ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (DMCA)
                                                                                                      SEPTEMBER 2007
                                                                                                      NEWSLETTER #93

                                                                     ELECTION TIME
                                         It is time to elect the new officers for the 2008/2009 term. A Nominating
                                         Committee consisting of Larry Ayers, Al Anderson, and Kim Roivas have
                                         nominated the following candidates for elected office in 2008. We thank the
                                         committee members for an excellent slate to lead DMCA next year. Our
                                         current President-elect, John Mendez, will assume the presidency in January
                                         2008. The candidates are:

                                         For President-elect: Ed Obloy
           (2006-07)                     For Vice President: current incumbent, Dorothy C. Macgurder

President - Curt Dierdorff               For Secretary: current incumbent, Cathi Montgomery
President-Elect – John Mendez
Vice President – Dorothy Magruder
                                         For Treasurer: current incumbent, Charles Leslie
Treasurer - Charlie Leslie
                                         In addition there are three referendum issues to be voted on…..
Secretary – Cathi Montgomery
Past-President - Paul Peeler                1)      Name change for the Association
Staff Assistant/Webmaster – Ange Meoli
Co-Historians - Dorothy Jennings-Smith      It is proposed that the name of the organization be changed from Defense
   & Howard Smith                           Mapping & Charting Alumni Association to National Geospatial/Intelligence
                                            Alumni Association, to encourage membership from DMA successor
                                            organizations, including NIMA and NGA, who may not identify with DMA,
                                            and to reflect the evolution of the mission of DMA, NIMA, and NGA.
                                            2)      Dues for the Association
                                            The Executive Board proposes to eliminate the annual dues option for
                                            membership in the Association. Only a few members choose the annual dues
                                            option versus the one-time lifetime option; offering the annual option is no
                                            longer warranted.
  Please submit news items,
                                            3)     Addition of a Staff Officer to the Association and duty changes
      as well as address
                                            to the role of Vice-President
    and e-mail changes to:
                                            The Executive Board proposes to establish an appointed position of Staff
        Cathi Montgomery                    Officer to assist in the administrative management of the Association.
     11606 Springhouse Place
                                                      Please see the attached ballot for details
        Reston, VA 20194
         (703) 742-9114                                        and instructions for voting

                DMCA FALL LUNCHEON                                       A NOTE FROM OUR PRESIDENT
Our Fall Luncheon will be held on November 14, 2007 at            Time sure flies! I am completing my second, and final,
Mount Vernon Inn, Mount Vernon, Virginia 22121. In addition
       PAGE 2                                                                             EMPLOYEEIt seems like only
                                                                  year as president of DMCA.        NEWSLETTER
to the luncheon you may participate in a Museum and Estate        yesterday that I accepted Al Andersen’s invitation to
Tour, which includes access to Donald W. Reynolds Museum and      run for that office. It will soon be time for John
Education Center-featuring 25 gallery and theater                 Mendez to serve as president of your association. I
experiences, and the Estate and Garden tour-includes the          know John will represent you well and act in the best
Mansion house, out-buildings, greenhouse, gardens, and more..     interest of the DMCAA and its members.
Luncheon price is: $23.00 per person (includes talk with
Martha Washington).     Luncheon and Museum/Estate Tour           During my tenure we have been blessed with good times
price: $34.00 per person (if 20 or more sign up). Cash bar will   at our semi-annual luncheons. Our connections with
be available (price includes gratuity and tax).      RSVP by      NGA have been excellent.        We have successfully
Tuesday, November 6, 2007 (see attached flyer). Hope to see       nominated DMCA members for the NGA Hall of Fame
you there!                                                        and recognized outstanding NGA employees for their
                                                                  service to the agency and their communities. Your
           VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR                                  Executive Board has also considered how we position
                                                                  the Association to continue to be viable for the future.
                                                                  In that regard, we are proposing a name change that
Olga Wright, FAB Chairperson sends the following:
                                                                  will broaden our appeal to the NIMA/NGA community.
                                                                  This change will be presented to the membership for a
The Family Access Board (FAB) invites the Agency’s retirees
                                                                  vote with this Newsletter. NGA has no objection to the
to participate in this year’s Family Day, on October 13, 2007.
                                                                  proposed change. I hope you will support the Board’s
We can help in several ways. During this year’s Family Day, the
                                                                  recommendation for a name change.
FAB will be collecting items to send to deployed Agency
personnel. They will need volunteers to accept and sort the
                                                                  Finally, I want to say a special thank you to Executive
donations into several containers. There are two shifts: 10:00
                                                                  Board members, and to Ange Meoli, for their service
a.m. – Noon and Noon – 2:00 p.m. They would like four (4)
                                                                  during the past two years. I have enjoyed our Board
volunteers for each shift. If you wish to donate items for this
                                                                  meetings and have such high regard for this group of
worthwhile cause, the FAB will be collecting: DVDs, Jelly
                                                                  volunteers who are able to work together to serve the
Bellies, Beef Jerky, Packaged Chocolates (they have fridges),
                                                                  interests of the Association. As you may know, Ange
Other Hard Candy, Canned Coffee, Splenda/Sweet-n-low
                                                                  has been the heart and soul of the Association for the
packages, Socks, Flashlights, Batteries, Eye Drops, Wipes,
                                                                  past few years, and is the one who supports the work of
Hand Sanitizer, Hand Lotion, Tooth Paste, Floss, Activity Books
                                                                  the Board and facilitates our programs. Next time you
like crosswords/search and find/Sudoku. NGA will mail the
                                                                  see him say a hearty thank you for all he does.
donations to those employees currently deployed but the FAB
must provide for the mailing costs; donations will be accepted
                                                                  Thank you for allowing me to serve as your president. I
at the FAB table.
                                                                  look forward to seeing you at the November luncheon.

