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									       WellsOne Commercial Card

   Boise State University
           P-card Review
Cardholder and Department Responsibility

     Overview of P-card

• BSU has approximately 900 cardholders, with
  purchases by the campus community averaging
  approximately one million monthly.

• With the convenience of p-card, there is also an
  added responsibility for departments and
  cardholders to maintain the integrity of the p-card
  program by understanding and adhering to p-card
  policy and procedure.

• Review P-card and Purchasing Policy, it‟s your


       P-card Basics

Boise State University policies are based on state policies.
      Any employee involved in using p-card, and reviewing, approving, or
       authorizing p-card expense must have an understanding of basic
       purchasing policies.
Funds administered by BSU, regardless of source (Local, Grant,
   Appropriated) are subject to BSU policy.
      Be aware of appearances! P-card purchases are of special interest to
       auditors, legislators, and the press.
      Be sure your purchase complies with policy before committing funds.
If you have questions about an upcoming purchase, check with
     the University P-card Administrator, or Purchasing
     Compliance Specialist.
      Our intent is to protect the university, your department and, you as a
       cardholder, by ensuring your purchases are not in violation of state policy,
       or IRS regulations in advance of your purchase.

           P-card Basics, con‟t

   Wells Fargo is the state-contracted Procurement Card Provider for State of
    Idaho agencies-
   Commercial Card Expense Reporting or “CCER” is Wells Fargo's online
    solution for p-card management, providing online access to p-card
    transaction data for cardholders and departments, allowing 24/7 access to
    current credit balance, posted charges, declined charges and reporting
   CCER provides us with the ability to automate our p-card allocation
    procedure, necessary when dealing with BSU‟s volume of cardholders and
   CCER provides departments with the ability to better manage their p-card
    expense with the past 13 months of p-card history available via various

    Authorization of Expense

Delegation of Authority to Department    Cardholder Responsibility
Purchasing delegates small dollar        Department Cardholder accepts
purchasing authority to department       p-card, signs “User Agreement”,
via use of p-card. Purchasing reserves   “Certifies” understanding of
the right to terminate cardholder        responsibilities as a cardholder,
privileges due to non-compliance         and is then authorized to make
with policy.                             Purchases on behalf of department.

                                         Department Responsibility
  P-card Department Coordinator          Department is responsible for
  or Approver acts as the                overseeing their cardholders,
  monitor of the department p-card       maintaining p-card records, and
  program.                               ensuring each purchase made
                                         by their cardholders complies with
                                         policy, and serves a legitimate
                                         business purpose.
Authorized P-card Purchases

Business purchases under $2,000 including:
•  Office, class and lab supplies
       •   Use the state contracted vendor when mandated (complete list on Purchasing site)
       •   Repair of equipment, including parts and service if provider is not an Independent
•   Books, subscriptions, work-related membership/organizational fees
•   Computer supplies- NO COMPUTERS!
       •   Computer/laptop purchases are processed via OIT
•   Advertising (including newspaper ads)
•   Expense related to non-state employee on BSU business. Exceptions:
       •   Meals and incidentals when traveling (reimbursable as per diem)
       •   Expense related to International Visitors or Vendors
       •   Expense related to Independent Contractors
•   Entertainment expense in compliance with BSU Policy.
       •   Meals and Refreshments Form required for each event
       •   Review Meals And Refreshments Policies (Local, Grant & Approp, PR)
•   Employee Business Travel Expense with authorized Travel Req.
       •   *Pre-paid hotel and/or hotel/airfare packages (Room and tax only)
       •   *Conference registration
       •   *Airfare
       •   *Rental car (includes fuel for rental car)
    Unauthorized P-card Purchases

•    Purchases exceeding $1,999
        •   Do not split purchases to bypass account limits
•    Personal expense *including accidental, or partial
        •   Keep p-card separate from personal credit cards
        •   Do not store account number online
•    Gifts, awards, and prizes
•    Business travel expense not listed as “Authorized”
•    Fuel for personal vehicles
•    Alcoholic beverages
•    Cash advances, salaries and wages
•    Payment of services (i.e. Independent Contractor)
•    Lease payments for storage space
•    Cellular phones, communication devises including PDA‟s
        •   Accessories and service related to above
•    Any items deemed Non-Procurable per BSU policy.

