every detail. I     exhilarating talk in which Dave            forwarded to his wife, Judy.
realized right at that moment, about       Forward recounted the founding and             In our final session, Club
three minutes to 1:00 PM, that it was      development of Rotary over the past        Presidents were asked to present
not just about me or even Rotary.          100 years.                                 some of their exemplary programs.
This was the culmination of a project          A major feature of Friday’s            The session actually ran over by 15
in which outstanding people who            program was a tribute to William           minutes because there was so much
live, work, and identify with the          Friis, the Governor of District 7630,      to share and celebrate.
Community of Maple Shade worked            the host district. Bill died during his        One of the team members from
together to create something that          year as governor and was                   Germany, Jutta Ehling, commented
would be top notch and bring great         represented by his wife Judy. District     in a casual conversation, that there
pride to their club and community. In      7630 Lieutenant Governor, George           would be fewer misunderstandings
Rotary, we meet and eat once a             Anderson accepted four Barrels o’          between people from different
week but rarely work closely together      Books that were donated to the             cultures if they only had the
for days at a time. For the                Ocean City School District. We saw         opportunity to interrelate like we all
conference, Bill Van Fossen’s              Rotarians, spouses, and friends,           did over the weekend.
Committee went to Ocean City on            from the three distinct culture regions        My wish is that we can keep and
Wednesday and worked from early            of our district, as well as the visiting   pass on the good feelings we all felt
morning till late night for nearly five    German team, meeting for the first         for one another during those few
days.                                      time and mingling like they knew           days in Ocean City, Maryland.
     I thought that this moment when       each other all their lives. Dr. Jerry          What a wonderful world it would
everybody was saying, “this is it!!!”      Gunnells from Mobile, Alabama, the         be!
would be the emotional highlight for       R.I. President’s Representative,                        Yours in Rotary Service,
me but I was wrong. It got better and      delivered an inspirational speech in              Lawrence Ninerell, Governor
Page     2                       RD 7500                   http://www.d7500-rotary.org                             April/May 2003
DISTRICT OFFICERS                 DEPUTY GOVERNORS                  Timothy Fazio,                Joseph Piech, Interact Chair
Lawrence R. Ninerell, Governor    Leonard Adams                     Newsletter Editor             112 Winding Lane
327 Windsor Court                 795 Garfield Ave.                 2960 Yorktown Plaza           Cinnaminson, NJ 08077
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002             Toms River, NJ 08753              Brick, NJ 08723               856-786-8968, work
Phone/Fax 856-667-0855            732-929-0011, work                732-255-1980, work            856-786-8968, home
LR9rell@aol.com                   732-270-2670, home                732-255-8925, home            856-786-8968, fax
                                  732-506-6341, fax                 732-255-5808, fax             jwpiech@juno.com
Pamela Maguire, Governor Elect    Cprintr@aol.com                   pip978@aol.com
P.O. Box 591                                                                                      William Van Fossen,
Lavallette, NJ 08735              Rosemary Kay                      Rayomand Sarkari,             District Conference Chair
732-793-2600, work                223 Warner Road                   Internet Administrator        734 Cascade Drive N.
732-793-0029, home                Columbus, NJ 08022                1601 Martin Ave.              Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054
732-830-4200 fax                  609-267-8135, home                Cherry Hill, NJ 08002         856-779-7300, work
E-mail: Psimanski@aol.com         609-702-0440, fax                 856-488-8842, phone           856-235-4357, home
                                  609-351-4381, cell                856-663-1433, fax             856-779-8507, fax
Bernard “Bud” Umbaugh,            kay8135@aol.com                   amssoft@eticomm.net
Governor Nominee
411 Society Hill                  ASSISTANT GOVERNORS
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003             P. Richard Hart, Area 1
215-949-4018, work                237 Bordentown-Georgetown Rd.