Volunteers (2 for each shift) are needed for the Face Painting
                                                                  Curt Dierdorff
table at Family Day; previous face painting experience is
preferred.     If you can help, please contact the FAB
secretary, Margaret Ayers, at 703-569-5139 or by e-

The FAB has started collecting funds for scholarships to be
awarded to children of NGA employees. Camouflaged Freedom
Wristbands will be available on Family Day for a donation to
the scholarship fund.

NGA West will have their Family Day on September 15.
Retirees wishing to participate in the West may contact FAB’s
Vice Chair, Zina Hackworth, at 314-910-2645 or by e---

Thank you and see you on Family Day 2007!
               NEW MEMBERS                           ADDRESS & PHONE NUMBER CHANGES
 Mr. Dennis Moellman
                                                     Mr. Milton “Mickey” J. Lohr, Jr.
         Carolina NEWSLETTER
 1383 N.EMPLOYEEAve. NE                                                                 PAGE 3
                                                     1296 Kapiolani Blvd, Unit 2906
 Washington, DC 20002
                                                     Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
 (202) 546-0037 (Luisa Whittington)
                                                     (808) 593-8510

 Ms. MaryBeth Goodwin
                                                     Mr. Henry U. Herbert
 19355 Cypress Ridge Terrace, #112
                                                     650 Goldrock
 Landsdowne, VA 20176
                                                     Rocky Mount, NC 27804
                                                     (252) 446-6005 (Eleanor)
                                                     Mr. Roy Nunn
 Mr. Mark Hanna
                                                     6351 Toulon Drive
 PSC 46 BOX 639
                                                     Boca Raton, FL 33433-3801
 APO AE 09469
                                                     (561) 395-4852
 01144 1832 720 504 (Andrea Orr)
                                                     Regina Millard
                                                     13066 Galena Court
 Mr. Chad E. Wright
                                                     Gainesville, VA 20155
 103 Nassau Drive
                                                     Home: 703-743-1462
 Winchester, VA 22602
                                                     Cell: 703-622-3453
 (540) 539-8478 (Olga)
                                                     Work: 703-893-5305 (X112)
                                                     Primary email:
                                                     Secondary email:

                                                           E-MAIL ADDRESS CHANGES
                  ***********                        Bill Waples:
PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU GET AN                     Sheila Martin Fitzsimmons:
EMAIL ADDRESS. THE MORE INFORMATION                  Cindy Bogner:
WE CAN SEND OUT BY EMAIL, THE MORE                   John E Hanna, Jr.:
WE SAVE IN POSTAGE COSTS. THANKS!                    Raymond Goelz:
                                                     Shelly and Marv Richman:
                                                     Lon Smith:
                                                     Angelina Luchini:

                                                                     NAME CHANGE
                                                     Betty Damker is now Betty Johnson……she took back
                                                     her maiden name – all other data is the same.

