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									Charter School Benefits from One Charter Place Development
Downtown Coral Springs
Construction Underway
   City and County officials were joined
by community and business leaders on
Tuesday, August 2 to officially break
ground on Downtown Coral Springs.
One Charter Place, the first phase of
Downtown Coral Springs, is a $26
million office and retail center set on
a 3.9-acre site at the southeast corner
of Sample Road and University Drive.
The distinctive buildings will curve
around the intersection of University
and Sample Road and will include

                                                                                      “There are so many reasons
                                                                                      for us to celebrate this
                                                                                      project. This generous
                                                                                      contribution is certainly
                                                                                      one of them. The Fine Arts
                                                                                      Wing will truly enhance the
                                                                                      quality of education we
                                                                                      provide our students.”
                                                                                      – Principal Billie Miller,
                                                                                        Coral Springs Charter School

approximately 96,000 square feet of
commercial office and retail space,
and a 423-space multi-purpose parking
garage. This is the first in a series of
projects designed to transform the
vicinity of the University Drive and
Sample Road intersection into a pedes-
trian-friendly vibrant downtown.
   “One Charter Place will help bring
Coral Springs back full circle to what
was begun 40 years ago as a planned
community, with a downtown envi-
ronment for our citizenry to enjoy,”
Community Redevelopment Agency
Board Chairman John Ruffin, Jr. said.
“The Downtown project is one the CRA
has been working on for several years,     will encompass nearly 12,000 square        of them. The Fine Arts Wing will truly
and now that we’re moving in the right     feet, and include a Fine Arts Wing, a      enhance the quality of education we
direction, we should celebrate.”           Band Room and practice rooms, and          provide our students.”
   In addition to the many benefits of     a Vocal Room. It will also include a          “The construction of the Coral
Phase One Development, there is an         small auditorium, capable of seating       Springs Charter School’s auditorium
added benefit to the Coral Springs com-    approximately 300, as well as theatrical   and music facility is just another way
munity. The City has earmarked $1.55       lighting, rigging and other performance    for us to advance the quality of edu-
million of the proceeds from the sale      equipment.                                 cation for our kids. It is an example of
of the project site to the construction       “There are so many reasons for us to    how the City leverages its resources
of the Coral Springs Charter School’s      celebrate this project,” Charter School    with the private sector to maximize the
Arts and Music Wing. This multi-           Principal Billie Miller said. “This        package of benefits to our residents,”
purpose addition to the Charter School     generous contribution is certainly one     City Manager Mike Levinson said.

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                                                             City Named
                                                           One of 100 Best
          The construction of
    One Charter Place is underway
     at the corner of Sample Road
                                                          for Young People
         and University Drive.
                                                        America’s Promise: The Alliance for
                                                         Youth has named Coral Springs as
                                                        a winner of their first-ever national
                                                        competition to identify the 100 Best
                                                          Communities for Young People.
                                                                       Page 2

                                                                 th   Anniversary

                                                                 of the Sprin
                                                                                                     Slice of the Springs
         Rhon Ernest-Jones                                   ice                                             Join in celebrating the

             Vice Mayor                                                                                     10th Anniversary of the
          Rhonda Calhoun
        City Commissioners                                                                           Slice of the Springs Program at your
             Scott Brook                                                                              upcoming neighborhood meeting.
              Roy Gold
              Ted Mena
                                                                                                                  Page 4
            City Manager
         Michael S. Levinson
                                                          Neighborhood Meeting
       The Coral Springs Citizen
     is produced quarterly by the
          City of Coral Springs
         Communications and
         Marketing Department.                                                Museum Exhibits
  If you have questions or comments
      regarding this publication, call
      954-344-1197 or write to us at
                                                                            Feature Clyde Butcher
   City Hall, 9551 West Sample Rd.,                       Renowned landscape photographer and environmentalist Clyde Butcher
        Coral Springs, FL 33065.
           Send your e-mail to:                         is showing images taken during three expeditions to the mountains of Cuba                               at the Coral Springs Museum of Art through November 19.
      Acting Communications
       and Marketing Director
             Liz Kolodney
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          Christine Parkinson                        contents
         Contributing Writers
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          Christine Parkinson                        City Commissioners. . . . . . . . 4                Holiday Parade . . . . . . . . . . . 13
     Liz Kolodney • George Miller
                                                     Teen Driving . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8         Kreul Classic. . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
   Questions about Coral Springs?                    Identity Theft. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9        UniTown. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
Call Citizens’ Services at 954-344-1001.
 TTY for the hearing impaired: 954-344-1022.         International Peace Garden. 10                     MLK Celebration. . . . . . . . . . 16

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Coral Springs Named One of 100
Best Communities for Young People
   America’s Promise: The Alliance
for Youth has named Coral Springs
as a winner of their first-ever national
competition to identify the 100 Best
Communities for Young People. The
winning communities are being cel-
ebrated for their commitment to provide
healthy, safe and caring environments
for young people.
   “Coral Springs’ dedication and com-
mitment to the success of our youth has
consistently been in the forefront of
our decision making,” said Vice Mayor         Many opportunities are available to youth in
                                              Coral Springs, including a variety of summer
Rhonda Calhoun. “Most importantly,             camps (above), and the Teen Center (right).
the active involvement of our youth in
planning, problem solving, and program          America’s Promise Founding
and activity development has laid the        Chairman General Colin Powell
framework to provide resources that          launched the competition in May, and
have given us the honor of ‘100 Best.’       the City applied for a place on the pres-
The success of our youth is a com-           tigious list. Coral Springs and the other
munity-wide vision, and on behalf of         winners were chosen by a distinguished
all of Coral Springs, I am so very proud     selection panel of civic, business and
to announce our recognition as one of        nonprofit leaders, including United Way
the ‘100 Best Communities for Young          of America President Brian Gallagher,
People’ in the United States.”               U.S. Chamber of Commerce President
   Coral Springs was selected on the         Tom Donohue, former U.S. Health                 vative efforts taking place in commu-
basis of an application submitted in         and Human Services Secretary Donna              nities throughout the United States to
early August that showcased the many         Shalala, baseball great Cal Ripken, Jr.,        create healthy and supportive environ-
ways we are committed to empowering          and former Denver mayor Wellington              ments for our children,” said Capital
young people to influence decision           Webb.                                           One’s Executive Vice President and
makers and leverage resources in                The selection panel evaluated the            General Counsel John Finneran.
support of making our community the          entries detailing each community’s                 “The applications revealed commu-
best place to grow up. We wanted to          efforts to fulfill five essential promises      nities that care about their kids and are
show how, in Coral Springs, young            critical to the well-being of young             working together to make their futures
people are part of the solution, not the     people: caring adults who are actively          better. We saw leaders and people genu-
problem.                                     involved in their lives; safe places in         inely engaged and full of pride in their
   The application highlighted dozens        which to learn and grow; a healthy start        towns. Together, they have strengthened
of innovative programs, including the        toward adulthood; an effective edu-             my faith in our great country.”
Youth Empowerment Summit, our                cation that builds marketable skills; and          To honor the 100 Best commu-
Gang Resistance and Drug Education           opportunities to help others.                   nities selected, the America’s Promise
(GRADE) and Bully Resistance and                “We have had an amazing response             Alliance will hold a special event on
Victim Education (BRAVE) programs,           from hundreds of communities, large             November 2 in Washington, D.C. This
drowning prevention efforts, the             and small, from Alaska to Florida,”             celebration will be dedicated to the
Charter School’s ACE Academy, and            said Marguerite W. Sallee, President            children affected by Hurricane Katrina,
the UniTown, UniTeens, and UniKids           and CEO of America’s Promise – The              highlighting outstanding community
programs.                                    Alliance for Youth. “Their outstanding          initiatives across the country that are
   A number of new initiatives in            efforts—to measure how well their               providing displaced children with the
next year’s Business Plan were cited,        children and youth are doing, to put            services and support that they need
including the children’s library run         more resources in place, and to form            to thrive no matter where they are.
by the County library system, devel-         cross-sector partnerships—provide               All proceeds from this event will go
oping a teen safe driving program,           shining examples of what it means to            toward helping the children impacted by
increasing security in the parks, starting   keep America’s Promise for our young            Katrina.
a youth-run concert series for teens, and    people.”                                           For more details on this award, visit
enhancing youth mentoring opportu-              “We are proud to be a part of this  or
nities.                                      important effort to highlight the inno-
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City’s First Public Art Selected for Permanent Display
   On August 24, the Coral Springs                                                         was the first south Florida city in many
Public Art Committee selected four                                                         years to pass a public art program and
sculptures to purchase - three to exhibit                                                  join the more than 350 governments
in downtown and one planned for a                                                          nationwide. Since the Coral Springs
City park. The unique selection method                                                     initiative, the nearby cities of Tamarac,
featured six months of public display                                                      Delray Beach and Boynton Beach have
of nine sculptures on Sample Road,                                                         created programs. The funding from the
with more than 3500 passing cars in                                                        sculptures results from arts fees paid
the rush hour. Citizens of Coral Springs                                                   by developers that choose not to install
submitted more than 1,200 online                                                           artwork at their new buildings.
comments about the art pieces.                from Puerto Rico, North Carolina and            The Sculpture on Sample Exhibition
   During the selection, the volunteer        Israel, Georgia and New York State.          of all nine sculptures continues through
committee of five, headed by public           These sculptures will be moved to per-       mid-November. The other artists in the
artist Beth Ravitz, was joined by             manent locations in early 2006.              exhibition include Kathleen Holmes of
Chamber of Commerce President Mike               “The Public Art Committee hopes to        Lake Worth, Jack Dowd of Sarasota,
Di Tocco and local business owner             set a tone of high quality and diversity     RF Buckley of Miami, Kim Radochia
Dan Brook of Kilwin’s. The committee          for the public art in Coral Springs,”        of South Hamilton, Massachusetts and
reviewed the citizen comments and a           Senior Planner Glenn Weiss said. “The        Antoinette Prien Schultze of Elliot,
professional long-term maintenance            works selected by the committee are          Maine. Visit and
report by Tin Ly of Fort Lauderdale.          serious, fun, metaphorical and colorful.”    click on Public Art Installations for
   The selected artworks are by artists          In November 2003, Coral Springs           information on all the artworks.

