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                                                                                                                                   August 2009
                                                                                                                                   Volume 2, Issue 8

                                              The ColleCTor

           2               The Ultimate Beauty Kit for College Girls
                           Classes are about to begin and chances are the dorm-bound coed in your life has a mini-fridge and a microwave
  10 steps to clear skin
                           high on her must-have list. But what about the day-to-day products she’ll need to feel fresh for that 8 a.m. class?
 dermalogica clean start
                           Beauty Collection has everything today’s college student needs to look her best, whether she’s just off to the
                           cafeteria or going to an evening formal. When putting together the ultimate beauty kit for your favorite college

           3               girl, here’s a handy checklist to get you started:

   featured collection
                              Bath items                                   Foundation/blush                               hoT TIP!
                           Stock that oh-so-vital shower caddy           Mineral-based foundations and blush-
                           with everything she needs to stay fresh.      es from Stript will give her the flawless         Pack a backpack-friendly
                           Along with her favorite shampoo and           look she wants without the parabens.              travel case with a mascara

           4               conditioner, add a scented body wash
                           such as 100% Pure Fresh Squeezed
                                                                         Made from marine botanicals, these
                                                                         foundations and blushes are formu-
                                                                                                                           wand, lip gloss, breath
                                                                                                                           mints and a mirror com-
    pampered moms          Pink Grapefruit Juicy Shower Gel.             lated with the antioxidants A, C & E to           pact so that she can fresh-
   free gift from stript   Don’t forget a razor and shaving gel          help naturally moisturize the face.
                                                                                                                           en up between classes.
                           like the rose-scented cream from The
                           Art of Shaving for Women.
                                                                         Breakouts aren’t unusual for the col-
                             haircare                                    lege crowd, especially during finals
                           In addition to her preferred styling prod-    week, so include a complete acne regi-        Smile care
   new malibu store
                           ucts, she’s going to need hardware to         men like Dr. Murad’s Acne Complex           To keep those pearlies white, she’ll
 opi españa collection     keep her hair looking fabulous all day.       Kit. [For more on keeping blemishes         need dental floss, toothpaste and a
                           For dorm living, choose hair dryers and       at bay, see “Bye, Bye Breakouts” on         toothbrush for starters. Add a trav-
                           styling irons that are reliable but not too   page 2.] Also pack her favorite mois-       el-sized mouthwash like GoSMIle
                           expensive [in case they go missing].          turizer such as Boscia oil-Free Daily       Touch-Ups so that she can freshen up
 “A man who has            Beauty Collection also stocks a variety       hydration [SPF 15] and hand lotion to       between classes.
                           of hairbrushes including Bio Ionic’s          prevent chapping.
    never gone to          nano-ionic brushes to help speed up                                                          odds and ends
                                                                           lip gloss                                 Don’t forget to stock up on must-have
 school may steal          the drying time before that early morn-
                           ing class. Remember to pack hair ac-
                                                                         This coed staple gives lips a natural       items like cotton balls and swabs,
                                                                         fresh look for any time of day. Give her    bandages and facial tissue. Add a
   from a freight          cessories like headbands and bobby
                           pins too.
                                                                         a variety of fun colors for every occa-     set of makeup brushes such as the
                                                                         sion and look for ones with shimmer         Japonesque Touch Up Tube Brush
    car; but if he           Nail care                                   like Stila lip Glaze.                       Set to round out her beauty kit.
                           Most students don’t have the extra
  has a university         cash to spend on a professional mani-
                                                                           eye makeup                                  Storage
                                                                         Today’s college coeds go with a natural     Storage space is at a premium, espe-
education, he may          cure or pedicure—so give her what she
                           needs to do it herself. Stock up on hot
                                                                         daytime look with a little something ex-    cially for dorm dwellers, so help her
                                                                         tra for night [think Emma Watson—the        organize her beauty supplies. A cute
  steal the whole          fall colors like Manicurist of Seville
                           and Conquistadorable Color from
                                                                         university-bound star favors dramatic       makeup case like the Japonesque
                                                                         eyeliner for evening premieres]. For        Medium Train Case with accordion
     railroad. ”           oPI’s españa Collection. And don’t
                                                                         daytime eyeshadow, go with soft col-        trays can store everything she needs
                           forget the JAPoNeSQUe Manicure
                                                                         ors like Starlight or Kitten from Stila     [and more!] without taking up valuable
      Theodore Roosevelt   Set which includes tweezers, nail clip-
                                                                         and try smokier shades from the Stila       drawer space.
                           pers, cuticle scissors and a nail file—all
                                                                         Smokey eye Collection for night.
                           in an adorable pink tote.

