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         IssueTrak Case Study                                                    How do you use IssueTrak?
                                                                                 Joshua Leitner
                                                                                 Business Development
                                                                                 The Roberts Group

                                                                                   The Roberts Group (TRG) has turned IssueTrak into FITS Online

                                                                                 Support; the 24x7 ticket submission, tracking and overall help desk
    or Chris Burris, taking care of customers is paramount. As General           tool for users of our financial information tracking system. Users
    Manager of Global Transcription Resources, a company that provides           obtain answers to frequently asked questions and can download
    digital transcription products and services to physicians and                system documentation (manual, release notes, etc.) through the
attorneys, Burris understands the importance of responding to customer           knowledge base.
issues promptly.
                                                                                    FITS is used by financial institutions of all shapes and sizes, across all
   “It is imperative that we deliver the highest level of customer               geographic regions, as a means of managing the cost of their market
satisfaction and at one point we simply weren’t,” said Burris. “We were          data. As a result, FITS Online Support (IssueTrak) is accessed by users in
relying on e-mail as our issue tracking system and things were falling           regions stretching from New York to London to Australia and continuing
through the cracks. We had no accountability to ourselves and no way             around the globe to California. It has proven to be a global solution for
to track things down to an individual issue. Customers had to put their          a global client base.
issues in front of us more than once. It wasn’t good. We were flying blind
and had no way of evaluating ourselves on how well we were addressing
customer issues.”                                                                Elisabeth B. Hunt
                                                                                 Director of Training and Technical Support
  Ready to move beyond e-mail and with a vision of what he wanted,
Burris began exploring what the market had to offer. “What I really
wanted was a solution that would give us visibility into understanding
our customers’ issues, provide a complete audit trail and promote                  International Species Information System (ISIS) serves nearly 650
accountability.”                                                                 zoos and aquariums in 72 countries on six continents. Our members
                                                                                 use our software to track their animal records, then submit the data to
   After a short web demo of IssueTrak, Burris said he was sold. “IssueTrak      us for inclusion in our global database of captive wildlife.
kept it simple. The process flow was straightforward and it was easy to            That way, if a vet in Poland needs to know the average white blood
issue and track a ticket. I was especially impressed by the reports on           cell count for a juvenile African elephant, they can see averages and for
the back-end, and I liked the licensing structure because I only had a           thousands of animals all over the world.
small number of people closing tickets and it accommodated that,” he
explained. “IssueTrak was more flexible than many of the other products
I had looked at, and the price was great!”                                       Denise Criscella
                                                                                 Adjustment Processor
  Burris says his support staff quickly embraced the software and                Hudson Highland Group
productivity began to rise. “Since implementing IssueTrak, our employees
have experienced a 70% percent reduction in time to close issues and our            Our payroll director saw how well IssueTrak has worked for our
customers have seen an 80-85% improvement in our turn-around time,               IT Department and decided to use it as well. He has implemented a
not to mention that we’ve reduced customer attrition by 30% because              system that allows us to issue pay cards to Employees who do not have
we now take care of issues quickly and flawlessly.”                              a regular bank account or who may be working away from home and
                                                                                 are unable to cash a check. The forms are filled out by the employee
  Shortly after implementation, Burris began using IssueTrak to address          and submitted by our field office, but we have one person internally at
other needs, assigning and tracking sales leads and tasks, as well as managing   the Shared Service Center who uses this tracking system to keep track
suppliers. Burris says this method has not only motivated his suppliers          of what cards have been issued including card numbers, issue date,
toward better performance, it has helped him negotiate better terms. “I really   amount deposited, name of employee as well as notes on refilling the
believe that when performance is measured, performance improves.”                card or lost cards.
                              PANTONE COLOR 072

   welcomes its newest customers
Teco Westinghouse Motor Company                   Cardiology Consultants
                                                  of Philadelphia, P.C.
South Allegheny School District
                                                  APEX Support Solutions
Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity
                                                  Lansing Building Products
J.J. Barnicke Whitney Limited
                                                  Merchandising Technologies
RATEX Business Solutions
                                                  Menominee Casino
                                                  Lloydminster Credit Union Ltd
                                                  Samuel, Son & Co. Ltd.
Helac Corporation
Texas Rangers Baseball Club
                                                  ThePort Network, Inc.
Megaphase, LLC
                                                  St. Louis Cardinals, LLC                   E m p l o y e e                        S p o t l i g h t