      PLEASE SUBMIT NEWS ITEMS,                 --

             ADDRESS AND
          E-MAIL CHANGES TO:

                 Cathi Montgomery
              11606 Springhouse Place
                 Reston, VA 20194
                  (703) 742-9114

The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers recently announced that they have awarded the construction contract to build National
Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) New Campus East at Fort Belvoir. The Corps' Baltimore District, awarded the
contract to Clark/Balfour Beatty-NGA, a joint venture, to construct the Agency's New Campus East at Fort Belvoir's
Engineer Proving Ground. The contract, which the Corps awarded August 10, 2007, was issued in accordance
with the Department of Defense Base Realignment and Closure actions that became law November 2005. NGA will
consolidate its eastern operations in the new facility by Sept. 15, 2011. The press release announcing the award of the
contract reads, in part: "The Agency's mission is to provide timely, relevant and accurate geospatial intelligence in support
of our national security. The term "geospatial intelligence" means the exploitation and analysis of imagery and geospatial
information to describe, assess and visually depict physical features and geographically referenced activities on the Earth.
Geospatial intelligence consists of imagery, imagery intelligence and geospatial (e.g., mapping, charting and geodesy)

                                                 NEWS AND NOTES

The Gantt family was well known at the Army Map Service (AMS). One of the gates at the AMS was named Gantt Gate,
honoring a close relative of DMCA member, John Gantt. Colonel John Lund sends this update on John, who had been living
in El Paso, TX:

 "Liz (Wilson) informed me that John's mental and physical health has fallen on bad times. He can no longer live alone. He
had no family in the El Paso area but several sons in the North Carolina region. He has moved to an assisted living facility
(in North Carolina) so his sons can monitor his care. His address is: Mr. John Gantt, Heather Glen, 103 Appalachian Blvd.,
Arden, NC 28704. ...... I do not know John's present mental capacity. I do believe he would enjoy hearing from former
friends and acquaintances in the M C & G field."

Colonel John Lund sends this "Final Report" of the Southwest Mappers. It is so sad to see a longtime tradition come to an
end. We salute the Lunds and the Wintzes for their loyal hospitality each spring for the past 24 years. It is hard to
imagine that it has been that long ago that this all started. Seems like only yesterday. Thank you!

