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DATE HELD:     Monday, January 16, 2006
LOCATION:      The Lounge,
               5775 Hampton Place, Vancouver, B.C.
CALL TO ORDER: 6:30 p.m.

Council in
Attendance:      Mr. Brian Collins        #1202       PRESIDENT
                 Mr. Rick Hiebert          #403       VICE PRESIDENT
                 Mr. Joe Doucet            #802       BUILDING/SECURITY
                 Ms. Jan Allistone         #204       LANDSCAPE
                 Mr. Alex Reznikov         #503       LONG RANGE FINANCIAL PLANNING

Regrets:         Ms. Patricia Stearman    #1203       TREASURER
                 Mr. Ernie Lutterman      #2002       LONG RANGE FINANCIAL PLANNING

Also in Attendance: Mr. Bob DeWolfe, Stratawest Management Ltd.

      The meeting was called to order by Brian Collins, Council President at 6:35 p.m.

      Members of Strata Council reviewed and accepted a written report from Linda and David
      Glover for the period October 24, 2005 to January 16, 2006. A copy of this report is attached to
      these Minutes.

      There being no errors or omissions it was,

MOVED AND SECONDED (Reznikov/Allistone)
That the minutes of the Strata Council Meeting held Monday, October 24, 2005 be adopted as
                                                           CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

      There was no Unfinished Business for the consideration of Strata Council.
LMS 1791 – Minutes
January 16, 2006
Page Two,

       a)   Financial Statements
            As Pat Stearman, Treasurer was unable to attend the meeting Pat forwarded a letter
            stating that she had reviewed the Financial Statements for the months of October and
            November, 2005 with the recommendation that Strata Council approve the statements.

              After due consideration, it was

MOVED AND SECONDED (Hiebert /Doucet)
That the Financial Statements for the months of October and November 2005 be accepted as prepared
by Stratawest Management Ltd.

                                                                 CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

       b)     Approval of Financial Statements for June 1, 2004 to May 31, 2005 as prepared by
              Hirji, Lum & Orr
              Members of Strata Council reviewed the Financial Statements for the fiscal year June 1,
              2004 to May 31, 2005 as reviewed by Hirji, Lum & Orr, Chartered Accountants.

              After discussion it was,

That the Financial Statements for the period June 1, 2004 to May 31, 2005 be accepted as reviewed by
Hirji, Lum & Orr, Chartered Accountants, subject to the correction of two column headers wherein the
year was shown as 2004 rather than 2005.

                                                                 CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

       c)     Accounts Receivable
              The Property Manager reviewed with Strata Council the accounts receivable as of
              January 16, 2006. It was noted that Two (2) Owners were in arrears in payment of the
              monthly Strata Fees.

              Owners are reminded of Bylaws 2.3 and 2.4.

              Bylaw 2.3 states, “An owner must provide the strata corporation or its agent with
              twelve (12) consecutive, monthly post-dated cheques for strata fees for the fiscal
              year of the strata corporation, dated as of the first day of each month or, if
              applicable, written authorization for monthly automatic debit from the owner’s
              bank account.”
LMS 1791 – Minutes
January 16, 2006
Page Three,

            Bylaw 2.4 states, “Failure by an owner to submit twelve (12) monthly, post-dated
            strata fee cheques or written authorization for automatic debit in accordance with
            bylaw 2.3 is a contravention of bylaw 2.3 and the strata corporation will levy a fine
            of $100.00 for each contravention. Each dishonoured cheque or dishonoured
            automatic debit will be subject to a fine of $100.00 and an administration charge of

      a)  Various
          Owners are invited to write the Strata Council via the Property Management
          Company regarding the affairs of the Strata Corporation.

            Council reviewed a letter from an Owner recommending some improvements to the
            pool area, sauna and change rooms. The suggested improvements included the
            installation of coat racks in the various areas. Members of Strata Council reviewed
            the improvements suggested and felt that while these improvements would be nice
            to have, in light of more pressing maintenance issues within the building, the
            expenditure could not be justified at this time.

      a)  Building/Security – Joe Doucet
          Joe reported as follows:

            i)       Building Exterior Preventative Maintenance Program – Progress Report
                     Ocean West Construction Ltd. have discontinued work on the Exterior
                     Preventative Maintenance Program due inclement weather. The work that has
                     been performed over the past months included the inspection and replacement as
                     necessary of the peel and stick membrane under the parapet wall flashings on
                     several floors and other preventative maintenance work deemed prudent to
                     undertake during the time period. Included in the other work was the removal of
                     caulking at small sections at the connections of brick veneer to window wall at
                     the ledger angle connections, installing a water proof membrane, caulking and
                     reinstalling the brick.

