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									                                                Bricks and Sticks
By: Mark Parsons
President, Greater Toronto Home Builders' Association

       I recently bought a handmade wool sweater from Scotland and was struck
by the label indicating that any imperfections are normal and add to the character
of the garment.
       Despite advances in technology, today’s new homes are essentially hand-
made, albeit by hundreds of pairs of hands representing the various skilled trades
that ultimately contribute to the production of a newly-built home.
      Like everything made by human hands out of natural materials, there’s
bound to be some imperfections. The important thing to remember is your
builder wants to give you the best quality and expeditious after-sales service
      Probably the most common question we’re asked at the GTHBA is what
to do when you encounter construction deficiencies. The one-word answer is
Tarion. Every new home built in Ontario comes with a comprehensive new
home warranty under the auspices of the Tarion Warranty Corporation.
      To help you self-assess what’s acceptable and what isn’t in terms of
workmanship and materials, Tarion has developed detailed construction
performance guidelines. Visit (or call 1-877-982-7466) for a
searchable database of the most common deficiencies. In each instance the
acceptable standard is listed as well as what the builder is required to do if the
item doesn’t meet the standard.
       If you determine that your issue is covered by your warranty, the next step
is to contact the builder. Your builder may be more then happy to speak with you
by phone or even in person, but always follow up in writing just to make sure
you and your builder are on the same page.
      Under the Tarion customer service standard, you have formal
opportunities to note deficiencies at the pre-delivery inspection, 30 day, one year
and two year stages of occupancy.
       As part of your warranty, you’ll complete an initial list of incomplete items
or deficiencies just prior to taking possession of your home. The 30-day form
allows you to note any outstanding or new items you’ve discovered since moving
into your home.

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                                               Bricks and Sticks
      Although it is important to file the 30 day form on time, there is no
advantage to sending it in early. Waiting until the end of the first month gives the
builder the maximum opportunity to complete items on your PDI list and you
the maximum opportunity to familiarize yourself with the various materials,
products and systems in the home.
       It is also essential you send this 30-day form to your builder as well as to
Tarion. You don’t want repairs to your home delayed because it took a couple of
extra weeks for your builder to find out what needs to be fixed.
       Once you’ve submitted this form, your builder has up to 120 days (with
some exceptions for seasonal items) to address all of your concerns. If everything
has still not been addressed at the end of the 120-day period, Tarion becomes
more actively involved.
      All of these processes are outlined in the mandatory homeowner
information package provided to you by your builder or available on-line at

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