                                                                                            Meet Julian DeLuna
Visionael Corporation
                                                  Price Corporation

                                                                                            AKA “Inspector Gadget”
                                                  Liquor Stores GP Inc.
Hanscom Federal Credit Union
                                                  NewHaven Software

Boots & Coots International Well Control, Inc.
                                                                                                 tradition at IssueTrak is that employees receive an “office makeover”
                                                  ChaCha Search, Inc.
                                                                                                 of sorts on their birthday. And there’s always a theme. For Julian
Cleveland Community College
                                                                                                 DeLuna, the choice was obvious: Inspector Gadget. A customer
                                                  Dial Connection                           support representative since 2005, Julian is a self-proclaimed “gadget
Telemus Solutions, Inc.
                                                                                            fanatic” who enjoys keeping up on new technology and then testing
                                                  Linden Travel                             it out.
Novex Software Development Inc.
                                                  Western Financial Group                      It’s that inquisitive nature and cheerful personality that make Julian
Talize Inc.                                                                                 a favorite among both colleagues and customers. “Julian’s an excellent
                                                  Pike Communications, Inc.                 example of an IssueTrak ambassador,” says LaDonna Beauregard, Vice
Deco Automotive                                                                             President of Development. “He has a positive attitude and always
                                                  Multi Agency Communications Center E911   approaches challenges with an open mind.”
ZS Associates
                                                  Oehm Automation LLC                         Julian views each phone call as an opportunity. “I really enjoy talking
The Artumas Group                                 – Hedge Fund Solutions                    to customers and helping them broaden their knowledge of our
                                                                                            software,” he says. “Often times people call in with a problem, but in
Bronco Wine Company                               Old Wisconsin Food Products               reality, it’s really not a problem at all. It feels good to help someone who
                                                                                            may be frustrated and, in a matter of minutes, resolve their issue and
Tiger Financial Management, Inc.                  Kin Technology                            hear the sense of relief in their voice.”

Stand Energy Corporation                          Ancillary Care Services                     Julian says he’s found a home at IssueTrak because of the family-like
                                                                                            atmosphere. “We all work together as a team and are focused on the
Children’s Services Council                       Endura Products, Inc.                     customer,” he says. “We develop friendships with many of our clients,
                                                                                            even though many live half-way around the world. Customer service
CSC                                               Phonic Ear, Inc.                          takes on a whole new meaning when you consider your job simply a
                                                                                            way to help out your friends.”
YWCA Toronto                                      BizTek
                                                                                                                             New at
Howard Kennedy                                    Cerro Flow Products, Inc.

IOD Incorporated                                  Geographic Information Systems, Inc.

Ogden Clinic - Facilities                         SkyTeam Cargo - USJV
                                                                                                Read detailed case studies, which are an excellent
                                                                                               source for new ideas and best practices to help make
Compliance Technology Group                       Citizens Bank                                     your company more effective and efficient.
                   Suggestion                                                                   Who Uses IssueTrak?
                   of the Quarter                                                               We Do!
                   By LaDonna Beauregard                                                        By Hank Luhring
                   Vice President of Development                                                IssueTrak Founder and CEO
  Our customers are brilliant. Seriously. I never cease to be amazed at        “Do you use your own software?” A prospect asked that question
the comments and suggestions we receive here at IssueTrak. We are           recently. The answer is an emphatic yes! We use IssueTrak to support
always on the lookout for ways to make your life easier and to help you     IssueTrak. If a customer has a question or problem, it goes into our
manage your processes more efficiently. As a result, our product is ever-   IssueTrak Technical Support Website. Issues are assigned to our support
evolving as we respond to your requests and work to keep IssueTrak in       team, and they work the issue until it is closed. We run reports to track
sync with your needs.                                                       our issues and monitor resolution rates. We make extensive use of
                                                                            the Knowledge Base to aid in our support efforts. The Knowledge Base
   “It would be nice to have a way to separate problems from incidents      includes articles that we write about different facets of IssueTrak, FAQs,
or project-related issues from trouble ticket issues so that their counts   and links to product documentation, as well as service packs and other
and metrics are not combined” is an example of a recent request that        files that customers might need to download from time to time.
we feel will be valuable to many IssueTrak customers. Brilliant! We agree
that the ability to categorize issues would be very valuable to many of       All customers are given a login to our technical support site. Issues
you. Our upcoming release will introduce Issue Classes – our response       can be submitted by logging in directly, by sending an email to
to this popular request. You will soon have the ability to predefine (so that our Incoming Email Module will pull the
classes such as Change Request or Project Related and assign these          email in), or by calling a support representative directly.
classes to individual issues. Issue Classes will be optional of course,
for those customers who may not have this need. For those who do,              We have even integrated our phone system with our technical support
adding Issue Classes will provide added flexibility, separate dashboards    site. If a caller leaves a voice mail message for technical support, the
and reporting by class. Did I mention that this was brilliant?              telephone system sends an email to with an
                                                                            attachment that contains the WAV file recording of the voice mail. A
  You can see that we are very excited about this enhancement and           member of our support team reads the issue, listens to the attached
hope that you will be as well. We love to hear from you - keep those        WAV file, and transcribes the relevant information.
great ideas coming!
                                                                               We use IssueTrak for our own internal processes as well. For example,
                                                                            when we hire a new employee we enter an issue and select a Quick Pick
                                                                            that includes over a dozen tasks including ordering a phone, setting
 T h e         F e a t u r e d                  F e a t u r e               up the office, adding the new employee to Active Directory, etc. Our
                                                                            corporate site includes Issue Types and Quick Picks defined to support