                              ARTWORKS FOR DOWNTOWN ON SAMPLE ROAD:
                                            “In Harmony”                                          “Sun Rising in Spring”
          Hanna Jubran, Grimesland, North Carolina                                                   CERO Design:
               Born in Israel and currently a Professor of                                  Celso Gonzalez and Roberto Biaggi
     Sculpture at the East Carolina University School of                                          San Juan, Puerto Rico
       Art, Hanna Jubran lectures and exhibits his work
      all over the Southern U.S. His sculpture titled, “In
        Harmony”, is comprised of four separate bronze
         and stainless steel sections representing the four
         elements—Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. Among
        the citizens, “In Harmony” was clearly seen as a
              sophisticated, museum-quality work of art.

  ARTWORK FOR A CITY PARK:                            “Rotate”
                                                Jack Howard-Potter
                                                     New York                                 As a team, artists Celso Gonzalez
                                                 An expert at cap-                         and Roberto Biaggi – CERO Design
                                              turing movement in                           – have created many large-scale ceramic
                                              a rigid medium, Jack                         mosaic murals in San Juan, Puerto
                                              Howard-Potter would                          Rico. The artists built the artwork,
                                              like for his sculptures                      that functions as a bus bench, on site
                                              to convey move-                              in July 2005. The sculpture represents
           “Gator” & “Grebe”                  ments and positions                          in abstract form, the mixture of envi-
 Doug Makemson, Nicholson, Georgia            for eternity. His work,                      ronment, tropical climate and evolution
   Doug Makemson’s sculpture “Gator”          “Rotate”, stands out in                      of a modern city. Coral Springs is
& “Grebe” are two sculptures that will        a busy setting due to its brightly painted   pleased to be the owners of their first
be exhibited together. These sculp-           powder coated steel. This sculpture          permanent work in the continental USA.
tures were created in 2004 out of             was completed in 2004, and was appre-        The citizens of Coral Springs appre-
stainless steel and old mechanical parts.     ciated by the citizens for its delicacy of   ciated the artwork for its intense tropical
Makemson’s work was very popular on           movement and red color.                      and urban color.
Coral Springs citizen feedback espe-
cially for its whimsy and relationship to            For more information on Public Art in Coral Springs,
the Everglades.                                        visit

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           City Notes                   Join in Celebrating the 10th Anniversary
City Commissioner                       of the City’s Slice of the Springs Program
Office Hours Available                  Meetings Will Feature                                        nniversar
                                                                                            0t h                   y
                                                                                              of the Sprin
   The Mayor and Commissioners          Expanded Q&A Sessions                              1
of Coral Springs hold office hours

throughout the year on a regular           In the last 43 years, the City of Coral
basis in order to give Coral Springs    Springs has progressed from bean fields

residents the opportunity to meet       to become one of the fastest growing
with them one-on-one to discuss their   cities in the ’90s. Over the past 10
concerns and city-related issues.       years, we have grown from a population
   For the latest updates, visit        of 93,000 to more than 130,000 today.        Healthy and vibrant neighborhoods are
   Mayor Rhon Ernest-Jones holds        crucial to the City’s mission, “to be the
“Mayor’s Night In” each month.          premier community in which to live,
Come and meet the Mayor at his          work and raise a family.”
office located at 12500 West Atlantic      The first Slice of the Springs meeting
Boulevard in Coral Springs on the       was held in 1995. Throughout the last          Neighborhood Meeting
fourth Tuesday of each month from       10 years together, we’ve accomplished
5 to 7 p.m. Call Teresa at 954-344-     more than 250 neighborhood partner-          program and neighborhood partnerships,
9855 to schedule an appointment.        ships City-wide, resulting in general        the City has invested significant time
   Commissioner Scott Brook will        beautification, new signage, park            and resources into all our neighbor-
set up office hours at City Hall in     improvements, etc. These partnerships        hoods.
the Mall, located inside the Coral      have led to $547,000 in improvements
Square Mall at 9239 West Atlantic       to our neighborhoods since 1995.             YOUR SLICE MEETING
Boulevard, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.          Your comments and suggestions have           Will your neighborhood be the next
on these Saturdays: October 15,         launched programs to establish traffic       to see change through your
November 19 and December 17. You        calming and landlord training, along         involvement?
can also join Commissioner Brook        with increased code enforcement, police         Slice of the Springs meetings allow
for “Coffee with the Commissioner”      presence, road resurfacing, and median       Coral Springs residents to address their
at the Starbucks at 2800 North          irrigation.                                  concerns and receive answers directly
University Drive, inside “The              Through the Slice of the Springs          from key City staff members.
Walk.” Upcoming Coffee with the                                                         Hear the latest on what’s happening
Commissioner hours are from 8:30-                                                    in your “Slice” of Coral Springs, then
10 a.m. on Wednesday, October 26,                                                    voice your comments to City staff, who
Tuesday, November 8, Wednesday,                                                      will then follow-up with responses
November 30, Tuesday, December 13                                                    to the issues brought up by you.
and Thursday, December 29. Coffee                                                       This year, each meeting will feature
is free for all who attend, compli-                                                  a brief staff presentation followed by an
ments of Starbucks. Residents inter-                                                 expanded question and answer session.
ested in meeting the Commissioner                                                       Residents in each “Slice” will receive
to discuss any concerns with the City                                                a notice in the mail approximately
are asked to call 954-757-5551 to                                                    three weeks prior with details on their
reserve an appointment.                                                              upcoming meeting.
   Commissioner Roy Gold will hold                                                      For more details, call 954-344-1114
open office hours in the Commission                                                  or visit
Chambers at Coral Springs City
Hall, 9551 West Sample Road,
on Thursday, November 10 and                      Slice of the Springs Meeting Schedule:
Thursday, December 1 from 5-6 p.m.
Commissioner Gold has set aside               Southwest: October 27, 2005, 7 p.m., Riverside Elementary
this time for residents to have an
                                            Southeast: November 9, 2005, 7 p.m., Ramblewood Elementary
opportunity to speak directly with
a member of our City Commission.          Town Center: December 1, 2005, 7 p.m., Northwest Regional Library
To schedule an appointment, call            Center West: March 23, 2006, 7 p.m., Coral Springs Elementary
Jane at 954-971-4040. You may                  Northside: April 6, 2006, 7 p.m., Eagle Ridge Elementary
email Commissioner Gold at                       Northeast: May 4, 2006, 7 p.m., Forest Glen Middle

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City Firefighters Help Hurricane Victims                                                                    City Notes
  Six Coral Springs firefighters were       was also deployed through a national         New Business Plan,
recently deployed to areas ravaged by       mutual aid agreement to Jackson
Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and          County, Mississippi to assist in public      Budget Approved
Mississippi as part of the FEMA Urban       relations and media relations. Moser            The City of Coral              �����������������������

Search and Rescue Task Force Team           assisted in getting crucial information
                                                                                                                             ��������������������                                             ����������������������

                                                                                                                                                       ��                                                          � �������

                                                                                         Springs Commission

2 and through the Florida Fire Chiefs       about feeding sites and shelters to          approved the Fiscal Year
Association PIO Deployment Team.            victims of the storm.                        2006 Business Plan
                                                                                                        ����������������������� �������������������������������
                                                                                                         ���������������������� ����������������������������������

  Lt. Andrew Robins, Lt. Mike Caldaro,         The members of the USAR Team
                                                                                                           ����������������������                        ���������
                                                                                                             ���������������������                        ������
                                                                                                       ������������������������ ������������������������

                                                                                         and Annual Budget at
                                                                                                        ��������������������       �
                                                                                                    ���������������������� �����������������������������������
                                                                                                    ����������������������                          ��������������

Driver Engineer Stephanie Biggs, Lt.        were part of an unprecedented

                                                                                         meetings in September.
Joseph Russoniello, and Lt. Eddie           deployment; back-to-back trips to hur-          For more details, visit
Lopez spent 31 days, on two separate        ricane damaged areas. Task Force Team