856-751-4588, home
215-269-3301, fax
                                  Columbus, NJ 08022
                                  609-298-5488, work
bumbaugh@calkins-media.com        609-298-7114, home
                                  609-298-7434, fax                                Time Management Tips
Martha Vogt, Secretary            hartagcy@bellatlantic.net
72 Broad Street                                                                   The following is a reference to the
Matawan, NJ 07747                 Glen J. Walton, Area 2
732-583-0900, work                34 Middletown Road                              District theme Time from Pastor Carl
732-583-0988, home                Moorestown, NJ 08057                            Joecks at the Interfaith Service of the
732-583-0340                      856-853-0440, work
MarthaVogtesq@aol.com             856-273-1528, home                              District Conference
                                  856-845-4128, fax
Marie Santore, Treasurer          glenw@sorellecpa.com
                                                                    Eternal God, you took the time to call an entire
345 Conger Avenue                 Harry Donnon, Area 3
Collingswood, NJ 08108            34 Twin Hill Drive                universe into being, time to create the bloom of
Phone: 856-854-4745               Willingboro, NJ 08046             each flower, time to fashion the vastness of the sea,
Fax: 856-779-7101                 609-877-5088, work
                                  609-877-2809, home                the thundering surf. And somewhere in the midst
Frank Drake,
                                  609-877-2177, fax                 of all that a deity must do, you also took the time
Club Service Director             Robert T. Kee, III, Area 4        to give us life, time to create our unique
7 Pine Oak Drive                  51 Gerard Avenue
Tuckerton, NJ 08087               Matawan, NJ 07747                 personhood, time to fill our lives with the gifts of
1-800-232-1201, work              732-290-9600, work                your love.
609-296-9043, home                732-566-1719, home
732-974-2724,fax                  732-290-7811, fax
frank.drake@agedwards.com         rtkiii@kee-engineering.com        Teach us, Lord, to also take time for the things that
Paul Coward,                      David Hoder, Area 5               really count – time to hold close the precious gift
Community Service Director        30 Freneau Avenue                 of family, time to enjoy the good company of
47 Woodside Drive                 Matawan, NJ 07747
Mt. Holly, NJ 08060               732-583-5900, work                friends, time to serve the communities in which
856-727-4400, work                732-872-1824, home                we are blessed to live.
609-518-3288, home                732-583-6619
856-727-4344, fax                 dhoder@maserconsulting.com
                                  Jay F. Pierson, Area 6
Bernard “Bud” Umbaugh,            720 Radnor Avenue
Vocational Service Director       Pine Beach, NJ 08741
                                  732-244-3030, work
Richard Isackson, PDG,            732-244-0179, home
International Service Director    732-244-3044, fax
151 Harrington Circle             jay@eceinc.net
Willingboro, NJ 08046             Constance Becraft, Area 7
609-877-3355, work,               4700 Long Beach Blvd.
609-877-4728 home,                Brant Beach, NJ 08008
609-877-4738, fax                 609-494-8861, work
risackson@comcast.net             609-978-0926, home
                                  609-494-3956, fax
Jean McMullan,                    cbecraft@csionline.net
R. I. Foundation Chair
11 Harvest Court                  Daniel Cortese, Area 8
Jackson, NJ 08527                 853 Arlington Ave.
732-833-8808, work                Forked River, NJ 08731           Larry Ninerell with Judy Friis, Acting Governor of
732-370-5138, home                732-280-3200, work
Ethelmaejean@aol.com              732-280-1445, fax
                                                                   District 7630 and 7630 Lieutenant Governor George
                                  dancortese@monmouth.com          Anderson.
April/May 2003                        RD 7500                        http://www.d7500-rotary.org                                                     Page 3

                                            CLUB NEWS
                                                                          On April 14, 2003, Rotary District 7500, Area 5, Interact Coordinator Mary Jean
                                                                      Thompson of the Toms River Sunrise Rotary Club organized an area Interact As-
                                                                      sembly for the Interact Clubs, advisors, and Rotary Club liaisons in the area. Fifty
                                                                      people, including district Interact committee member, Cathryn Zanoni, attended the
                                                                      affair at Toms River High School North. Guest speaker Ann Schuld, chairperson for
                                                                      the American cancer Society Relay For Life in Toms River, informed everyone of
                                                                      the activities occurring during the Relay and encouraged all to attend.
