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					                                              Institute for Social Innovation

                                          2010 Boston Fellow Biographies

                     Pankaj Agarwal

                     Pankaj Agarwal is a dual degree candidate from BITS Pilani, Goa. He is in his fourth year pursuing
                     Economics as his major. Fields like entrepreneurship and sustainable development approach with profit
                     motive for the enhancement of the economy excite him a lot. He was the initiator and CEO of the
                     business plan project Xenon Technologies which made it into the finals of Eureka'07, Annual B-Plan
                     Competition organized by IIT Bombay. He is a Guest Writer for, an initiative of World
                     Resources Institute to bring together the community of business leaders, social entrepreneurs, NGOs,
policy makers and academics who wish to explore the connection between development and enterprise. In future, he will be
attending the World Business Dialogue at University of Cologne, Germany this March as one of the 300 student participants
from all over the world. In the past, he has worked as a nucleus member of Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) at
BITS Pilani Goa Campus. Apart from academics, he is also a passionate blogger, very enthusiastic about tennis and wants to
learn photography!

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… India and why I want to (or one should) settle down here only in the
Core interests: Economic Development; Entrepreneurship; International
Skills and resources I bring: Crisis management, flexibility, contingent thinking
Skills and resources I am looking for: Initiative, commitment, passion, leadership

                    Amit Alex

                      After graduating as a Mechanical Engineer from Bangalore, Amit was quite clueless about what he wanted
                      to do with his life. The one thing he was sure of was that he didn’t want to become a software engineer or
                      work for an engineering firm like most of his classmates. After spending two years scouting for talent for
                      two of the world’s largest Search firms, he went on to head the marketing & communication division at
                      Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd, a social enterprise in India which looks to provide a network of affordable life
saving ambulance service across the country. Ziqitza’s unique cross-subsidy model allows for universal access to emergency
health care services in a country heavily lacking support in the sector. More specifically, Amit is responsible for using cost-
effective and innovative ways to generate awareness about the availability of the ambulance service to the general public. In
addition, he is responsible for all the external and internal communication of the organization. His passions are soccer,
sustainable development, agriculture, movies and traveling.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Dial 1298 for Ambulance service
Core interests: Entrepreneurship; Food, Farming, Agriculture; International
Skills and resources I bring: Communication, Presentation and Humour
Skills and resources I am looking for: Finance related

                       Varvn Aryacetas

                       Varvn Aryacetas is a transculture kid who is passionate about learning, sharing, and creative problem-
                       solving. He is particularly interested in bringing his experience in enterprise strategy, business
                       intelligence, data analytics, and artificial intelligence to innovatively contribute to global social
                       entrepreneurship. Currently, he is a senior strategy and technology consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton,

where he co-leads the firm’s social entrepreneurship program. In May 2009, he founded Social Entrepreneurs and Enthusiasts
in DC (SEED) through Ashoka’s Changemakers program to bring together innovative entrepreneurs and ideas. He also finds
time to serve as a strategic advisor for IdealPolitik, a consulting firm that helps budding nonprofits flourish and become
sustainable. Varvn studied Computer Science and Mathematics at University of Toronto and S. Polytechnic and applied his
academic background to the study of the science of innovation at the National Science Foundation. The insights from this
experience have shaped his personal vision and fueled his passion for the advancement of the field of social entrepreneurship.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… My frost-bitten ear.
Core interests: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Entrepreneurship; Technology, Social Media, "Web 2.0"
Skills and resources I bring: Strategy Consulting, Technology Consulting, Web Design and Architecture
Skills and resources I am looking for: Finance, Budget, Marketing, Public Relations, Fundraising

                         Neeti Bandodker

                         Neeti Bandodker is an Engineering student pursuing Masters of Science (Tech.) in Information
                         Systems at the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India. She is currently the Editor of the
                         University newsletter ‘The Fine Print’ and strongly believes that every voice deserves to be heard. She is
                         an ardent believer in the power of Microfinance to change lives and has conceptualised a web-based
                         platform for social lending called p2p Microfinance and Allied Services. Her past experience at Ujjivan,
an Indian MFI and her involvement in women self help groups in Pilani has made her only more passionate about driving social
change. She has recently been selected for the Tata Jagriti Yatra, an eighteen day national odyssey meant to awaken the spirit of
social entrepreneurship among Indians and is greatly excited about this journey. She is an avid reader with an eye for
contemporary fiction, an enthusiastic traveller and has a keen interest in History, Indian classical dance and the Languages. And
she loves penning down her thoughts as well.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… India!!
Core interests: Economic Development; Microfinance
Skills and resources I bring: Expertise in Microfinance, Communication and Networking Skills
Skills and resources I am looking for: Cross-cultural Viewpoints, Inputs on Sustainable Scaling-up

                       Carolyn Barnwell

                      Carolyn has identified as an environmentalist since reading "50 Simple Things You Can Do to Save the
                      Earth" and becoming known as The Recycle Girl in sixth grade. Prior to matriculating at Middlebury
                      College, she volunteered for a marine conservation team through the National Trust of Fiji and cultivated
                      a deep love for coral reefs and sustainable food. As an Environmental Studies and Anthropology major at
                      Middlebury, she won a Freeman Asia Award to study international development and human rights in
Thailand. After graduating, Carolyn spent a year in remote coastal communities in the Pacific and Indian Oceans as a Thomas J.
Watson Fellow exploring social and ecological thresholds and climate change impacts in vulnerable coastal communities.
Returning to the US to work within the expanding climate movement, Carolyn currently works at, where she
works with a team of pragmatic environmentalists to help people manage their carbon footprint. Carolyn is passionate about
weaving together private sector savvy with social value and environmental benefit. She looks forward to worthwhile
connections and driving change with the StartingBloc Community.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… What it's like to live on a sinking, flooded island in the middle of the
Core interests: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Food, Farming, Agriculture; Technology, Social Media, "Web 2.0"

                   Svitlana Batsyukova

                   I currently work for International Organization for Migration in Ukraine (IOM) Within my
                   job responsibilities, I act as a cross-sector liaison encouraging corporate sector actors to play a more active
                   role in helping human trafficking survivors and preventing trafficking within and from Ukraine. I have been
                   successful in establishing several joint initiatives with corporate sector. They include CSR, philanthropic
projects and corporate volunteerism. I have worked with foundations, international companies and national corporations such
as Western Union, Microsoft, Leo Burnett, Concern Galnaftogaz (a large Ukrainian retail fuel company), national mobile
operators, BDO (an audit company) and others. In the times of economic crisis I co-organized international conference
“Corporate Social Responsibility: Global Challenges and National Solutions”. The conference demonstrated the value of public-
private alliances, and showed how a company’s strategy may be altered in times of economic hardship to meet human rights
challenges and at the same time safeguard its reputation and brand image. It is my experience that results-bringing projects do
not necessarily need to be carried with significant financial support. I believe that multi-sector cooperation is essential for
fighting human trafficking or any other social evil and such cooperation brings important social dividends to both business and

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… What areas do you have expertise in?
Core interests: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Human Rights; Philanthropy

                         Cat Biddle

                          Cat Biddle serves as the Executive Director of the Nanubhai Education Foundation, an NGO
                          dedicated to closing the quality gap between rural and urban education in India through teacher
                          training, English, IT and soft skills programming. In addition to managing Nanubhai’s programs on the
                          ground in rural Gujarat, Cat also manages Nanubhai’s extensive US-based volunteer staff in their
                          supporting activities. Drawing on her background as a classroom teacher, Cat has overhauled the
Nanubhai program model to make it both a sustainable and scalable innovation for training Indian public school teachers. Prior
to serving as Executive Director, Cat received her B.A. from Brown University in South Asian Studies and her M.Ed from
Lesley University. Concurrent to completing her M.Ed, Cat worked full-time as an Americorps Teaching Fellow with the
national non profit after-school program Citizen Schools where she not only taught 6th and 7th grade but also worked as a
trainer and coordinated support for Citizen Schools teachers both locally and nationally. In 2008, she joined Nanubhai as the
first American field worker to be deployed in their partner schools and crafted the current program model which has been
adopted in all of Nanubhai’s partner schools, reaching 200 teachers and 8,000 children.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Rural education
Core interests: Education; International
Skills and resources I bring: staff management, curriculum development, strategic planning
Skills and resources I am looking for: financial management, fundraising and development, marketing

                     Karim Bishay

                     Cofounder of BetterMeans, an online platform where people can start and join completely decentralized
                     and democratic organizations. Full-Time MBA student at BU, focusing on Non-Profit Management and
                     social entrepreneurship. Volunteering experience in 12 countries across 5 continents. Motivated to get
                     people organized in the cause of justice and God's loving-kindness, for the benefit of those most
                     marginalized and for the life of the world.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… BetterMeans and revolutionizing the way we work together
Core interests: Entrepreneurship; Human Rights; Philanthropy
Skills and resources I bring: project management, powerpoint, strategy
Skills and resources I am looking for: research, writing

Grace Boone

A resident of Oakland, California, Grace Boone is currently the special events manager at a local affiliate of Girls Incorporated.
She uses her extensive experience in sales, marketing, and communications to plan 10 annual fundraising events. Although
Grace began her career in the for-profit sector, Grace enjoys knowing that her work makes a direct impact on the lives of the
girls and families her agency serves. Grace came to Girls Incorporated hoping to learn more about non-profit communications.
She has a passion for social issues marketing, a love she discovered while interning during her senior year. Grace hopes to use
her diverse experience and eventually an M.B.A. to found a marketing firm that will provide support to companies and
organizations that want to use intelligent integrated marketing communications to reach diverse audiences, generate revenue,
and make a meaningful impact on society. Outside of work, Grace is on the board of the local chapter of the Young Non-profit
Professionals Network. She also knits scarves and bakes innovative (think maple bacon and chili mango) cupcakes for friends.
Grace is a 2005 graduate of the Kogod School of Business at The American University.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… just one??? hmmmm...cupcakes or moving someplace new on a whim
Core interests: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Education; Philanthropy
Skills and resources I bring: organization, web 2.0/social networking, volunteer management, communications
Skills and resources I am looking for: energy, fresh ideas, finance skills

Lukas Bouvrie

From an early age, I have been climbing and hiking in mountainous regions all over the world. Upon graduation from high
school, I spent two years guiding in the Nepal Himalayas and then in Alaska. Until the summer of 2009, I lived in Girdwood,
Alaska. During these eight years, I completed my undergraduate degree, flew small ski planes in remote mountains, climbed
committing glaciated peaks, skied in places with dire consequences and explored unclimbed granite walls. Four years ago, my
love for the arts led me to start an arts promotion and management organization. As the first of its kind in Alaska, we brought
new and innovate art to remote areas, set up workshops for local artists, ran an independent record label and published a
quarterly magazine. I also served as a committee member for a local nonprofit art gallery. Over the years, I have been involved
in several environmental sustainability and international development projects. These experiences have fueled my passion for
social innovation. As a first year MBA student at Carnegie Mellon University, I am currently launching a web-based technology
start-up aimed at providing unique and valuable social insights to medium-sized businesses.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Net Impact at CMU
Core interests: Arts, Culture, Religion; Entrepreneurship; Philanthropy
Skills and resources I bring: Creativity, Passion, Entrepreneurial Experience
Skills and resources I am looking for: Industry Experts, Advisors, VCs and Angel Investors

                        Edward Brenninkmeyer

                         I grew up in the UK and came to the US for university. I studied history there, although I always had a
                         strong passion for business. After school I accepted a position working for a management consulting
                         firm in Washington DC, where I worked in the Telecom, Media and Entertainment division. Then
                         together with a good friend, I set up an online resume company called Continue Resuming. Although
                         this hasn’t made much money, it was a lot of fun to set up. I just recently accepted a new job working
for a family retail company in Germany.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Living abroad
Core interests: Entrepreneurship; International; Public Policy/Government
Skills and resources I bring: research skills, powerpoint, perseverance
Skills and resources I am looking for: excel, presentation skills

                Max Bruner

                Max Bruner currently works at the U.S. Department of Energy for the Assistant Secretary of Energy Efficiency
                and Renewable Energy as a Truman-Albright Fellow. As a Harry S. Truman Scholar, he has worked extensively
                on state, national, and international energy and trade policy. In the past three years he has traveled to 22
                countries, primarily in the Middle East and Africa. Prior to DoE, he founded a cleantech and IT investment and
                consulting company, Blume and Bruner Co., and worked with venture capital in Silicon Valley on a large solar
project. Max is passionate about identifying future technology trends and market-transforming business and policy models. His
experience in politics and government, as an entrepreneur, and as an investor drive him to bridge gaps in the public and private
sectors for long-term value. In his spare time, Max is working with a team to develop a package of financial services to serve
young people between the ages of 18 and 29. Max graduated cum laude from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he

helped launch the national policy think tank the Roosevelt Institution and is now a Senior Fellow on energy. He enjoys alpine
skiing, mountain biking and traveling.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Innovative business and policy models for energy related projects and
economic development.
Core interests: Economic Development; Energy; Responsible Investing/Financing
Skills and resources I bring: Experience in business development, public sector perspective, access to human capital, project
Skills and resources I am looking for: Web design, background in finance, access to capital, experience in business

                    John Byun

                   I've had the fortune of experiencing a variety of different viewpoints that have made me want to become
                   involved in healthcare. Some of my most vivid memories over the past few years have been working in
                   structural biology and Nobel-winning labs, teaching children from Harlem and inner-city Boston and
                   helping doctors, fresh out of medical school, take care of their patients. From these experiences, I hope to
                   fashion a fun and interesting career. I'm pretty easygoing and am always up for an adventure. Originally
from Los Angeles, I went to college around Boston and visit New York often. I also love to bike, watch action movies and
volunteer. Hope to meet you all soon!

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Working at Boston's hospital for the underserved
Core interests: Entrepreneurship; Health; Public Policy/Government
Skills and resources I bring: Research, analysis
Skills and resources I am looking for: graduate school exploration

                   Selina Carter

                    Selina Carter was raised in the woods of Maine where she developed a passion for international affairs. She
                    graduated Summa Cum Laude from Dickinson College with a BA in International Studies and Spanish. She
                    joined the Peace Corps and served two years in a banana plantation village of Ecuador. She is passionate,
                    extremely motivated and can turn ideas into real projects "out of the air," without oversight. As a Youth and
                    Families Volunteer in Ecuador, she started 5 summer camps on leadership for teens, and spearheaded an
Educational and Cultural Center project. She was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to Portugal where she served at the
University of Lisbon as an English Teaching Assistant. She created a Theater-in-English group and helped direct her own play
about exploring stereotypes of Americans. Selina is now studying at The Maxwell School of Syracuse University for a triple
masters degree in International Relations, Public Administration, and Economics. She is also a Foreign Area and Language
Studies (FLAS) Scholarship recipient, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, for the Turkish language. Selina plans
on a career in developing countries and emerging markets, helping to strengthen economically marginalized communities. She
speaks Spanish, Portuguese, French and Turkish.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Want to practice speaking a foreign language?
Core interests: Economic Development; Entrepreneurship; Public Policy/Government
Skills and resources I bring: Peace Corps contacts/experience, statistical knowledge, passion
Skills and resources I am looking for: Ideas about how to use economics to help marginalized communities

              Nidhi Chaudhary

              Nidhi has over 8 years of experience in the non-profit sector, with organizations focusing on early and higher
              education, policy and interdisciplinary research, and leadership development. She has dedicated her energies to
              developing programs and creating partnerships between the public and private sectors, bringing together
              stakeholders to combine forces on critical issues. She has also created media outreach materials, supported large-
              scale public awareness campaigns and built capacity within organizations. Nidhi recently returned from a year in
India with Indicorps, an organization focused on building leadership amongst South Asian youth through field-based, grassroots
development projects. In addition to building a communications agenda and supporting Fellows, she was charged with traveling
the country to develop strategic partnerships with NGO’s for future project sites. Visiting 9 different states, Nidhi traveled on
sleeper-class trains, buses, rickshaws, bullock carts, bicycles, and tempos to meet organizations in remote villages and towns. She
has also been actively involved with Asha for Education for the past 7 years. Nidhi can usually be seen behind a lens, with a
variety of different cameras in her hands. Having recently acquired a love of running, she has completed a marathon, half-
marathon, and several other races and has found that running through the streets is one of the best ways to discover a new