                     The estimated cost of the Preventative Maintenance work was $75,000.00 with
                     funding from the Contingency Reserve Fund being approved by The Owners at
                     the Annual General Meeting held May 2, 2005. The actual cost to December
                     12, 2005 was $67,144.47.

                     The Property Manager will be meeting with Ocean West Construction Ltd. and
                     SEL Engineering Ltd. to formulate the ongoing Preventative Maintenance
                     Program for 2006/2007 to establish costs for budgeting purposes.
LMS 1791 – Minutes
January 16, 2006
Page Four,

            ii)      Air Conditioning Unit – Hydro Equipment Room
                     The Strata Council continues to work with various trades in an attempt to
                     resolve a noise/vibration problem that is affecting a suite immediately above the
                     underground parking garage as a result of the operation of the air conditioning
                     unit for the main hydro equipment room.

            iii)     Moving
                     It has again been reported that Tenants have moved into The Chatham without
                     following the proper procedures as set out under Bylaw 39 which states:

                     Moving in/out procedures

                     39.1   All move in and move out activities are to be coordinated with the
                            Building Staff. A minimum of seven days notice is required.

                     39.2   Elevator used for moving must be padded. Padding and elevator time
                            can be booked through the Building Staff.

                     39.3   Moving trucks are to park in the commercial loading zone unless special
                            permission is granted by the Building Staff.

                     39.4   All movement of furniture, appliances and personal goods in or out of
                            the lobby must be through the side door to the Porte Cochere and not
                            through the front door.

                     39.5   A non-refundable move-in charge of $250.00 will be assessed against
                            every Strata Lot where a move-in takes place.

                     39.6   All moves, in or out, are to be done between 9:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M.,
                            Monday thru Friday.

                     39.7   A resident contravening bylaw 39.1 – 39.6 (inclusive) shall be subject to
                            a fine of $200.00.

                     Please note that the Strata Corporation hold Owners responsible for the actions
                     of their Tenants. It is extremely important that Owners provide their Tenants
                     with a copy of the current Bylaws. These Bylaws are available from Linda and
                     David Glover, Resident Managers.

                     Strata Council instructed the Property Manager to assess fines as set out in the
                     Strata Corporation Bylaws for violations of Bylaw 39.

            iv)      Emergency Preparedness - Earthquake
                     Joe Doucet continues to represent The Owners of The Chatham at Emergency
                     Preparedness Meetings that are held periodically for Hampton Place Strata
LMS 1791 – Minutes
January 16, 2006
Page Five,

                     Joe recommended that the Strata Corporation make available a wrench in the
                     vicinity of the gas meter for the purposes of shutting off the gas to the building
                     in the case of an earthquake. It is also noted that the building ventilation system
                     will be shut off if there is an earthquake.

                     Members of Strata Council thanked Joe for his continuing interest and
                     participation as the Representative of The Chatham on the Hampton Place
                     Emergency Preparedness Committee.

            v)       Fund Raising Events
                     Joe suggested that consideration again be given to holding a flea market or other
                     fund raising events with proceeds donated to charities. Brian Collins noted that
                     The Old Barn Community Centre is slated for completion in late Summer early
                     Fall and that this facility, which will be operated by the University
                     Neighbourhood Association will be available for such events. Brian requested
                     input on types events that could be held at The Old Barn Community Centre.

            vi)      Replacement of Washing Machine Hoses
                     As set out in the Resident Manager’s report attached hereto some Owners have
                     not yet replaced the washing machine hoses. Each Owner must take the
                     responsibility to ensure that the washing machine hoses are replaced

                     Bylaw 3.1 of the Strata Corporation Bylaws states, “An owner must repair
                     and maintain the owner’s strata lot, except for repair and maintenance that
                     is the responsibility of the strata corporation under these bylaws.”

            vii)     Smoking on Balcony Decks
                     The Strata Council continues to receive complaints from Residents that smoking
                     on balcony decks by adjacent Residents is disturbing the ability of some
                     Residents to have quiet enjoyment of the Suites.

