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                      JANUARY 2004

Catalog Number: X737                                 from the "Br'er Rabbit" tales. Narrated by renowned
Title African American life VHS                      storyteller and author, Donna Washington, the video
Edition CLOSED CAPTION                               includes commentary about each tale's historical,
Imprint           Schlessinger 1996                  social, and literary importance.
Physical Description 23 mins. col
Irene Bedard, the recognized voice of Disney's       Catalog Number: V7974
Pocahontas, narrates this unprecedented Ameri-       Title Brown honey in broomwheat tea VHS
can history series created especially with the in-   Imprint          Spoken Arts 1993
terests of young children in mind. Each program      Physical Description 7 mins. col 1
invites children grades K-4 to learn about Amer-     Based on the picture book by Joyce Carol Thomas,
ica's history through the use of large, brightly     illustrated by Floyd Cooper. A collection of joyous
colored graphics and animations, charming live-      and unusually moving poems, celebrating the iden-
action portrayals of historic figures, and engag-    tity of African Americans through delicately inter-
ing stories told from a child's point of view.       woven images. Narrated by Ruby Dee.
Sing-along songs with on-screen lyrics and up-
beat music also add to the excitement of these       Catalog Number: V7509
programs.                                            Title Harriet and the promised land VHS
                                                     Imprint           SpkenArts 1998
Catalog Number: V7357                                Physical Description 8 col 1
Title African And African American folk-             One of America's most prominent African-American
tales VHS                                            artists turns his genius to the inspiring story of Har-
Imprint         UL 1993                              riet Tubman. Striking rhythmic verse conveys the
Physical Description 20 col 1                        urgency of Harriet's mission as she risked her life to
Three captivating tales provide insight into Afri-   lead her people to freedom.
can and African-American culture. The trilogy
contains an explanatory tale, a whimsical and        Catalog Number: X744
humorous West African story and a selection          Title Harriet Tubman VHS
                                                     Edition CLOSED CAPTION
                                                     Imprint         Library Video 2003
                                                     Physical Description 23 mins. col Less that 200
                                                     years ago, thousand of African-American men,
                                                     women, and children were enslaved right here in the
                                                     United States of America. One brave woman not
                                                     only dared to escape, but even risked her own life
time and time again in order to free hundreds of    video kids will take and in-depth look at the life of
others. In this video, kids will get an up-close    this Civil Rights leader and learn about his commit-
look at the life of this famed conductor on the     ment to non-violence in the pursuit of social change.
Underground Railroad while learning about the       From his days as a minister in Alabama to his role in
daily life of enslaved people and the dangers       the battle for equal rights, discover how American
faced by those who fought to free them.             responded to the actions and world of the most influ-
                                                    ential leader of the Civil Rights Movement.
Catalog Number: V7664
Title Joshua's Masai Mask VHS                       Catalog Number: X603
Imprint          SpkenArts 1997                     Title Martin's Big Words VHS
Physical Description 9 col 1                        Imprint          WWS 2001
A magical Masai mask takes an African Ameri-        Physical Description col 1
can boy on a series of adventures, and he discov-   This program tells the life story of Dr. Martin Luther
ers the joy of being himself.                       King, Jr. in simple words and luminous pictures. it
                                                    also introduces children to Dr. King's teachings
Catalog Number: X880                                about nonviolence. Throughout the program keys
Title Kwanzaa VHS                                   words from Dr. King's teachings appear as part of the
Edition CLOSED CAPTION                              art.
Imprint           Video Library 1994
Physical Description 25 mins. col 1                 Catalog Number: X795
Through the rhythmic sounds of tradition West-      Title Ella Fitzgerald VHS
African drums and a look into the colorful sig-     Edition CLOSED CAPTION
nificance of the clothes and candles, young view-   Imprint           WWS 2003
ers are introduced to the African American fam-     Physical Description 18 mins. col 1
ily celebration of Kwanzaa. The seven principles    Told in the voice of a cool cat names Scat, this dra-
of the Kwanzaa festival (Unity, Self-               matic story tells how Ella got her sound on the way
determination, Collective Work, Cooperation,        to a most remarkable and inspiring career. Innovative
Purpose, Creativity and Faith in self) are ex-      animation and jazzy narration will resonate with au-
plored, and an African folktale, Unanana and the    diences long after the music stops. Narrated by Billie
Enormous One-Tusked Elephant, vividly illus-        Dee Williams. With original recordings by Ella Fitz-
trates the idea of conflict resolution within the   gerald.
                                                    Catalog Number: V7456
Catalog Number: X743                                Title Seven candles for Kwanzaa VHS
Title Martin Luther King, Jr. VHS                   Imprint         WWS 1993
Edition CLOSED CAPTION                              Physical Description 12 col 1
Imprint          Schlessinger 2003                  This unique African-American holiday commemo-
Physical Description 23 mins. col
Not that long ago, African Americans were de-
nied basic rights and opportunities in the United
States, but one man's work and dedication helped
change the future of our country not just for Af-      Order resources by phone (464-5104),
rican Americans, but for all Americans. In this                 by fax (464-5101)
                                                                   or online at:

