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					Amenities & Gift baskets                                    Skincare Lines
Impress your VIP’s and those in need of a little special
attention with one of our very own Spa Amenity Gift         Thalgo
Baskets. Don’t quite see what you’re looking for? Allow     All Thalgo products incorporate the purest natural
us to create personalized baskets for you or consider one   ingredients from marine and plant origin, and are
of our Spa gift certificates.                               renowned for their dramatic effects. Vital for health and
                                                            well-being we can all benefit from the goodness of sea
“Lemongrass Medley” | $22                                   based treatments and products. The power of sea
2 oz. Lemongrass Shampoo                                    therapies, have been renowned for their role in
2 oz. Lemongrass Conditioner                                revitalizing, rebalancing and healing the body.
2 oz. Lemongrass Bath Gel
2 oz Lemongrass Lotion
                                                            Thalgo products are used in the following facials:
4 oz. Lemongrass After-Bath Spray                           Intense Hydrating, Radiance & Protection, Anti Aging &
                                                            Firming, Microdermabrasion & Gentlemen only.
“Get Fresh Bath & Body Kit” | $37
Available in: Blackberry Vanilla, Starfruit Pear, Apricot   Oxygen Botanicals
Chamomile                                                   Oxygen botanicals products are infused with pure
Hand Crème                                                  Oxygen. This line of dermatological products are
Bath Salts                                                  formulated to regenerate, cleanse, nurture & rejuvenate
Body Butter                                                 your skin… restoring the youthful glow it had when you
Bath Salts                                                  were younger. The Oxygen Botanicals product range is
Body Wash
                                                            used in the Oxygen cocktail facial & the Remarkable
Body Water
                                                            results facial.
                                                                                                                          SPA BOUTIQUE CATALOG
“Be Good to Your Feet” | $47
World’s Softest Spa Sock                                    MD Skincare
Personal Care Foot File                                     The MD skincare range offers the skincare that you
Orange Blossom Foot Cream                                   would expect from a visit to the dermatologist:
                                                            immediate visible improvement in skin’s look &
“Wrap It Up” | $64                                          condition, and over time a healthier, more youthful and
World’s Softest Spa Wrap (small, Medium or large)           vibrant appearance. The Dr. MD skincare range is used
World’s Softest Spa Sock                                    on our Alpha Hydroxy peel facial.
ME! Bath Ball

 “Pure Fiji Gift basket” | $175                             Kerstin Florian
Available in: Coconut, Pineapple or Starfruit.              Kerstin Florian product range is refreshingly light in feel
Coconut Milk Bath soak, Soap, Exotic massage oil,           & appearance; spa face products begin with an anti-
Hydrating body lotion, Body butter & Coconut                oxidant to protect the skin from stress & exposure.
sugar rub.                                                  Every product incorporates an aromatherapy infusion or
                                                            phytotherapy element. The Kerstin Florian products are
“Spa Blends Gift basket” | $117                             used for the Revive saving face facial.
Available in: Vanilla L’Orange or Ginger Lime.
Butter scrub, Shower gelee, Lip whip, Body soufflé,
& aroma beads.

Quantities subject to availability and do not include                                                                                 Not from the area? We ship.
sales tax. Prices subject to change without notice.                                                                               Phone or E-mail orders accepted.
                                                                                                                                                  P 239 389 6030
Archipelago Botanicals                                   Our Signature Scent Lemongrass                          Sonoma Lavender
Fragrances include: White Sugar, Pomegranate &           The Lemongrass amenities are available for guest use.   Fragrances: Eucalyptus, Rose, Chocolate, Lavender
Grapefruit.                                                  • Hand & Body Lotion (2 oz, 8 oz & 34 oz)               • Salt bath $13
     • Body butter $32                                       • Shampoo (2 oz, 8 oz & 34 oz)                          • Sea salt scrub $24
     • Body wash $27                                         • Conditioner (2 oz, 8 oz & 34 oz)                      • Body lotion $13
     • Body scrub $38                                        • Bath Gel (2 oz, 8 oz & 34 oz)                         • Hand wash $15
     • Lip butter $13                                        • After Bath Spray (4 oz)                               • Neck wraps $39
     • Hand crème $26                                        • Essential Oil (.33 oz)                                • Spa masks $22
Large soy candles ($31), glass jar candles ($18) &
                                                                                                                     • Eye pillows $17
travel-size tin candles ($11). Over 20 wonderful
                                                         Pure Fiji                                                   • Sachets From $15
fragrances including:
     • Lemongrass                                        The Pure Fiji products are used in our body scrubs,
     • Mojito                                            baths & the Marco Island Foot Ritual. Fragrances        Worlds Softest Robes & Wraps
     • Razberry                                          include: Pineapple, Coconut & Star fruit
                                                                                                                 Be pampered with a daily Spa retreat. Relax in a
     • Lavender                                               • Coconut milk bath $32                            luxurious softness. Drape yourself in the Worlds
     • Arugula                                                • Coconut sugar rub $39                            Softest™ Spa Collection Robe ($75) or wrap ($45).
     • Sweet Pea                                              • Exotic massage oil $30                           Available colors: White, Pink, Blue & Green.
     • Vanilla                                                • Hydrating body lotion $30                            • Cloud soft outside, snuggly brushed inside.
                                                              • Body butter $30                                      • Oversized snap closures
                                                              • Soap $6                                              • Elastic stretch top for comfort fit.
Aroma Beads to scent the home. Prices ($13-$22)                                                                      • Available in 3 sizes Small, Medium &
Fragrances include:                                      Get Fresh                                                        Large/Extra large
    • Ocean Breeze                                       Fragrances: Blackberry Vanilla, Chamomile
    • Papaya Mango                                       Apricot, Lemongrass Lavender, Starfruit Pear.           Eberjey Lingerie
    • Vanilla L’Orange                                       •   Body butter $31                                 Eberjey's new collection brings a touch of old-time,
    • Narcissus                                              •   Body lotion $20                                 romantic charm to your lingerie drawer. Demure shades,
    • Rose                                                   •   Bath salts $5                                   lady-like lace, will have you curtseying like a true
    • White Sands                                                                                                debutante at the ball.
                                                                                                                 Eberjey lingerie features soft, comfy wearable fabrics so
                                                         Spa Blends
The Good Home Co.                                        Fragrances: Vanilla L’Orange, Ginger Lime,
                                                                                                                 they feel good under that gorgeous dress, your hippest
Fragrances available: Paris Rain, Lavender & Beach                                                               jeans or just between the sheets. Sizing runs S/M (4-8),
Days.                                                    Chocolate & Mint Leaf.                                  M/L (10-14).
    • Dryer sheets $14                                       •   Shower gelee 8 oz $18
    • Sheet spray $19                                        •   Body soufflé $8oz $19                               •    Briefs/ thong/ boy-thong
    • Laundry detergent $21                                  •   Butter scrub $32                                    •    Camisoles
    • Hand soap $19                                          •   Lip whip $12                                        •    Baby dolls & Chemises
    • Vacuum beads $14                                       •   Bath salts $26                                      •    Sleepwear
                                                             •   Body butter $29                                     •    robes
Xela Aromasticks
Large & small aromasticks to scent your home -$32-$43.
Fragrances available include:
    • Floral
    • Gardenia
    • Woods
    • Asian Ginger