Meals, entertainment & gift purchases

 Be prepared! Document the business purpose of your purchase fully.
 •   “Thank you, Welcome, Congratulation, Good-bye” meals, parties or gifts for
     employees, non-employees, or students are generally not allowed.
 •   Casual meetings do not qualify for meals or refreshments in most cases-
 •   Entertainment purchase as “Department Retreat” is not authorized-
 •   Promotional gifts, awards, and prizes-Gift purchases are not allowed on p-card
     with exception of certain promotional items purchased in bulk, and flowers as
     token of sympathy.

If you are directed to make a purchase related to entertainment, gifts or
  awards, please do the following before committing funds:
           Review BSU Meals and Refreshments Policies (Local, Approp. & Grant,
            PR depending on source of funds)
           Review Department Retreat Policy *NEW!
           Review the Gift and Award Matrix

 PLAN AHEAD! Contact the Purchasing Compliance Specialist or University
    P-card Administrator before completing your purchase if you‟re not sure
    how to proceed.

Department Responsibility 0verview

    P-card expense requires 3 levels of review by the department as a check
    and balance to ensure purchases serve a legitimate business need.
   Level 1: Cardholder Review in CCER
          Cardholder reviews their expense online, and electronically 'approves' by
           using the 'Review Complete' button.
          All cardholders must review & sign their printed statement each month.
   Level 2: Approver Review in CCER
          Approver is responsible for reviewing Dept Id/GL code for posting to
           PeopleSoft for all cardholders within their unit.
          Approver reports any non-compliance issues discovered during approval
           process using the Non-compliance Warning form.
   Level 3: Authorizing signature by manager
          The Manager is responsible for reviewing hardcopy statements & authorizing
           expense as legitimate via signature including department coordinator p-card

Department Responsibility 0verview, Con‟t

    Department P-card Coordinator monitors the daily operation of the
    p-card program in each department to ensure expense complies
    with BSU policy. Department P-card coordinator usually acts as
    CCER Approver. Role includes the following duties:
       •   Ensures departmental p-card expense is allocated correctly by
       •   Notifies cardholders of any non-compliance issues.
       •   Escalates unresolved non-compliance issues to the Manager or
           University P-card Administrator.
       •   Maintains original p-card documentation for minimum of 5 years.
    Department Head, Director, Dean, or Business Manager (a.k.a
    “Manager”) is responsible for ensuring cardholder expense in their
    area serves a legitimate business purpose.
       •   Manager is considered the “Authorizer” of P-card expense for their
           assigned area
       •   Manager ensures non-compliance issues are handled appropriately
           (in accordance with policy)

    Cardholder Responsibility

    Manage your account
         Review policy and understand what types of charges are allowed on p-card.

         Obtain a detailed receipt for each purchase

         Provide a business purpose for each purchase that would be understandable to
          auditors or other interested parties outside of your own area.
         Be especially diligent providing detailed back-up for any entertainment,
          refreshment, or meal purchases.
         Report any unauthorized charges immediately to University P-card Administrator

    Maintain control of your card
         Do not loan your card, or your account number to ANYONE.

         If you feel pressured to „loan‟ your card to others, report the issue to the
            University P-card Administrator or to Internal Audit immediately.
         If you are directed to make a purchase you believe to be questionable, you have
            the right to refuse to make the purchase.
         If you feel pressured to make a purchase which falls outside policy, report the
            issue to the University P-card Administrator or to Internal Audit immediately.
Cardholder Responsibility Review

•     Complete “Cardholder Review” function online by the required due date
•     Print and sign cardholder statement.
•     Attach original receipts and any required forms
•     Submit paperwork to the Department P-card Coordinator (or Approver) for
      review as soon as the Cardholder Review function is completed or by due
      date set by Coordinator.
•     If you are unable to complete review by the cardholder due date, notify
      your Department Coordinator, or University P-card Administrator.

    P-card accounts may be deactivated if cardholder fails to complete
       review process by the required due date


   The Cardholder Experience

CCER Passwords

 Access to CCER requires the use of an individual and unique password.
     •      CCER Users must log in at least once a month.
     •      CCER users are required to change passwords EVERY 120 days.
     •      Individual passwords may not be shared with others.
 To avoid password reset issues:
        Set a reminder in Google Calendar to check your statement at least once a
        Print your “Secret Questions” (under “My Profile”) so you can reset your own

     Contact University P-card Administrator if you need your password reset.

                 CCER LOG-IN SCREEN VIEW
       Use Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 as your browser
(recommended by Wells Fargo for optimum performance with CCER)

CEO Home Page View
                                    Select “My Profile” to edit
                                  Secret Questions. Use this info
(Link to CCER)                     To reset your own password.

