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					                                  Total Living Concept

                TLC C o n n e c t i o n s     Volume 2, Issue 1

                                   January • February 2006

                                   TLC at TASH!
                                   By Don Shouse

                                   As you may know, in early November       Person=One Household. The work
   Inside This Issue               the annual TASH conference was held      that went into preparing for this
                                   in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This year,      presentation was significant, and I again
• TLC at TASH           1          as in past years, several people from    would like to acknowledge everyone
                                   TLC attended the conference and some     that made the presentation happen.
•Resources &            2          of those people were involved in a       Right up to the week of the conference,
       Opportunities               presentation while at the conference.    the arrangements for the presentation
                                                                            were still unfolding. The people asked to
• Birthdays &           3          I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge participate in the presentation worked
        Anniversaries              all of the hard work that went into on graphic posters and their speeches,
                                   TLC’s participation in this year’s TASH and attended meetings as a group to
• Training &            4-5        conference. Between September and practice the presentation before they
        Resources                  November the plans and preparations left for Milwaukee. Lyle and other folks
                                   changed almost on a daily basis. The worked very hard on preparing the
• TLC Holiday Party     6                                                   media components that were used during
                                                                            the presentation, and Lyle was very
                                                                            supportive of my work to prepare all of
                                                                            the media handouts and informational
                                                                            flyers that were distributed at the

                                                                               In the near future, we will be working on
                                                                               providing this presentation to everyone
                                                                               at TLC.

                                                                               If you would like to read more
                                                                               information about TASH, or see the
                                                                               media handouts and flyers we created,
                                                                               visit our website.
                                                              Brad Jones

                                   preparations involved in arranging for
                                   20 + people to attend the conference
                                   seemed like a never ending juggling act.
Ken Miller,                        I’d like to mention all of the work
TLC Board Member                   that was accomplished in arranging
                                   airline   transportation     and   hotel
                                   accommodations for the group, and
“TASH was great.           My      acknowledge all of the direct support
presentation was great and         staff that went with the people we
all that. I like Peter Gerard’s    support. Some of the direct support staff
speech. I had a great time         were asked to attend the conference at
at TASH. My presentation           the last minute, and everything ended
was great because I talked         up going very well.
and got things out. I got
                                   At this year’s conference, Lyle and
things out like inclusion and      many of the people we support offered Keith and Alice Warren presenting
all that.”                         a presentation on how TLC supports
                                                                         at the National TASH Conference.
                                   people on an individual basis, One
 resources &
 Autism Outreach Project                                         The Value of Medical Benefits
                                                                 by Vanya Poulsen
 The Autism Outreach Project now has over 875 books,
 videos, and DVDs in their extensive lending library after       In our day to day lives medical expenses and benefits
 having added over 250 new items this year! You may visit        may not always reach the top of our financial priority
 their website at
                                                                 list. Sure it is great to have minimum co-pay for
 NewLibrarylist.pdf to see the many new titles. In order to
 meet the needs of the families, educators, and professionals    doctor visits and prescriptions. I myself have always
 who work with and care for children with autism spectrum        appreciated the quality of the benefits provided through
 disorders, the Autism Outreach Project now has available        TLC. But, recently I gained a greater appreciation for the
 for checkout the latest materials on research, family issues,   value of medical benefits. In April of last year my back
 strategies/curriculum, high-functioning autism/aspergers,       deteriorated to a point that caused severe damage to the
 sensory, children’s books, and more. They also offer many       nerves and muscles in my leg. The damage was so severe
 materials in multiple languages. To request materials, you      that I no longer had any feeling in my right leg. I spent
 may send an email or call with your home address and phone      seven months seeing a Chiropractor, a Neuro-Skeletal
                                                                 specialist and finally a Spinal Orthopedist. During
 Autism Outreach Project                                         those seven months I incurred minimal co-pay fees for
 1601 R Avenue                                                   appointments and prescriptions. I finally underwent a
 Anacorts WA 98221                                               disc-ectomy on my low back in October. While recovering
 1- 888-704-9633                                                 from my surgery I began to be concerned by what bills
 Fax: 360-299-4071                                               may be arriving from the procedures and the diagnostic                                               testing that led to the procedure. I was extremely
                                                                 pleased when the bills did arrive to see a total of $9865
 ARC Report on the 2005 Legislator’s                             dollars paid with zero out of pocket expense. The value
                                                                 of medical benefits is important to all of us even if we
 Forum                                                           don’t always recognize it until we need them. I want to
                                                                 thank the administrative team for the hard work they
 With representation from 37 state Legislators and
                                                                 have done to ensure that all TLC employees have access
 Congress, and more than 500 people in the audience,
                                                                 to valuable medical benefits.
 the 2005 Legislator’s Forum was a rousing success!
 County Executive Ron Simms gave the welcome, and
 stories from families thoughtfully illustrated the              Scholarship for Joseph
 requests outlined in the 2006 legislative agenda. The           by Tammi Sims
 Forum is sponsored by King County Developmental
 Disabilities Division and the Arc of King County. The           During my 2 1/2 weeks in Nigeria, I was reminded
 King County Parent Coalition provided almost 200                of the many privileges we experience in our lives in
 volunteers who did everything from making telephone             the US. One of them is public education. While there,
 calls, helping at check out tables, bringing cookies, all of    Kendra and I were introduced to Joseph. Joseph is 23
 which helped make the evening run smoothly. This year           and experiences a disability. He was enrolled in school
 the program was broadcast on TVW so that a broader              and completed all but his last 5 years. He wasn’t able to
 audience could have the opportunity to view it. The             complete school due to financial hardship. The principal
 Forum allows legislators to hear the issues and requests        of the school said he was a good student and confirmed
 for the 2006 legislative session, and educates them on          the reason he had to halt his education. I offered to
 issues facing families. You may view photos from the            coordinated a yearly scholarship for Joseph so that he
 event as well as listen to the Forum in its entirety via        has the opportunity to finish school. The cost of 1 year
 Windows Media Player or RealPlayer by visiting the              of school is $500.00. If you would like to contribute to
 links at the King County Parent Coalition web page,             the scholarship, contact Tammi at 253-854-7663, ext.                                   112.