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… My travels in India -- some interesting train and bus stories!
Core interests: Economic Development; Entrepreneurship; International
Skills and resources I bring: Strategy planning, communications, visioning, capacity building, needs assessment, partnership
development, cross-marketing
Skills and resources I am looking for: Investment modeling, financial planning, evaluation metrics

                William Chichester, III

                William Chichester, III leads the Retirement & Investment Services division at Rollover Securities, a private
                equity-backed start-up in Charlotte, NC. He is also the President of the Ron Brown Scholar Alumni Association
                and Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Global Passport Scholars (G.P.S.) Program, a nonprofit
                dedicated to exposing gifted, at-risk high school students to international careers and emerging markets. William
                serves on several non-profit boards including the Council on African American Affairs, United Way of Central
Carolina’s Community Investment Council, the Madison House Alumni Council, and the Advisory Board for Olympic
Community of Schools. He is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. and an alumni spokesman of the Sallie Mae Fund's
Kids2College Program. On September 10, he appeared on BET for Viacom's "Get Schooled" initiative. He holds a BA in
Foreign Affairs & Middle East Studies from the University of Virginia where he earned $100,000 in scholarships, the Institute
for International Public Policy Fellowship and Lawn Residence, the school’s most highly coveted honor. This summer, William
will attend Middlebury College to learn Arabic. In the fall, he will apply to graduate school to either pursue a joint MBA/MPA
or MBA/M.Ed.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Career Counseling and Networking
Core interests: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Education; Entrepreneurship
Skills and resources I bring: Strategic Planning & People Resources
Skills and resources I am looking for: Fundraising/Financial Analysis

                   Gautam Chopra

                    I hail from India- a country of diverse cultures and freedoms. I am a passionate debater, a moody poet, a
                    creative writer, and a wannabe jazz dancer. I have been trained in finance and economics- studying in two
                    different continents of Asia and Europe. My studies influenced me to become a policy strategist and I work
                    as a Consultant for the Planning Commission, Government of India-undertaking techno- economic
                    appraisals and drafting plan documents for ministries. I am also the Founder Co-ordinator of a community
enterprise called the Urban Habitats Forum, a forum to discuss sustainable solutions for Indian cities.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… My community enterprise
Core interests: Economic Development; Entrepreneurship; Public Policy/Government

                        Adriana Coderch

                        My name is Adriana and I am a senior in the Enology and Viticulture program (winemaking) at Cornell
                        University. I am Brazilian, born and raised in the city of Rio de Janeiro, although I spent most of my
                        vacations in Chile, where my father is from. My wine interest really began in Chile where my family has
                        been in the wine industry for more than one hundred years. At the age of twelve I fell in love for
                        winemaking and from there on I knew that that’s what I wanted to do. Apart from wine, I have a very
strong inclination towards social work and environmental issues. Being from Rio, I grew up amongst incredible social
disparities. While teaching English to girls in the biggest slum in Rio during high school, I became close to young girls who
struggled in a tiny cramped room overlooking a dirty favela alley while I would return to my school's bullet-proof classrooms
just half a mile away. This provoked a feeling of wanting to help those less favored. I have also established a carbon-credit
exchange company called VERDE Inc. that mediates transactions between carbon-credit sellers in the Amazon and buyers in
Canada. Anyone interested in investing?

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… How to make good cocktails out of wine :)
Core interests: Education; Entrepreneurship; Food, Farming, Agriculture
Skills and resources I bring: Energy, creativity, organization, incredible people skills, dedication, loyalty, trilingual and very
good contacts in South America.
Skills and resources I am looking for: Money, finance and accounting abilities, good networks.

                    Hayley Darden

                   Hayley hails from Washington, DC where she works on Ashoka’s Search Team. Originally from Georgia,
                   she graduated from Wheaton College in Illinois with a degrees in theology and political science, with a focus
                   on urban studies. She first learned of social entrepreneurship while traveling the US to film vignettes
                   describing the intersection between social engagement, vocation, and values. In addition to working for
                   several non-profits, her favorite experiences include an urban studies semester, staffing a hostel on Spain’s
Camino Trail, and studying in Israel and Turkey. When she leaves work, she enjoys DC's free events and dancing.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… The time I was trapped in a German hostel.
Core interests: Arts, Culture, Religion; Entrepreneurship; Health
Skills and resources I bring: Utilizing resources and relationships to achieve unique design and targeted value proposition
Skills and resources I am looking for: deliverables focus

                       Elvira DeCuir

                        Creative, funny, intelligient, compassionate, determined, adventurous, inquisitive, honest, energetic,
                        dependable, ambitious, resourceful, and altruistic are words that give insight to my character. Although I
                        have dealt with the most challenging 2 years of my life: loss of income, short sale of home, spouse job
                        loss, change of job industry and dissatisfaction with work, I am able to still smile, appreciate the little
                        things, and count my blessings. I am a 30 year old college graduate with a BS in Marketing &
Management, who spent 5 years as a business development manager in the mortgage/financing industry and ended up working
for T-Mobile as a retail sales rep for the past 2 years. My entrepreneurial mind-set and love for challenges drives me to pursue
opportunities and succeed in my personal and professional endeavors. I am passionate about education and event planning, and
my hobbies include shopping, watching movies, eating, wine tasting, learning, playing sports, nature, art, traveling, trying new
things, and spending time with my husband, family, and friends. I am excited to be an integral part of StartingBloc and given the
opportunity to contribute.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… What I can do for them....
Core interests: Economic Development; Education; Entrepreneurship
Skills and resources I bring: leadership, creativity, marketing, project management, sales, ability to motivate teams
Skills and resources I am looking for: network, diversity, teamwork, creativity, communication, work ethics, vision to idea

                        Neil Devani

                       I am a native of a tiny rural town in eastern Pennsylvania, currently exploring the various avenues
                       available to one in life. I finished my second year of medical school at Drexel University College of
                       Medicine in June of 2009, and am currently doing an independent study. I've also applied to law school
                       and recently completed an internship working health care policy in the United States Senate. While in
                       medical school I felt connected to what I was doing but I did not feel satisfied with the scope of the
impact I was having or could hope to have. That is when I felt a recurring draw to a previous interest I had-public policy. I'm
currently exploring that interest and I find the idea of entrepreneurial solutions to be highly intriguing. I hope to learn more
about this at Starting Bloc. I love food, including almost every different cuisine, the one exception is Ethiopian, but even that is
growing on me. Finally, I am really interested in trying new experiences, this past year has led me into scuba and skydiving, two
things I hope to pursue further.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Penn State
Core interests: Entrepreneurship; Health; Public Policy/Government
Skills and resources I bring: Basic Science Knowledge, Online Research, Organization + Time Management Skills, Strategy
Skills and resources I am looking for: Expertise in Technology, Marketing/PR Knowledge, Financial Expertise

                 Bhavna Devani

                   With a background in political science research, non-profit advocacy and legislative affairs as well as experience
                   in film production and social media marketing you're unlikely to find someone with a varied and rich
                   background as myself. Although the NE corridor has been my home for the majority of my life I am currently
                   Los Angeles soaking up Vitamin D and looking to get started on an international career in strategy consulting.
                   Start-ups and consultancies are my favorite endeavors due to their fast-paced environment and latitude in job
description. I have been involved with several projects including NeverForget a non-profit which raises political accountability
of elected representatives in India and serves as a site to amass electoral and political information about the country. Recently I
have been working on the production and marketing of "Indian Gangster" a mob-story set in the Indian-American minority
enclave of the US. Additionally a strong interest in Asia and the pacific rim as well as experience and knowledge of Korean,
Japanese and Indian online and mobile advertising trends has begun to influence my own social media free-lance consulting.
Generally speaking I believe the best that corporate America can do is to constantly look to improve itself and provide back to
the community it serves. In my downtime I like to travel, work on my archery skills, dance, cook and when the opportunity
presents itself, scuba dive.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… How can I enhance my online presence?
Core interests: Entrepreneurship; International; Technology, Social Media, "Web 2.0"
Skills and resources I bring: research, working in/starting a non profit, activism through film or just basic film production,
social media marketing, working in think tanks, applying to social science grad schools (MPP, MPA, PhD)
Skills and resources I am looking for: international careers in brand marketing; strategy consulting; political risk analysis

                          Lora DiFranco

                         Lora DiFranco works for ParkWorks, a Cleveland non-profit that works to create, enhance, and
                         activate urban greenspaces and promote energy efficiency in the built environment. She is currently
                         working on a project to create a systematic approach for how to handle the plethora of vacant land in
                         the region. Prior to ParkWorks, Lora interned at Environmental Defense, the GreenCityBlueLake
                         Institute, and Cuyahoga Community College's Green Academy and Center for Sustainability. At
Oberlin College, Lora was heavily engaged in the campus sustainability movement as an environmental studies major and
Student Liaison at the Office of Environmental Sustainability. In 2007, Lora started GreenLight Zine, a homemade magazine
that aims to empower high school and college students to promote environmental sustainability in their communities.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Cleveland's hidden treasures
Core interests: Education; Energy; Entrepreneurship
Skills and resources I bring: project management, environmental knowledge
Skills and resources I am looking for: financial expertise, marketing

                   Nadia Eghbal

                   Nadia is a recent graduate from Tufts University with a B.S. in Political Science and Environmental Studies.
                   While at Tufts, she interned at Senator Kennedy's office and was a founding member of Students at Tufts for
                   Investment Responsibility (STIR), a student-led campaign to promote responsible stewardship of the Tufts
                   endowment. Nadia is currently the recipient of a year-long Compton Foundation Mentor Fellowship. She
works in the Boston area with organizations such as the Investor Network on Climate Risk, the Center for Social Philanthropy,
and Benchmark Asset Managers on sustainability and investment issues. Her work focuses on mobilizing investment capital to
address the risks and opportunities posed by climate change. Nadia likes looking at environmental issues from an
interdisciplinary angle and is excited to combine her passion for responsible investment with that for climate-related issues. She
is currently working on a publication aimed at helping nonprofit investors, such as foundations and universities, address climate
change. Nadia loves to challenge herself through travel and athletics, and is also an avid sewer and collector of vintage and
antique clothing.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… What I think about the environmental movement in the United
States...or what to do in Boston!
Core interests: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Energy; Responsible Investing/Financing
Skills and resources I bring: Being organized; researching; writing; brainstorming; insight and expertise from the groups that I
work with; a lot of literature on climate, sustainability, CSR, investment
Skills and resources I am looking for: Putting together presentations and pitches; any relevant expertise or field experience;

                   Marianne Eppig

                    I grew up without television. Instead, I played outside and read books. These two key influences-the
                    outdoors and written communication-have remained two of my primary interests. I graduated from
                    Dartmouth College in 2008 with a double major in Spanish and Comparative Literature, not realizing until
                    senior year that environmental journalism was a career option. So I worked the system and wrote my thesis
                    about environmental journalism. Since then, I moved back to my hometown in Cleveland, Ohio where I
began working at a non-profit called Entrepreneurs for Sustainability and then a sustainability consulting firm called
BrownFlynn. All the while I have been freelance blogging for the Cleveland Urban Design Center and on my personal blog,
Renovating the Rust Belt, which is about sustainability initiatives in Cleveland and other post-industrial cities in the Great Lakes
region. In my free time, I am building a network for people in the Great Lakes region to connect with one another and
collaborate around projects for urban sustainability. I’m also contributing to a website that provides video news about
sustainability in Northeast Ohio. In the coming years I plan on working on a masters degree in writing about urban

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Sustainability initiatives in the Great Lakes region
Core interests: Economic Development; Public Policy/Government; Technology, Social Media, "Web 2.0"
Skills and resources I bring: Writing & communications, contacts/networking, social media expertise
Skills and resources I am looking for: Knowledge in how to finance an online network, learning from others' expertise &

Alexandra Fallon

                Jonathon Feit

                 I can sell anything, so long as I believe in it. Over the past several years -- since 2003 specifically, when I
                 launched my first venture, an independent magazine publishing company -- I've accepted the plight that I'm an
                 entrepreneur. But beyond the fact that I build businesses, and consult for others on matters of strategy,
                 marketing and operations as they build their enterprises as well, I'm fairly agnostic with respect to industry so
                 long as their is a social-betterment component. My magazine, CITIZEN CULTURE, was named a "New
Yorker for a New Generation," and focused on opening doors into the industry for up-and-coming writers. We also developed
the world's first all-inclusive weddings magazine. More recently, a business partner from the Tepper School of Business at
Carnegie Mellon University (where I'm a 2nd-year MBA candidate) and I are developing a medical device designed to travel in
an ambulance with a patient and transmit their vital information ahead to emergency rooms, so treatment can begin on arrival --
thereby saving lives and costs. In other news: I write a column for, am an amateur photographer, and
recently completely an MBA internship in the White House Office of Management & Budget.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… My dream job is to be president of the United States of America (and
I'd like to meet people who are interested in building political careers from the ground up)... Also: Strategic business
development and marketing on a shoestring and in a fractured media environment (we published 9 internationally distributed
issues of CITIZEN CULTURE Magazine on less than $250,000).
Core interests: Entrepreneurship; Health; Public Policy/Government
Skills and resources I bring: A Masters degree in Negotiations (in addition to my soon-to-be-completed MBA); fierce
networking and sales skills; deep knowledge of the media and marketing industries; personal diversity (I have a disability) and
knowledge of Best Practices in Corporate Social Responsibility
Skills and resources I am looking for: Future interests in business and/or politics; Technical programming expertise (for
databases and Web); an entrepreneurial mindset plus the ability to fiercely commit to a project; an interest and ability to open
doors to high-tech investors, then follow-through and make a reliable pitch (including understanding of mission, social AND
financial value proposition, and technical costs and benefits).

                     Dana Frasz

                     Dana’s desire to create social change developed after volunteering and living with families in South East
                     Asia in 2001. She returned home and was angered by the extent to which she was part of a culture that
                     thrived on waste and consumption in a world of poverty and inequality. While at Sarah Lawrence College,
                     Dana founded and directed "Empty Bellies," a student-based fair food distribution program that collected
                     left over food from the campus dining hall and from local food establishments and then delivered it to
nearby communities in need. She also started the "Swap Box" which allowed students to exchange or donate clothes, books,
food, furniture and other items at the end of the school year. Dana and her Empty Bellies program received national recognition
from the International Youth Foundation's YouthActionNet in 2006 when she was selected as one of 20 young leaders who
were honored for their diligent social change efforts. Dana joined Ashoka with the Changemakers team in August 2007 to help
run competitions to find social innovations to solve global problems. Dana grew up in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine. She loves
basketball, snowboarding, Frisbee, camping, cooking, dancing and music festivals.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Maine, Ashoka, Changemakers, Music Festivals and Empty Bellies
Core interests: Food, Farming, Agriculture; Human Rights; Hunger
Skills and resources I bring: network, passion, energy
Skills and resources I am looking for: network, job opportunities

                 Catherine Fryszczyn

                   Catherine Fryszczyn has a passion for education and the effective management of nonprofits. As a Program
                   Associate for Education Pioneers, she currently supports the delivery of a high quality Fellow Program, aids in
                   fundraising, and oversees event management for the Los Angeles site. Education Pioneers is a national
                   nonprofit with a mission to train, connect, and inspire a new generation of education leaders dedicated to
                   transforming our educational system so that all students receive a quality education. Catherine joined the
Education Pioneers team in 2008 and has expanded her role and responsibilities within the organization by taking on various
systems improvement projects and leadership roles. Prior to her work at Education Pioneers, Catherine served as a literacy tutor
in both the United States and abroad, and played an integral part in the launching of school in South Korea. Catherine also has a
strong interest in women's rights, Eastern Europe, and literacy. She earned her B.A. from Rutgers University, where she
graduated Phi Beta Kappa. Catherine lives in Los Angeles with her husband, where they both have recently been nominated for
Peace Corps service in the South Pacific. In her free time, she sings karaoke and reads about fencing.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is…
Core interests: Education; International; Women and literacy in the developing world
Skills and resources I bring: Event management; fundraising experience; knowledge of; network of graduate
school students in business, law, education, and public policy; connections to education reform in Los Angeles and nationally
Skills and resources I am looking for: Knowledge of international literacy and international development organizations

