LEADERSHIP by gabyion


									Thriving Environment
Stewardship of the natural environment and recognition of its intrinsic value and importance for human quality of life.

*****A public education component is key to all of these actions and targets
GOALS                                                    STRATEGIC ACTIONS                                                     Targets and indicators and Timelines                 Partners        Stakeholders
1) Eliminate toxic    Hazardous materials
and hazardous          Stop use of persistent organic compounds                                                          By 2009 inventory of amount of household             YG Environment,
materials and          Increase availability of environmentally friendly weed and pest control products                  hazardous wastes brought in, used and                Yukon College
emissions              Stop use of pesticides and herbicides – both City internal policy and Whitehorse ban              disposed of in Whitehorse                            (students do
                       Year round hazardous waste collection                                                                                                                  inventory?)
                                                                                                                          By 2009 COW internal ban on herbicides and           Environment
                                                                                                                          pesticides                                           Canada

                                                                                                                          Encourage „meadows‟, natural yards with local
                                                                                                                          plants rather than manicured lawns – both City
                                                                                                                          grounds policy and for residential

                                                                                                                          By 2012 Total Whitehorse ban on herbicides
                                                                                                                          and pesticides
                      Air quality
                       Create air quality standards and regulations for wood smoke, industrial emissions, furnace        ID significant contributors to emissions             Yukon Housing,
                          emissions, etc.                                                                                                                                      YG Environment,
                       Mandatory vehicle emissions testing and regulated limits                                          Assess effectiveness of current air quality          Health and
                       In-door air quality regulations/ building code (e.g. mould, carpets, ventilation) for rental      monitoring: where and how many stations              Environment
                          properties, businesses and City buildings. MOVE TO ENERGY SECTION?                                                                                   Canada, NRCAN,
                       Internal City anti-idling policy, including companies doing contracts for the City (e.g.          Furnace emissions testing                            Northern Climate
                          construction projects.                                                                                                                               Exchange,
                       City wide anti-idling policy                                                                      Mandatory vehicle emissions testing; link
                                                                                                                          license plate renewal to passing emissions test      YG Transportation,
                                                                                                                                                                               School auto
                                                                                                                          By 2010 Anti-idling bylaw                            shops?, Northern
                                                                                                                                                                               Climate Exchange
                                                                                                                          Locate industrial areas to minimize impacts on
                                                                                                                          residential areas‟ air quality

                      Building/landscape design                                                                           Design - 25% of new homes recycled
                                                                                                                          materials, address air quality, solar capture

                                                                                                                          Design - Research local and healthy building

2) Water Quality      Water quality measures
                       Ensure water outflow of all sewage lagoons is good enough quality to drink prior to going to      Maintain current excellent quality of Yukon       Intertribal Watershed
                        pothole lake or Yukon River                                                                       River water                                       Council, Ta‟an, KDFN,
                                                                                                                                                                            Fish and Game
                         Ensure storm run-off goes into groundwater not streams and river (permeable surfaces,           When infrastructure is being built or upgraded    Association,
                          green space rather than storm sewers)                                                           plan for run-off into groundwater not sewers      Downstream Alliance,
                                                                                                                                                                            YG, Yukon Salmon
                                                                                                                          Determine extent of problem and options for       Laberge RRC,
                         Prevent infiltration of ground water into sewers                                                fixing, fix problem