                   Substatus Rules
                                                                            our Human Resources, Finance, Development, and IT departments.
                                                                            We track our IT assets and software with our own Asset Management
                                                                            Module. We rely on the Software Compliance Report to help us ensure
                   By Douglas Christian                                     that we are accounting for our software licenses properly. We use our
                                                                            Billing Module to create invoices for training and customizations.
                   IssueTrak COO
                                                                               IssueTrak is an integral part of our application testing process. Quality
                       Many companies and support operations use a          Assurance tracks all test results and product defects within IssueTrak.
                    tracking program such as IssueTrak to measure the       Any defects are logged and assigned to developers, fixed, and then
level of service they are providing their customers. IssueTrak reports      flagged for retesting.
on a variety of metrics that help measure performance levels, including
how long issues stay open.                                                     Beginning next quarter we will utilize our Web Surveys Module to
                                                                            be sure we are meeting customer expectations. Every tenth issue will
  Every support staff works hard to try to solve problems and close         trigger a survey to that customer asking just a few questions about
customer issues as soon as possible. However, there are times when          their support experience. Once per quarter we will send a customer
an issue cannot be closed because of factors outside of a support           satisfaction survey to all users.
representative’s control. For example, a customer may be slow
responding to their support representative to say whether a proposed          By being our own customer, we can sell and support IssueTrak with
solution solved their problem or not.                                       the confidence that it works well, is fast, reliable, easily configurable and
                                                                            easy to use.
   With IssueTrak version 7.0, it is possible to stop the clock under
circumstances like these using Substatus Rules. Under Administration
– Substatus you can set up an issue substatus, such as waiting for
customer response, and then indicate that for issues with this substatus                              The employees of
the clock will be temporarily stopped and the length of time necessary
for the customer to respond will be not be counted against the issue.                                 IssueTrak would like to
Customers who are slow to respond will not increase the issues’ Time
to Close statistics and Service Level Agreements will not be adversely                                extend our thoughts and
                                                                                                      prayers to the Virginia
impacted. All escalation activity will stop as well.

                                                                                                      Tech Community.
  This feature can be found in the Administration section under
Substatus    Rules.
249 Central Park Avenue
Virginia Beach, VA 23462

                                                               IssueTrak 7.0
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                                                          on the Market Just Got Better!
                                                         •    Enhanced Escalation
     IssueTrak Gives Back                                •    Issue Auditing
                      I                                  •    Customer Web Portals
                         ssueTrak, Inc. will be
                         sponsoring the 2007 ForKids
                         Children’s “Aaarrt” Auction
                      on May 18 at the Half Moone        •    Out of Office Assignment Handling
                      Cruise and Celebration Center
                      in Norfolk, Virginia. The annual

                                                             Visit Our Web Site at
                      affair is one of several events
                      put on by ForKids to help raise
                      money to fight homelessness

                      among families in the Hampton
                      Roads area. This will be
                      IssueTrak’s 3rd year sponsoring
                      the event.

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