                 Lilibeth Gangas

                 Lilibeth Gangas has enjoyed making and breaking tools for the past 5 years as a senior Multi-Disciplined
                 Engineer working in the Raytheon Software Engineering Center. As a software developer with an electrical
                 engineering background, Lilibeth has been responsible for difficult design implementations, creating and
                 presenting design reviews in front of senior cross-discipline engineers. In addition to her Software engineering
                 duties, Lilibeth actively supports the Raytheon Campus Recruitment efforts as a recruiter and trained
interviewer, promotes diversity in leadership as the membership Lead for the Hispanic Organization for Leadership
Advancement Employee Resource Group, mentors college women engineers through the Raytheon Women’s Network E-
mentoring program, and conducts workshops at several Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement events to promote
math and science in the community. Lilibeth earned her Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering degree from the University
Of Southern California Viterbi School Of Engineering in 2004. Most recently, Lilibeth was a 2008-2009 Riordan Fellow in
which she completed an accelerated 8-month competitive pre-mba leadership development program. Her professional and
community service experiences have made her passionate towards pursuing her own social entrepreneurship ventures.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Training for triathlons
Core interests: Economic Development; Entrepreneurship; Microfinance
Skills and resources I bring: analytical and technical skills, team leadership
Skills and resources I am looking for: diverse professional backgrounds, quantitive skills, team players

                       Caleb Gayle

                         Caleb J. Gayle attends the University of Oklahoma, where he majors in International Security Studies and
                         Political Science. Caleb is the co-founder and communications/outreach director for the Greenwood
                         Political Action Committee, a grassroots organization dedicated to the political revitalization of the
                         Historic Northern District of Tulsa, his hometown. He is also president and founder of the Gayle
                         Foundation, which was recognized by the Hitatchi Foundation for exemplifying true social
entrepreneurship. Currently, Caleb is researching the connection between comparative development patterns and racial
integration, specifically within Latin America and the Caribbean. His interest in development and racial progress in Latin
America and the Caribbean is rooted in both his background as a first generation Jamaican-American and his desire to improve
the quality of life of people through social, political, and economic means as others have done for him.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… People should definitely ask me about how a 40ft fall from a cliff
inspired me to do the work that I do.
Core interests: Economic Development; International; Public Policy/Government
Skills and resources I bring: Organizational Skills, Able and Effective Communicator
Skills and resources I am looking for: Greater Quantitative Skills and Analytics

                        Sorbrique "Sorby" Grant

                          Sorbrique “Sorby” Grant went to Cornell University and studied Government and American Studies.
                          As an undergraduate she was Executive Director of OnSite Volunteer Services, a local community
                          development non-profit in Ithaca, NY. After graduation in 2007, Sorby joined Teach for America
                          (TFA) where she taught fourth grade self-contained English as a Second Language (ESL) in the South
                          Bronx. In addition to teaching she worked with various non-profit youth social service agencies. One
such organization was the Ya-Ya Network, a counter military recruitment organization that advocated for more robust
legistation and accountability surrounding New York City's Opt-Out policies as well as provided accurate and feasible post
graduation non-military options for low-income minority students. In the summer between her first and second year of teaching
she worked as a Teaching and Learning Intern for the NYC regional office. In this capacity she had the opportunity to plan and
facilitate the first ESL Day, a day-long training for NYC ESL teachers. She has served as an ESL SAT writer, worked as a
Curriculum Specialist for the NYC Institute, and as the ELL/Bilingual Content Curator for Teach for America’s Resource
Exchange. She is currently a candidate for a Master in Public Policy and Urban Planning at the Harvard Kennedy School.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Ask me what I was doing in prison
Core interests: Economic Development; Education; Philanthropy
Skills and resources I bring: organization, planning
Skills and resources I am looking for: networking

                      Scott Gullick

                        I have always loved adventure-- in the woods, on the snow, or the surf-- I've been captivated by the risk
                        and reward of confronting and overcoming each obstacle and challenge that presents itself. I find similar
                        fulfillment in the challenge and reward of confronting the inequalities and injustices that face many youth
                        in America today. As a young college graduate I worked as the director of a high school and junior high
                        summer camp, empowering bay area youth through service to overcome social ills. As an MBA student
concentrating in public and non-profit management at Boston University I worked with urban youth at Year Up in San
Francisco equipping them with the competencies and networks necessary to launch and succeed in a technology career. As one
of Summer Advantage's inaugural graduate fellows, I worked on growth strategy for an education start-up seeking
entrepreneurial ways to stem summer learning loss in urban america. My trek into the world of youth has just begun-- I'm not
sure where it will lead-- yet I look forward to a career that like many great adventures is marked by opportunity and surprise
around each bend.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… My motorhome trip to Alaska.
Core interests: Education; Entrepreneurship
Skills and resources I bring: Project management, growth strategy, program design and implementation
Skills and resources I am looking for: Entrepreneurial opportunities/industry connections in education, building
management teams

                       Arundhuti Gupta

                       Arundhuti Gupta is the Co-Founder and Head of Mentortogether, a unique online and face-to-face
                       mentoring program for under-served urban youth in Bangalore. Mentortogether connects students to
                       professionals based on shared academic, personal or career interests and facilitates the exchange of
                       knowledge, skills and values that help students achieve goals and think about their roles as future
                       empowered citizens. Arundhuti is also a Research Associate at the Centre for Budget and Policy Studies,
where she analyses budgetary processes in public expenditure. In 2009, Arundhuti completed an MSc in Finance (Distinction)
from the Manchester Business School, as a UK Commonwealth Scholar. In 2007, Arundhuti graduated Summa-cum-Laude
from the Bangalore University Bachelor of Commerce program, with five Gold Medals. Arundhuti was a 2009 Future Global
Leader at the Salzburg Trilogue, hosted by the Austrian Government, and a 2006 Goldman Sachs Global Leader. In 2008, she
led a national survey on the civic and political engagement levels of youth in India, for JaagoRe!OneBillionVotes, a pioneering
campaign to enlist more youth to register to vote. In 2006, she was a founding team member of Resurgent India Trust,
executing programs to enhance the employability of Indian youth, which impacted over 2000 students in Bangalore.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… About Mentortogether (
Core interests: Education; Entrepreneurship; Public Policy/Government
Skills and resources I bring: Knowledge base : Education for under-served populations, youth empowerment programs,
urban-participatory governance, budgetary analysis; Skills : High-level ideation on project goals and aims, role delineations
among team members, breakdown of tasks, performance and goal monitoring
Skills and resources I am looking for: Scaling up ventures, Building organisational manpower, Sourcing funds

                       Arthur Ha

                      I have been an economist working on agriculture and natural resource policy issues in Australia for the
                      last ten years. During that time I have come to appreciate the role incentives can play to help improve
                      the environment. My experience working on the BushTender biodiversity auction showed me that if the
                      incentives are right, market based instruments could be designed to encourage private industry to actively
                      manage their environmental impacts. I have also been the Treasurer for a non-profit aged care facility in
Melbourne called the Elderly Chinese Home. I am an alumni of the Asialink Leaders Program. This program was designed to
help train future Australian leaders to develop skills to increase Australia's engagement with Asia. I am currently enrolled at the
Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy where I am focusing on international finance and environmental policy. I want to
develop a career where I can influence private investment into improving the environment through investment in clean
technologies, energy efficiency, water efficiency, and generally lower the environmental impact of economic growth. I hope to
develop practical skills and contacts to help me pursue my aspirations.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Why study finance and environmental policy?
Core interests: Energy; Responsible Investing/Financing; Environment
Skills and resources I bring: Economic and financial analysis, knowledge of environmental policy, knowledge of clean
technologies, knowledge and contacts in Asia and Australia
Skills and resources I am looking for: Internship opportunities at finance firms focused on environmental projects

                     Haroun Habib

                       I am an emerging changemaker focused on engaging in social issues with a global perspective and fostering
                       coalitions that empower others to improve their lives. Having a family from Sierra Leone, West Africa and
                       also haven had the opportunity to travel around the world to such places as Okinawa, Japan, Singapore,
                       and Europe, I have garnered a concern for addressing global health disparities and other social problems.
                       As a public health professional with a passion for social justice I have had experience in a diverse range of
health policy issues, from HIV/AIDS, to health disparities and minority health, to injury prevention and control, to refugee
health and human rights and possess many years of experience on the state/federal/local levels. Service is a big part of my life
and I’ve served on several boards of non-profit organizations, such as Lesole’s Dance Project and the American Public Health
Association Student Assembly. I look forward to bringing my experience and knowledge to enrich the StartingBloc network
through information sharing, networking, and collaboration with other StartingBloc fellows!

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… My travel experiences.
Core interests: Health; International; Philanthropy
Skills and resources I bring: project management, data analysis, brainstorming ideas, research and editing, and presentation
Skills and resources I am looking for: business devlopment, proposal writing, knowledge of social enterprise start-up,
marketing and fundraising for a social enterprise, and other related resources and information.

Daniela Hammeken

Originally from Mexico, Daniela had been volunteering and working in the international development field before starting a
Master's of Public Administration at NYU, where Daniela's focus is international economic development and social
entrepreneurship. As a board member of Bridge and serving as co-chair of the new Social Consulting Club that connects the
public, private, and non-profit organizations at NYU, Daniela believes that working among sectors is the best way to address
inefficiency and poverty. Starting a business with profitable and social objectives and working on public-private partnerships are
two career goals. Daniela is excited to gain more business training through StartingBloc to complement previous undergraduate
study in International Relations and Psychology. Daniela’s experience includes work in microfinance, health, education, and
small business development. Daniela is currently working on a team consulting project based in Tanzania that is proposing an
experiential learning program for university students that will provide grassroots development by growing local businesses.
Daniela is a very active person who loves adventure travel, tennis, skiing, reading historical fiction, and learning new languages.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… my trip to Tanzania for enterprise in international development
Core interests: Economic Development; Entrepreneurship; International
Skills and resources I bring: International experience, research on enterpreneurship in Mexico, Brazil, India, Tanzania,
leadership skills, innovative thinking
Skills and resources I am looking for: Network of people who have experience starting a business, funding sources

                    Jerryanne Heath

                     Jerryanne Heath is an entrepreneur who thinks globally. She is Founder & CEO of ConceptLink Consulting
                     where she helps create effective global communication between groups working for positive social change.
                     ConceptLink is a strategic communications and events firm that has helped several African NGOs raise
                     funds and awareness internationally. Jerryanne regularly organizes conferences and million dollar
                     fundraising events which match world leaders—former United States Presidents, Nobel Laureates,
renowned economists and accomplished Ambassadors—with nonprofit organizations to raise the profile of these organizations.
Jerryanne is currently pursuing two new social enterprise ventures. One is the Africa Social Enterprise Forum, an annual event
she co-founded in 2009 for African social entrepreneurs and investors. The second is a beverage company that will create jobs
and promote sustainable agriculture in the Caribbean, where she was born. Jerryanne has held executive positions with the
Young Professionals for International Cooperation and AngelAfrica. She blogs about social entrepreneurship for Beyond Profit
Magazine. Fluent in Spanish and competent in Portuguese, Jerryanne has studied languages and culture in Cuba, Costa Rica and
Brazil. She enjoys salsa dancing in her free time.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Africa Social Enterprise Forum
Core interests: Entrepreneurship; International; Responsible Investing/Financing
Skills and resources I bring: Financial Analytical Skills (expert w excel), Relationships (well networked especially in Africa &
NY), Fundraising Event Planning, Creativity (FULL of ideas), Resourcefulness (get a lot done with a little)
Skills and resources I am looking for: Legal advice (particularly advice on structuring a hybrid nonprofit/for profit
enterprise), experience with sustainable agricultural sourcing internationally, leads to corporate sponsors, marketing/branding

                    Rohan Hemani

                     I am a 19-year old from the wonderful city of Cincinnati! I come from a diverse background as my mother
                     reigns from Singapore and my father from India. I have been fortunate enough to travel to both countries
                     multiple times, and see myself continuing this tradition for many more years. I currently study Finance and
                     Real Estate and hope to pursue a Spanish Business Certificate in Spain. Academics was the initial cause for
                     my success in school, but I attribute my growth as an individual to my engagement in my community. I have
become directly involved with organizations whose missions align with my passion-school spirit, dance, mentoring, greek life,
student government, and cultural awareness, to name a few. The experiences I have come away with will remain with me
forever and I hope to build on them through events like StartingBloc. I am also a sports junkie and have had season tickets to
the Cincinnati Bengals games my whole life. Please don't bring up anything TOO negative about them as it is a sore subject. I
also love staying active and fulfill this need through tennis, ultimate frisbee, and physical exercise. Anything I missed please ask
me in person!

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Bollywood and Latin Dance
Core interests: Entrepreneurship; International; Responsible Investing/Financing
Skills and resources I bring: great listener, interpersonal skills, communication skills, perseverance
Skills and resources I am looking for: ability to take criticism constructively, great communication skills, ability to work in
teams well.

Danny Hom

Danny works in Los Angeles for a five-year-old nonprofit organization called 826LA. He manages and supports programs to
teach students in one of the nation's toughest school districts about writing. Areas that interest him include the written word,
education reform, and volunteerism. He's been with 826LA since his undergraduate time at UCLA and made the transition
from student to nonprofit sector worker after earning a B.A. in English.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… What have I learned from work that I couldn't have learned from
Core interests: Arts, Culture, Religion; Education; Public Policy/Government

                        Ryan Hubbard

                          Ryan Hubbard graduated in 2008 as part of the third class from the brand-new Olin College of
                          Engineering in Boston. At Olin he received a degree in Systems Engineering and focused on
                          Appropriate Technology for his senior capstone. The summer after graduating Ryan helped coordinate
                          the International Development Design Summit and helped start the project to develop a
                          method to prevent HIV transmission through breastfeeding. Last year Ryan moved to London where
he worked for the web startup During his free time in England Ryan started attending meetups and conferences
related to social innovation and social entrepreneurship. Drawn into the field, Ryan recently moved to DC to work for Ashoka,
the oldest global organization supporting social entrepreneurship. In his free time, Ryan climbs a lot of boulders and
occasionally indulges in some fire performance.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Ashoka!
Core interests: Education; Entrepreneurship; Technology, Social Media, "Web 2.0"
Skills and resources I bring: creativity, human-centered design, engineering analysis, project management, product

Luke Hunsberger

                    Izra Izrailov

                    I was born and raised in Kavkaz, Russia and moved to New York City at the age of seven. I'm currently a
                    sophomore at Babson College in Wellesley, MA majoring in Business Management with a concentration in
                    Strategic Management. Over the past three years, I have worked with a number of start-up companies,
                    including two non profit organizations specifically relating to the higher education sector. In March of 2010,
                    I will be launching a mentorship initiative in collaboration with Babson College through which Babson
students will volunteer their time and services to assist local high school students through the college application process. I look
forward to a very exciting and rewarding experience during the Starting Bloc Social Innovation Fellowship Program this coming

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… I'm always excited and eager to hear what other individuals are working
on and finding ways to contribute.
Core interests: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Education; Responsible Investing/Financing
Skills and resources I bring: Help with research, setting up success metrics, planning and coordinating tasks

                     Leticia Jauregui

                       Leticia M. Jauregui was born and raised in Mexico city, she received BAs in Economics and in
                       International Relations from ITAM and Masters of Science in Community Development and in
                       Agricultural and Resource Economics from UC Davis. Leticia has presented her work on remittances and
                       female micro enterprise development at the Wharton School of business, the Institute for Mexicans
                       Abroad, the OAS and the OECD amongst others. She was selected as one of the top social entrepreneurs
in the world by Echoing Green, being awarded their 2008 Fellowship, and is a 2009 Architect of the Future from the waldzell
institute. Leticia was also a 2009 Latin America Finalist of the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards. Leticia is the Founder and
President of Crea Comunidades de Emprendedores Sociales, A.C where she currently works full-time. Crea is a Mexican
nonprofit that trains and advises low-income female entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, generate jobs and open new
distribution channels for their products. Crea’s mission is to generate employment opportunities in Mexico. Leticia is currently a
part of an advocacy working-group looking to reform Mexican fiscal law for nonprofits and effect changes in Mexico’s
philanthropic culture.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Controlled Decay

Core interests: Economic Development; Education; Philanthropy
Skills and resources I bring: Thorough researching skills and impact evaluation experience
Skills and resources I am looking for: Strategic planning and organizational skills

