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Thank you for your purchase

I will show you how you can turn a small amount of your
time into a never ending flow of cash.

The basic idea is you create a mini web site for a niche
subjectt of your choice using very easy-to-use FREE

Even for beginners, as you will soon discover, this
software is very user friendly. Once you are used to the
program, it takes about 5 minutes to create a mini web

If after trying the software you still feel you can not
master it, don’t worry. As a last resort, I'll put you in
touch with a professional web designer.

(His prices start at £300 but if you mention that you
purchased this e-book, he'll give you 'mates rates' and
can have you up and running for as little as £50.00. Yep,
some saving.)

Your new web site will be an informative web page on the
subject of your chosen niche. Also on your web page will
be small adverts which are inserted and updated
automatically by Google. The adverts program they run is
called Adsense.

Google AdSense is a fast and easy way for web site
publishers of all sizes to display relevant Google ads on
their web site's content pages and earn money. Because
the ads are related to what your visitors are looking for
on your site — or matched to the characteristics and
interests of the visitors your content attracts — you'll
finally have a way to both make money and enhance your
content pages.

It's also a way for web site publishers to provide Google
web and site search to their visitors, and to earn money
by displaying Google ads on the search results pages.
When a visitor arrives at your page and clicks on any of
the adverts (which will be connected to your chosen
subject), Google will pay you just for the click!

You can set up as many of these niche's as you want, give
each niche a unique name and place them in your new
folder within sub folders, You will get paid a daily
indefinite profit from each one.

I have been paid up to £7.00 per click on one of my

You can set up one a day or 5 a week its up to you. At
first it may take you as much as 30 minutes to set one up
but do a few and it's soon as little as 5 minutes.

Now let's think about this

If each niche makes £5-£10 per day that could be over
£300 per month and remember
it only took you about 5 minutes of your time once, now
that's a top rate of pay for 5 minutes effort for just

Create over 10 niche's and your earning's will rocket!

Get the picture? You can continue creating niche web
sites so the income is limitless and once set up you just
let the cash roll in.

Techniques to get people to your web site will be covered
in this e-book.
Before you get started....

The KEY is to pick topics for each niche that will pay
you well, as your Google Adsense adverts will be based
around the main topic of your web site.

So let say my first site is about ham sandwiches and my
second niche is about bad credit.

In my examples above has a much higher search rate and
pays out 10 times higher than the other (and it does not
take a genius to figure out which one).

So the key is to find topics with the best pay out.

To get some ideas for topics, check out the site below:

How do I start picking a good payout subject?

Well all niche topics will generate income but it is
worth spending a little time and creating a list of good
key topics for your first and future niche's

I can recommend this web site for topic ideas:

You can go to a site called Overture and use their
Keyword Assistant Tool.

It's very easy to use. Enter a term related to your site
and it will show you the related searches that include
your term and how many times that term was searched on
last month. So you will be able to know if your choice of
web site will attract many people or just a few.
Create your web site

You will need to download the software called Web Dwarf
to create your mini web site
This will be needed to start your project.

But first I want you to create a new folder on your
computer, and give it a name relevant to your new
venture, this is where your downloads and niches will

click below to download your Web Dwarf software:

Once downloaded, fire up the web design software.
If it all looks a little confusing, don't worry. There
are some excellent beginners tutorials included. Just
click on the 'Help' button (you'll see it at the top of
the screen), scroll down and select 'Tutorials'.

Or, you can visit the Web Dwarf web site for the
beginners tutorials:

As I have already said, the tutorials are VERY easy! With
a little practice, you will be up and designing your web
site in no time.

It is worth spending some time at the beginning
practicing and consulting the tutorial as it will save
you a LOT of time further on in your project.

I mentioned earlier about professional web design help at
a MASSIVE discount. Go to:

This is a company called EXIGE. Click on contact and tell
them you purchased this e-book. Also, tell them your
budget but don't be silly (for example: £10 for a
professionally designed web site is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!)

Content for your site

Your web site can't just be adverts! Don't do the 'Hard
sell' approach. People will run a mile if there is
nothing informative to look at. It needs to have
interesting text about your niche which the viewer will
enjoy reading. If the reader finds your text interesting,
this will put them in a more open frame of mind and ONLY
THEN will there be a good chance that they will click on
your adverts, resulting in cash for you.

Put in a about 2-3 short paragraphs about your niche. If
you are stuck for what to put in then try this site for
lots of good stuff to copy and paste.


Or just do a google search for your keyword and look for
inspiration from other web sites in your interest range.
Once you have your web site, the next step is to.......

Open a Google Adsense account

Create your Google Adsense account here:

It's easy to follow the instructions on the site.