GOALS                                                     STRATEGIC ACTIONS                                                   Targets and indicators and Timelines               Partners             Stakeholders
                                                                                                                        Indicator: reduction of volume of water going
                                                                                                                        into sewage lagoon
3) Invasive           Invasive species reduction
Species                Work with neighborhoods to reduce invasive species e.g. community weed pulls, education         # of weed-pulling events
reduction              City staff person attend Invasive Species meetings
                       Ensure no invasive species are planted by City                                                  Attendance by COW person at invasive
                                                                                                                        species meetings
5) Develop and        Staffing/organizational enhancements MOVE THESE TO LEADERSHIP
implement an           Energy advisor for City
environmental          A Communications Officer to ensure environmental sustainability, consistency with ICSP for
policy for the City      ICSP by all City departments
(Is this the same      Higher priority and autonomy for City Environment department
as the Integrated
Community             Policy measures
Sustainability         Zero waste, zero greenhouse gases, zero loss of habitat as City goals
Plan?)                 City wide assessment of light, sound and visual pollution (e.g. highway signs, airport noise,
MOVE TO                Environment Policy must be linked to all the other Goals (eg Leadership, Energy)
LEADERSHIP             Develop communications plan for ICSP (Environmental Policy)
                       Green Procurement policy and guidelines for City (businesses also use it) -2015
                       State of the Environment Report for City
                       Environment „Hotline „ for environmental questions
6) Achieve zero-      Solid waste management
waste                  Exchange, Reuse and Processing Program for construction and other waste                         Regulations for demolition, building codes          Raven private         Contractors,
                       Full costing on waste – Immediate                                                                                                                   recyclers, private    architects,
                       Public Education, school programs, inserts in City of Whitehorse Utility bills                  Start collecting data for City Solid Waste Action   waste haulers,        neighbourhood
                       City Solid Waste Action Plan (hazardous waste elimination, legislation, and solutions).         Plan, finish by 2012                                individuals who       associations
                         Incentives for good waste management and financial penalties for inappropriate waste                                                               haul and recycle,
                         disposal – 2015                                                                                                                                    city garbage
                       government and business lead „product stewardship‟ – 2015                                       By 2015 50% reduction in landfill waste             collection (Public
                       As part of tendering process, consider life cycle of all materials, products, equipment                                                             Works) YG
                       Ban plastic bags, encourage people not to buy over-packaged products                            By 2060 100% reduction in landfill waste            Community
                                                                                                                                                                            Services and
                                                                                                                        “Pay per throw” for individuals and businesses      Environment,
                      Compost and recycling                                                                             – pay according to how much garbage you             Schools, Bylaw (for
                                                                                                                        produce (both garbage and compost)                  enforcement) ,
                       Aim to close the land fill – recycle or reuse everything
                                                                                                                                                                            Youth (e.g. BYTE),
                       City wide composting cart program
                                                                                                                        Gather info on uses for non-recyclables             Environmental
                       Separating/Banning organics, cardboard and compost at City landfill – 2015                                                                          educators
                       City wide blue box program                                                                      By 2009 City wide composting cart program if        association of the
                                                                                                                        possible, carts made of recycled plastic            Yukon,

                                                                                                                        Indicators: % of people recycling, % increase in
                                                                                                                        quantity of things being recycled

                                                                                                                        By 2015 ban organics from landfill

                                                                                                                        Continue successful programs like Kids
                                                                                                                        recycling club, deposit refunds

7) Protect and        Consider the importance of Natural Infrastructure equally with other City infrastructure
restore               (acknowledge the benefits of natural areas/greenspace e.g. health, storm water, recreation,
greenspace for        property values, aesthetics, wildlife)
wildlife and                                                                                                            By 2008 Hire full time City Habitat Coordinator
GOALS                                                     STRATEGIC ACTIONS                                                    Targets and indicators and Timelines                 Partners       Stakeholders
human use and          Create a Protected Greenspace Plan for City of Whitehorse that zones:                                                                                  Ta‟an and KDFN
enjoyment , that        Core wildlife habitat conservation areas and travel corridors, and important ecological areas    Identify important wetlands and lakes               First Nations, YG
maintains healthy         to leave natural                                                                                                                                    Wildlife Viewing
wildlife populations    greenspace for priority human use, including core areas and connective corridors for people      Finish Ecologically Significant Wildlife Areas      and Environment,
in the City,              (eg bike routes)                                                                                document and maps                                   Neighborhood
provides                more „developed‟ greenspace areas (e.g. playgrounds)                                                                                                 associations,
connectivity for        areas where off road vehicles will be allowed, and corridors for them to reach those areas.      No net loss of wetlands                             Laberge RRC, YG
wildlife within City    Identify greenspace that will be accessible to physically challenged                                                                                 Heritage and
and between                                                                                                               Natural infrastructure values incorporated into     Tourism, Ducks
habitat in the City                                                                                                       all plans                                           Unlimited, CPAWS,
and habitat outside    Steps to develop Protected Greenspace Plan:                                                                                                            Yukon
the City, provides        - Hire City Habitat Coordinator for the City of Whitehorse to oversee the process as well       Coordinate greenspace plan with Yukon River         Conservation
nearby access to              as other duties                                                                             Plan and Trail Plan                                 Society, DFO, Bird
greenspace for all        - Hire consultants to produce plan                                                                                                                  Club, Environment
residents, reduces        - Full involvement of affected First Nations                                                    By 2010 at the latest a Protected Greenspace        Canada, Klondike
conflicts between         - Open consultative process                                                                     Plan is completed and incorporated into Official    Snowmobile
motorized and             - Stakeholder advisory groups                                                                   Community Plan and Zoning Bylaws                    Association,
non-motorized             - Expert (Traditional and scientific knowledge) input to identify important wildlife and                                                            Whitehorse Ski
recreational use of           cultural areas needing protection, the size of areas needing protection (e.g. buffers       No permit applications will be accepted for         Club, Velo North
greenspace, and               around lakes and wetlands), and wildlife corridors between core areas.)                     areas identified as Protected Greenspace            and Mountain Bike
reduces impacts           - Protect all lakes and wetlands in City limits with adequate buffers                                                                               Society, Canoe and
on habitat by             - Develop internal City and external communications plan to get buy in for Protected            Every neighborhood is linked to trail network       Kayak Club, YOC,
motorized use.                Greenspace Plan (e.g. partner with YTG to maintain and develop interpretive sites,          and greenspace                                      Private land
                              adopt a stream program, conservation stewardship education)                                                                                     owners, youth
                          - Communications plan to include: 1) Wetland Center of Excellence to teach the                  No net loss of ecologically significant areas       groups, schools,
                              importance of natural areas for ecosystem services, culture, health – collaborate on this                                                       horse riders
                              Center for Excellence with Ducks Unlimited. 2) Marsh Lake viewing area                      Track area of land paved or developed               association
                          - Incorporate Protected Greenspace Plan into OCP and Zoning Bylaws.
                          -                                                                                               Develop incentives for appropriate
                                                                                                                          management of existing private land,
                                                                                                                          settlement land in ecologically significant areas

