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					7.	 Warranty,	Maintenance	&	care
	   Feltonmix	Ltd	guarantees	the	Venturi	mixer	to	be	free	from	defects	in	materials		
	   and	workmanship	for	a	period	of	five	(5)	years	from	the	date	of	purchase.	Proof		
	   of	purchase	(as	below)	may	be	required.

	   Feltonmix	Ltd	undertakes	at	its	sole	discretion	to	repair	or	replace	any	faulty			
	   product	within	the	warranty	period.	This	warranty	does	not	cover	any	damage		
	   to	product	due	to	abuse,	negligence	or	improper	installation.

	   This	warranty	is	given	on	the	understanding	that	the	product	is	installed	and			
	   operated	according	to	this	installation	guide	and	the	Australian/New	Zealand			
	   standard	AS/NZS3500,	by	a	registered	plumber.	

	   at	no	stage	should	chrome	plated	and	brushed	surfaces	be	cleaned	with		
	   cleaning	agents	that	contain	a	corrosive	acid	or	a	scouring	additive.		 	
	   chrome	plated	and	brushed	surfaces	should	be	cleaned	with	liquid		                 	
	   detergent	or	soap	and	water.			
	   any	damage	caused	through	the	use	of	an	unsuitable	cleaner	will	not	be		
	   covered	by	warranty.

	   Please	fill	in	details	below,	attach	your	receipt	to	this	installation	guide	booklet		
	   and	keep	as	proof	of	purchase.

	   Purchased	at:	

	   Date	of	purchase:	

                                                                                             Venturi	MiniMal	SHOWer	MiXer	inStallatiOn	GuiDe			
	   Installed	by:	
                                                                                             1.	 exploded	Diagram	of	Mixer																										   5.	 trouble	Shooting               				9	
                                                                                             2.		instructions	for	installation		                	4     6.		Servicing	/	replacing	Seals       10
              Feltonmix	Ltd		PO	Box	18100		Glen	Innes		Auckland	1743                         	
                                                                                             3.		changing	rotors		                              	8     8.		Fine	tuning	your	Mixer            11
      t	0800	743	358		t	+64	9	528	0810		F	+64	9	521	1646		F	0800	329	335
                     e		W                            4.	 inserting	Flow	Washers	                         	9    7.		Warranty,	Maintenance	&	care      12
    1.	 eXplODeD	DiaGraM	OF	MiXer

                                                                                        (18)	hot	isolator	(red)                                     (19)	cold	isolator	(blue)
                                          (6)	faceplate	
                                                                                                                             (17)	filters

                                                                                                                     (16)	stainless	steel	springs

                                                                                                                              (15)	seals
      (4)	chrome/brushed    (5)	white	faceplate	
      	 cover	sleeve        	 nut

                                                                                                                          outlet	nipple
                                                               (13)	stainless	
                                                               	    steel	clip							

                                                                                                hot	water	
                                                                                                inlet	nipple

                                                               (10)	hot	flow	
                                                               	    (insert	only	if	required)                                               (14)	stainless	
                                                                                                                                            	    steel	clip							

                                                                                                                                 (12)	Venturi                   cold	water	
                                                                                                                                 	     concealed	               inlet	nipple
                                                                                                                                 	    mixer	body

                                    (3)	black	nut	trim	cover                                                                                             (11)	cold	flow	
                                                                                                               (9)	Venturi	rotor	&	cam	set               	     (insert	only	if	required)

                                                                                                         (8)	lever

                 (1)	handle	lever     (2)	handle	body                                             (7)	large	grey	nut

2                                                                                                                                                                                     3
    2.	 inStructiOnS	FOr	inStallatiOn
        please	take	the	time	to	double-check	that	you	have	the	correct	rotor	installed		        P recommended	Operating	pressures
    	   for	your	application.	