This is the part of this project which creates the income
from your web site. Remember, it is free to set up a
Google Adsense account.
Once your account is set up, log in using a user name and
password that you entered. Then you can use their easy
site to create a search bar, banner adds and text adds
like you see in the examples on the Adsense site.

Once you have   made your choice for style of adverts you
would like on   your web page, Google will generate some
web page code   (or HTML code to give it the proper title).
You will need   to cut and paste this into your web page.

Tip: Copy the generated code from the Google site and
paste it into your Microsoft Word or notepad (or any
program on your computer which you can paste text into).
Then create a file called something like AdText and then
save it to your folder. It's much easier to do it this
way as it creates a handy back up.

Now they don't pay out until you get your first 50.00 in
the account and then every time you hit this figure you
get another cheque. This was correct at the time of
publication but please feel free to check with them.
Putting the Adsense adverts into your web site.

If you are using the Web Dwarf software, simply click on
the button named 'code' and another window will appear.
Paste your code into that window, close the window and
save the project. The code will appear on the screen. At
this moment, it will not look like anything but a bunch
of garbled text.(When you preview or upload your work,
you will see the adverts appear.)

Click and drag it to where you would like the adverts to
appear on your page. If you now preview the page (click
the button which looks like >> at the top of the page)
and you are connected to the internet, you will see your
Try going along the top or down one of the sides like
this one:

This will give you the best results.

Remember to put some pictures in for better effect.
Please be careful where you get your pictures from as
there are a lot of pictures on the internet protected by
A good FREE place to get images which have no copyright
is from:

If you are having any problems merging Google Adsense to
your site, get in touch with EXIGE, the web design
company I mentioned earlier,

and they will merge the text into your web site FREE OF
Getting your site onto the internet.

Once you have your page created you need to upload it to
a domain (this is a place that sits
in another very powerful computer hosted by company's
that will show your live site when your web site domain
name is typed)

Your domain is like a bit of space on the internet that
you rent for free or a small fee.

A domain name is your site name like, which
is the domain name (or URL in geek talk) for the BBC.

Some of you will already have free web space and domain
name given to you by your internet service provider.
Check it out with your customer services to see. Some of
them will also include free web creation tools, depending
who you are with.

If you don't have any space or domain name given with
your internet provider, don't worry. Try the links below
to get you started.

Try this link for a free web page

get your web page on this site in 5 easy stages

Or try this site

Once you have your domain space sorted out, your service
provider will give you all of the relevant log in
details. These will be referred to as FTP (file transfer
protocol) details. You will need these to upload your web
site and get into your domain space.
Use the FTP facility in web dwarf to upload your web site
(if you are having any problems, check out the tutorial

If you are not using Web Dwarf and need another way to
upload your web site, I can recommend this FREE ftp

It may be above your head for now but give it a try. And
if you still can not get to grips with it, get onto the
guys at EXIGE, who will advise you for free about domain
names, domain space and uploading your site.
Promoting your new web site.

So now you are live and you need to get people to your
site to start earning. First, and often over looked is
all the people you know.

Get your friends and family to click on your link adds,
and even click on your self. This will only work once or
twice as Google knows where the clicks are coming from so
too many clicks from one computer will not work.
(Your Adsense account balance has about a four hour delay
in giving you the correct info).

Next will be to promote your web site in the search

Now this is a whole new arena and to explain it all
properly, will take up a lot more space than I have here.
But lucky for you, there is an excellent tutorial which
you can download for free:

You should also look into 'Pay Per Click' advertising.
This involves placing small adverts (a bit like a
classified advert) with search engines like Google. When
someone searches for a subject which is connected with
your web site subject, your small advert will appear in
the results as a 'sponsored listing' on top or the down
the side of the search results page. This means the
people who see your advert will be interested in your
site as they have just searched for the same subject.

You only pay a small payment for the advert only when
someone clicks on your ad. The rates vary but you can get
the price as low as 5 pence per click. And your advert
can be live on the internet in as little as 30 minutes
after signing up. This is a cheap and quick way to get
quality traffic to your site.

Again, to explain it all properly, will take up a lot
more space than I have here but I have lined up another
excellent tutorial on this subject which you can download
for free: Cash.pdf

Another way is to always put your web address on the
bottom of all emails, letters and anything else you can
think of. Be creative. Think creative.

If you have got this far, taken in all I have said and
used all of the links, you will have a TON of information
at your finger tips. Take your time. Keep gong back over
all the material for reference and, if needed, consult
the experts mentioned earlier.

There is only one thing left for me to say....Get started
                and earn some extra cash!

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