deployments, searching homes and busi-      2 has never done this before. USAR           to view and download copies of the
nesses in areas damaged and flooded by      Team members were instrumental in            City’s current and past budget and
the hurricane.                              assisting local, state, and federal offi-    planning documents.
  Team members worked in Gulf               cials by conducting life-saving search
Port, Mississippi and New Orleans,          and rescue missions. During their            Speaker’s Bureau
Louisiana. While on their second            second deployment, these members
                                                                                         Available to Present
deployment for Hurricane Katrina, team      were tasked with assisting with the
members were forced to move their           recovery of victims who did not survive
                                                                                         Government Issues
base of operations into the New Orleans     the storm or its aftermath.                     The Customer Involved
Saints training facility when Hurricane        The City of Coral Springs is very         Government Committee has a
Rita came bearing through the area were     proud to be a part of supporting these       speaker’s bureau that is available
they were working.                          individuals who put their personal and       to make presentations to local civic
  Driver Engineer and Fire Department       professional lives aside to help strangers   groups, clubs, schools, homeowner’s
Public Information Officer Mike Moser       in their time of need.                       associations, and businesses.
                                                                                            These presentations cover dif-
                           Volunteer Spotlight                                           ferent aspects of local Coral Springs
                                                                                         government, such as the importance
    Like so many others                                     “Hurricane Katrina           of voting and City involvement
 across the United                                          Health Kit Relief            opportunities.
 States, Shelli and Chris                                   Party,” and with their          For more information, call
 Dyer found themselves                                      friends help, spent          954-344-1144.
 glued to their television                                  more than two hours
 overwhelmed by the                                         making health kits.
 destruction in New
                                                                                         FPL Procedures
                                                               The Dyers were still
 Orleans. They knew they                                    not satisfied and felt
                                                                                         for Reporting an
 had to do something to                                     compelled to do even
                                                                                         Inoperative Streetlight
 help.                                                      more when they heard            In compliance with a new Florida
    After visiting the                                      about a man who was          statute, FPL has designated pro-
 City’s website, they found out health      temporarily housing a family with            cedures for the public to report
 kits containing personal hygiene           a baby from Mississippi while they           an inoperative or malfunctioning
 products were needed for the people        looked for a permanent residence.            streetlight. You may contact them at
 affected by the hurricane. The Dyers       They decided to donate the remaining         1-800-4Outage (1-800-468-8243), or
 started out making 24 health kits.         $200 of the funds from Kreklewich to         visit their website at to
 However, they felt they still had to do    help the family.                             submit a report.
 more.                                         The City of Coral Springs                    When reporting, you will be asked
    A generous client of their Direct       commends Shelli and Chris Dyer,              to provide the following information:
 Marketing Company, PinPoint Direct,        along with their friends: Eileen                • The location of the streetlight by
 Wayne Kreklewich, learned of their         O’Connell, Danny Mason, Debbie               providing the nearest street address
 endeavors and pledged $2,000 to help       Mattos, Frankie Blankenship, Tami            and any nearby landmarks (another
 Shelli and Chris create even more          Williams, Dede Mason, Julia Mattos,          option is to look for an 11-digit
 health kits. They recruited friends in     and Ashley Williams. To find out how         number mounted on the streetlight
 the area to join in on the effort, which   you can help in the relief effort, visit     pole).
 turned out to be fun and rewarding                           • A description of the problem.
 at the same time. After visiting five         For more information on volunteer            • Your contact name, address,
 stores and eight hours of shopping,        opportunities with the City of Coral         e-mail address or phone number.
 the Dyers and their friends hosted a       Springs, call 954-346-4430.

Fall 2005                          Visit • Watch CityTV Channel 25                                                                                        CITIZEN • 5
            City Notes                     City Receives County Award for Museum
Thanksgiving Basket                           The City of Coral                                              The Miami Herald, will
                                           Springs was recently                                              speak. A biographical
Food Drive Needs                           selected by the Broward                                           video will be shown
Your Support                               County Historical                                                 and there will be guides
                                           Commission as the                                                 to discuss the exhibit
   Each year, a team of City
                                           recipient of the 2005                                             in the library lobby.
employees and volunteers come
                                           Judge L. Clayton Nance                                            Refreshments will be
together around Thanksgiving time
                                           Award. This award is                                              served.
surrounded by endless boxes of food.
                                           presented in recognition                                             Articles from Marjory
No, they aren’t throwing a holiday
                                           of the City’s efforts to                                          Stoneman Douglas’
party... they’re creating baskets for
                                           record and preserve the                                           personal life, including
needy families right here in Coral
                                           history of Coral Springs                                          original manuscripts,
Springs. The Thanksgiving Basket
                                           through the Museum of                                             letters, drawings and
Food Drive emphasizes the true                                                 City Historian Wendy
                                           Coral Springs History.         Wangberg accepted the award        photographs as well
meaning of the Thanksgiving holiday
                                           The City’s efforts to            from Phyllis Loconto, Vice       as some of her famous
by allowing residents to share the                                         Chair of the Broward County
                                           preserve a vital piece of                                         floppy hats highlight
spirit of the holiday with neighbors                                          Historical Commission.
                                           Broward County’s past                                             the multifaceted talents
in need.
                                           in order to educate the community were           and the important causes of Florida’s
   This program has been a
                                           recognized as mirroring the tradition set        first lady of conservation. She became
Thanksgiving tradition in Coral
                                           forth by Judge Nance when he founded             the first female reporter for The Miami
Springs since 1988. Since then, 2,275
                                           the Historical Commission more than              Herald in 1915 but is best known as the
local families have benefited from
                                           25 years ago.                                    champion of the Everglades. Her book,
$53,731 in food and cash donations
                                              Circuit Court Judge L. Clayton Nance          The Everglades: River of Grass, is rec-
from generous residents and City
                                           (1924-1979) was devoted to the study             ognized as a Florida classic. An original
employees. Baskets are distributed
                                           of local history. Judge Nance was also           draft of the first page will be on display.
through local religious institutions,
                                           the first public defender in Florida and
many of which do not require that
                                           the first public defender elevated to the        CORAL SPRINGS “TOWN TRIVIA”
recipients are members. The goal
                                           Circuit Court.                                      If you’ve ever wanted to know the
for this year is to create
                                 THANKS       Past recipients of this award include         answer to some of Coral Springs mys-
200 baskets and raise              for
                                 GIVING!   several prominent local historians,              teries, such as how the City got its
                                           preservation activists, newly created            name, pick up a copy of the newly
                                           museums, educational organizations               updated Coral Springs “Town Trivia”
food items are
                                           and cultural sites. The Fort Lauderdale          book. The books
                                           Naval Air Station, Ah Tha Thi Ki, the            are now available
                                           African American Research Library,               at City Hall, 9551
canned yams,
boxed potatoes,
                                           the Old Davie School, Broward County
                                           Urban River Trails and the Women’s
                                                                                            West Sample
                                                                                            Road; City Hall
stuffing, gravy,
                                           History Coalition are among past award           in the Mall inside
cranberry sauce, canned
                                           winners.                                         the Coral Square
vegetables, rice, canned fruit, and
                                               The award was presented at the               Mall; and the Coral
cookies. The deadline to turn in
                                           Pioneer Days Awards Ceremony on                  Springs Museum of
donations is November 4.
                                           October 1 at the Broward County Main             History in Mullins           �����������������������
   Drop-off sites include: City Hall
                                           Library Bienes Center.                           Park. Impress your
North Lobby, 9551 West Sample
                                                                                            friends and neighbors with interesting
Road; City Hall in the Mall in Coral
                                           STONEMAN DOUGLAS EXHIBIT                         historical facts and figures about the
Square Mall; and the Coral Springs
                                              The exhibition Marjory Stoneman               City and its residents. For example, did
Gymnasium. 2501 Coral Springs
                                           Douglas: One Woman, The Everglades               you know Coral Springs was home to
                                           and The Rest Is History will begin its           the World’s Largest Hamburger and
   You may also drop off donations at
                                           exclusive Broward County showing                 milkshake, created for the City’s 25th
City Fire Stations: Headquarters #80,
                                           in Coral Springs. Because of its size,           Anniversary in 1988? Enjoy fun facts
2801 Coral Springs Drive; Station
                                           it will be displayed at three sites, the         such as these, along with old photo-
#43, 4550 Rock Island Road; Station
                                           Museum of Coral Springs History, the             graphs and trivia on the State of Florida.
#64, 500 Ramblewood Drive; Station
                                           Center for the Arts and the Northwest               The second edition of Coral Springs
#71, 11800 NW 41 Street; and
                                           Regional Library, where the Grand                Town Trivia was produced by the Coral
Station #95, 300 Coral Ridge Drive.
                                           Opening will be held on Saturday,                Springs Historical Committee. You
   For more information, call 954-
                                           November 5 at 2 p.m. Juanita Green,              may also view the booklet online at
345-2210 or 954-346-1746.
                                           former reporter and colleague from     

6 • CITIZEN                       Visit • Watch CityTV Channel 25                                            Fall 2005
University Partnership Begins Second Year                                                        City Notes
   The Coral Springs
University Partnership,                                                               ‘Make a Difference’
formed between the City                                                               with Food Donations
of Coral Springs, Barry                                                                  Mark your calendars for Saturday,
University (BU) and Broward                                                           October 22 when the City of Coral
Community College (BCC)                                                               Springs will participate in the
is now entering its second year.            citizens, we will expand our offerings    Fifteenth Annual National Make
   The Partnership was created between      to meet their educational needs,”         A Difference Day, an event that is
the City and the two educational institu-   Coral Springs Economic Development        sponsored by USA Today Magazine.
tions to offer college credit courses at    Foundation Executive Director Paul           This is the fourth year that volun-
the Coral Springs Charter School.           Cawley said.                              teers and City staff will visit certain
   The University Partnership is geared        Barry University is currently          Coral Springs neighborhoods to
toward adults of all ages who have an       offering courses with accelerated         collect canned and dry food door
interest in returning to school to get or   Bachelor Degree programs in Public        to door. Communities that will be
complete a degree, but even new and         Administration.                           visited by volunteers will be notified
current college students can register          BCC will offer Principles of           with door hangers the week prior to
for the courses offered. The City of        Economics II and Entrepreneurship in      the event. For this year, those com-
Coral Springs worked with BU and            October.                                  munities include: Turtle Run, Pine
BCC to create the program in order to          An MBA Program from BU’s               Ridge, Hidden Hammocks, and The
help residents and business owners who      AACSB accredited Andreas School of        Arbors. City volunteers and staff
expressed an interest in continuing their   Business is planned for the January of    then make baskets and present them
education – but wanted to take their        2006.                                     to pre-determined families at local
classes closer to home. The programs           BU’s Adrian Dominican School of        churches and synagogues.
will also provide an opportunity for        Education is offering courses toward         Residents who wish to participate
high school students who are qualified      a Graduate degree in Educational          in the Make A Difference Day drive
for dual enrollment.                        Leadership and plans to expand their      can drop off food at City Hall in the
   “Going into our second full year, the    programs.                                 Mall, located in the southwest con-
University Partnership has exceeded            To learn more about what these         course of the Coral Square Mall at
expectations. In 2005, we served 371        prestigious institutions have to offer,   9239 West Atlantic Boulevard. Local
students and are anticipating enrolling     visit, call     fire stations will also be accepting
700 students this year. As we continue      Karen at 954-796-9922 or e-mail           donated food items. For more infor-
to receive feedback from employees and                   mation, call 954-344-1833.