                                                                          Members of each Interact club described the fundraising, hands on projects, and
                                                                      other activities they were involved in during the year.
                                                                          Pizza, cookies, and soda were served to add to the enjoyment of the affair. All in
                                                                      attendance seemed eager to continue these assemblies on an annual basis in the
                                                                      future. The evening was a great success.

                                                        Members of the Beverly Rotary Club
     District Governor Larry Ninerell, was          present cereal, bowls and spoons to the
 the featured speaker at a recent meeting of        McGowan School in Edge-water Park to op-
 the Palmyra, Riverton, Cinnaminson Club.           erate their student breakfast program.                          It was family Night at the Palmyra,
 He took time to congratulate Ruth and Leo              Pictured, left to right, are: Elizabeth                 Riverton, and Cinnaminson Rotary’s re-
 Feeley who were recognized by PRC for              Johnson, Rotary President; Bill Szchoski,                   cently held McQuaide Charity Bowl-A-
 their commitment to the ideals of Rotary           Rotarian; Lynn Arket, teacher; Joe Miller,                  Thon. Pictured is PRC Past President Rob
 International and their achievement in mak-        Rotarian.                                                   Kay, his wife Maya with their two boys,
 ing a positive difference in the lives of so                                                                   Ryan and Matthew. Rob’s mother, Past As-
 many individuals and families in the tri-boro                                                                  sistant Governor, Rosemary Kay, also at-
 area, as well as, internationally through the                                                                  tended with grandchildren and friends. This
 Gift of Life Program and the Orchid Foun-                                                                      event was named for long time Rotarian and
 dation. Governor Ninerell also congratu-                                                                       civic leader, Jim McQuaide. Velma
 lated Leo for receiving Rotary                                                                                 McQuaide was the honorary chairperson.
 International’s Four Avenues of Service Ci-
 tation for Individual Rotarians.
     Pictured are District 7500 Governor                                                  Dr. Marshall Jacobs, Pediatric Coronary
 Larry Ninerell, right, Ruth and Leo Feeley,                                           Surgeon at St. Christopher’s Hospital in Phila-
 center, and Jack McGough, President, left.                                            delphia was recently awarded a Paul Harris
                                                                                       Fellowship by District 7500 Gift of Life
                                                                                       Chairman, Michael Beyers for his work with
                                                                                       the program.

                                                                                                                     Recently, several Rotary Clubs at-
                                                                                                                  tended a combined meeting at the
                                                                                                                  Riverton Country Club at which a pre-
                                                                                                                  sentation was made by the Arc of
                                                                                                                  Burlington County. Arc’s presentation
                                                                                                                  concerned a critical need for a Weekend
                                                                                                                  Respite Program for severely involved
                                                                                                                  special needs children.
                                                                                                                     Tom Parente, Executive Director of
                                                                                                                  Burlington County Arc, and Diane
                                                                                                                  Crawley, Board of Directors President,
     At a recent meeting of the Palmyra,                                                                          and a parent of a severely handicapped
 Riverton, Cinnaminson Rotary, Presi-            child, reviewed the challenged parents of a special needs child face with a lack of respite care. They also
 dent Jack McGough, (right), presents            presented ways that they feel Rotary can be of assistance.
 Al McCree, a certificate of Honorary                Of course, financial support always works, however, Parente stated that there are a number of other
 Membership. McCree, a civic leader              ways, such as volunteering in Arc’s Thrift Shop, writing grants, sponsoring recreational events and trips,
 and past president of the Cinnaminson           or even becoming an Arc Board Member. An item endorsed by both Parente and Crawley was to support
 Board of Education has been a                   Arc’s 2nd Annual Walkathon” on Sunday, May 18th. They believe that this is a great opportunity for
 Rotarian since March 1969. He was               collaboration of Rotary and county Chapters of Arc throughout NJ to help address this growing problem.
 president in 1978 and has held all other            For further information, please contact Jack McGough, Palmyra, Riverton, Cinnaminson Rotary, (856)
 elective offices. Al has always been an         786-1198 or jmcgough6@comcast.net.
