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					                    2010 Harford County
                 Miss Fire Prevention Contest

                               General Rules
1.   Must live in Harford County.
2.   Must be single, never married and have no children.
3.   Must not have any intentions of becoming married, and must remain
     single during reign as Miss Fire Prevention, under penalty of
4.   Must be eligible to run in the MSFA contest to be held each June in
     Ocean City, MD.
5.   Must be between 16 and 23 years of age.
6.   Must submit a copy of birth certificate or proof of age with
7.   Must abide by the rules set forth by the Fire & Injury Prevention
8.   Miss Fire Prevention cannot run in consecutive years.
9.   Cannot hold any other fire prevention title while serving as Harford
     County Miss Fire Prevention.
                               Contest Rules
1.   Contest will consist of two parts: private interview with judges and on
     stage questions.
2.   Judging will be based on fire prevention knowledge, interview, poise,
     speaking ability, on stage performance and general appearance.
3.   Interview with the judges will be held the day of the contest, times
     will be scheduled the night of rehearsal. Street length dress or
     pantsuit require for interview. Rehearsal will be held about 1 week
     prior to the contest. Date and time to be announced.
4.   Contestants must arrive ½ hour prior to the start of the contest.
5.   Contestants must wear a tea length or long gown for on stage portion
     of contest. No slacks. It is recommended that you use your best
     judgment when choosing your gown (i.e. no low cut dresses or strapless
6.   Flowers will be provided for each contestant.
7.   Judges decisions are final.
8.   A winner and first runner up will be chosen.
    9. If the winner cannot fulfill her duties, the first runner up will assume
        the title of Miss Fire Prevention.
    10. Miss Fire Prevention must contact the first runner up if she is unable
        to attend a function. Please give the first runner up adequate notice
        of the function she will need to attend.
    11. This is not a beauty contest or talent show.
                   What is expected of Miss Fire Prevention
        The Harford County Volunteer Fire and EMS Association, Inc. and the
Fire & Injury Prevention Committee reserves the right to remove from
competition any contestant (or winners) found to be convicted of a criminal
activity. Miss Fire Prevention or Runner-up shall not consume any alcoholic
beverage or utilize tobacco products, or use profanity while wearing the
sash and crown. Miss Fire Prevention and Runner-Up shall also abide by the
rules and regulations set forth by the Fire Company that they are
representing. Conviction of a crime or violation of these rules could result in
termination of rein. Children of all ages will look to you as a role model and
the above rules will be strictly enforced.
        As Miss Fire Prevention you will be attending many banquets, parades,
open houses and other fire department functions. This will be an exciting
and fun filled year for you as Muss Fire Prevention. Many of these functions
will call for you to speak to an audience of fire department personnel or a
group of children and/or adults. Always have a short fire prevention message
prepared to share. You are expected to dress in an appropriate manner for
each function you attend. The following is a guideline for you to follow:
             Parades: long gown
             Banquets: tea length, street length dress or skirt and blouse
             Open houses, Expo’s, meetings, etc: street length dress, blouse
               and skirt or dress slacks.
             Crown and sash should be worn for all these functions. At no
               time are you to wear your crown and sash with jeans or shorts,
               mini skirts/dresses, or strapless tops/dresses.
             During extremely hot weather a skorts type of outfit may be

If Miss Fire Prevention or the 1st runner up is currently in high school a C
average must be maintained. Proof of grade average must be provided to the
Fire and Injury Prevention committee each marking period. If your grade
average falls below a C, parent permission must be obtained to continue your
reign. If your grade average isn’t improved by the next marking period the
committee reserves the right to terminate your reign.
                        What will be provided for you:
   1. The County Fire & Injury Prevention Committee will provide up to
       $850.00 toward a condo for the week of the MSFA Convention. You
       will be provided with $150.00 for food expenses. If you are under 21
       you must have a parent or responsible chaperone stay with you for the
   2. Your crown, sash and contest flowers are yours to keep.
   3. The large magnetic door signs are passed from year to year. Please
       take care of these, as they were given to you in good shape. You will
       be held responsible for any damages. You may keep the small magnetic
       sign that has your name on it.
   4. Upon the successful completion of your reign, you will receive a
       scholarship sponsored by the Level Volunteer Fire Company Ladies
       Auxiliary. In years past, this scholarship has been awarded for
   5. The Fire & Injury Prevention committee will not provide your
       transportation to and from events. You will be expected to provide a
       vehicle, preferably a convertible, for parades.
                              Other Information:
   1. Enclosed is a copy of the questions that will be asked during the
       interview and the on stage portion of the contest.
   2. A contest rehearsal will be held on Wednesday October 28, 2009 @
       Level Volunteer Fire Company @ 7pm. At this rehearsal, you will be
       given your interview times.
   3. Contest will be held on Sunday November 1, 2009 at the Level
       Volunteer Fire Company. 3633 Level Village Road Havre de Grace, MD
   4. For additional information or questions, contact Michelle Gallion @
       410-459-6727 or
1. Why is Fire Prevention important to you?
2. When you enter a public place, stay at a hotel of motel, what are the things
    you should note in the event of a fire?
3. What fire safety procedures should be employed with fireplaces, stoves and
    portable space heaters?
4. Explain E.D.I.T.H. and its importance.
5. When calling 9-1-1 to report an emergency, what information should you give
    and what should you remember to do while on the phone with the call-taker?
6. We know that residential sprinklers save property and lives. How would you
    promote their use?
7. What are the dangers of turning in a false alarm in Maryland? Explain the
    penalties for this crime.
8. What fireworks are approved for use in Harford County? Explain the safety
    precautions that should be taken when using them.
9. What is the proper procedure for storing flammable liquids and what danger
    will occur when flammable liquids are misused?
10. Describe an electrical octopus hazard and explain how electrical appliances
    can be safely used in the home.
11. What are the consequences of youth fire setting and what measures can be
    taken to reduce this problem?
12. What is the importance of educating people of all ages in fire safety?
13. Where should smoke alarms be placed in the home and how often should they
    be tested?
14. In Maryland, what area of the home do most fires occur and how can these
    be prevented?
15. When speaking to a group of campers, what precautions must you give them
    to ensure a fire safe environment in order to prevent forest fires?
16. When speaking to a community group about kitchen fires, what precautions
    would you give them to prevent kitchen fires?
17. Explain the proper use of a fire extinguisher and when should or shouldn’t
    you use one.
18. What are the four (4) types of fire extinguishers and what class of fire
    would you use them for?
19. What hazards does smoking materials cause and how can they be prevented?
20. When using outdoor cooking devices, (gas or charcoal grills) when should you
    use these grills and what precautions should you take with them?
      2010 Harford County Miss Fire Prevention
                 Contest Application



Phone#____________________ E-Mail_______________________

DOB______________________ Age__________________________



School, College or occupation (include grade, activities, job position, etc.)

Additional information (fire department activities or committees,
training, volunteer work)

Mail to:
Michelle Gallion
307 West Lane
Churchville, MD 21028