Green space            Other things that will be necessary to develop and maintain an effective protected greenspace
continued              plan:
                           - New developments minimize road widths and networks MOVE TO LAND USE
                           - New developments must have greenspace plan
                           - Bylaw to preserve trees on properties that are re-developed
                           - Brownfield rather than Greenfield development MOVE TO LAND USE
                           - Higher density housing MOVE TO LAND USE
                           - Bylaw requiring developers to plant trees in front yards of new homes?
                           - Revise City‟s current tree planting program to focus on local species of shrubs and
                              trees, include course woody material, so that minimal care is necessary
                           - Ground-truthing „lay of the land‟ before permitting new developments
                           - Monitoring and enforcement of YESAA decisions YUKON GOVERNMENT?
                           - City follow YESAA recommendations
                           - Involve neighborhoods in tree watering, maintenance of greenspace
                           - Denser housing, limit urban sprawl and rural residential MOVE TO LAND USE
                           - Be creative re: where new housing will be built: Whitehorse Copper Mine area? Tank
                              farm overlooking Yukon River? MOVE TO LAND USE

8) Water               Water conservation infrastructure

GOALS                                              STRATEGIC ACTIONS                                                Targets and indicators and Timelines              Partners             Stakeholders
Conservation    Meter water (add meters to old houses) = less water to process, less to treat)                By 2007/2008 all new homes must have water       Yukon College:         Plumbers
                Collect storm and snow run-off to use                                                         meters (permit requirement)                      training
                Do a study to see whether wells can be distributed through out the City to save energy on                                                                             Public – need
                 pumping water further                                                                         By 2015 all Whitehorse houses have water         Yukon Housing          eductaion
               Water conservation measures                                                                     meters and are being charged according to
                Offer incentives to reduce water consumption (e.g. low flow toilets, water saving washing     how much water they use (public education will   City staff will need
                 machines)                                                                                     be essential)                                    training
                Work water efficiency into building codes
                Reuse grey water e.g. to flush toilets, water gardens                                         By 2015 Reduce Whitehorse per capita water       Yukon Electric –
                Consider composting toilets instead of septic fields for country residential                  use to national average                          partner on meter
                Incentives for developers to use natural/green catchments rather than storm sewers (this is
                                                                                                               By 2050 Reduce Whitehorse per capita water
                 currently the case except along the Yukon River and Riverdale.)
                                                                                                               use to well below national average

                                                                                                               By 2015: eliminate bleeders

                                                                                                               Indicator: reduced waste water flows to sewage


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