 active PRC Rotarian, we wish him the                Picture: back: left to right - Jack McGough, Pres. PRC Rotary, Carl Mikuletzy, Pres.-Elect, Mt. Lau-
 best. He will be the Chair of his Uni-          rel, Rich Strobel, Pres. Mt. Holly, Elizabeth Johnson, Pres. Beverly. Front: Debbie Eckenhoff, Pres. Mt.
 versity Reunion for the next two years          Laurel, Diane Crawley, Pres. Arc Bd. of Directors, Tom Parents, Executive Director, Tom Battiste, Pres.
 at Princeton                                    Burlington
Page   4      RD 7500   http://www.d7500-rotary.org   April/May 2003

           ROTARY DISTRICT 7500
April/May 2003    RD 7500     http://www.d7500-rotary.org   Page 5

                 OCEAN CITY, MD • MAY 2, 3 & 4, 2003
Page     6                           RD 7500                    http://www.d7500-rotary.org                                       April/May 2003

                                                           By Joseph Kienzlen
     With her oldest son, Michael, currently            According to Keple quite a few towns          wash clothes to the program. “I love the feel-
serving his country in Iraq as a member of         have contacted her to offer help. “The may-        ing that we are helping to make a difference
the Marines, sitting home and worrying was         ors throughout the area have been calling          with such a rewarding program.”
not an option for Eatontown resident Louise        to let us know that they want to get in-                “This is the kind of service our mem-
Keple. The 20-year-old Michael is a scout          volved,” she said. “We’ve gotten calls from        bers embrace,” said Robert Paneque, the
sniper serving with the 2nd Marine Expedi-         everyone. It’s been just amazing.”                 club’s president. “Our members have al-
tion Battalion.                                         After reading about the project the Ro-       ready secured drop-off locations and many
     Keple, wanting to help with the effort        tary Club members felt it was just the kind        have begun to solicit donations throughout
while providing the amenities of home for          of program they would be excited about.            the town,” he said. “It’s an extremely worth-
her son, found a way to serve her country          “We invited her to come out and speak in           while cause.”
and the soldiers stationed throughout the          front of the membership because we knew                 The club is currently looking to help by
world by collecting needed supplies for the        they (the membership) wanted to help,” said        asking residents of the community and busi-
troops.                                            the Jackson club’s Vice-president Tom              nesses to donate one or more of the follow-
     Turning to a number of organizations,         Barchie. “It fits right in with Rotary’s ‘Lend-    ing basic necessities that are in short sup-
to help with this rapidly growing undertak-        A-Hand’ program.”                                  ply. Deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes,
ing, Keple made her way into the Jackson                Wasting no time organizing a commit-          cotton swabs, baby wipes, international
area and has presented her cause to the mem-       tee and planning their own program to co-          phone cards, playing cards, comic books,
bers of the local Rotary Club.                     incide with Operation Hands Over Seas re-          eye drops, beef jerky, power bars, clear flea
     Addressing the organization, with her         flected the enthusiasm of the members              collars, magazines and feminine hygiene
reason for starting such a project, Keple said,    Barchie said. “The program was well re-            products to name a few.
“It hasn’t been easy having my son over            ceived by our members and our chairper-                 Barchie added that the toiletries needed
there. He’s my first born. Adding “Whether         son for this project, Chuck Boudreau took          must be travel size as storage was very lim-
you believe this is right or wrong you have        charge of putting the program together and         ited and the smaller sized items were easier
to support our troops and this is how we’re        has done a fantastic job in the total organi-      for the soldiers to carry.
helping.”                                          zation of the project,” he said. “Since we              Spearheading the event for the Jackson
     Keple said she got the idea from a let-       are taking on the responsibility of handling       club with Boudreau is Rotarian Rich
ter a solider had written on a website set up      Ocean County, this will be one of our larger       Khoudary. “We have approached a number
for military families. The letter stressed the     projects to date.”                                 of businesses throughout the township, and
importance of receiving positive support                 The Vice-president added, “The nice          beyond and they have been very receptive
from home. She said it mentioned that the          thing about this program is that it is per-        and very willing to help out,” Boudreau said.