   CityTV Honored for National Excellence                                             Get Your 2005-06
     CityTV Channel 25 has been honored with a First Place award for Excellence
                                                                                      Entertainment Book
  in Government Programming by the National Association of Telecommunications            Purchases of
  Officers and Advisors. The awards, presented to only four stations nationwide,      the 2005-2006
  were judged on the variety of programming quality throughout the year.              Entertainment Book
                                                                                      support the City’s
      Watch ‘In The �oP’ on CityTV Channel 25                                         Thanksgiving Basket
                                                                                      Drive. Each book
     CityTV Channel 25 has a monthly show called                                      contains hundreds
  “In The �oP” which focuses on events and topics                                     of two-for-one and
  of local interest.                                                                  50 percent discounts
     The “In The �oP” show airs every day at 4 a.m.,                                  on dining, travel,
  7 a.m., and 4 p.m., as well as at 7 p.m. – except on the                            shopping, movies,
  evenings of City Commission meetings.                                               special events, sports and more.
                                 Tune in to CityTV                                       Books are $30 and can be pur-
                              Channel 25 for current Coral Springs news, as well      chased from Human Resources at
                              as educational and cultural programming – 24 hours      City Hall, 9551 West Sample Road,
                              a day, seven days a week.                               or at City Hall in the Mall in Coral
                                 Visit to view the      Square Mall.
                              current programming guide and to link to online            Orders may also be placed for out-
                              streaming video of the channel. If you have ques-       of-the-area books. For more details,
                              tions or comments about CityTV, send an e-mail to       call 954-344-1150.

Fall 2005                         Visit • Watch CityTV Channel 25                         CITIZEN • 7
    Code, Occupational                                         Teen Driving Brochure now Available
 Licensing Offices Moving                �������������������      A teenager’s first experi-
                                                                              ��������������                                                car, curfew, tickets and acci-
    The Code Enforcement Division      �
                                                               ences with driving are one of
                                     ��� ������������������������������������������������
                                                                                                                                            dents, etc.
                                                                                                  ��� �����������������������������������������������
                                       ������������������������������������������������             ���������������������������������������������
 has moved its offices from City Hall                          their many rites of passage
                                       �������������������������������������������                  ������������                               • The more experience you

 South to a new location in the East   �
                                                               into adulthood, and can be
                                     ��� ������������������������������������������������
                                                                                                    �                                       can give your teen behind the
                                                                                                  ��� ������������������������������������������������
 Wing of City Hall North, at 9551                              an exhilarating time filled
                                                                                                                                            wheel with you or another
 West Sample Road. Their phone         �
                                                               with unforeseen dangers. The
                                     ��� �����������������������������������������������
                                       ��������������������������������������������������                                                   responsible, supervising
 numbers remain the same: call 954-  �    �                    reality of driving today is that
                                          � ��������������������������������������������
                                                                                                                                            adult, the better.
 344-5964 to contact the department, �
                                     �    �
                                                               teens are often unprepared
                                          � ���������������������������������������������
                                                                                                                                               • Talk to the parents of
 or use the Code Hotline at 954-344-   �                       and inexperienced to deal
                                     ��� ��������������������������������������������                                                       your teen’s friends. If all

 1017 to leave a message reporting a                           with the split-second deci-
                                                                                                  ��� ������������������������������������������������
                                                                                                            �������������                   teenagers in a peer group

 possible code violation.
                                                               sions that must be made when
                                                                                                    �      �������������                    have the same rules, the
                                                                                                  ��� ����������������������������������������������
                                       ����������������������������������������������������         ��������������������������������������������������

                                                               driving.                                                                     opportunity for negative peer
    The Occupational Licensing         ����������������������������������������������������

                                                                                                  ��� ����������������������������������������������

 Division will join Code Enforcement
                                                                  As role models for their
                                     ��� ���������������������������������������������
                                                                                                                                            pressure is less.

                                                               teens, it is crucial for parents                                                • Monitor your teen’s
 at City Hall North in late October.   �����������������������������������������������������

 The Occupational Licensing                                    to take an active role in their
                                                                                                                                            comings and goings regularly

 Division may still be reached by      ������������
                                                               teen’s driving. For most               ������������������������������������� to see if they are wearing
 calling 954-344-5963.                                         parents, nothing you will deal                                               their seatbelt.
                                                               with as a parent will be more important,                            • The loss of driving privileges can be
                                                               or more life-and-death, than how your                         a powerful incentive for teens to follow
Reminder: Go-Ped                                               teenager uses or misuses a motor                              rules, and consequently, to practice safe
use is not Legal                                               vehicle.                                                      driving.
                                                                  Luckily for parents, there is a new                              • Try driving in separate vehicles
on Roadways                                                    Teen Driving brochure produced by the                         when going to the same place. Your teen
                                                               City and utilized by the City’s Police                        drives in one, you drive in the other.
or Sidewalks                                                   Department. This brochure highlights                          This gives the teen their independence
   The Coral Springs Police Department                         startling statistics, driving regulations,                    while still allowing for supervised
Traffic Unit continues to remind resi-                         and offers tips on what parents can do                        practice.
dents of the law regarding the riding of                       to help keep their teen safe. Some of the                           The Teen Driving brochure is
motorized scooters, or go-peds, which                          useful tips the brochure offers include:                      available on the City’s website at
include those that are propelled by                               • Create a mutually agreed-upon                  , as
battery power.                                                 “driving contract” with your teen, out-                       well as at City Hall, 9551 West Sample
   Under Florida law, only motor                               lining rules and regulations concerning                       Road. and at City Hall in the Mall in
vehicles which are registered with                             the number of passengers allowed in the                       Coral Square Mall.
the State may be driven on roadways.
Since go-peds are considered motorized                         Police Substations Have new Officers
scooters and not motor vehicles, the
                                                                  Police Officers David Wind and                                                          dents. Residents of the community are
State does not allow go-peds to be reg-
                                                               Carla Gorman are now working in the                                                        encouraged to stop in to the substations
istered and therefore, they are not per-
                                                               City’s police substations. Officer Wind                                                    or call the officers with their concerns.
mitted on roadways.
                                                               has been an officer with CSPD for 6                                                           Officers are routinely on patrol in the
   Additionally, under Section 316.1995
                                                               years while Officer Gorman has been                                                        area near each substation, so callers are
of the Florida Statutes, a person may
                                                               an officer here for 4 years. Both officers                                                 encouraged to leave a phone message if
not drive any vehicle other than by
                                                               were chosen for the substation positions                                                   the officer is unavailable at the time of
human power upon a bicycle path,
                                                               for their Community Policing                                                               the call.
sidewalk, or sidewalk area or duly
                                                               philosophy.                                                                                   The Northwest Police Substation is
authorized temporary driveway. Further,
                                                                  The Police Department maintains                                                         located at 3540 NW 114th Lane, #104.
Section 18-5.3 of the Code of the City
                                                               substations throughout the City in order                                                   The phone number at the station is
of Coral Springs bans motor driven
                                                               to continue its pro-active community                                                       954-344-1805.
vehicles, such as go-peds, from side-
                                                               policing efforts and to bring services                                                        The Northeast Substation is located
walks and bicycle paths.
                                                               directly to areas that are most in need                                                    at 7827 NW 40 Street (Cardinal Road)
   As a result, it is unlawful to operate
                                                               of additional police support.                                                              in Apt. B, near the Riverside Drive
a motorized scooter or go-ped on
                                                                  The substation officers are tasked                                                      intersection. The phone number is
any public roadway, sidewalk, or
                                                               with community outreach, patrol of the                                                     954-346-1860.
bicycle path. The Coral Springs Police
                                                               neighborhood and the identification and                                                       The Forest Hills Substation is located
Department will be taking appropriate
                                                               apprehension of criminals. The officers                                                    in The Palms at 2940 Forest Hills
enforcement action when coming into
                                                               are involved in many projects that                                                         Boulevard in unit #104. Contact that
contact with operators in violation of
                                                               enhance the quality of life for area resi-                                                 substation by calling 954-340-5025.
these laws.