                           Introducing SweetSpot Labs® Intimate Grooming Escensuals
                           Visit any Beauty Collection store during the month of August and receive a FREE gift from SweetSpot Labs® with any pur-
                           chase. Your Free gift includes a promotional size bidet-in-a-bottle with a pink wrist band and trial packette of the
                           intimate waters concentrate. The SweetSpot Bidet-in-a-Bottle is the newest in our intimate grooming collection from
                           SweetSpot. It’s a unique and modern advance in intimate care. Coined Shower of Power, it consists of single dose packettes
                           of intimate waters that blend with lukewarm H2O which is carefully monitored by a temperature sensitive “smart” bidet bottle
                           label that reads READY. SPOT. GO. The result is a skin-softening, cleansing, spot-refreshing ‘portable bidet’.
                           [Offer good while supplies last so act fast.]

  Notes              from the       ColleCtive

 Bye, Bye Breakouts: 10 Steps to Clear Skin
  When it comes to acne, no one gets a free pass. Whether you’re a tween, teen, adult, or
  even a movie star like Cameron Diaz or Brad Pitt, chances are you’re going to have to
  battle breakouts at some point. [And, if you have our luck, usually before a hot date!]
  The culprit? Oily skin. During adolescence especially, raging hormones put the glands                                    Beautiful clear skin at any age
  that moisturize your skin into overdrive, trapping oil, dirt and bacteria—a perfect storm
  for acne. While most people weather the brunt before age 20, it’s not uncommon to
  bear those blemishes well beyond your teen years. But don’t despair! The road to clear
  skin starts here:

1    Cleanse. Use a daily cleanser for your face and
  body. Celebrities like E! News’s Giuliana DePandi
                                                          6  Don’t get picky. Resist the urge to pop
                                                          those zits. You’ll just spread the bacteria, and
  Rancic swear by DDF Blemish Foaming Cleans-             worse, you could end up with nasty scars.                DDF Blemish
  er. For very oily skin, the magic ingredient is sali-
  cylic acid. Try DDF Salicylic Wash 2%.                  7   Pull back your hair. Hair traps dirt and
                                                          oil—don’t let it rub on your face! Try wearing it
                                                                                                                 Foaming Cleanser

2    Treat. Stop those angry-looking pimples in
  their tracks with a medicated mask, like DDF
                                                          short or pulled back. Ladies, make it easy with
                                                          a pretty pony cuff or band. Choose one of our
  Sulfur Therapeutic Mask, which also pre-                favorite tangle-free bands from Smoothies.                                          DDF Salicylic
  vents new blemishes from forming. DDF Ben-
  zoyl Peroxide 5% Gel with Tea Tree oil uses
  the acne-fighting staple benzoyl peroxide to
                                                          8   Go oil-free. Skip oil-based makeup and go
                                                          for water-based eyeshadows, toners, mois-
                                                                                                                                              Wash 2% [$35]

  zap zits, while the tea tree oil soothes the skin       turizers and sunscreens like Peter Thomas
  and prevents it from drying out.                        roth’s Über Dry Sunscreen. To avoid clog-
                                                          ging pores at night, make sure to remove all
3   Protect. If you’re not careful, over-scrubbing
  can leave your skin dry and flaky. Keep it hy-
                                                          makeup before going to bed.                                DDF Sulfur
                                                                                                                  Therapeutic Mask
  drated with an oil-free lotion like Murad Acne
  Skin Perfecting lotion.
                                                          9   Do your laundry. Fabric traps oils and
                                                          dirt, so make sure to use clean towels every-

                                                          day. Switch out pillow cases, washcloths and
4    Drink up. Water helps combat oily skin from
  the inside out. Make sure you get eight glasses
                                                          makeup brushes for each use to keep skin
                                                          clean and fresh.                                                                    DDF Benzoyl
  a day to keep your skin healthy and clear.                                                                                                Peroxide 5% Acne

