EMMANUEL by gabyion



Children’s Church

E-   Eminent and immanent

M   – Moving the king’s residence

M    - My home is your home

A – Always and forever
N – Near and far
U – Us

L – Let’s Celebrate
U – US
WEEK 6 U – Us

Talk to the children about their week and pray
about any concerns. Take up offerings

Read the story of Mary and Joseph and Jesus
and the flight into Egypt

Talk about
People who are homeless because they are
refugees because of natural disasters or wars

In as much as you do it to one of these you do it to
me. Who is my neighbour?
Building houses
The parable of the two houses –one built on sand
the other built on rock
Habitat for humanity and housing projects Geodesic

Make Zome dome models and icy pole stick models

Do the colouring/craft activities
Make a circle and pray for the week ahead
International is a non-profit, nondenominational Christian housing ministry.
In the past 30 years more than 285,000 simple, decent homes have been built
      throughout the world by Habitat for Humanity. With a no profit loan, 500 hours
      family labour and volunteer support – it’s a proven concept that works time and
      time again.

     Habitat for Humanity Australia was established in 1988 and has helped provide
     home ownership to low-income families in Australia through its network of
     affiliates located in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and
     Western Australia.

     Habitat’s mission is to mobilize volunteers and community partners in building
     affordable housing and promoting home ownership as a means to breaking the
     cycle of poverty. With a safe and decent place to live families feel strong, proud
     and whole. They stand up straighter, they dare to dream and plan for their
     children’s future ... they have hope.
Vision Statement
A world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live.

Mission Statement
To demonstrate God’s love in action by mobilizing partner families, volunteers and
     partners to provide appropriate housing solutions in sustainable communities.

Core Principles
Demonstrate Christian faith in action.
Advocate on behalf of those in need of decent shelter.
Focus on shelter by building and renovating, simple, decent affordable houses.
Engage broad community through inclusive leadership and diverse partnerships.
Promote dignity through full partnership with Habitat homeowners and future home
Promote transformational and sustainable community development.
International Programs help families escape poverty
Through Habitat for Humanity Australians can support families to build homes in many
     poor countries, including Cambodia, Fiji, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Timor Leste,
     Solomon Islands, Philippines and more.

     In Southern Vietnam, families and children are so poor they are forced to live
     on the stinking garbage dump of Rach Gia. Children are born here, raised here
     and work here, everyday they risk cuts and injuries from rusted metal and
     dumped rubbish, which can lead to tetanus and life-threatening infections.
     ‘Homes’ are made of plastic sheeting and cardboard. Small children and babies
     are most vulnerable. Habitat is building new homes for these families
In Northern Vietnam, 750 families in the Red River Delta provinces urgently
need decent houses, clean water and proper sanitation. Their houses are falling
down; filthy, contaminated water has lead to alarming rates of diarrhoea among
the children. Habitat aims to replicate our experience in community building to
give these families security

Disaster Response, Habitat for Humanity has extensive experience in helping
families to rebuild their homes and their lives after natural disasters. It is a long-
term process, which can take many years

China Earthquake, Habitat for Humanity has committed to raise $5 million for
rebuilding programs in the worst affected area, Szechuan province. Habitat has
existing projects in China to rebuild homes following the earthquake that hit
Yunnan last year and the floods in Guangdong.

Myanmar (Burma) Cyclone, Habitat for Humanity is exploring ways to help
families recover from Cyclone Nargis. Habitat is committed to helping the citizens
of Myanmar, more than 1 million people are estimated to be homeless with
several villages destroyed entirely.

Donations to Habitat for Humanity are urgently needed to help build simple
decent homes and security for very poor children and families. Your donation of
$67, $88, $307, $2,302 or more, can help to pay for doors, windows, toilets, even
a whole house!
Building Homes at Home
Low-income families in Australia can achieve the dream of building and owning
their very own safe, secure homes through building partnerships with Habitat for
Humanity Australia. More than 70 homes have been completed in VIC, NSW,
QLD and SA, with a further 40 family home projects progressing throughout 2008.

Each family receives a no profit loan and volunteers help with planning and
construction. The family gives 500 hours ‘sweat-equity’ and repays the loan at low
interest – their loan is then passed on to another family. Donations are needed to
help build homes for low-income Australian families. It’s a gift that keeps
revolving, transforming the lives of families as they build futures for their children.
How Can You Get Involved
They come from all over Australia, giving donations of gifts, time and sweat to
give families the chance to build better lives - they’re our Habitat Heroes.

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