8 • CITIZEN                       Visit • Watch CityTV Channel 25                                                                                                  Fall 2005
Protect Yourself from Identity Theft                                                                    City Notes
During This Holiday Shopping Season                                                          Free Computer Classes
   Identity theft is the largest and fastest   inside your vehicle. This includes your
                                                                                             for Seniors Offered
growing crime in the United States.            wallet, purse, cell phone, radar detector,
                                                                                             at Charter School
The repercussions of identity theft are        laptop computer, removable CD player,            If you are a senior citizen or know
staggering, both financially and emo-          CDs, garage door openers, SunPass®,           of one who would like to learn basic
tionally, to victims.                          etc. All criminals know to look under         computer skills and how to surf the
   Be sure to take precaution during the       the seats and in the glove box.               Internet, sign up for the Y.E.S. (Youth
upcoming holiday shopping season, as              5. Do not leave your social security       Educating Seniors) Computer Classes
well as throughout the year, to prevent        card or number in your wallet. This           for seniors. Beginning October 20,
yourself from becoming a victim of             number makes it very easy for a               these classes will be held at the
identity theft.                                criminal to steal your identity.              Coral Springs Charter School every
                                                  6. Activate any anti-theft devices you     Thursday from 3-4 p.m. Classes are
WHAT YOU CAN DO:                               have any time you leave your vehicle.         free of charge for all seniors and will
   Following are some tips on how to           This includes steering wheel locking          be taught by high school students
protect yourself from identity theft. For      devices, alarms, kill switches, etc.          from the Charter School. The Coral
more, visit             7. Do not leave anything of value          Springs Charter School is located on
   1. Order a copy of your credit report.      in the trunk, unless you deactivate the       the northeast corner of University
An amendment to the federal Fair               interior trunk release button. Also, place    and Sample Road (enter at the bus
Credit Reporting Act requires each             your items in the trunk before you            entrance off of Sample Road).
of the major nationwide consumer               arrive at your destination.                      Registration in advance is
reporting companies to provide you                8. Park in well-lit areas. Avoid           required. To register or find out more
with a free copy of your credit reports,       parking next to vans or larger vehicles       information, call 954-345-2209.
at your request, once every 12 months.         which could easily conceal a criminal’s
   To order your free annual report, visit     presence.                                     Remember to Change, or call               9. Don’t leave your original regis-        Smoke Detector Batteries
toll-free 877-322-8228.                        tration in the vehicle. File it in your
                                                                                                The Coral Springs Fire
   2. Don’t give out personal infor-           wallet. If there is more than one driver,
                                                                                             Department reminds residents to
mation on the phone, through the mail,         make a copy of the registration for
                                                                                             change the batteries in their smoke
or on the Internet unless you’ve ini-          each driver to keep in his or her wallet.
                                                                                             alarms when we change our clocks in
tiated the contact or are sure you know        Never leave the car’s title inside your
                                                                                             observance of Daylight Savings Time
who you’re dealing with.                       vehicle.
                                                                                             on the night of Sunday, October 30.
   3. Tear or shred your charge receipts,         10. Please report any suspicious
copies of credit applications, insurance       persons or incidents to the police
forms, physician statements, checks and        department immediately.                       Make a Difference by
bank statements, expired charge cards                                                        Becoming a Youth Mentor
that you’re discarding, and credit offers      WHAT IF I’M A VICTIM?                            The City of Coral Springs is
you get in the mail.                              Here are the steps to take:                working in partnership with the
                                                  1. If your home or vehicle are bur-        Broward County Public Schools
PREVENTING AUTO BURGLARY                       glarized, do not touch or go through          Youth Mentoring Program to pair
   Since many of the items taken from          anything. You may contaminate any             adult mentors with students in our
cars during an auto burglary, including        evidence left behind by the criminal.         local schools. Mentors are expected
wallets, purses and computers, contain            2. Call the police as soon as possible     to make a one-year commitment,
personal information about the owner,          to report the crime and what was stolen.      which includes meeting with their
identity theft can be the most signif-            3. Be sure to notify the appropriate       student one hour a week, at a local
icant side effect of this crime.               credit card agencies and banks if credit      school. Mentors must also complete
   These common sense practices may            cards, checks, or bank cards are stolen.      a 1.5 hour initial training session.
deter a criminal from breaking into            Criminals can cash checks using your          Upcoming training sessions will be
your vehicle:                                  driver’s license and check or debit card      held at City Hall as follows:
   1. Close all windows, lock all the          and using bank drive-through lanes.           Tuesday, October 18 from 1:30-
doors, and take the keys with you.                4. If a cell phone is stolen, notify the   3 p.m.; Wednesday, November 2
   2. Never hide a second set of keys          billing company and have the phone            from 9-10:30 a.m.; and Thursday,
anywhere on your vehicle. Criminals            number deactivated.                           January 19, 2006 from 9-10:30 a.m.
know where to look.                                                                             Call 954-344-5907 if you are
   3. Never leave your vehicle unat-             For more information about crime            interested in participating in this
tended with the engine running.                prevention, contact the Community             rewarding program.
   4. Do not leave anything of value           Involvement Unit at 954-344-1833.

Fall 2005                            Visit • Watch CityTV Channel 25                             CITIZEN • 9
International Peace Garden now Open Near Center for the Arts
   A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held
on September 21 to open the City of
Coral Springs’ new International Peace
Garden. The event coincided with the
International Day of Peace, which
is established by the United Nations
General Assembly as a way to have the
entire world observe a day of peace and
   The Coral Springs Multi-Cultural
Advisory Committee recommended
creating an International Peace Garden
that would stand as a monument to our
City’s commitment to diversity and
   The City provided the approximately
0.75 acres of land adjacent to the Coral
Springs Center for the Arts for the                                                   The Coral Springs City Commission (left) and
Garden site.                                                                          members of the Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee
   “This is a great location for this                                                 were on hand for the International Peace Garden’s
                                                                                      ribbon-cutting ceremony in September.
very special place,” said Lydia Cutz,
founding member of the Committee.           school children to visit, exposing them            the artists and art sculptures exhibited.
“Visitors to the garden will also be        to the concept of diversity through art            The installation of the pavers and the
able to take advantage of wonderful         and landscaping.                                   landscaping are complete; and the
programs, which we hope to offer in            The Garden consists of winding                  artwork will be installed in phases.
the future, like cultural showcases, edu-   paths that will allow visitors to browse              Call 954-344-1097 or e-mail
cational workshops and ethnic cooking       through five distinct showcase areas      if you would
classes.”                                   representing the five continents. The              like additional information about the
   The Garden will also be a place for      Coral Springs Museum of Art will select            International Peace Garden.

New Memorial Planned for Veterans Park, Ceremony Nov. 11
   Boy Scout troop 281 and the City of
Coral Springs are working together to
create a Veteran’s memorial for Veterans
Park, which will may be ready for all
to enjoy at this year’s Veterans Day
Ceremony. The Memorial will consist
of brick pavers that will be engraved
with the names of the veterans or other
active military personnel. In addition,
plans are underway to build a meeting
room which would eventually become
an addition to the memorial.
   The cost for an engraved paver is
$25. Blank donation pavers can also be
purchased for $15. If you would like                   Members of American Legion Post 178
                                            participate in the annual Veterans Day Ceremony.
to purchase a paver in honor of a loved
one, or would like additional infor-        Friday, November 11 at 10:30 a.m.
mation, e-mail Joshua Perry at              Wear your red, white, and blue and              support those who have selflessly served
                                            our country at this patriotic ceremony.
HONOR OUR VETERANS AT                          The park is located at 8601 Royal
CEREMONY ON NOV. 11                         Palm Boulevard, just east of University
  The public is invited to attend the       Drive. For more information, contact the
City of Coral Springs annual Veterans       City’s Parks and Recreation Department
Day Ceremony at Veterans Park on            at 954-345-2200.

10 • CITIZEN                       Visit • Watch CityTV Channel 25                                      Fall 2005
Enjoy Free Music at Family Concert Series                                                           City Notes
   Come sit under the stars and enjoy
a night of music and songs with your
                                                                                         R.A.D. Classes Teach
family at the City of Coral Springs free
                                                                                         Women Valuable Self
                                                                                            There will be a Teen Concert
Family Concert Series.                                                                   Defense Techniques7
                                                                                          on Saturday, October 22nd at
   The concerts will take place at Betti                                                    R.A.D. concert will be held
                                                                                           p.m. The(Rape Aggression
Stradling Park, 10301 Wiles Road,                                                          at the Sportsplex field recognized
                                                                                         Defense) is a nationally and will
located at the northeast corner of Wiles                                                   include bands such as Slim 2
                                                                                         program designed to teach realistic
Road and Coral Springs Drive. Parking                                                      None, Volt Negative and Xternal
                                                                                         self-defense tactics and techniques
and admission is free. Blankets, lawn                                                    toBliss. The cost is $5. If your
                                                                                            women. The classes build edu-
chairs and coolers are welcome, and                                                        band isand physical skills which
                                                                                         cational interested in playing one
refreshments will be available for                                                         of the shows, call (954) 345-
                                                                                         can be used in the practice of self-
                                            Contraband will perform on November 5.         2204.
purchase during the concerts. Please                                                     defense, through emphasis on simple
refrain from bringing glass containers,        Don’t miss the second performer in        strikes, kicks, blocks, and defensive
alcohol and pets.                           the series, Contraband, who will be per-     posture.
   Join us on Saturday, October 15 from     forming Saturday, November 5 from 6-8           The instructional objective of
7-9 p.m. for a performance by The           p.m. Hailing from Gainesville, Florida,      R.A.D. is “to develop and enhance
Albert Castiglia Band. Albert Castiglia     this rock group blends reggae, funk, and     the options of self-defense, so they
is a local blues musician from Coral        soul elements into their music.              may become viable considerations
Gables who has performed all over              The Family Concert Series will            of the woman who is attacked.” This
the United States and Europe. He was        continue in January with dates each          12-hour comprehensive program
named “The Best Local Blues Guitarist       month through April. For details, visit      seeks to empower women to be
for 1997” by the Miami New Times   or call          able to reduce their likelihood of
Magazine.                                   954-345-2200.                                becoming a victim, while teaching
                                                                                         them the skills to survive should
Get Spooky at Haunted Boardwalk Oct. 28                                                  they be caught in such a situation.
   Bring your kids for a “spooky”           American Red Cross – visit www.                 The Coral Springs Police
good time this Halloween! The Annual for more!                       Department will be offering the
Halloween Haunted Boardwalk will               • Walk on sidewalks, not in the street.   next R.A.D. classes in January. To
open to witches and warlocks, ghosts           • Look both ways before crossing the      register, call 954-346-1227.
and goblins alike on Friday, October 28     street to check for cars, trucks, and low-
from 4 to 8 p.m. at Cypress Park. The       flying brooms.                               Budget Department
park is located at 1300 Coral Springs          • Cross the street only at corners.       Receives National Honor
Drive, on the west side of the road.           • Don't hide or cross the street
                                                                                            The City of Coral Springs
The Halloween Haunted Boardwalk             between parked cars.
                                                                                         Management and Budget Office is
is a safe, friendly, non-frightful event       • Wear light-colored or reflective-
                                                                                         one of only 19 cities and counties
that is geared toward children in           type clothing so you are more visible.
                                                                                         in the nation to be honored with
elementary school, from kindergarten        Remember to put reflective tape on
                                                                                         a Certificate of Distinction for
through the fifth grade. Trick-or-          bikes, skateboards, and brooms, too!
                                                                                         2005 from the ICMA Center for
treaters are encouraged to dress in their      • Plan your route and share it with
                                                                                         Performance Measurement.
Halloween finest and enjoy the “haunted     your family. If possible, have an adult
                                                                                            The award recognizes jurisdictions
boardwalk,” slides and clowns.              go with you.
                                                                                         that have made an exceptional com-
   Admission is $5 per child, and $1 for       • Carry a flashlight to light your way.
                                                                                         mitment to integrating performance
adults. Refreshments will be available         • Keep away from open fires and
                                                                                         measurement into their management
for purchase.                               candles. Costumes can be extremely
                                                                                         practices. The City uses the results
   The Student Advisory Council will be     flammable.
                                                                                         to ensure citizens’ needs are met.
collecting used Halloween costumes to          • Visit homes that have the porch
                                                                                            Performance measurement
donate to children in need. Please bring    light on. Accept your treats at the door
                                                                                         involves collecting data in a sys-
used costumes to the front gate.            and never go into a stranger's house.
                                                                                         tematic and objective manner to
   For more information, call the Parks        • Use face paint rather than masks or
                                                                                         determine the efficiency and effec-
and Recreation Department at 954-345-       things that will cover your eyes.
                                                                                         tiveness of service delivery and
2200. If you would like to volunteer           • Be cautious of stray animals.
                                                                                         program objectives. Performance
at the Halloween Haunted Boardwalk,            • Don’t talk to or approach strangers.
                                                                                         of a specific service may be
please call 954-345-2204.                      • Have a grown-up inspect your treats
                                                                                         tracked over time to demonstrate
                                            before eating. And don't eat candy if the
                                                                                         improvement, or it may be bench-
HALLOWEEN SAFETY TIPS                       package is already opened. Small, hard
                                                                                         marked against levels of service
  These Halloween Safety Tips for           pieces of candy are a choking hazard for
                                                                                         provided in similar communities.
Kids and Parents are courtesy of the        young children.