birthdays &
 LARRY BRUMOND       1/20        TAMMI SIMS          22-Jan-96
 MELISSA DRAKE       1/1         NICHOLLE SMITH      14-Jan-99

 LAURA JORDAN                    LYLE ROMER          01-Jan-02
 SHELLEY MARKHAM     1/19        HOA CALDWELL        01-Jan-02
 MILLICENT MONDO     1/1         LEAH ING            07-Jan-03
 THOMAS RYAN         1/4         MEENA JOURHA        02-Jan-04
 MIKE STRONG         1/31        JENNIFER ANDERSON   26-Jan-04
                                 BERNETTE HALAHUNI   30-Jan-04

                                 MONIQUE HERNANDEZ   04-Feb-91
 TANJA DIXON         2/22
                                 YVETTE KUNGKAGAM    21-Feb-02
                                 MATT SCOULLER       15-Feb-02
 HALAHUNI-THOMPSON   2/3         SHELLEY MARKHAM     01-Feb-03
 KELLY JENOTT        2/9         JAIME SOMERVILLE    01-Feb-03
 KEITH HESS          2/10
 MARIE NELSON        2/5
 SCOTT NEWMAN        2/9

 SUSAN CARTER        10-Oct-05
 CINDY ORTIZ         15-Oct-05
 DAMARIS KAGONE      27-Oct-05
 PHYLLIS MWANIKI     02-Nov-05
 ERIKA PERKOWSKY     02-Nov-05
 JENNIFER JENSEN     03-Nov-05
 DORA BLACKBURN      03-Nov-05
 YANKUBA CEESAY      07-Nov-05
 TERESA CASE         01-Dec-05

                                                           “You’ve got mail”
                                                     Photographer Unknown


 TEACHING SKILLS: Building Competencies                            TAPPING THE POWER OF COLLABORATION:
 January 10, 2006 Tuesday, 9 am- 4 pm                              Building effective partnerships inside and out

