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					Monday, February 5, 2007

INTERCOM is published regularly and serves to inform the Vanier Community of notices and special events. Submissions should be sent
to Marguerite Corriveau, at The deadline is 4:00 p.m. on the Wednesday preceding publication.

VANIER CELEBRATES BLACK HISTORY MONTH                                                              SUICIDE PREVENTION
To carry on the Vanier tradition and highlight Black History Month, an exciting agenda full of     WEEK
activities is being organized. Display cases in the Student Mall, The Carrefour and in front of    Reach out…Tell someone
the Library entrance will feature art and elements of Black History. A movie series will present
titles such as, “Ali”, “Remember the Titans”, “Hussle and Flo”, and “Head of State”. Guest         Suicide. Most people would rather not talk
speakers include well known public figures like Alvin Powell who is truly inspirational in his     about it. Yet in Quebec the number of deaths
message about the self-destruction and redemption he went through as a black athlete.              by suicide is the highest in the world. It is the
Gemma Raeburn-Baynes is a senior auditor at the Bank of Montreal, who is the energy behind         second leading cause of death among
many activities of the Montreal Black community including, Quebec’s first Black modeling           youth, after traffic accidents (many of which
agency, Montreal’s Caribbean carnival, and has won innumerable awards for community serv-          are probable suicides). We believe it’s time
ice. Egbert Gaye will talk about the community newspaper and how it serves the Black com-          to reach out, talk about it and dispel some of
munity. A panel of students will explore the many facets of Black identity. A live display of      the myths.
African art and food along with dancers from Africa and the Caribbean will liven up one UB in      From February 5th to February 9th, 2007, the
the Mall and the Evolution of Dance will make sure no one snoozes during another UB.               Vanier Counseling Centre will have a kiosk
In addition, everyone should read Vanier this Week for the Black History Month quiz and other      in the Carrefour, with information, handouts
information concerning Black History Month.                                                        and films on suicide prevention. Find out
                                                                                                   who is at risk, what signs to look for and how
Movie                                                                                              to find help or resources.
Feb. 6             “Ali”                        10:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m.
Feb. 13            “Remember the Titans”        10:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m.       On February 6th and 7th, from 11 a.m. to 2
Feb. 20            “Hussle & Flo”               10:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m.       p.m., members of the Counseling Centre will
Feb. 27            “Head of State”              10:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m.       be present in the Carrefour to answer ques-
                                                                                                   tions and discuss any concerns. Please let
Guest Speakers                                                                                     your students know.
Feb. 14        Alvin Powell                     Universal Break, Auditorium
Feb. 8 (TBC)   Egbert Gaye                      2:00pm, Amphitheatre                               Not only during Suicide Prevention Week,
Feb. 19        Gemma Raeburn                    2:00pm, Auditorium                                 but year round, counseling staff is available
                                                                                                   to see our students. We would like to take this
Other Activities                                                                                   opportunity to review the services we offer.
Feb. 14          Student Panel: Identity      1:30, Auditorium
Feb. 21          Display of African Art, Caribbean Food, Dance                                     Staff:
                 Universal Break, Jake’s Mall                                                      Gillian Bowman                   #7880
Feb. 28          Evolution of Dance, Universal Break, Jake’s Mall                                  Markham Mirotchnick              #7887
If you would like to participate or contribute to the month’s activities or need more informa-     Carmine Rossignoli               #7894
tion, please contact:                                                                              Adele Rovito                     #7882
Dany Brown in Student Services, C203 – ext. 7884 or Doug Miller in The Learning                    Reception: Doreen Hamel          Room C-203
Centre, B205 – ext. 7900                                                                                                            #7885
                                                                                                   The Counseling Centre offers:
VCSA & HEMA QUEBEC INVITE YOU TO A                                                                 • personal counseling
BLOOD DONOR CLINIC                                                                                 • career counseling
                                                                                                   • educational counseling
MONDAY & TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12TH & 13 9:30AM-4:30PM MAIN STUDENT’S MALL                             • vocational testing
                                                                                                   • workshops
GIVE BLOOD...GIVE LIFE...                                                                          • referrals
Thanks                                                                                             Personal problems often seriously under-
Olga Gazdovic                                                                                      mine academic success. To the extent that
VCSA                                                                                               these problems are addressed, performance
                                                                                                   will surely improve. Counseling can help stu-
                                                                                                   dents cope better with stress and depres-
NURSING HEALTH PROMOTION FAIR                                                                      sion as well as acquire more effective prob-
                                                                                                   lem-solving, decision-making, communica-
The annual Health Promotion Fair, presented by Vanier’s own third-year nursing students,           tion and interpersonal skills. The Counseling
will take place February 14th, 2007 in Jake’s Mall from 10 am till 2pm. Fourteen booths will       Centre’s mental health professionals have
feature presentations on the following topics: Sleep deprivation, Effects of UV tanning, Hear-     the training and expertise required to work
ing loss, Diet myths, Healthy & unhealthy relationships, AIDS, HIV, Fast food, HPV, Weight         effectively with students experiencing these
issues, Suicide issues, Tattoos & body piercing, Alcohol & driving, Bottled water safety, Alco-    kinds of problems. The service is strictly
hol abuse. The nursing students have been doing research since August; this involved sur-          confidential.
