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       All exhibits must remain staffed and intact until the official show closing at 6:00pm
        Sunday, January 17 , 2010.
       Aisle Carpet will be rolled up beginning at 6:00pm sharp on Sunday evening. It will take
        approximately one hour to have the major arteries accessible for moving of product.


SUNDAY, JANUARY 17                6pm – 8pm        Hand carried goods only
                                                   No vehicle access permitted on show floor

SUNDAY, JANUARY 17                7pm – 9pm        Hall A, B, C & D, “Hook and Go” boats only
                                                   Roll boats to closest roll-up door

Many Boat Exhibitors will be required to move all of their boats and carpet out Sunday
evening, and will receive written notification during the show. It is imperative that there
be plenty of room for the cranes to get into the middle of the show Monday morning.

MONDAY, JANUARY 18                8am – 6pm        Halls A,B,C,D, East Annex (E), Industry
                                                   Building (G)

TUESDAY, JANUARY 19               8am – 6pm        Halls A,B,C, D & Heritage Court

       There will not be any material handling equipment on Sunday night unless you are one of the
        boat/bulk exhibits required to be out on Sunday evening. The forklifts will be returning all empty
        crates from storage throughout the night.
       Material handling is available Monday and Tuesday from 8am to 5pm.
       All exhibitors will receive a move-out notice during the show. It will provide specific details related
        to the process, along with target times for boat exhibitors.

The East Annex (E) and Industry Building (G) must be completely vacated by 6pm on
Monday, January 18th.

Halls A,B,C,D, and Heritage Court must be completely vacated by 6pm on Tuesday,
January 19th.

Please be aware that the Metro Toronto Police monitor both the move-in and move-out procedures,
vehicles, traffic flow, etc. They often check for valid driver’s licenses, license plates, insurance, etc. and
they do have the authority to ticket on the roadways around the Direct Energy Centre (this includes
to/from the staging yard). They also look for dealer plates and paperwork for trailers. If you are towing a
boat on a trailer, you must get a Trip Permit (with no plates) and the proper paperwork from the
manufacturer (bill of sale). Please ensure that your paperwork and plates are in order and accessible at
all times – this will avoid delays for you and unnecessary costs associated with ticketing.

No Parking Zones – Throughout the Direct Energy Centre grounds are many No Parking Zones all
marked with signage. Please be aware that cars and trucks will be ticketed and towed without warning.
This applies to move-in, move-out and show days.

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