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    Volume VI No. 3                                                 March 2008

                               Paseo Club Beautification!!!
Spring is here and with the improved weather comes            new Catering Director and Mark Tropeano, our new
change and improvement with The Paseo Club! We                General Manager did a great job and the members
have begun our after school program for the kids              enjoyed a great day! Thanks for supporting this and
from 3:30pm-5: 30pm every day of the week except              all the events at the club!
for Fridays. Arielle Pendry, our new Membership
Activities Director is doing a terrific job with all kinds    The facility is undergoing huge changes that include:
of different games for your children. The ages are from
5-13 and the program offers something for everyone.           • Improved Activities Tent
They meet at the tent outside the Stadium Court so            • New furniture and bar in the Loggia
bring out your kids for a great day and remember it           • Front entrance with new flowers & landscaping
is FREE for all members!                                      • Resurfacing of all the tennis courts
                                                              • Improved outdoor training area
We recently had our Super bowl Party also in the              • New cabanas around the pool area
activities tent with it set up to look like a “Las Vegas      • The Third Phase has begun!
Sports Book” for the adults and teens. The day and the
game were terrific with game time food and drinks for         With so many capital improvements of the club we
all to enjoy. The younger children were in the Studio         hope you and your family enjoy them for many years
doing arts and crafts along with other interesting            to come!!!
games for all ages. The team of Arielle and Ali, our
A Word from the General Manager
New furniture and fitness equipment, a tasty cafe menu and fresh landscaping are just a few of
the highlights that are making The Paseo Club sparkle these days. In the coming weeks, so much
more is planned. A summary of facility improvements follows:
• Tennis Courts--weather permitting, members will be playing on newly resurfaced,
  “US Open-Blue” courts beginning next week.
• Pool Area--just in time for Spring, new cabanas, furniture and foliage will “plus-up”
  pool time at the club.
• Loggia--a specially created tapas menu will become available in the newly created
 “Loggia Lounge” complemented by a unique sampling of our state’s best wines and microbrews.
• Fitness Center--a tented area for private group training along with a fleet of new spin bikes will     Mark Tropeano
  delight many members who are looking to be “bathing suit ready.”
• Women’s Locker Room--many new getting-ready-for-the-day amenities have been made available
  in the women’s locker room...we hope you consider it your “home away from home.”
• Cafe--culinary consultants assisted club management in the architecture of the new cafe menu, including gourmet
  salads, wraps and pizzas as well as kid-favorites such as chicken tenders, hamburgers and french fries. Additionally,
  the club’s cuisine will be served on its new line of china.
• Tent--With its wide array of entertainment including video games, ping pong, arts/crafts and musical instruments,
  the tent will be THE younger set’s primary destination at the club.
From the trampoline, Nintendo Wii system and new ping pong table in the newly refurbished tent, to the new menu,
kitchen equipment and china in the cafe, top-notch services for our membership will continue to maintain our premium
status as Santa Clarita Valley’s finest tennis, fitness and social club.

Sincerely, Mark   Tropeano, General Manager

The club is going through many changes from the staff to the improvements that are outlined in
the front page of this newsletter. The staff and myself are also working very hard in providing our
members with new programs and activities for everyone. My goal this year at The Paseo Club is to
take it to the next level and now with a new menu coming out in the café along with a new staff, my
hope is that our food service will improve from a quality and service level you and I should expect
from our club.
On the membership front, we are doing extemely well with very few cancellations and strong sales.
Our membership program for the month is any member who refers a friend that joins the club during
the month of March will receive $50 credit off next month’s bill and be entered into our HDTV High
Definition Large Screen TV. We will be giving it away in early April so send your referrals to our       Steve McAvoy
membership staff. Our sales staff includes Melissa McAvoy, Carol Slay and Ben Milstead.
They are extremely strong and will give a private tour for your referral so please contact one of them
as soon as possible so you can win the TV!! Good Luck to all!!
The program includes the following for your referral:
        • One FREE tennis lesson
        • One FREE private Training Session
        • A discount of the Initiation Fee
        • A membership folder with special coupons for discounts

Thanks for referring your friends and have a great spring at The Paseo Club!!!

