Activity Tracker User Guide by raa13961


									                      Activity Tracker User Guide
              Step by Step instruction—
Our Community Activity Challenge begins on October 15 and finishes on November 21.
Follow the guide below and you’ll be online and recording your steps in less than 5 minutes!

Register once. It’s quick and easy.
1.  Go to
2.  Click on ‘Register Now’.
3.  Scroll down and click on the ‘I have read and agree ...’ box. Click on ‘Continue’.
4.  Complete the registration with your personal information. Click on ‘Save’.
5.  Go back up to ‘Challenge Others’, click. Go down and click on ‘Challenges.’
6.  Type “White Rock” in the blank at the bottom and click on ‘Search.’
7.  Toward the bottom of the resulting list you will see ‘White Rock walks to Pike Place
    Market’, Click on ‘More info’.
8. You will see ‘White Rock Community.’ Click on ‘Join Team’
9. You are now registered. You will receive an e-mail showing your password.
10. Each day you can enter your steps on your way to Pike Place Market in Seattle, using the
    instructions below.

Record your steps daily. You can see your personal progress as well as the
progress of our community team.
1. Go to
2. Log in with your e-mail address and password. Click on ‘Log in.’
3. Enter the date (using the calendar immediately to the right if you wish).
4. Enter your pedometer steps.*
5. Click on ‘Add’. You will see your steps total change.
6. You can look at other parts of this website if you’re curious.
7. When you are done, click on ‘Log out’ near the top.
* You can also claim exercise such as shopping, swimming, and gardening using the ‘Count
Activities’ section below the pedometer steps.

ActNow BC Pedometer Reminders

Pedometer Do’s:                                   Pedometer Don’t:
   • Remember to wear it daily                       • Get the pedometer wet
   • Keep the pedometer vertical to get              • Drop, crush or shake your
     the most accurate readings                        pedometer
   • Record the number of steps each                 • Put the pedometer in your pocket
     day on

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