soldiers would go without showers for long         sonal in that anyone can supply us with a          “Everybody wants to help.”
periods of time and they looked forward to         family member, relative, friend or anyone                Drop off locations are Allstate Insur-
receiving supplies.                                they know who is serving overseas with             ance, 305 Whitesville Road, Jackson;
    Immediately Keple sent her son a ‘care         their address and we will make sure that           ShopRite Supermarket, 260 N. County Line
package’ and the ground work for Opera-            person gets a care package. Our troops are         Road, Jackson; Stewarts Root Beer, Route
tion Hands Over Seas program had begun.            defending and preserving our freedom and           9 N., Howell; and Carrs Cards and Gift
“The response, in just two weeks, has been         this is our way of saying thank you.”              Store, 71 Main Street, Belmar. Cash and
overwhelming,” she said. “I’ve put my life              Barchie said by providing the basics for      checks gladly accepted. Please make checks
on hold and put my heart and soul into this.”      the troops they hope to make things a little       payable to the Jackson Rotary Club, PO Box
    Continuing Keple said the items (unlike        better and maybe a little more comfortable         751, Jackson, NJ 08527. A $5.00 donation
some programs) are being sent out to spe-          for them. “Many of these young soldiers are        will help defray the shipping cost to send a
cific soldiers. “We are able to continue this      out there with very few of the items that we       ‘care package’ of these items. For additional
program because we have received names             take for granted. It’s like sending a little bit   information on Rotary, this program or for
and addresses from the soldiers’ families and      of home to them.”                                  bulk items and cash donations or to request
we can mail the package directly to the                 Rotary Club member Barbara Arbolino,          a donation barrel call Chuck Boudreau at
solider.”                                          volunteering to collect magazines from the         732-833-0897 or Rich Khoudary at 732-
     She explained that the program contin-        local convenience stores, added, “I’m very         364-4994.
ues to grow as soldiers, who receive their         excited and proud to be part of the pro-
package, dole out items to fellow soldiers.        gram.” Arbolino, who also serves as vice-              Joe Kienzlen
“Each solider receives a box containing ad-        president of the Jackson Optimist Club said            President, Optimist Club of Jackson
ditional items for four to five other soldiers,”   that organization was helping as well by de-
she said. “Then they write us. It just contin-     livering 16 cases of toiletries, coffee and
ues to snowball.”

                                                                JOB FAIR
     This is to advise you of our upcoming JOB FAIR which will be held as a public service for many within our area looking for jobs.
The date of the FAIR is Friday, May 9, 2003, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. It will be held at the Kennedy Center (formerly John F. Kennedy
High School) in Willingboro. The center is located at 429 JFK Way in Willingboro. We are expecting approximately 45-50 employers
who will be available to prospective candidates looking for work.
     Additionally, Burlington County College personnel will be conducting an interview skills and resume workshop on Monday, May
5th for anyone who may need to brush up on these skills. The workshop will begin at 10:30 a.m. and will be held in the auditorium at the
Kennedy Center.
     If you and your club can assist us in spreading the word, it would be most appreciated. Of course, all Rotarians all invited to attend
the JOB FAIR if only to view how it is organized and operated. For additional information, call our Chairman Russell Stephenson at
(609) 877-2193 or call Ramona at (609) 877-2200 Ext. 6218.
