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					                                       TOWN OF CAMDEN
                                       MEETING MINUTES
                                      SEPTEMBER 16, 2008

PRESENT:        Mary Quinn, Chair
                Deb Dodge, Select Board Liaison
                Stuart Smith
                Rick Seibel, Public Works Director
                Philip Roberts, Chief of Police
                Greg Chilenski
                Wendelanne Augunas
                Jeff Sukeforth, Parking Enforcement Officer


Introductions were made for the camera.

Meeting called to order 1717 hrs.


Chairman Quinn suggests researching the downtown area and coming up with options to pass on to the
Select Board. The Town of Camden Ordinance says it is up to the Town Manager and the Select Board to
delegate which spaces will be marked for loading and unloading. The new spot on Mechanic Street
seems to work well. The old bus unloading and loading zone was changed into parking spaces rather
than freight loading and unloading.

Discussion of how Rite Aid is currently blocking parking spaces when they are aware of a freight truck

Chairman Quinn believes delivery trucks will park in front of where they are delivering and will not park
elsewhere. They would rather pay the parking ticket than move elsewhere.

Discussion of trucks delivering all of the business goods in one location and the business owners picking
up there orders. Chairman Quinn believes this will not work due to refrigeration issues, conflict with
liquor licenses and this would lead to cars double parking.

Chairman Quinn asks if there is a way to only allow delivery trucks to park on one side of the street.
Selectman Dodge raises concerns about how emergency traffic is able to get through town.
Wendelanne Augunas asks how many normal parking spaces a freight truck needs to park. Rick Seibel
suggests at least 4.

Rick Seibel points out that some motorists are scared and unwilling to drive around a double parked
truck. Parking Officer Sukeforth points out that smaller freight trucks are a problem in the Town Office
area. While they have been spoken to, they continue to park there.

Chairman Quinn suggests that this is not enforceable and asks who is complaining about idling. Most
trucks are exempt from this law. Chief Roberts points out that this is a state law and not a town
ordinance. This law applies to commercial vehicles and busses when the driver is out of the vehicle.
Exceptions are made for heating and air conditioning in certain temperatures.

Selectman Dodge asks who is responsible for informing the trucks that Maine has this law. Chief
Roberts states the Bureau of Highway Safety.


Chairman Quinn has received a request for more handicapped spaces and for more spaces that are
“drive-in” and don’t require parallel parking. This request has come from Quarry Hill. Chairman Quinn
asks if there is a requirement for a certain number of spaces. Chief Roberts states that he does not
believe there are requirements for roadside parking.

Chairman Quinn states that the town has 624 parking spaces and roughly fits the parking lot
requirements. Parking Officer Sukeforth states that all of the handicapped parking spaces throughout
town are being used.

Selectman Dodge asks if the Public Landing Lot meets the American’s with Disabilities Act requirements.
Seibel states it does with 3 handicapped spaces and less than 100 parking spaces.

Discussion of day-sailor and windjammer permit parking. Stuart Smith would like to look at the day-
sailor’s lease. Why are they the only employees in town with permit parking?

Parking Officer Sukeforth has received numerous complaints concerning the two hour parking and the
day-sails. Stuart Smith suggests having 4-hour permits for sale at the Chamber of Commerce. Smith
also suggests having a ticket box. The first two hours are free and then pay per hour to park.
Discussion of exempting Camden residents from this program. Chief Robert's points out that there have
been many ideas discussed but in the past the Select Board has turned them down.

Chief Roberts says most people are not upset about the money; they are upset about the ticket and feel

Selectman Dodge suggests researching how Bar Harbor, Boothbay and other comparable towns handle
parking cost and accommodation for residents. Chairman Quinn has done this in the past.


Chairman Quinn has received a request from Harbor Master Steve Pixley to research what portion of
Steamboat Landing is town property. Homeowners have begun planting flowers on the right-of-way
that can interfere with vehicular traffic.

Selectman Dodge suggests waiting until after the November voting and the citizen’s petition of Wayfarer
zoning. Wayfarer Marine will allow vehicles to turn on their property pending the outcome of the

Parking Officer Sukeforth points out that marked two hour handicapped spaces are actually four hour
spaces as the posted time is doubled. Discussion of how spaces are dispersed throughout town. Smith
suggests having Parking Officer Sukeforth monitor how and when the handicapped parking spaces are

Chairman Quinn states the area that does not have handicapped parking is Mechanic Street by French
and Braun. Chairman Quinn suggests that the first angled space by Camden Custom Embroidery be
marked a handicapped space. Smith suggests using the Mechanic Street lot as the space would be van
accessible because they could unload onto the sidewalk.

Smith suggests moving the current handicapped space on Chestnut Street in front of the Post Office
over one space. This would allow for the space to be van accessible for the passenger side instead of
the driver side. Seibel states that it is hard to change the space as painting over the current markings is

Smith motions to add an additional ADA handicapped parking space in the first angled space on the right
side of Mechanic Street and to take the striped ADA space in front of the Post Office and move it to the
left and have it marked a 15 minute space with the left side van accessible.

Augunas Seconds.

Motion passes unanimously at 1827 hrs.

Meeting adjourned 1829 hrs.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jodi Russell
Administrative Assistant