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									CoQuitlam                                            For Committee

February 14, 2005
Our file: 04110545 DV
          77 Fawcett Road
Doc#: 310377.V1

To:        City Manager
From:      Acting General Manager Planning and Development

Subject:   Authorization for Issuance of Development Variance Permit 04 110545 DV
           to Vary the Maximum Size of a Caretaker's Unit at 77 Fawcett Road

For:       Land Use and Economic Development Committee

           That Council approve signing and sealing of Development Variance Permit
           04 110545 DV and the Mayor and City Clerk be authorized to execute this
           Permit on behalf of the City of Coquitlam.

           This report relates to an application to vary the maximum size of a
           caretaker's suite. The proposed suite would be located on the second storey
           of a self storage facility presently under construction at 77 Fawcett Road.
           The applicant requests a variance that would allow the unit to have a total
           floor area of 80.3 m2.

           The site's existing zoning of M-l General Industrial provides for the
           proposed use (accessory employee residential use) and imposes a limit of
           60m2 to the maximum size of a suite. The Zoning Bylaw imposes additional
           regulations that are intended to allow for on-site supervision and caretaker
           purposes but not permit non-caretaker occupancy such as family
           accommodation in the industrial area. The proposed suite would comply
           with all regulations with the exception of maximum size.

           Although there are no directly applicable policies in the Citywide Official
           Community Plan (CWOCP) that are related to the size of a caretaker's suite,
           amenity needs for employees are to be considered in industrial land use
           designations and zoning.
                                                                                      Page 2
                                                                           February 11, 2005

             The site is illustrated on the attached Context Plan and is in close proximity
             to the Lougheed and Trans Canada Highways. Surrounding properties are
             developed with industrial uses.

             The Zoning Bylaw's limit on suite size of 60m2 would a How for the inclusion
             of a small, one bedroom residential unit in the facility. However, as
             described in the attached submission dated December 17, 2004, the
             applicant requests permission for a larger unit to provide for a more
             comfortable environment for the future occupants (described in the
             submission as "Store Managers").

             Staff has not identified any major issues with the request A change in unit
             size does not affect other regulations such as permitted size of building or
             parking requirements of the M-i zone and the design for a one-bedroom
             layout, as proposed, would be in keeping with the intent of the regulation.

             Staff recommends approval of Development Variance Permit 04 110545 DV.
             The proposal complies with the provisions of the Zoning Bylaw except for
             the maximum unit size as noted. The draft Development Variance Permit
             limits the suite to a maximum of one bedroom to ensure that the intent of
             the regulation is maintained.



Att:   Context Plan
       Submission from Maple Leaf Storage Inc.
       Draft Development Variance Permit

                                              File #: 08-3060-20/04 110545 DV/1 Doc #: 310377.V1
                        LOUGHEED HIGHWAY

              REM 15

2075                          2131                            ZZ39   ZZ7T   2H*   Z2S1 ZZJ3

                        HARTLEY AVENUE
                2120         2130                          2208                    2230

04 110545 DV                             77 FAWCETT ROAD                                           04/11/26
                                         Applicant:   MAPLE LEAF PROPERTY MANAGEMENT
                                         Owner:       No. 263 CATHEDRAL VENTURES LTD.
                                         Legal:       LOT 2, DL 20 & 66, GP 1, NWD, PLAN 85182, except
                                                      PLAN LMP680 and PLAN BCP1853
                                         PID:         015-973-131
                                         Zoning:      M-1

      Maple Leaf Self Storage Inc.
      Suite 300, 100 Park Royal • IVesf Vancouver, BC. Canada V7T 1A2 • (604) 926-9500 • Fax (604) 925-2739

     December 17, 2004

     City of Coquitlam
     Planning & Development Department
     3000 Guildford Way                                                                          RECEIVED
     Coquitlam, BC V3B 7N2
                                                                                                 DEC 2 02004
     Attention:         Ms. Diane Tremblay                                                              COQU|TLAM

o    Dear Ms. Tremblay:
                                                                                    _   nFVF .   noMEMT PI AHHING SECTION