                                                                  Thank you, John L. Celani, Job Fair Publicity, Willingboro Rotary Club
April/May 2003                        RD 7500                       http://www.d7500-rotary.org                                                       Page 7

                      MEET THE OUTGOING GSE TEAM
                     Frederick Winfield Gibbs                                                          Monica Mary McPherson
                      130 Magnolia Road, Pemberton, NJ 08068 • USA                                       1001 Central Ave., #2, Bradley Beach, NJ 07720 •
                      Tel: 609-494-9633                                                                  USA
                            Fred graduated from Alfred University in 1954                                Tel: 732-776-6772
                      cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in History &                                           Monica graduated from the University of
                      Political Science. He was a varsity football player and                            Maryland with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1984.
                      wrestler as well as senior class president. After a                                She continued at the University of Maryland, earning
                      two-year stint as a lieutenant in the US Marine Corps,                             a Master’s Degree in 1986. From 1992 until 1995,
                      he worked as a traffic manager and executive for                                   she studied law at Seton Hall University and was
 the New York Telephone Corporation from 1956 through 1965. From                 awarded a JD Degree in 1995. She is currently a contract attorney
 1965 until 1989, he was employed by ITT Corporation in various executive        specializing in civil litigation – insurance defense.
 positions including seven-years as the Managing Director of a large                   Since graduating from law school, Monica has also worked as a
 telecommunications equipment manufacturing business in Brazil. While            law clerk for the Honorable Eugene Cody and the Honorable Jared
 a consultant to ITT Corporation from 1986-89, Fred earned a Juris Doctor        Honigfeld in the Essex County Courthouse, New Jersey State Judiciary,
 Degree from Rutgers University School of Law. After passing the bar exam        and as an associate civil litigation attorney in the law office of Hahn &
 in 1989, he was a sole practitioner until organizing Gibbs & Gregory, a         Howarth, Parsippany, New Jersey. She is a member of the New Jersey
 6-attorney law firm, in 1995 where he currently practices.                      State Bar Association. Monica strongly believes that the GSE Program
       Fred is a member of many organizations including Rotary where he          presents an ideal forum for the exchange of ideas on social, economic,
 has been President of the Pemberton Club and served in district staff           cultural and government issues and the formation of long-term
 positions. He is a member of the American, New Jersey and Burlington            relationships. She believes that this experience will provide an enhanced
 County Bar Associations. He has served as a Director of CMC Inc., ACT           perspective on professional legal issues as well as innovative ways to
 Manufacturing Inc., and the Burlington County Red Cross. He is a Trustee        address difficult problems encountered during her legal career.
 of Alfred University and a member of their Athletic Hall of Fame. He was              Monica truly believes in the mission of Rotarians. As a legal
 made an Honorary Citizen of Rio De Janeiro in 1973. Fred has also served        professional, she feels a responsibility to help use collective expertise
 on the Borough Council and was President of the Taxpayer’s Association          and resources to promote service and good will.
 in Barnegat Light.
       Fred is married with three children, Michael, 41, Matthew, 40, and
 Robyn, 35. He is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. He enjoys history and                               Erin Christine Dunham
 outdoor activities including downhill skiing, tennis and golf.                                         11A Emerald Drive, Barnegat, NJ 08005 • USA
                                                                                                        Tel: 609-698-0894
                                                                                                        E-mail: erindunham@aol.com
                        Donna Marie Rook                                                                      Erin was born May 14, 1976, in Point
                        228 W. Broad Street, Burlington, NJ 08016 • USA                                 Pleasant, New Jersey where she spent the first
                        Tel: 609-386-6560                                                               eighteen years of her life. After graduation from
                        E-mail: donnasw@juno.com                                                        high school in 1994, she enlisted in the US Army
                              Donna was born and grew up in Levittown,                                  where she completed the training and certification
                        Pennsylvania before moving to New Jersey fifteen         necessary to become an emergency medical technician. Continued
                        years ago. She attended Bucks County Community           intensive training in San Antonio for an additional year led to a six-
                        College, Newtown, Pennsylvania, obtaining an             month on-the-job lab training period in Honolulu, Hawaii, to qualify as
                        Associates of Art, Human Services in1985 before          a medical laboratory technician. Assigned to a laboratory in Hawaii,
 earning a Baccalaureate of Social Work from Rutgers University, Camden,         Erin then pursued a bachelor’s degree at the University of Hawaii for
 New Jersey in 1995. She then obtained a Masters of Social Work Degree           four years on an off-duty basis in between lab shifts. In December 1999,
 from Rutgers University in 1996. She is currently a Foster Care Supervisor      Erin was honorably discharged from the US Army, returned to New Jersey,
 with Bethanna, Child Welfare Agency, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.             enrolled at Rutgers University and graduated a year and a half later with
       Social work has been the focus of Donna’s life since her graduation       a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Anthropology and a minor in
 from high school. She feels strongly that her primary purpose in life is to     Biology. Erin is currently a microbiologist at the Ocean County Medical
 effect positive change in her community and in the lives of individuals.        Laboratory in Brick, New Jersey.