                                                    Linda Fox, Program Manager
                                                    Capital Region BOCES Instructional Media Services
                                                    Suite 102, 900 Watervliet Shaker Road
                                                    Albany, NY 12205
rates the strength of family ties, respect for an-   Physical Description 28 col 1
cestors, commitment to the growth of commu-          Summary        Polacco's history-rich story about
nity, and gratitude for life's bounties. For each    two boys who meet while fighting for the Union in
day of Kwanzaa, a new candle is lit and children     the Civil War.
and adults share their thoughts, songs, stories
from the past, dreams about the future, and a de-    Catalog Number: X436
licious feast on the last day. Narrated by Alfre     Title Amazing Grace VHS
Woodard. Based on the book by Davis Pinkney.         Imprint          WWS 1991
                                                     Physical Description 8 col 1
Catalog Number: V5930                                Even though her classmates discourage Grace from
Title Whitewash VHS                                  trying out for Peter Pan in the school play because
Imprint           CH 1994                            she is black and a girl. Grace wins the part and
Physical Description 20 col 1                        proves that she can be anything she wants to be.
This program is the story of Helene Angel, a         Lovely music compliments this very special story.
young African-American girl whose life takes a
traumatic turn when her face is sprayed with         Catalog Number: V7673
white shoe polish by a racist gang. This emo-        Title Chicken Sunday VHS
tional and uplifting drama conveys inspiring les-    Imprint          SpkenArts 1997
sons about the powers of love, courage, commu-       Physical Description 14 col 1
nity and friendship.                                 Langston Hughes, Countee Cullen, and James Bald-
                                                     win have sung their songs about Harlem. Walter
Catalog Number: X762                                 Dean Myers joins the chorus in calling to life the
Title Abraham Lincoln VHS                            deep, rich, and hope-filled history of this community.
Imprint           Library Video 2003                 Catalog Number: X394
Physical Description 23 mins. col                    Title Duke Ellington VHS
Beginning in 1861, the Civil War divided the         Imprint          WWS 1998
country, pitting "brother against brother" in a      Physical Description 15 col 1
conflict that threatened to permanently destroy      Duke Ellington was hailed as the King of the Keys.
the union. If not for the dedication and firm re-    Most people called his music jazz, but he said it was
solve of Abraham Lincoln during this difficult       "music of my people." This is a most fitting tribute to
time, the United States many have ceased to ex-      a great man who proudly celebrated the history of
ist. In this video, kids will examine the life of    African-Americans, from slavery to civil rights
this country boy from Kentucky who rose to be-       struggles. Brian Pinkney's artwork swings and sways
come President of the United States, and who         to Ellington's spellbinding music.
guided this country through one of its darkest
hours while speaking out against slavery at a
time when many were too afraid to take a stand.
2003 Telly Award Finalist

Catalog Number: V7511
Title Pink and say VHS                                  Order resources by phone (464-5104),
Imprint      SpkenArts 1998                                      by fax (464-5101)
                                                                    or online at:

                                                     Linda Fox, Program Manager
                                                     Capital Region BOCES Instructional Media Services
                                                     Suite 102, 900 Watervliet Shaker Road
                                                     Albany, NY 12205

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