"As advertised, the 24th and sadly, maybe the final, annual reunion of the informal Association of Mapping
Southwesterners was held on Saturday, 24 March, 2007 at Vinlund House here in Tucson, Arizona. As we were " Heading
for the Last Round-up " as Gene Autry might have sung, there were some 14 " doggies " that we were able to get into the
corral. They were, in alphabetical order, Al Andersen, Sgt & Mrs. Troy D. Carpenter, Sgt William Dean, CMSgt & Mrs.
Patrick Fitzpatrick ( Helen from the credit union ), Mr. James H. Harnden and daughter Micki, Col & Mrs. John R. Lund,
CWO David P. Moore, Mr. William R. Riordan, Mr. John R. Vaughn, and our special guest Mrs. Jan Wintz. In addition, we
received well wishes from MG ( USAF, Ret ) James M. Breedlove, former Deputy Director, DMA, MG ( USA, Ret )& Mrs.
Richard M. Wells, Former Director, DMA, Sgt John A. Austin, and Mr. & Mrs. Joe LePire. We thank them for their kind
remarks. All went well and a good time was had by all. Some thoughts as we bring our reunions to a close. On Thursday, 10
May, 2007 one of our local newspapers, the " Arizona Daily Star ", ran an article from the Associated Press written by
Katherine Shrader entitled " Satellites photos pose security worry ". ( covers NGA ) The advent of satellite photography
marked the beginning of a new era in mapping, charting, & geodesy ( M C & G ). When a new era begins an old one must die
or pass from the scene. All who attended our final reunion were members who had their feet firmly planted on solid earth.
Men who sat on mountain tops or Bilby towers for days, weeks, and sometimes months to get that one clear night to
observe other stations to complete a quadrilateral of triangulation. They have been replaced by men and women with a hand
held global positioning system that can establish an accurate geographic position and elevation in minutes under all weather
conditions. The topographic surveyor and computer have been replaced by machines. Many other examples PAGE 5 be cited.
Machines, being inanimate objects, can not be a " Band of Brothers ". Perhaps it is well that we old timers, with great
reluctance, take our place with the relics of history. This handing off of the baton was brought close to home upon learning
of the passing of Col ( USA, Ret ) Alden P. Colvocoresses. Colvo, as he was fondly called, graduated from the University of
Arizona here in Tucson in about 1940 with a degree in mining engineering. As an ROTC member, he was commissioned in the
Corps of Engineers. He soon joined the 16th Armored Engineer Battalion, 1st Armored Division and was fighting his way
across North Africa. He was awarded the Silver Star Medal for gallantry in action. Colvo later served during the Korean
War where one of his significant accomplishments was the formation of a flood prediction system for the entire country.
Many lives were saved when water levels were expected to rise and troops were advised and could take precautionary
measures. While waiting for his next war he garnered a Ph D in Geodetic Science from Ohio State University. Colvo served
again during the Vietnam War as the senior M C & G officer in the Headquarters, U S Army, Vietnam. It was my pleasure
to serve as his deputy during the years 1967-68, the time of the North Vietnamese Test Offensive. American infantry
units engaged in house-to-house fighting were having great trouble identifying targets in built-up areas such as the Saigon
suburb of Cholon and Hue in the north. Colvo remembered his World War II experience to solve the problem using gridded
large scale photography. Within days, a fixed wing light aircraft and aerial camera was acquired and 1:5,000 scale
photography flown. The 66th Engineer Company (Topo) (Corps) mass produced the photos adding a lettered and
numbered grid. An index of the photography was made to accompany the photos. Photos were assembled in "decks " with a
hole drilled into one corner and held together by a book binding screw. The indexes and photo decks were hurriedly issued
to the infantry on the ground and supporting artillery and aircraft units. In the words of the infantry unit commanders, "
This is the greatest thing since sliced bread. ". The passing era from man to the machine means the human institutional
memory will be lost. The examples cited in the case of Col Colvo show how important that can be. Let us pray that machines
are up to the task. Before adjourning, the group presented the Lund's and Wintz's with a plaque reading " Thanks for the
memories from all us Topo folks ". It was our pleasure to host this great " Band of Brothers ".

Pat & Mickey Lohr send this update from their new home in Hawaii.

It’s been 4 weeks since we sold Bixler Lane and took off for the “Mid-Pacific”, and today we’re quasi-settled in our condo
overlooking Honolulu and the Pacific Ocean. The weather has been beautiful. Not only did we dodge “Flossie”, we never
felt a moment’s effect.

Our container, full of too much stuff, arrived around August 6 and that Friday, movers moved some things to Jeff and
Barb’s house, some into the condo and the rest into what is now an overflowing storage unit. We have boxes we couldn’t
get to even if we had a place to put the contents once we opened them. When you only move every 30 years, you forget
how many things you can live without!

Last night was the first night we spent here…..I know Jeff and Barb are glad to be rid of us! They were great hosts! I am
seated at my desk facing a huge window watching several dinner cruise ships sail along the coast. The view is really

Mickey is doing well. He walks slowly, but without assistance. The aphasia still prevents him from always selecting the
word he’s looking for, but all in all, he is much more self sufficient and is happy to be here. We are grateful for his
progress and especially grateful to you all who prayed and supported him to this point.

We would love to hear from you. Our address is 1296 Kapiolani Blvd., unit 2906, Honolulu, Hawaii 96814 and our phone #
is 808-593-8510. We had our Murphy bed installed last week, so we’re getting prepared for guests. Our email address is Hope this finds you well and happy. Please keep in touch!
       PAGE 6                                                                                EMPLOYEE NEWSLETTER