Fall 2005                         Visit • Watch CityTV Channel 25                          CITIZEN • 11
       Recreation Notes                   Tennis Center to Host Davis Cup Tournament
Slide & Glide Playground                     The Tennis Center Of Coral Springs        a new tennis shot, just in time for a
Renovations Underway                      will be hosting a Davis Cup Team             weekend match. Our tennis profes-
                                          Tennis Tournament on Saturday,               sionals will highlight a new shot each
   Plans for renovations of the Slide     November 12. There will be team tennis       week. You may just learn something
& Glide playground at Betti Stradling     play from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., followed        new... or at the very least improve on
Park are now underway.                    by a cookout. The registration fee is $15    the skills you already know.
   The original Slide & Glide play-       per person and it is open to members            “Shot of the Week” will be held on
ground was built in 1987 through          and non-members.                             Fridays from 9-10 a.m. at the Tennis
community participation. Currently,          Each team will consist of three men       Center of Coral Springs. The cost is $8
the playground is in need of a reno-      and three women. Players may sign up         per person, per class, and there is a limit
vation and is scheduled for improve-      as a complete team, partial team or as       of 6 people per class.
ments in the 2005-2006 budget year.       an individual. Teams will compete in
The City is seeking citizen partici-      men’s doubles, women’s doubles and           WHY NOT HIT THE COURTS?
pation and input to help develop an       mixed doubles, receiving one point              The Coral Springs Tennis Center
improved atmosphere and facilities        for each match won. Each team will           and Cypress Park Tennis Center offer
for the children.                         compete against three other teams.           lessons and events for players of all
   At a recent planning meeting, a           Entries are limited to the first 24       ages and skill levels.
board was elected which will set          women and 24 men who register.                  For more information about any of
up a non-profit organization to start                                                  these programs, call 954-344-1840.
fundraising for the new park. It was      LEARN SOMETHING NEW WITH                     The Tennis Center of Coral Springs is
determined that pickets for the fence     “SHOT OF THE WEEK” PROGRAM                   located at 2575 Sportsplex Drive in the
will be sold, as well as handprints for     Looking to improve your tennis             Sportsplex at Coral Springs, which is
the wall (which will cost $25) and        game, or maybe just trying to outplay        just east of the Sawgrass Expressway
engraved brick pavers.                    your toughest opponent?                      between Sample Road and Royal Palm
   Betti Stradling Park is located at       Now, every Friday, you can learn           Boulevard.
the northeast corner of Wiles Road
and Coral Springs Drive.
   There will be another meeting in
                                          Giving Tree Kicks off the Holiday Season
October to finalize these initiatives.      Standing at 25 feet tall, the Giving       November 10 through December 15.
If you are interested in attending this   Tree has become a symbol of generosity       Donations of food, toys and cash will be
meeting or would like to be involved      and holiday spirit for the past eleven       accepted at City Hall in the Mall during
with the project, contact Rick Engle      years it has graced the entrance to City     this time.
at 954-345-2110.                          Hall in the Mall. The tree is constructed       The Giving Tree is located in the
                                          out of 2,500 donations of toys, non-         southwest concourse of the Mall, in
City Plans Annual                         perishable food, and personal items for      front of City Hall in the Mall.
Community Garage                          families in need who live in our com-           This project is co-sponsored by the
Sale Nov. 19 at Mullins                   munity.                                      City of Coral Springs, Albertsons,
                                            This year, City Hall in the Mall           Advanced Cable Communications and
  Vendor Spaces are now available         will host the Giving Tree kick-off           Simon Coral Square.
for the Trash to Treasure Garage          celebration on Thursday, November               The City thanks the community and
Sale, to be held at Mullins Park on       10 at 7 p.m. During this time, Mayor         sponsors for all of their support over the
Saturday, November 19 from 8 to           Rhon Ernest-Jones will address those         past eleven years.
11 a.m.                                   present, and the evening will culminate         For more information on how to
  This popular event offers a great       with Santa’s arrival at Coral Square         donate to this year’s Giving Tree, call
opportunity to buy or sell household      Mall. The Giving Tree will stand from        City Hall in the Mall at 954-344-1834.
and other items.
  Vendor spaces are $20, plus a           Holiday Haven Brings ‘Snow’ To Florida
separate $20 deposit check that will
                                             Kids are invited to play in the Florida   age. Admission will be $5 per child,
be returned after the event if the
                                          “snow” on Tuesday, December 20 at            there is no fee for adults.
space is clean.
                                          this year’s annual Holiday Haven. The          The Sportsplex is located just
  Mullins Park is located at 10000
                                          event will be held at the Coral Springs      east of the Sawgrass Expressway
NW 29 Street.
                                          Sportsplex from 5 to 8 p.m.                  between Sample Road and Royal Palm
  For more information, call 954-
                                             Along with the snow, kids can have        Boulevard.
345-2209 or register at the Coral
                                          fun in the bounce houses and meet              For more information about this
Springs Gymnasium at 2501 Coral
                                          Santa. Refreshments will be available        year’s Holiday Haven, call the Parks
Springs Drive from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.
                                          for purchase. Holiday Haven is open to       and Recreation Department at 954-345-
                                          children from preschool to elementary        2200 or 954-345-2208.

12 • CITIZEN                     Visit • Watch CityTV Channel 25                                Fall 2005
Go on ‘A Wild Adventure’ at Holiday Parade December 15
   Don’t miss your chance to go on “A                                                   as parade marshals along the route and
Wild Adventure” along Sample Road at                                                    to perform other duties on the night of
the City of Coral Springs annual holiday                                                the parade. To find out about becoming
parade, which will celebrate the season                                                 a parade volunteer, please call Volunteer
on Thursday, December 15 at 7 p.m.                                                      Services at 954-346-4430.
   The 2005 Holiday Parade will feature                                                    Street vendors interested in setting
decorated floats and other entries with                                                 up along the route need to apply by
wild safari and jungle themes, and will                                                 Tuesday, November 1 at noon. The fee
proceed along Sample Road from Coral              City of Coral Springs                 is $20 for non-profit vendors and $50
Springs Drive to City Hall.                       Holiday Parade 2005                   for all other vendors. Vendors must
   Traditionally, the parade draws                                                      provide proof of insurance for liability
thousands of spectators and more than       open the night of the holiday parade to     and food service coverage and should
75 floats, bands and walking groups.        serve those watching the parade.            know that no electric power is provided.
All groups, including local schools,          Much of the success of the City’s         For details, call 954-345-2209.
civic organizations, and businesses are     holiday parade is the result of generous       Visit the holiday parade website at
welcome to participate.                     corporate sponsors. Sponsorship    to
   Spectators should plan to make a         opportunities are now available for the     download entry and sponsorship forms,
night of it, as businesses along the        holiday parade at various levels.           or call 954-345-2112 for information on
parade route are encouraged to stay           Volunteers are also needed to serve       how to become a part of this event.

Kreul Classic Basketball Tournament Celebrates 16th Year
   In a decade-and-a-half the Kreul         most prestigious national high school
Classic has positively impacted the lives   basketball tournament celebrates its                 About the Kreul
of more than 9,000 student-athletes         sweet sixteen December 17-21 with               Kreul Classic Basketball
representing Coral Springs, the State       boys and girls teams from Coral              Tournament: December 17-21
of Florida, 23 other states, Canada, and    Springs, Taravella, and Coral Glades         at the Coral Springs Gymnasium,
the Bahamas. In addition, the Kreul has     High Schools shooting it out against         2501 Coral Springs Drive.
awarded more than $430,000 in non-          powerful national contenders. Top               Super Slam Sunday: Sunday,
athletic based scholarships, embraced       teams reaching the championship finals       December 18; Motivational speaker
diversity through cultural exchange         will have the opportunity to showcase        and FAU Men’s Basketball Coach
exhibitions, and reinforced the value of    their skills regionally on Comcast           Matt Doherty, free admission.
our community.                              Sports Southeast (CSS) and locally              For more information: Call 954-
   This year the country’s largest and      on Advanced Cable – check local              345-2200 or visit
                                            listings for times and dates as the event
                                            approaches.                                 all the teams will gather to hear moti-
                                               Drawing from more than 475 appli-        vational speakers and compete in the
                                            cations, most of the 32 teams were          Gatorade Slam Dunk and Baden Sports
                                            selected from the tri-county area           Sharp Shooter Contests. The event is
                                            with the others traveling from South        free and open to the public. This year’s
                                            Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania,           featured celebrity guest will be FAU
                                            Washington, Maryland, Colorado,             Head Coach Matt Doherty, a former top
                                            Massachusetts, and Virginia as well as      collegiate player on Michael Jordan’s
                                            north and central Florida.                  NCAA Championship North Carolina
                                               Kreul organizers aim to set the tour-    team. “We strongly encourage the kids
                                            nament apart from other high school         to interact with the other teams,” Kreul
                                            events by making the tournament more        Board Member Paul Murch said. “With
                                            than a basketball competition. “Our goal    players from all over the country, the
                                            is to exceed the normal parameters of       kids have a lot to share and experience.”
                                            a basketball tournament by doing more          In an effort to include more of the
                                            than providing quality competition and      Coral Springs basketball community,
                                            exposure for stand-out athletes,” Kreul     the Kreul has partnered with the Coral
                                            president and founding member Jim           Springs Basketball Club, and together
                                            Reilly said.                                they will offer free contests and prizes
                                               One way the Kreul differentiates         throughout the tournament for league
                                            itself from other events is through         participants under the age of 14. “We
                                            Super Slam Sunday. No games will be         invite all Coral Springs residents to
                                            played on Sunday, December 18, but          attend,” Reilly said.
Fall 2005                         Visit • Watch CityTV Channel 25                           CITIZEN • 13
Museum of Art Features New Programs, Exhibitions for Fall
   The Fall Season will bring a number
of new programs and exhibitions to the
Coral Springs Museum of Art.