            Select Commercial Card Expense Reporting
            from the “My Services” Menu

Note: If you have dual roles in CCER, be sure to select your role

                         Statement Review Screen

                                                                    (Cardholder has
                                                                     not completed
                                                                     CH Reviewed
                                                                    (Cardholder has
                                                                    (CCER Approver
                                                                     has completed
 •   Start Date Beginning date of bill cycle                           approval of
 •   End Date End of bill cycle                                       statement for
 •   Reminder Date Beginning of cardholder allocation window             posting)
 •   Grace Period End Date Last day to complete cardholder review

Manage Your P-card Account
Function Tabs

                                                                4 FUNCTION

 1)   Statement Review- Note: Open Statement is default view.
 2)   Personal Profile
 3)   Transaction Report
 4)   View Declines
        Statement Review Options

3 options
available using
red buttons at
top of screen

 “Open Statements” This is the default view after log-on (statement currently
 Select “Previous Statements” to view past statement periods
 Select “Cycle to Date Transactions” to review and edit current transactions
“Personal Profile”

                     “View Profile” to ensure your
                     email address is correct, view
                     your PIN, and check
                     remaining credit balance for
                     your account during the
                     Note: If your name changes,
                     please coordinate change
                     request via University P-card

“Personal Profile” Tab con‟t

                               Billing address for
                               your p-card

                               Default Dept ID

                                Click to
                                retrieve your
                                real time

                                Monthly Limit
                                Single and
                                Transaction limit
                                for your card

“View Declines” Tab

 Check this tab weekly to ensure transactions are processing.
 Declines are usually caused by:
           • Incorrect entry of expiration date
           • Merchant Category Code blocked for BSU cardholders.

 Contact University P-card Administrator if you need assistance with a
 declined charge.


   “Reclassify” (Allocation of Expense in CCER)

• Expense is defaulted to your pre-selected Default Dept ID.
• Expense is defaulted to a “GL Code” (BSU Expense Account Code); for some expense categories
  that are difficult to define you will see 999999 appear.
• If 999999 is displayed, you MUST edit, but you can also re-code any expense to the correct account
  code, if necessary.                                                                           27
“Reclassify” (Allocation of Expense in CCER)


                 To allocate expense,
                 1)   Click the “Select All” button
                 2)   Click “Reclassify” button       28
“Reclassify” (Allocation of Expense in CCER)


3)   Click on the file folder icon to select a different Dept ID.
4)   If the Dept ID begins with a different 3 digit prefix from your default Dept ID,
     you must change the “Dept Group” prefix first.

“Reclassify” (Allocation of Expense in CCER)

                                                                Not every
                                                                transaction will use
                                                                steps 7, 8, 9

                                                                7) Project Code
                                                                  Grant Use

                                                                8) Chartfield Code-
                                                                   for designated
                                                                    areas only

                                                                9) Travel Req #
                                                                Before committing
                                                                funds for employee
                                                                travel, you must
     6                                                          have an authorized
                                                                Travel Req on file

5)   Select the 6 digit account code from drop-down icon.
6)   Manually add account code below if it‟s not a selectable
     option under the drop down-icon.
          Be sure it‟s a valid account code!                                      30
  “Reclassify” (Allocation of Expense in CCER)

                                                                                        Do NOT use
                                                                                        the following
                                                                                              < >
                                                                                           +\#?{ }
                                                                                         I ^ ~ [ ] “ „*

                                                                                        Be especially
                                                                                        careful not to
                                                                                             use the
                                                                       10                   carriage
                                                                                        return key, as
                                                                                         it‟s invisible!

10) Provide a BUSINESS PURPOSE for each transaction in the Description Box.
    You can use periods, commas and hyphens in your descriptions. Copy and
    paste works!
         Important! CCER will timeout without notice, after 15 minutes of inactivity.
         Use the “Save Button” often when reclassifying several lines at one time.

Business Purpose

Cardholders must supply a valid business purpose for all p-card
   For purchases of goods or services
       •   Be specific, relate your purchase to your specific business need.
       •   Your description should be understandable to auditors who may not be within your
           particular business unit.
•   For an event
       •   Who- names & titles of attendees
       •   What- description of the event
       •   When- date & time
       •   Where- name of the venue
       •   Why- detailed description of the purpose of the event-Include agenda, invitation, or any
           back up provided to participants.

  Allocating P-card Expense-Review Complete


11) Select Review Complete once you have finished your allocation, and reviewed your
    statement. You will see a message box that indicates that an email will be sent to your
12) Print your statement, sign, attach original receipts and required back-up.
13) Submit completed statement to your Department P-card Coordinator.