5    Work it out. Moderate exercise is good for
                                                          10 rest up. Skimping on shut-eye throws off
                                                          your body, and those changes can result in
                                                                                                                                             Treatment [$28]

  your skin. It promotes your overall health and          breakouts. Can’t get your seven to nine hours
  can be a great stress reliever. Skip the makeup         a night? Sneak a cat nap in the afternoon and
  though to avoid clogging pores and shower af-           make sure to schedule some downtime when               Peter Thomas roth
  terwards to keep your skin clean and oil-free.          you’re awake.                                               Über Dry
                                                                                                                  Sunscreen [$26]

  Teens Need a Clean Start for Problem Skin
  Just for Teens! Dermalogica’s Clean Start line is tailor-made for teens and has been
  spotted on the set of top teen shows like “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.” The line
  includes a foaming cleanser, a toner, a scrub, three moisturizers [two for day, one for
  night], a spot treatment and a lip moisturizer.
                                   brighten up                                                bedtime for breakouts
                                           24                                                           22

     all over clear
                $                                                                                             hit the spot
                                                                                        welcome matte             $

       wash off

                                                                                                                                  Bargain Shopping
ready, set, scrub!                                                                                                                 Clean Start Kit
                      smart mouth lip shine

  featured ColleCtioN

SweetSpot labs® Intimate Grooming escensuals
As much as we don’t like to talk about it, body care “down there” may be one of the
most important areas to cleanse properly and yet most of us are embarrassed to even
bring it up. That’s why Beauty Collection is proud to carry one of the only specialized
brands for this unique type of grooming. SweetSpot Labs ® has created a specific col-
lection of products made with especially gentle formulas and beneficial ingredients.

About the products:
Unlike most soaps, shampoos or body               cohol. Those products with aroma con-                that contain no aroma or color for women
washes, SweetSpot Labs ® products are             tain pure essential oils that were deliber-          who prefer aroma-free products or have
pH balanced specifically for optimum              ately selected for scents that enhance and           extra sensitivities. The SweetSpot Labs®
“sweet spot” health. They contain mild in-        complement a woman, while contributing               Intimate Grooming Escensuals collection
gredients specially chosen to blend with          a cleansing, calming and refreshing func-            includes: a gentle wash, balancing mist,
soothing botanicals and are absent of al-         tion. The line includes “NO. 00” products            on-the-go wipettes and eau de spot.

recommended Products:
Gentle Wash, Spot Fresh!                          Balancing Mist, Spot right!                         eau de Spot, Spot Delight!
For pH balanced TLC using especially blend-       A collection of luxurious gentle mists to add       One soft disk keeps you fresher than a daisy.
ed mild cleansers and soothing botanicals         to your Intimate Grooming™ ritual. Voila-your       Gentle, pH-balanced, and alcohol free. One
                 with essential oils all for-                        sweet spot is sure to find       dot sweetens the spot! Available in conve-
                 mulated for sweet spot                              its center. Available in cit-                      nient purse-size com-
                 use. A lovely last step in                          rus galbanum, geranium                             pacts. Contains 24 eau de
                 your bathing ritual. $12                            lavender, basil grapefruit                         spot infusions. $22
                                                                     and unscented. $12

on-The-Go Wipettes, Spot refresh!
This especially gentle formula delivers a sophisticated clean, especially designed for women [no, not the baby!]. Alcohol-free and
pH balanced for sweet spots, this cocktail offers the best of both worlds – a refresher and a pick-me-up. 30 deluxe-sized gentle
wipettes per pack [ $12] and available in the following scents:

Unscented                             Citrus Galbanum                          Geranium lavender                   Basil Grapefruit
Ideal for more sensitive spots        Lighthearted with a sexy side.           Geranium oil has in-born calming    Dominated by decongesting
and product purists, NO. 00 is        Pink grapefruit and tangerine            and soothing mojo and a quietly     basil and detoxifying, balancing
          completely,       utterly              oils are naturally an-                  spicy charisma. Lav-                grapefruit essences.
          and absolutely with-                   tibacterial and smell                   ender is just as feel-              Not content to merely
          out added scents or                    refreshing, not fruity.                 good, with natural                  cleanse, they help
          color. Get all the luxu-               Made more mysteri-                      antibacterial proper-               your body’s natural
          ry without perfumerie.                 ous with galbanum, a                    ties and the extra flo-             powers do their best
                                                 centuries old aphrodi-                  ral bouquet. Calming                to keep you fresh.
                                                 siac.                                   and clean.