Stephen McAvoy, Marketing Director and Owner
The Paseo Club’s Tennis Program
Dear Members,

The weather finally seems to be warming up and with the nice weather will come some great
tennis! We have been waiting to begin resurfacing our tennis courts until the weather warms up.
We anticipate getting under way in the next couple of weeks if the weather stays nice. The cement
must be above 60 degrees for the surface to be applied correctly, but our court contractor is ready to
go. If you want to get started playing tennis but don’t know how, please do not hesitate to contact
me and I will be happy to help you get more involved in playing tennis here at The Paseo Club
                                                                                                          Desi McBride
Some events to look forward to in March are:
          • March 8 & 9 – Annual Club Singles Tennis Championships – Times To Be Determined– Cost $10 per person

          • March 14 – St. Patrick’s Day Tennis Round Robin 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm – Cost $10 per person, $15 per couple

          • Feel free to invite guests to participate in this event – no guest fees will be charged

          • March 15, 16, 17 – VCJTA Junior Tennis Tournament – After 12:00 pm courts limited for open play so make
            sure to call for reservations – applications available at the front desk

          • March 21 – Junior Tennis Drill and Movie Night 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm Cost $20 per child, $15 per additional sibling

Please check the website for details on all events above at

For information on anything having to do with tennis, please
contact me at 661.257-0044, or email

See you on the Courts Soon!
Desi McBride,
Director of Tennis and Owner

The Paseo Club’s Jr. Tennis Program
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Bjorn, Head Tennis Pro at The Paseo Club would like to let you know about his next beginning tennis
class starting in the next few weeks. The class consists of a six week tutorial on the fundamentals of
tennis from strokes to rules. He still has a few spots open and two classes starting up.
One on Thursday, March 6th at 9-10.30am and the other on Tuesday March 11th from 7pm-8pm.

There will be about four to six men or women in the class. This is a great way to meet new people at      Bjorn Farrugia
the club, learn about tennis, get some fitness and have a lot fun.

If you’re interested in the beginning drill class or anything related to the tennis department you can reach Bjorn by email or contact him directly by calling (310) 998-7175.

Wish you the best on and off the court.

Bjorn Farrugia,
Director of Junior Development
Health & Fitness Center                                         importance of consuming high quality raw foods and en-
                                                                zymes, but in the meantime, I’d like to highlight a great new
                                                                snack we’ve begun to stock in our Café. Very often, I have
A Fit Snack                                                     people ask me about what kind of nutrition bar is healthy.
                                                                While many bars provide adequate calories for energy and
As the sun is beginning to shine                                some even taste good, most of them are filled with less than
again, I’m seeing many of you                                   healthy ingredients, such as high fructose corn syrup, hy-
working very hard, in preparation                               drogenated oils, and loads of unhealthy soy (though there
for the beautiful summer we have                                are other forms of soy which are healthy), and most of them
just ahead. Many of you know that                               are completely devoid of living enzymes. Recently, however,
in order to optimally achieve health                            I have worked to get a great new bar into the Club that is
and fitness, it takes more than just                            healthy, affordable, and great tasting! Our new Raw Organic
physical work. Without a proper                                 Bars will provide you with a quick, on-the-go snack made
diet, the foundation of your health       Jason McClure         from real food. Is it too good to be true? You tell us!
and fitness will eventually crumble, regardless of how you
look on the outside. Most of us know the importance of main-    Health & Blessings,
taining a reasonably low caloric intake in order to keep body
fat levels out of an unhealthy range. Most people, however,     Jason McClure,
do not understand that calorie manipulation is only the tip     Director of Fitness
of the iceberg. Next month, I’ll explain the literally vital

The Paseo Club Events & Activities
Hello Members,

I wanted to reach out and thank all the members who I’ve met in the last month since I started
here at The Paseo Club, who have been so warm and welcoming and I am absolutely ecstatic
about talking with those of you whom I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet. Here are a
few recaps and updates to get you excited about our upcoming March events:
                                                                                                        Arielle Pendry
• There were over 100 guests in attendance at the Super Bowl party in February.
  Debbie Tos-Columbo was a lovely addition to the party with her Football Pool and great spirit.
  There is no doubt that upcoming March events will be loaded with good company and great atmosphere.
• Valentine’s Day Parents Night Out, Movie Nights, and the After School Program have all been a big hit with the kids as
  well as the parents. It’s nice to see Stephanie Spang’s girls at the After School Program every day and hear so much
  great feedback from the other parents. You will continue to see these types of activities throughout the year!