 She has worked in the child welfare field for the past ten years. In addition        While still in the service, Erin took a month’s leave to backpack
 to her demanding job as a foster care supervisor, Donna teaches parenting       through Europe, visiting the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy
 classes to adolescent mothers and facilitates a support group for               and France. She was also able to visit Korea and Japan in 1997 during a
 adolescent girls. She also chairs a performance improvement committee           training deployment period. To increase her professional growth, she
 that collects data on the trauma associated with removing a child from a        hopes to visit museums and institutes focusing on anthropology and
 home and provides intervention strategies to address foster care                microbiology while in Germany. She enjoys skiing among other outdoor
 placement disruptions.                                                          activities.
       Donna has two children, a twelve year old daughter, Samantha, and
 a nineteen year old son, Angel. Her father is the Chief of Police in Red
 Lion, Pennsylvania, and her mother works in the public schools.
Page    8                         RD 7500                       http://www.d7500-rotary.org                                      April/May 2003

   Attendance Report for the Month of March 2003                             Attendance Report for the Month of March 2003
 Rank Club                            %     #    Base           Net Current Rank Club                          %     # Base              Net Current
                                    Attend Mtgs #Mbrs   +   –   YTD Mbrs                                     Attend Mtgs #Mbrs   +   –   YTD Mbrs
  1 BURLINGTON                        100   2   44      0   2   -4   40   22 BRICK TOWNSHIP (Lunch)           69     4   80      1   0   -16   64
  2 FREEHOLD                          98    4   51      2   0   -3   48   23 TOMS RIVER SUNRISE               68     4   30      1   0     1   31
  3 PALMYRA RIVERTON CINN             97    4   36      0   0   -1   35   24 MEDFORD-VINCENTOWN               67     4   27      0   0     4   31
  4 WRIGHTSTOWN                       96    3   25      0   0   -2   23   25 LONG BEACH ISLAND                67     4   50      0   0    -2   48
  5 MAPLE SHADE                       88    4   42      1   0    0   42   26 MATAWAN                          64     4   36      1   0    -3   33
  6 MOORESTOWN BREAKFAST              88    3   46      1   0    1   47   27 POINT PLEASANT BORO              64     4   40      0   0    -1   39
  7 LAKEWOOD                          84    4   38      0   0   -1   37   28 BORDENTOWN                       64     4   26      0   0    -2   24
  8 POINT PLEASANT                    84    4   27      0   0   -4   23   29 WALL                             62     4   10      1   0     1   11
  9 TOMS RIVER                        83    4   51      0   0    2   53   30 BRICK MORNING                    61     4   57      1   0    -7   50
 10 FORKED RIVER                      83    4   49      0   0    7   56   31 PEMBERTON                        60     5   36      0   0    -1   35
 11 RIVERSIDE DELRAN DELANCO          81    5   14      0   0   -1   13   32 SEASIDE                          59     4   24      0   1    -2   22
 12 JACKSON                           81    4   29      1   0   -1   28   33 ASBURY PARK                      59     4   42      0   0     6   48
 13 SPRINGLAKE-BRIELLE                80    4   41      0   0   -2   39   34 GREAT BAY                        56     4   18      0   0    -1   17
 14 MT. LAUREL                        80    4   26      1   0   -4   26   35 HOLMDEL                          56     4   13      0   0    -2   11
 15 RED BANK                          76    4   70      0   0   -3   67   36 TINTON FALLS                     55     3   24      0   1    -6   18
 16 MOORESTOWN                        75    4   96      0   3   -9   87   37 LONG BRANCH                      54     4   58      0   0     0   58
 17 WILLINGBORO                       74    4   63      0   0   -6   57   38 WALL SUNRISE                     54     4   20      0   0     4   24
 18 CENTRAL OCEAN                     73    4   25      3   0    3   28   39 LAKEHURST-MANCHESTER             50     4   27      0   0     1   28
 19 MARLTON                           73    5   22      0   0   -1   21   40 SOUTHERN OCEAN                   50     4   52      0   0    -5   47
 20 BEACHWOOD-BERKELEY                73    4   16      0   0   -1   15   41 HAZLET                           46     4   25      0   0    -3   22
 21 BEVERLY                           70    4   16      0   0    2   18   42 MT. HOLLY                        44     4   73      1   0     1   74

        CLUB NEWS                                                                        ROTARY GIVES $3000 TO
                                                                                         REVITALIZATION EFFORT
                                         INTERACT - AREA 5                            The Mt. Holly Rotary Club recently contributed
                                         Toms River High School Inter-
                                                                                 $3000 to the Main Street Mt. Holly program to be used
                                      act Club was invited by Commu-             toward the revitalization of historic downtown Mt. Holly.