                                            IN LOVING MEMORY OF
We were saddened to learn of the death of DMCA member, and longtime DMA employee, David Fredlund in February.
David Fredlund, 73, a cartographer who retired in 1988 after 37 years with the Defense Mapping Agency, died Feb. 9 at
his home in Rockville. He had Parkinson's disease. At the end of his career, Mr. Fredlund was a program manager assigned
to the agency's NATO desk with responsibilities for international mapping, charting and geodetic surveys. He received an
Outstanding Service Award from the agency. Mr. Fredlund was born in Washington and grew up there and in Kansas City,
Kan. He graduated from Western High School and George Washington University. He served in the Coast Guard as a young
man, and in 1980, he attended the Air War College in Montgomery, Ala. He was a Boy Scout master with Rockville troops
447 and 1445 and a volunteer with the American Heart Association. Survivors include his wife of 52 years, Norma
Fredlund of Rockville; two children, Mark Fredlund of Lothian and Chrissy DeGennaro of Ocean City, N.J.; two brothers; a
sister; and four grandchildren. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Fredlund family.

We recently learned that Colonel Hugh Paul Johnson, USA (Retired), former Chief of Staff, DMA, died in a drowning
accident while fishing off his dock in Florida. Thanks to Dave Jones for forwarding this article from the News Herald,
Panama City, Florida. Hugh Paul Johnson, 70, of Lynn Haven, Fla., died Sunday, May 20, 2007, at his home. He was born in
Fort Lewis, Wash., and lived on numerous military bases as the son of an Air Force officer. He graduated the United
States Military Academy (USMA) in West Point, N.Y., in 1958. He received a master’s degree in civil engineering in 1964
from Ohio State University and a master’s in environmental and urban planning from the University of Virginia in 1988. He
was an officer in the Army Corps of Engineers, serving in Hawaii, South Pacific Survey Mission, Department of
Mathematics USMA, Vietnam; deputy district engineer, Lower Mississippi Valley Division, Fort Hood, Texas, HQs
MASSTER; deputy corps engineer 3 Corps, HQ, EUCOM-Germany, Defense Mapping School-Fort Belvoir, Va.; chief of
staff, HQs Defense Mapping Agency-Washington, D.C.; and director, Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic-Topographic
Agency-Maryland. Paul is survived by his loving wife, Paula Talbert Johnson and their four children, 17 grandchildren; two
great-grandchildren; and his brother, Roger K. Johnson. A memorial service was held May 24, 2007 in Panama City, FL.
Colonel Johnson was buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Our sympathies go out to the family.

Wilbur S. Ellis died on Sunday, June 24, 2007. Mr. Ellis was Chief of Nautical Cartography at the Naval Oceanographic
Office, the DMA Hydrographic Center, and, just before his retirement, at the DMA Hydrographic/Topographic Center.
He retired in 1980 after many years of dedicated service. Our prayers and thoughts go out to the Ellis family.

We are saddened to learn of the death of Ken Burke on August 3rd. He was formerly Gravity and Geodesy Coordinator at
Headquarters, DMA, and subsequently a department director at the DMA Aerospace Center, St. Louis, MO. Please keep
his wife, Earline, and the family in your prayers and thoughts.

Harold "Mike" Schreiber, 87, passed away on August 5, 2007 after a long illness. Mike was the Chief of the AMS Kansas
City Field Office from 1951 - 1974. After his retirement, he moved to Dallas, Texas, where he was living at the time of his
death. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mike's family and his many DMCA/AMS friends.

We recently learned of the death of our dear friend and longtime member, Robert Ota, who died on May 25, 2007.
Interment was held at Arlington National Cemetery on Wednesday, August 8, 2007. Please keep his wife, Toshiko, and the
family in your prayers. Our sympathies go out to the family. Bob retired from HQ DMA in January, 1979. Larry Ayers
who worked with Bob in the early years of DMA as well as at DIA, tells us about Bob.

 “I first met Bob at DIA in 1968. Shortly after my new assignment in the R&D element of DIAMC (Mapping and Charting),
known as DIAMC-5, Bob Ota arrived. He was a very bright, quiet, perceptive man who had just retired from the Air Force.
Ota, Dornbrock, Sukman, Dicarlo, Gold, Toki, and I were the staff and all worked well together. Bob had a great sense of
humor. I recall one day when we all went out to lunch together and DiCarlo ordered the biggest lunch. Carmen then
proposed to divide the bill equally six ways. The next time we went out Ota arranged lunch at a Chinese restaurant and
arranged for only chop sticks as eating utensils. Carmen could not eat much with the sticks and was suggesting we pay
according to how much we eat. Ota would not let him off!! Bob and I again worked together after DMA was formed in the
       EMPLOYEE NEWSLETTER                                                                                PAGE 7
R&D group. Bob had a lot of experience in military systems and was a significant contributor to developing new systems to
advance the DMA mission for the remainder of his career. For all of us who knew Bob Ota, we will miss his positive
approach and warm personality. For those who did not know him, his legacy and contribution to the military mission is
there to see. He was one of the finest men with whom I have had the privilege to serve.”