 Region 4 DDD Office: 1700 E. CHERRY ST., 2nd                      January 12, 2006 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
 Floor in Seattle                                                  Safeco South Jackson Street Center
                                                                   306 23rd Avenue South, Suite 200 Seattle, WA 98144
 Instructor: Janet Oliver, M.A.
                                                                   FEE: $100
 Fee: FREE
                                                                   This full day interactive workshop explores the principles of
 Competence!! It’s one of the six goals of the Residential         collaboration, including trust, listening, appreciation of diverse
 Service Guidelines, but one that often gets low priority. Janet   points of view and the ability to work with people toward a
 Oliver has extensive experience in teaching daily living skills   common goal. The workshop also gives participants practical
 and work skills in both residential and employment settings       understanding of strategies and tools that enhance collaborative
 to people with developmental disabilities. She presents           partnerships, including ways to invite diverse opinion from team
 an entertaining day designed to improve your approach to          members, active listening, conflict resolution and feedback skills.
 building competence in the people we support.
                                                                   Participants will:
 Janet’s Message: We won’t get rich working in human                * Gain awareness of personal communication and conflict styles.
 services, but our jobs can be a lot more fun! With the skill to   * Identify personal collaborative strengths and areas for growth.
 really make a difference in the level of control the people we    * Explore differences and similarities of ways to work together,
 serve have over their lives, we’re no longer just “watching the   including collaboration, cooperation and coordination.
 clock” but are true crafts people. This workshop is designed      * Learn tools and strategies to enter into and manage effective
                                                                   and rewarding collaboration.
 to show participants how to effectively teach new skills to
                                                                   * Learn how to build community and trust across boundaries.
 individuals with developmental disabilities, and includes the
                                                                   * Apply learning to current issues.
 basics of teaching as well as strategies to minimize behavioral
 resistance to your teaching efforts.                              For more information or to register, contact Anna McCain at
                                                                   206-870-5908 or by e-mail at You may
 Topics covered: Choosing What and When to Teach; Pointing         also register online at
 Out Success; Efficient and Effective Teaching Strategies;         workshop/jan12.
 Teaching Practice and Observation; Using Errors
 Productively; Minimizing Resistance                               The Ties That Bind
                                                                   Watch KCTS on January 19 at 9:00 PM
  Target Audience: Introductory Level: For those working
 with persons with developmental disabilities in vocational,
 residential, mental health & educational staff (parents
                                                                   The Ties That Bind is a co-production of the National
 welcome) who have had little or no training in task analysis      Film Board of Canada and Force Four Entertainment.
 and effective teaching skills.
                                                                   9:00 PM “The Ties That Bind”
 To register, contact Carolyn Wilsey, by email at:                 At 28, Chris, who lives with multiple disabilities, longs or, fax 206-720-3334, or phone:              for independence and dreams of moving out of the
 206-568-5704; Leave Name, agency, phone number, and               family home. This is a first hand look at a family’s
 name/date of workshop you are registering for. Once you’ve        struggle to let go, when every instinct compels them to
 registered, assume that you are enrolled unless you receive       hang on. It reveals, with raw emotion and humor, the
 a message to the contrary. Refreshments: Coffee, hot water
                                                                   complexity of one man’s journey.
 and tea will be provided. Lunch is on your own-- noon to 1 pm.
 If you need sign or language interpreters, you must register
 at least 2 weeks in advance of the event.
                                                                   10:00 PM “Beyond The Ties That Bind”
                                                                   Award winning KCTS moderator, Enrique Cerna,
                                                                   continues the conversation with film participants,
                                                                   family members, individuals with disabilities, and
                                                                   others from Washington and British Columbia.

