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                                                                                                           Contact: Michele Gambetta

 Trucking Times, Netting Times, Unstoppable Systems to the Third
                                          September 7- September 16, 2006

                        Exhibiting in Williamsburg, Chelsea, Harlem, Bedford Stuyvesant,
                               Olympus Fashion Show, Glowlab’s CONFLUX and
                                Outside of the Whitney Museum of American Art

RIDER Project 2006 presents cell2Cell2CELL >=Trucking Times, Netting Times, Unstoppable Systems to the Third.
This collaborative group exhibition located within, on, above and around a Ryder truck, traveling throughout New
York City. Artworks installed within the truck are presented as circular elements and are randomly re-installed daily*.
Artworks displayed outside the truck informally orbit the truck-gallery exhibition.

cell2Cell2CELL includes painting, sculpture, video, performance, installation, drawing, photography and mixed-media
works by 41 international artists. Referencing Marcel Duchamp’s Network of Stoppages/Réseaux des stoppages
étalon (1914) as well as the ‘mending’ nature of the French word ‘stoppage’ the mobile RIDER Project and the
cell2Cell2CELL exhibition posit a biological connection between mobile art and cultural healing.

* Every hour dice are rolled, randomly designating artworks to be moved and re-installed, creating an exhibition display determined by chance.

RIDER Project 2006 Artists
Andreas Templin, Christopher Joy, Christina Gundersen, Diana Jensen, BUNNYPHONIC, Christina Gundersen, Ryan
Schroeder, Dylan Neuwirth, Elif Ozkoc, Eunah Kim, B.I.S. (D.Rugo, R.Cavallini, T.Zuabi), Gerard Leckey, Gina
Fuentes Walker, Allison Malinsky Lin + Lam, Hubert Dobler, Ivo Gretener, Saki Kishimoto, Jae Hi Ahn, Abshalom
Jac Lahav, Justin Parr, Sue Huang, Katherine Dolgy Ludwig, Lea Hunter, Lili White, Petrushka Bazin, Landon Jones,
Kris Campbell, Linda Parnell, SURVIVAL DESIGN, Moira Holohan, Antoinette Prattis, Rachel Sussman, Michela
Muserra, Lindsay Blatt, Mud Flap Girl, Rebecca Hackemann, Noreen Day-Lewis, Mark Rentschler, Patrick Visentin,
ZENITH FOUNDATION, Michele Gambetta (founder and director)

Exhibition Locater for RP 2006                        Please call 646-245-9801 for more information
Sept 7 Opening at Galapogos 6-10 p.m. Williamsburg;                      Sept 12   Olympus Fashion Show, 41st St. and Bryant Park;
Sept 8 Chelsea, W. 26th Street;                                          Sept 13   Whitney Museum of American Art, Madison Ave @ 75th St
Sept 9 SOHO, W. Broadway;                                                Sept 14   a.m. Bushwick, Melrose St. / p.m. Chelsea W. 24th St
Sept 10 Harlem, 125th Street and Martin Luther King Blvd;                Sept 15   Chelsea, W. 24th Street
Sept 11 Bedford Stuyvesant;                                              Sept 16   Glowlab’s CONFLUX, Williamsburg
About the RIDER Project:

The RIDER Project is a mobile art gallery and experimental exhibition space located in the back of a rented Ryder
truck. Based in the social sculpture ideas of Joseph Beuys, the RIDER Project is staffed and funded by participating
artists who act as an ever-evolving collaborative, recombining into a different form with each exhibition. Using
Guerilla tactics of social intervention, reduced cost and maximum visibility, the mobile Rider Project brings artwork
directly to people, circumventing economic market structures and cultural constraints. Participating artists create the
form and culture of each exhibition and interject them into neighborhoods stimulating cultural dialogue and a
participatory Socratic space. Neighborhood residents interact with exhibiting artists engaging in a vital exchange of
thoughts, feelings and experiences, forging new cultural links.

cell2Cell2CELL>=Trucking Times, Netting Times, Unstoppable Systems to the Third is 7th exhibition in the RIDER
Project series. Previous RIDER Project exhibitions include: CANNIBALIZE, 2006, For Given: 1. Mobility 2.
Chance, 2005, Acurrent: art happening in a moving truck, 2005, Skin of Our Teeth, 2004, at MoCADA, CELL: a
mobile exhibition, 2004 and ch-ch-changes, 2003

For more information, please visit WWW.ART-ANON.ORG.
Press contact: Michele Gambetta (646) 245-9801

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