                                      nity Medical Center to help put on              Tim Florence, executive director of the Main Street
                                      an Easter Party for the employees’         Mt. Holly program, accepted the check from Rotary Club
                                      children, on Saturday 4-12-03.             President Richard Strobel. Main Street Mt. Holly is a spe-
                                      Eleven students, their advisor,            cial designation awarded by the state of New Jersey in
                                      Christopher Peck, and Rotary Li-           2002 to only 21 communities, following a competitive
                                      aison, Mary Jean Thompson, from            application process. Under the guidelines of the program,
                                      the Toms River Sunrise Rotary,             the state supplies free technical expertise and assistance
                                      helped to decorate the room, color         to the community for the purpose of stimulating economic
eggs, do tatoos, build an egg, make an Easter Card, set up and take pic-         re-development of its business district.
tures with the Easter Bunny, do the Easter egg hunt and clean up. After-              Together with the township’s designation as an ur-
ward all volunteers were treated to lunch at the hospital employee caf-          ban enterprise community, Mt. Holly’s downtown is trans-
eteria.                                                                          forming itself into a destination for retail shopping, din-
   Everyone had a nice time and were thrilled because the hospital staff         ing, and entertainment.
invited all participants to come back in October to help again for their              Mt. Holly Rotary Club has pledged to contribute the
Halloween party, because they did such a great job.                              same amount for three more years. These significant do-
                                                                                 nations represent the club’s powerful commitment to the
MT. LAUREL ROTARY CLUB’S PETALS FOR PROGRESS                                     success of the revitalization of downtown Mt. Holly.
   Our club’s international project will be to hold a Bike Collection Day             The club was an instrumental force in the successful
for the organization PETALS FOR PROGRESS. The collection will be                 application process to the state, and has been a steadfast
held on Saturday, May 17th at the Masonville Firehouse, Ark Road at              supporter ever since.
Marne Highway, Mt. Laurel, NJ. Our goal is to collect at least 120 bikes!
Anyone with a bicycle in repairable condition is urged to donate his or               As evidence of its devotion to the revival of the busi-
her bike to this worthy cause. The bikes are reconditioned and delivered         ness district, Mt. Holly Rotary Club inaugurated and
to deserving people in developing countries throughout the world who             sponsors “First Night Burlington County,” a fun-filled,
have no transportation other than their feet. A donation is requested (sug-      family-friendly and alcohol-free community celebration
gested minimum $10 per bike) which is used to pay for the cost of ship-          on New Year’s Eve featuring high-quality visual and per-
ping and repairing the bicycles. For more information contact Peter              forming arts capped by fireworks taking place in Mt.
Spirgel, Director of International Service, Mt. Laurel Rotary Club at            Holly’s downtown. December 31, 2003 will be the fifth
peter.spirgel@flastergreenberg.com or (856) 661-2267.                            annual “First Night” celebration in Mt. Holly.

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