How Do I Fight a Traffic Ticket- Win in Court Today!

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                                      How Do I Fight a Traffic Ticket? Win in Court Today!
                                                              By John Oleander

   Did you know that during a person's lifetime, he or she is most probable to acquire at least five
speeding tickets? While this may sound crazy and unreasonable, it remains a sad fact of life. Surveys
say that people readily admit their guilt when a police officer asks them to pull over for a speeding
violation. However, if you know the law, you'd be able to determine quite easily the speeding scams
done by members of the police in an effort to meet their daily quota. This article will help you in that
department. If you're asking yourself, "How do I fight a traffic ticket?," this is the article for you.

 The most logical answer to the question, "How do I fight a traffic ticket?" is knowing your rights. When
you know your rights, you won't be intimidated by police officers in charge of giving speeding tickets.
Don't admit your guilt as soon as a police officer stops you by reason of a speeding violation. That
police officer will use your admission against you during the trial. Sometimes, a little knowledge of the
law goes a long way. Ignorance is certainly not a trait you want to possess when it comes to fighting a
traffic ticket.

 Basically, you have three primary rights that will allow you to answer the query, "How do I fight a traffic
ticket?" First, know that you have the right to a speedy trial. This means that you should be vigilant
against any delaying tactics of the police officer who gave you the speeding ticket. In fact, if that police
officer fails to show up after several minutes have elapsed during the date and time set for your trial,
you can call the attention of the judge to such misgiving. Most probably, there won't be a trial and
conviction, which means you win. Second, you have the right to a court trial. Typically, a judge is the
only ruling body in a court trial for speeding tickets, but if you live in certain states, you also have the
option to request a jury. However, statistics suggests you settle for a judge than a jury made up of your
peers. Third, you have the right to a lawyer who can represent you in court. However, statistics also
show that representing yourself, rather than have a lawyer do it, is your best bet in order to win in

 If you're wondering, "How do I fight a traffic ticket?" you'd be glad to know that beating a speeding
ticket is more than possible. You can do so with ease when you know your rights. Aside from those
already mentioned, you also have the right to remain silent. This right may seem futile since you clearly
want to speak up in order to defend yourself; what this means is that you don't have to say anything
against yourself. Hold your tongue when you don't know what to say, lest you say something
incriminatory. Moreover, speak respectfully towards the judge. Most probably, the judge will listen to

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

you if you show him or her respect.

 Now you know how to win in court. Follow the tips above and answer with confidence the question,
"How do I fight a traffic ticket?"

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                                              How to Fight a Radar Ticket and Win!
                                                              By John Oleander

The use of radar ticket system in almost all counties and municipalities these days is becoming very
common because it gives the law enforcement the chance to capture all the erring motorists even a
few meters away 24/7. Machines like the radar ticket can be systematic but this does not mean that
they are accurate when it comes to issuing a traffic ticket. You can't even argue with a radar ticket
system in the event they present you a traffic ticket. This may be a tough situation that you have deal
with but that does not mean that there are no effective ways how to fight a radar ticket.

There are actually loads of proven and effective methods how to fight a radar ticket and win.

 When you received a radar traffic ticket in your mail that accuse you of committing a certain type of
road violation such as beating the red light or making a wrong turn, which you think is unreasonable,
you have the right to dispute it in a proper forum, that is the court. Together with the summon, there
should be the time and date of the day on which you are suppose to appear in court, where in you will
be given a chance to confront your accuser and react rightfully to the pieces of evidence that are
presented against you. You can request proofs that may show your offence on which the state is
requesting you to come in the court.

 Another technique how to fight a radar ticket and win favourably is to ask the arresting officer to
provide you a comprehensible copy of you, not only the picture of your car and its license plate
number. Just because your car has been caught on the radar ticket system does not necessarily mean
that you are the one who is breaking the law. They have to produce a crystal-clear copy of you inside
the car while you are driving it, otherwise you can ask the court to dismiss the traffic case against you
on the basis that they will not or cannot provide you with the evidence that you are requesting for.

 Furthermore, in order for you to successfully win the battle, you have to perform another method how
to fight a radar ticket, and this is by asking the court to give you more time so you can prepare for the
trial such as preparing for your reaction specially if the notice comes to you quite late that preparing
and winning the case seem impossible. It is important that you follow this one simple instruction how to
fight a radar ticket because failure to do so will result for your traffic conviction in the long list of the
DMV. One of the simplest ways how to fight a radar ticket is by taking note of the date that is indicated
in the envelope particularly if you think you are not given sufficient time to prepare your argument
before you even appear in court.

 Another trouble-free manner how to fight a radar ticket is just by ignoring the order. The state is
obliged to present a documentation that is commonly called the "proof of service", to show that you
have indeed obtained a directive from the state.

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