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									Harriet Tubman
Women’s Center
    Providing safe passage by
 empowering women and children
     to set themselves free.
Harriet Tubman Women’s Center

                  Organizational Chart

                   Harriet Tubman Women's Center

Women's Shelter      Women's Counseling Center Vocational Guidance Center

                          Child Adovcacy
Harriet Tubman Women’s Center

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Iowa Statistics on
Domestic Violence
   Between January 1990 and February
    1998, at least 66 Iowa women were
    murdered by a husband, boyfriend, or
    intimate partner. During this time, 10
    children were killed in related
   From July 1995 through June 1996
    more than 33,000 crime victims were
    served by domestic violence programs
    in Iowa.
Mission Statement
The Harriet Tubman Women's Center
provides shelter and support to
emotionally and physically abused women,
women at risk, and their children. We
strive to help women and children in our
community overcome the cyclical pattern
of domestic violence and empower them
to take control of their lives by
providing temporary housing, counseling,
vocational guidance, and child advocacy
 To provide safety for
  survivors of abuse, women
  at risk, and their children
  by offering temporary
 To empower women
  through counseling and
 To empower children and
  support their caregivers
  by offering child
  advocacy and child care.
  Goals, continued
 To  provide services that
  support women and children as
  they take the steps to ensure
  a safe future for themselves
 To network with other
  organizations to provide
  services and resources for
  abused women and women at
  risk and their children.
Harriet Tubman
Counseling Center
   24-Hour Crisis
   Drop-In
   Women's Support
   Children's Play
   Referrals
The 24-Hour Crisis Line

   The Harriet Tubman Counseling
    Center provides crisis intervention
    and peer support by telephone, 24
    hours a day, seven days a week.
    Our toll-free number is 1.800.555-
Drop-In Counseling
   We offer drop-in crisis counseling to
    let women explore alternatives to
    their current situation and receive
    support as they take the steps
    toward empowerment. These sessions
    include safety planning which focuses
    on physical safety and practical
    survival needs along with support for
    the emotional consequences survivors
    Women's Support Group
   The objective of our women's support
    group to increase women's
    understanding of violence between
    partners and to provide them with
    strategies for protecting themselves
    against that violence. These groups
    are designed to bring people together
    to provide an additional network of
Children's Play Group
   Our children's group provides a safe,
    accepting, and fun environment where
    children can learn to express and to
    better understand their emotions and
    feelings. They also experience
    appropriate adult responses to their
    behavior, and they learn to develop
    close, trusting relationships with
Harriet Tubman
Women’s Shelter
   It is estimated that
    70% - 90 % of
    homeless families are
    headed by women
   25% of the homeless
    are children
   50% of homeless
    women and children
    are fleeing from
Harriet Tubman
Women’s Shelter

   Safety
   Services
   Decision-Making
   Life-changing
Harriet Tubman
Women’s Shelter
    Job Skills &
   Temporary            Housing
   Learning to Live
   Securing Permanent
   Moving Forward to
Child Advocacy
   Domestic Violence in the United States is on
    the rise and the statistics are frightening!
   3.3 million children are affected every year
   Men who abuse women are 50% more likely to
    abuse children
    Abusive men are much more likely to want sole
    custody of children
   27% of Domestic Homicides are children
   40% of Multiple Homicides are mothers and
    their children
Child Advocacy
   At the Harriet Tubman Women’s Center
    we attempt to meet the various needs of
    children from abusive situations.
    Safe and accepting environment
    Meeting both physical and emotional
   Encourage children to express feelings
    and concerns
   Every child has the right to feel safe
Child Advocacy
   Children learn appropriate responses to
    a variety of situations.
   By observing positive modeling
   Reestablishing trust in the adults around
   Counseling is usually necessary for both
    the mother and her children
   Type of counseling depends on the
Child Advocacy
   Intervention is the key to changing
    violent behavior.
   Need to minimize violence passed
    from generation to generation
   Emphasis is on non-violent
    communication and problem solving
   Domestic Violence is not the child’s
   Personal Safety Plan
Child Advocacy
   It’s important to build these children’s
    self-esteem; because of their abusive
    environment, they often suffer from
    low self-esteem.
   Individualized “Welcome Bags” for each
    Basic items are supplied if needed,
    clothing, shoes, personal items
    Fully equipped playground for physical
    and emotional well-being
Child Advocacy
   The educational needs of these children are of
    utmost importance.
   We service children from infancy thorough high
   School age children attend local public schools
   We offer infant and pre-school activities
    Activities include reading, games, crafts, and
    after school tutoring
   Reading center: books, magazines, tapes,
    videos, bean bags, etc.
   Mothers participate in education activities with
    their children
Child Advocacy
   We hope to develop an outreach program
    in the local schools and student
    Educating teens about a variety of violent
   Dating and domestic violence
   Teaching alternatives to violent behavior
    Develop support groups for teens in crisis
    Changing violent behavior on the teen level
Child Advocacy
 The Harriet Tubman Women’s
  Center strives to be an oasis for
  children and their mothers from
  abusive situations.
 A stopping place before they
  hopefully move on to safer and
  more productive lives.
Harriet Tubman
Vocational Guidance
   Services
   Assessment and
    plan development
   Employment
   Job search and
   Job coaching and
    guided employment
Harriet Tubman
Women’s Center
         Providing safe passage by
           empowering women and
     children to set themselves free.

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