     Re:      Maple Leaf Self Storage - 77 Fawcett Road, Coquitlam
              Building Permit #04 104723 00
              Variance Application to Increase Size of Caretakers' Suite

    As you are aware, we have submitted a variance application to increase the size of the
    Caretakers' Suite at the above project from 60 square meters (645 square feet) to 80.3
    square meters (864.1 square feet). In order to assist the City in making its decision, we felt
    that it would be useful to share some information about our operations, our employees, the
    industry in general and competitive facilities in the area.

c    Maple Leaf Self Storage ("MLSS") currently operates six facilities in the Lower Mainland.
     We are in the process of building four new facilities. Our newest facility, which opened in
    October, is located at 1599 Coast Meridian Road, in Port Coquitlam and is a third-
    generation facility. Our facility at 77 Fawcett Road is also a third-generation facility
    which means that we have incorporated many of the newest design and security features
    available in the self storage industry. All MLSS facilities are operated by resident
    caretaker couples who we call "Store Managers". These couples reside on-site and work
    together a minimum of eight hours per day, five days per week. While the office is open
    for business from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. seven days a week, the site is open to customers,
    via a security code, from 6:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. 365 days of the year. At closing time, the
    resident Store Managers walk the site and ensure that everything is in order before turning
    on the perimeter security systems.

    Our third-generation facilities have integrated security systems that control access to the
    site, access to individual lockers, video surveillance and perimeter security systems The
    head-end for these systems are located in the offices; however, almost all of our resident
       Store Managers have computer systems in their suites, which allow them to view camera
       images and other information as needed.

       There are many benefits to employing resident Store Managers. The first benefit is
       increased security. Most of our customers greatly appreciate that the Store Managers are
      watching over their belongings 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our resident Store
      Managers consider their facility their home and will investigate unusual noises or things
      that seem out of place. They are simply more dedicated than non-resident Store Managers.
      In addition, the RCMP have provided us with statistical data showing that during the
      period January 2003 to June 2004 there were 309 reports of B&Es. thefts from vehicles,
      theft of vehicles, property damage and other thefts in the United Boulevard area. I have
      attached a copy of this data and my recent letter to Staff Sergeant D. Field of the
      Coquitlam Detachment. The RCMP has acknowledged that it would be advantageous to
      have on-site residential managers due to the high level of crime in the area.
 O    The second benefit is fewer false alarms. Unlike unattended facilities, if an alarm goes off,
      the resident Store Manager will get the first call from the alarm monitoring company and
      will be able to quickly assess if emergency services are required. With third-generation
      facilities, customers with two lockers often forget to disarm the second locker and, as a
      result, the alarm is often triggered when the second locker door is opened. This type of
      false alarm can be easily handled by resident Store Managers, but can be problematic and
      costly if an employee is not in the area.

     The third benefit is enhanced customer service. We have a diverse clientele and frequently
     shipments and moving trucks will arrive after regular office hours. With resident Store
     Managers, the customer can make special arrangements so that the site can be entered after
     closing hours. In addition, if a customer has problems at the facility after the office is
     closed, our resident Store Managers are nearby and can assist if needed.

^-   The fourth benefit is enhanced curb appeal. Quite simply, because the facility is their
     home, resident Store Managers take the initiative to ensure that their sites are always clean
     and attractive. At MLSS, we have an annual garden contest and seasonal decorations, such
     as Christmas lights, are quite common.

     These are just a few of the many benefits to having resident Store Managers.


     MLSS has been in the self storage business for close to 20 years and typically all of our
     Store Managers have been couples who are either childless or empty-nesters. We have
     never employed couples with children at home because the facilities are not designed to
     accommodate families (i.e. no safe play areas; too many larger vehicles on site).

     Given that resident Store Managers work together all day, it is imperative that they have
     personal space when they finish their day. All of our MLSS facilities, with the exception
     of the Fawcett Road project, have two bedroom suites and range in size from 900 square
  feet to over 1,500 square feet. These suites form part of the Store Managers'
  compensation. The proposed suite for 77 Fawcett Road is a one bedroom, 864 square foot
  unit; however, it is laid out in an efficient manner and should provide a comfortable
  environment for our resident Store Managers. It will be extremely difficult to attract and
  retain quality Store Managers if the suite size remains at 645 square feet and it is likely that
  we will have to change our management approach if the variance is not granted. I have
  attached a recent article from Mini Storage Messenger magazine which addresses on-site
  managers' apartments and the current trends in this business.