    	                                                                                           rotor                  Minimum	cold	Supply	           Minimum	Hot	Supply	
                                                                                                                       (Flow	pressure)                (Flow	pressure)

               u	                                                                               U	-	white
                                                        unequal	pressures                       Unequal*               200kpa				(30psi)              20kpa								(3psi)
           white	rotor	
                                                                                                E/H	-	green
                                                                                                Equal                  20kpa								(3psi)            20kpa								(3psi)

                                                                                                *	For	optimum	temperature	control	ensure	cold	water	pressure	is	between	
              e/H	                                                                              		7	-	10	times	the	hot	water	pressure.
                                                          equal	pressures
           green	rotor	

    	   this	mixer	is	fitted	and	factory	tested	with	the	u	(white)	rotor.	                            recommended	Operating	temperatures
    	   An	E/H	(green)	rotor	is	included	separately	in	this	box.	
                                                                                                Hot                    Minimum		55	°C	                Maximum		80	°C
    	   To	replace	U	(white)	rotor	with	E/H	(green)	rotor	please	see	instructions	on	page	8.	
                                                                                                Cold                   Minimum				5	°C		
    	   Also	included	are	flow	washers	which	can	be	installed	into	either	or	both	isolating		
    	   nipples	to	fine	tune	your	mixer,	as	described	on	page	11.	To	install	flow	washers		
    	   please	see	instructions	on	page	9.

4                                                                                                                                                                           5
    2.	 inStructiOnS	FOr	inStallatiOn	(continued)
                               Grip	and	turn	    2.1	 Thoroughly	flush	all	pipe	work	before		 	                                                          		     it	is	important	nOt	to	apply	heat	to			
                               anti-clockwise    	    installing	the	mixer	to	avoid	blockage	or		                                                        	      copper	supply	pipes	when	they	are		 	
                                                 	    damage	to	the	rotor	and	seals.                                                                     	      fitted	to	the	mixer.
                                                                                                                                       iii.	Slide	nut	
                                                 2.2	   Grip	the	chrome/brushed	cover	sleeve			                                        	 trim	cover	     2.7		 Cut	out	a	125-130mm	diameter	hole	in			
                                                 	      on	the	Venturi	mixer	body	and	turn		  	                                        	 over            	     the	wall	lining.
                                                 	      anti-clockwise	to	remove	both	the		   	
                                                 	      chrome/brushed	cover	sleeve	and	the		 	                             ii.	Re-fit	cover	sleeve	     2.8	   Slide	the	faceplate	over	the	mixer	body		
                                                 	      white	faceplate	nut.                                                	 and	faceplate	nut          	      and	re-fit	the	white	faceplate	nut	using			
                                                                                                       i.	Slide	faceplate                                	      the	chrome/brushed	cover	sleeve.	Hold		
                                                 2.3	   Mount	the	mixer	body	to	suitable	                over	mixer	body                                 	      the	faceplate	in	place	so	that	the	hot		 	
                                                 	      support	timber	using	screws	supplied.			                                                         	      and	cold	indicators	are	positioned	
                                                 	      Ensure	distance	from	face	of	wall	lining		                                                       	      correctly	and	tighten	the	white	face	 	
                                                 	      is	between	52	-	62mm.                                                   Attach	handle	body	      	      plate	nut	firmly	against	the	faceplate.	
                                                                                                                                and	screw	on	handle	
                        52	to	62mm	              2.4	   Connect	the	hot	supply	pipe	to	the	hot			                               lever                    2.9	 Slide	the	black	nut	trim	cover	over	the		 	
                                                 	      isolator	(red)	and	the	cold	supply	pipe		 	                                                      	    chrome/brushed	cover	sleeve.	
                From	support	timber	to	          	      to	the	cold	isolator	(blue).	Ensure	that		 	
                   face	of	wall	lining           	      these	pipes	do	not	place	any	unneces-			                                                         2.10	 Fit	the	handle	body	onto	the	(mixer)		    	
                                                 	      sary	tension	on	the	isolators	when	                                                              	     lever	and	screw	in	the	handle	lever		     	
                                                 	      tightened.                                                                                       	     by	twisting	it	anti-clockwise.	 	         	
    Pipework	to	wingback	outlet
                                                 	      Note:	If	necessary,	straight	‘retro-                                                             2.11	 Your	Venturi	mixer	is	now	ready	to	use.
                                                 	      nipples’	(part	number	VSMRN)	may	be			
                                                 	      installed	instead	of	isolators.
                                    toolmate     2.5	   Using	your	hand	or	the	plumber’s	tool	 	
                                                 	      mate	provided,	check	that	both	isolators	  	
                                                 	      are	fully	open	(turn	isolator	anti-clock	 	
                                                 	      wise	till	it	hits	a	stop).