Note: Once the Review Complete button is clicked, you can no longer edit your transactions.
      Only your approver can make changes to your statement at this point.

    Allocation of Expense Review

   Log-in to CCER and allocate expense weekly.

   Check „View Declines‟ Tab weekly.

   Report any unidentified or unauthorized charges to University P-card
    Administrator immediately upon discovery.

   Before disputing a charge, contact University P-card Administrator-

Reconciler‟s have the same ability as cardholders
to review, edit, and reclassify expense. They may
 complete the review process on behalf of single
 individual or group of cardholders each month.


Statement Review Tab
• Open Statements (default)
• View and Edit Open Statements
Statement Review Tab
• Previous Statements
• 13 months of history
Statement Review Tab
• Cycle-to-Date Transactions appear on your statement as they are posted
by the bank-                                                          38

   Approver Role
   In some areas these duties are shared by various staff

CCER Approver (Dept P-card Coordinator in most cases) responsibilities
  usually include the following:
      reviewing, editing and approving online allocations by required due date each
      Reviewing department p-card purchases to ensure compliance with university
       purchasing policy and procedure.
      Notifying cardholder of non-compliance issue via use of P-card Non-Compliance
       Warning form.
      Notifying department head, and/or p-card administrator of unresolved non-
       compliance issues.
      Maintaining p-card documentation for a minimum of 5 years (including original
      Account Maintenance including requesting new accounts and closure of existing
      Requesting limit changes and blocks/unblocks of MCC‟s (Merchant Category

Example: P-card Account Maintenance Form
Find the complete form online @

Approver Role Review

•   Check Statement Approval Queue approx 6th of new month (before Cardholder
    Review period ends)
     Remind cardholders who are nearing due date to complete statements.

•   Make sure you‟ve completed all necessary approvals by Approver due date
    (approx 15th of month),
     Status should be “Approved” for each cardholder.

•   Print Statement Approval Queue after approval is completed for all cardholders.

•   Department head/manager must review all statements and sign the Approval
     Optional Authorization of P-card Expense Form may be used instead of
       Approval Queue is also available

•   Signed original form must be kept on file with departmental p-card records.


     Approver Experience

     Statement Approval Tab

Statement Approval Queue appears when the statement cycle is ready for review-
Note: Approvers can view individual cardholder statements for the cardholders
         assigned to them: Open, Cycle to Date Transactions, and Previous
         statements from the past 13 months
View Description/Business Purpose

•View the Dept ID and Account Code to be sure expense is allocated correctly
• The description provided should provide a clear business purpose for

• Edit if necessary
Statement Approval



• After review and editing is completed, be sure the “Receipt Attached” box is
• Approve the card expenses by clicking “Approval Complete”

Print the “Approval Queue” screen after approval is complete

                                                                   STATUS IS OPEN:
                                                                   REVIEW WAS
                                                                   P-CARD ACCOUNT
                                                                    WILL BE
                                                                   UNLESS P/A
                                                                   IS NOTIFIED-

    I have reviewed and authorized the above p-card expense for 01/08 P-card
   Signature: ________________________Printed name__________________
       Must be: Dept.Head, Dean, Director, or Business Manager signature
                       (Add the above to your Approval Queue)

          Authorization of P-card expense

 Approver submits cardholder statements to Manager after CCER
                   approval has been completed.

 Manager (Department Head, Director, Dean or Business Manager)
              must review and authorize via signature.

Any unauthorized purchases or non-compliance should be discussed
             with cardholder and, in some cases reported to
                  University P-card Administrator.

Record Keeping
   Departments are required to maintain p-card
    documentation a minimum of 5 years in a central location
   Cardholders may not retain original receipts
   Departments may be asked to provide p-card
    documentation up to 5 years old during an audit (either
    internal or external)
          Cardholder Statement (including business purpose) with
           original detailed receipts and cardholder signature.
          Back up documentation
          Signature form (designating expense was authorized by

                      P-card Security
Lost or Stolen P-card: Cardholders should immediately report
lost, misplaced, or stolen cards directly to:

        Wells Fargo P-card Account Services

Safety online – Wells Fargo does not request or send sensitive
information – such as account numbers or passwords – in an
unsecured email, or by directing you to an unsecured website. You
can forward suspect emails to

Questions, concerns?
University P-card Administrator: Anna Pollworth Ext 6-1795
Purchasing Compliance Specialist: Greg Kunde Ext 6-2964

Check the online P-card site for forms, references and information


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