                                    Calabasas                      los Angeles                         Malibu
                               4732 Commons Way                110 S Fairfax Ave                3900 Cross Creek rd
                               Calabasas, CA 91302           los Angeles, CA 90036                Malibu, CA 90265
                                  [818] 225-9424                 [323] 930-0300                    [310] 317-0117

                                                          adviCe    from the        Curators

                                                      Moms: Pamper Yourself this School Year
                                                      Listen up, moms! Now that the kids are heading back to school, you’ll have oodles of
                                                      time to kill, right? Wrong. Finding time for yourself between carpool runs, PTA meetings,
                                                      and soccer games is no easy challenge—especially for you working moms out there. But
                                                      to keep that get-up-and-go all year long without losing your cool, you need to schedule
    Schedule time to relax in a hot bath              some regular R&R. Here’s how:

                                                      1  Get Moving
                                                      Nothing says “me time” to moms like Gabri-
                                                                                                           3  Wash Your Cares Away.
                                                                                                           Schedule time for a long, relaxing bath. Get
                                                      elle Reece than a good workout. Even just 30         those bubbles going with foaming bath gel from
                                                      minutes a day can do wonders for your body—          The Thymes, which comes in soothing scents
                                                      and your psyche. Join a nearby gym or sign up        such as eucalyptus, wild ginger, and lavender.
                                                      for yoga classes through your local rec center.      Turn off the lights and enjoy the soft glow of
    SweetSpot                                         Don’t forget to slip some SweetSpot Wipes            scented candles—Beauty Collection offers a
on-The-Go Wipettes                                    into your gym bag on your way out. Can’t make        variety of choices. Close your eyes and relax, or
       [$12]                                          it out the door? Set up a yoga mat on the living     bring your favorite escape reading with you.
                                                      room floor and do your own routine in front of
                                                      your favorite fitness DVD. You can even borrow
                                                      the kids’ video game console and try out exer-
                                                                                                           4  Find an outlet
                                                                                                           Your kids have any number of activities to keep
                                Murad                 cise programs like Nintendo’s “Wii Fit.” You’ll be   them engaged—and so should you! It’s time to
                             environmental            glad you did.                                        get those creative juices flowing, whether you
                                                                                                           want to be a piano-playing pro, a scrapbooking
                            Defense Kit [$82]
                                                      2   Plan a Girls’ Night
                                                      Getting together with your fellow moms [without
                                                                                                           maven, or even a quilting queen. Set aside a
                                                                                                           regular time [start with just one morning a week]
                                                      the kids] is a great way to unwind. Host an in-      to devote to your hobby. Not so arty? Try tak-
                                                      home spa day so that you and your gal pals can       ing a class at a local community college or even
    The Thymes
                                                      catch up and relax. Set out a selection of exotic    volunteering through a favorite charity instead.
  Foaming Bath in
                                                      nail colors like Barefoot in Barcelona or Pam-
  eucalyptus [$20]
                                                      plona Purple from oPI’s españa Collection
                                                      [see page 5 for details] for do-it-yourself manis
                                                                                                           5  Take a Time out
                                                                                                           With all the time you spend in the car, at the of-
                                                      and pedis, or try giving each other facials with     fice, and running errands indoors, it’s natural to
                                                      Murad’s environmental Defense Kit.                   feel cooped up. But getting outside is as easy
                              Barefoot in                                                                  as taking a leisurely stroll around the block. If
                           Barcelona by oPI                                                                you’ve got a green thumb, puttering in the gar-
                                [$8.50]                     hoT TIP!
                                                                                                           den over the weekend might be a perfect way
                                                            Before you abandon the suds for
                                                                                                           to relieve stress. No matter how you enjoy the
                                                            that luxurious robe, try Gentle Wash
                                                                                                           outdoors, however, make sure to protect your
                                                            from SweetSpot Labs, designed to
                                                                                                           skin from the sun’s harmful rays. A spritz of Pe-
   Peter Thomas                                             keep you feeling fresh everywhere.
                                                                                                           ter Thomas roth’s Continuous Sunscreen
 roth Continuous                                                                                           Mist [SPF 30] will do the trick.
Sunscreen Mist [$28]

Free Mineral Veil from Stript Cosmetics
Stript vegan and paraben-free marine mineral cosmetics create a soft focus, optical effect
for beautifully flawless skin. Their eco-sexy formulations have been “stripped” of oil, talc,
artificial dyes and fragrances and are preserved using only natural plant-derived anti-
microbials. For a limited time, when you buy any foundation, you receive a Free travel
size mineral veil & eco-sexy bag.