                                                 2.6	   Connect	the	outlet	nipple	from	the	top			
    Hot	supply	          Cold	supply	            	      of	the	mixer	to	pipework	to	wingback		 	
    pipe	to	hot	         pipe	to	cold	           	      outlet.	There	is	no	minimum	straight		 	
    isolator	(red)       insolator	(blue)        	      pipe	recommended	from	the	mixer	but		
                                                 	      for	best	results	on	very	low	pressures
                                                 	      avoid	sharp	bends	and	long	pipe	runs.

6                                                                                                                                                                                                             7
    3.	 cHanGinG	rOtOrS                                                                                  4.		 inSertinG	FlOW	WaSHerS
    	   Listed	below	are	instructions	for	changing	out	rotors	in	existing	installations.			              	    White	washers	are	for	use	on	cold	water	only.	Brown/red	washers	are	for		
    	   To	change	rotors	in	a	new	mixer	prior	to	installation,	follow	the	steps	marked	                  	    use	on	hot	water.
    	   with	*	only.
                                                                                                         	    4.1	   Inserting	flow	washers	
                                                     3.1	 Unscrew	the	handle	lever	and	remove			         	    	      Insert	the	washer	small	diameter	first	into	the	brasss	threaded	nipple.		 	
                                                     	    handle	body.	                                  	    	      Use	a	device	to	push	the	washer	until	it	stops	and	lies	flat	on	the	white		
                                                                                                         	    	      plastic	surface	inside	the	isolator.
                      Unscrew	handle	lever	          3.2	 Remove	the	black	nut	trim	cover.	
                      and	remove	handle	                                                                 	    4.2	 Extracting	flow	washers
                      body                           3.3*	 Grip	the	chrome/brushed	cover	sleeve			       		   	    Insert	a	device	through	the	washer’s	central	3mm	hole	to	extract	it.
                                                     	     and	turn	anti-clockwise	to	remove		   	
                                                     	     white	faceplate	nut.	                         	
                                                                                                         5.	 trOuBle	SHOOtinG
                                                     3.4	 Remove	faceplate.
                                                                                                         	    5.1	   Dripping	from	outlet	when	mixer	is	turned	‘off’
                            i.	Remove	nut		          3.5	    Using	the	plumber’s	toolmate	provided,		    	    	
                            	 trim	cover	            	       turn	off	water	supply	at	the	mixer		  	     	    		     Water	may	continue	to	drip	from	the	shower	head	for	some	time	–		        	
                                                     	       isolators	or	at	the	mains	supply,		   	     	    	      however	if	your	shower	drips	continously	when	in	the	‘off’	position	this		
                      ii.	Undo	cover	sleeve	         	       whichever	is	more	convenient.               	    	      indicates	damaged	seals	or	a	damaged	rotor.	
                      	 and	faceplate	nut
                                                     3.6*	 Using	the	plumber’s	toolmate,	unscrew		       	    	      Are	filters	(supplied	in	the	mixer	at	manufacture)	installed?	If	not,	debris		
    iii.	Remove	faceplate                            	     the	large	grey	nut.                           	    	      may	have	entered	the	mixer	and	damaged	seals	and	possibly	the	rotor	or				
                                                                                                         	    	      cartridge.	Re-fit	filters	and	replace	seals	(see	instructions	on	page	10).	
                                                     3.7*	 Remove	rotor	carefully	from	the	mixer			
                                                     	     with	a	pulling	and	rotating	action.           	    	      If	after	replacing	seals	the	shower	continues	to	drip,	replace	rotor	(see			
                                                                                                         	    	      instructions	on	page	8).
                                      Plumber’s	     3.8*	   Ensure	the	correct	rotor	is	clean	and		 	   	    	      	
                                      toolmate       	       free	of	damage	or	scratches.	Insert		 	     	    5.2	   Insufficient	water	flow	(both	hot	and	cold)
                                                     	       correct	rotor	and	re-assemble	in		      	
                                                     	       reverse	order.	                             	    	      Ensure	filters	are	clean	and	both	isolators	are	turned	on	fully.