veying over five hundred Vanier students. Come see the results. All are welcome.
                                                                                                   Issues that students bring to counseling in-
Thank you                                                                                          clude: problems with parents and families,
Jeanne Marie Shipley                                                                               concerns about relationships, anxiety/
Nursing                                                                                            stress, panic attacks, depression, gender
orientation issues, lack of self-esteem or         in getting help. It would also boost up a        in the Cégep Bois-de-Boulogne gymnasium.
confidence, loneliness, shyness, abuse, eat-       hard-working student’s final grade.              At a breakfast meeting, each table of 8 stu-
ing disorders, coping with serious illness/                                                         dents was joined by Quebec personalities
                                                   If you require additional information, please
death, difficulties in decision-making, career                                                      who had come as immigrants to Quebec and
                                                   do not hesitate to contact me at ext.7271 or
choice and educational planning.                                                                    subsequently made their mark as mayors,
                                                   to email me at
                                                                                                    members of parliament, show business per-
Appointments:                             .
                                                                                                    sonalities, academics, activists, social work-
Students may see the receptionist in C-203
                                                   Thank you for your time and cooperation,         ers and in other fields. A Théâtre Forum, a
or call 744-7885 to make an appointment to
                                                   Spiridoula Photopoulos                           bus tour of multicultural Montreal, speed-
see a counselor. There is a “Drop-In” hour,
                                                   English                                          dating, a public debate at La Bibliothèque
four days a week, when students may be
                                                                                                    national, presentations by academics, a Hai-
seen without an appointment (Schedule
                                                                                                    tian feast – all the activities, day and night
posted on door of C-203). Services are regu-       SOCIAL SCIENCE,                                  were adroitly animated by the skilled team of
larly available between 9 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.,
Monday to Friday.
                                                   COMMERCE AND METH-                               professionals from the Institut du nouveau
                                                   ODOLOGY TEACHERS                                 monde and the host college personnel.
Please note that there can sometimes be a                                                           The Vanier students made an impressive
significant wait for appointments. In the          The drop-in peer-tutoring service offered in     mark by their fluent bilingualism, their num-
event of a crisis or emergency, no appoint-        the Social Science Resource Center (A301)        bers and a total willingness to mix and con-
ment is needed. If you think that a student        is available from February 5 to May 11, Mon-     tribute. They were publicly recognized sev-
requires attention urgently, speak to us di-       day through Thursday, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm         eral times for the quality of their participa-
rectly. Should you wish to refer a student to      and Friday, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm. Students         tion. When Caroline Van Vlaardingen came
the Counseling Centre, or have any other           can come in and request academic help            from CFCF to cover the event, the Vanier
questions, please feel free to contact us.         from student-tutors FOR FREE.                    group gave excellent interviews and showed
                                                                                                    the nation how happily a mixed community
Procedures for crisis intervention:                There are now two efficient ways you can
                                                                                                    can thrive. The issues being discussed are
When a student appears to need an immedi-          pass this information on to your students.