             We have recently learned that a grandson of Bill and Addie Riordan, 1st Lieutenant Dan Riordan, 23, was
killed in Iraq by a roadside bomb. Four other soldiers were killed when the blast hit their vehicle on Saturday in Taji, Iraq.
The soldiers belonged to the 1st Cavalry Division's 2nd Battalion, 8th Cavalry. The unit's home post is Fort Hood, Texas.
Lt. Riordan was born in Ft. Worth, Texas, and moved to St. Louis when he was five. He was one of three children of Rick
Riordan and Jeanine Rainey and had lived with his mother and stepfather, Robert Rainey, in Sunset Hills. In the
statement, Jeanine Rainey said she told her son while he was in college that he didn’t have to go into the armed forces.
She said her son had told her that the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, made him "more committed to serving now than
ever." Shortly before he was sent to Iraq, she said, he told her, "This is what I am called to do." He has a twin brother,
Nick, and an older sister, Suzanne. His father and stepmother, Michelle Riordan, live in south Florida. Please keep the
Riordan family in your thoughts and prayers.
                                                        ELECTION 2007
      PAGE 8                                                                                          EMPLOYEE NEWSLETTER

A Nominating Committee consisting of Larry Ayers, Al Anderson, and Kim Roivas has nominated the following candidates for
elected office in 2008. We thank the committee members for an excellent slate to lead DMCA next year. Our current President-elect,
John Mendez, will assume the presidency in January 2008. All will serve a two-year term through 2009. The candidates are:


Ed Obloy

As an Associate with Booz Allen Hamilton based at McLean, VA, Ed is focused in the Defense and National Security business. Ed
joined Booz Allen after retiring as General Counsel, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) in April, 2005. As General
Counsel, he provided advice and counsel regarding the programs and activities of the agencies he served. As General Counsel, DMA,
Ed was involved in a myriad of complex leadership, management and legal matters. His legal, program an ethical advice significantly
contributed to the successful acquisition of the first multi-billion dollar, all digital mapping, charting and geodesy (MC&G) production
system. He also led the DOD team in negotiating international agreements for the acquisition, program management, and operation of
like systems. He continued to provide guidance, advice and oversight to all major acquisition programs in DMA, NIMA and NGA.
After serving 31 years as a federal career executive, Ed retired with the rank of SES-06. In 1999, Ed was awarded the Presidential
Rank Award of Distinguished Executive in the Defense Intelligence Service. He is also the recipient of the Presidential Rank Award
of Meritorious Executive in the Defense Intelligence Service (1997), the Presidential Rank of Meritorious Executive in the Senior
Executive Service (1990), the Office of Secretary of Defense Medal for Exceptional Civilian Service in 1997, and the recipient of
many agency awards throughout his career, including the NGA Distinguished Civilian Service Award in 2005. Ed is a guest lecturer
at the Joint Military Intelligence College (JMIC) and the NGA College concerning the legal, policy and legislative issues involving the
stand up of NIMA. He has also lectured internationally in the field of maritime navigation negligence and liability in use of electronic
navigational data and systems. He is published in the International Hydrographic Review and the Journal of Maritime Law and


Dorothy C. Magruder (Incumbent)

Dorothy, a Maryland native, has served one two-year term as Vice-President. She has graciously agreed to stand for that position
again. Dorothy retired from HQ DMA in June 1992.


Cathi Montgomery (Incumbent)

Cathi, a Virginia resident, has served one two-year term as Secretary. She has graciously agreed to stand for that position again.
Cathi retired from NGA in April 2004.


Charles Leslie (Incumbent)

Charlie, who resides in Falls Church, VA, has served as Treasurer since 1988; he has graciously agreed to stand for that position
again. Charlie retired from HQ DMA in June 1986.

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