                     Residents are reminded of Bylaw 4(1) (a), (b) and (c) which states:

                     “4.1   A resident or visitor must not use a strata lot, the common property
                            or common assets in a way that:

                            (a)     causes a nuisance or hazard to another person,
                            (b)     causes unreasonable noise,
                            (c)     unreasonably interferes with the rights of other persons to
                                    use and enjoy the common property, common assets or
                                    another strata lot.”

                     Please be considerate of other Residents and refrain from smoking on the
                     balcony deck.
LMS 1791 – Minutes
January 16, 2006
Page Six,

                     It is anticipated that Strata Council will be placing a No Smoking Bylaw on the
                     Agenda of the next General Meeting for the consideration of Owners. Second
                     Hand Smoke is a health hazard.

      b)    Landscaping – Jan Allistone:
            Jan reported as follows:

            i)       A quotation had been received from Meridian Landscaping Ltd. to install
                     approximately 110 sq. yards of turf on the west side of the property. Jan felt that
                     the size of this lawn would not be adequate and wished to create a significant
                     section of lawn area on the west side.

                     Meridian Landscaping Ltd. provided a new quotation for turf to be laid in the
                     large open section closes to the raised lavender bed on the west side and with the
                     new lawn joining the existing lawn at either end. In total the area will cover
                     approximately 220 sq. yards. The cost to remove the existing mulch and spread
                     two inches of sand and then apply the turf will be $3,080.00 plus G.S.T.

                     During discussion it was felt it would be helpful to have a sketch plan of this
                     area prepared by Meridian Landscaping Ltd. This plan has been requested.

                     This matter will be reconsidered at the next Strata Council Meeting at which
                     time Budgets will be prepared for 2006/2007.

      c)    Long Term Financial Planning - Ernie Lutterman/Alex Reznikov:
            As Ernie was unable to attend the meeting, Alex reported as follows:

            i)       Electrical Preventative Maintenance Initiatives
                     On September 12, 2005 an inspection by representatives of the insurance
                     underwriters for The Chatham made the following recommendations.

                     “It is recommended that all major electrical distribution apparatus within the
                     building be subject to an annual infrared scan survey. This type of testing will
                     indicate hot spots due to improper or loose connections, loose fuse clips, etc.
                     that could lead to a possible failure and power outage if left uncorrected.”

                     A quotation was received from Houle Electric Ltd. to carry out a three year
                     electrical preventative maintenance program at an annual cost of $3,500.00 per
                     year. The quotation and support material was turned over to the Long Term
                     Financial Planning Committee to bring forward recommendations to Strata
                     Council on a electrical preventative maintenance program.
LMS 1791 – Minutes
January 16, 2006
Page Seven,

             ii)     Water Shut Offs/Water Sensors/Water Pressure Arresters
                     Alex Reznikov has spent considerable time investigating cost to install water
                     shut offs, water sensors and water pressure arresters adjacent to the water lines
                     in individual suites. This initiative is entirely separate from replacing the
                     washing machine hoses.

                     Alex has reviewed many solutions but they all come at a very high cost. Alex is
                     currently investigating a sensor developed by a Norwegian Company which is
                     cost effective. The particular valve reacts to sudden changes in pressure and
                     automatically shuts down the water supply.

                     Alex will continue to review solutions to mitigate water escape from water lines.

      a)   Addendum to Resident Manager Employment Contract
           As of January 1, 2006 David Glover has been added to the Resident Manager
           Employment Contract to reflect the teamwork exhibited by David and Linda Glover as
           Residents Managers of The Chatham.

      There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m. The next Strata Council
      Meeting will be held Monday, March 13, 2006 in The Chatham Lounge commencing at 6:30

                                  STRATAWEST MANAGEMENT LTD.
      #202 – 224 West Esplanade, North Vancouver, B.C., V7M 1A4, Tel: 604-904-9595/Fax: 604-904-2323
                              Assistant: Heidi Horsak, hhorsak@stratawest.com
                           Accounting: Noelleen Modera, nmoder@stratawest.com

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