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Why The Nintendo Wii Console and Features Surpass Xbox 360


									Why The Nintendo Wii Console and Features Surpass Xbox 360 & Playstation 3
Known by its codename Revolution, the Nintendo Wii console was originally developed in Japan and was released only last November 19, 2006 in
North America.        It was created to compete with the PlayStation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360, two of the most powerful video game consoles in the
market today. Well, although the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 are doing a great job in the industry, the console has a number of features that are
to some degree capable of surpassing what the other two can do. These features include the following: Parental Controls Unlike the other video
game consoles, the Nintendo Wii consoles boast parental controls that can be updated for further guidance. The purpose of the controls is basically to
allow parents to monitor their younger children from playing the Wii console games, especially those which contain themes and other aspects that are
not appropriate for minor users.      The controls work by reading the rating of the content which is encoded in the data of the game played. If the rating
exceeds from the age level set, the game will automatically unload unless an exact password is given. Accessible Channels I bet you know what
channels are. Well, the Nintendo Wii console has it. Its channels, however, are designed much like the television channels minus the Wii Menu. The
channels of the Nintendo console are designed separately and displayed on its grid.         They can be controlled and navigated through the use of the Wii
remote which points at a three dimensional level significantly. Well, the channels accessible in Nintendo Wii console include the Disc, Internet, Mii,
Photo, News, Virtual Console, Forecast, and Wii Shop Channels. Wireless Connectivity with Nintendo DS The Wii console operates with a wireless
connectivity that works with the use of the Nintendo DS. This connectivity provides the players the chance to play the Wii games by utilizing certain
functions like the touchscreen and microphone of the Nintendo DS. The DS in this sense can be used as a controller. Backward Compatibility The
Wii console is said to work even with the use of the software designed for the Nintendo GameCube. It also works best even with the use of the
peripherals of the GameCube. Well, it is this feature actually that makes the Nintendo Wii console highly compatible even with a different product like
the GameCube.          However, it is important to note that the backward compatibility of the Nintendo Wii console doesn't work at all with the other
GameCube tools, including the Game Boy player, the AC adaptor, modem adapter, AV cable, and the broadband adapter. So don't use it along with
those tools.

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