                     Abhijith Jayanthi

                      I am an IIT-Delhi educated professional offering successful leadership in various sectors such as Oil &
                      Gas Service Industry, Policy and Non-Profit Sector which includes a track record of identifying, soliciting,
                      and stewarding better employment of ICT technology and Youth Focus Efforts. I worked with an Oil &
                      Gas Industry Major, Schlumberger as Field Engineer, providing expertise for acquiring, mapping,
                      analyzing and arriving at decisions in regard to Oil Presence and Extraction for our Clients. I am
associated as one of the working committee member of GU International, an International research and development
association (sustainable development policy think tank) in the capacity of Under-Secretary, Information-GU India. I was also
involved with TakingITGlobal, an International Non-Profit Organization which gives youth a platform to voice their opinion,
as Campaigner/Team Leader for Digital Citizenship, Global Issues. I have held various positions earlier, including Issue Editor,
Understanding Issues for three Issues. I was born and raised in Hyderabad, India and speak English, Urdu, Hindi and Telugu
fluently and understand Italian. I see myself closely associated with areas of traditional non-profit, social entrepreneurship and

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Traveling :)
Core interests: Energy; Public Policy/Government; Responsible Investing/Financing
Skills and resources I bring: Policy Development, Relationship Management, Project Planning/Coordination, Personnel
Management, Cross-Functional Leadership Skills, Strategic Planning, Knowledge Management
Skills and resources I am looking for: Process Implementation, Data Warehousing Skillset

                       Won-Jin Jo

                         A native of New York, Won-Jin has been fortunate to take his interests in economic development,
                         education, foods cultures, and local music around the world. Won-Jin has been to South African
                         townships, where he developed an education curriculum for an elementary school and organized
                         business skills workshops, partnering with local educators and bureaucrats. As an undergraduate at
                         Harvard University, Won-Jin was a fundraiser, mentor, and leader in student-organized groups. The
thrust of his extracurricular activities revolved around teaching young students of refugee families, developing community youth
leaders, promoting civic engagement, and assisting homeless adults in inner-city Boston. Won-Jin’s coursework centered on the
social and economic integration of immigrants in Scandinavia, which led him to study in Sweden. In addition to researching and
conducting interviews, he worked with a local non-profit to help immigrants integrate economically in various suburbs through
counseling and consulting opportunities. His experiences in Sweden culminated in an honors thesis. As Won-Jin plans his next
moves as a social entrepreneur and consultant, he is pursuing his love of learning languages by taking classes in Arabic and
French in New York. There, he also devotes inordinate amounts of time to his passions in design, food, and electronic dance

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… recommendations on places to eat and party in Harvard Square and
Core interests: Arts, Culture, Religion; Entrepreneurship; Microfinance
Skills and resources I bring: work with diverse groups (age, education, culture backgrounds), background in music,
counseling experiences, translation work (Korean, Spanish), interviewing and transcribing experiences
Skills and resources I am looking for: web design, experiences with microfinance, serial entrepreneurship, entrepreneur
education programs

                     Zainab Kakal

                      It was in photography class when I truly realized my inclination to work in the development sector. The
                      topic was cell phones and after much soul-searching, I chose to represent how the hearing-impaired use the
                      cell phone. That summer I applied to be part of an urban-rural exchange program and interned with the
                      Aga Khan Development Network. Living in a little tribal hamlet in Gujarat, India, I learnt not only about
                      development, but also about life. That is when I first heard of social entrepreneurship and its blend of
managerial brilliance with social impact made my eyes shine and pulse soar. I had found a vocation where I belonged.
Admission at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences was a natural progression and since then, I have worked, volunteered and
interned at various organizations functioning at different levels in the social enterprise framework. I have been privileged to be
part of organizations like Intellecap Advisory, Unltd India, Grassroots Development Laboratory-and in the process learn about
issues from multiple perspectives, gaining useful skills and insights. The goal has always been to learn, share and leverage my
understanding to create a more equitable world. StartingBloc is part of that journey.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Recycling
Core interests: Arts, Culture, Religion; Entrepreneurship; Technology, Social Media, "Web 2.0"
Skills and resources I bring: Writing, Market research, Strategy Planning
Skills and resources I am looking for: Financial planning, Accounting,

                     Keerthi Kiran Kanchanapally

                       I completed my undergraduate degree in electronics and Instrumentation from BITS -Pilani. My first job
                       took me to Bangalore, where as a business analyst I worked with major retail giants in providing them
                       analytics driven business solutions. I recently quit this post to lead a for-impact society I co-founded:
                       Youth Factor (yofa). At Yofa we work on projects that explore exciting, novel ways to engage youth in
                       contributing towards social change. Our first initiative is Grassroutes, a fellowship Program for youth to go
on road-trips across India, discover and work with changemakers, do their bit to change the world and inspire more youth into
social action. I love the challenge and adventure that an entrepreneur faces on his way to create value. I am passionate about
ideas that have a positive impact on the world around me. Other than start-ups, I love travelling; I believe travelling gives one
new experiences and fresh insights. I also like reading books, non-fiction in particular. I look at life as a series of experiences
and the anticipation of new experiences is what keeps me going.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Youth Factor
Core interests: Entrepreneurship; Public Policy/Government; Technology, Social Media, "Web 2.0"
Skills and resources I bring: Program planning, Youth oriented programs, community building
Skills and resources I am looking for: Fund raising

                  Justin Kang

                   Justin is an Associate at MassChallenge. Founded in 2009, MassChallenge uses a combination of public and
                   private funds to catalyze growth and jobs by launching a multi-million dollar startup competition in
                   Massachusetts across 5 tracks: Energy, Life Sciences, Digital Technology, Social Impact, and General. All
                   entrants will receive coaching, feedback, PR and networking support. Winners will receive cash prizes toward
                   launching their businesses and will be authorized for additional seed money upon securing matching funds
from outside investors. During his time at Brandeis University, Justin founded and led four organizations dedicated to civic
engagement and social entrepreneurship. He has organized over a 100 students to accomplish the following: 1) A spoken word
charity concert raising all funds for a community center in the area’s largest public housing complex, 2) Fifteen intercollegiate
concerts to combat global poverty, 3) A fellowship program where students travel in teams to areas of global importance and 4)
A green jobs training program for Boston youth. He currently volunteers for the Steppingstone Foundation, Year Up and the
Posse Foundation.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… MassChallenge

                        Auren Kaplan

                        Auren Kaplan hails originally from Detroit, Michigan. He now resides in Venice, California, where he
                        moved to escape the jobless cold. Ironically, everything he is working on at the moment entails self-
                        employment of some type or another. He writes for a blog called (short for Social
                        Entrepreneurship Exchange). He also promotes Toms Shoes online, among other socially-conscious
                        brands, and is creating an online marketing firm that will serve organizations and businesses engaged in
social good. Auren additionally just signed on to help Hub LA with social media as they move forward. All of these
developments have been recent; he graduated this past May (degrees in Political Science and Spanish) and after taking an
incredible road-trip cross-country was determined to a) spend his life doing good and b) not have a 9-to-5. He loves people, all
of them, and enjoys playing his trombone to whatever tune the folks around him are jamming up. He likes to go on crazy
adventures and disregard social norms in favor of unrestrained friendliness and compliments. His ultimate dream is for
everyone on earth to be happy, healthy, well-read and well-fed.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… The real reason why I'm here-what's my deep motivation? You can also
ask me about the origin of my name :-)
Core interests: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Economic Development; Health
Skills and resources I bring: Writing, Social Media, Ideas, Research, Networking
Skills and resources I am looking for: Technical knowledge, Ideas-More Looking to Engage with People And Seeing How
We Can Collaborate

                     Ridhima Kapur

                       Ridhima Kapur firmly believes in the power of the entrepreneurial spirit to catalyse economic, social and
                       human development. Growing up in post reform India, she was constantly surrounded by examples of
                       such dynamism and was determined to be part of it. She took up the challenge during her undergraduate
                       studies and joined AIESEC, the world’s largest student organization that activates young leaders to create
                       change agents. She served as CFO for the local chapter and enjoyed the challenge of being responsible for
the bottom line for an international, not-for-profit, student volunteer organization. Ridhima holds a degree in international
business from the Copenhagen Business School, during which, she was selected for a tri-continental exchange program
(GLOBE). Through GLOBE, she travelled extensively around Europe and Asia and studied in Hong Kong and Chapel Hill,
North Carolina. Ridhima has also represented her universities at a number of business case competitions around the world.
Now her quest for new challenges and inspiration has brought her to the George Washington University where Ridhima is
currently pursuing a master’s degree in international development. Apart from this, Ridhima enjoys listening to her large and
eclectic music library; and loves travelling, especially getting lost in strange new locations.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Anything really. The more new ideas, the better.
Core interests: Entrepreneurship; Microfinance; Public Policy/Government
Skills and resources I bring: International orientation; Communication and presentation skills; Experience in problem
identification and issue framing; Lots of experience working in teams; Enthusiasm
Skills and resources I am looking for: Creativity; Communications skills; Enthusiasm

Julia Karol

As a Bostonian with no sense of direction, Julia likes to take the most indirect route to any location (both through the cowpaths
of city driving and on her general life path). Julia spent four years at Jumpstart, a national early childhood education nonprofit.
Julia’s career at Jumpstart was anything but linear: she held roles in fundraising and development, recruiting and HR, marketing
for a teaching fellowship, developing an alumni network, and managing external communications for Jumpstart’s Read for the
Record Campaign. Additionally, Julia was a founding member and board chair for the Boston Young Nonprofit Professionals
Network. From there, Julia sought the sun in Palo Alto, CA where she attained an M.A. from Stanford University in Education
Policy, Organization and Leadership. Most recently, Julia has made the natural switch from nonprofits and education to private
equity, working as the Director of Investor Relations for the Watermill Group coordinating activities to strengthen relationships
with individual investors and supporting marketing initiatives.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… changing sectors

Core interests: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Education; Human Rights
Skills and resources I bring: energy and enthusiasm, communications experience, big picture thinker
Skills and resources I am looking for: operations minded, attention to detail, idea generator

               Gregory Kho

               As a long time native of the Golden State, I enjoy being at the beach or in the mountains, from surfing to
               snowboarding. Growing up in Southern California provided me with a number of wonderful opportunities; from
               launching a small distribution company, importing pashmina shawls from India and Pakistan, to participating in
               mentoring and leadership programs through the Saturday Business Academy (SBA) and the Riordan Fellows
               Program through UCLA’s Anderson School of Business. I enjoy connecting and interacting with others,
especially when we can create positive change within our communities. Working for Wells Fargo over the past 3-4 years in the
Capital Finance division has allowed me develop a deep knowledge of corporate finance and lending as well as organizational
behavior. Through this experience, I have managed a portfolio of loans from traditional asset based companies to more cash
flow oriented businesses. My goal over the next few years is to merge my entrepreneurial spirit with my knowledge of finance to
grow environmentally sustainable solutions. StartingBloc will no doubt help me achieve my desires. I look forward to the
discussions and the learning opportunities to discover and develop actionable steps that will lead us to the next Green

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… My recent trip to New Zealand
Core interests: Energy; Entrepreneurship; Food, Farming, Agriculture
Skills and resources I bring: My knowledge of finance and corporate lending
Skills and resources I am looking for: Augment my current knowledge of sustainable green solutions

                 Ayan Kishore

               Ayan is dedicated to the application of cell phones and computers for socio-economic development. He is
               currently the Co-CEO of People's Labs, a Pittsburgh-based social enterprise start-up supporting research and
               technology projects addressing unemployment. Prior to this, he was a graduate student at the Human
               Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, and a consultant in the wireless
               telecommunications industry. Some of the early stage social enterprises he has been involved with are
Development Solutions Organization (DSO), and Mobile and Immersive Learning for Literacy in Emerging Economies
(MILLEE). You can find out more about him at

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… How can technology be used to help the unemployed?
Core interests: Economic Development; International; Technology, Social Media, "Web 2.0"
Skills and resources I bring: Technology Interface Design, User Research and Experience, Social Enterprise Business Plan
Skills and resources I am looking for: Marketing, Technology Development, Financing/Funding

                      Nathaniel Koloc

                       I was born in Pittsburgh and did my undergraduate work at the University of Vermont. There I designed
                       my own course of study called Global Human Impact Studies, which revolved around sustainability,
                       international development, and microeconomics. My studies led to an interest in strategic sustainability
                       and the potential of private sector commerce to drive positive change. The more I learned about social
                       enterprise, the more I see it as the most promising strategy for sustainable development around the globe.
After graduating, I returned to Pittsburgh to work as a sustainability consultant for nonprofits, local government offices, and
community groups. I left my job to start a company that produces a consumer guide to green businesses in the Pittsburgh
region. In September of 2009 I sold the company and began planning for a new social venture that helps recent college
graduates build careers in deep sustainability. I see StartingBloc as a great opportunity to find the resources necessary to launch
this venture. Aside from entrepreneurial activities, I love to travel abroad, especially if it involves studying or working. I'm
planning a trip to Patagonia sometime in the next year. I'm looking forward to meeting some cool people at StartingBloc.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Ask me to speak Swahili
Core interests: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Entrepreneurship; International
Skills and resources I bring: Strategic planning, team dynamics, big-picture thinking.
Skills and resources I am looking for: Logistics, technical skills, financial literacy.

                 Aparna Kothary

                 Aparna Kothary graduated from the University of Maryland in 2007 with a BS in International Business and a
                 minor in International Development and Conflict Management. She served as an AmeriCorps VISTA
                 (Volunteers in Service to America) at South Asian Americans Leading Together (SAALT), a national civil and
                 immigrant rights non-profit organization. Aparna is an alumnus of the Semester at Sea study abroad program
                 and is currently the chair of the Semester at Sea Young Alumni Council. She is also currently a core volunteer
for the Karma Kitchen "pay-it-forward" project in Washington DC and the host of a community radio show called "NaanSense
Radio". Aparna recently returned from a 3 month trip to India where she was explored to grassroots efforts to affect social
change in different parts of the country. Aparna is extremely passionate about social justice and is currently seeking employment
which will allow her to contribute her skills and motivation to making social justice a reality. She currently resides in the
Washington DC area.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Karma Kitchen and NaanSense Radio
Core interests: Arts, Culture, Religion; Human Rights; Philanthropy
Skills and resources I bring: organizational skills, innovation, flexibility, work ethic, and a calming presence
Skills and resources I am looking for: strong analytical skills, effective leadership, and the ability to motivate a team

                Jocelyn Krauss

                  As a fourth-year student at Dartmouth College, my studies have included international development,
                  globalization, identity formation, and media cultures, all which are supplemented by my extensive travel
                  experiences and work in public relations and strategic communication. In the fall of 2008 I went on Semester at
                  Sea, a program sponsored by the University of Virginia that allowed me to visit 25 cities in 10 countries and
                  provided an invaluable glimpse into many world cultures. This also inspired me spend the summer of 2009
studying Portuguese and Brazilian culture in Salvador, Brazil. On campus, I am the student intern in the Office of Public
Affairs, a position which corresponds with my past experience in journalism, event planning, and communications. I am lucky
to attend a college where “saving the world” is a common and viable career choice, but that attitude needs to exist alongside
that of a fierce pragmatist, which is why I am passionate about the potential of cross-sector collaboration. A Bostonian through
and through, I grew up in Concord, Massachusetts and attended St. Mark’s School before Dartmouth. I am also an identical
twin, have a passion for musical theater, and can spout pop culture trivia.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Semester at Sea
Core interests: International; Public Policy/Government; Technology, Social Media, "Web 2.0"
Skills and resources I bring: organization, thoroughness, communication strategies
Skills and resources I am looking for: career mentorship and advice, real-life implementation of projects

Emily Kulick

                    Misty Lefrandt

                    A Utah native, Misty Lefrandt was born in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains and somehow found her
                    way across the desert to Virgance, a social venture incubator in the Bay Area, for a summer internship. It
                    was there that she was finally able to put words to the ideas that were constantly on her mind -- changing
                    the world, creating intersections of economic sustainability and social good, and finding a calling in life
                    rather than just a career. It was in San Francisco that she finally found social entrepreneurship and got the
courage up to take a leap into the field. She’s never been the same since. She has worked with children’s music groups from

Kenya, Nepal, and Japan promoting cultural understanding, been a recruiter for Teach For America finding incredible students
to be high-impact teachers in under resourced classrooms, and most recently researched innovative rural savings programs in
Cambodia. Misty currently spends her free time managing 60 university interns working for innovative organizations like
Ashoka, Acumen Fund, Kiva, and Vision Spring, in a student program she started with her husband called Students for Social
Entrepreneurship. Oh, and grabbing sushi on the weekends and hitting the slopes for some snowboarding. Let the innovation

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… What does Virgance mean??
Core interests: Education; International; Microfinance
Skills and resources I bring: A growing network of vetted social entrepreneurs and well-known social ventures. Perspective
and experience regarding rural microsavings programs as well as student-led initiatives.
Skills and resources I am looking for: Networking and knowledge of the field of social entrepreneurship, experience or
interest in savings programs (research or on the ground), and passionate personalities with inspiring and realistic ideas.