                                                                 training &
Annual Disabilities Legislative Reception                        WSAME SEATTLE                CONFERENCE/WORKSHOP
January 18, 2006 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm                               SCHEDULE
3rd Floor Legislative Building in Olympia
                                                                 Diversity & Conflict Management:
You are invited to attend the Twenty-Sixth Annual                January 27, 9-3
Disabilities Legislative Reception where legislators             Conflict is difficult, but when adding differences in cultural
and their constituents from all over Washington meet             values, communication styles and non-verbal behaviors, the
                                                                 problem escalates rapidly. In this interactive workshop you
to discuss issues of the disability community. Contact
                                                                 will learn to manage conflict more effectively, identify your
your legislators and encourage them to come to the               conflict management style and practice other styles that
reception. This event is hosted by the Washington State          increase your ability to manage cultural aspects of conflict
Developmental Disabilities Council, The Governor’s               with confidence. Advanced Registration Date: December 23,
Committee on Disability Issues and Employment and                2005. No refunds for cancellations after January 6, 2006.
Parkview Services.
 For directions, visit             Culture And Power -- Getting from There to Here
maps/campusmap.htm.                                              Through StarPower, A Cultural Simulation Program
For more information or questions, contact the                   (For     administrators,  directors    and   key
Washington State Developmental Disabilities Council              management):
at 1-800-634-4473.                                               April 7, 9-3
If you are interested in attending, Keri Parker will be          Power is a taboo topic for most people, yet it profoundly affects
coordinating a carpool. For more information, please             the way we do business, manage organizations and relate to
contact Keri at 253-854-7663, ext. 119.                          those served. This simulation activity helps participants
                                                                 to: understand the elements that power must have to be
DDD Policy Training for Residential Providers                    effective; see and feel the effects of disempowerment; realize
                                                                 the lessons of sharing and hoarding power; understand the
Saif Hakim and Ron Sherman from Central Office will be doing     effects that systems have on power; become aware of abuse
policy training in the region at the DDD Office on January 23,   of power; and learn about different kinds of power. Advanced
2006 from 9:30-3:30, Lunchrooms A & B. This training is for      Registration Date: March 6. No refunds for cancellations
residential providers, case managers and resource managers.      after March 15.
They will be going through all of the policy changes as well
as talking about the new rate structure, so it is strongly       For questions or further workshop information, contact
recommended that administrators, program coordinators,           WSAME at 206-522-5438 or email:
and interested others attend.                                    All WSAME Workshops will be held at the Sandpoint
Job Opportunities at Children’s Hospital                         Education Center (6208 60th Avenue N.E., Seattle) Workshop
                                                                 fees are $55/person; teams of 3 or more registered together:
Children’s Hospital currently has 4 positions open through       $50/person. After advanced registration date: $65/person;
O’Neill and Associates, Work Source Program in Renton. The       teams of 3 or more registered together: $60/person. On-
positions are:                                                   site registration: $70; no team rate. Registration includes
                                                                 morning refreshments, lunch and all materials.
• Food Service Worker: Part time and flexible hours at
  $9.73 per hour.
• Supply Stocker: Part time and evening hours at $11.00
  per hour.                                                             The hope of a secure and livable world
• Trash Porter: Part time and evening hours at $11.00                   lies with disciplined nonconformists
  per hour.                                                             who are dedicated to justice, peace and
• Housekeeper: Part time and day hours at $11.00 per hour.              brotherhood.
If you are interested in one of these positions, resumes and
                                                                                            Martin Luther King Jr.,
applications are to be sent to O’Neill and Associates. They
will provide some initial screening and assistance with the
                                                                                                “Strength to Love”
application process. Qualified candidates will be referred
to Children’s for an interview and possibly an initial jobsite
assessment. For more information and to receive an                                                                            page
application, see Tammi or contact Lynette Andrews of O’Neill                                                                   5
& Associates/WorkSource Renton at 206.205.3526.
       Total Living Concept

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TLC Holiday Gathering
Thank You!
Many thanks to Cheryl Lee, Phyllis, Brandy, Julianne,
Kendra, Camille, Teresa, Brandon, Sid, Jerry, Laura and
BJ for all of their help with the Holiday Gathering. Your
work was much appreciated.

Brandon Peterson, Tiffany Kalash
                                                            Kathy Decker
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