We have a lot planned for March…
       • Casino Night – Saturday, March 8th at 6:00pm
       • St. Patty’s Day Feast – Saturday, March 15th at 6:00pm
       • Raise a Glass Beer n’ Wine Tasting Event - Saturday, March 22nd at 6:00pm
       • Easter Brunch – Sunday, March 23rd at 11:00am and 1:30 pm
       • Glamour Night – Friday, March 28th at 5:00pm
       • Grand Opening of the Loggia Bar – Saturday, March 29th at 7:00pm

…and for our amazing kids

The Activity Center is growing with new equipment like our fabulous, and ever so popular trampoline, Wii Game System,
brand new Ping Pong table, Karaoke machine, and new sports equipment. Our upcoming events for kids are:
        o After School Program – Monday – Thursday 3:30pm – 5:30pm
        o Youth Movie Night – Every other Friday night at 7:00pm
        o Youth Bingo Night – Friday, March 14th at 7:00pm
        o Easter Brunch and Egg Hunt - Sunday, March 23rd

We hope that you enjoy the upcoming events we have planned, and if you have any questions, comments, or need further
information, see our website or call Arielle Pendry.
Warm Wishes,
Arielle Pendry, Membership Activities Director                    • (661) 257 0044 x115
          Splash into Spring!                                                Café & Catering
Spring is here and The Paseo Club’s                             Hello Members! I am very excited
Aquatics Program is making a                                    to be a new addition to The Paseo
splash! My name is Katie Longwill                               Club’s team. Just to give you a quick
and I am the new Aquatics Director.                             background on myself:
I am extremely excited to be here
and to share my enthusiasm and                                  • I was born and raised here in
passion for swimming with all of                                  this great valley
you. With sixteen years experience
swimming competitively, I have                                  • Le Cordon Bleu and Wedding
spent almost half of my life in the                               Coordinator Certified
water. In addition to being a Junior     Katie Longwill                                                      Ali Hodek
Olympic swimmer, I have worked as a lifequard, swim             • Passionate about anything that
instructor, swim team coach, and as an Aquatics Director for      has to do with food or events
the YMCA. I believe anyone can swim well if taught properly.
The Aquatics Program is underway and there are several          There are so many changes taking place here, and the café
opportunities for you and your children to get involved.        and catering departments are no different. Some of my goals
                                                                for the Catering Department are:
• Swim Lessons                                                  • Respond quickly to all inquiries
Ensure your child’s safety and relax around the pool this
                                                                • Design catering packages for different budgets & themes
summer. Private and group lessons are available.
                                                                • Take the “WOW” factor of each event to the next level
• Swim Team
I promise a fun and friendly environment! The kids will         The summer months are starting to fill up fast with
have a blast while improving their fitness level and making     graduations, weddings, and birthday parties. Please give
new friends.                                                    me a call if you would like to check the availability of a date
                                                                or for more information on pricing.
• Master’s Swim Program
Don’t be fooled by the name – all levels welcome! Enjoy a       I have already had a chance to meet and work with several
coached workout that will enhance any fitness program!          members on their events. In the coming months, I look
As the season progresses, a few more programs will begin,       forward to meeting each and every one of you, so please
such as a Mommy and Me class for our smallest swimmers!         don’t hesitate to say Hi or call me if you have any questions
If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to   or suggestions regarding banquets here at The Paseo Club!
let me know – I’ll be the one in the pool!
                                                                Ali Hodek,
Katie Longwill,                                                 Executive Catering Manager
Aquatics Director
       The Paseo Club                            “Bringing the Family Together”

   Employee Spotlight                                         Member Spotlight
Our employee spotlight                                  Arnold Cadiz is our
for the month of March                                  member spotlight for the
is Coach KP. KP has been                                month of March! Arnold
with the club for almost                                has been a member
two years now and does                                  since the beginning of
a wonderful job in the                                  The Paseo Club and is
tennis department. KP has                               involved with the tennis
been involved with the                                  and fitness programs
local high school tennis                                at our club. He is a
programs at West Ranch                                  terrific tennis player
High School and is the                                  and competes on the Men’s USTA 4.5 Paseo Team.
Girl’s and Boy’s Varsity Tennis Coach! At the club he   Arnold is extremely quick with a great return of
teaches lessons on weekends and during the week         serve and an even better serve. In the fitness area
when he is not in season. His knowledge of junior       Arnold works out almost every day and always
tennis is outstanding and really brings a lot to the    has a friendly smile! Thanks Arnold for being part
tennis staff. Thanks KP for doing such a great job!!!   of The Paseo Club family!!!

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