                     Curtis Lefrandt

                       Curtis Lefrandt is from Aiea, Hawaii, a small town about 5 min away from Pearl Harbor. Right now he’s a
                       junior at Brigham Young University in Utah studying business finance/strategy and Asian studies. He is
                       very dedicated to the field of social entrepreneurship and passionate about using market-based methods to
                       solve social issues. Curtis has participated in some interesting traditional business internships with
                       organizations like a student-run VC fund, a start-up advisory firm, and Apple. He’s excited to use these
business skills to tackle issues like poverty, education inequity, and climate change. He also worked with social entrepreneurs in
Cambodia, Mexico, and San Francisco‚ and has worked with a micro-savings organization, a tech-based social enterprise, and
Teach For America. Curtis recently helped to start an organization called Students for Social Entrepreneurship, that connects
students to social entrepreneurs such as, Acumen Fund, and Ashoka through on-campus internships. Check them out
at: In his free time, you’ll find Curtis snowboarding, surfing, or playing pick-up games with
basketball, volleyball, or soccer. He’s thrilled to be a StartingBloc Fellow, and can’t wait to meet and collaborate with all of you!

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Definitely ask me why you should never go longboarding without a
shirt on!
Core interests: Education; Microfinance; Responsible Investing/Financing
Skills and resources I bring: Clear and analytical thinking, leadership, strong writing skills, financial modeling, excel and
powerpoint skills, business focused background
Skills and resources I am looking for: Understanding of policy and international relations; passion, experience, and contacts
in fields focused on education, poverty, and human rights; graphic design, computer science/programming, and other tech/IT
based skills

                  Lilian Lehmann

                 “Own only what you can carry with you; know languages, know countries, know people. Let your memory be
                 your travel bag.” Although I consider this advice from Alexander Solzhenitsyn as a personal tent, I have had to
                 pay my (un)fare share in baggage overweight. Born in Switzerland, raised in Portugal, with roots in the USA, I
                 started traveling at an early age and never stopped. BA in hand, I decided to explore beyond the Western
                 World. First destination was Vietnam, teaching English and working with street children. Following stints
included interning at the Swiss Embassy in Singapore, collaborating with a Portuguese start-up on social entrepreneurship, and
working in CSR with an association of multinationals in Portugal. All of these led me to enroll in a double degree Masters
program in international affairs between the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland and The Fletcher School at Tufts University.
The focus of my work in this has been development, Base of the Pyramid markets, and social enterprises and my thesis took me
to Nepal to work on a safe drinking water business model for the BoP. Other interests include the geopolitics of Southeast Asia
and swimming. And learning how to pack lighter.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… My chlorine hero, i.e. the most heartening social entrepreneur I met.
Core interests: Entrepreneurship; International; Philanthropy

                     Mary Lemmer

                        Mary Lemmer has been pursuing entrepreneurial ventures since high school and her efforts have been
                        awarded with grants and awards. She has completed business plans for, pitched, launched, and developed
                        companies in the food and beverage and clean tech industries, and social ventures. She helped the
                        Michigan Economic Development Corporation raise $12 million for its supplier diversification program,
increased online consumer sales and managed online marketing investments for Maggie’s Organics, and has grown her family’s
Italian treats retail/catering business by over 30% since its launch. She has advised individuals and organizations on carbon
instruments and her carbon market research is published on the University of Michigan Erb Institute website. Mary will
graduate in May 2010 with a BBA from the Ross School of Business, minor in Environmental Studies, and College of
Engineering Certificate of Entrepreneurship. In her "free time" Mary enjoys film/performance, horseback riding, rock climbing,
gardening, reading, playing guitar, and plotting her path to make a positive impact on the world. For more information about
Mary visit

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… gelato!
Core interests: Economic Development; Energy; Entrepreneurship
Skills and resources I bring: network, entrepreneurship, business development, finance
Skills and resources I am looking for: fundraising, team building

                   David Leung

                    David has always found it hard to be tied down to any one thing. As a medical student at the University of
                    British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada), he has been heavily involved in the non-profit world while
                    recognizing that the private sector has a key role to play in developing social value. Thus, David’s passions
                    have taken him to begin seeking out the cross sections between non-profit and business, through getting
                    involved in the developing Vancouver for Acumen Fund chapter and founding a social enterprise for the
local children’s hospital. Having recruited senior students from a variety of fields including Law, Journalism, Commerce,
Computer Science and Graphics design, David is interested in seeing the societal impact of an interdisciplinary team of senior
students with specialized skills. David is also responsible for co-founding the Heart of the City Piano Program at UBC, where
volunteer university students (with backgrounds in piano) teach and mentor disadvantaged youth in inner-city Vancouver.
Developing the program and working towards Canadian registered charitable status are also among David’s continued
responsibilities and interests.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… How to bring people together
Core interests: Entrepreneurship; Philanthropy; Technology, Social Media, "Web 2.0"
Skills and resources I bring: Personnel management and recruitment, grassroots organization development, non-profit
management, event planning
Skills and resources I am looking for: Experience in the following fields: supply chain management (specifically regarding t-
shirts), branding, marketing, working with government, cash flow, registering a charity, managing a charity responsibly, turning a
grassroots organization into a fully functional official charity, etc.

                   Ashley Lewis

                     Ashley has been involved in the finance sector since the age of 16 when she completed her first internship
                     with a national bank. That experience was the impetus for her to pursue a career in finance, and since then,
                     she has worked in various positions in commercial banking, government, and investment management. She
                     currently works for Goldman Sachs where she is a Regional Consultant helping institutions, local
                     governments, and nonprofits achieve their investment objectives. Ashley believes in the power of
intraprenuership and how social innovation can make established organizations more sustainable, ethically responsible, and
accountable. Ashley was raised outside of Napa, California and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in International Finance
from Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. She is an avid Bikram Yoga practitioner and looks forward to becoming a
certified yoga instructor.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… How have you married your passion for social innovation with a career
in finance?
Core interests: International; Microfinance; Responsible Investing/Financing
Skills and resources I bring: broad finance skills, project management, and strategy
Skills and resources I am looking for: experience starting/running a social enterprise

                         James Liu

                            Originally from sunny southern California, James Liu is a member of the class of 2010 at the University
                            of Pennsylvania and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the Wharton School and a
                            minor in political science. At Penn, James is heavily involved with the business and social impact
                            movement. He helped create a new concentration in Social Impact and Responsibility within the
                            Wharton School, and co-founded a student group called the Social Impact Task Force, which develops
initiatives related to the intersection of business thinking and social change. James also serves on the board of a club that links
students to internships with social entrepreneurs around the world. During his sophomore summer, James worked at a non-
profit consulting organization, New Sector Alliance, and now serves as a founding member of their Alumni Board. Last
summer, James worked for the Monitor Group, a management consulting organization, and also conducted a research project
on government and social enterprise funding. Beyond social entrepreneurship, which he hopes to pursue as a career, James is
also interested in cooking, running, golf, theater arts, and Chipotle burritos.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Our university's new concentration/major in social impact &
Core interests: Economic Development; Entrepreneurship; Technology, Social Media, "Web 2.0"
Skills and resources I bring: Previous consulting experience, leadership in student initiatives related to business and social
Skills and resources I am looking for: Professional advice, interests on cross-university collaboration

                   Crystal Lo

                    With a passion for the environment, Crystal aspires to make the world we live in a better place. She led two
                    colleagues in creating the champion proposal in a Hong Kong wide competition titled ‘The Youth Learning
                    Project on Pacific Economic Co-operation’ under the theme of ‘Energy and Sustainable Development’. Their
                    recommendation for the mass adoption of used food oil for conversion into bio-diesel is now being
                    implemented in food and beverage operators in the retail malls of her current employer to recycle oil waste
into a sustainable fuel. Crystal holds a degree in Global Business and Marketing from the Hong Kong University of Science and
Technology. Crystal thrives on travel experiences and meeting new people. In particular, she fondly recalls traveling to Egypt as
a group of five girls from four different continents and being nicknamed ‘The United Nations’. Crystal relishes the prospect of
relocating to a new place and discovering a culture different from her own. In the immediate future, Crystal hopes to raise the
bar in her Sustainable Development contribution and make a more direct impact in creating solutions for a cleaner world.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… What spurred your drive in Sustainable Development?
Core interests: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Energy; Sustainable Development
Skills and resources I bring: Presentation skills, problem solving skills, the ability to ask relevant questions, commercial
experience and perspective.
Skills and resources I am looking for: NGO, non-profit, entrepreneurial, Sustainable Development experience or

                 Sara Mansur

                 I grew up in Houston, Texas and attended an international school there my entire adolescence. I graduated in
                 May 2009 from Brown University with a BA in International Relations and a focus in Development Studies. At
                 Brown, I split my time between playing on the women's tennis team and researching social welfare policy in
                 the Middle East. I also spent a year studying abroad in Paris and a summer teaching English in Costa Rica.
                 Since graduating, I have been working with the Houston Mayor's Office in the Sustainability Division. This
office runs the City's environmental sustainability and renewable energy policy. I am interested in national energy efficiency and
renewable energy policy, but my primary interests lie with international development economics and Middle Eastern policy. I
am now looking at ways to merge all of these interests. I speak French and would like to say that I also speak Arabic, but that is
more of an ongoing challenge.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Trying to implement renewable energy policy in Houston, oil capital of
the world.
Core interests: Economic Development; Energy; International
Skills and resources I bring: teamwork and collaborative skills, time management
Skills and resources I am looking for: presentation and speech-giving skills, writing business plans

                  Christopher McVety

                   Chris McVety currently studies business management and social entrepreneurship at Babson College. Most
                   recently, he traveled to Ghana and taught local students how to start their own self-sustaining enterprises. He
                   interned over the past semester with Hill, Holliday marketing communications agency in Boston and will be
                   working with Mullen advertising in the spring. He has used this work experience to lead the marketing efforts
                   of Babson’s Net Impact chapter and promote the organization’s initiatives focused on using the power of
business to become more socially and environmentally sustainable. When home back in Maine, Chris enjoys downhill skiing and
whitewater rafting.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Teaching entrepreneurship in Ghana
Core interests: Economic Development; Education; Entrepreneurship
Skills and resources I bring: Business Management, Marketing

                      Nikola Mery

                       Since Nikola was a young woman, she has felt a deep desire to help others. She has created The Makeover
                       Story, an organization tapping into her creativity and passion for helping others, which provides personal
                       and home makeovers for low income people. She has also created the
                       website, which helps women find a career that matches their passions and
                       skills. In addition, she created and organized the "fIND yOUR pASSION cAREER" conference at her
old high school, giving students exposure to many different fields of study by bringing together top professionals in 20 different
roles. The previous mayor of Waterloo even attended! She recently earned a Bachelor in Mathematics specializing in Finance
from the University of Waterloo. She has volunteered at an orphanage in Slovakia, raised hundreds of books with a team of
friends for Books for Africa, attended numerous Social Enterprise conferences, and travelled to over 40 cities within Europe.
She has had the unique opportunity of representing Kitchener-Waterloo in Miss World Canada, Miss Canada Galaxy, and Miss
Oktoberfest. She loves meeting people who are passionate about helping others and take action! She would really enjoy starting
a social enterprise and also working in a developing country.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… The Makeover Story and using pageants for a bigger platform for good
Core interests: Economic Development; Entrepreneurship; Microfinance
Skills and resources I bring: Project Co-ordination, Motivation, Creativity
Skills and resources I am looking for: Sustainability of an organization, and Funding, and Finance

Elise Miller

                    Kriti Mittal

                      Kriti Mittal is currently in her third and final year of college, pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in
                      Economics with the London School of Economics External Programme. Living in India allows her to
                      interact with organizations working on social and economic development at the grassroots, while studying
                      the rigorous LSE course gives her a strong base in economic theory and application. She has worked with a
                      start up microfinance firm, Sahayata, based in the state of Rajasthan on their first ever Social Impact
Evaluation. Her stint with Sahayata involved a summer in Jaipur interviewing over 100 women living in ‘urban poor’ colonies to
collect data on various social impact indicators and perform statistical analysis to assess the influence of the micro-loans on the
lives of clients. The summer after her first year she interned with the Right to Information Assessment and Analysis Group
(RaaG) on a nationwide extensive study of the RTI Act. in India and its consequences across states and sectors since enactment.
She enjoys traveling, high altitude trekking in the Himalayas and exploring crowded, traditional market places, is capable of
cooking a variety of north Indian dishes and completely incapable of singing.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Microfinance in India
Core interests: Economic Development; Microfinance; Public Policy/Government

                        Levy Monteiro

                          I am a junior at Bentley University majoring in Finance and minoring in Entrepreneurship. I am
                          currently a Residential Assistant and am responsible for directing 51 residents to appropriate resources
                          on campus. Prior to Bentley, I attended Quincy College. At Quincy, I founded Society of Entrepreneurs
                          and I led a group of nine students in executing the first student led business conference attended by 70
                          people including: business executives, entrepreneurs, and preceding Mayor of Quincy. After completing
two years, I transferred to Bentley University because of my interest in finance and the university’s reputable finance program. I
am currently seeking internship opportunities in the financial and consulting sector. I am also open to other opportunities
especially those involving strategic and business development. In summer 2009, I interned at State Street Corporation’s
Investment Services business unit focusing primarily on financial analysis and reporting. In summer 2008, I interned at The
Greater Boston Food Bank as the Accounts Receivables Associate directly responsible for overseeing 2,000 agency accounts:
handling cash, donations, grants, and invoices. Once I graduate I want to pursue a career in consulting to strengthen my
understanding of business operations, specifically the finance, development, and strategic management aspect of business.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… What do I do on my free time?
Core interests: Economic Development; Education; Entrepreneurship

Martin Montero

                 Kathryn Mulligan

                 Originally from Farmington Hills, MI, I graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio last May. Currently,
                 I am the Assistant Director of the Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Miami's Farmer School of Business
                 and work on developing the teaching, research, and practice of SE. Responsibilities include developing social
                 ventures, workshop models, writing and executing grants, branding the Center, working with board members,
                 and public speaking. After developing a partnership with Bono's ethical clothing line, Edun, our Center
founded Edun Live on Campus (ELOC) in 2006. ELOC is a socially-conscious apparel business in the college market. As an
undergrad, I held leadership positions with Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity and Miami Business Enterprises. I have
experience with an international staffing firm doing market research and in the Chief Marketing Office at Ford Motor
Company. I love to travel, read, ski, boat, play lacrosse, and learn about new cultures. I value time spent with family and friends
in Northern Michigan, will forever be a Red Wings fan, and am addicted to NCIS. I have had the opportunity to travel to Hong
Kong, China, and numerous European countries and hope to add South America and Africa to the list.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… The pinata at my fifth birthday party
Core interests: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Education; International
Skills and resources I bring: innovative thinking, leadership, marketing tactics, academic perspective, business experience,
public speaking
Skills and resources I am looking for: financial reports, accounting skills, innovative solutions, supply chain logistics

                   Adam Nathan

                    Adam Nathan is a fourth-year undergraduate at Duke University, majoring in a self-designed curriculum
                    entitled “Leadership and Systemic Change in the Developing World.” Pursuing a career in education-based
                    community development at The Bridgespan Group in San Francisco, Adam has worked with former
                    Secretary of State Colin Powell on stemming America's dropout crisis and at BRAC, the world’s largest non-
                    government organization, where he led a development team for its microfinance initiative. In 2007, he spent
four months working with the South African Education and Environment Project on strategic planning and now sits on its
Advisory Board. He later started the Hope Scholars Program, the first youth entrepreneurial leadership initiative in South
Africa. Adam spent the fall of 2008 in the Southern Cone nations of South America, researching how economic integration and
regional development affected social inequality. At Duke, Adam was elected the inaugural President of the Duke Partnership for
Service, the University's social action governance organization. In 2008, Adam was one of eight Americans to be awarded the
Goldman Sachs Global Leadership Award, and he has also been selected as a Deans' Research Fellow. He is an avid skier,
runner, traveler, and news junkie, and looks forward to meeting you!