   Renowned landscape photographer
and environmentalist Clyde Butcher has
unveiled photographs taken during three
expeditions to the mountains of Cuba.
The photographs will be shown at the
Coral Springs Museum of Art through
November 19.
   Butcher, who is best known for his
                                                                         Magote #5 by Clyde Butcher
evocative black and white photographs
of Florida wetlands, took the Cuba pho-     UPCOMING EXHIBITS:                          YOGA FOR ART LOVERS
tographs in some of the most remote         MARKINGS AND MUSINGS,                          Yoga for Art Lovers is held in the
and mountainous locations of the island     ABSTRACTS IN NATURE                         main gallery of the Coral Springs
during expeditions in 2002 and 2003.           Hanne Niederhausen’s Markings and        Museum of Art every Tuesday and
Butcher was the first artist to display     Musings and Leana Mooney’s Abstracts        Saturday 8:30 to 10:00 a.m. Instructors
his work at the Museum when it first        in Nature with Haiku will celebrate         will guide you through the relaxing and
opened its doors in February 1997. He       their opening Friday, December 2 from       meditative poses of Hatha yoga. View
also did a millennium exhibition at the     6:30-8:30 p.m. and will be on display       the current Museum exhibit during class
Museum in 2000.                             through February 18, 2006.                  and examine the artwork more closely
                                                                                        when you are done. Class fee is $8 per
CURRENT EXHIBIT:                            ART CLASSES                                 class or purchase a yoga pass for $65
FROM THE GROUND UP                             The next eight-week program of           for ten classes. These classes are appro-
   Matt Steckley maintains a simple         Art Classes in an Art Museum begins         priate for beginner to advanced student.
premise: design beautiful contemporary      on Monday, October 17. New subjects         No advance registration is required.
furniture and build it using the finest     to be added this session are Parent &
techniques, from lumber that is derived     Child Ceramics and Art for the Young        WINTER ART CAMP
through environmentally sound prac-         on Saturday afternoons, Watercolor             Looking for something to keep your
tices. Steckley designs his furniture in    for Children and Teens on Tuesday           child busy over winter break? This
ways that highlight a tree’s singular       afternoons, Intro to Graphic Design         program has been designed to enhance
form and beauty. His designs are clean      on Tuesday evenings, and Intro to           your child’s visual art experiences.
and contemporary. The design process is     Head Drawing on Thursdays. Painting,        Children from ages 6 to 15 will explore
an art of omission – there are no deco-     Drawing, Ceramic Hand-building,             different art mediums each day.
rative additives.                           Oil Painting, Art Through Literature,          The Coral Springs Museum of Art
   Steckley will guide Museum patrons       Watercolor, Cartooning, Drawing for         offers two sessions of Winter Camp,
on a Gallery Walk & Talk on Saturday,       the Young and “Ready, Set, Van Gogh”        from December 19-23 or December
October 22 at 3:30 p.m. Walk &              are a few of the subjects offered for       26-30 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The
Talk fee will be Museum admission.          Children, Teens and Adults. Classes are     camp fee per week is $110 for Museum
His work will be on display through         offered Monday through Saturday and         Members and $125 for non-Members.
November 19.                                costs vary per class.                       The fee includes all art supplies.

                                                                                         CORAL SPRINGS MUSEUM OF ART
                                                                                            2855 Coral Springs Drive
                                                                                              Phone: 954-340-5000

                                                                                                  Monday through
                                                                                             Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
                                                                                                     Adults $4
                                                                                               Seniors & Students $3
                                                                                               Museum Members FREE
                                                                                                   Under 18 FREE
                                                                                              Wednesday FREE ALL DAY
                        Defying Gravity by Hanne Niederhausen

14 • CITIZEN                     Visit • Watch CityTV Channel 25                                Fall 2005
Save the Date for January International                                                                 Center for the Arts
Sculpture Symposium at Museum of Art                                                             Center for the Arts
   Armen Agop                                                        The artists will be         Announces New Season
Guerboyan, Lothar                                                 working outside the               The 2005-2006 season at the
Nickel, and Roy Patterson                                         Museum in the Sculpture        Coral Springs Center for the Arts
are three stonecutters                                            Garden daily.                  will feature Frankie Valli & The
from three different con-                                            They will have only         Four Seasons, Jackie Mason, Harvey
tinents who will create                                           21 days to complete their      Robbins’ Royalty of Doo–Wopp,
three new sculptures for                                          sculptures. Visitors and       among many other entertaining
the Museum of Art’s                                               onlookers are invited to       shows. The season kicks off on
Sculpture Garden from             Sculptor Lothar Nickel will
                                                                  stop by, ask questions         October 19 and 20 with the first
January 9-29, 2006.              return to the Museum of Art      and watch the creative         show of the Broadway Series
   The Sixth Annual                to create new pieces along     process in progress.           – Barrage!, a fusion of music,
                                 with two other international
Artist in Residence (AIR)           stonecutters in January.
                                                                     Sponsors for AIR            dance, theater and song. The Series
Program conducted by                                              2006 are Friends of the        continues with Jekyll & Hyde: The
The Coral Springs Museum of Art will               Museum, Coral Springs Festival of the         Concert on January 10 and 11,
bring together three artists of inter-             Arts, The Fresh Market, City of Coral         Cirque Dreams on March 18, and
national acclaim. Agop, an Egyptian                Springs and the Coral Springs Museum          Thoroughly Modern Millie on April
sculptor, will carve black granite from            of Art. Corporate sponsorship is still        15. Michael Flatley’s Lord of the
Zimbabwe. Nickel, a German sculptor,               available for AIR 2006. As always, the        Dance returns on December 22 and
has selected pink marble from Portugal.            Museum invites families and friends           23 with a performance of choreo-
Patterson, an American sculptor from               to “buy a chip of the stone” for $100.        graphed music and dance.
Maine, will use granite from New                   Donors will be recognized on the donor           Charles Ross’ One Man Star Wars
England. All in all, the three stone-              plaque for the project.                       Trilogy will perform from April 6-9,
cutters will chip and saw away at more                Call the Museum at 954-340-5000            a high energy, non-stop blast through
than 10 tons (20,000 pounds) of stone              or visit the Museum’s web site at             the first three Star Wars films.
during the Sculpture Symposium.           for details.                   Charles Ross, the writer and solo
                                                                                                 performer, plays all the characters,
UniTown Program to Educate Students                                                              recreates the effects, sings the music,
                                                                                                 flies the ships and fights both sides
About Multicultural Issues in February                                                           of the battles. For tickets and infor-
   UniTown is a youth leadership                      and Justice direct the program.            mation on all the upcoming shows,
and diversity training program                          This program sponsored by                call the Coral Springs Center for the

for high school students in ninth,                    the Coral Springs Multi-Cultural           Arts box office at 954-344-5990, or
tenth and eleventh grades.                                 Advisory Committee and is             visit www.coralspringscenterforthe
This weekend retreat at a                                  available at no cost to the                                  City located at
                                                                                        The facility is of Coral Springs, Florida
camp in Lake Worth focuses                                 student. It includes room             2855 Coral Springs Drive.
on strengthening lead-
ership skills and educating students
                                                           and board for the weekend, UniKids         Taste of
                                               meals, bus transportation, facilitator’sCity of Coral Springs, Florida Coral Springs
on diversity issues. The mission of            fees, t-shirts, materials, photographs,                to Celebrate Mardi Gras
this unique program is to create “a            and a reception. Delegates will stay in
                                                                                                          The 2006 Taste of Coral Springs
place to learn how each of us is dif-          cabins. A $50 registration fee is required
                                                                                                      will celebrate the spirit of New
ferent and discover how each of us is          which will be fully refunded to the
                                                                                                      Orleans with a Mardi Gras theme
alike.” UniTown will take place from           student upon completion of the camp.
                                                                                                      on “Fat Tuesday,” February 28,
Friday morning, February 17 to Sunday             The program is subsidized by spon-
                                                                                                      2006 at the Coral Springs Center for
afternoon, February 19, 2006. February         sorships from the community.
                                                                                                      the Arts. Tickets will be available
17 is a school holiday.                           “UniTown was a great experience.
                                                                                                      beginning in December.
   Students who attend will share              When I arrived there, I thought I was
                                                                                                          This special event features fine
their experiences of their own culture,        a pretty open and accepting person.
                                                                                                      cuisine, entertainment, wine and
thereby gaining a better understanding         However, towards the end of the
                                                                                                      spirits from more than 100 South
of other groups, and helping them              weekend, I realized there are many
                                                                                                      Florida establishments, and benefits
prepare for leadership roles in their          things we say and do that can be
                                                                                                      local charitable organizations.
schools and the community. A team of           offensive to other groups of people.
                                                                                                          Call 954-341-7191, send e-mail
trained volunteer leaders from the com-        UniTown’s impact is still present in my
                                                                                                      to or
munity, high schools, and area colleges        life,” past participant and current college
will help professional facilitators from       student Jessica Wasserman said.
                                                                                                      for more details about this event.
the National Conference for Community             For more details, call 954-344-1097.