 The business of self storage has changed greatly over the last few decades. At one time,
 most self storage facilities had "bam-like" structures and were run by older couples who
 were content to live in small basic apartments. The trend is now to create more
 sophisticated apartments that have plenty of "amenities aimed at attracting the best and
 brightest managers in the industry today" (Mini Storage Messenger, October 2004). While
 the U.S. is on the cutting edge of on-site apartments, Canada is not far behind. There are
 more than a dozen new self storage facilities opening in the Lower Mainland in 2004 and
 2005 and tremendous competition to attract the best and the brightest.

 Competition in the Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam Area

 We completed a survey of the self storage facilities in the vicinity of 77 Fawcett Road and
 found that the following facilities have two bedroom suites with square footages over 900
 square feet:

    •     Public Storage-                 2351 United Boulevard, Coquitlam
    •     Maple Leaf Self Storage -       1601 Lougheed Highway, Coquitlam
    •     AAA Budget Mini Storage -       163 Schoolhouse, Coquitlam
    •   Public Storage -                  1522 Broadway, Port Coquitlam
    •   Maple Leaf Self Storage -         1599 Coast Meridian Road, Port Coquitlam
    •   Imperial Self Storage -           1180 Kingsway Avenue, Port Coquitlam

Our MLSS facility at 1599 Coast Meridian Road was recently completed in October 2004
and a variance was granted to allow the 1,100 square foot suite.


We believe that the benefits of granting a variance to expand the Caretakers' Suite at 77
Fawcett Road from 645 square feet to 864 square feet greatly exceed any possible
disadvantages. Without the increased suite size, it will be incredibly difficult to attract and
retain quality resident Store Managers and security, curb appeal and customer service will
probably suffer. The suite will remain a one bedroom suite, but the extra square footage
will provide the resident Store Managers with much needed space, particularly after
working an eight hour shift with their partner. In addition, there will be no children living
on-site as there are no areas where children can play safely.
    If you are interested in touring our new MLSS facility in Port Coquitlam or our facility on
    Lougheed Highway, please let me know and I can make the necessary arrangements.
    Should you have any further questions about Maple Leaf Self Storage or the 77 Fawcett
    development, please give me a call. I can be reached at 604-925-8228 (direct) and 604-
    613-2196 (cell).



    Tracy McEvoy
o   Director, Self Storage

    Attach (3)

    cc     Andy Ytsma - Larco Investments Ltd.
           Mansoor Lalji - Larco Investments Ltd.

                                                                               05 110545 DV
                                                                             77 Fawcett Road

THIS DEVELOPMENT VARIANCE PERMIT made in duplicate and dated the

day of                                 ,2005-

                   A Corporation underthe Local Government Act,
                   R.S.B.C., 1996 c. 323, and amendments
                   thereto, with offices at 3000 Guildford
                   Way in the City of Coquitlam in
                   the Province of British Columbia

                   (the "City")

TO:                NO. 263 CATHEDRAL VENTURES LTD., Inc. No. 670981
                   1908 - 925 West Georgia Street
                   Vancouver BC V6C 3L2

                   {the "Permittee")

WHEREAS the Permittee wishes to commence a development upon ALL AND SINGULAR that

certain parcel or tract of land and premises situate, lying and being in the City of Coquitlam

in the Province of British Columbia, and more particularly known and described as

Lot 2, Except: (1) Part Subdivided by Reference Plan LMP680; Part Dedicated Road on Plan

BCP1853; District Lots 20 & 66, Group l New Westminster District Plan 85182.

Parcel Identifier: 015-973-131

                   (the "Lands")

AND WHEREAS the Permittee has made application for a Development Variance Permit in

regard to the Lands;
AND WHEREAS the Local Government Act provides that in such a Permit, certain matters may

be varied;

NOW THEREFORE, the Council of the City hereby issues a Development Variance Permit in

respect of the Lands as follows:

1)   This Development Variance Permit is issued subject to all requirements contained in

     the City's Bylaws except where specifically varied by this Development Variance Permit.