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Getting trapped for 48 hours in the Chaco region of Paraguay due to a
drug bust
Core interests: Education; Entrepreneurship; Public Policy/Government
Skills and resources I bring: Field-based knowledge on international development, microfinance, and education best
practices, strategic planning experience, quantitative and financial analytics, leadership theory and communications strategies
Skills and resources I am looking for: Experiences and skill sets from the civic and public sectors, non-profit sustainability
tactics, methods of assessing impact, effective ideas around poverty alleviation

                     Emily Nieman-Muteb

                      Emily Nieman-Muteb has a passion for sustainable development. She realized the importance of
                      sustainable development while living in an orphanage in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Nieman-
                      Muteb currently works as the Director of Student Ministries at First United Methodist Church in Graham,
                      Texas, and plans to begin her master’s degree soon. One of her career goals is to use her background in
                      agriculture and her passion for sustainability to develop a self-sustained orphanage in Congo or elsewhere
abroad. By using agriculture as a tool for income and learning, orphans would have the potential to become the breadwinners of
their society. Nieman-Muteb is a graduate from Iowa State University, where she studied agricultural education and international
agriculture. She has worked in Ghana and Nicaragua through Self Help International. Additionally, she serves on the board for
Living Media International, a non-profit that supports local artists in Mizak, Haiti.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Which Nobel Peace Prize winner did I count as a mentor and role-
model after spending 3 months working with him in Mexico?
Core interests: Food, Farming, Agriculture; Hunger; International
Skills and resources I bring: Organizational skills, research skills, writing skills, public speaking skills, and creativity.
Skills and resources I am looking for: Multimedia skills/resources, organizational skills

                         Ike Nnah

                         Born in Nigeria and moved here at a very young age, and got an opportunity to work hard and support
                         myself while going to school fulltime. As an independent student, I had to work two jobs while taking
                         full time course load. Why some might view that period as a difficult time, it's been a blessing to learn
                         responsibility and to pursue one's goals no matter the circumstances and the road block. I am currently
                         working as a Medical Software consultant/project manager seeing the implementation of financial
software at hospitals. I have supported and implemented financial medical software at some of the biggest corporate hospital in
the United States, and some of my responsibilities as a consultant/project manger are to ensure an on time implementation and
improved work flow. Education is a human right, and the key to prosperity and good life. Education has personally changed my
life and my future. So I have made it my life goal to see how education can be improve the future of African youth. What Africa
needs is not a handout but an investment in education and infrastructure. In order to see this happen, I have started a non profit
with a goal of improving access to education and educational material through technology.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… ET4Africa
Core interests: Economic Development; Entrepreneurship; International
Skills and resources I bring: Creativity, Organization & Presentation
Skills and resources I am looking for: Technical, Web Design & Communication

                  Daniel Nowell

                   I am a fourth year undergraduate architecture student at the University of Cincinnati interested in
                   investigating and pursuing socially minded initiatives through the design and construction of habitable spaces.
                   I am very interested in the sociological and psychological effects that can be enforced through the proper
                   application of social and physical environments. I have lived in suburban and urban locations in which I have
                   borne witness to the state of living that society's disenfranchised find themselves. I do not support handouts
to such individuals, but rather I champion the notion that given the opportunity and the right conditions, these individuals will
climb out of poverty themselves. Of course I'm not all work and no play; I also have a great desire to travel far and wide to
immerse myself in foreign cultures and learn from them. I just returned from Australia where I was studying, traveling and
working for 6 months and though i realize that the culture barrier between the US and Australia is far thinner than many other
countries, it has wet my appetite for more. There's no use jumping in the deep end before learning how to swim.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… The role of design in shaping the future.
Core interests: Arts, Culture, Religion; Human Rights; Responsible Investing/Financing
Skills and resources I bring: Creative thinking, Presentation aesthetics, Leadership, Communication & Collaboration
Skills and resources I am looking for: Financial & Investment knowledge, Political know-how

Nwando Obele

                        Eleni Orphanides

                       Hi! My name is Eleni Orphanides, and I am a senior at MIT studying economics and public policy. A
                       first-generation Cypriot American, I grew up in Virginia. I spent last summer in Cyprus working on a
                       project to encourage reconciliation between Greek and Turkish Cypriots. I’m a founding member of
                       BLISS (Business and Life Skills School), an initiative that aims to improve the lives of working children
                       in Pakistan by encouraging school enrollment with a system of financial incentives. I’m also an active
member of the MIT Chapter of Amnesty International. In my free time, I love to bike along the Charles and drink hot
chocolate from Burdick in Harvard Square.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… BLISS
Core interests: Health; Human Rights; Public Policy/Government

                Viral Patel

                 My sense of obligation to the underserved is the motivation behind my academics and involvement. In high
                 school, I started Multi-Cultural club which used creative programming to effectively raise cultural awareness
                 while raising money to sponsor education for a child in Cambodia. Here, I began to understand the importance
                 and roles of personal relationship building and collaboration in business and leadership. In college, I built on
                 this understanding and serve as co-founder and President of Ohio State University’s first umbrella organization,
South Asian Student Association. SASA serves as an avenue to develop political agency for the South Asian community. SASA
has effectively unified what was once a fragmented community, and increased our clout at our university. Additionally, I serve as
co-founder and President of OSU’s chapter of the non-profit medical relief organization “Project Nicaragua.” Our chapter
focuses on developing initiatives to provide eye-care for the rural and urban poor of Nicaragua. Currently, we are developing an
Ophthalmology fellowship at OSU Medical Center to train a medical resident from Nicaragua while exploring strategies to
effectively route medical supplies from America to clinics in Nicaragua. I study Economics and Microbiology, and in my spare
time play for the OSU Club Cricket team.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… My plans for the summer.
Core interests: Economic Development; Health; Public Policy/Government
Skills and resources I bring: Effective identification of valuable resources/allies, strong understanding and communication of
underlying frameworks and their implications, bringing together and mediating wide varieties of personalities and strengths
Skills and resources I am looking for: Action oriented individuals, well versed in specific technical skills [especially legal or
technology related]

                    Will Patrick

                     Born and bred in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, I attended Chapel Hill High School and then moved just 15
                     miles down the road to Duke University. At Duke, I have studied mechanical engineering while spicing
                     things up with classes in public policy, political science, environmental science, and music. My core interest is
                     utilizing technology to make systemic, societal impact. This includes the design of the technology innovation
                     itself and the business model needed for its scaled dissemination. I've worked on water purification and solar
lighting start-ups in India and Uganda and have served as President of Engineers Without Borders at Duke. Other
interests/hobbies include: green design; alternative energy; racial and ethnic disparities; education policy; playing the drum set,
djembe, and bongos; playing basketball and running; watching Duke and UNC basketball; Snowboarding; international travel.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… All-nighter spent re-programming solar home systems in a dusty
warehouse in Karnataka, India.
Core interests: Energy; Entrepreneurship; Technology, Social Media, "Web 2.0"
Skills and resources I bring: Technical (engineering), leadership/management, for-profit start-up considerations, quantitative
analysis, presenting to audiences, developing pitches and presentations.
Skills and resources I am looking for: Knowledge of non-profit operations, skills/knowledge of government organizations
and functions

                       Saurav Patyal

                       Saurav Neel Patyal is currently pursuing his final year of undergraduate studies in Electrical&Electronics
                       Engineering and Economics at BITS Pilani, India. Having taken this program for his dual interest, its long
                       duration has led into an academic overdose! With keen interest in Game Theory and econometric
                       modeling, he has researched on the strategic business transformation of the Indian Railways. In the past,
                       he has worked for a year on a start-up initiative to create sustainable vocational training for Indian Youth
as a business developer. He has also led student teams at the Entrepreneurship Cell of BITS Pilani, CEL (Center for
Entrepreneurial Leadership) as a Vice President to structure and execute events of an international scale. He is also the senior
member of the financial committee which oversees the financial transactions in the national annual sports competiton of BITS
Pilani. Most recently, he has co-founded a non-profit currently working in rural Andhra Pradesh, India called Parivartan
Foundation which aims at community development by treating beneficiaries as equal partners in progress. Saurav is an avid

literary fantasy fiction fan and loves watching the works of Scorsese and Tarantino too. An existentialist, he loves a discussion
on life and the reason to live.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… What would I prefer; a pet dragon, a flying carpet, a griffin or an
obedient djinn?
Core interests: Economic Development; Entrepreneurship; Public Policy/Government
Skills and resources I bring: experience in grass root level initiatives, first hand working experience in rural areas and
community development, experience with start ups, business modeling, conceptualising and executing events on large scales,
leading student teams, network of professionals in the developmental sector, pro bono services
Skills and resources I am looking for: pro bono services, skill in large scale value creation, global impact, scaling up
organizations, fund raising, network building, strategic consulting

                Dawn Powell

                 In a psychology course last semester, Dawn Powell discovered her top two character strengths: “love of
                 learning” and “curiosity and interest in the world”. A San Diego native and senior at the University of Southern
                 California, Dawn studies International Relations, Spanish, and Portuguese. Throughout her undergraduate
                 career, she has completed microfinance impact evaluations in Ecuador, implemented educational camps in
                 Ghana and Mexico, and studied abroad in Brazil and Argentina. She is currently researching China’s expanding
economic relations with Latin America. As an intern for the USC Marshall Society and Business Lab, Dawn also enjoys
exploring her interest in social business as a model for sustainable development. When she is not traveling or studying, she
teaches an after school program in south central Los Angeles. Dawn plans to move back to Brazil after graduation, where she
hopes to work on a poverty alleviation program in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro and hone her samba skills. In the future, she
would like to pursue an MBA or masters in International Development.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Why I love Brazil!
Core interests: Entrepreneurship; International; Microfinance
Skills and resources I bring: Latin American field experience, Political Economy, Portuguese, Spanish
Skills and resources I am looking for: Business knowledge

                         Shipra Prakash

                         I was born in Hong Kong and lived there until the age of 18. I then pursued by Bachelor of Arts (BA)
                         degree in Tourism Business Management from Birmingham University, and upon graduation, worked
                         for Australian-based non-profit consulting companies. After a year of this, I moved to the United
                         States (US) and worked as a journalist for MediaGlobal, a non-profit organization based in the United
                         Nations, where I interviewed those heading social innovation organizations and then wrote articles
about the work they do, and then as a Fellow at Public Allies, where I worked on entrepreneurial projects. I have also
participated as a Delegate to conferences in Washington and Boston that have focused on economic, health, education and
entrepreneurial/business policy.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Which work experience I liked best, and why
Core interests: Education; Entrepreneurship; Public Policy/Government
Skills and resources I bring: Business plan creation, writing, budgeting, strategic planning
Skills and resources I am looking for: Finance, marketing, funding creation (attracting donors)

                 Rebecca Price

                 Rebecca has been a resident of the Boston-area for 7 years and is dedicated to creating effective and
                 sustainable solutions to address racial and economic injustice both locally and globally. Most recently Rebecca
                 spent 6 months consulting for a small Non-Governmental Organization, which works with Burmese refugees
                 along the Thai/Burma boarder. Rebecca serves as the Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of Spontaneous
                 Celebrations and is also a founding member of JP Unidos. She received her undergraduate degree from the
University of Michigan and holds a Masters in Education from the Harvard School of Education.
One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Working and Traveling in Southeast Asia
Core interests: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Economic Development; Human Rights
Skills and resources I bring: visioning, strategic planning, facilitation
Skills and resources I am looking for: financial management, marketing

                        Marco Puccia

                           Marco Puccia is a blogger and entrepreneur committed to creating and supporting innovative solutions
                           for combating global poverty. His website,, explores the interrelationship between
                           business and global development -- tackling a range of topics including cause marketing, corporate
                           social responsibility, impact investing, social enterprise. Marco’s own startup venture, International
                           Transparency Solutions, provides social investors with the due diligence and investment oversight
services they need to invest more effectively and responsibly in the developing world-a critical step toward creating a more
comfortable and secure investment climate in a part of the world prime for new growth opportunities! Marco graduated with
honors in global studies from Culver Military Academy, and earned a dual-degree from American University in International
Studies and Economics. He’s had a lot of very cool and fun working experiences, but his favorite by far was his time working
for an e-commerce company in Nairobi, Kenya. You’re most likely to find Marco sitting in a coffee shop working or reading, in
an airport lounge waiting to go somewhere new and exciting, or on the seat of a bike enjoying beautiful scenery and a good 20-
30 mile ride to clear his head!

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Anything! I want to know how I can help YOU!
Core interests: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Economic Development; Entrepreneurship
Skills and resources I bring: Blogging/"Social Media" attention and/or consulting, strategic consulting, access to my network
Skills and resources I am looking for: I'm looking for energetic and passionate people to join me in developing and launching
Transparency Solutions, as well as somebody who can help me build a client portal!

                 Kyle Quinn

                  Kyle, 20, is a Michigan native pursuing a degree in Accounting at the University of Cincinnati in the Carl H.
                  Lindner Honors-PLUS Program. He is employed by Ernst & Young and the Orange Bowl Committee. At UC,
                  Kyle was appointed by Ohio Governor, Ted Strickland, as the Undergraduate Trustee to the University’s
                  Board of Trustees. He is a campus leader on the Interfraternity Council, NightWalk Safety Board, and in his
                  Fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha. He is also a National Finalist in the PricewaterhouseCoopers xTax Competition.
Kyle is a former Business Professionals of America President and National Champion in Global Marketing. In 2007, he chaired
Teen Summit, the nation’s largest convention dedicated to the prevention of Teen Victimization. A proud Spanish-speaker, he
often travels abroad and volunteers. He was a guest speaker at his local Sam’s Club Grand Opening and was named Rotary
Citizen of the Year. Kyle graduated as Salutatorian of his high school while dual-enrolling at Central Michigan University. He
was a three-sport athlete in Football, Wrestling, and Track after competing 10 years in gymnastics. His brother is a wrestler at
CMU and his father is the Head Football Coach at the University at Buffalo.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… My life-changing car accident three months ago
Core interests: Education; International; Public Policy/Government
Skills and resources I bring: A second language, initiative, connection, humor, personality, experience
Skills and resources I am looking for: Diversity, other experiences, knowledge

              Gustavo Quiroga

              I am a rising social entrepreneur currently developing a business in the green building materials industry. At the
              core of this opportunity is a mission to deliver truly sustainable building solutions to markets where green design
              practices have traditionally been out of reach while also reinvesting in the world’s precious natural capital. My
              professional experience ranges from government work with the Renewable Energy Trust in Massachusetts,
              political campaign organizing, to collaborating on managing a non-profit green jobs development organization. In
all of my work I have remained focused on ideas and approaches that address the broader climate crisis while helping to
empower individuals to build sustainable and just solutions in their local communities. A Boston native, I graduated from the
University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in International Studies, and studied in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A serial
traveler, I have visited and explored over 20 countries around the world. I love to engage the natural environment at any chance,
skiing, hiking, and biking across New England. I am interested in green building, clean energy, climate policy, design, urban
planning, community organizing, sustainable and international development, US and global politics, art, history, food, music and
meeting new and interesting people!