Skin on Skin Foundation                               Peek-A-Boo® Mineral Veil
Stript versatile marine mineral foundations can       This weightless, translucent powder is designed
be used alone or blended with moisturizer to          to create perfect luminosity. Mineral Veil primes
create a soft-focus optical effect. Marine botani-    skin for smooth and even mineral application.
                     cals rich in energizing miner-                       Dust over finished make-up
                      als, trace elements, amino                            or use alone for effort-
                      acids and vitamins A,C,E                               less radiance. Receive a
                        and B react with the pro-                              travel size Mineral Veil
                           tective surface barrier                               [4.5 g] for FREE during
                            of the skin to form a                                 the month of August
                             natural moisturizing                                 when you purchase a
                             complex. $36                                         foundation. $26
                                                                                                                        Free Gift from Stript
 Beauty ColleCtioN News

 Breaking News...                                                                                          We have your sneak peek at the newest
 Malibu Store is Now open                                                                                  collection of colors by OPI which takes its
                                                                                                          inspiration from the richly colorful country
 We are proud to announce the newest addition to our family of stores         of Spain. The España Collection includes 12 new colors which range
 located in the Malibu Country Mart. We have been hard at work the            from a bright fuscia pink in “Ate Berries in the Canaries” to the dark
 last few weeks on filling the store with all of your favorite beauty         as night “Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees”. Available in stores mid-August to
 products. Next time you’re at the beach in Malibu or just happen to          early September.
 be in the area, stop in to see how the store is progressing. We’re
 located between Starbucks and the Malibu Kitchen and Gourmet
 Country Market [they have incredible sandwiches by the way!].                       Barefoot in             Can You                 Give Me
                                                                                     Barcelona               Tapas This              Moor
 We hope to see you there! Stay tuned for more information about
 our grand opening VIP event in September.

 Beauty Collection Malibu
 3900 Cross Creek Rd, Ste 2
 Malibu, CA 90265
 [310] 317-0117                                                                      Pink                    No Spain                Ate Berries in
                                                                                     Flamenco                No Gain                 the Canaries

                                                                                     Suzi Skis in          Here Today                Manicurist
                                                                                     the Pyrenees          Aragon Tomorrow           Of Seville

                                                                                     Pamplona               Conquistadorable         Bullish On
                                                                                     Purple                 Color                    OPI

 ColleCted eveNts

loS ANGeleS CAleNDAr                                                          CAlABASAS CAleNDAr

 Celebrate Women’s equality Day - “We Can Do It” event:                         Chamber of Commerce Mixer:
 We will be partnering with a local women’s shelter, so bring in an             Chamber members are invited to Beauty Collection for a network-
 item to donate to the shelter and win a raffle ticket for one of our           ing event. The store will remain open for business as members
 deluxe raffle baskets. While you’re at the event enjoy complimentary           learn about Beauty Collection. Refreshments will be served. RSVP
 treatments from your favorite brands including: j.f. lazartigue, Peter         through the Chamber of Commerce.
 Thomas Roth, Dermalogica, and more!! Beauty bags for everyone                  Thursday August 6 • 5:30-7:30pm
 and gifts with purchase. Wine and appetizers will be served.
 Friday August 28 • 5-8pm                                                       Murad Breakfast Seminar:
                                                                                Enjoy a light breakfast while learning about environmental protec-
 Spa Day:                                                                       tion products for your skin. You will be able to try the products that
 Complimentary facials by skincare therapist Dawn in our private spa            are right for your skin as well as learn facts about anti-aging.
 room. Appointments required and space is limited.                              Thursday August 20 • 8:30-10am
 Friday August 21 • 9-5pm

 Call 323.930.0300 for appointments or more information.                        Call 818.225.9424 for appointments or more information.


7862 Burnet Ave. Van Nuys, CA 91405


                                      Your free gift this month includes:
                                      New Bidet-in-a-Bottle [promotional size]
                                      Trial packette of intimate waters
                                      Pink wrist band

                                      Our gift to you when you present this
                                      coupon with any purchase - while quantities last.
                                      Offer Expires: August 31, 2009

                                      *Valid with any purchase. One per customer.
                                      **Not valid for newsletters distributed at retail locations.