                                                                                                    important for the future of Quebec and these
ate intervention:                                  Send      them      to    our    web      site
                                                                                                    young people showed their mettle as future
                                                                                                    leaders in this context. This was all the more
1. Call the Counseling Receptionist (744-          toring) or send them directly to A301 where
                                                                                                    impressive in that they did all this on their
   7885) or come to the office (C-203).            detailed information as well as yellow flyers
                                                                                                    own free time and without any thought as to
2. If the receptionist is not available, contact   are available. The tutoring service is an ef-
                                                                                                    reward or course credits. Kudos to them all:
   one of the counselors directly.                 fective way to increase student success, but
3. If no counselor is available, contact the       more students need to know about it!             Cynthia Birikundavyi-Keza, IB Commerce
   nurse (7892 – C-203).                           Please pass the word around. I can also          Jérémie Daniel Drouillard, Health Science
4. If none of the above are available, contact     send you a master copy of the flyer. Just        Agathe Gouot, IB Commerce
   Security (7575 – F-243).                        email me at:                                     Shelley Han, Social Science Honours
                                                             Mark Masztalerz, Social Science Honours
Please don’t hesitate to call or visit should                                                       Katleen Paul Roc, Social Science
you have any questions.                            Myriam Mansour
                                                                                                    Benoit Poirier, IB Science
                                                   Social Science Resource Center’s
Gillian Bowman                                                                                      Madeleine St-Laurent- Guerin, Health Science
                                                   Tutoring Service
Coordinator, Counseling Centre                                                                      Ilinca Tunea, IB Science
                                                                                                    Margaux Watine, Social Science Honours

HELLO FELLOW VANIER                                LEARNING DISABILITIES                            Doug Miller
TEACHERS,                                          AND ADAPTIVE                                     The Learning Centre
As some of you might already know, I teach
the Peer Teaching course, a special B-Block        Please join us on Friday, Feb.9, at 2:30 in      ANNOUNCEMENT
English course, offered every Winter semes-        The Learning Centre, B205, when two uni-         Following the creation of Vanier Communi-
ter. I am currently looking for students who       versity students will tell us how the use of     cations, headed by Bev Chandler, in the
want and/or need to improve their English          adaptive software has helped them succeed        newly created position of Director of Ad-
skills. I would like to ask you to encourage       in their studies. They will also demonstrate     vancement and Communications, I am
the students in your courses who are experi-       how text-to-speech and speech-to-text soft-      pleased to announce that, effective Febru-
encing difficulties with English to apply for      ware can help level the playing field for stu-   ary 1, 2007, the Academic Advising team will
free tutorial assistance by FRIDAY, FEBRU-         dents with learning disabilities.                report directly to the Academic Dean on an
ARY 9, 2007.                                       Marilyn Caplan                                   interim basis until June 30, 2007.
Application forms are available in my office       The Learning Centre                              John McMahon
(N554), in the Dean’s office (B208), and in                                                         Academic Dean
Nora’s office (N165). Applicants will be se-       NEWS:
lected according to availability and will be
paired with tutors (i.e. students taking my        TEN VANIER STUDENTS PARTICI-                     WOMEN’S ANNUAL
Peer Teaching course) who will help them           PATED IN THE FIRST ÉCOLE D’HIVER                 CHAMPAGNE
throughout the Winter semester. They will          ON JANUARY 16-18 AT COLLÈGE                      BREAKFAST
receive free tutorial assistance (two hours        BOIS-DE-BOULOGNE        AROUND
per week) starting on the fifth week of            THE THEME OF UN QUÉBEC                           The tradition continues ... mark your calen-
classes (the week of February 19).                 INTERCULTURAL : COMMENT VIVRE                    dars for this year’s annual event which will
Unfortunately, all applicants are not guaran-
                                                   ENSEMBLE, ÉGAUX ET DIFFÉRENT.                    take place on THURSDAY, MARCH 8, 2007
                                                                                                    - International Women’s Day. We will be
teed a tutor as the class is at its maximum        The session was organized jointly by the
                                                                                                    celebrating our 23rd year! Join us for a deli-
capacity of twenty-five students and there         Institut du nouveau monde INM (“http://
                                                                                                    cious breakfast, good company and great
will be only one tutee paired with each stu-” and Serv-
                                                                                                    entertainment ... what a way to start a day!
dent tutor. On a side note, it may be advanta-     ice interculturel collégial SIC (http://
                                                                                                    More information will be available next
geous to consider offering your referred stu-
dents (tutees) bonus marks for attending           and the host college. The event brought to-
their tutoring sessions throughout the             gether students from Cegeps across the           Nora Soukiassian
term. This would be an incentive for students      province and allowed them to interact, de-       Coordinator for the Women’s Breakfast
who need help but are not always motivated         bate and have fun together. They slept over      Committee