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Whats the fiercest creature you encountered while hiking through the
jungle in Malaysian Borneo?
Core interests: Economic Development; Entrepreneurship; Sustainability and green building
Skills and resources I bring: Business plan development, green building design knowledge, writing, marketing strategy,
campaign organizing
Skills and resources I am looking for: Design and engineering skills, web design, business strategy consulting

                       Chandan Raj

                         Chandan Raj is a Bengaluru (Bangalore) based software professional cum social entrepreneur. He is the
                         co-founder of Aashayein Foundation, an NGO empowering underprivileged children through
                         education. He is part of the core team driving the activities and projects of Aashayein across regions
                         impacting the lives of close to 25,000 children. He is also part of the Leadership Team at Net Impact
                         Bangalore Professional Chapter serving as the Marketing Chair. Chandan is currently working as a
Senior Software Engineer with Sterling Commerce, India. He is part of the Product Support team providing conceptual and
technical leadership to the team for quick resolution of customer issues. Driven by his passion for innovation, he had
conceptualized and prototyped an iPhone application for Sterling product which was recognized and appreciated by his CEO
and VPs, and is now being implemented as a live application. He is one of the core members driving the activities of Prerna
Foundation, the CSR group of Sterling Commerce India. A Computer Science engineer from BMS Institute of Technology, an
exceptional student, acted as the batch placement coordinator and has won many accolades from various college fests. An
amateur photographer, foodie, loves traveling, movies, cricket, football and F1.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Eureka-my next social venture!
Core interests: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Education; Human Rights
Skills and resources I bring: thought leadership, technology, volunteer relations, team management and coordination
Skills and resources I am looking for: finance planning, cross-sector partnership, operational framework and expansion

                     Akash Raman

                     A graduate student at the Harvard University, Akash draws inspiration from the unsung social
                     entrepreneurs and their ventures across India. He is a graduate from BITS-Pilani, Goa, India, and was the
                     founder of the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL), which promotes entrepreneurship in his
                     university. Attracted to the incredible community provided by StartingBloc, Akash wishes to tap into the
                     network of like-minded individuals, and has resolved to be an agent of change particularly in the education
and energy sectors and development at the BoP. Akash currently leads one of India's largest alumni run initiatives for higher
education-BITS2MSPhD consisting of over 2500 students, and also works for, an online platform which brings
together NGOs and potential donors assisting in creating opportunities for the millions of underprivileged children in India.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… My plans to create excitement in the Indian youth about Social
Core interests: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Education; Entrepreneurship
Skills and resources I bring: Presentations & Public Talks, Business Development and Strategy, Negotiations, Networking
with Entrepreneurs and Industry Experts, Resource Generation and Event Management
Skills and resources I am looking for: Consulting, CSR, Non-profits, Education

                        Jayanth Rasamsetti

                        One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Short film making skills
                        Core interests: Education; Energy; Entrepreneurship

                        Ankur Saxena

                           I am an engineering graduate from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur, and
                           was among the top 0.01% students in the All-India merit list. I am currently working as a management
                           consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers, where I am the youngest team member and also the only
                           engineering graduate among a team of chartered accountants and MBAs in finance. I have actively
                           applied to and secured fellowships related to social development to network and learn from like-minded
people across the world. I secured a lifetime fellowship of Engineers for Social Impact (a StartingBloc and MIT Sloan alumni
initiative in India) due to which I got a taste of social entrepreneurship. I developed the business plan of an online social
venture, after close interactions with social entrepreneurs, non-profits and sector experts. I also conceptualized a fellowship
program ( to engage professionals to volunteer for short-term consultancy projects for non-
profits in India. I am especially interested in financial innovation for social development and would like to switch full-time to
pursue my passion.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… My experience of social entrepreneurship especially the learning from
my interactions with some of the greatest social entrepreneurs, social sector experts and non-profits doing stupendous work in
Core interests: Economic Development; Microfinance; Responsible Investing/Financing
Skills and resources I bring: Knowledge and experience in finance, strategy, process reengineering, change management,
technology and general awareness of the challenges faced by non-profits in India. I also have the ability to think out-of-box!
Skills and resources I am looking for: People with skills in marketing , branding, human resource management, and/or
experience of leading ventures

John Scott

John C. Scott is a junior, who currently attends Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. John is a Finance and Banking major with
minors in Arabic and Economics. John is extemely active on the campus of Lincoln University. He currently serves as the
Executive Treasurer for the Student Government Association, Vice President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc NU Chapter,
and a Trustee for the Boys 2 Men Mentoring Program. In 2008, John was the recipient of the Young People For Fellowship.
John is currently in the planning stages of creating a student run investment club. The primary goal of the investment club is to
invest in companies that are socially responsible. He hopes that social activism on campus will not just end with him, but will
become a pillar of Lincoln University. In his free time, John enjoys reading the New York Times, traveling abroad, and tracking
stocks in the stock market.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… What makes you passionate about economic empowerment?
Core interests: Economic Development; International; Public Policy/Government

                       Mike Shafarenko

                       I am a first-generation American who speaks Russian fluently, plays the violin and electric bass, and has a
                       great passion for entrepreneurship (of the social and other variety). I really like Indian food and Chipotle
                       burritos, the Beatles, RJD2 and Radiohead, and playing racquetball (time permitting). Since graduation in
                       2005 from Case Western Reserve University, I have collaboratively created and implemented: an internal
                       internship program for my alma mater, an experiential entrepreneurship program between CEOs and

university students, and a citizen engagement program focused on increasing local government collaboration and efficiency in
the 16 counties of Northeast Ohio. Presently, I am the Manager of Finance and Operations as well as Secretary for the Fund for
Our Economic Future. The Fund is a collaboration of over 60 philanthropic entities working collaboratively to strengthen the
Northeast Ohio region's economic competitiveness through grantmaking, research and civic engagement. Since its inception in
2004, the Fund has raised $60 million and made nearly $50 million in grants to non-profit organizations that focus on
entrepreneurial development, innovation, workforce development, racial and socioeconomic inclusion and government
collaboration and efficiency.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… What I'm really excited about in 2010
Core interests: Economic Development; Entrepreneurship; Philanthropy
Skills and resources I bring: Idea generation and synthesis, action and outcome orientation, diverse perspectives
Skills and resources I am looking for: Organization, analytical ability, content expertise, national/global experience

                         Achyutha Sharma

                          Coming from a multi-disciplinary background and experience, I have gravitated from creative arts,
                          fashion, inter-disciplinary design to retail, branding, strategy and social entrepreneurship giving me a
                          holistic approach to what I do and its impact. I’m currently working as an associate for Branding and
                          Strategy to a retail design firm in Bangalore, India. Additionally, I’m the director a charitable trust that
                          supports social innovation in India. I have a varied professional experience in apparel design, fashion &
lifestyle products, trend forecasting, Indian consumer insight, retail design, retail strategy, branding & identity, communication
strategy & design and worked with retail companies, apparel brands, luxury market, start-up organizations and non-profit sector.
My areas of interest are in cultural studies, trends, ethical consumption, social innovation, creative economy, sustainable design
and strategy. The most important qualities for me: Aesthetics, Passion and Values has defined me, transformed me and
translated in my work. My vision is to create/facilitate organizations and brands that are authentic, creditable and relevant to a
sustainable future.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Indian Creative industry
Core interests: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Education; Entrepreneurship
Skills and resources I bring: Design innovation & Communication, Branding, Retail strategy & trends, Fashion, cultural &
social impact in business, Indian insight.
Skills and resources I am looking for: Fund raising, networking, business & organizational strategy, Social entrepreneurship,
building organizational resources.

                         Kacie Sherman

                          Kacie Sherman is the Senior Programming and Communications Coordinator at The Center for
                          Effective Philanthropy (CEP), a nonprofit that helps philanthropic funders improve their effectiveness
                          and impact. CEP pursues its mission through data collection and research that fuel and inspire
                          assessment tools, research publications, and programming. At CEP, Kacie coordinates CEP's
                          conferences and events, communicates CEP's mission, markets CEP's resources, and has recently
become CEP's official Web/Twittermaster. Kacie graduated from Middlebury College, and studied abroad in Dakar, Senegal. In
Dakar, Kacie researched the city's waste management system and the governmental, NGO, and grassroot efforts to improve the
city's sanitation. Before working at CEP, Kacie interned at the American Red Cross headquarters, working in their Preparedness
Department, and at the William J. Clinton Foundation's HIV/AIDS Initiative. At the Institute, Kacie is interested in learning
how other Fellows are creating and encouraging social change in a variety of fields, and what knowledge and resources like-
minded people have found most beneficial in their efforts to make the world a better place. On a more personal note, Kacie
enjoys being outdoors, skiing, pub trivia, Vermont, and trying not to hurt herself while training for a half-marathon.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… I'm planning on applying to graduate school this year, and would love
to hear about how others made graduate school decisions.
Core interests: Human Rights; Hunger; Philanthropy
Skills and resources I bring: general philanthropy knowledge, communications, marketing, social media
Skills and resources I am looking for: partnerships across/within sectors, CSR knowledge, non-foundation financing, public

                   Jess Shorland

                    Jess Shorland is passionate about international development through the private, non-profit, and public
                    sectors. She began her work with WOMEDA, a grassroots non-profit focusing on women's legal rights in
                    northwestern Tanzania, in the summer of 2008. The organization works to provide women with free legal
                    counsel as well as helping to build a more stable adn transparent legal infrastructure in Tanzania. Jess has
                    since been back to Africa in the summer of 2009 to work with WOMEDA, as well as several other non-
profit agencies in Eastern Africa in microfinance, education, and community organizing. Jess is currently a senior at the
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill majoring in Peace, War and Defense. On campus, she founded Uncharted, a
magazine dedicated to highlighting how art addresses local, national, and global issues. She has a very competitive side and
enjoys emasculating men when she defeats them in Madden. She reads UN and International Crisis Group reports in her spare
time and is currently training for a half marathon. She is looking to expand her entrepreneurial knowledge and experience of
international development into the private sector.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Development through the private sector in Sub-Saharan Africa!
Core interests: Economic Development; Entrepreneurship; International

                     Alex Simon

                     A sophomore at the George Washington University majoring in International Affairs, Alex is founder of
                     Students 4 Sustainability (, an organization that supports entrepreneurs in the developing world
                     through marketplace provision and microlending. Alex is founder and director of Youth Microcredit
                     International (, an organization with chapters in high schools around the country that encourages
                     students to invest in and spread awareness about microcredit. He is a Director of Special Projects for The
Microfinance Forum ( and is University Editor for Microfinance Focus Magazine (
Alex represents Massachusetts on the National Youth Council for the US Public Service Academy. The Academy, currently a
bill in the US House of Representatives and Senate, would establish the first tuition-free undergraduate institution dedicated to
developing the future leaders of the public sector ( Alex is currently a UELIP Junior Associate in
the office of the Chancellor Michelle Rhee at the DC Public School system.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… A student delegation to the microcredit summit in nairobi this April.
Core interests: Entrepreneurship; Microfinance; Philanthropy
Skills and resources I bring: partnership opportunities with student groups, artisan groups, microfinance leaders, young
Skills and resources I am looking for: organizational growth/sustainability, web stuff

                    Sarabjeet Singh

                      I am an Associate at Samhita Enterprises, a social enterprise funded by Nadathur Holdings and Investments.
                      I am an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology and possess special interests in technology, social
                      innovation, climate-change and international relations. I have worked on Artificial Intelligence in University
                      of Stuttgart and at CSAIL, MIT. I am extremely passionate about business, entrepreneurship and
                      globalization. During college, I founded a local chapter of the world's largest student organization, AIESEC.
I was an Indian Youth delegate to the UNFCCC’c Climate Change Conference COP15 this year and have worked on media and
policy on an international level. I am a 2009 fellow of the ‘Engineers for Social Impact’ program and an alumnus of the TATA
Jagriti Yatra’08. I run a youth portal ‘Let Me Know’ which shares opportunities with the youth and also work as an Online
Evangelist for Acara Institute, a non-profit which incubates social businesses.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Music
Core interests: Economic Development; Philanthropy; Technology, Social Media, "Web 2.0"
Skills and resources I bring: Business Analysis, Technology, Team Management, Leadership

                     Maria Springer

                      For the past five years, I have worked towards social change in partnership with different communities
                      including: incarcerated youth and gang members, incarcerated sex-offenders in Spain, UCLA day laborers
                      fighting for a just labor contract, inner-city high school students, female victims of domestic abuse, the
                      indigenous Mapuche people of Chile, orphaned African immigrants in Portugal and street youth in Kenya.
                      A graduate of UCLA, I have lived in Chile, Portugal and Spain. I am currently partnering with former
street boy turned entrepreneur Wiclif Otieno to launch Kito International. Kito International partners with street youth to
harness their entrepreneurial spirit, providing the training, education and resources they need to launch their own micro-
enterprise, become self-sufficient and move beyond the streets forever. We hope to launch in Kenya and franchise our model
worldwide. Our work is currently profiled on the Unreasonable Marketplace, hosted by the Unreasonable Institute. This
biography wouldn't be complete without mentioning my love for my best friends, family, reggaeton, reggae, politics, nonviolent
revolution, and twitter! Follow me @MariaSpringer. :)

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Social entrepreneurship
Core interests: Economic Development; Entrepreneurship; Microfinance
Skills and resources I bring: Advocacy plans, social entrepreneurship values, social media
Skills and resources I am looking for: Business, Fundraising, Passion!

                        Douglass Stewart

                        After spending a year and a half in the financial services industry at the Vanguard Group I am very
                        interested in the opportunities within the field to promote social and environmental change. I currently
                        work with another SB fellow in leading a team of colleagues to help promote sustainability within our
                        IT department. I attended UPenn to study systems engineering and where my passion for social
                        entrepreneurship grew. I was happy to be able to fuel that passion through studding industrial and
economic development and microfinance. I can't wait to meet and learn from other students and young professionals looking to
make a difference in their current positions or through something entirely new. Another one of my biggest passions in life is
experiencing new cultures through travel, photography and most of all food.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… How financial services companies can become leaders in promoting
Core interests: Microfinance; Public Policy/Government; Responsible Investing/Financing
Skills and resources I bring: Finance, Applied Mathamatics, Communications
Skills and resources I am looking for: Entrereneurship, Best Practices

                      Peter Stolarski

                        Peter Stolarski, a recent graduate from the University of Illinois with a degree in Double Bass
                        performance, currently works at a medical distributor focusing on process improvement in the pricing
                        department. A Chicago-land native he continues to play Bass throughout the area. In the past he gained
                        organizational experience by managing and facilitating a summer music festival for students ranging in
                        ages from eleven to eighteen. Though he has seen successful companies in multiple sectors, his goal is to
start and run a socially responsible for profit company. He looks forward to joining the Startingbloc network, and meeting other
young people with similar goals and values.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… How my outlook changed after being unemployed.
Core interests: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Energy; Entrepreneurship
Skills and resources I bring: organizational support, innovative ideas, the ability to handle and organize large complex data
Skills and resources I am looking for: scalable project opportunities, positive attitudes, international opportunities, innovative
programming through web based applications

                   Jessica Swisher

                  Jessica Swisher is living the dream. She graduated in 2008 from Central Michigan University and then moved
                  to San Diego, CA to become a Disney princess. When this plan fell through, she moved back to Michigan
                  and served as an AmeriCorps*VISTA at a non-profit art studio in Lansing. She is currently planning a trip to
                  volunteer around Europe and learn more about the international non-profit world, and will then return to
                  the US and hopefully find a job working in the non-profit field. Jessica lives with her parents, likes pizza, and
has no outstanding credit card debt.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… My year with AmeriCorps.
Core interests: Education; Human Rights; International
Skills and resources I bring: Organization, Writing, Focus on a final product, Creativity
Skills and resources I am looking for: Subject and professional experience, Fiscal knowledge

                     Anchal Taatya

                       Soon to graduate from NITK Surathkal, India into an Electrical Engineer, but I realized very early on that
                       it is not machines which interest me. I wanted to be someone, who thinks, creates and engineers values in
                       the society. Thus, began the chain reaction which led to a series of things. I co-founded Tatvaa a not for
                       profit company (, an attempt to help school students in finding out what their true passion
                       is? The company is still in its nascent stage. I’m going to be a teacher, teaching school kids as Fellow, Teach
For India 2010 for the next two years which feels like an exciting, thrilling and very challenging task. I’m handling the second
biggest cultural fest of South India Incident ‘10 as its chief coordinator. I have travelled extensively in India, from the Himalayas
to the Kanyakumari. I have met many great social entrepreneurs of India courtesy Tata Jagriti Yatra an annual odyssey by train.
I love travelling and one of the must do things in my wish list is travelling across the world without any penny in my pocket as
Buddhist monk. I see myself as a serial entrepreneur in the not so distant future.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Why it is important to follow your passion and thinking small is crime?
Core interests: Education; Entrepreneurship; International
Skills and resources I bring: Ideas, focus, practical solutions, right questions, managerial capabilities, can always find atleast
one solution in any situation.
Skills and resources I am looking for: Experience, execution, finance & excellence