2)   The Permittee shall comply with all Municipal and Provincial building regulations and

     shall not commence work until he has received a building permit from the City.

3)   Whenever the singular or masculine is used in this Permit, the same shall be deemed to

     include the plural, or the feminine, or the body politic or corporate as the context so

     requires, and every reference to each part hereto shall be deemed to include the heirs,

     executors, administrators, successors and assigns of such party whenever this context

     or the parties so require.

4.   Under the Community Charter, a reconsideration of the decision of Council that led to

     the issuance of this Permit may be initiated by the Mayor within thirty (30) days

     following the meeting at which the decision was made.

                                                File #: 08-3060-20/04 110545 DV/1 Doc ft: 310585-Vl

AUTHORIZED BY COUNCIL RESOLUTION, passed on the                  day of



was hereunto affixed on the

day of                        ,2005.


was hereunto affixed on the

day of                        ,2005.

in the presence of:

                                             File #: 08-3060-20/04 110545 DV/1 Doc «: 310585.V1


I HEREBY CERTIFY that on the               day of                                           , 2005,

at                                                             in the Province of British Columbia,

                                                    , personally known to me, appeared before

me and acknowledged to me that he is the                                                            of

                                              L,   and that he is the person who subscribed his

name to the annexed instrument as                                                         of the said

                                               , and affixed the Seal of the said Company to

the said instrument, that he was first duly authorized to subscribe his name as aforesaid,

and affix the said Seal to the said instrument, and that such Corporation is legally entitled to

hold and dispose of land in the Province of British Columbia.

                                                    IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF I have hereunto
                                                    set my hand at                                    in
                                                    the Province of British Columbia, this
                                                                  day of                        2005.

                                                    A COMMISSIONER FOR TAKING AFFIDAVITS
                                                    WITHIN BRITISH COLUMBIA

                                                     File tt: 08-3060-20/04 110545 DV/1 Doc *: 310585-Vl

                                         SCHEDULE "A" OF

                         DEVELOPMENT VARIANCE PERMIT 04 110545 DV
                     dated the                 day of
                     and issued to

                                     TERMS AND CONDITIONS

A.   The provisions of the City of Coquitlam Zoning Bylaw No. 3000,1996, as amended are varied
     as follows:
     l)   Section 190i(3)(b}{v) Maximum floor area for an accessory employee residential use is
          varied from 60m2 to 80.5m2.

B.   Development upon the Lands shall conform with the following plans and specifications:
     l)   set of plans by CTA Design Group entitled Maple Leaf Self Storage and stamped
          "Received Nov 17 2004, Jan 28 2005 City of Coquitlam Development Planning Section"
          and more particularly being the following-.

          a) Drawing No. 0318 AlOl Version 2D, Site Plan,
             Received Jan 28 2005, Dated Jan 28, 2005, Revised Jan 28/05;

          b) Drawing No. 0318 A201 Version 2D, Main Floor Plan.
               Received Jan 28 2OO5, Dated Jan 28, 2005, Revised Jan 28/O5;

          c)   Drawing No. 0318 A202 Version 2C, Second Floor Plan,
               Received Nov 17 2004, Dated June 24, 2004, Revised Nov 12/04;

          d) Drawing No. 0318 A2O4 Version 2C, Second Floor Enlarged Plans,
             Received Nov 17 2004, Dated June 24, 2004, Revised Nov 12/04.

C.   All plans and specifications referred to above are subject to any changes required by the
     Manager of Development Services or his/her designate, where such plans and specifications
     do not comply with any duly enacted law or Bylaw, and such non-compliance is not
     specifically permitted by this Development Variance Permit; minor variations which do not
     substantially alter the work referred to in Schedule "A" may be permitted if approved in
     writing by the Manager of Development Services, or his/her designate.

                                                        File ft: 08-3060-20/04 110545 DV/1 Doc ff: 310585.vl

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