Fall 2005                           Visit • Watch CityTV Channel 25                                    CITIZEN • 15
Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration to Feature William H. Gray, III
   Tickets will be available in early                                                    developing and carrying out policy to
December for the Sixteenth Annual                                                        restore democracy to Haiti. In 1995,
Coral Springs Martin Luther King, Jr.                                                    Gray received the Medal of Honor
Celebration, which is slated for January                                                 from Haitian President Jean-Bertrand
13, 2006. The Coral Springs Martin                                                       Aristide.
Luther King Jr. Committee and Citibank                                                      Gray’s extensive background in edu-
will host this popular event.                                                            cation includes his role as a faculty
   This year’s festivities will include                                                  member and professor of history and
a student address, business luncheon,                                                    religion at prestigious universities.
community celebration, V.I.P. reception,                                                 Hailing from a family of ministers as
and performances by the Bethune                                                          well as educators, Gray has been pastor
Cookman College Chorale.                                                                 of the 5,000-member Bright Hope
   William H. Gray, III, President and                                                   Baptist Church in Philadelphia for more
CEO of the United Negro College Fund                                                     than 25 years, as were his father and
(UNCF), will serve as keynote speaker                                                    grandfather before him.
at this year’s event.                                                                       He is the recipient of many awards
   The celebration will commence on                                                      such as the prestigious Franklin Delano
Friday, January 13 at 10 a.m., when                                                      Roosevelt Freedom of Worship Medal
Gray addresses middle and high school                                                    and was listed in the December 1999
                                                        William H. Gray, III
students at the Coral Springs Center for                                                 issue of Ebony magazine as one of the
the Arts, located at 2855 Coral Springs      the City consider hosting a memorial        “100 Most Important Blacks in the
Drive.                                       event to honor their fellow clergyman,      World in the 20th Century.” He has also
   At noon, a business luncheon fea-         Dr. King. The City Commission               been awarded more than 80 honorary
turing Gray will take place at the Coral     responded very favorably to this idea,      degrees from America’s leading colleges
Springs Marriott, located at 11775           and a group of community volunteers         and universities.
Heron Bay Boulevard. Tickets are             took on this challenge. Each year, this        Mr. Gray is married to the former
priced at $40, and tables of ten are         event draws an increasing number of         Andrea Dash. They have three sons,
available for $400.                          attendees from Dade, Broward and Palm       William H. Gray IV, Justin, and Andrew.
   At 7 p.m., a community celebration        Beach counties. The festivities appeal to
honoring Gray, featuring music and           every segment of the population, from       SPONSORSHIPS AVAILABLE
entertainment, will be held at the Coral     students to families, seniors to business     Sponsorship opportunities are now
Springs Center for the Arts. Tickets are     professionals.                              available for the 2006 Martin Luther
$5 for adults and $1 for children 17 and        Past celebrations have included          King, Jr. Celebration. Sponsors for the
under. A V.I.P. reception will follow at 9   renowned leaders and personalities,         Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship
p.m. Reception tickets are $25.              such as Julian Bond, Kweisi Mfume,          program are being sought as well. The
   Tickets for the Community                 Harry Belafonte and Martin Luther           scholarship assists financially needy
Celebration can be purchased at              King, Jr. III, the eldest son of Dr.        high school seniors who wish to pursue
the Center for the Arts box office.          Martin Luther King, Jr. Last year’s         higher education. For more information
Luncheon and VIP reception tickets will      keynote speaker was U.S. Congressman        on sponsorship opportunities and the
be available at City Hall in the Mall at     J.C. Watts.                                 2006 Celebration, call 954-344-1005.
the Coral Square Mall and City Hall,
located at 9551 West Sample Road.            ABOUT WILLIAM H. GRAY, III                  ‘STEPPING FOR THE KING’
   The 2006 Martin Luther King, Jr.             William H. Gray, III has been pres-      CONTEST JANUARY 20
Celebration continues on Monday,             ident and CEO of The College Fund/             The Martin Luther King, Jr.
January 16 with an educational               UNCF since September of l991. During        Committee is also sponsoring a
workshop for middle and high school          his tenure, Gray has raised more than       “Stepping for the King” competition on
students. The workshop will be held          half of the $2 billion raised by UNCF in    Friday, January 20 at 7 p.m. at the Coral
at the Coral Springs Center for the          its 59-year history.                        Springs Center for the Arts.
Arts from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and will           Gray served in the US Congress              Step teams from all Broward County
focus on increasing the awareness of         as a staunch supporter of education.        Schools are invited to participate in this
Dr. King’s messages of love, peace and       As the first African American to chair      first-ever event for a $25 registration
friendship. Students will earn volunteer     the House Budget Committee, he was          fee.
hours for their participation.               a leading advocate for strengthening           Tickets for attendees will be $10
                                             America’s educational systems. Gray         in advance and $15 at the door. All
HISTORY OF THE CELEBRATION                   also served as special advisor to the       proceeds will support the Martin Luther
  In 1991, a group of local residents        President of Haiti in May 1994. In that     King, Jr. Scholarship Program. For more
and clergy representatives requested that    role, Gray assisted the President in        information, call 954-344-1005.

16 • CITIZEN                       Visit • Watch CityTV Channel 25                               Fall 2005
National Flood Insurance Program Grants
Discount to Coral Springs Residents
 The NFIP’s Community Rating System gives Coral Springs a very good rating for its flood protection activities,
  which includes publishing flood information at and in print publications twice a year.
         Our residents receive a 10 percent discount on NFIP insurance as a result of our good rating.

Flood Warnings                                                    Flood Insurance
   The City and Broward County have warning systems and              Homeowner insurance policies do not cover loss due to
severe weather emergency operating plans. When severe             flooding. Coral Springs participates in the National Flood
weather threatens, warnings will be issued on radio and tele-     Insurance Program, which makes coverage available to
vision, including CityTV Channel 25.                              everyone in the City.
                                                                     The City urges residents and business owners to buy flood
Flood Safety                                                      insurance to protect against potential devastating loss. Property
                                                                  owners may insure buildings and contents; renters may insure
   Even if your area is not directly hit by heavy winds,
                                                                  their possessions. Just because you haven’t been flooded
flooding is a potential threat. Knowing what to do to minimize
                                                                  doesn’t mean you won’t be. Call your insurance agent today.
your loss is the first step to storm survival.

   1. Turn off electricity and natural gas.
                                                                  Floodplain Development Permits
   2. Have a battery-powered radio or television to monitor         All development, including new construction, repair/
flood warning information.                                        replacement work and additions, signs, fences, fill and tree
   3. Heed warnings from                                          removal requires a permit. Contact the Building Department at
officials and evacuate when                                       954-344-1025.
orders are given, usually over
radio and television.                                             Storm Drain Maintenance
   4. Know your evacu-
                                                                    The City has a system of drainage catch basins for storm
ation zone and route to a
                                                                  water management that is maintained on a regular basis by
shelter. It may be difficult to
                                                                  the Public Works Department. Basins drain into canals that
distinguish between roads
                                                                  are maintained by specific drainage districts. State law pro-
and canals during severe
                                                                  hibits dumping in waterways. Violations should be reported to
                                                                  Citizen’s Services, 954-344-1001; or the Police Department,
   5. Be particularly careful when moving about at night.

Take Measures to Protect Your Property From a Storm
   1. Check everything outside your         drain half of the water to prevent the      with water may keep it from being
home that could blow away or be             pool from overflowing.                      blown away. For trailered boats, strip
blown against the house. Garbage cans,         4. Move furniture to the second floor    them of accessories, let the air out of the
gardening tools, toys, lawn furniture,      or at least elevate expensive items on      tires and last down the boat and trailer.
awnings and the like can become deadly      concrete blocks. Put electronic devices        7. Severe storms may cause prolonged
missiles in hurricane-force winds.          and other easily damaged items inside       power or water failure. Keep emergency
Carefully secure objects that cannot be     plastic bags and place on high shelves.     supplies on hand, including several
taken inside.                               Sandbag around doors and other              flashlights, candles, a camp store or
   2. Park your car on high ground, pref-   openings to minimize flood damage.          canned heat, a battery-powered radio and
erably inside a garage or other shelter        5. Put up storm shutters or boards and   prescription medicines.
and set the parking brake. Fill the gas     tape windows and other openings. Tape          8. Stock food that requires no refriger-
tank and make sure your windshield          may not keep a window from breaking         ation and little preparation. Be sure you
wipers are in working order in case you     but it can minimize damage from flying      have plenty of water for drinking and fill
must evacuate later.                        glass.                                      the bathtub to ensure water is available
   3. Cut down loose tree limbs and palm       6. Small boats should be pulled from     for washing and
fronds. If you have a swimming pool,        the water and secured. Filling the boat     flushing the toilet.

   The Northwest Regional Library, located at 3151 University Drive, has flood protection information,
                  copies of flood insurance rate maps and flood zone explanations.
         More than 90 percent of Coral Springs is located within a Special Flood Hazard Area,
       which means your home could be prone to flooding. For information about your property,
                                   call Public Works at 954-344-1169.

Fall 2005                        Visit • Watch CityTV Channel 25                              CITIZEN • 17
                     Coming Soon to the Coral Springs Center for the Arts...

CITY OF CORAL SPRINGS                                                             PRSRT STD
Communications and Marketing                                                    U.S. POSTAGE
9551 West Sample Road                                                             PA I D
Coral Springs, FL 33065                                                           MIAMI, FL
                                                                               PERMIT NO. 4787

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