                                                     3.9	 Test	the	mixer	for	desired	flow	and		    	     	    	      Check	that	the	correct	rotor	has	been	installed	and	ensure	sufficient	flow		
                                                     	    temperature	control	before	re-fitting	the		    	    	      and	pressure	conditions,	as	per	installation	instructions	on	page	4	and	5.
                                  i.	Unscrew		                                                           	    	      For	more	information	on	trouble	shooting	please	visit	our	website	at:
                                  	 large	grey	nut                                                                           

                    ii.	Remove	rotor

8                                                                                                                                                                                                     9
     6.	 SerVicinG	/	replacinG	SealS                                                                   7.	 Fine	tuninG	yOur	MiXer
     	   Replacement	seal	kits	(part	number	VSMSK)	are	available	from	any	Feltonmix		
                                                                                                                                                                           E/H	Rotor	with	
     	   6.1	 Loosen	the	handle	lever	and	remove	handle.	Remove	the	black	nut	trim	cover,		                                          E/H	Rotor             U	Rotor         flow	washers	
     	   	    chrome/brushed	cover	sleeve,	faceplate	nut	and	faceplate.                                  Situation                    GREEN                WHITE            fitted	to	both	
     	   6.2	 Using	the	plumber’s	toolmate	provided,	turn	off	water	supply	at	the	mixer		
     	   	    isolators	or	at	the	mains	supply,	whichever	is	more	convenient.
                                                                                                         Continuous	water	                             with	flow	washer	
     	   6.3	 Carefully	prise	the	stainless	steel	clips	towards	you	with	a	screwdriver	and		             heater                                           on	hot	side
     	   	    remove	clips	completely.	Pull	isolators	out	and	clear	of	mixer	body.

     	   6.4	 Loosen	the	screws	securing	the	mixer	body	and	remove	the	mixer	body	from		
     	   	    the	wall.                                                                                  Equal		mains	                                 with	flow	washer	
                                                                                                         pressure                                         on	hot	side
     	   6.5	 Using	the	plumber’s	toolmate,	unscrew	the	grey	large	nut.

     	   6.6	 Remove	the	rotor	&	cam	set	carefully	from	mixer	with	a	pulling	and	rotating		
     	   	    action.                                                                                    Unequal	
                                                                                                                                                        no	flow	washer
     	   6.7	 Using	seal	extractor	tool	provided	in	the	replacement	seal	kit,	insert	the	end		
     	   	    marked	‘REMOVE’	fully	into	hole	in	centre	of	seal,	(located	in	the	inlets	of	the		
     	   	    mixer)	and	withdraw	seal	and	stainless	steel	spring	at	the	same	time.
                                                                                                         Equal	low	
     					 6.8		 Ensure	that	all	internal	surfaces	and	the	replacement	parts	are	clean.	                 pressures

     	   6.9	 Fit	blade	of	seal	extractor	tool	end	marked	‘REPLACE’	into	slots	in	bore	of		
     	   	    new	seal	and	spring.			
                                                                                                                       approx.	3-6	litres	per	minute
     					 6.10	 Lubricate	the	front	face	of	seals	with	approved	silicone	grease.	Fit	seal		nto		
     	     	     inlet	bore	until	lugs	on	seal	line	up	with	slots	in	inlet	bore	and	push	fully	home.                   approx.	5-10	litres	per	minute
     					 6.11	 taking	extra	care	not	to	scratch/damage	the	rotor,	remove	‘o’	rings	on	                               approx.	10	or	more	litres	per	minute	
     	     	     rotor	and	replace	with	new	‘o’	rings.
                                                                                                       Please	note	that	the	flow	rates	above	may	not	be	reached	if	water	pressures	or	
     					 6.12	 Remove	isolator	‘o’	rings	and	fit	new	‘o’	rings	supplied.                             temperatures	fall	outside	of	those	recommended	on	page	5.

     					 6.13	 Remove	filters	from	isolators,	clean	and	re-fit.

     	   6.14	 Re-assemble	in	reverse	order.	Test	the	mixer	before	re-fitting	face	plate.	

10                                                                                                                                                                                            11