                        Abraham Taleb

                        Abraham Taleb has always held the ideals of social and environmental equality close to his heart. He
                        grew up in the city of Pittsburgh and recently graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a
                        bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering and a minor in Sustainable Product Design. As a strong
                        believer in the importance of education and sustainability, Abraham has made it a priority to work with
                        community youth for many years. Some of his experiences include: tutoring 4th graders, teaching science
lessons to local summer camps, and most recently, leading 30 inner city high school students in the construction of a
community garden. During this last project he also educated the students in sustainability, which was one of his most rewarding
life experiences. Abraham has also been involved in many extra curricular programs at his alma mater, including working as a
resident advisor, volunteering for the Society of Women Engineers, and captaining the RIT club soccer team. Abraham is also
an avid traveler, and has visited more than 15 countries, including his father's native country, Libya.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Connecting with inner city youth
Core interests: Education; Energy; Entrepreneurship
Skills and resources I bring: Project Management, Leadership, Outside the box thinking
Skills and resources I am looking for: Concise Writing Skills, Creativity

                  Michael Tith

                   Mike is a second-generation Cambodian-American born along a riverbank in Pursat Province, in western
                   Cambodia, right after Vietnamese troops invaded and took control over the country from The Khmer Rouge.
                   His Khmer name, Samnang, means ‘lucky’ and his parents thought it very appropriate for him since no child
                   should have to live through a civil war and genocide. Mike grew up in Lowell, MA and graduated from Lowell
                   High School and Tufts University in Medford, MA with degrees in Economics and English. Mike has spent
the majority of his professional life as a management and strategy consultant working in diverse industries like
healthcare/pharma, energy, government, education (K-12 and Higher Education) and most recently in private equity.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Cambodia and Lowell, MA
Core interests: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Education; Entrepreneurship
Skills and resources I bring: Excel, PPT, writing, research and presentation

                       Jimmy Tomczak

                       Jimmy Tomczak loves the beach. He lives on a lake and enjoys being barefoot, but because that's not
                       always possible he designed “recycled minimalist reflexology footwear,” the world's thinnest flexible flip-
                       flop. Paper-Feet are the first eco-friendly product for his most recent start-up: Creative Opportunity
                       Gear (COGs). Jimmy is finishing his B.S. in Neuroscience at the University of Michigan, completing U-
                       M's Program in Entrepreneurship, and applying to medical school. Some people make lemonade from a
pile of lemons-Jimmy turns the rinds into a social cause and gets the rest of us to buy in. When not working, he can be found
adventuring, often with camera in hand, or finding nature's peace by the waterside. Contact him at

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Project ScholarBoat
Core interests: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Entrepreneurship; Health
Skills and resources I bring: fun & creativity; optimism & opportunity
Skills and resources I am looking for: frankness & focus; collaboration & zest

Elizabeth Trotta

                     Grant Tudor

                      Grant works passionately in the fields of social enterprise and corporate social innovation, currently as a
                      project manager with Virtue Ventures and previously as an associate with Ashoka and research assistant
                      with Accountability. He is also the founder of two student organizations: Stand, which seeks to synthesize
                      humanitarian activism with high school education; and the GW Social Enterprise Forum, which connects
                      the GW community to the emerging social enterprise sector. While he’s conducted much independent
research inside the ivory tower-most recently with the Institute for International Economic Policy exploring barriers to
entrepreneurship in domestic inner-city markets-his most rewarding experience was in Kenya, examining business solutions to
micronutrient deficiencies in urban slums. He regularly drinks obscene amounts of coffee, trips often over nothing and lives by
New Yorker podcasts. Grant graduated summa cum laude and with Special Honors from The George Washington University
with a B.A. in International Affairs, concentrating in International Development and International Economics, and a minor in
Political Science.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… What are you reading?
Core interests: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Economic Development; Entrepreneurship
Skills and resources I bring: Macro perspectives, marketing acumen and quantitative/qualitative research analysis skills
Skills and resources I am looking for: Detail-orientation, budgeting and implementation skills

                        Iftekhar Ul Karim

                          Iftekhar Ul Karim is pursuing his Bachelors of Business Administration at BRAC Business School,
                          BRAC University. From a modest beginning almost thirty years ago, BRAC has today grown into one
                          of the largest non-government development organizations in the world. Apart from his membership
                          with oikos-International and Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB), accredited national chapter
                          of Berlin-based Transparency International (TI), he has also served as a part-time Report Analyst at a
National NGO, BHWA working towards increased awareness and financial independence of homeworkers across Bangladesh
in collaboration with like-minded international agencies e.g. HomeNet South Asia, UNIFEM etc. Aside his academia, he has
also served as the International Relations & Communications Director of Entrepreneurship Development Forum (EDF) of
BRAC University.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Strategies at Bottom of Pyramid (BoP)
Core interests: Economic Development; Education; BOP
Skills and resources I bring: Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Green Market Solutions, Base of the Pyramid (BoP) Strategies,
Project & Brand Management, Market Analytics & Intelligence, Creativity & Change Management
Skills and resources I am looking for: Social Enterprise & Social Entrepreneurship

Alexis Uwilingiyimana

My names are Alexis Uwilingiyimana a 26 years old, Finalist medical student at the National University of Rwanda; I have been
since 4 years a volunteer of the Rwanda Village Concept Project that is an international youth organization which aims at
improving the living conditions in underprivileged communities through increased self-reliance and responsibility, as well as
establishment of sustainable development initiatives and resource management. I am also involved in volunteer work with other
organizations like: Medical Students Association of Rwanda and ROTARACT Club Butare. Since 2003, I have been involved in
different activities regarding MDGs as my area of interest such as gender empowerment, malaria prevention, HIV/AIDS
prevention and peer education where I am staying positively acting, waiting for taking another step towards sustainable health
and socioeconomic development by raising both adult and youth community awareness on prevention against communicable
diseases. I am committed to impact this world and I have devoted my life both to working to better myself and to improving
civilization as a whole. Throughout the rest of my life, I will continue in this same manner of unselfish work dedicating my life
to public service. I like meeting new people, travelling, reading, dancing and martial arts.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… What are my dreams.
Core interests: Entrepreneurship; Health; International
Skills and resources I bring: My former experiences of team working, commitment, determination, volunteerism.
Skills and resources I am looking for: Opportunities of learning and sharing, networking opportunities, responsibility and

                     Anshuman V

                     Anshumaan is Founding Director at Beans & Intellect, a niche risk analytic and technology venture based
                     in Mumbai-India. Prior to starting Beans & Intellect, he founded Beans Solutions, a financial analytics
                     outsourcing firm that later merged with Beans & Intellect. Prior to Beans experience, he worked with
                     Globeop Financial Services, a hedge fund accounting and risk management company. Earlier, he interned
                     with Wipro Technologies, Zurich Asset Management Company, Dishnet DSL, FES-NDDB in cross-
department business functions in India and with an international consulting team at OPI Global in New York. He is also the
founder of WebTrade, an online pre-trade derivatives analytic platform. Anshumaan regularly supports young entrepreneurs and
works on social and environment issues in India. He is a screened member of Young Leaders Forum of Indian Merchants'
Chamber (IMC). He likes traveling and has been to United States, Europe, Emirates and Asia on work and academics before.
He received an Associate in Entrepreneurship & Leadership from Lee Iacocca Institute, Pennsylvania and dual graduate degrees
from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay. In 2009, he was included in the list of 100 most inspiring change-makers in
Asia, under the age of 30, by a Beijing publication.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Entrepreneurship in India
Core interests: Education; Entrepreneurship; Microfinance
Skills and resources I bring: Strategy, Execution, Management
Skills and resources I am looking for: Social Issues, Plans pertaining to Social cause

                       Sriram Varadarajan

                         Sriram is one of the founding members of YoFa (for Youth Factor)-a for-impact organization that tries
                         to creatively inspire, challenge and engage youth into social action. After graduating with a degree in
                         electronics, Sriram spent a year giving shape and structure to YoFa's flagship program, Grassroutes
                         (Know more @ During this period, he also worked at the Auroville Renewable
                         Energy Center (AURORE) developing self-sustainable solar energy solutions for rural India. The urge to
better understand the energy sector and the love for technology took Sriram to the Middle East, where he's currently employed
with Schlumberger as a Reliability Engineer. Sriram is passionate about travel, ideas, green energy and long-distance running. He
strongly believes that each of us is here to make a dent in the universe!

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… how to backpack across India with less than $25!
Core interests: Energy; Public Policy/Government; Technology, Social Media, "Web 2.0"
Skills and resources I bring: Networks, Technology inputs & Social Media expertise
Skills and resources I am looking for: Experience in building sustainable & scalable models for non-profits, Contacts of
potential partner organizations

Maria Vibanor

                   Art Vilassakdanont

                     Born and raised in Richmond, VA, Art decided that 3 months of winter wasn't enough so he went to college
                     at Dartmouth, where he double majored in History and Engineering modified with Economics. He also
                     studied abroad in London for a term and learned to love the city though not the exchange rate. After
                     graduating, Art worked at a hedge fund in New York. It was three guys in one room and most fun a person
                     could have working. The fund thought the market was going to be volatile when it was stable, so it closed
down. Two weeks later the market became volatile. Art then went to work at Merrill Lynch. He worked a lot. He learned a lot.
He met great people. The market became more volatile, so Merrill Lynch became Bank of America, and Art didn't work at
either. Art came to Boston looking for a new purpose. After talking with many people, he knew that social innovation was his
calling. He is a Fellow at Root Cause's Social Innovation Forum, an intern at Invested Development and an intern of Boston
World Partnerships.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… The extremes of employment and unemployment
Core interests: Economic Development; Entrepreneurship; Responsible Investing/Financing
Skills and resources I bring: Quantitative analysis, experience in financial markets, sense of humor
Skills and resources I am looking for: Creativity, writing skills

                   Anoj Viswanathan

                     Anoj is a final year undergrad student at National University of Singapore and co-founder of Milaap.Org, a
                     pre-launch online social marketplace that aims to accelerate investment capital for rural community
                     development projects through a crowdsourcing approach. At Milaap, he leads the product strategy with a
                     focus on defining target loan segments and building sector partnerships. An ardent believer in market-based
                     solutions to poverty reduction, he deferred his graduation for a year to work with the Business Strategy team
at SKS Microfinance where he was involved in providing affordable energy and water services through microfinance. Before co-
founding Milaap.Org,he served as a fellow at D.light Design to develop mapping and consumer financing models for rural
electrification in northern India. Previously, he worked at ReEx Capital Asia, a clean energy investment boutique in Singapore.

He has written and presented papers on the links between microfinance-climate change and rural electrification accepted by
Education Without Borders, Dubai and the Harvard Project for Asian & International Relations (Singapore) Conference, Anoj
specialised in Product Design with minors in Economics and Technology Management at NUS and is one of the co-founders of
Microfinance Society (Singapore).

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… What is Milaap.Org :P
Core interests: Energy; Microfinance; Technology, Social Media, "Web 2.0"
Skills and resources I bring: Strategy, Field experience, Rural Insights.
Skills and resources I am looking for: Online evangelism, word-of-mouth marketing, capital-raising

                 Rebecca Waite

                  Becky is a sophomore at Dartmouth College studying Anthropology, Public Policy, and Studio Art. After
                  graduating a semester early from high school, Becky traveled to Uruguay and Argentina to study Spanish, and
                  then to Ethiopia to establish a sexual education program for an orphanage. Last summer, she traveled to Peru
                  to conduct research for a pilot clinic that is scheduled to open in 2011. She has since presented her group’s
                  findings at two conferences, and hopes to continue raising awareness about the health issues currently facing
                  marginalized women in South America and around the world. At Dartmouth, Becky is a 2009-2010 War and
Peace Fellow, is on the Board of Directors for the Dartmouth Coalition for Global Health, is a sexual education peer advisor,
and is the Executive Chair of Alumni Relations for her sorority. Last, but certainly not least, Becky is an intern at Global
Grassroots, a 501c3 NGO that works with women in post-conflict zones to establish small, sustainable businesses, educational
programs, and grassroots organizations. Her position at Global Grassroots has been perhaps most influential in guiding her to
the Startingbloc Boston Institute, and she hopes to continue working with the organization throughout her tenure at

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… Global Grassroots, the organization that I intern for!
Core interests: Entrepreneurship; Health; Microfinance
Skills and resources I bring: Organization, experience, and enthusiasm.
Skills and resources I am looking for: A better understanding of finance management and fundraising, as well as legal

              Brian Weinberg

              Brian Weinberg is an avid world traveler (24 countries to date) and guru for innovative ideas ranging from
              microfinance to conscious capitalism. He is a graduate from University of North Texas with Summa Cum Laude
              honors and degrees in Finance (BBA) and Spanish (BA). While at North Texas, he created Recycle to Eradicate
              Poverty; a program of The Chiapas Project that recycles cell phones to fund microfinance loans to the poor
              ( During this role, he was awarded grants from Ashoka Youth Venture and
              Clinton Global Initiative University. He also wrote an honors thesis entitled " For profit versus non profit
microfinance; how are the poor affected?" and was awarded Finance Student of the Year. Currently, he serves as ambassador
for Ashoka Youth Venture, Impossible 2 Possible, CGI U microfinance topic leader, and Opportunity Collaboration Delegate

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… conscious capitalism
Core interests: Economic Development; Microfinance; Responsible Investing/Financing
Skills and resources I bring: strategic partnerships, business development, innovative ideas
Skills and resources I am looking for: employment, graduate school

                       Emily Wengel

                       Emily Wengel is a senior in the Life Sciences and Management program at the University of
                       Pennsylvania, majoring in Biology and concentrating in Operations and Information Management. She
                       has served as the events chair for Penn International Business Volunteers and a representative of the
                       Social Impact Task Force. This semester, she is planning to start a study on alternatives to microfinance
                       for women in Turkey. In the past, Emily has worked at Merck and volunteered at the microfinance
institute Grama Vidiyal in Trichy, India and then traveled to Mumbai to work with the pharmaceutical company Piramal Life
Sciences India Limited. This past summer, as a vSpring intern, she worked with a number of start-ups, including a nonprofit
based on a developing arsenic test kit. She performed a detailed market analysis as well as spearheaded the initial stages of the
nonprofit start-up process. She loves learning languages, traveling, wandering cities, and finding good hole-in-the-wall ethnic

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… My experience in India
Core interests: Arts, Culture, Religion; Entrepreneurship; International
Skills and resources I bring: Market analysis, data analysis, business plan writing, creative thinking, flexibility, cultural
Skills and resources I am looking for: Finance expertise, background in Turkey and Turkish, funding resources, knowledge
about international development graduate programs, web development skills, background in microfinance and its alternatives

              Amy Witt

               Amy grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and attended the University of Michigan. She graduated in 2007 with a
               double major in psychology and sociology and is also certified in intergroup relations and facilitation. Upon
               graduating, Amy joined Teach for America. She taught fifth grade in the Bronx, New York and was a grade leader,
               student council/community-service sponsor, dodgeball coach and a member of the curriculum mapping team at
               her school. While in New York, she earned her Masters in Teaching. She moved back to Chicago in the summer
               of 2009 to work for Chicago Run, a nonprofit whose mission is to combat childhood obesity by bringing
sustainable fitness programs to students in low-income communities throughout the city. She also is a board member of Repair
the World. She loves sports and specifically enjoys cheering on the Cubs, Bears, Bulls and University of Michigan football!

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… For some of my favorite teaching stories- there are some good ones
Core interests: Education; Philanthropy; Public Policy/Government
Skills and resources I bring: knowledge about education, teaching and childhood obesity, nonprofit organization and
volunteer management, programming
Skills and resources I am looking for: more grant writing skills, more knowledge about the corporate world and

                       Jennifer Wong

                       A native of Long Island, NY, Jennifer Wong is an alumna of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
                       Jennifer graduated with a background in science and foreign language from MIT and has been involved
                       in leadership roles throughout her educational and professional career. Working as an Admissions
                       Officer at her alma mater, Jennifer travels around the country to recruit, admit, and yield some of the
                       most talented students of this generation and has spoken on the national scene about issues regarding
higher education. Jennifer is passionate about media, technology, education, strategic management, and making a global impact
through innovation and entrepreneurship.

One thing you should absolutely ask me about is… My passion for the arts! (i.e. music, dance, TV, movies, etc.)
Core interests: Education; Entrepreneurship; Technology, Social Media, "Web 2.0"
Skills and resources I bring: strategic development of ideas, creative problem solving, strong communication skills,
organizational skills, large-scale event planning/management, experience in higher education
Skills and resources I am looking for: business development plans/process (from the initial inception of the idea to its
implementation/execution, and through its review process), seeking VC funding

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