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         What is an Endowment Fund?

 A way for you, family, and friends to return God’s
  love to future generations in the church.
 A permanent fund, usually bestowed upon an
  institution, such as a church, by an individual or a
 A way to ensure that a gift from you provides
  revenue for your desired institution forever. A gift
  to an endowment fund is never spent. Instead, it is
  invested, and each year the earnings from it can be
  used by the institution designated by you.
Don’t We Already Have Endowment Funds?

 Yes. Thanks to earlier members of this church and
 friends of the Day School, there are currently two
 church-related Endowment Funds:

    Irwin Trust – Can’t spend principal; 5%/year earnings used to
     support church’s operating budget

    CCDS Endowment Fund – Available for Christ Church Day
     School needs
How Will the New Endowment Fund Differ?

 It will be named the Christ Episcopal Church
  Endowment Fund.
 It will consist of many Individual Endowment Funds
  and separate parishioner legacy gifts that are
  invested together.
 It will be a permanent fund in which the principal is
  never spent. The Vestry may use fund earnings to
  support parish ministries, operating expenses, or
  special projects.
  What Is An Individual Endowment Fund?

 An endowment fund established by any individual or
  group as an thanksgiving gift or a memorial.
 These funds can be opened today for any amount.
  Once in place, the funds can receive additional
  contributions from anyone to celebrate a birthday,
  anniversary, or to be a memorial, if a family or group
  member passes away.
 Fund examples: John & Mary Doe Endowment Fund,
  Joe Smith Memorial Endowment Fund, Thrift Shop
  Endowment Fund, Altar Guild Endowment Fund.
 Gifts to each Individual Endowment Fund will be
  tracked separately and reported periodically.
    Why are Endowment Funds Needed?

 To provide a means for parishioners to donate
  permanent modest and large gifts to the church that
  will continue to support Christ Church forever.
 To generate a constant income stream that will
  directly benefit church programs and ministries
  which cannot be fully funded through the annual
  operating budget.
 Does not take the place of Annual Stewardship or
  Special Giving for currently needed ministries (like
  last year’s property maintenance special fund).
How Will The Funds Earnings Benefit Our Parish?

 Provide stability for church programs for generations
  to come.
 Provide income for additional or larger ministries
  without taking funds from existing ministries.
 Offer a channel for large gifts that won’t overwhelm
  the parish or discourage ongoing stewardship giving.
 Act as a potential component for buildings or
  ministries in a capital campaign (should the Vestry
  choose to allocate earnings in this manner).
How Will Your Endowment Gift Benefit You?

 Gives parishioners and friends the opportunity to
  give an meaningful gift to support their personal
 Provides a perpetual reminder of the faith of each
 Multiplies donor’s gift by putting it with others’
  money so it grows under professional management.
 Offers income tax deductions, reduces estate taxes
  and avoids capital gain taxes.
  Who Will Manage the Endowment Fund?

 The Christ Church Investment Board, which consists
  of five members appointed by the Vestry.
 Must preserve all donated amounts.
 Have goal of 5% average return on investment per
  year for parish ministries.
 Will be managed in accordance with all state and
  federal legal requirements.
How Do I Begin An Individual Endowment Fund?

 Complete the form provided.
 Select a name for your endowment fund.
 Contribute to your endowment fund.
Is There a Minimum Amount to Contribute?

 No, you can open your Individual Endowment Fund
  with any amount.
 Funds of less than $25,000 will be unrestricted. To
  provide flexibility, funds earnings will be utilized for
  ministries designated by the Vestry each year.
 Funds of $25,000 or more can be restricted by the
  donor (if desired) so that returns generated by them
  will be used only for specific ministries (such as
  Education, Youth, Music, Facilities, Outreach/
  Mission). However, unrestricted funds are
 What Assets Can Be Donated To My Fund?

 Cash, stocks, bonds
 Real estate or other property accepted by the Vestry
 Chartable gift annuity
 Charitable remainder trust
 Retirement plan proceeds
 Life insurance assignment
 Will or trust bequest
     Can I Add to My Endowment Fund?

 Yes, at any time.
 You can also have family and friends add to your
  fund in honor of a birthday, anniversary, holiday or
  for any reason.
 All additions will be added to your principal and
  reported to you.
 Individual endowments will be reported on to the
  parish periodically.
     Can Non-Parishioners Open Funds?

 Yes, any friend of Christ Church is welcome to open
  an Individual Endowment Fund.
 Such a fund could be opened by children to honor
  their parents.
 Such a fund would be appropriate for non-
  parishioners who are married at Christ Church.
 Such a fund could also be a living memorial for
  anyone having a funeral or memorial service at
  Christ Church.
      How Is the Legacy Circle Different?

 Legacy Circle gifts are given to the parish via a will or
 These gifts can be given directly to the Christ Church
  Endowment Fund or put into your Individual
  Endowment Fund. Either way, the principal will be
  preserved in perpetuity, and will be reported on
 One of the most significant ways Episcopalians give
  is in making special contributions during our lifetime
  or at the time of death.
        Are We Men and Women of Vision?

 Yes
 We are grateful for the men and women of vision
  who have come before us at this parish. They looked
  to the future, establishing and nurturing a church
  that reaches out in powerful ways to touch the lives
  of people in our community and around the world.
 Our Individual Endowment Funds will connect us to
  their legacy and help us leave our own legacy for the
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